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How to find Defy Home & Kitchen Appliances Zambia?

If you are looking for Defy Home & Kitchen Appliances Zambia, you can shop for the best products. Talk to the expert for more information.

There is now a wide variety of high fashion and high performance kitchen appliances in Zambia. Companies are regularly introducing the innovative and labor-saving kitchen appliances including refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and stoves that are bundled with high-tech specifications that are quite practical and stylish.

Built-in appliances are popular with most homeowners for their simplicity and innovative practical elements. In addition, the demand for refrigerators included with other cabinets and fixed microwaves and dishwashers is developing. The use of stainless steel and commercial-style appliances, including ovens, ranges and refrigerators, are even in high demand. The use of wireless appliances in the kitchen is even becoming an option for homeowners.

Personalization and personalization at the same time influence the current design of home appliances. They are available in different colors and options. Most of the appliances available in the market are limited to white, black or stainless steel. The new items are even available in bold colors, high-tech and innovative new sizes.

The growing trend in today’s kitchens is the use of so-called green appliances that help conserve valuable natural resources and save money in the process. Technological advances have enhanced the energy efficiency of Challenge Appliances and Kitchens Zambia which includes refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves and microwave ovens.

Environmental homeowners choose these types of appliances as they are energy efficient and contribute less to environmental degradation. This latest generation of eco-friendly appliances is also available in different styles that are ideally suited to the tastes and needs of environmentally conscious homeowners, starting from modern “retro” models that hint at bygone eras to sleek, modern styles. Meanwhile, due to high-tech and energy-efficient features, cost is the main hurdle faced by homeowners who want to use green and highly efficient appliances.

With the highly innovative home kitchen, kitchen work is both friendly and enjoyable.

LG High Efficiency TV Chile

LG TVs are built to last and often garner better consumer reviews than TV leaders that include Samsung and Panasonic TVs. Unfortunately, there are many Sony TVs to choose from and choosing the best one ultimately takes a lot of time.

You can buy the best product online. Online websites are available for you offering the best product at the best price.

How are Level 3 and 3A bulletproof vests different?

Looking at the standard set by the National Institute of Justice, you’ll notice the “A” at each level. For example, there are level 3 and 3A bulletproof vests. This raises many questions for users, especially those who are new to this type of protective clothing.

In this article you will discover the difference and advantages between these two types of bulletproof vests. At the end of this article, you will also find out which level of ballistic vest is relevant to your daily activities.

In 1970, the US Department of Justice conducted an investigation and study to arrive at an appropriate standard. After various trials, tests and evaluations, the ultimate strength standard evolved which is known today as the National Institute Standard 0101.

This standard was implemented in 1987 and to this day is the main standard used worldwide for bulletproof vests. Coupled with strict quality control, users are assured and confident that the bulletproof vest can provide the protection specified on the label.

The resistance standard is divided into six levels. That is, levels 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A and 4. Levels 1 to 3A are considered part of the soft armor, while levels 3 and 4 belong to the hard armor. Hard body armor is designed to repel very powerful ammunition. This type of ballistic vest contains hard armor plates that are inserted into the pockets of soft bulletproof vests. This is basically the main difference between a level 3 and level 3A bulletproof vest. Level 3A belongs to soft bulletproof vests while level 3 is hard armor.

Hard plates require the conjunction of soft ballistic vests to be considered hard body armor. This means that after testing for the Rugged Vest for an additional caliber and also for those rifles specified in the NIJ standard, +A is approved for inclusion in the threat level. Once a hard armor plate or plates are added to the soft flak vest, it becomes level 3. Consequently, the higher the protection level, the heavier and bulkier the vest becomes.

Typically, a level 3A body armor can withstand lead bullets from .22 long rifles, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 full metal jackets, .357 magnums, and other handguns. The level 3 ballistic vest, on the other hand, can withstand 7.62 metal-jacketed bullets and another 48 joules of energy weaponry. This is considered to be the highest level of protection among standard resistance capabilities, except for level 4, which are probably custom-made vests specially designed to defeat more advanced ammunition.

the story of april fools day

In certain countries, April Fools’ Day pranks must be performed before noon on April 1; otherwise, it’s the prankster who turns on April Fools.


