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Why should Americans collectively practice safety measures in public this holiday season?

Due to the pandemic outbreak fueled by Covid-19 this year, Christmas and New Years may not be the same. The best way to celebrate Christmas and New York’s Eve this year is to make it a homey and private event, not only in light of the rapidly increasing number of infections in the United States, but also to avoid rubbing inequality in the face of the less fortunate. . Asking for fancy decorations or unnecessary splurges will only make it worthy of shame, resulting in millions of dead and dying, and even more, left out of work and unemployed.

Everyone should take precautions in the upcoming Christmas season, until the vaccine is deployed. Travel will increase the chances of the spread of COVID-19. The easiest way to protect yourself and others this year is to avoid traveling and staying at home.


Precautions to take when you go out

• Wear a face mask with two or more layers so you and others can protect yourself from COVID-19.

• Wear the mask and attach it under the chin, above the nose and mouth.

• Make sure the mask fits snugly on your facial sides.

Stay 6 meters from people who do not live with you.

• It is imperative to stay 6 feet away from other people (about two arms) when you are at higher risk of getting sick.

Clean your hands

• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

• Carry your hand sanitizer with you at all times when you go out

• Use hand wipes with at least 90% alcohol.


The safest option this holiday season is to celebrate online or with the people you live with.

Make your celebration safer if you plan to go out. To make Christmas and New York’s Eve better for everyone, follow these additional steps:

  • Take your food, your drinks, your plates, your cups and your cutlery.
  • Wear a mask and keep your mask clean while eating and drinking.
  • Do not enter places where food is being cooked.
  • Use packaged foods.


If you have visitors here, make sure people take steps to make Christmas and New York better for everyone. The next steps are:

• Limit the number of members who come.

• Sanitize your whole house before and after the party

• If you house it indoors, be sure to keep the windows and door open so that the air can circulate properly.

• Restrict people in food preparation areas.

• Ask your guests to bring their own food

• If you share food, use disposable utensils, such as plastic or paper cups and plates.

To improve air circulation, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends opening doors and windows. Other precautions are to sanitize your home, wear multi-layer masks indoors, wash your hands regularly, use garbage bags, not touch each other, serve food in disposable plates and cups.

The CDC suggests that after the holiday season is over, look for Covid-19 control to make sure you’re safe

Introduction to 3D technology

It seems like everyone is talking about 3D this year, although half of them think 3D is dead before they even start, and the other half know very well that 3D is simply the next step in the evolution of visualization. digital video. In fact, much of the technology that is touted as amazing new 3D has been around for 20 years or more. Let’s take a look at the top 3 types of 3D displays out there so you know what your local electronics store is trying to sell you next time you upgrade your TV.

However, first, what the heck is 3D and why is it so important?

3D is the way the average human sees the world around them, although you should know that not being able to perceive in 3D is actually quite a common disability among many adults. However, assuming you see the world around you in 3D, how can you artificially produce and reproduce something in 3D, like a movie or video game?

Being able to see in 3D means that your vision has a sense of depth, of how far objects are from your eyes. Your brain calculates this automatically by combining the images you get from your left and right eyes, and solving for the small differences that occur when you look at something from a different angle. You can see what I mean by putting a finger in front of your eyes and looking forward. Close one eye, then open it and close the other. Do this quickly and you will see how different each one looks. Your finger is in a completely different place for each eye, but your brain recombines the two and realizes that it means your finger is close to you.

Making a 3D movie is as simple as using two video cameras, which are joined at roughly the same distance as the human eye. Each one takes a slightly different recording, which when played back in the human brain can show you not only the visual scene but also the depth of everything you see. If the movie was animated on a computer, converting it to 3D is easy as it simply involves re-rendering all of the movie data from a slightly different angle. If the movie is shot with 3D in mind from the beginning, as Avatar was, the effects are impressive.

3D games are incredibly easy to do, as all the data needed to find out where each object is in 3D space is saved directly to the computer and can be processed in real time. In fact, many of us played 3D PC games for 10 years, and the technology is exactly like that of many 3D televisions and cinemas today.

Assuming you have some 3D data, be it a movie, computer generated animation, or video game, the problem is how to show it to the viewer. This is the technological aspect that we are going to discuss a bit today.

However, before I explain some of those, let me say that I won’t talk about those tacky red / blue glasses you get with cheap old 3D comics and DVDs as that’s not true 3D and the quality is surprisingly poor. , quite apart. from the fact that everything you see is red and blue.

All of these 3D technologies essentially boil down to how to get that slightly different image for each eye separately, without the other eye seeing it as well. Since normal TVs show the same image to both eyes no matter what you do, 3D is impossible for them. That is why it is absolutely necessary to purchase a new television if you are going to watch any type of 3D material.

