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Month: October 2022

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Well Built Laptop Overview, Its Two Configurations and Benefits

Whether you’re looking for a slim 14-inch or 15-inch laptop that packs plenty of power into a lightweight design, the Lenovo IdeaPad 320S is available in both sizes. While the 15-inch is a bit more powerful with its NVIDIA GeForce graphics, the 14-inch is also nice to have. Both versions of this laptop are stylish and portable, and you can easily take it wherever you need to go.

Build quality is good overall, with the display half being durable and made of hard plastic for the bezel around the display and aluminum for the lid. The texture is nice and stain resistant. There is also no flex. The main body of the laptop is covered in plastic.

You can get this machine at an affordable price, and Lenovo discounts are usually available if you order it online. Even if you go for the updated 15-inch model, it should still be cheap. It’s a good investment, especially with the long battery life and upgradable RAM and storage.

Specs are solid overall, especially with the NVIDIA GeForce graphics setup. Additional features of the Lenovo IdeaPad 320S include:

• Up to 7th Generation Intel Core Processor (i5 7200U / 3MB Cache / 2.50GHz)

• Up to 8 GB of memory

• 1TB SATA HDD Storage Unit

• 720p HD webcam with integrated microphone

• Windows 10 Home operating system

• 14 or 15.6-inch FHD LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution

The 15-inch version of the laptop can be configured with an Intel Core i7 processor.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Connectivity

Both configurations come with a good selection of I/O ports, including an always-charging USB 3.0 port, as well as USB 2.0, Type-C, 4-in-1 card reader, and HDMI. Wireless Internet is possible with Wi-FI 802.11 AC 1×1 technology. Bluetooth 4.1 is also included. You can count on your Internet connection to be strong anywhere wireless, whether it’s at home, work, school, a friend’s house, or any public Wi-Fi area.

Based on Mobile Mark battery testing, the 3-cell 52.5W/hour lithium-polymer battery has a battery life of up to 9 hours on the 15-inch version and up to 12 hours on the 14-inch version . This should be enough to keep your laptop running for most of the work or school day.

Regardless of which version you get, you can expect to have a decent and reliable laptop that can handle all of your needs. Reviews of the Lenovo IdeaPad 320S so far are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising the keyboard layout, solid connectivity, and long battery life.

Do you qualify for any Lenovo discounts? There are a variety of savings opportunities if you shop online. With a Lenovo IdeaPad 320S coupon, you can get this laptop at a very affordable price! Customize it however you want and save money in the process.

Forbes Media Network Marketing

As a professional network marketer, I am constantly bombarded with questions and comments from ignorant people who think I am trying to get them to “join a pyramid scheme” or trying to scam them out of every dollar they have.

Due to the simple fact that any average Joe could make a 7-figure multiple, passive income In a network marketing business, most people tend to think that we are promising them overnight riches without any work.

Which sounds absolutely ridiculous when you think about it.

There is NO business, network marketing or not, that pays you multiple 7 figures without you putting in the effort to start it. And once you’re up and running, keep breaking your hump to hit the income goals you’ve set for yourself.

However, due to the fact that I am actually involved in network marketing, many people think that my responses to their BS accusations are very biased and do not take my word for it.

And I’ve always wanted someone from a world-renowned source to endorse our cause and give us some supporting arguments as to why network marketing is so awesome.

And the business gods heard my prayers… because exactly one week ago, Robert Laura, a retirement analyst who writes for Forbes magazine, wrote an incredible article called…

“Would you join a multi-level marketing company for retirement income?”

The whole article is weather-oriented or not, a Network Marketing or MLM opportunity is a viable option for someone who is already retired or nearing retirement.

And since he is not directly involved in the MLM or NM industry, he had to do some real research before publishing an article for Forbes magazine.