The origin of the customs of the time is shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it is likely a relic of the festivities held to mark the vernal equinox. These celebrations of the first days of spring began on March 25 and ended on April 2. Certainly there is some evidence to suggest that April 1 was observed as a general festival in pagan Britain.

Most commonly, the customs are associated with the change to the Gregorian calendar in France during the 16th century.

Historically, many parts of the world celebrated April 1 as New Year’s Day, due to its association with the beginning of spring.

France was one of the first countries to adopt January 1 as its official New Year’s Day, by decree of Charles IX in 1564. This was before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1582.

Gifts and traditions that had been the hallmark of April 1 were changed to January 1. However, many people refused to accept the change or did not hear the news for several years. Those who still celebrated April 1 were seen as ‘fools’ by the general population, and fair game who were the butt of jokes and tricks were known as “poisson d’avril” or “April fish”.

The traditions spread to England and Scotland in the 18th century, and were brought to the American colonies by the English and French.

The tradition of April Fools’ Day, also known as April Fools’ Day, is observed in many countries on April 1.

In general, the goal of the day is to try to play a practical joke on a victim who is known as the April Fool. Practical jokes can range from simple to elaborate. Whatever the trick, the prankster usually ends it by yelling at his victim, “April Fools!”

April fools day around the world

Scotland In Scotland, April Fools’ Day is celebrated over two days: the first day is called Taily Day and the second day is devoted to pranks involving the buttocks. The “kick me” sign dates back to Taily Day.

Mexico City The equivalent in Mexico to the Day of the Innocents is December 28. Originally, the day was a somber remembrance of King Herod’s massacre of innocent children, though over the years it has become a joyous commemoration involving pranks and tricks.

France In France, the April fool is known as ‘poisson d’avril’ (April fish). It is not known what exactly the fish refers to, but it may be related to Pieces (the fish) sunrise in early April. Apart from the tradition in France was the unknowing placement of dead fish on the backs of friends. Today, the real fish have been replaced by fish-shaped paper shapes that kids try to sneak onto the back of their friends’ shirts. Shops and bakeries also offer special fish-shaped sweets.

Netherlands The Dutch have different reasons for celebrating April 1st. In 1572, the Netherlands was under Spanish rule. On April 1, 1572, the Dutch rebels took the city of Den Briel. This marked the beginning of the general civil uprising against the Spanish in the Netherlands. The Duke of Alba was the commander of the Spanish army at the time, and he was unable to prevent the uprising from gaining momentum. Bril is the Dutch word for glasses, so it was said that “Alba lost his glasses”. The Dutch commemorate this with jokes and humor on the first of April.

Trainers: how many calls per month do you receive from your marketing department?

Is it zero, 1 or 2? Or do you get a return of 5-10% or more from each marketing activity that returns with an interest in doing business with you?

As the economy falters, many trainers complain that their business is falling apart, but my phone keeps ringing more and more. Why is that?

I used to say that my phone was a leading economic indicator. When things got better, the phone rang louder, and usually even before the rest of the world knew something was up in the economy. The opposite happened a few weeks before an economic crisis was announced.

Yet today, as we enter one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, my phone is ringing faster and faster. What has changed?

Some of it contributes to what I say. In other words, my message has changed. I am no longer “selling coaching”. I am selling “increased business” and “increased business by working fewer hours.” That message resonates with people experiencing the need for “more business” or those who work long hours and would like to reduce hours while maintaining the same or higher income.

Develop a core marketing message for YOUR coaching business that MAKES your clients call. . . See how your calls go up. . . even in THIS economy!

A core marketing message focused on results and not what you do is the key to making your marketing work!

It has to be suitable for your target market while clearly defining that target market, it’s pain, it’s solutions…

It’s like turning on a light switch.

Have you ever struggled with something and just can’t seem to get it to work? When someone else came along and took you in a totally different direction, or helped you with a new concept, it was like turning on the light in the room. Suddenly the new address lit up and you KNEW what to do. Even the results suddenly flowed out as if a switch had been flipped.

