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Month: November 2021

Existentialism in dystopian modern science fiction

Modern young adult literary adventure films such as The Hunger Games, The Divergent series, The Maze Runner, and Lord of the Flies have a recurring influence from a dystopian post-apocalyptic society set in a futuristic age. The society that is ‘panoptic’ in certain aspects is a totalitarian society that forces adolescent boys and girls to participate in a deadly game (The Hunger Games, 2008) that is broadcast for the entertainment of the inhabitants of the panoptic society, or to map the maze puzzle to carry out an “experiment” (The Maze Runner, 2009), or by forcing young people to choose a particular faction and become part of the fight for “survival of the fittest” or to become in faction-less (The Divergent Series, 2011).

The recurring philosophical themes in these films can be read as the hedonistic culture of the media-obsessed society or as an extension of the religious existential ideological consciousness. Science fiction for children, “The City of Embers (2003)”, written by Jeanne DuPrau, “The City Under Ground (1963), written by Suzanne Martel and” The Time of Darkness (1980) “by Helen Mary Hoover, They are stories that have a similar type of post-apocalyptic society in which citizens lead lives completely unaware of the outside world, and in their state of ignorance accept their world as the ultimate reality and the only form of survival.

Sartre and Nietzsche were the pioneers in the conception of the philosophy of existentialism (although they themselves did not use the term “existentialism”). Nietzsche was the one who coined the term “God is dead”, understanding the implication of a world where God does not exist, or when describing a type of society where the reality of God’s existence is undervalued from a cultural perspective. Although he was an atheist and did not believe in the existence of God, this term is an indication that the “Idea of ​​God” is necessary in a society for it to function morally. And erasing the “idea” of God from the whole picture would make the existence of Man meaningless. Ridden constantly by the questions of ‘Existence’ and Man’s futile search to find some meaning, clarity and unity in the midst of a dark and chaotic world, which requires God’s ‘Idea’ to lead a meaningful life, they are the reasons why the movement was called “existentialism”.

However, with the advent of the idea of ​​a “Panoptic Society” in current science fiction literature and film culture, where inmates are constantly aware that they are being watched, it indicates the evolution of a social conscience from the before ideology. from “God is dead” and “Life has no meaning”, to the awareness that “We are not alone” or that “there is something beyond” the ‘Walls’.

In the movie “The Hunger Games”, based on the book written by Suzanne Collins, this existential philosophy is vividly manifested. The protagonist of the story (Katniss) is chosen as one of the 2 “Tributes” to represent her district in the annual hunger games, where each of the tributes has to fight to survive and kill the others in order to win the play and come. get out alive. At the games, two tributes from the 12 districts are offered and sent to the “Capital” for training. Each of the tributes is offered the best provisions and lodging, in stark contrast to the meager livelihood in the district. The torture and slaughter of tributes becomes a mode of entertainment for the inhabitants of the cities of the capital, indicative of a mentality devoid of piety or morality. A kind of society that is a replica of Nietzsche’s ‘atheist world’, regardless of moral reality, where people are massacred for fun, without fear of heaven or hell, and the only power that exists is in the hands of those. who controls the resources.

Veronica Roth’s “The Divergent Series” and James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner” portray a similar type of walled city or “Panopticon.” The inhabitants of the walled city ignore the “experiment” of which they are part. They accept and believe that closed space is the only way to survive. However, the protagonists do not accept this and despite knowing that “they would upset the peace (of ignorance)” of the existence of each inhabitant of society by looking for what is beyond the “imposing Wall”, taking a leap of faith they ‘fearlessly triumph over the obstacles directed at them and reach the other symbolic side of the ascension process from the mortal realm to the spirit realm, only to realize that what lies beyond the wall is perhaps their arch enemy.

The idea of ​​the ‘Panopticon’ is metaphorical with our existence ‘closed and monitored’ in the world. And in contrast to the earlier ideology of a “world without God”, perhaps we are drifting towards a “homogenized” social consciousness that there is “something beyond” and that we are not confined in this “earthly panopticon.” However, being the people “the product of society” that it is, perhaps it formulates what is beyond, as something that is not a friend but an enemy.

Importance and necessity of toilets

A dresser or table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in residential homes. This type of furniture can be used for many purposes, such as storing clothes, storing makeup items, storing clothing accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. These tables are also suitable for intimate personal accessories such as underwear, skin lotions or lubricating gels, especially if it is designed for the bedroom.

