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Month: January 2023

What is randomness?

The BBC Radio 4 show ‘In Our Time’ took up the issue of randomness today. The In Our Time website has a link to the show on iPlayer, if you missed it the first time.

What is meant by randomness? Well, a truly random event is not deterministic, that is, it is not possible to determine the next result, based on previous results, or on anything else.

In fact, random processes are very important in many areas of mathematics, science, and life in general, but truly random processes are notoriously difficult to achieve. Why should this be the case? Because in theory, many processes that we think of as random, like rolling a die, are in fact deterministic. In theory, you could determine the outcome of the dice roll if you knew its exact position, size, etc.

The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Democritus (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC) was a member of the group known as atomists. This group of ancients pioneered the concept that all matter can be subdivided into its fundamental building blocks, atoms. Democritus decreed that there was no such thing as true chance. He gave the example of two men who meet at a well, and both consider their meeting to have been pure chance. What they didn’t know is that the meeting was probably arranged in advance by their families. This can be considered an analogy for the deterministic dice roll: there are factors that determine the outcome, even if we cannot precisely measure or control them.

Epicurus (341 BC – 270 BC), a later Greek mathematician, disagreed. Although he had no idea how small the atoms really were, he suggested that they wandered randomly in their paths. No matter how well we understand the laws of motion, there will always be randomness introduced by this underlying property of atoms.

Aristotle worked more on probability, but it remained a non-mathematical quest. He divided all things into certain, probable, and unknowable, for example, writing about the result of throwing knuckles, first dice, as unknowable.

As with many other areas of mathematics, the theme of randomness and probability did not resurface in Europe until the Renaissance. The mathematician and gambler Gerolamo Cardano (September 24, 1501 – September 21, 1576) correctly noted the probabilities of rolling a six with one dice, a double six with 2 dice, and a triple with three. He was the first person to notice, or at least record, the fact that a 7 is more likely to be rolled by 2 dice than any other number. These revelations were part of his manual for his players. Cardano had suffered terribly from his gambling (he sometimes pawned all his family belongings, ended up in a poor house and in fights). This book was his way of telling his fellow players how much to bet and how to stay out of trouble.

In the 17th century, Fermat and Pascal collaborated and developed a more formal theory of probability, and numbers were assigned to probabilities. Pascal developed the idea of ​​an expected value and used a famous probabilistic argument, Pascal’s wager, to justify his belief in God and his virtuous life.

Today, there are sophisticated tests that can be performed on a sequence of numbers to determine whether or not the sequence is truly random, or whether it has been determined by formula, human, or some other means. For example, does the number 7 appear one tenth of the time (plus or minus some error allowed)? Is the digit 1 followed by another 1 one tenth of the time?

An increasingly sophisticated series of tests can be put into operation. We have the “poker test”, which looks at numbers in groups of 5, to see if there are two pairs, three of a kind, etc., and compares the frequency of these patterns with those expected in a truly random distribution. The Chi Squared test is another favorite of statisticians. Given that a particular pattern has occurred, it will give a probability and a confidence level that it was generated by a random process.

But none of these tests is perfect. There are deterministic sequences that appear random (all tests pass) but are not. For example, the digits of the irrational number π look like a random sequence and pass all the tests for randomness, but of course, they are not. π is a deterministic sequence of numbers: mathematicians can compute it to as many decimal places as they like, with powerful enough computers.

Another apparently random distribution that occurs naturally is that of prime numbers. The Riemann hypothesis provides a way to calculate the distribution of prime numbers, but it remains unresolved and no one knows if the hypothesis still holds for very large values. However, like the digits of the irrational number π, the distribution of prime numbers passes all the tests for randomness. It is still deterministic, but unpredictable.

Another useful measure of randomness is a statistic called Kolmogorov Complexity, named after the 20th-century Russian mathematician. Kolmogorov Complexity is the shortest possible description of a sequence of numbers, for example, the sequence 01010101… could be described simply as “Repeat 01”. This is a very short description, indicating that the sequence is certainly not random.

However, for a truly random sequence, it would be impossible to describe the sequence of digits in a simplified way. The description would be as long as the sequence itself, indicating that the sequence would appear to be random.

Over the past two centuries, scientists, mathematicians, economists, and many others have begun to realize that sequences of random numbers are very important to their work. And so, in the 19th century, methods for generating random numbers were devised. It says, but it may be biased. Walter Welden and his wife spent months at their kitchen table rolling a set of 12 dice over 26,000 times, but this data was found to be in error due to dice bias, which seems like a terrible shame.