Well, developing that core marketing message that connects with the needs of your target market will be that game changer for your own coaching business and for your clients as well.

Joan Of Venice – Bar Topnotcher

Joan de Venecia majored in Legal Administration at the Ateneo de Manila University, graduating with honors in 2001. She then went on to study law at the University of the Philippines School of Law. She also graduated as the valedictorian of her class with a cum laude distinction. During his time at UP, he conducted legal research entitled “The Silent Witness Against Torture: Arguing for Recorded Interrogations.”

An award-winning debater and adjudicator, she participated in numerous tournaments in the Philippines and in other parts of the world, defeating champion debaters from far and wide. She won the Best Speaker Award at the 2004 Asia Cup International Law Moot Court Competition in Japan and was a finalist for Best Speaker at the Jean-Pictet IHL/Red Cross Competition held in France in 2005. During the 2005 Philippine Bar Exams, he ranked first among 1,526 examinees who passed the stringent tests.

Joan de Venecia is currently pursuing her Master of Laws at New York University School of Law with a concentration in International Legal Studies. She is a full tuition scholarship holder from NYU under the Hugo Grotius Scholarship and is also a Senator J. William Fulbright Scholar. She is a graduate editor of the NYU Journal of International Law and Politics.


After graduating from law school, Joan de Venecia joined SyCip, Salazar, Hernandez and Gatmaitan, said to be the largest law firm in the Philippines. In addition to practicing law, Joan de Venecia also taught Public International Law at the Lyceum of the University of the Philippines School of Law in Makati City. She was also a regular teacher of opponents, giving classes on Procedural Law and Taxation. Joan of Venice is currently a member of the Asian Society of International Law. According to various interviews, he hopes to join a non-governmental agency in the future to further the cause of the poor and oppressed. She is well known to her colleagues as someone who hated those who looked down on the underprivileged.


Joan de Venecia is the niece of Pangasinan Congressman José de Venecia, Jr. Her father, Tony, now deceased, was de Venecia’s older brother and a retired lawyer and judge in the city of Dagupan. Although he comes from a political family (his half-brother, Alex, is a councilor in Dagupan), he has not yet expressed a desire to join politics. His lying about simpler pleasures like interesting conversations, reading and watching movies interests him.

He has also been known to express opinions that are at odds with his family. For example, in 2006, he did not share his uncle’s support for President Gloria Arroyo’s Proclamation 1017, better known as the 2006 State of Emergency in the Philippines. At that time, Representative José de Venecia remained a staunch ally of the administration. According to Joan, it was a mistake to declare a state of emergency after an alleged coup attempt at Camp Aguinaldo. The legal community questioned the constitutionality of said proclamation and it was one of the most controversial actions of the country’s president.

Malta hotels win top awards

Malta’s hotels continue to win awards and are helping to boost the island’s reputation as a holiday resort of excellence for those who have not been before and are considering doing so.

And for tourists already on holiday in Malta, the rate of return visitors is increasing, which is important for any destination where tourism forms a large part of its economy.

Malta has been a popular tourist destination for years, especially among the British, but its reputation has recently been transformed. In the past, the island was often considered a Mediterranean vacation for retirees.

However, low-cost flights now mean the island is affordable for a long weekend or mid-week break for those tourists wanting just a few days of travel due to work, lowering the average age of who take holidays in Malta in the last couple of years. years, and the hotels have high enough standards to receive many of the tourists who visit again and again, a good boost for the island’s economy.

And it’s not just the traditional three and four star hotels that attract people – Malta is becoming well known for its spa breaks and some of the hotels are regularly featured and praised in UK and European magazines and newspaper articles such as one of the best in the Mediterranean.

Which means the island is more than capable of competing with areas that people traditionally head to on a three-day break: the Costa del Sol and Marbella, for example, as well as other Mediterranean islands like Cyprus for those who do. 7 day trips.

UK tourists have been drawn to Malta in the past because it enjoys the Mediterranean climate, but also because it is comfortingly British in many ways, despite gaining independence in the 1960s.