From his research, he concluded that:

  • According to information from the American Association of Retired Persons, more than half of the 76 million Baby Boomers are interested in starting a business. The main reason for this is that the average Baby Boomer has less than $50,000 in savings and needs to find a way to survive from age 62 to 100 on that money. Obviously, it is impossible to survive 38 years on less than $50k, so they NEED to find a way to generate additional income.
  • Another growing reality is that “a growing number of Baby Boomers are disenchanted with their current careers.” They don’t feel the same connection to their chosen fields as they originally did and feel drained. They want to be a part of something bigger where they feel like they are contributing to the world and really have a real impact on the lives of others. All of which can be obtained by working with a Network Marketing or MLM company.
  • The barrier to entry to starting a business in NM is extremely low, full training and support is available, and lots and lots of encouragement. More than the financial aspect, retirees find this attractive because they need to find a healthy and productive way to stay connected, active and busy. And finally…
  • You don’t have to accept the hype and become a “top producer” to make a good living. If you talk to someone who has “sold out” to your NM company’s cause, they will feed you so much hype that you won’t know where the real information begins and the hype ends. But the reality is that you can earn a very healthy monthly residual income from NM or MLM just by working. You do NOT have to compete to be the number 1 producer to achieve this.

Laura’s article offers a very real perspective on a much misunderstood business model.

This is not to say that the network marketing industry is amazing across the board. Chances are you’re not going to change people’s lives by selling them pots and pans.

But there are some great companies that really add value to the market. And through those businesses, you can create a great income and a great lifestyle… IF you’re willing to treat it like a real business, not just a hobby.

Woodworking: the best wood for beginners

Carpentry: know your wood

Wood is made of cellulose fibers, held together by a property called lignin, and is classified as hardwood or softwood, depending on the type of tree it comes from. Also, the sapwood or new wood that grows on a tree is still alive, while the heartwood refers to the part of the tree that is no longer working. These two stages of wood also have different properties and uses. Knowing something about the different woods can help you determine which one to use, how to work it, what problems to watch for, and how to care for the finished product.

There are hundreds of different types of trees and woods, with a wide range of colors, density, grain, shape, and other characteristics that affect their workability and application to different types of uses. The following is an alphabetical list and description of some of the more popular woods used in woodworking. Types such as ebony and ironwood are not listed here, as they are not normally used in woodworking, at least not by beginners. The focus is on woods that work well and are common in woodworking.

The following legend provides a guide to the symbols included with each type of wood.

Cost: $ = cheap, $$ = moderate, $$$ = expensive

Ease of work: E = easy, M = moderate, D = difficult

ash, white $, millions

A strong, inexpensive wood that is lighter in color and bends well, white ash is often used in sports equipment such as bats and canoe paddles. It is also common in pool cues, tool handles, and other products that require durability and strength.

Raft $$

One of the lightest hardwoods, balsa has been used for canoes, model building, life rafts, and other situations where a light, buoyant wood is needed. It is usually white in color and is moderately priced. Because it is exceptionally smooth, it can be worked well with hand tools, but it has poor durability.

linden $,E

Basswood is an inexpensive and versatile hardwood that is often used for wood carving. It is soft, light, fine in texture and its color varies from light white to brown. Other uses include turning, toys, kitchen utensils, and boxes.

Birch $,E

The birch known as paper birch, is the white tree that grows in the forest with its bark peeling off like paper. Inside, the sapwood is creamy, darkening to brown in the heartwood. It is inexpensive to purchase and consequently one of the most popular woods among beginning furniture makers. It can also be used for cabinets, toys, and plywood, but is not durable if left unfinished.

nutmeg $$,M

A coarse-textured wood that is light to medium brown in color, nutmeg is moderately priced and a common choice for veneers, woodwork, and church altars.

cedar, aromatic $, millions

Known for its red coloration and pleasant, somewhat spicy smell, aromatic cedar or red cedar is a popular material for woodworking in containers and cabinets. It has alternating lines of dark and light colors and can also have dark knots, which makes it visually appealing as well. It is relatively inexpensive.

cherry black $$

Cherry sapwood is light in color, but the heartwood can range from light brown to a deep red color that many find attractive. It has a fine grain and tends to darken as it ages. It is most often used in furniture and cabinet making and is moderately priced.

Cottonwood $,E

A white to pale brown wood that is part of the poplar family, poplar is lightweight and tends to be soft, making it good for carving. It is also used in the manufacture of furniture, toys, and wooden items. Poplar bark is preferred by many carvers because it can be found in large pieces and has a soft, workable nature.