These tables are accompanied by classic or vintage mirrors. These mirrors play an important role in helping beautiful ladies and handsome men to dress up and go out with confidence. Sometimes you also get a free side stool or chair at furniture stores, which helps you relax, sit, and groom yourself in front of the mirror while you get ready.

These tables also include drawers for storage facility. Most people keep items like makeup boxes, perfumes, watches, belts, earrings, lipsticks, children’s items, and lingerie in drawers. Dressers typically have 3-4 drawers for storing many different things. They reflect the personality and preferences of the people who use it. For example, a bachelor will fill their table with all kinds of deodorants, perfumes, boxer underwear sets, belts, and even a condom or two!

You can look for ready-made dressers or custom-fit a piece to suit your taste and budget. Generally, people prefer to go for dressers with a lot of storage capacity. Today, buyers also prefer to order a unique, bespoke luxury dressing table with an aesthetic design for their home, which can complement the environment and create a lasting impression.

You should consider the exact location or room where you want to place your dressing table set. Larger dressers will be ideal for spacious bedrooms, while smaller dresser sets can be accommodated in the guest room or guest room. Furniture designers even suggest a modern and airy bathroom to place your vanity. Some state-of-the-art pieces also include electrical outlets to fit hair dryers or facial massagers.

When ordering a dressing table, you should keep in mind that it is an important bedroom furniture and occupies a very special corner of the bedroom. This furniture is made to help you get ready with the comfort and peace of your own cozy bedroom. It can be beautified or groomed in the confines of your own private room, ignite romance with your partner, or dream about one! A bedroom is considered incomplete without a dressing table to adorn its walls.

If you are looking for ideas to design your unique dressing table, internet website sources can come to your aid. You can browse through thousands of online furniture stores or even read blogs and articles on designer dressers. You can find websites with reviews about such furniture and its importance in the lives of consumers.

Everyone has their own individual tastes and choices when it comes to buying home furnishings, but it’s best to take the advice of the elderly, other family members, or expert designers before deciding on a particular dresser.

Ten ways to remove the hair from your full lace wig

1. Properly hydrating hair is less likely to be affected by static, so deep condition regularly. I recommend that you use a deep conditioner once a week. You can leave the conditioner on from ten minutes to overnight while you sleep!

2. Since moisture is equivalent to keeping hair soft, avoid products that include drying ingredients such as alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfates. (Be careful with most generic hairspray, which contain drying alcohol, and try DeMert hairspray, for example, for wigs.

3. What many women don’t know is that towel drying your hair can create more static than blow drying if not done correctly. Here’s a trick: Instead of rubbing or wringing your hair, pat it dry with a fine towel made to dry your hair. (If you don’t have one, a cheap hand towel will be fine.)

4. Stop washing your hair every day. Not really. It dries the hair in the full lace wig to the maximum and thus adds both frizz and tangles (which can cause breakage and lead to more frizz). Also use a suitable shampoo such as Vapon Wig Care Shampoo & Conditioner.

5. Contrary to popular belief, it can be blow-dried without creating frizz if the hair is well finished; To do this, apply a leave-in conditioner that is made to prepare hair for heat styling and comb wet hair with a wide-tooth plastic comb. Then use the concentrating accessory on your hair dryer and blow dry on the bottom so that the follicle is smoothed towards the ends of your strands.

6. The appearance of frizz is often caused by split ends and breakage, which create weaker and larger ends of the hair strands that reflect sunlight particularly well and are very noticeable. Combat this effect by trimming your hair regularly to keep the ends healthy and smooth.

7. Brush your hair with a plastic bristle brush instead of horsehair bristles or other fibers. The plastic bristles create less static and help the upper part of the hair lie flat, preventing further damage.

8. Run a sheet of fabric softener (like the ones you use in your clothes dryer) over the hair of your full lace wig and watch the static frizz and fly disappear.

9. You probably know how to use an anti-frizz serum or a shine serum to finish your hairstyle; however, instead of applying it directly to the hair first or rubbing it between the palms of your hands, try straightening the serum with the comb and then combing through the hair to apply. This ensures an even application and dissipates any frizz effects that your brush bristles may impart to your hair.

10. Are you in a hurry? A dash of any generic moisturizer can work like a frizz-eliminating cream on the go. Just rub the moisturizer between your fingers and then run your hands over the curliest parts of your hair. Now you are so soft!