Over the years, the island has established its own identity, but some remnants of the former rulers remain: driving on the left, for example, and English is universally spoken. Combine that with the low crime rate and you have an advantage for UK tourists that other holiday destinations cannot offer.

It remains attractive to the British, helped in recent years with cheap flights to Malta, but the holiday is also increasingly attracting other nationalities, particularly Italians and increasingly Scandinavians, and the holiday market is no longer it is geared exclusively towards the UK travel market.

Hotels that have recently won awards include the Corinthia Palace, known for its spa facilities, when it won a World Travel Award, while another hotel in Malta won two Expedia awards: Le Meridien in St Julian’s. Both hotels in Malta could benefit from additional bookings in 2010 by tourists looking for good accommodation.

As the island diversifies its tourist base from almost exclusively British just a few years ago to being more cosmopolitan now, the hotel and holiday industry has raised its standards to win and ultimately retain visitors to the extent that they can win prizes in the competition. with the rest of Europe.

All of which bodes well for the future of Malta and its economy, which today derives much revenue from tourism.

10 best ways to spend your free time

Most people have a large amount of free time. They can use it however they want, whether it’s watching TV, playing games or just sleeping. Effective use of your free time can have a huge impact on your lifestyle that you may not be aware of. I think that scheduling your time cannot be a good option because then you don’t use your time freely as you want.

Using your time effectively is necessary as it directly affects your mind and health. It depends on each person how they use their time. Most people feel that by watching television they are actually giving their mind a rest, but this is not true. Psychologists consider television to be garbage for the mind. It’s having a negative effect on brain function.

However, what happens if you don’t fill that open time?

From a survey, it was found that about 95 percent of people spend their extra time on entertainment, while the rest spend their free time on education for beneficial results.

Here is the list of healthy and productive ways to spend your free time.

1) Exercise – Instead of sitting at home and doing nothing, you can choose to exercise. Exercise can be done in many ways. Choose an exercise that you enjoy doing and make sure that you do it willingly every day of the week for about 45 to 50 minutes. A healthy amount of exercise will not only keep your body fit, it will also leave you feeling fresh for the rest of the day. Good relaxing music along with exercise will be an added bonus for your best workout.

Examples: walking, running, yoga, dancing, weights, swimming, tennis and many more

2) Reading: If you love to read books, this is definitely the best way to use your free time effectively. Fiction or non-fiction, whatever it is, you must read new topics as it not only helps to improve our concentration but also helps to increase your knowledge in various fields. Reading needs practice. New readers can take time to focus on a book for long periods of time. You can’t sit and read for hours when you don’t read often. You develop this skill over time, in the same way that you build strength through exercise.

3) Walking: What would happen if you walked 30 minutes every day in your spare time? If you don’t want your body to get tired by exercising, you can even choose to go for a long walk or jog. It would improve your health, which will lead to more efficient brain function. Walking early in the morning is much healthier. Over time, you’ll find that going for a walk or jog will make you feel so refreshed that it will become part of your daily schedule.

4) Brain Games: why not try something other than watching TV in your spare time? Play games that challenge you and keep your brain sharp. You can find many brain games online like sudoku, puzzles, treasure hunt and many more. These brain games help improve mental skills. From a health standpoint, gaming is better than watching TV, as gaming requires a variety of aspects of the brain to be active.

5) Meditate: You need to relax in a peaceful way, so meditation is the best option. Sitting quietly and relaxing helps improve concentration power along with mood regulation and anxiety disorders. Meditation is highly recommended if a person is suffering from depression and stress. Sit quietly for at least ten minutes a day and notice the changes in you.

6) Learn something new: Try to learn something new whenever you get the chance. Scientists have found that learning new skills that require a certain level of intensity can actually help your brain grow. Learning something new will help your skills develop in different areas, thus increasing your potential. Learning a new hobby is a great way to relieve stress and become more creative.

7) Self-care: There are several ways in life to do the little things smarter that can have a significant impact on your quality of life. The best way to spend your free time productively would be to take care of yourself, that is, your personal care. Whether you need to take care of your skin, maintain your personal hygiene, file your nails, or oil your hair, you need to do your research. Only when you look good can you feel good.