Cypress $, I

Cypress wood has an oily texture, resists rot and decay, and is often used in outdoor furniture and docks. It is light yellow in color and is inexpensive compared to other woods.

elm white $$,M

There are many elms, and most tend to be easy to work with and bend well. White elm is light yellow in color and if used by beginners, it is usually in a furniture project. This tree is affected by Dutch elm disease, making it increasingly difficult to find and therefore a bit more expensive.

Mahogany $$

A dense, reddish-colored hardwood that is durable and easy to work with, mahogany (especially from Honduras) is often used when making various grades of furniture and cabinetry. It is moderately priced.

maple white $$, MD

Maple has white sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood. The grain can come in different patterns, including wavy and bird’s eye. It can be difficult to work with, but it is used to make furniture, cabinets, flooring, and small projects like cutting boards.

Oak $$, EN

In the oak family, white oak is perhaps the easiest to work with and is highly durable. It has a light tan color with a straight grain. It is moderately priced and is used for furniture, cabinets, and is a preferred wood for building barrels.

Pine: Ponderosa, white, yellow $,E

Although different types of pine have different specific characteristics, it tends to be a softer, lighter-colored wood that is used in many building environments. It is also a popular wood among carpenters, especially beginners, because it is inexpensive, easy to find, relatively easy to work with, and holds up well (except white pine). Often selected for birdhouses, planters, benches, and other beginner projects.

Redwood $$$

Redwood is known for its ability to hold up well in outdoor conditions. It is relatively easy to work with and is used in outdoor furniture, decks, and other applications where outdoor durability is important. Even though redwoods grow quite large and produce large quantities of boards, the price is high.

walnut, black $$

A dark, tough wood that works well, black walnut is used for carving, stock making, fine furniture, cabinetry, and other items where strength and appearance are important. Contains a chemical that can cause irritation. Black walnut is moderately priced.

Willow $$

There are many different varieties of willow, but in general they are a soft, light wood with dull brown heartwood and light-colored sapwood. Due to its softness, it is popular with carvers. It is also used for coffins, Venetian blinds, and other items.

yellow poplar $,E

Yellow poplar is a strong, inexpensive hardwood that is light in color and sometimes has green streaks, which can make finishing difficult. He’s not really popular. Along with pine, it is one of the most widely used woods today. Poplar is used in basic furniture, shelving and boxes. It is also acceptable for carving.

Printing works of artistic products

In case you have big sales later on, I would recommend a similar strategy. In fact, sports can be a networking method. For many people, it is a second home to solve family problems, play backgammon, enjoy the first drink of the day.

It is very important to realize that there are particular similarities and excellent differences between the mainstream art market and its blockchain equivalent. After doing some research, if you end up with a real treasure at this point, selling your item through an art auction may end up being the best option for getting the most bang for your buck. My client-based illustration jobs typically have an editorial goal or visual message they need to send, but my fine art is a bit more open to the stories I want to tell.

Once you’re satisfied that the store is moving in the right direction, you’ll need to start advertising your store. Home decoration with western paintings is the first way to give your house a warm and comfortable look that you can feel. An auction house sometimes obtains a piece to restore and sell at a later date if it is a high-demand item that has not been properly cared for.

Hi guys, Wildlife Art for Sale is a good possibility to identify and understand the presence of various ancient species. The next opportunity to get tickets will be on Monday, July 30 with limited availability for this week only. Tickets include 9 cocktail samples along with craft spirits samples and the chance to vote for your favorite cocktail.

Like all businesses, you can’t trust your items to sell themselves. A truly secure store of value is one that can be quickly converted into a reliable amount of money. All you need is to reserve the space in advance.

Anthropologists and art historians have gained a greater understanding of art from different parts of Africa. Wildlife art has always been a favorite subject within the general society. Artists add to the crucial fabric of London.

So you visit a museum and all the art is by the same painter, or from the exact same time period, or in the same style. The heart of beautiful and meaningful paintings is highly suggested by men and women in the modern modern world. If you’re still not sure if you have a painting or a print, look carefully to see if you can identify small dots on the surface.