The first published collection of random numbers appears in a 1927 book by Leonard HC Tippet. After that, there were many attempts, many failed. One of the most successful methods was used by John von Neumann, who pioneered the mean-square method, in which a 100-digit number is squared, the middle 100 digits of the result are removed, and the result is re-adjusted. square, and so on. Very quickly, this process produces a set of digits that pass all tests for randomness.

In the 1936 United States presidential election, all opinion polls pointed to a close result, with a possible victory for Republican Party candidate Alf Landon. In the event, the result was a landslide victory for Franklin D Roosevelt of the Democratic Party. The opinion pollsters had chosen poor sampling techniques. In their attempts to be high-tech, they called people to ask about their voting intentions. In the 1930s, the wealthiest people, mostly Republican voters, were much more likely to have telephones, so polling results were deeply skewed. In surveys, true randomization of the sample population is of paramount importance.

Likewise, it is also very important in medical tests. Choosing a biased sample set (eg, too many women, too young, etc.) can make a drug seem more or less likely to work, biasing the experiment, with possibly dangerous consequences.

One thing is certain: humans aren’t very good at producing random sequences, and they’re not very good at detecting them either. When tested with two dot patterns, a human is particularly bad at deciding which pattern has been generated at random. Similarly, when trying to create a random sequence of numbers, very few people include features like digits appearing three times in a row, which is a very prominent feature of random sequences.

But is there something truly random? Going back to the dice we considered at the beginning, where knowledge of the precise initial conditions would have allowed us to predict the outcome, surely this is true of any physical process that creates a set of numbers.

Well, so far, atomic and quantum physics have come the closest to providing us with truly unpredictable events. To date, it is impossible to determine precisely when a radioactive material will decay. It seems random, but maybe we just don’t understand. At the moment, it’s still probably the only way to generate truly random sequences.

Ernie, the UK government premium bond number generator, is now in his fourth incarnation. It must be random, so that all premium bondholders in the country have an equal chance of winning a prize. It contains a chip that takes advantage of thermal noise within itself, that is, the momentum of electrons. Government statisticians run tests on the number sequences this generates, and they do, in fact, pass the tests for randomness.

Other applications are: random prime numbers used in Internet transactions, encrypting your credit card number. The National Lottery machines use a set of very light balls and air currents to mix them up, but like dice this could, in theory, be predictable.

Finally, the Met Office uses sets of random numbers for its set forecasts. It is sometimes difficult to predict the weather because of the well-known “chaos theory”: that the final state of the atmosphere depends heavily on the precise initial conditions. It is impossible to measure initial conditions with the required precision, so atmospheric scientists feed their computer models several different scenarios, with the initial conditions varying slightly in each. This results in a set of different forecasts and a weather presenter who talks about percentage chances, rather than certainties.

See also: In Our Time.

Legal Issues for Medical Staffing Agencies

The basic premise of medical staffing agencies is to find qualified staff and link them to hospitals. Dealing with what hospitals need and want often puts the staffing company in a position that can lead to problems with human resources and legal issues. Be aware of the laws that exist and how those laws affect your particular state and how those laws are administered by state and local regulatory bodies within your specific niche. You need to adhere to such things as what benefits are given, how you classify your staff, and what taxes are due.

Classify your staff correctly

It is common practice in the staffing field to classify employees as independent contractors. A main reason for this is due to the many requirements set by different states, those requirements often put employment agencies at a financial disadvantage by having to pay workers more and having to be responsible for taxes owed to states. according to the classification of its employees. The Government is also aware that this classification is a “red flag” for them, especially as, according to the Government, the self-employed are less likely to report.

follow the law

It can be tempting to classify your staff as exempt so you don’t have to pay them overtime. This may be in direct violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Therefore, correctly classifying your staff and paying them for the overtime they work is a critical part of complying with employment laws.

Do not discriminate

Your agency is not exempt from having to follow the various regulations and laws that directly deal with who you hire and how you hire them. It is no different than any other business. Like any other business, you cannot discriminate based on gender, age, or race. Other regulations you must comply with are the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Also, look for other potential regulatory bodies to observe OSHA job-related standards. Your agency and the staff it hires may be eligible for unemployment compensation and must comply with these laws as an employment agency.