8) Start blogging – There are countless people all over the world who spend their spare time blogging. You can also start sharing your views or experience through a blog. Your blog could be about any topic you’re interested in, like cooking, travel, science and technology, sports, anything. No matter how unconventional your blog is, if your blog is interesting, it will be able to attract a large number of people. Communicate your ideas with other people.

9) Spend time with friends: In today’s busy schedule, it is impossible for us to spend time with our friends or family. Spending time with your friends or close ones will help relax both your mind and body. Researchers have found that people are happier when they are with other people than when they are alone.

10) Part-time Job: You can also choose to do part-time jobs in your spare time and earn money. There are many part-time jobs that can be done from home, such as being a tutor or web researcher or whatever you would like to do. Instead of wasting time sitting on a sofa, you can easily earn money sitting at home, which will make you feel good about yourself.

Krabi offers a paradise for adventure lovers

Krabi hotels offer a fascinating stay with traditional hospitality and fabulous cuisine that visitors will enjoy. Krabi is located on the southern coast of Thailand, a beautiful jewel nestled in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. It is reputed to have some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. It has a typical tropical climate and a hot monsoon season. Most people choose to visit Krabi and its sun-kissed beaches during the dry season, between November and April, when it is hot and dry.

Krabi has made a name for itself in the world of water sports. It has some spectacular dive sites and rich marine life for divers to enjoy. The seabed around Krabi has caves and caverns covered in brightly colored anemones and it is often possible to see a leopard shark or barracuda. Ao Nang beach is one of the most popular places to start diving. The seven islands around Ao Nang have diverse marine life and dive sites for people of all skill levels. Koh Yawasam, with its shallow waters and easy access to deeper water, makes it an ideal location for diving tutorials. It is possible to get your Padi certification in Krabi. Koh Yawabon, on the other hand, is restricted to very experienced divers only due to the strong currents and large dead zone.

Enjoy Sun, Sea, Sand and Sensations

Due to its spectacular natural beauty, large areas of Krabi have been declared marine sanctuaries or parks. Nature lovers are drawn to Krabi to trek through the dense jungles and explore the wide variety of fauna and flora here. The experience is enhanced when one can stumble upon glistening rock pools, gushing hot springs, and verdant mountainside interspersed with silvery strands of distant waterfalls. The natural lagoons attract attention with the crystalline and brilliant tones of the water. The Emerald pool is one of the most famous and is known for its beauty. The authorities of some natural parks have maps with marked nature trails so that visitors can walk safely through the jungle while visiting all the landmarks in the area. Many of the hot springs are said to have therapeutic value. Regardless of the truth of this claim, hot springs can still be enjoyed as a relaxing and calming experience.

Krabi is also becoming increasingly popular with adventure sports enthusiasts such as rock climbers. The massive limestone cliffs, caves, and immense rock formations make it an ideal target for climbers. Many courses are offered on the easier cliffs. The cliffs around Railay Beach are particularly popular with the climbing fraternity. Guided climbs are easy to find and there are over 600 mapped climbing routes. Whether you stay in a Krabi hotel on the mainland or choose to make an island your base, there are plenty of reasonable food options around Ao Nang and Krabi Town and you’ll never run out of things to do and places to see with an abundance of delicious food everywhere.

Krabi guides travelers to havens of tranquility

The stages of coming out

Although there is a difference of opinion about the stages of coming out, it usually goes through the following. As with everything else, academic scholars of gay studies disagree on some of the finer points, but overall the stages I mention here are nearly universal. I have seen theories with 5, 6, 12 and even up to 18 output stages. Some theories try to give each stage a new academic-sounding name, but in my 8 stages each word relates to a well-known and acceptable phase of human development.

  1. The realization stage

The first stage is when you realize that something in you is different. You may know that you have a homosexual tendency, but you still deny it. Rationalizing is a big part of this stage. You can tell yourself that this is just a phase, that it will pass, that you are only slightly in love with one person, that it is normal to love anyone, but that this feeling inside you does not mean that you are totally gay. . You might consider the idea that you are bisexual and that you can still have a heterosexual relationship.

