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How are Level 3 and 3A bulletproof vests different?

Looking at the standard set by the National Institute of Justice, you’ll notice the “A” at each level. For example, there are level 3 and 3A bulletproof vests. This raises many questions for users, especially those who are new to this type of protective clothing.

In this article you will discover the difference and advantages between these two types of bulletproof vests. At the end of this article, you will also find out which level of ballistic vest is relevant to your daily activities.

In 1970, the US Department of Justice conducted an investigation and study to arrive at an appropriate standard. After various trials, tests and evaluations, the ultimate strength standard evolved which is known today as the National Institute Standard 0101.

This standard was implemented in 1987 and to this day is the main standard used worldwide for bulletproof vests. Coupled with strict quality control, users are assured and confident that the bulletproof vest can provide the protection specified on the label.

The resistance standard is divided into six levels. That is, levels 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A and 4. Levels 1 to 3A are considered part of the soft armor, while levels 3 and 4 belong to the hard armor. Hard body armor is designed to repel very powerful ammunition. This type of ballistic vest contains hard armor plates that are inserted into the pockets of soft bulletproof vests. This is basically the main difference between a level 3 and level 3A bulletproof vest. Level 3A belongs to soft bulletproof vests while level 3 is hard armor.

Hard plates require the conjunction of soft ballistic vests to be considered hard body armor. This means that after testing for the Rugged Vest for an additional caliber and also for those rifles specified in the NIJ standard, +A is approved for inclusion in the threat level. Once a hard armor plate or plates are added to the soft flak vest, it becomes level 3. Consequently, the higher the protection level, the heavier and bulkier the vest becomes.

Typically, a level 3A body armor can withstand lead bullets from .22 long rifles, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 full metal jackets, .357 magnums, and other handguns. The level 3 ballistic vest, on the other hand, can withstand 7.62 metal-jacketed bullets and another 48 joules of energy weaponry. This is considered to be the highest level of protection among standard resistance capabilities, except for level 4, which are probably custom-made vests specially designed to defeat more advanced ammunition.

6 tips for buying a house right now

1. Get pre-approved for a loan.

Most sellers require a pre-approval letter with their written offer. You need to have it ready so that when you find the right home there is no delay in submitting your offer. There is a lot of confusion about pre-approved vs. pre-qualified… even real estate agents sometimes use the terms interchangeably! But pre-approval is the real deal. With a pre-approval, the lender has executed your credit, and typically you will have completed a loan application and provided documentation to the lender, who will then inform you of the amount for which you have been approved. With prequalification, you will usually have verbally provided the lender with some information about your credit, income, and assets, and the lender will give you an approximate amount for which you are likely to be approved. Sometimes a prequalification letter will suffice; The main thing is to talk to a lender before you start looking for houses.

2. Decide if short sales and bank holdings are for you.

Don’t waste your time looking for properties that don’t meet your home buying needs. Each of these types of sales has its own challenges for the homebuyer, so it’s important to learn the basics of each and decide if one fits your game plan. For example, if you need to move into a new home within a relatively short period of time, a short sale may not work for you, as it often takes many months to complete. And bank properties often need work, which can increase the total cost or make it difficult to obtain certain types of loans. If you can be patient with a short sale, or have the ability and/or resources to fix up a bank-owned home, these could be great avenues to explore. If not, tell your Realtor® to skip short sales and bank-owned homes.

3. Check out the neighborhoods ahead of time.

One of the best things to do at the beginning of your home buying project is to take a weekend or two and browse through various areas and subdivisions, especially if you are new to the area. Tell your real estate agent which neighborhoods are most attractive to you; It will really help her understand the type of house she wants and her taste in houses. Some buyers look for newer homes in areas with lots of families and children; others prefer quieter, “mature” neighborhoods. Fortunately, there is something for everyone, and a real estate agent who has a lot of experience and knowledge of the local area will be a great help in finding those neighborhoods that are hidden gems.