But how can we offer a unique image to each eye?

1. Passive polarized glasses:

Polarization means making light beams point in only one direction. Likes usually point us in all different directions. A polarizing filter only lets light pass from one direction. They are generally used in photography to avoid reflections; For example, if you were to try to take a picture of a window, you couldn’t really see the other side as light would bounce off of it and your lens. With a polarizing filter, I would cut it off and be able to see whatever is on the other side of the window.

The unique and useful properties of a polarizing filter mean that by combining 2 filters, we can make a kind of dimmer switch. If you take two pieces of polarizing film (think high school science classes now) and turn them slowly, at one point they will let most of the light through and at another point they will let through zero light. This is because, in the first instance, the direction of the light is aligned by the first filter that the next filter passes through. However, when you turn the second filter, you do it slowly so that the aligned light cannot pass through and reach your eye.

However, in terms of 3D technology, being able to filter particular light beams so that they can or cannot be seen by each eye means that we can deliver a unique image to each eye at the same time. How? We have two images on the television side and each one can be polarized in a different direction. We then add the same filter to a lightweight pair of lenses, and each eye will only see light that is polarized in a particular direction.

This is basically the cheapest method of doing 3D and it is far from perfect. It is used in large 3D cinemas where the quality of the film is not as important as the experience, and it is probably not a full-length film, as in Disney World, for example. The main benefits are that the glasses are lightweight and incredibly cheap to produce, so it doesn’t really matter if people break or “misplace” them.

Several cheaper 3D TVs are being produced for the budget market this year, but I suggest you stay away from them. There is often a lot of blurring between images (so you can see both left and right at the same time), and you really need to be in a dark room to get the best of this type of 3D. Dolby also has a proprietary system that apparently produces better quality than standard filters, and is currently used in several better 3D cinemas.

2. Active LCD shutter glasses:

This is the best quality 3D you can get right now, and anyone who insisted on how good Avatar was has probably gone to see it using this technology. The active LCD shutter means the viewer has to wear some rather bulky glasses – each eye has a separate LCD screen inside it, as well as an infrared signal receiver that connects it to the movie being played. Unlike passive polarization, which only displays both images on the screen at once, active shutter methods display frame after frame, alternating between views intended for the left and right eye. The glasses’ LCD screens turn on and off in sync, blocking one eye and then the other. This turns on and off so fast that your brain simply combines the two images and forgets the other part of the 50% where each eye could not see anything.

The advantage of this method is that the quality is excellent and there is almost no “bleed” from one image to the other. Unfortunately, some people claim that it gives them a headache. In all my years of playing games with NVidia active LCD shutter lenses, I’ve never had a headache, so I suspect the problem is perhaps something you get used to. When the television came out, I suspect that there were similar complaints from a large proportion of the population.

This will be the 3D platform of choice for consumers for many years to come. Yes, the glasses are annoying, but we won’t see everything in 3D either. When I sit in front of my PC to play a 3D game, for example, I hardly notice them. The latest incarnation of NVidia’s LCD shutter glasses is actually quite lightweight, wireless, and recharges from a tiny USB socket. The bulky models you get in high-end 3D cinemas are no longer bulky due to old technology, but simply to make them more wear-resistant and discourage you from taking them home. However, if you’re really against wearing glasses to view 3D content, well, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Which brings us to the third method.

3. Parallax screens:

Parallax 3D displays display 3D content without the use of glasses. Although there are many competing technologies and they are evolving rapidly as we speak, the basic principle is that both images are displayed on the screen, then some kind of filter bounces the images in different directions. When viewed from a certain angle, you see the 3D effect. Most offer a variety of about 6 different angles you can view from, but outside of them you will lose the 3D effect and only see two blurry images.

It’s a relatively new technology, and it was first shown last year with the words Fujifilm’s first consumer 3D camera, which I had a chance to play with. The camera took 3D images and was able to simultaneously preview and play those images on its small screen without 3D glasses on the back. This year, the Nintendo 3DS will use a similar but somewhat refined version of the same technology to bring portable 3D games to the masses.

My experience with Parallax displays has not been that impressive. First of all, keeping your head in a fixed position is just plain annoying. Especially if you are viewing something in 3D, your head has a natural tendency to move and you want to see it from different angles. Also, the depth you can perceive on one of these screens is pretty poor. It doesn’t actually “stick out” at all, even if it looks like it’s 3D. I have yet to see the 3DS though, so I won’t comment on that until it’s available. Either way, this kind of 3D won’t be making its way to large 3D TVs anytime soon, or possibly not at all.

Hope this gives you a little idea of ​​all this new technology. Don’t forget to check out my other technical tutorials.