Tips for Starting Your Own Golden Retriever Breeding Business

If you are a dog lover and have reserved a special place in your heart for the golden retriever breed, you can make the decision to dedicate yourself to improving the breed. This will involve working with golden retrievers of particular lineages so that you can try to create specific traits that could be passed down to future generations. If you are unsure of how the breeding business works, here are some tips for starting your own golden retriever breeding business.

If you want to get into dog breeding, you will need one or two non-neutered female dogs. In most states, you do not need to register your kennel if you have 2-3 adult dogs. If you want to be a good breeder, the process is a bit complicated. A qualified dog breeder will not use dogs that have significant defects. You could show them to get a championship before the breeding process. This will result in the future puppies of the dogs getting high value. It also allows breeders to get in touch with people who are very knowledgeable about the breeder. One of the tips for starting your own golden retriever breeding business is that if a dog doesn’t get a championship, some shows will make dog exhibitors sit up and notice you. This would be of great help because if any of the exhibitors own a dog that has traits that eliminate their dogs’ defects, then it is a fantastic opportunity to breed both the dogs and to obtain show quality puppies.

If you plan to breed dogs for the long term, then the most important tips for starting your own golden retriever breeding business would be that you will have to focus on naming a kennel and registering with the American Kennel Club. Most breeders who have that name have one of the puppies carry it because it is a great form of publicity and promotion for the kennel. Most states still don’t insist on kennel permits for one or two dogs, one could get one because naturally they would keep the puppies to continue the bloodline and would need such a permit later on. You must get a permit before you get attached to your puppies and also after having more dogs because objections from neighbors could result in the state refusing to grant the permit.

When you are first breeding, you must own a male dog that is owned by a qualified dog breeder. You will only have a few days to raise a dog because it will lose its heat soon after. An experienced breeder knows the technique that could be used to familiarize dogs with one another and help them breed successfully. Follow these steps to start your own golden retriever breeding business. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

How to choose the right real estate agent for you

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, choosing the right real estate agent or buyer’s agent is the most important step to take. The process of buying or selling a home is very detailed and difficult. Besides the fact that mistakes can cost a lot of money?

Your assets are at stake and losing through buying or selling is the last thing you want to do. There are many real estate agents around. The ones who are dedicated and stay with you every step of the way, or the ones who turn the job over to other runners.

The areas of expertise to look for are:

· How much education in the real estate area does the agent have?

· How much knowledge does the agent have about the homes in the areas you are looking for?

Do you have a wide variety of homes for sale for you to see?

The title that carries the most education and experience is a real estate broker. The real estate broker has a real estate license, training, and is recognized by the National Association of Realtors. This professional can likely help you with all your home buying or selling needs.

After the real estate broker is the real estate broker. This professional received the real estate license and additional training. It has also received recognition from the National Association of Realtors.

Finally, the real estate agent is a person who has been licensed, however, they may not have the same experience as the more experienced broker.

Most states have minimum requirements to be a real estate agent and this is the cause of some of the problems that are incurred during the transfer of ownership of a home. However, keep in mind that at all levels of this experience there are good agents, real estate brokers, and brokers. Doing a little check can help you find the right one for you.

Most of the time, a real estate agent represents the seller of the home. If you are looking to buy a home, you are looking for a real estate buying agent. This is important because you want to be represented in the best interest of your needs. Not those of the person on the other side of the deal.

When you’re researching the right agent for you, you’ll want to seek the compromise you deserve. There are many agents in the market just as there are many houses to sell. If you don’t get the attention and quick response you deserve, find someone else. They will make a profit on your purchase and should treat you with a reasonable amount of respect and professionalism.

The general rule of thumb is that you want a real estate agent that has been around for a couple of years. With the change in the real estate market as it is, this is why you may have to contact a couple of agents.

You want to start your search by hiring the right real estate representative for you. The house you are looking for will arrive. There are bait and switch agents who specifically use a home within a price range and attractive appearance to the average home buyer and then when they get the call they can tell you it’s sold, but there is another one they have that you will love. too. Keep this in mind so you don’t get caught by a deceptive broker, instead look for the representative, agent or broker who will show you what is available at all levels of purchase and keep your best interest in mind.

Where to get viral and trending stories or facts on the internet?