4. Take time to house hunt.

Don’t plan to go to the shows alone on the weekend; in this market, that is not a winning strategy. In reality, there is a shortage of affordable homes in good condition, and those that are also in a desirable location sell almost immediately. If you really want to find your dream home, clear the decks and be ready to jump when your real estate agent tells you a new listing just came on the market that fits your requirements. And most importantly, be prepared to make an offer if it’s the right house. It could easily be gone in a day or two.

5. Don’t waste time on houses that are already sold!

Do you spend your free time house hunting on Zillow, Realtor.com or Trulia? Or driving around and calling out houses with signs out front? So, you’ve probably already learned that a lot of those houses, which appear to be for sale, are actually not available. Very often they are “under contract”, which simply means that another buyer made an offer that was accepted by the seller. These are often still listed as available on public real estate websites, but in most cases the sale will close within a few weeks. Work with a Realtor® who will set up a custom search for you so you can zero in on only those homes that meet your criteria and are still available.

6. And of course, the most important thing is to find a truly professional and customer-oriented real estate agent!

A great agent will make your home buying experience smoother and more enjoyable. Get references from friends or family who have recently had a good home buying experience, or call or email a few local agents. See which ones are responsive and return your call or email right away, and get a sense of how professional and knowledgeable they are about the local area and current market conditions. Also check out their commitment to their clients in terms of training beyond that required to obtain a real estate license. Realtors® who work diligently on behalf of their clients have often invested in advanced training and designations such as:

  • GRI – Graduate Realtor Institute, only 19% of Realtors®

  • ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative, only 15% of Realtors®

  • CRS – Certified Residential Specialist, only 10% of Realtors®


We hope these tips are helpful and we wish you success in your home search!

A short word about BMW diesel engines

The term diesel engine refers to any internal combustion engine that uses the heat of compression to initiate cylinder ignition and burn a fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber. This differs from spark ignition engines, such as gasoline engines, which rely on a spark plug to ignite a fuel-air mixture. The engines have the highest thermal efficiency of any external or internal combustion engine due to the very high compression ratios required to ignite the fuel. All diesel engines are based on the thermodynamic diesel cycle developed by Rudolph Diesel in 1897.

How an engine works is a complicated process to describe. Initially, only air is allowed into the combustion chamber; this air is then compressed at a ratio of approximately 15:1 to 22:1, causing the temperature of the air in the cylinder to rise to approximately 550°C or 1022°F. At the top of the compression stroke, fuel is injected into the compressed air in the combustion chamber. The heat of compression vaporizes the fuel causing combustion. The rapid expansion of the combustion gases drives the piston down, supplying power to the crankshaft, which then drives the piston of a different cylinder up to complete the process over and over again and run the engine continuously.

BMW began using the engines in its vehicles in 1983 with the introduction of the 2.4-litre M21 straight-six engine. this early version was never available in the UK and was primarily marketed in North America in the Lincoln Continental.

1994 saw the introduction of a new engine offered by BMW, this engine was the M41 1.7 liter inline 4 cylinder engine. This engine was available in the 1994-2000 BMW E36 318tds.

1998 saw the addition of three different engines from BMW, the 2.0 liter M47 which was a straight 4 cylinder, then there was the M57 which went from 2.5 liter to 3.0 liter and was a straight six, and finally there was the M67 which it was a 3.9 liter v8 configuration. The M67 won two international engine of the year awards.

2006 saw the introduction of the N47 which was a 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder. This latest version is known as the common rail engine and had vast improvements in emissions and fuel efficiency.

In 2008, BMW introduced the N57 engine, it was a 2.5-litre to 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder engine. These engines were turbocharged common rail engines.

Of the engines listed, there are still a few in production today, such as the N57, M57, and N47. BMW has designed its line of diesel engines to be as environmentally friendly or even more so than gasoline offerings from other manufacturers.

Motivation to exercise is the buzzword, but how do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Motivational fitness. It is very difficult. For most of us.

What I mean is that we know how beneficial and important exercise is, but few of us commit to exercising regularly.

Or even if we commit to exercise, we drop out of the program after only 6 months…

What is the problem?

The buzzword: motivation.

We don’t have the motivation to exercise. Period.


Experts say that there are 3 types of factors that affect our motivation.

Let’s browse through them one by one.