It is a fact that one-off events starring stars from different media would not fit in with the more traditional idea of ​​what a gallery does. There are various reasons for various people to go to the art gallery. Next-level artists will be able to create lyrical verse that not only explores the rhythmic possibilities of a specific melody, but also weaves melodies through shifting harmonic sequences.

Art prints for sale!

Plan a fun backyard camping activity for kids!

Before the frosts and school start, plan a fun kids camping activity in your backyard. Invite some friends and neighbors to camp in the backyard. A small group of children is recommended, 6-8 school-age children. Borrow several tents, at least one for every 2-3 kids (unless you have a large family tent!), or lay sheets flat on a clothesline to make a tent.

Ask the children to make tent announcements, which include information such as:

  • Backyard Camp Date
  • time to show up
  • What to bring such as: sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas, toothbrush
  • Time to be picked up the next morning.
  • Companion Information

When the kids show up for the kids’ camp activity, plan a cookout with grilled hot dogs on a stick, fries, veggie sticks and salsa, and nutritious drinks. Make cupcakes decorated with shredded coconut (dyed with green food coloring for “grass”) and paper “carps” on top. Put the child’s name on each “tent.”

Before it gets dark, go over safety tips, where to locate the bathroom at night, and even a place they can go to sleep if they need to. Issue each camper to have a flashlight or litestick. Have an insect repellant and a first aid kit available.

After dark, play games of catching flashlights and finger shadows. Gather the group in a circle (or semi-circle) and place a camping lantern in the center. Turn down the lights and tell “scary camp stories.” Or play a storytelling game in which the guest of honor (the child whose backyard is being used) starts a “fairy tale” and each person around the circle has to add to the story until finished with the guest of honor. honor. With a small group, it can be fun to go around the group several times before finishing the story.

If the night is clear and cloudless, have everyone lie on their backs and look up at the night sky. Who can find the North Star, Polaris? Who can locate Ursa Major and Ursa Minor? Find the constellations in the summer sky for your area. See if you can locate any of them.

In the morning, before the campers go home, serve breakfast and have everyone “pack up.” If you want to send home small party favors, a whistle, compass, and stylus are popular with kids.

How to live a healthy life in general

There are obvious ways you can stay healthy and “live a long and happy life,” but I want to talk about some of my favorite tips for staying healthy. I know what it takes to be a healthy person, but sometimes it’s even hard for me. Sometimes I read other people’s blogs to motivate myself. Sometimes your mind is not enough. Sometimes you need other people to give you that push you need to keep going. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: diet and exercise are not the only aspects of health. I like to help people stay healthy, but it will take more than my words and advice to help you meet your goals. One of my favorite tips is to cook meals that you know will fill you up. Also, make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy eating and that will satisfy your cravings. The worst feeling there is is stuffing yourself with a ton of food and realizing that you’re still “hungry” because you’re craving something else. Listen to your body when it tells you that it needs something sweet. There are healthy things that are sweet. Eat an orange! Another piece of advice I have for my viewers is to be honest with yourself. If you’re lying to yourself, how do you expect someone else to be honest with you? I am talking about honesty in all aspects. For example, for one thing, be honest with yourself if you need a cheat meal. It’s okay to have a cheat meal to get you through the week. Your week is going to be just horrible if you’re constantly drowning in lettuce. That’s the physical aspect of being honest with yourself. The mental part of being honest is that you need to be an honest person in general. You attract what you give. You don’t want to be stuck with what you think you want and what you really need. Also, don’t put too much into your body (or mind) that you can’t handle. Only you know what is too much, what is enough and what is not enough. You have to push yourself in all aspects of life, but not to the point of not surviving.

Relationships are another great aspect of living a healthy life in general. You accept the love you think you deserve. That is why it is so important not only to have a healthy body and a healthy mind, but also love for oneself. You have to love yourself enough to know what you deserve. If someone is not making any positive contribution to your life, then there really is no point in being there. Also, if there are more negatives to a relationship than positives, it’s time to let it go. Negativity in your relationships affects you more than you think. It affects your confidence and your overall well-being. Unfortunately, you are setting the standard for all of the following people to enter your life. They have to know how they should treat you to stay in your life. If you let people walk all over you, they will.