How do you react when you read something really interesting? It happens when you scroll through social media accounts and you come across something really amazing. Instantly you have a thought, where do they collect such facts from? Why is it difficult for you to receive such interesting news? Well the answer lies in the fact that the person sharing those posts knows the right sources to get viral or trending content.

If you also want to know some good sources for up-to-date information, health articles, and amazing facts, here’s an article:

Top 10 Sources for Trending, Viral News, Facts, and Stories on the Internet

1. Buzzfeed – Amazing source with lots of interesting and useful information. Every post on Buzzfeed is designed to offer something exciting, along with the real news as well. If you visit this source regularly, you will learn about great things that you may not even find otherwise.

2. Huffington Post: Another interesting portal to achieve amazing things. With a number of categories from News, Entertainment, Analytics, Blog, Viral, Video, etc., you will find almost everything that you can share on your social media accounts. Here you will also find good information that is somewhat rare.

3. TheDodo: If you love pets or animals, this font is for you. Here you will find exciting news, wonderful articles, exclusively about pets. They have great stories, wonderful animal photographs, and news that are enough to get you excited. If someone loves pets, they cannot resist becoming a regular member of this authentic source.

4. Netmarkers – Another source for trending, viral news, cool facts, and stuff. Here you can also find good health articles, current news, and facts that are hard to believe to some extent.

5. Search Engine: A Discovery News Channel has almost everything that is amazing and educational. Like the channel, this portal has everything to educate and benefit you. Take a look and you will know, you really did discover something.

6. EzineArticles: You can’t miss this source either, as it contains a good number of articles on almost every topic. You just need to find the right category and your favorite author and you can get what you are looking for.

7. StumbleUpon: Most of you must be aware of this source as it is spreading interesting stories and facts for a long time. People share your interesting pages and create communities so they can be shared more.

8. DisQus: If you want to know something surprising and want people to discuss, you should go for this source. With amazing boards and wonderful communities, you will get everything that is amazing and to some degree different.

9. Everydayhealth: If you are health conscious, without wasting time, opt for membership or become a regular reader of this portal. Here you will get almost everything related to health that is worth reading. You can even pass on the useful information to benefit others.

10. HubPages: Last but not least, HubPages is another source for interesting information and facts that are somewhat rare.

So now you know the helpful sources to get useful, viral and trending content that is interesting and different. Enjoy!

The new BMW X1 XDrive28i BMW Twin Turbo Power


* New BMW X1 xDrive28i pioneering an innovative combination of brand-typical driving pleasure and efficiency.

* First four-cylinder petrol engine with BMW biturbo power, significant increase in performance while significantly improving efficiency, maximum power: 180 kW / 245 hp, maximum torque: 350 Newton meters.

# Newly developed 2.0-liter engine with all-aluminum crankcase, design principle based on the technology of the six-cylinder in-line engine with turbo TwinPower technology, consisting of a highly efficient charging system for the double-displacement principle , more precise fuel Injection High precision injection with innovative solenoid valve injectors and, again, a more developed version of BMW’s patented Valvetronic variable valve timing.

# New generation of engines as the highlight of current BMW EfficientDynamics innovation, 2.0-liter engine with higher torque compared to the previous engine, and excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

# Standard six-speed manual transmission, optional eight-speed automatic transmission, extensive BMW EfficientDynamics technology including Auto Start Stop (manual transmission).

# New BMW X1 xDrive28i further optimized with agility while significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions, the average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 7.9 liters / 100 km (less than 1, 5 liters), CO2 index: 183 g / km (less than 38 g), acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds (manual transmission) and 6.5 seconds (automatic minus 0.3 seconds).

# BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive as standard with optimized dynamics, as an option for Performance Control.

# M Sport package as a new option for all model variants of the BMW X1.

# Unique vehicle concept in the premium compact segment, typical design features and characteristics of a BMW X model, great variability in the interior, uncompromising premium features through excellent workmanship and material selection , high-quality accessories and innovative options from BMW ConnectedDrive, including applications for web radio reception and the use of Facebook and Twitter.