Your agency really needs to look at all aspects of what is offered, what documents are signed, how to deal with staff discipline, and how to fire staff. You need to make sure your contracts are scrutinized and protect you and your business in case you get sued. Don’t ignore the need to cover your base when starting or growing your business. You may already have a business, but the legal aspects of running an agency cannot be ignored and must be continually addressed and updated.

Violation of employment laws can be daunting if not dealt with correctly with agreements, hours worked, and proper pay. Your people are the lifeblood of your organization, treating them equally and fairly is the right thing to do, but it is also your responsibility to protect your business from legal trouble. Always consult an attorney for any legal issue related to employment law.

7 Magical Ways To Keep Your Kitchen From Boring You To Death

Is your kitchen so boring that burning your toast becomes the highlight of your day?

Don’t worry, your kitchen is like many across the country that haven’t seen a lick of paint or an interesting new design element since the turn of the century, or even the war. However, it is not that difficult to rejuvenate the interior of a kitchen and turn it into something attractive and inspiring.

After all, a boring kitchen will inspire a boring kitchen and this leads to poor diets and avoidance of healthy foods. It is a pity that cooking should be started with the same passion with which a love affair begins. A good diet is vital for your health and that of your children.

The following tips introduce you to a variety of ways you can change the heart and soul of your kitchen from a boring, unkempt, snore-inducing interior to a lively, exciting, and exhilarating kitchen arena. All of this accomplished on a relatively small budget and without large, expensive remodels.

Spatulas ready! let’s proceed.

add mirrors

The addition of mirrors in the kitchen can make what was once a small and dark interior look decidedly lighter, brighter and more spacious. The reflection of one’s movements in the space also brings a dynamic element to the scene, thus enlivening what was once a stagnant, still room.

Mirrors can be added to cabinet doors or alternatively to free wall space. Some mirrors come with decorative borders that will appeal to different tastes and can fit in with an overall kitchen design theme.

new wall tiles

Adding new tile backsplashes is a great way to spruce up a kitchen. Plain white is a nice neutral shade that goes with most decor, but it’s boring! It’s even worse if the rest of the decor is so mundane that it looks like an autopsy lab.

Tiles come in literally thousands of different styles, patterns, shapes, sizes, and materials. With this wide range on offer, it won’t be hard to find a few tiles that will add some interest to the backsplash behind the range, microwave or sink.

Do you like spirals and circular shapes? You will find some mosaics that match this style. What about dolphins, bears or cats? You will find those too. There are also more traditional patterns to be found, as well as materials you may not have thought of before.

convert cabinets

Kitchen furniture is one of the most notorious elements in a kitchen due to its abundance and important functional qualities. To add some interest to these doors, there are a number of potential decorative adjustments that can impact the rest of the room.

Painting cabinet doors and interiors different colors can turn cabinets into more contemporary and interesting features that can blend with other nearby décor items. The addition of mirrors, as noted above, can bring a thoughtful refreshment to the scene. Adding glass doors instead of the standard wooden versions can allow the items stored inside to take center stage (although it’s important that the jars, canisters, and storage boxes are attractive in and of themselves). You can even remove the cabinet doors entirely and have open shelving.

For artistic homeowners who like to get out their brushes, the stencil is a creative and very personal way to decorate your cabinet space with pretty and unique images and patterns.

Add table lamps

Let there be light! You don’t want to mistake those fresh tomatoes for chiles, especially when your older mother-in-law is visiting.

In all likelihood, your kitchen will have enough lighting to see what you’re doing in the major food preparation areas. That being said, the kitchen as a whole can often benefit from more accent and locator lighting, which will also increase the overall lightness of the interior. Table lamps placed here and there on surfaces in the space can add interest and visual stimulation during the cooking process and make the room more inviting.

With a bowl of fruit or nuts nearby and perhaps some stainless steel utensils hanging on a wall behind the lamp, the resulting light will enhance the colours, textures and reflective qualities. The kitchen will look like a new room.

Add fun gadgets

Appliances don’t have to be electric or expensive to make an exciting impact in a kitchen interior. Some of the best designs are very simple but striking for their originality. One of the most recognizable companies that make exciting cookware is the Italian designer factory called Alessi. Among its fun kitchen accessories are original kitchen timers, cheese graters, orange peelers, tea sticks, citrus juicers and vegetable choppers, among others.

