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3 Types Of Clowns – Which One Are You?

3 Types Of Clowns – Which One Are You?

Here are the 3 different types of clowns and their main functions:

#1 Whiteface – This type of clown uses a completely white base and usually has minimal detail and color. They are very elegant and pristine. In gags, they are often the serious man or the boss of the situation. They give the orders and take control. They can also be the nice and classic checkered clowns. Their costumes are very luxurious and majestic. You shouldn’t find one of these clowns flailing about out of control, they’re on a mission.

#2 Auguste – This clown is what you usually imagine when you think of clowns. They have a skin tone base and usually have the colors red, white and black. These are the workers, the types of slaps and falls. Crazy clowns out of control. Expect to see them taking orders and messing them up and then getting beat up by the white-faced clowns.

#3 Character – The characters are very similar to Augusto’s in color palette, but their distinction is the additional elements like nerdy glasses, buck teeth, mustaches, and bolder colors like blues and yellows. They are often policemen, hillbillies, homeless people, or other recognizable figures. They add an instant oh-ha moment because you know from their character what to expect.

Clowns come in all shapes and sizes. They are tall, short, thick and thin. They have different approaches to similar classic gags. Clowns train hard and practice mastering their art. These 3 types of clowns are not the be all and end all of the clown world, but rather a summary of what there is to offer. When choosing a clown character, it should be an extension of your personality and the type should amplify those traits.

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