Driving pleasure and efficiency in a new dimension: the new BMW X1 xDrive28i BMW twin turbo power

Its expressive, sporty and elegant design, superior agility, high functionality and innovative features have made the BMW X1 at the forefront of driving pleasure in the premium compact segment. Once again, premium automaker BMW, the vehicle concept of the BMW X models is successfully transferred to a new class of vehicle, creating a unique offering. Now make the BMW X1 in the implementation of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy pioneering work. The new BMW X1 xDrive28i is the first model of the brand, coming from a four-cylinder petrol engine with TwinPower turbo technology, consisting of High Precision Injection, charging according to the twin-scroll principle, variable control of the Double VANOS camshaft and Variable valve timing, Valvetronic, is driven.

The introduction of this technology package introduces the new BMW X1 xDrive28i with the announced new generation in BMW’s 2.0-liter petrol engine. The new 180 kW / 245 hp combined power unit which, compared to the previous engine, again increased performance and torque characteristics with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. The new BMW X1 xDrive28i takes this double progress impressively to the upper hand.

It can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h, it takes 6.1 seconds (automatic: 6.5 seconds) or 0.7 seconds (0.3 seconds) is less than that offered only with the predecessor automatic transmission. Its average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is reduced by 16 percent to 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The CO2 level is 183 grams per kilometer.

The engine: a new standard for efficiency and dynamics

BMW X models present a specific expression of typical brand driving pleasure. The BMW X1 xDrive28i combines this experience with a class-competitive environment of unsurpassed efficiency. Sporty power delivery at a level that has only been achieved with six-cylinder engines, goes with this new engine variant of the BMW X1 along with excellent fuel economy and emissions.

This is made possible by the use of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, the latest generation, distinguished by its pioneering use of innovative technology components. Driving the BMW X1 xDrive28i meets in particular the objectives of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, which consistently focuses on the continuous improvement of driving pleasure with a drop between consumption and emission levels. With a displacement of 1997 cm3 and with the exclusive BMW TwinPower turbo technology, which includes a charging system for the twin-scroll principle, High Precision Injection, double VANOS and Valvetronic, it created the new engine with a maximum power of 180 kW / 245 CV. at an engine speed of 5000 min-1. This exceeds the power unit of the new BMW X1 xDrive28i the value of BMW’s most powerful 2.0-liter petrol engine so far by 55 kW.

Premiere: BMW twin turbo power now available in four cylinders.

The new four-cylinder BMW with twin turbo power that comes from power in regions that can only be accessed by naturally aspirated engines with a greater number of combustion chambers and a much larger displacement. Compared to an equally powerful six-cylinder engine, it is equipped with the all-aluminum crankcase, including the motorsport baseplate design, compact and easier to drive. This directly affects the efficiency and, thanks to the lower load on the front axle, the agility of the BMW X1 xDrive28i.

BMW X1 xDrive28i (Model E84, ab 2011)

The pulling power of the new drive exceeds the level of previously used normally aspirated engines. Its maximum torque is 350 Nm and it is available at an engine speed of 1250 min-1. A very spontaneous response is guaranteed. The new engine already provides an idle speed just above a fascinating and energetic development of force, which continues until it is uniform at higher load ranges. The new BMW X1 xDrive28i accelerates in 6.1 seconds from zero to 100 km / h (6.5 seconds with automatic transmission). It completed the standard sprint 0.7 or 0.3 seconds faster than with a predecessor equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. The top speed of the new BMW X1 xDrive28i is 240 km / h.

The charging system of the new unit corresponds to the double displacement principle in which both the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger, the channels of two cylinders are separated from each other. The flows will be conducted to a spiral turbine wheel. The result is particularly low exhaust back pressure at low speeds. Therefore, the dynamics of pulsating gas streams is ideally used to retard the blades of the supercharger and is powerful to set them in motion. This leads to spontaneous reactions to any pedal movement and the accelerated early development, which is characteristic of BMW engines.

How to use Google Trends as a reference source to create a blog post

Google Trends is an indicator of how many people search for a specific term over a period of time. It gives you an overview of the topics the world is searching for. Trends can be classified based on their geographic location, categories, time period, etc. and it also allows you to compare between your searches. The Google Trends platform is quite easy and easy to use. They also have little graphics in addition to the title that show you how hot or cold the topic is in a given period of time. So how can Google trends help your SEO and blog post creation? Listed below are some ideas that you can implement for your blog, but before that, let’s take a look at the key features of Google Trend.

  1. Shows the popularity of keywords over time.

  2. Comparison between your searches

  3. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in progress.