Some of these items placed around the kitchen will encourage friends and family to try a little cooking and make the interior as a whole more interesting, modern and attractive.

add baskets

Is your current kitchen all straight lines and little else? Does a wooden board have more curved edges than your cooking space? If so, consider adding wicker baskets as storage items for dry goods, towels, utensils, and other pieces found in the kitchen. Baskets bring a touch of the natural world to an industrial looking kitchen and can transform the atmosphere as a result.

Baskets are also great alternatives to shelving and can be neatly stacked on top of each other in a corner or on a kitchen counter. Some of the most popular materials that baskets come in are rattan, straw, reed, water reeds, raffia, oak, and bamboo. You can even find some that are painted in different colors that are perfect for overly white or metallic kitchen decorating schemes.

grow herbs

You don’t need a garden to grow your own herbs. Likewise, you don’t have to be particularly inexperienced to successfully grow some delicious herbs for future family meals. There are a large number of herbs that do perfectly well indoors. Growing herbs is also a wonderful way to bring more of the natural world into your home, and adding greenery to your kitchen can inspire and spark creative ideas you never knew were possible.

Different herbs follow different types of settings. For window sills and kitchen counters that draw a lot of sunlight, herbs like chives, oregano, lemon thyme, and rosemary will work perfectly. For darker, out-of-the-way areas of a kitchen, such as on top of a cabinet or next to a bread bin, then herbs like wild arugula, chervil, French parsley, and red mustard will be more applicable.

be creative

Turning a boring kitchen into a lively, inspiring and welcoming interior will not be a difficult task with a modicum of creativity. Take time to flip through interior design magazines and websites, as well as watch decorating shows on TV. Be aware of the world around you every time you step foot out the door. In just ten minutes of careful observation while taking a walk through the countryside or an urban landscape, you will come across dozens of images and elements that will flip a creative switch in your brain.

Do not be boring! Be aware of everything around you and in no time at all, you’ll have a kitchen to be proud of.

Three Types of Marketing Strategies

There are three basic types of marketing strategies that are used by all businesses, large and small. All marketing plans can be divided into one or all of these types. They are:

  1. Online or internet marketing.
  2. offline marketing.
  3. Relationship marketing or word of mouth.

There may be some crossover of these categories mainly between online and relationship and as we get into our topic you will see what this is like. Also, you will find that there can be a wide range of marketing costs between these different types and I know this is important for everyone just starting a new business. Remember that marketing can be the most exciting part of starting a business because you get to watch your business grow and succeed.

Online / Internet Marketing

Many people today are starting online businesses. Like all businesses that start, online or in physical stores, not all start-ups will be successful and what will determine if they succeed is their marketing plan. Online marketing combines creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including advertising, design, sales, and development. It also uses search engine marketing (such as Yahoo and Google), website banner ads, search engine optimization, and email marketing strategies. There are some definite advantages to marketing online. Internet marketing is quite cheap when compared to the cost of reaching your target market with traditional marketing techniques. There are many companies that have discovered that they can reach a very large audience for significantly less cost than their standard offline advertising methods. offline marketing This is the traditional type of marketing strategy. If you’re old enough, if not ask any old man you know, think about 20 years ago, before the Internet existed. All the types of marks that were used then fall into this category.

  • Advertisements in the newspapers.
  • Radio.
  • TV.
  • Massive mail.
  • billboards
  • Magazine ads.

As you can imagine, offline marketing is going to be the most expensive type of marketing because, unlike online marketing, every time you want to get your name out there, you have to pay. So keep in mind how much budget you have to commit to marketing. You may want to focus more of your efforts on the Internet and relationship marketing, but as always, the choice is yours.

Relationship marketing or word of mouth

This guy, if you commit to him, can and will be your most important marketing strategy. It will build trust in your customers that cannot be built in other ways. Think about your own experiences buying a new one (fill in the blank). If what you want to buy is recommended to you by a trusted friend, the chances that you will buy it are higher than if you only see an ad. Trust is HUGE in any marketing strategy. The trick here is to build networks of people who know and trust you.

offline relationships

  • Friends.
  • Relative.
  • business acquaintances
  • Community Engagement Coworkers
  • fellow parishioners
  • Anyone you meet in town.