Another thing I want to mention is family. Some people in your life will come and go. Most likely, friends will come and go. Boyfriends/girlfriends come and go, but family is blood and family is forever. You can’t get rid of them. They put you with them for a reason and they are there to help you get through the times when you feel like you have no one. Yes, you can fight with your family. In fact, I fight more with my family than with my friends. But, I also forgive them much faster than anyone else. I know you know me better than anyone. They have known me for longer than anyone in my life and so has your family. While you may feel like they don’t know what you want at times…they know what you need and that’s more important.

Another big part of living a healthy life is sleeping. I’m sure you know that you’re supposed to get enough sleep every night, but did you know that sleeping too much is horrible for you? Did you know that there is a significant correlation between sleeping too much and gaining weight? I don’t know the full reason for that, but I do know that skipping breakfast is bad for your metabolism, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. For me, if I know I have a long day ahead of me, I make sure I get to bed just fine. Ever since I bought a Fitbit, I’ve realized how horrible my sleeping patterns are. Sometimes I go to bed around 10 and wake up at 8 and I’m still exhausted. So, I check my Fitbit and see that I only got 5 hours of sleep. I am obsessed with my Fitbit because it is so accurate. My dad also wears one and says he sleeps well so it’s different for everyone but I’m really glad I got one because now I know why I’ve been so tired all day after thinking I’ve got 8+ hours of sleep.

So with all of that being said, I want everyone to be the best person they can be. Follow all aspects of health and do not focus only on physical characteristics. A healthy mind can also mean a healthy life. I think everyone needs to focus more on the different parts of health. In fact, I’d say weight is just a number. Muscle weighs more fat. People need to stop seeing numbers on a scale as a representation of health. I learned to be happy with my weight, because I know that my body contains a lot of muscle. Once again, thanks for tuning in.

To be honest,


COVID-19: Action Group on Free Civic Space Tackles Nigerian Government for Human Rights Abuses

The Action Group on Free Civic Space represents a loose network of organisations, student unions, social movements and active citizens in Nigeria, working on different issues but committed

to ensure that government regulation in the name of national security does not reduce civic space in Nigeria.

In a press release issued and jointly signed by:

Emmanuel Acha: Youth Forum for Social Change

FyneFace Dumnamene Fyneface: Youth and Environment Advocacy Center

Obioma Agoziem: Center for Corrections and Human Development

Victoria Ibezim Ohaeri: SPACES FOR CHANGE

Okechukwu Nwanguma: Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Center, stated that national and international law prohibits governments and law enforcement agents from using COVID-19 as an excuse to abrogate the right to life.

The Action Group on Free Civic Space is deeply concerned about the growing records of human rights abuses of citizens by law enforcement officers responsible for ensuring compliance with shelter-in-place and stay-at-home directives. by COVID-19 in various states of Nigeria.

Corroborated media reports are filled with stories of shootings, police/military brutality, destruction of cooked food and other necessary items, physical assaults, etc.

With the way the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the world, we recognize that these are not normal times.

We particularly commend the efforts of the Nigerian government and relevant stakeholders who have doubled down to contain the further spread of the pandemic. While we recognize the need to adopt strict measures when necessary, we must, however, caution that the COVID-19 containment measures implemented throughout

The states emphasize respect for the rights to life and human dignity guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Just yesterday, trigger-happy soldiers allegedly shot and killed one Joseph Pessu in an unfortunate

show of force to maintain COVID-19 lockdown in Delta State. A week ago, Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State ordered security officers to shoot on sight anyone trying to escape the quarantine and

isolation centers in the state. Similarly, in Rivers State, hasty lockdown directives, such as the unmitigated closure of markets and businesses to support the well-being of citizens, have precipitated inevitable

Situations that have seen the state task force in an attempt to enforce closure directives mistreat some residents trapped outside their homes trying to get food and supplies to survive. In other places such as Lagos and Abuja, eyewitness reports and video evidence have continued to emerge, showing that security

forces that brazenly use whips and guns to enforce discipline and compliance with lockdown directives. In light of the above worrying developments, it has become imperative to remind Nigerians

government that emergency situations and associated containment measures should be aligned with the country’s national, regional and international human rights obligations.