  4. Separate your results with respect to images, news, or YouTube searches.

Blog ideas:

Competitor awareness: You can type in your competitor’s brand name and see what their short-term or long-term trend is. If they are on the rise, you can take a deeper study to find out why and how you can leverage their strategies for your own brand.

Historic information: Instead of comparing trends from the past week, expand the timeline to a full year or more. Google has a lot of information that you can use for your brand in the future. With the help of historical data, you will notice that for most general keywords, a relatively fixed trend changes from month to month is primarily a definite pattern. You can then use those keywords while they are on their way to the top to compose and publish your content.

Keyword brainstorming: Do a regular check of the keywords related to your topic and see if there are keyword phrases trending down or up. Google trending also helps you refine your keyword search targeting a specific location / countries, helping you decide whether it’s useful to use those keywords on your blog while targeting those locations. If the keywords you selected are not performing well in the areas you are targeting, you can compare or find another strategy.

Brainstorm topics and ideas for a blog post: Use Google Trends related queries to help you identify the related keywords that people are searching for and further research your individual trends and get information that will help you publish your blog content. Also, you can choose categories in trends, then a sub-category, and also explore that category for content ideas.

Using Google Trends is easy, but figuring out how to make use of most of the information provided takes some time to master. It is good practice to use Google Trends as a reference source for your digital marketing strategy and related content and to keep up with the trend.

How depression affects school performance

When a teen fails or is failing in school, parents can react with understandable frustration and try all kinds of strategies, from bribery to punishment, to get their teen to turn things around. When all else fails, the tension builds and everyone becomes exasperated and at a loss to discover the cause, and the cure, of the problems at school.

Depression, and not stubbornness or laziness. Approximately 4% to 12% of school-age children (depending on their age) meet the criteria for being depressed, and since depression is not only experienced at home, it is likely to affect an adolescent’s performance as well. at school. Adolescents who experience symptoms of depression generally have difficulty completing school work and are at risk of poor academic performance and failure. Without early diagnosis and treatment, an adolescent is likely to have a negative cycle of depression> school failure> increased depression due to failure.

School failure has a negative impact on a teenager’s self-esteem. A depressed teenager tends to have a difficult time working on his academic and intellectual abilities. You rarely complete your homework and your grades are likely to drop because you are tired and have trouble concentrating. To complicate matters, your teachers don’t recognize the symptoms of depression.

School can also be a source of stress for your teen. For a depressed adolescent, school may be the main situation in which substantial demands are placed on her. It can result in significant social stress if your teen has a hard time adjusting to his peer group.

Depression is likely to affect your teen in the following areas of school:

  • Ability to concentrate and pay attention. The depressed adolescent is often preoccupied with negative thoughts and feelings and finds it difficult to put full attention on school work. Concentration problems at school are one of the main complaints of adolescents experiencing depression. A depressed teenager can improve his ability to maintain attention by getting a good night’s sleep and feeling rested.
  • Completing class work. When an adolescent is depressed, he has little energy to apply himself to activities that he perceives as stressful or of little interest. A depressed adolescent may withdraw from typical activities and become resistant to teacher requests to participate in classroom activities. In this situation, it is good for teachers to be able to provide daily feedback to parents regarding the completion of a teenager’s homework. It works best if used positively rather than negatively so that it doesn’t add undue pressure to the teen’s stress level. If you are having a bad day, you can ignore it and try to focus on making the next day better.
  • Completing the task. Teens who are depressed often have great difficulty finishing their homework because they lack focus, energy, and motivation. Most teens, of course, prefer not to have homework, but they do it because they know they have to. They are also aware that if they don’t, they may pay a price in the future. The depressed teenager is caught in a nasty here and now. You are not thinking ahead, and when you do, it is without much hope or interest. You can create a behavior plan to establish rewards for completing homework well. If homework is still a problem, you can try enrolling your teen in an after-school homework program or suggest finding a study buddy.
  • Get to school. Many depressed teens have a hard time getting up in the morning and going to school. Because they are tired and have a hard time dealing with stressful events, they may try to avoid school. You can help by encouraging your teen to develop good bedtime and wake-up routines. The less your teen has to think about what to do in the morning or in the evening, the better. The process must become automatic, so that it runs smoothly.
  • Peer relations. Depressed teens often have difficulties that lead to social isolation. It is another cycle of depression. A teenager may withdraw and isolate him from his friends and classmates, leading to loneliness, which can perpetuate depression. Having friends and a social support system can go a long way for a teenager dealing with depression. You should encourage your teenager to attend extracurricular activities that teach him a combination of academic and social skills, through activities such as non-competitive sports, special interest clubs, or skill improvement programs.
  • Book shares the story of an incredible woman who died young but lived large