When the opportunity presents itself, talk about your business! Tell them what you are doing, your plans, your dream of wanting your business to show up eventually. Opportunities present themselves all the time, all you have to do is recognize them and put yourself there! As these people learn about your business and like what you have to offer, they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and so on.

online relationships

Since the advent of the internet and depending on the nature of your business (is it local or more outreaching in terms of who your customers are) this could be the biggest part of your marketing strategy. I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t know, but today the internet is all about relationships. People are contacted at:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • My space

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are more places to meet and meet people than you can imagine. Like online marketing. These are the 3 types of marketing strategies and they will work for you and your new business, but you have to commit to them. It’s work but you can do it. Believe in yourself! (if you made it this far, I believe in you too because you have shown that you have the will to succeed) You believe in yourself and so do I. It’s 2 people – look, your plan is already growing!

Child mobility and assistive devices

Any parent or caregiver of a child with a disability knows the enormous cost of purchasing equipment for the disabled. Time and time again parents ask me if there is a cheaper alternative in the assistive equipment or device they want to buy for their child.

Why is the cost so much higher for children? That’s an answer I’m looking for, but so far what I’ve found is that the smaller the chair, the more expensive it can be. Unbelievable, I know; You’d think the opposite would happen, but it all comes down to demand. If something is sold in large quantities, the cost is reduced; if the opposite applies, the cost increases. That’s why a 12″ chair is so much more expensive than an 18″ chair (basic models).

Our hearts go out to all parents and carers who have a disabled child, as we know the enormous financial burden placed on them. Each of them wants to give their child the best, but sometimes it just can’t be done as medical aid is often not enough to pay for crucial equipment that can help the child’s development.

The range of mobility equipment for children is vast and prices for wheelchairs can range from the fairly affordable R8 to R10,000, right up to a remote controlled 4 x 4 chair for parents costing R200,000.

Some kids can use parachute seats that give them maximum range of motion and encourage upper body development, from R10,000 and up. Others less fortunate are limited to wheelchairs with a higher backrest or specialized chairs with a tilt-in-space and recline feature and these get much more expensive, depending on the brand chosen. My advice here if money is tight is to look for less expensive alternatives that are just as good as the brand names.

Standing frames are something every parent would love to have for their children, as standing promotes bone density and muscle growth, as well as supporting good bowel function and a general sense of well-being.

For children who can walk, even a little, one of the best walkers is the posture control reverse walker, with the most popular being the Kaye reverse walker. All of these walkers are designed so that walking uses less energy and also improves postural alignment and promotes walking potential, especially in children with cerebral palsy and musculoskeletal deficiencies. Improvements in alignment have also been observed as the child no longer slouches when walking as is the case with forward walkers, plus balance, gait and step length are greatly improved.

Don’t forget the tremendous therapeutic benefits of water. The pools and the sea are wonderful for children (always with someone, of course) and there are some devices that make it easy for children to enjoy the water. There are plenty of flotation devices that act as buoyancy aids and then for those who can afford it, a beach wheelchair is one of those luxury items kids love and never want to get out of.

They can be used safely in all pools and on the beach and are very easy to propel over the sand.

These are just a few of the wide range of assistive devices out there.

The secret to losing weight and feeling good

The general belief is that there is a magic secret to losing weight, looking better and feeling good. The myths that people believe are that you have to follow a complicated diet and spend all hours of the day in the gym. The reality is quite simple, although most do not want to believe the truth. Most people don’t want to search for the answers, but rather hide behind a series of complicated excuses.

So what’s the big fitness secret that’s so incredibly simple? Eat better and go to the gym. Sorry, it really is that simple. Does eating better have to be a very complex process with all kinds of hard-to-find foods? No way, rather increasing fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods is a great way to start. Fruits and vegetables have been what humanity has been eating since the beginning of time; It is not a diet rich in fast food. It is also a very good idea to avoid things that are high in carbohydrates like pasta and bread. Lean meats are preferred and super sugary sauces are best avoided if possible.

What about going to the gym? Ideally, most people should aim to be in the gym three to four times a week, and maybe a day or so of cardio. Most of us leave quite sedentary lives, spending too much time sitting. This is largely because we spend most of our working hours sitting down.

There are plenty of gyms and it is best to find the type of gym that suits your personality. Group fitness classes are gaining popularity right now and are a great alternative to some of the traditional gyms. Group fitness classes, like Crossfit, are a great way to meet new people and get a full-body workout.