1. Your personal factors

This has to do with you and your perception of exercise.

I could think of a list of personal factors that could affect your motivation:

  • Your past experience with exercise. If it’s not good, you’ll avoid exercising. A bad experience can be because you insult yourself a lot or get “sick” after exercising
  • Your feeling about the value of exercise. If you feel like it’s a waste of time to exercise, you automatically can’t get off the couch to do it.
  • Your exercise technique. If you do the right technique, you feel good about the whole thing. The opposite applies if you are clumsy and do it wrong.
  • Your perception of the exercise you are doing – Easy? Lasted? Uncomfortable? Nice? The way you perceive exercise can make or break your program
  • Your typical barriers to exercise or should I say excuse? (such as travel, illness, weather, inconvenience, lack of gym… etc.)
  • Your own personal motivation level: how motivated are you to exercise?

2. Exercise factors

This refers to the exercise itself.

Do you shudder just thinking about the exercise you are going to do?

Or are you looking forward to exercising?

Is it convenient to do the exercise? You’d be surprised if the time of day, number of sessions per week, timed programs, availability of equipment, accessibility of facilities, transportation…and so on, may or may not make you exercise.

Does the exercise offer the right level of intensity to challenge you?

Do you feel bored doing the exercise because it’s the same old kind of “week” in “week” out?

3. External factors

This relates to your external environment, for which circumstances or situations are sometimes out of your control.

External/environmental factors like these could trigger low-level motivation:

  • Your comfort level with where you’re supposed to exercise
  • Your ability to adapt to weather changes (for example, when bad weather hits, you can easily switch to exercising indoors instead of outdoors; exercising at home Vs exercising at the gym)
  • Your support network: family, friends, exercise partners are important to provide support and “nudge”.

Of these 3 types of factors, if you can identify what bothers you, what you’re out of sync with, and what you’re not comfortable with, then I think you can reduce the odds of giving up and ultimately continuing. the right kind of physical motivation.

And exercise. And stick to the program for a long time.

Guide to car rental in Ayia Napa

If you’re heading to Cyprus, head to Ayia Napa, home to the most popular seaside resorts in the country. It is also here that the best beach parties take place. Visitors can freely experience both aquatic adventure and party celebrations at the same time around here. Ayia Napa offers various water sports options that you are sure to enjoy. The place offers water skiing, boating and windsurfing. But fast sailing is the favorite activity of tourists of all. Surely this is where you can have the best water sports vacation in the world. The beaches in this area are world renowned for their beauty and high level of tourist service. The most famous beaches in Ayia Napa are Harbor Beach, New Golden Bay Beach and Nissi Beach.

More than the beautiful beaches, this popular destination can also show tourists a part of its history. Ayia Napa Monastery is an embodiment of the fishing village this place used to be. There are also museums open to the public and the list includes the Thalasa Museum, the Tornaritis-Pierides, which means Museum of Marine Life, and the Makronissos Tombs. If you love festivals, come in September and join the Ayia Napa Festival. This festival is the celebration of the historical, agricultural and cultural traditions of Ayia Napa.

Experience only the best vacations by reserving a car for your exclusive use while in town. Plan your vacation spree ahead of time. Find a car to serve as your reliable means of transportation while you’re here. This is the best and only way to explore Cyprus in all its greatness. Check online and find out what other international car rental companies operate here. Your best options would include Sixt, Hertz, Thrifty and Budget. Be sure to schedule a drop-off point and a pick-up point when you book the car online for your convenience. There are also local car rental companies you can check out and they are Paphos Car Rental and Larnaca Car Rental. Be sure to use online affiliates when reserving a car for greater ease and a much more enjoyable experience.

Hybrid cars! The car of the future available today? Maybe

Considering going out and looking at new cars? If you’re getting the error, this time you should be thinking about a hybrid car instead of one of the big gas guzzlers. Think about your future and also about the environment and what it is doing in our lives.

If you’ve been watching, gas prices are starting to rise once again. It seems that we are caught up in the whims of the APEC oil producers. It looks like it will be like this for many more years. There seems to be no relief from the control they have over us. Perhaps now is the time to break away from the norm and switch to the most advanced technologies available today.