The Unreliable Narrator: Analysis of the Emergence of the Story

The fictional and adventurous story, Emergency, is written by Denis Johnson in the first person and an unreliable form of narrative. During this stimulating and fictional tale, Dennis Johnson emphasizes the confessional nature as one that lacks credibility. The lack of such credibility comes in the form of: unreliability, incomplete information, and hallucinations, which sometimes stem from drug use, childhood immaturity, lies, deception, mistakes, or even manipulation.

ZZ Packer states in one of his analyzes titled, A Conversation on Writing, “The power of the first-person point of view … is a confessional narrative voice” (Delbanco184). He continues his analysis by summarizing said narrative as based on: lack of reliability, ignorance, personal prejudice, intentional deception and even insanity that exists in the narrative of the unreliable narrator (196). For example, in the fictional story Emergency; Johnson begins with, “I had been working in the ER for about three weeks, I guess” (Creative Writing 272). He continues: “I started wondering … coronary care … cafeteria … looking for Georgie … she often stole pills from cupboards” (272). The confessional nature of the first-person “I” is obvious in this unreliable narrative point of view as the story develops the relationship with Georgie and the unreliable narrator.

Additionally, the incomplete nature of the unreliable narrator is associated with symbolic drug use and / or abuse. The narrator says: “… Georgie, the orderly, [is] a very good friend of mine; he often stole pills from cupboards. “(272) This example shows the unreliable character’s lack of confidence and self-interest in the first-person narrative. The story continues with:” Let me check your pockets, man … I found his stash “(Page 273). Furthermore, the confessional nature of the story indicates:” I stood … chewing more of Georgie’s pills. Some tasted the smell of urine, some burned, some tasted like chalk “(page 274). There is a variety of stimulant drug use and abuse in this narrative. It could be argued that drug use results in inconsistent and inconsistent statements. incomplete accounts of the narrator and cast great doubt on the credibility of the first-person cognitive thought pattern, which operates in an altered state of consciousness.

Most importantly, the doctors and nurses were unable to find a suitable treatment plan for Terrence Weber, the patient who entered the ER with a knife to his eye and alleged that his wife stabbed him in his sleep for looking at the lady. . sunbathe next door. When Georgie finished disinfecting the patient, he returned with a hunting knife in hand.

Apparently, Georgie had removed the knife from Weber’s eye without realizing the impact of his actions. The most the doctor had to say was, “Where did you get that from?” Also, a nurse said after a while: “Your shoelace is untied.” This gave Georgie time to put the knife down as she tied her shoelaces without having a clue what was happening (page 275).

Next, the altered state of consciousness based on the unreliable narrator is obvious in this dialogue, “Do you realize it’s going to snow? He was right; a blue storm was building. We went out and walked idiots … the freshness and the taste of everything green that stabs us “(page 277). The hallucination effects of the pills are obvious in this dialogue. Also, while stumbling across a military cemetery, the characters now looking up at the sky saw angels descending with huge faces sprinkled with light and filled with pity, causing Georgie to spread her arms and shout, “It’s the drive-in! … They’re showing movies in a … blizzard. ” Georgie screamed. “I see, I thought it was something else” (page 278).

Based on the narrative, the setting for the story is in summer and not winter; However, the dialogue between Georgie and the unreliable first-person narrator changes to winter based on the analysis of the hallucinatory impact of the pills they are eating, showing a character flaw and an altered state of consciousness from drugs. Obviously, there is a lack of alignment with reality and the narrator’s state of mind with nature. The lack of reliability reflected in the judgment and dialogue that highlights the infantile immaturity in the information about the current climatic condition, shows the lack of cognitive interpretation and faulty memory, therefore, it develops unreliable!

Based on this narrative, one must ask the question: “What story will Wilson’s wife receive from the unreliable narrator about her husband’s treatment in the Intensive Care Unit?”

Fighting for his family: the Billy Miske story

Billy Miske, a middleweight from St. Paul, Minnesota, has come to town. He has issued a challenge to any of the boys his weight. “(Milwaukee Free-Press, September 14, 1913)

One of the biggest and bravest men in history stood only six feet tall and weighed around 160 pounds. Doughy white, knobby knees, and fists that flew faster than its nickname implied: the St. Paul Thunderbolt.

Billy Miske was a boxer, an oiled man with determination and determination. Born in 1894, his glory years were destined to fall into decades plagued by hungry and hungry mouths. He married, had children, and was broke. Broken dead.

But Miske used God-given abilities to make ends meet: He screamed with his fists and hit one opponent after another in the ring. His style was orthodox; not sexy, not flashy, but quick and decisive. Every jab, every hook, every hook was thrown for a purpose, whether they landed or not. In preparation for each fight, Miske literally hit his own jaw 10 times a day.