Although not usually associated with weight, lack of sleep is a very important factor. It is best to sleep eight or more hours each night. We all have busy schedules, but our bodies need time to rest and recover, and sleep is a great way to do that. Do your best to try to sleep as close to eight hours as possible, and naps are also very beneficial.

It’s important to remember that big changes in the body don’t happen overnight. No one goes from 50 pounds overweight to fully toned with an amazing body in an instant. It takes time, but if you can stay disciplined and focused, you will see results. Remember that it is not a complicated process and there are three important factors to follow: eat healthy, go to the gym and get enough sleep.

PC game demo is serious business

The PC gaming industry means business, which is why companies produce quality video games year after year. Gamers would spend millions of dollars on games to play on their PC. But with the high costs of video games today, most users would have to wait for a really good game to be released before buying one. But how would consumers distinguish a good game from the rest of the field? Video game companies created a PC game demo to allow gamers to experience the game first hand before paying for it.

Most PC game demos wouldn’t be complete. They would be enough to give the player an idea of ​​what the game is all about. In that short amount of time, the player can discern if the game is good enough to buy the full version. With the high price of video games today, making sure the game is worth the money is probably the best decision for a budget conscious consumer. There are many websites that offer PC game demo downloads. They would provide links for the games. The sites would provide accurate descriptions of the game and some would even have their own PC game review section. This would help the user to choose which game to download. Some reviews would be written by the site’s staff, while other sites would allow users to write their own review of the game.

There are different types of PC game demos. Some will offer the full game for download, but there will be a limited number of times to play or only a limited period of time. The full game will be unlocked once you have registered the game online. To register you have to pay a certain amount. Then there is the PC demo game where only a couple of levels would be available to the player. Currently, the most downloaded PC game demo is Crysis. It is closely followed by Call of Duty 4, Half Life 2, and World in Conflict. Reading the PC gaming reviews of these games I would say that these games are great. Perhaps that is why they get the most downloads these days.

Most PC game demo download sites have a search feature so you can easily find the game you like. You can choose to have the result show only games that are free to try or download. You can also select the genre you want to download. Popular genres include first-person shooter, action, adventure, casual, and much more. Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for right now, downloading a free demo of the game for PC can help you decide whether or not the game is for you. If the game is for you, you can buy the full version later.

The PC game demo gives consumers the power to try a particular game before purchasing the full retail version. This gives an advantage to both the game company and the player. Consumers get to know the game better before they buy it, while companies can offer free trials to a global market.

I see a lot of my spouse’s father in him, I don’t like his father so that’s a big turn off

After you’ve been with the same person for quite some time or are comfortably married, it’s very normal to feel like your spouse has changed a bit. This makes sense if you think about it. No one stays exactly the same throughout their lives. And many of us know our spouses when they were much younger than they are today. So they can seem full of life, rebellious or adventurous when we first meet them. But then, many years later, they may be settled and somewhat more conservative. This is the natural order of things and does not always cause problems.

But it can be problematic if the changes in your spouse particularly worry you or if they remind you of something (or someone) that causes a negative reaction.

You may hear someone say, “I grew up in the same neighborhood as my husband. I’ve known him for most of my life. When we were kids, we used to play together because our moms were really good friends. So, I went through a lot time in his childhood home and I know his parents very well. I have never liked his father. He is stern, old-fashioned, pompous and very critical. Just his tone of voice irritates me. I used to avoid my husband’s house at night because he knew that was when his father would come. And then the atmosphere in the house would change. The laughing would stop. And everyone would get so much more tense. One thing I always loved about my husband was that he looked so much alike. to his mother who is gentle and kind.His mom always laughed and loved to invite the neighborhood kids over.So I figured my husband was going to be a husband and father much like his own mother.I used to be that.When we were newlyweds and young parents, my husband was exactly l what i anticipated But, in the last five years or so, I’ve seen more and more of my husband’s father in him. Lately, he always acts like the world is out to get him or rip him off. He is impatient and critical. Worse yet, when I hear my husband’s voice, that screeching tone is the same as his father’s. He drives me crazy and it’s a big turn off. I know the great irony of this is that I am complaining about my husband’s critical personality while criticizing him. But I guess I’m very disappointed because I always really disliked his father. And now I feel like I have a father’s version of him living in my own house.”

