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Month: August 2020

The world of Resident Evil on PlayStation 1

Once the game starts, you are thrown into a world full of horror, suspense, and puzzle solving. Naturally, you start with a standard pistol and combat knife to defend yourself against the horde of zombies. There are many zombies in the game, you don’t need to kill them all for your purpose to survive. Ammo is in short supply and you have to search every corner of the room for any hidden ammunition available, corpses sometimes carry valuable ammo as well.

The inventory system allows you to carry only a handful of items, so bring only the necessary items you need, although there are trunks scattered around the map where you can place items you find along the way, this also means that you have to backtrack to some of the locations and having to find more zombies again. Going back is essential in the first 3 installs of the game due to the puzzle system they have and encountering more zombies is inevitable. Herbs and first aid sprays are scattered in various places, so keep an eye on them as they are the only means of healing your wounds.

In the first game, you were given a choice which character setting you wanted to choose, whether it was Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. The story begins where your team was chased by zombie dogs into the deep wilderness of the forest and somehow ends inside the mansion, this is where the horror really begins. We all clearly remember the fear we felt when the first zombie in the series turned his head with his mouth stained with flesh and blood towards the protagonist of the game. The controls of the game were at first difficult to handle, the movement, the aim, everything was part of the survival system of the game.

After the events that took place in the first game, the sequel is Resident Evil 2, we are going to take control of either of the two protagonists, each with a different scenario than the other. He was given the option to choose between Leon Scott Kennedy, a rookie cop who starts his first day on the job fighting zombies, or Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield’s sister from the first game. Resident Evil 2 was the same as the original, but the graphics were better and the environment was darker and much scarier. This game introduced several new monsters like the Licker. Don’t worry about the new monsters here because a wide range of weapons is introduced to fight them and level the playing fields.

When Resident Evil 2 was released, a lot of people were already looking forward to a third installment and they weren’t disappointed because a couple of years after the second game, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis came out. This third game in the series made a lot of changes, like the return of Jill Valentine, the inclusion of the 180 degree turn, timed dodge, bullet creation, and a Bio Organic Weapon (BOW) called Nemesis that is seemingly always chasing you. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was a masterpiece that combines the old and new traits of the series and after this, many more installations were made in the series for the next generation consoles showing how hugely popular the series is. Even as we speak at the moment, it is possible that a new game in the series is already in development.

How to make love to her in a way that she will never forget? These tips will guide you effectively

Not many men realize that making love is different from having sex. But women understand the concept and that is why they can better express love, in bed and out of bed. Here are ways you can make your man remember your bedroom encounter:

Be the master this time.

If this man has gotten used to driving, it’s time for you to reverse your roles. Why don’t you stay on top this time, if he’s used to missionary style? Don’t let him get bored when he makes love to you. Start a change and you will definitely be grateful for these new things!

Let go of inhibitions.

This is the love of your life and that is why you have to give it all of yourself. Giving him 75 percent of yourself is not enough. Be willing to explore new horizons when it comes to making love to him. Let the change come from you rather than suffer the consequences of him looking elsewhere for variety!

Turn up the eroticism.

If your sexual encounters have always been sweet and slow, then it’s time to raise the bar and show him what badass and passion are all about. Monotony, especially in the bedroom, will taint any relationship, so keep your bond safe by shaking things up in the bedroom.

Let me want you.

Being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes can only be good a few times. You will need a reinvention for this man to yearn to be with you. If he’s used to seeing you in decent skirts and blouses, why don’t you surprise him one night by letting him see you in a very short kimono in your bedroom? It is unexpected and strange so you will definitely notice it.

The bedroom is not the only place where you can do it.

Some couples have done it in pools, the kitchen, the dining room, the shower, the bathtub, the list could go on and on! Choose the next place to make love carefully. To be memorable, the place must be unique and full of romance.

Allow him to fantasize.

Men love the feeling of achieving something that is not easy to achieve. Therefore, you can use this concept to make love more exciting. Why not pretend to be a Hollywood actress that you are so in love with? Dress exactly like her and do the things he would only dream of!

Let him know how much he made you happy.

Just as men want to be sure every time they are appreciated, so it is when it comes to your sex life. You should verbally assure him that you enjoyed what he did to you in the bedroom. Make him a sex god and he’ll want to keep proving that to you every time!