Miske fought hand-to-hand with some of the best boxers of the time: Jack Dempsey, Harry Greb, and Battling Lavinsky, among others. In his illustrious career, Miske accumulated around 45 victories, 34 of which were by knockout. The early 1900s are known as the “No Decision” era, which means that in some states a bout not decided by knockout was considered no decision and therefore did not fit the overall record of the game. boxer. Miske could easily have close to 100 career victories if it weren’t for the period of time in which he fought.

But the knockouts didn’t matter to Miske. His family did. He would do whatever it took to maintain them, and if enduring 15 rounds of breakneck punches would accomplish that, he agreed. But his time in the ring appeared in 1919.

At the age of 24, Miske told his coach Jack Reddy that he was feeling more tired than usual. Naturally he attributed it to boxing. However, after a few visits to the doctor, Miske learned the dire news: He was battling Bright’s disease, a serious kidney disease for which there was no cure. Doctors gave Miske about 5 years before he died. But even worse than that, Miske was told he couldn’t fight anymore.

Telling a man like Miske that he can no longer fight is like telling a tiger to let the antelope herd pass without pouncing on one. Miske enraged his mission in his later years to do one thing: provide financial stability for his family. If that meant boxing through tremendous pain and fatigue? So be it.

Miske chose not to tell any family member about her condition. There was no need for Marie and her children to worry, and the last thing she wanted was for someone to tell her she shouldn’t fight. Miske tried other ways to earn money. He used his life savings to open a car dealership. Unfortunately for Billy, as good as he was at boxing, he was just as bad at running a business. He had to fight just to cover the dealership’s losses.

Miske’s options were limited. The thing that made him money, the only thing in this world that he was really good at, the doctors told him would be detrimental to his health and shorten his life, even limited. But Miske believed that if he could fight enough matches, even if he didn’t win, he could get money to keep putting food on the table. Billy Miske kept fighting as if nothing had happened. He continued with regular training routines with Coach Jack Reddy. He fought (and won) numerous matches in the years after his fatal diagnosis.

In today’s era where it is rare to see a boxer fight more than one or two fights, Miske participated in dozens of fights. In 1922 alone, he stepped into the ring 15 times. If his kidneys were failing, the outside world certainly didn’t know. But when the interior began to close, Billy did too. The parties were few and far between. Miske felt too bad to fight. He ate nothing but boiled fish, and could barely move because of the pain, much less dance jabbing in a boxing ring.

In 1923, Miske could feel the end. The light at the end of the tunnel of his life was getting closer and closer. However, he knew that he could not leave this land until he was sure that his family was safe. As the coolness of fall completely descended in the Midwest, Billy called his coach, his good friend Jack Reddy, and told him that death was hitting harder than ever. He needed to fight.

Reddy immediately rejected the concept. There was no way he was going to allow Billy, a 29-year-old man but with a shattered and frail body like an old man, to get into a ring and get beaten up. Reddy was preparing to give Miske money to help with bills and vacation expenses Billy would face in the coming months. Here’s what Billy Miske told him: “I’ve never received a handout and I won’t start now. Jack, I’m completely broke and I just want to give Marie and the kids a decent Christmas before I go out. You have to get me a payday, for the old times “.

Reddy reluctantly agreed, knowing that nothing would change the mind of the St. Paul Thunderbolt. He lined up a fight with “KO” Bill Brennan, a man just like Miske even at the peak of his career. Miske didn’t stand a chance. He wasn’t even in good enough health to train for the fight. How could I even get in the ring with Brennan?

That was the thing about Miske. It could not be judged simply by his appearance. Maybe he sounded more like a minimum wage factory grunt than a world-class prize fighter, but Miske had the heart of a lion. That lionheart knocked out “KO” Bill Brennan in the fourth round, earning him a good $ 2,400 salary.

Christmas 1923 would be special at Miske’s house. Billy knew it would probably be the last, but he had long ago made his peace with it. Watching your children open presents at Christmas that they couldn’t have received earlier was worth it. And watching his sweet wife Marie tickle the ivories on the baby grand piano he bought for her brought more than sweet music to his heart.

On December 26, the day after Christmas, Miske called his good friend Jack Reddy and told him that he was dying. Jack came and picked him up to go to the hospital where he would finally reveal his fatal condition to Marie. Five days later, at age 29, Billy Miske’s kidneys did what Miske never did: stop fighting. Miske died on January 1, 1924.