What you are seeing is normal: There is an old saying that eventually we all become our parents. I don’t believe this. And I really hope it’s not true because I would never want to be like my mother. I love my mom, but her view of her life is very negative, and as a result, people often feel tense around her. Still, sometimes when my reserves are low, I hear something come out of my own mouth and it literally stops me because she sounds like my mother. I’m always disappointed in myself because for years I vowed never to be like my mother.

But when you think about it, how could I not, at least in some way, echo what I grew up hearing? My mother was my same-sex role model for almost 18 years. When you grow up seeing that person and experiencing how they live their lives and handle everyday problems, then at least a little will rub off on you, even if you reject much of their personality.

I suspect this is the case with your husband. This does not make him a bad person. It doesn’t mean that he identifies with her father and has a similar personality or even similar beliefs. In fact, I would doubt it since his previous personality reflected his mother.

But it’s all too easy to resort to negative patterns and examples in times of stress, even if that’s the last thing we want or intend to do. I would suspect that her husband’s father comes out on him when he’s anxious, scared, or angry. Her husband may have a stronger mental image of her father in stressful situations, as her mother was not often in stressful situations, she being the kinder and more optimistic of the two.

Understanding this is important because it helps you at least feel some empathy. And it can help you understand that your husband isn’t necessarily a bad person and suddenly doesn’t necessarily have the personality of his father. He hasn’t become his father. He’s just seen this behavior for much of his formative years, so he can’t help it from coming up sometimes.

Think for just a second if you have ever sounded like your own mother. I think we all have it, even if we don’t realize it. I’m not saying this to suggest that it’s okay for her husband to act like her father. I’m just saying it’s natural and very common.

Ending this in a positive way: But the real problem is how to stop it, or at least tone it down a bit so it doesn’t continue to erode your marriage. The first part of my suggestion would be to not sound judgmental when you bring this up. The last thing you want to do is get mad and say something like, “Do you hear yourself? You sound exactly like your dad. And he drives me crazy. You know I hate your dad.” My husband does something in this situation that is quite effective and does not deteriorate our relationship. He brings this to my attention in the form of a joke. My mother is a worrier who always sees everything as a borderline disaster. In some situations, I can be like that. When this comes up and he’s driving my husband crazy, he addresses me using my mother’s name. He will say: “yes (my mother’s name), everything is horrible.”

That’s her way of telling me I’m sounding like my mom. But she says it jokingly. I understand the message. But neither of us is angry. She can try a similar approach and insert her husband’s father’s name when she behaves like him. So if her husband was impatient and her father’s name was Bob, she would say, “Wait Bob, it’s not as bad as that.”

Is there something else?: Finally, if this doesn’t help and you don’t feel relieved when you use humor, ask yourself if this is really the core of the problem. Maybe the voice is just a trigger indicating anger towards her husband for something else. But you can’t fix it until you address what it really is.

Four legged elf fun!

Shamrocks, Leprechauns and Irish Setters. What more could Saint Patrick have wanted for a celebration! Maybe to kiss the Blarney stone, but who needs a Blarney stone when you could have a big wet Irish Wolfhound kiss?

There are so many wonderful dog breeds of Irish descent. Terriers of Ireland include the Irish Terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier, the Glen of Imaal Terrier, and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Irish hunting dogs include the Irish setter, Irish spaniel, and Irish red and white setter. Irish Hounds include the Kerry Beagle and the Irish Wolfhound.

Mixed-breed dogs, also known today as hybrid dogs, are a combination of two or more purebred dogs. Hybrid dogs, like the Golden Irish, have the traits and personality of both the Irish Setter and the Golden Retriever. Another common hybrid is the Irish Doodle, which is a mix of a standard poodle and an Irish setter.

On St. Patrick’s Day, let’s salute all the Irish dog breeds that have been a part of Irish history. In the past, terriers were the dogs of farmers and spaniels and hounds were known as the breed of nobles. Today, crossbreeds, terriers, bloodhounds, and spaniels are embraced by dog ​​lovers around the world!

Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17, honors the death of the missionary Saint Patrick, who is now the patron saint of Ireland. Over the years it has become a fun day filled with parades, dancing and Irish food. Potatoes, corned beef, and cabbage are popular Irish meals of the day. Put dog treats with dried potatoes and beef jerky on the menu for your lucky pooch.

On March 17, four days before Spring 1. Four-leaf clovers are springing up everywhere! Take your furry friend for a shamrock roll, chase down some leprechauns, or play fetch. Paw Planet Bone with Rope Eco Friendly Dog Toy The natural chew toy is made with pure natural materials and unbleached linen, cotton rope and sisal filling. GO GREEN!