You can’t help but realize that you, along with many others, need to stop using a regular car and start driving the alternative models we now have available. You really shouldn’t worry about constant fuel prices going up or down if you have a hybrid car. Many car manufacturers are now building and putting them on the market, maybe a little expensive, but when you count everything, it comes out more or less the same.

Automakers like Toyota and Honda are now the major manufacturers, and most of them are now opening a line of hybrid cars in their factory, this will nearly double your mileage on most models. Since these cars emit far less pollutants than most others, these cars are the cars of the future.

These cars work by having two different engines, one gasoline and one electric. If you’re going to buy one, you need to learn all the good and bad, if any, about each vehicle. When you’re sitting waiting, the petrol engine shuts down completely with the electric motor still running.

Then, if it starts to move, the gasoline engine automatically restarts and uses fuel to propel the vehicle. Think about it, when you’re stuck in heavy traffic, your gasoline engine turns on and off. The electric motor and the gasoline engine drive the car together when the car is running. That is why the new hybrid cars can emit much less pollutants than cars with gasoline engines. Another reason why hybrid cars are so much quieter.

Various types of suspension lift kits

A suspension lift can be distinguished according to its size and the purpose for which it is used. There are also two ways to install a suspension lift kit on your vehicle.

When it comes to sizes, as with almost everything in this world, there are three varieties of suspension lift sizes: small, medium and large. Small suspension lift kits usually made up of 1.5 inches or less. It will give some clearance and room for vehicles with slightly larger tires.

Usually the correct way to get a little suspension lift can be done by using coil spacers in the front and long shackles in the rear. They are relatively inexpensive and very easy to install because they involve less hassle when fitting them to the car.

Small elevators are ideal for those who need to watch their budget and are also the easiest to install. Users of this size also have little to complain about when it comes to complications.

As for medium suspension lifts, it is capable of nearly 2 inches of lift. This size is the best choice for vehicle owners looking to gain tire clearance but don’t exactly plan on off-roading. Spacers and additional risers are commonly used for this size. Sometimes your package may also come with the latest hits.

Most mid-suspension lift users may notice several changes in the performance and handling of their vehicles upon installation. Some changes would be good and some could be bad. Users should have strong rear springs, even new and tough ones. For those planning later modifications to their vehicle it could be difficult to achieve a higher lift, especially if an additional leaf kit is preferred as this type is designed to lift stock springs.

Now for oversized suspension lifts, consisting of about 3 to 4 inches of ground clearance, for a much more aggressive vehicle and the guarantee of great off-road adventures? Typically, the big suspension lift setup consists of additional new leaves, positioned at the rear, front coils, and even new rear springs and additional front coils. Also included in this large kit package is a set of matching shock absorbers.

Obviously, this setup is quite expensive and users should expect more hassle with their vehicles than those with smaller lifts. There can also be a dramatic effect on vehicle performance on road trips. For off-road enthusiasts, this size is the best, turning your rigs into intimidating machines to take to the wild and still stand out.

If you are researching the different types of suspension lift kits, we can also give you an introduction in this article. You should be aware of these various types.

They are the following:

– Spring Over Axle (SPOA): Very popular with rock crawlers looking for the best articulation, the term for up and down wheel travel

– Shackle Reverse (S/R) – Truck lift kits whose primary purpose of use is to provide smooth rides in temperate terrain such as deserts, forests, and scenic trails.

– Coil suspension: the best combination for the best 4-wheel drive or 4WD vehicles in the world

– Lifted Spring: The most common type of truck lift kit and is used worldwide as the Lifted Spring suspension system is easy to install. It is the best choice for novice lifters in the off-road world.

– Shackle: considered the most affordable among all other types. This type primarily caters to truck enthusiasts who are interested in replacing their rig with larger tires but have no intention of doing extreme off-roading. This type is known to have an effect on the vehicle’s roll control and steering system.

What is Cheap Car Finance?

What is Cheap Car

Getting cheap car finance doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few factors to keep in mind when applying for a loan. For example, banks are the cheapest lenders. You can often find interest rates under ten percent. However, dealerships are more expensive than banks. They are the middle man and mark up interest rates. This markup is normally 2.5% or less and is regulated by your state.