Sections 33 and 34 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, guarantee life

and human dignity, for all citizens. The sanctity and inviolability of the rights to life and human dignity are further protected by article 4 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Also, article

4(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) also reiterates that certain rights

such as the right to life, not to suffer cruel and inhuman treatment and punishment are non-derogable and cannot be suspended even in a state of emergency. As these provisions make clear, national standards and

International law prohibits governments and law enforcement officials from using COVID-19 as an excuse to abrogate the right to life.

Furthermore, we dare to say that low-income Nigerians have been most affected by the lockdown measures.

Millions of citizens living in informal communities, also called slums, have little or no access to proper sanitation, clean water, quality health care, electricity, food, housing, etc. Only citizens with a roof over their heads can comply with the government’s stay-at-home directive. Closed businesses not only mean lost revenue for companies, but also weaken the survival capacity of the self-employed and the poor.


Most of the people working in the informal sector, depending on their daily income for their livelihood. Without daily income, they cannot provide themselves with the necessary food to maintain the confinement.

Consequently, the government must shoulder its responsibility to provide adequate relief packages for these households in need. The intervention plans and economic stimulus packages announced by both the

The federal and state governments must be backed by effective distribution machinery to ensure relief items reach those in critical need of food and medical supplies, especially in urban slums and rural areas.

The highly publicized billions received as donations from philanthropists and corporate entities supporting the fight against coronavirus should also be used to help those in need. To fill reported gaps in distribution, we recommend that the federal government urgently establish an inclusive body of aid administrators in all 36 states and the FCT. The relay managers

they should be duly selected from trade unions, civil society organizations, the private sector, community organizations, pro-popular associations and relevant government agencies. This democratic body

managers will not only develop a clear strategy for the distribution of stimulus packages to all Nigerians, but

also inform citizens daily spending accounts of how funds and relief items were distributed in a fair, equitable, timely and transparent manner. The Action Group on Free Civic Space makes the following demands on the Nigerian government to:

– Officially cancel the order to shoot on sight by Governor Umanyi of Ebonyi State and order the Inspector General of Police and his men to rescind the order.

– Adopt humane, responsive and legally binding measures to enforce public safety orders and correct members of the public who defy closure directives. – Investigate the murder of Mr. Pessu in Delta State and bring all other law enforcement officers who made mistakes to justice.

– Sensitize law enforcement officials to rights-respecting methods of carrying out their duties, including the establishment of

establish complaints offices and hotlines for the public to report incidents of abuse.

– Finally, we implore Nigerians to stay strong in these difficult times and abide by all public health directives and guidelines intended for the public health and general welfare of Nigerians.

4 Tips for Sweet Revenge – Ex Boyfriend Will Cry

Do not do it! Sure, you broke up with your boyfriend and you feel sad or maybe you feel like you want revenge. Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t even think about all those terrible but maybe satisfying things you could do to her. Instead, consider these 4 tips to get back at an ex-boyfriend and yet maintain his dignity and not do anything you might regret later.

Tip #1

Take some action to make yourself more attractive to others. Not only to be more physically attractive to other men, but to be more alive and transmit good vibes to people. It is true that people are attracted to others who seem strong, healthy and happy.

If you immediately get to work with regular workouts and do some yoga or some other formal exercise and wellness plan, that’s a great start. Try a new hairstyle. What will give you more confidence? Sometimes it can be a new pair of shoes or a sexy short dress that makes you feel more desirable. But this has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with strength, self-confidence and being in control.

Tip #2

As you work on your self-image and build some confidence, be sure to meet up with some of the mutual friends you and your ex have. Or if you run into your ex out on the town, that’s great too, but wherever you go, you need to focus on yourself! You need to find happiness with your independence and growing inner strength, and don’t even think about your ex right now. Your friends and their friends will notice this. To avenge your ex boyfriend in the most effective way, you want him to believe that you are getting stronger and happier without him!

Tip #3

At some point, your ex boyfriend is likely to call you, as he is very curious that you seem to be okay or better off without him. When you do talk, don’t bring up your relationship or past problems, and definitely don’t come across as angry or spiteful about the breakup, even if you hate it. Why? The best revenge is not a direct approach with jokes, or hurtful actions or statements. If you do those things, he might get satisfaction from thinking that you can’t function well without him. Men feel especially powerful in this situation and acts of revenge can backfire.