Green is the color of the day! Every shade of green and shamrocks are worn by those of Irish descent and those without Irish blood! Every dog ​​looks great in green. How about a Kelly Green Shamrock Lucky Dog T-shirt? Perfect for your four legged elf.

Somewhere over the rainbow, Irish breeds and all dogs celebrate their owners with love and affection. Elves are cute little elves and a dog is every owner’s lucky charm!

Bulk REO – Real Estate Investment Award

Leverage is the key. You can leverage your cash, your assets, other people’s, anything including your entire portfolio if you want to go to the next level.

What is the biggest problem for banks in 2010? “Too big to fail” banks get a government bailout, which means taxpayers support them, so executives still get big bonuses. However, what about those banks that are too big to fail? What do you do when you have so much foreclosed property to deal with?

Enter Bulk REO

Before we talk about REO in bulk, let’s talk about the foreclosure system in general. Once a house has gone through the foreclosure process and is put up for auction, it is done. If you own the underlying mortgage on the home, you’ll make an offer for the amount owed plus expenses; in that case, often a real estate investor will outbid the original owner so the debt is paid off. If there is no offer or the lender is the highest offer, the lender ends up with the property. That’s not what most lenders want. They just have a property that’s sitting there empty. The property is now called a “real estate property” or REO, which means that the lender owns it. Hundreds or thousands of small banks and credit unions that are too big to fail have many of these properties on the books and are not producing any cash flow. Because they don’t get ransom money, they don’t get big bonuses, and they need to get rid of these properties. What are those banks and credit unions doing? They may sell them individually, or they may package them in a large bundle and sell to someone who can make a reasonable offer.

Which do you think probably happens?

REO packages typically sell for much less than market value, perhaps $.40 or even $.50 on the dollar. That makes something that could be disastrous that much less so. What’s even better is that for the first time these packages can be purchased by individual investors to trade, buy, trade or even hold.

That’s good news, but it can take some work to find these massive REO packages. There are many so-called “brokers” who claim to have direct access to these offers, but that’s usually not the best way to go. Instead of going through a “middle man”, you want to have direct access to these packages yourself if you want to participate in this.

Find Bulk REO Packages

Finding REO packages in bulk is pretty easy to do if you know where to look and what to tell people. Yet you don’t look where you think you would. That’s where the Bulk REO Secrets course can help. The steps in this course are based on the methods I used to gain access to these packages for myself and others as well.

Find the assets.

Finding assets can be difficult, but don’t waste time trying to deal with banks that won’t talk to you. Instead, opt for smaller, regional or local banks, or even credit unions, which will do this. These are sometimes called “portfolio lenders,” and if you find the person you need to go to at a particular bank or credit union, that’s great. Next you need to figure out what to say. What are you saying? You don’t want to sound like you’re inexperienced, and you want to be able to spot rogues who act like they have shortcuts, but they really don’t. Bulk REO Secrets has all this information for you, to give you instant credibility and the means to reach the “go to” types at smaller banks and credit unions.

Three forms are needed.

You will need to fill out three forms to make bulk REO offers. You need a confidentiality agreement, a letter of intent, and a proof of funds letter. You can get a free $1 million proof of funds letter just for purchasing Bulk REO Secrets.

Take care of the financing.

Finding it can be the hardest part of investing in real estate, but don’t worry. The course will also teach you how to do this, depending on what your exit strategy is. You will need to have funding lined up unless you are simply acting as a broker, in which case you won’t. If you stay the course, you’ll need something called “distressed REO financing,” or if you’re going to take properties out of the package, you’ll need to close with “transactional financing.” This is also included in the course. I know someone who finances packages, no credit score required, and transactional funding source with no upfront fees required, so you can line up $1 million pretty easily, no questions asked, or more than that if you make one phone call.


You can flip massive REO deals in a package or individually, and this is a great way to syndicate what you do. As a large-scale wholesale, it takes some finesse, and I can show you how. What to do? Build your buyers list first and then start marketing before you get the tape.

Bulk REO Brokerage

“Crowd brokering” is a favored strategy, and you don’t need a license or experience to do it. However, you can get amazing money, fast. One of the best ways to trade the package is through hedge funds, which you can find online. With this, you can get both cash and property. And that’s all there is to it.