Miske’s story traveled quickly through the community, the state, and the world of boxing. Tommy Gibbons, a giant in the boxing world at the time and a man who had fought Miske several times, had this to say about Billy:

“Billy Miske was one of the bravest guys to ever put on gloves. He was always a gentleman in the ring; he always fought by the rules and never took advantage of a defenseless opponent or resorted to rough tactics.”

In fact, Billy Miske is a hero. A man who fought with passion and loved with passion. Billy Miske left a legacy that every man can live by. The moments of happiness with the family far outweigh the earthly worries that we may have for ourselves. Billy Miske lived a selfless life, one that proved that no matter the odds, family is always worth fighting for.

Unveil your multigame community in 5 steps for Rust, Ark and Minecraft servers

Players are drawn to events regularly organized by server owners, often called “Community Manager”. Multiplayer communities are supposed to enhance the multiplayer gaming experience by creating “add-on” additions that will modify or add a specific objective for the player and thus make the game more interesting and engaging.

These modifications are possible in some games like Minecraft (with the Bukkit plugin platform), Rust with the Oxide API, ARK: SE, FiveM and other games. Some communities have thousands of regular players and they are paid with donations and player purchases (premium accounts, gold coins …).

PREMIUM accounts offer players advantages such as: being able to customize their car, get access to new items (like in Minecraft, Rust or ARK), get a rank or a VIP name.

1) Create a logo for your multigame community

The website will represent your community, it is your job to create one. To be done, various platforms are available on the web to create your website without php knowledge. If your website is limited to article publishing and server submission, use a cms like WordPress! It can be downloaded for free on the web!

2) Create a PHPBB forum

Create a forum, it is a module that I advise you to integrate into your website so that members can share the best moments, their creations, share YouTube videos. It is recommended to use a cms like PHPBB (free to use).

3) Regularly encourage your community

Animations called “events” in the world of online video games are important features to attract the attention of players and show that your community is constantly active. Be active on social media and create regular contests with prizes to win.

This allows you to make your community more active, retain players and have a quick contact when you want to get a message across.

4) Maintain good server visibility.

There are server lists for every game and thousands of potential players visit them every day. If you have a Rust server, register it with up to a maximum of top sites.

5) Be present in Google and other search engines.

Example in our case: Rust servers, Minecraft servers, find a Rust multiplayer server … Create forum threads whose content is related to your game and respond to the topics highest rated by Google by providing a link to the website of their community. Consider making useful articles for forum users.

Create keyword-rich articles that link to your website, describe your community, plan events, and describe your game rules, forum, website, and server.

This article contains all the important points that should not be neglected to make a community alive and constantly evolving. Create new features, create other servers in various games, stay present and feel free to recruit moderators to help you manage your players and animate your servers.

Create keyword-rich articles that link to your website, describe your community, plan events, and describe your game rules, forum, website, and server.

Starcraft 2 – The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Zerg

Thinking of playing Zerg in Starcraft 2? Well there are a few things you need to know first, each race has its strengths and weaknesses and I will show you what is good and what is not so great about playing Zerg so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your race.

Zerg is a really fun race to play because they are designed to be a mass production type of race. Unlike the Protoss and Terran, a Zerg player needs to have a constant stream of units produced and sent into battle. The Terran and Protoss races are all about creating the best units to counter whatever they are fighting. Zerg are like that too, but not as much as Terran and Protoss. We have fewer options when it comes to units, but we are set up to pump units much faster. Of course, this requires more minerals and gas than the other races, so a Zerg player must expand early and often in a game, making it more complicated and chaotic than with the other races.

Zerg has a weakness for defending against an airstrike early in the game, so this has caused us problems on Battlenet recently, but there are things we can do to help with this. We also have weaker air attack units than the other races. Mutalisks are good for scouting, but they do poorly in battles against good anti-aircraft units, so we mainly use ground units for big attacks.

In general, I love to play with the Zerg, but they are difficult to learn and you have to handle chaos well, which is only part of playing with the Zerg. However, if you get used to playing them, it is very rewarding, as there is no better feeling than sending your hydralisks and roaches in droves to dominate your opponent.

Everything you need to know about lead-acid automotive batteries

Batteries are an essential part of a vehicle and should not be overlooked. Without a good battery, the car stalls. We are responsible for how long our vehicle can withstand. To extend their useful life, we must maintain them properly. Maintenance-free batteries are slowly taking over from lead-acid batteries, but it is important to understand that the basic principle remains the same. We will discuss all the important aspects of a battery in this article.

How does a battery work?