You also don’t want to do or say anything that makes him think your goal is to get back together. Whether it is or not. No, you want to have a nice conversation with your ex like you would with a friend, but leave him thinking that you are completely indifferent to him romantically. The most effective way to avenge your ex boyfriend again is to make him believe that you are strong without him. I guarantee this will really piss him off, whether he wants you back or hates you. You can win either way with this approach.

Tip #4

At this point, if your ex is no longer interested in you, he will probably fade away. Your actions to this point will have dispelled any desire for him to seek revenge. If he keeps in touch with you or “runs into you,” then you’ll know why: he loves you more than ever. If you want him, let him go through all the motions first and even then he responds very slowly and tries to date someone innocent for a while. You are still getting your revenge by being in control and making him wait while you continue to improve and take your time to consider getting back together.

Feed your dog without breaking the bank

One of the biggest costs associated with dog ownership is food. Some expenses are negotiable. Your dog will likely sleep just as comfortably in an old, folded comforter as he does in that expensive memory foam dog bed, but good food is a must.

To keep dogs happy and healthy, owners should provide foods made with high-quality ingredients that meet the lifestyle requirements of the individual pet (e.g., puppies need puppy food and overweight pets must follow calorie-restricted diets). There is an element of “you get what you pay for” with dog food, so higher quality foods tend to be more expensive. But with just a little effort, owners can save a lot of money without compromising their pets’ health. That is how.

Choose your dog’s food wisely

Dogs do better when they follow a consistent diet. People like variety in their meals, but there’s no benefit to constantly changing the type of food you feed your dog. This can also increase the risk of a dog becoming a picky eater, always waiting for the next tasty morsel to come with the next day’s meal.

Most dogs thrive when they eat high-quality dog ​​food, but not necessarily super-premium. If you don’t eat organic, does your dog need to? And some manufacturers spend a lot of money marketing niche products, for example foods that are supposedly designed for particular breeds. You pay a premium for these formulations, but in all honesty, they are overkill for most people within the breed.

So look for a dog food that is moderately priced but still contains ingredients that sound like real food. Two brands that fall into this category are Iams and Purina One. These products also have the benefit of being widely available.

Comparison shopping and coupons

Once you’ve found a food that works well for your dog, shop around. Prices can vary widely between retailers. Consider becoming a member of a wholesale operation like Costco or Sam’s Club. These companies will usually let you into their premises as a guest so you can check out what they have to offer. Walmart, Target, and Kmart also tend to have good prices on pet supplies, as do large pet retailers like Petsmart and Petco. In general, you’ll pay more for food at smaller pet boutiques, but they tend to offer a wider selection of premium or specialty pet supplies. Don’t forget to sign up for reward programs offered by stores.

Keep an eye out for announcements posted by your local retailers; Dog food often goes on sale. And keep your eyes open for coupons. Online sites like retailmenot.com or couponcabin.com are a good way to keep up with current deals. Simply Googling the name of the dog food with the word “coupon” is another easy way to see what’s available. The manufacturer’s website is another excellent resource. Many offer coupons to encourage people to try their products.

Stocking up

If you’ve found a great price on your dog food, stock up if you have the storage space. Most pet foods have a shelf life of about a year. Check the expiration date on the bag and buy as much as you think your pet will eat at that time. As a general rule, larger food bags are much less expensive by weight and volume compared to smaller bags, and dry food is always cheaper than canned food.

don’t forget the internet

While many of us use the Internet to shop, online pet food shopping is in its infancy. However, this can be a convenient and inexpensive way to get many of your pet supplies, including food.

Large shopping comparison sites like nextag.com and shopping.yahoo.com are a great way to find the lowest prices on groceries. Just type in the exact product you’re looking for and voila, all the information you need appears. However, be sure to compare apples to apples. Note that all prices are for the same size bag of food, and don’t forget to add shipping costs for those sites that don’t offer free shipping and taxes, if applicable.