Before applying for a loan, you should know your credit score and check your credit history. If your credit score is below average, you should try to improve it before applying for financing. 0% financing is also available through the car manufacturer’s finance division. Examples of these companies include Honda Financial Services, Toyota Financial Services, and Ford Credit. Regardless of your credit history, you can still get a loan for a new or used vehicle.

Another way to get cheap car finance is to pay cash for your car. You can do this through a dealership’s auto financing division or a lender that specializes in car financing. These lenders are the best option if you have a good credit score and don’t have many debts. If you can pay cash for the vehicle, you can save thousands of dollars. And if you’d rather not have any debt, you can also try getting a finance deal that doesn’t include high interest payments.

What is Cheap Car Finance?

In order to get cheap car finance, you should know your budget. You should also check your credit score and apply to several lenders before making a final decision. The most important thing is to remember that your car is one of the biggest investments in your life. Make sure you’ve calculated the expenses and financing before buying. In addition, be sure to keep up with the latest auto loan rates. Then, you’ll be ready to buy your dream car!

Getting cheap car finance is possible with the right type of loan. Secured loans are the best option if you don’t want to risk losing your home or getting a loan with a high interest rate. But the best options are secured car loans. These loans can be easily obtained through a dealership. You can even get financing through a dealer that offers a wide variety of finance plans. In some cases, a captive finance company will offer a cheap car loan through a dealer.

The cheapest option is a secured car loan. It requires security of some kind. By securing the car, you’re saving the lender’s money. You can also get cheap car finance by extending the term of the loan. For new cars, this is the best option because the monthly payment is lower. You can extend the loan as long as you have the money to repay it. You can buy and finance the same day with this type of financing.

Affliction Warlock Leveling Build for Cataclysm

An Affliction Warlock leveling build is a great method of leveling up your Warlock in World of Warcraft. Using damage over time spells with self-healing makes this one of the best leveling specs of all the classes in WoW. However, if you don’t follow the steps I’m about to outline, you may not unlock the full potential of an Affliction Warlock leveling build.

Why Choose an Affliction Warlock Leveling Build?

Well, an Affliction spec allows you to chain multiple mobs with minimal downtime. Also, almost all of your DoT spells are instantaneous, so you can keep moving as you cast, while the damage keeps coming. Also, you have the best crowd control which greatly improves your survivability. Curse of Weakness reduces the damage you take from melee mobs by 20%, but when you choose Curse of Exhaustion to slow mobs, you can practically eliminate the melee damage by avoiding it. Flushing the chain while your DoT fades to your targets makes the Affliction Warlock Leveling Build ideal above all other specs for Cataclysm.

Glyphs for the Affliction Warlock leveling build

Glyphs shouldn’t be overlooked as they are an important modifier for some of your key spells, and while some of them look nice, they may not favor the bulk leveling strategy. The Prime Glyphs you’ll want to use are Unstable Affliction, Corruption, and Haunt. Quite simply, all of these glyphs provide a huge damage boost through lower cast times, instant shadow bolts, and increased damage debuff. The main glyphs you’ll want for us are Healthstone, Soul Swap, and Voidwalker. Healthstone and Voidwalker contribute directly to your survivability, while Soul Swap can greatly increase your ability to flush through instant DoTs. Finally, the minor glyphs, which should not be ignored, are Drain Soul, Health Funnel, and Curse of Exhaustion. All of these contribute directly to its survivability and should not be overlooked for other, prettier glyphs.

Equipment for your leveling construction Affliction Warlock

Well, you can only use cloth gear, which will come pretty standard with Intellect and Stamina. You want to accumulate as much Intellect as possible as it directly contributes to spell power and spell critical. Stamina obviously helps you stay alive. These two should be a piece of cake. The hard part now is deciding which secondary stats you want to focus on. Haste is a sorcerer’s best friend. The rush doesn’t seem like much at first, as all of your spells cast instantly. However, Haste will reduce your global cooldown, allowing you to cast faster, and will make your damage points speed up a bit more, and can even give you additional points if you have enough. Hit is also an important stat for Affliction Leveler, as if you lose a DoT, you can cancel your rotation entirely, especially if you don’t notice it. Close it. You need 4%. It’s pretty easy after Outland and Northrend when you can start wailing and forging again. Critical Strike and Mastery are also great stats. They’re a flat increase in your damage, and who doesn’t like that?