Lead-acid automotive batteries are energy storage devices made up of lead plates and lead dioxide. These plates are immersed in an electrolyte solution. The percentage of water is 65% and sulfuric acid contributes 35% to this solution. When the battery is used to start the car, it discharges. The sulfuric acid in the electrolyte solution is depleted leaving a larger proportion of water. The sulfate is returned to the acid during the charging process. The battery provides high current required by the starter motor to start the car engine. Once the engine is started, the engine-driven charging system recharges the battery. In this process, the alternator takes the necessary energy from the rotation of the engine through a belt to charge the battery. When the engine is running, the alternator generates electricity for the car’s electrical equipment.

What weakens a battery?

When the car is exposed to direct sunlight in summers for longer periods of time, it accelerates the corrosion process and evaporates the electrolyte. This reduces the life of a battery by making it weaker. Therefore, prevent your car from being heated by sunlight by parking in adequate shade.

A battery must be correctly installed to avoid any type of vibration. These vibrations over time shake the plates around which in turn cause the internal connections to be lost. As a result, the battery would not charge properly.

Once you start the car, be sure to drive it long enough for the battery to recharge. The alternator takes time to recharge the battery after it has released its energy when starting the engine. Otherwise, the battery will remain low, which is not enough to provide high current to the starter motor.

Keeping the headlights or music system on while the engine is off drains the battery over time. Avoid plugging in a charger for a longer period of time to avoid discharging the battery.

Corrosion on battery terminals is just as damaging to the battery as anything else. Always clean the battery terminals carefully once or twice a month. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection. The white powder on the terminals is toxic and should not be allowed to come into contact with the skin.

Signs that indicate battery replacement:

There are a couple of signs that may indicate that the battery is running low and needs a replacement.

  • The car’s bright headlights dim slightly when the engine is turned off.

  • The starter motor turns slowly when starting the car due to the low current provided by the battery.

There are some visual signs that the battery needs a replacement.

  • An internal short circuit or overload causes the battery to swell. If you see signs of bulging anywhere around the battery, replace it.

  • Examine the battery box carefully for any damage to the battery box.

How to start an engine with a weak battery?

Using a weak battery is not recommended. However, in an emergency, jumper cables can be used when you are stuck during your journey along the highway. Always keep a set of jumper cables in your car if you think the battery is not in optimal condition. Jumper cables allow you to start your vehicle with the help of another car. Although it is a very simple technique but safety measures must be taken to avoid any danger. The following steps will guide you to start the vehicle:

  • Make sure both batteries have the same rated voltage, i.e. 12V

  • Turn off the ignition switch after parking it close enough to the other car in the neutral position.

  • Never skip a frozen battery. It can easily explode.

  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses.

  • Carefully identify and connect the positive terminals of both batteries to each other.

  • Make sure the other end does not touch the car body to avoid dangerous sparks.

  • Attach the negative cable to the negative terminal of the good battery.

  • Connect the other end of the negative cable to a metal part of the car that has a low battery.

  • Finally start the car with the battery in good condition.

  • Wait 5 to 7 minutes to charge the weak battery.

  • Now start the car ignition with the discharged battery.

  • Carefully remove the cables in reverse order. First remove the negative cables and then remove the positive cable from the car with the good battery. In the end, remove the positive cable from the car with a weak battery.

How to check the battery status?

For proper battery maintenance, schedule once a month to check battery status. Today there are tools that can help measure the current state of the battery. Below are the most commonly used tools for this purpose:

Battery charge tester:

The battery charge tester is used to check the nominal voltage of the battery in operation. It has a display meter with voltage readings up to 16V along with the battery status indicator. It has positive and negative probes. Inside, there is a high current capacity coil that provides the necessary load with a toggle switch. Battery voltage can be easily tested by following these steps:

  • Turn off the car’s engine.

  • Connect the positive probe of the load tester to the positive terminal of the battery.

  • Similarly, connect the negative probe with the negative terminal.

  • Make sure both probes are properly connected to the battery terminals.

  • The meter will display a voltage reading according to the condition of the battery.

  • Now turn on the charging toggle switch for 05-07 seconds to measure the battery charging voltage.

  • A healthy battery ideally shows 12.5 volts.

  • If the meter needle drifts anywhere near the “weak” indication, replace the battery immediately.

  • Safely remove the probes in reverse order.


The hydrometer is another tool for measuring the condition of the battery. It measures the specific gravity of the electrolyte, but can only be used with batteries with removable caps. Hydrometers usually have a built-in thermometer. Follow these simple steps to measure the remaining battery life:

  • Start by removing the covers from the top of the battery.

  • Dip the tip of the hydrometer into the first battery cell.

  • Squeeze and release from behind to allow electrolyte to enter hydrometer cylinder.

  • Read the specific gravity of the electrolyte as indicated.

  • Write down the reading of all cells one by one.

  • Compare the readings with those on the hydrometer.

  • Generally, readings between 1,265 and 1,299 indicate that the battery is charged. Any reading below this bracket shows signs of a weak battery.