Amazon.com offers a wide selection of pet supplies, as do major pet retailers petco.com and petsmart.com. Other options to consider include petfooddirect.com, petflow.com, 1800petmeds.com, and nationalpetpharmacy.com. If you’re having trouble finding a website where you can order your dog’s food, go to the manufacturer’s website. Many have links to retailers that offer their food.

Beware, however, of flying websites. Buy only from reputable retailers to ensure you receive high-quality products, not imitations. Websites should have a customer service phone number prominently displayed. Call and ask a few questions. You just want to get a sense of their legitimacy and customer service. You can also view customer ratings on sites like Yelp.com or search for a business on the Better Business Bureau’s bbb.org website.

Special situations

Some dogs require very specific diets to manage medical issues, and these products tend to be more expensive than typical dog foods. If your pet is on a prescribed diet, you can still shop around. You don’t have to buy the food directly from your vet; he or she must provide you with a written prescription if he or she requests one. Many of the websites listed above (eg, petfooddirect.com and nationalpetpharmacy.com) sell diets both over-the-counter and by prescription.

If you feed your dog a homemade diet, use the same cost-cutting techniques that you use when buying your own food. When the meat goes on sale, buy a lot of it and freeze it. Frozen vegetables can be used in place of fresh and can be stored for much longer periods of time. But don’t be tempted to buy low-quality ingredients or make unapproved substitutions for what would otherwise be a nutritionally balanced recipe. These types of changes can save money in the short term, but often lead to long-term health problems and costly treatment.

In conclusion, you never want to skimp on your dog’s food, but there is nothing wrong with spending your money wisely.

Bustling and historic Bridgetown Barbados – Caribbean

Barbados may be known for its beautiful beaches, but before heading to these sandy havens, take time to explore the island’s only true city: Bridgetown. This Caribbean city has the largest population in the country and offers curious visitors a glimpse into the rich culture and history of Barbados.

While the city may have established a host of modern structures such as office complexes, shopping malls, and banks, Bridgetown has still managed to preserve a number of its most treasured historic sites and colonial buildings. The city maintains a very energetic atmosphere enhanced by its vibrant streets, regularly occupied by enthusiastic vendors selling various produce and fresh produce. Here, you’ll get plenty of opportunities for duty-free shopping, especially in areas like Broad Street. It is also very easy to find local crafts in the markets of the city.

Most of Bridgetown’s major tourist sites are within walking distance of the city center. And, fortunately, city buses reach most of these destinations. Note that Bridgetown is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. While you’re here, don’t miss the opportunity to walk through its fascinating historic section, which is home to the city’s most treasured architectural landmarks, including the Barbados Parliament Buildings. These buildings exude exquisite Gothic Revival design and were built in the late 19th century from coral limestone. One of the impressive features of the buildings is their stained glass windows, depicting the different British monarchs. Its west wing houses government offices, the clock tower, the Parliament Museum and the National Gallery. And if you walk to the east wing, you’ll find the Senate and the House of Assembly.

The Barbados Garrison is another significant historical landmark in Bridgetown. In fact, this garrison is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is considered the largest of its kind during the 18th and 19th centuries. These days the garrison houses the Barbados Defense Force, but has other sections worth visiting. Some of these sections include St. Ann’s Fort, established in 1705; the Georgian-style mansion called George Washington House; and the Barbados National Armory, which maintains a huge collection of iron cannons made during the 17th century. Another important building found in the garrison is the Barbados Museum, which can give you a great insight into the history of the island through its extensive exhibits and galleries. Outside the Barbados Garrison is an oval green space, which is used as a park and home to sporting events, horse races and parades.

Head to the city’s natural harbor called Carlisle Bay, which also hosts regular water sports events. If you walk to the south side of the bay, you’ll find the popular Pebbles Beach, which is popular for its soft white sand and perfectly calm, swimmable waters. If scuba diving is something you’d like to do, plan a trip to Carlisle Bay Marine Park, whose seabed is littered with a couple of old shipwrecks.

If you are content to stay on the beach, comfortably seated on a deckchair and protected by an umbrella; then you should look for the Boatyard Beach Club. This club is conveniently equipped with a restaurant and offers a variety of fun water activities.