    Nicholas Strand’s new book, Loving Someone Who Is Dying: Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life, documents the life story of his wife Brianna, their relationship, and most importantly, her courage as she spent her life learning to live with fibrosis. cystic (CF). and don’t let it control your life. This book will show you that even in the face of all adversity, you can have a positive outlook on life, enrich the world for those around you, and leave a legacy that will continue to inspire others.

    It’s hard to describe Brianna in a few words. It had so many levels and strengths. However, her husband, Nick, captures her well when he explains what led to the photo of Brianna on the book cover:

    “Her beauty was what caught the attention of most people. But her power was visible, letting her beauty take center stage politely. What was not seen was her temperature of 101 degrees, or that she took off her needle and put aside the IV so she could jump into her wedding dress and let her beauty radiate. Yet she did it with ease, with no sign that she was in a constant war to keep her body alive. “

    Brianna constantly radiated love, joy, support, kindness, and fun. As Nick shares, she refused to let CF control her. He had to be in control, and when CF took control, he was angry. Nick documents many examples of how Brianna was always one step ahead of CF. He was diagnosed with CF at a young age and told that he would not live past thirteen, but almost made it to thirty. In high school, she was heavily involved in 4-H, serving as an officer and giving speeches. Nick first put her into this organization and as he got to know her, rather than letting his CF dissuade him, he jumped on Brianna’s bandwagon and followed him to the end, supporting her in everything she did while always being amazed at how “Dazzling!” She was.

    An example of how Brianna followed her dreams, despite CF, is reflected in her love for animals. She wanted to be a veterinarian, but her illness continued to hamper her education. Regardless, he found work at a veterinary clinic; She put CF aside in order to care for the animals, as well as to bring love and light into the lives of everyone who visited the clinic. Nick and her family often visited her at work and sometimes had to force her to leave work to focus on her CF rather than the animals.

    Despite how her illness may have slowed her down, Brianna accepted the challenge to appear before the United States Senate to testify about the need for funding to learn more about CF. At the time, she was too sick to continue working, but she was still determined to help people through her testimony. In her testimony, she describes her relationship to her illness and why she wanted to share her story:

    “I consider myself a stay at home mom to my son, CF. Like children, you have to constantly take care of CF and it is part of my life forever. It takes a village too … Don’t share my story to make you feel Pity me or pity me. We all have obstacles and limitations in life, but it is not about that limitation; it is about the power you give to that limitation. My hope is that by sharing my story today, you feel inspired and inspired to participate in funding new drug research and inspired to help make a difference for someone affected by these bacteria. Most importantly, I hope you use that inspiration to be a part of something life changing. “

    At the end of her life, Brianna was still in control of her illness. He wanted his IVs removed before he went home from the hospital for the last time. Nick describes this as “a small victory for Brianna. Sure, CF would take her life, but it would in no way allow it to control her. Removing the IVs gave her a little freedom as her body shut down.”

    Brianna’s story might have been sad, but these pages bear witness to a life filled with love. In fact, she and her husband in many ways had a fairytale relationship, despite the challenges. Nick states: “Overcoming those challenges made us stronger. The important thing is how you adapt, love and lean on each other for support. Be honest, clear and always work for a better life … Never hold a grudge for nothing, but always build a better team, constantly reviewing feelings, both positive and negative. Brianna and I never shy away from talking and making it clear what things made us feel good. they gave the opportunity to approach them. “

    Beyond Brianna and her illness, Loving Someone Who is Dying is about how to love. Elevate love to a higher level. Brianna knew her time was limited, so she took every opportunity she had to make life as wonderful as possible for herself and others. Perhaps most revealing is Brianna’s response when a medical student once asked her if she wished she didn’t have CF: “Honestly, no. Having CF is part of what makes me who I am. It has taught me the power of my love. family; it gives me perspective on how to live each day to the fullest. “

    The book’s subtitle, “Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life” reflects Brianna’s favorite saying, which she coined. This is a woman who had every reason to be angry at the world, but she took her pain and suffering and chose to turn it into something beautiful. It is a lesson that we can all benefit from.