  • Another method of examining the condition of the battery is to use a multimeter. This process is similar to the one we use for the battery charge tester.

How to replace a battery?

A car battery can be easily replaced at home without any complications by following these simple steps:

Removing the old battery:

  • Start by removing the negative battery terminal, usually marked black or with the (-) symbol to avoid any arcing with the wrench.

  • Disconnect the positive terminal usually marked red or with the (+) symbol.

  • Remove the “holding clamp” from the battery

  • Batteries are heavy, so lift them carefully.

  • Clean the battery tray if it is corroded.

New battery connection:

  • Carefully lift the new battery into position.

  • First connect the “holding clamp” correctly.

  • Connect the battery terminals in reverse order by connecting the positive terminal first.

  • Connect the negative battery terminal.

  • Make sure the connections are not loose.

  • The battery must be fixed correctly to avoid vibrations.

  • Terminals must be clean.

  • Add a little petroleum jelly on both terminals as it reduces the corrosion process.

The old battery can be sold to a battery store where you bought the new one. These car batteries are also recycled to prevent hazardous chemicals from reaching the atmosphere. Old lead plates can also be recycled into other products.

How to maintain your battery?

To prolong battery life, it must be kept in good condition. Schedule battery maintenance every month. It includes the following things:

Cleaning the battery and its terminals:

Cleaning a battery involves removing corrosion or any white dust from the battery terminals and surface. For this purpose, use warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Carefully remove the battery (as mentioned in the replacement section) Make sure the removable caps are tight. Always wear rubber gloves because the white powder is toxic and should not be allowed to come into contact with the skin. Completely apply the solution to the battery box. Clean the terminals properly. Use a brush to get into tight spaces. Let the solution sit for a couple of minutes and then wash it off with cold water. The terminals will be free of corrosion after this practice. Reinstall the battery into position carefully.

Electrolyte level inspection:

The electrolyte level within a battery can be visually examined by removing the caps on the top of the battery. Lead plates must be properly immersed in the electrolyte solution. If you see a decrease in the electrolyte level in any of the cells, add a little water. Let the solution mix properly.

Using a battery charger / maintainer:

If your car is idle for an extended period, use a battery charger to keep the battery properly charged. Batteries will soon run out if you don’t charge them. A battery charger can go a long way in maintaining the desired voltage output from the battery. It usually comes in different modes depending on the requirements i.e Charge, Boost Charge, and Maintainer. It can also be used to maintain battery voltage. Gently plug the charger into an outlet. Connect the positive cable to the positive battery terminal and the negative cable to the negative terminal. Turn on the switch and allow the battery to charge properly.

Always inspect the battery before going on a trip. Overlooking the battery status can get you into trouble in the middle of nowhere. A 10-15 minute inspection can help you save a lot of time during your trip. If you know of any other important things related to batteries, please mention them in the comments section below.

Free Funeral Program Template

Using a free funeral program template can be a smart and time-saving option. If you are interested in putting a little creativity into producing a funeral program design, the result can be beautiful. The first thing to do is download a free funeral program template for Microsoft Word. When you open the funeral program template on your computer, you will have the text and formatting in place.

To edit those fields, just click on the text boxes and start customizing your text. The free funeral program template is formatted in a two-column letter-size layout. There will be two pages that you will need to customize. The first page is the cover on the right and the back of the program on the left.

On the cover, choose a beautiful background scene as the design shown behind the photo of the deceased. This makes the cover more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. To select a good photo, you can buy it from an online stock photo or, better yet, take the photo yourself. If you buy it online, you will need to make sure you have the proper license to print the number of copies you are going to print. Online corporations adhere to very strict guidelines on terms of use. So make sure you are clear about what you are allowed to do. You can also call them on the phone and get clarification.

Sometimes stock photography companies will charge for the number of copies to be printed. The best option is to take a photo yourself and use it as a background. Some background ideas would be a landscape of rolling hills, a flower garden, a sky with light radiating through the clouds, or a landscape scene of a lake. These are all good candidates for a template cover for your funeral program.

The photo of the deceased should be placed in front of the landscape design with the name of the deceased below the photo. The date of birth and the date of death must also be placed under the name. You can create a title for the cover that says “In loving memory of …” gold “Celebrating the life of …“in a nice writing font on top of the photo. These things will make a good presentation.

The back of the program, which is the area adjacent to the cover on the left side of letter-size paper, would include a poem, the names of the pallbearers, a short obituary or prayer. At the bottom, you can write down the funeral service location, address, and phone number if you’d like. Also indicate whether or not there will be an after-service meeting and indicate the location.