Tips from a pressure washing consultant to take advantage of the rail industry

In this tough economy, it may be surprising to hear that railcar and locomotive pressure washing is a lucrative market. In the past, rail companies did the work in-house, but today most companies outsource the work to a pressure washing company. According to Paul Horsley, professional pressure washing consultant and president of Scotts Pressure Wash in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it is a market that pressure washing companies should seriously consider tapping into:

“The rail industry in North America is much larger than most people think and, like other modes of transportation, rail companies need pressure washing services,” says Horsley. “Statistics from the American Railroad Association show that there are more than 1.59 million freight cars and 24,143 locomotives in service in Canada, Mexico and the United States. You can bet that a good number of those cars travel through your state in one state! any day! “

From tanker truck graffiti removal to van dry sweeping to locomotive degreasing, the industry offers a source of opportunity for any pressure washing company willing to go the extra mile to build a customer base. and secure contracts.

Although adding the rail industry to your list of services may seem intimidating, most of what you know about pressure washer trucks can be applied to rail cars. With a little extra research and some advice from a pressure washing consultant, working on the railroad is a completely achievable and profitable goal.

This is what you need to know before preparing an offer:

The type of wagon you need to clean. Ask your customer if there are any company or industry specific regulations that you should be aware of. For example, when washing locomotives, power washing the disc brakes can cause corrosion and lead to brake failure. This is a major safety risk, and the American Railroad Association has written guidelines dictating that waterproof tarps must cover the brakes before beginning any pressure washing.

Rental. Where will the work be done? Who is the owner of the land? Is there a source of water available? What are the environmental constraints and where will the wastewater be disposed of? Sewage recovery requires careful planning: trucking water, having access to an elevator to work on top of the wagons, ensuring that all pressure washing units are operating properly and equipped with the appropriate chemicals, and Most importantly, provide adequate safety equipment to protect workers. from excessive chemical spray and fall hazards.

Timeline. Horsley says tight deadlines are expected on rail industry contracts as they need their cars back in service as soon as possible. It is not unusual to be asked to clean an entire train unit, consisting of 125 cars, in three days. Horsley also explains the importance of visiting the site in advance:

“Although I did my due diligence and visited the rural site in advance, I never considered how different that site would be after a period of heavy rain. We only had a short window of opportunity to complete the work, and due to the rain, we incurred large Difficulty getting equipment on and off site. To say it was a challenge to complete the job on time and on budget would be an understatement! Since then, I have learned that it is a good idea to build an additional day on offer, to allow for unforeseen circumstances “.

After speaking with a pressure washing consultant and having a system in place, you are ready to begin cleaning railcars. The most common chemicals used in wagon cleaning are sulfuric acid, ammonium bifluoride, and hydrofluoric acid. Cleaning uses a six-step process:

1) Clean the ceiling: apply chemical wash and rinse

2) Clean the sides and the undercarriage

3) At the same time, start sewage recovery

4) Remove graffiti, which may require manual scrubbing.

5) Apply degreaser, if necessary

6) Rinse entire unit from top to bottom, including wheels and undercarriage.

7) Repeat. To repeat. To repeat.

Rail-related cleanup opportunities include:

– Vans (pressure washing exteriors. Steam / dry sweeping interiors).

– Tanks (Exterior pressure washing and graffiti removal)

– Grain Hoppers (Manual removal of accumulated debris on end covers and pressure washing)

– Locomotives (Exterior pressure washing with special attention to the engine compartment)

“Once a system is installed, the work is done relatively quickly,” says Horsley, who is also a longtime member of the Pressure Washers of North America (PWNA). For more information on train cleaning, contact your local pressure washing consultant or sign up for a two-day workshop at PWNA by visiting http://www.pwna.org.