  1. The Recognition Stage

The second stage is where you recognize a pattern within yourself. You realize that you are attracted to members of the same gender and not the opposite. You understand that this attraction is not going to go away and that it is not directed at just one individual. You recognize aspects of your personality and preferences that make perfect sense in terms of your sexual orientation. Suddenly you understand things about yourself that you didn’t understand before.

  1. The stage of individual sharing

Until this point, everything only happened inside your mind, but in the third stage you feel the need to share it with someone else. It could be your mom, a good friend, or a therapist, but you know it’s time to share it with someone. Within you you still have some doubts and that is why it is time to review your thoughts. If the person you share it with is surprised, it may take you back to stage one. That is why it is important that you choose the right person to share it with.

  1. The public exchange scenario

If you’ve successfully completed the third stage, you’ll want to share it with more people, perhaps your family, most of your friends, or someone else you trust. Remember that the closet is always right behind you and there will be some people with whom you will never share it. This is not a problem; no one says you should publish it in the local newspaper. This stage can continue for the rest of your life because there will always be new people to share it with.

  1. The socialization stage

The fifth stage is when you start socializing with other gay people. Some gay people take years to reach this stage because they struggle to meet other gay people and/or are too afraid to go to gay socials, prides, or clubs. Like the proverbial flower on the wall waiting for someone to invite them over, you can sit in your corner waiting for the gay community to come to you. This could be a very lonely time in the life of any gay person and my advice would be to get through this stage as quickly as possible. Do not be afraid, there will always be someone gay with whom you can identify.

  1. The stage of the relationship

After you started meeting other gay people, you could end up in a relationship. The same advice any therapist will give a teen in her first relationship goes with you, too. Nobody’s first relationship is the last. If the relationship goes wrong, it is part of life. It’s best not to walk away from other gay people and move on without regrets. Whatever your age, your first gay relationship means you’re still a teenager in the gay world. Yes, there are people who met a couple and it became a lifelong relationship, but they are the exception.

  1. The stage of self-realization

Self-actualization is the stage where you make peace with who you are. Some people never get to this stage and it’s a shame. Knowing yourself, accepting yourself and loving yourself is a crucial stage in everyone’s life, whether they are gay or straight. It’s not something that happens in your twenties, so don’t fear if you’re not there yet. Self-actualization is something that takes years to achieve in the lives of gay and straight people. If your parents don’t accept you for being gay, it might even take longer, because an important element in anyone’s self-fulfillment is that your parents accept you.

  1. The normalization stage

Self-actualization is the stage where you fully accept yourself. To a certain extent, life begins after self-realization. The seven stages above are all about accepting the fact that you are gay, but normalization is the point where you realize that you are gay, but that being gay is not all there is to life. It is the moment when you integrate into society as a whole. Being gay is no longer a problem, the problem is that you are human, you have a role to play and you can become part of the whole world without thinking, advertising or mentioning your sexual orientation. If someone asks you if you are gay, you admit it and whether or not they accept it is no longer a problem. After all, you are much more than a sexual being.

Major Playground No Deposit Bonus

Playground No Deposit Bonus

Major playground is a famous online casino which has been operating for more than 13 years. Its games include classic and modern slot machines. There is no need to make a deposit in order to play their games. You can play from your home or on your mobile device. There are guides to use these slots and how to win real money. You can use a verified email address to get started. The games are played in real time so that you can collect winning symbols and win big.

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You can play poker and Asian version of poker in major playground. These games are entirely different from Texas Hold’em games and have different payout potential. For example, you may win a hundred times your initial deposit. The wagering requirement for all bonuses is x45. However, if you win a jackpot, you’ll receive a payout of 100%. You can use your no deposit bonus to play poker or other games at the casino.

Major Playground No Deposit Bonus

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In addition to the free bonus, you can also play some of your favorite games. You can find some of the most popular games on playground. You can play them on mobile devices. To get your free bonus, you should sign up for an account on the casino. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s a good idea to sign up for one of the top 10 online casinos. It is safe and legal to play in these casinos.