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Beach-Inspired Paint Themes for a Refreshing Home Makeover

Beach-Inspired Paint Themes for a Refreshing Home Makeover

If your annual beach vacation is the only thing that gets you through the daily grind, why wait until summer to kick back and relax? You can refresh the interior of your home with a new paint job that will bring you the relaxing atmosphere of the ocean.

bright and bold

There are several approaches you can take when decorating your home with a beach theme. One is to celebrate fun in the sun at home with bright, bold colors in every room that are often synonymous with a beach resort or oceanfront hotel.

These vibrant, beachy colors can include turquoise, sunshine yellow, tangerine, ocean blue, and emerald green. If you’re ready to take the plunge, so to speak, start by painting the most used room in your house a bright, summery shade like turquoise and work from there.

For example, you can repaint your kitchen in turquoise with hints of tangerine. As you get used to this lively transition, you can repaint each room in your house with a similar color scheme, toning down the tones if necessary.

If the colors become overwhelming at any point, you can always compromise by painting an accent wall in an energetic color, paired with neutrals on the other walls in a room.

cool blues and greens

If you’re looking for a more relaxing beach vibe, you’re better off decorating with cooler beach-inspired tones with a lower intensity, like pale blues and greens. These colors can be combined with light corals and yellows in any room to bring the ocean tones together with the overall beach theme.

In larger rooms with more vibrant decor, cool beach colors are recommended. If a room is already decorated with bold furniture and patterned cushions, walls painted in a cool blue or green with an intensity of light will help balance the room and make it feel calming and refreshing.

When in doubt, consider painting a home interior in clean white with splashes of soothing ocean colors. As an interesting touch, you can paint an entire room in a cool white hue with a cool sky blue or green to tie it all together.

Stick with earth tones

The point of a beach getaway is to bring you back to nature. To create the same vibe on all four walls of your home, paint in natural tones like tans, browns, and grays. Earthy paint colors will help create a natural interior environment with a subtle air of serenity that will help you relax after a long day at work.

As a warning, avoid using dark earth tones when painting the interior of a house. Darker earth tones can overpower a room and make it feel cluttered and cluttered instead of warm and welcoming.

By strategically choosing your color palette for each room in your home, you can bring the beach to you! This way, you can enjoy warmth, relaxation, and serenity year-round until it’s time for that much-needed vacation.

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