The second page is the service order area. If you can adjust the order of service on one side of the page, you can use the other side of the page for a poem, reading, prayer, or song lyrics. You can also add some design elements on the inner page that coordinates very well with the cover design you just created.

Funeral program templates are a time-saving tool because they will save you the time it takes to create a program design on letter-size paper. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Word or do not have a lot of experience using it, it can be a frustrating experience to do it yourself. Use a funeral program template and simply embellish it with your own creativity following the guidelines above.

There aren’t many resources on the web today that offer free funeral program templates, but there are some good resources listed below for you to visit and try. I should note that if you choose to create a funeral program from a free template, you will need to be familiar with Microsoft Word or Publisher in order to manipulate it. You will need to know how to create picture boxes, insert photos into picture boxes, import pictures into the template, and move graphic elements around the page.

If this seems like too much to you at the moment and especially since it may be in a limited period of time, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or family member who is more comfortable performing these tasks. The other option would be to purchase a funeral program template that already has the design backgrounds set for you. So you will just enter the photo and customize the text.

Whether you’re using free funeral program templates or purchasing a pre-designed funeral program template, remember to ask for help if needed and give yourself plenty of time to complete the project from start to print.

Wii U system review

Since the Wii U launch on November 12 of last year, it has been at the center of some mixed reviews and much discussion about Nintendo’s current business model. It launched with some good games, but it took the entire first year to expand and start earning unique and strong titles. Priced at $ 349.99 for the 32GB “Deluxe” model, it has struggled to reach its target market when competing with the PS3 and Xbox 360. That may not change with the upcoming Xbox One and PS4. , but the Wii U is seeing a price tag of $ 50. price drop on September 20, and either way it shouldn’t be ruled out just yet.

The system is a good piece of hardware; it feels sturdy and not cheap at all, despite being slim and streamlined. Even after being on for hours straight, it doesn’t heat up or make noise. It has HDMI and composite outputs (it comes with an HDMI cable), an SD card slot, and 4 USB ports. The Wii U comes with either 8GB or 32GB of system memory that can be expanded with a USB hard drive (up to 2TB), so a lot of memory can be added if you ever need that amount. Being able to buy a base system with some memory and expand it that much should be cheaper than what current systems have been doing at least. Even though it has a USB slot, you can’t use SD cards to download games, that’s just for Wii stuff and saved games.

Much of the discussion and controversy is based on how it compares to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the upcoming next-gen systems. Honestly, Wii U games look great, with very modern and clean HD graphics. New Super Mario U looks very sharp and ZombieU (like most launch titles) it had good things and a few sloppy things in the graphics department. I haven’t experienced any frame rate issues yet, which is a huge plus and more important than other parts of a game presentation. So is it really underpowered? On paper, yes, but remember that at the launch of the 360, some of their games resembled Xbox games. The Wii U has some games that look like current PS3 games. But look at how far those systems have come in 6 years: the Wii U hardware is more current than the PS3 and 360 and it shows promise. Games on the way and those released since launch have shown some very nice HD graphics presentations and it really can only get better as the years go by. Nintendo has the knack of getting the most out of their systems, just watch Super mario galaxy on the Wii.

The actual gameplay is very interesting and very new, and at the same time it feels familiar. Most of the WiiU experience (for now at least) involves the GamePad, which provides a dual-screen experience (your TV and the screen in your hand). Each game uses this differently and it can be as complicated a dual screen experience as the DS, or it can only be used for maps and inventory or additional buttons and / or just to allow off-TV play. ZombieU He mainly uses it for inventories and maps, but it is also used for in-game events and as a camera, all cool features that help develop the game. It also allows mini events like picking locks to take place on the GamePad screen while your game on the TV changes views for optimal perception of your surroundings. Nintendo Land use the Gamepad with more control of the camera, full game, secondary buttons and as an input device. Balloon ride (Based on Balloon fight NES), you have to use the touch screen to control the wind and move your character. This is a very laid back approach and very reminiscent of many DS games and will likely appear in many casual titles. The most recent titles like Pikmin 3 used it as a map and to play off TV; the map is always ready for quick multitasking. Of course, some games may not use the GamePad at all; possibly those developers who are targeting more “hardcore” crowds will forgo it entirely. That would be a shame; the GamePad doesn’t really slow down anything and allows for more options. But using both the Pro controller and having the GamePad on your stand to use it for other things could be a cool feature as well.

The GamePad is an impressive and comfortable controller to use. It is not too heavy and the grips make it easy to hold, relaxed on your lap or with one hand. All buttons (known ABXY) feel very responsive. The D-pad feels classic and a good size and the joysticks are very responsive, smooth, and click well when used as buttons. The side buttons, not triggers like the Gamecube controller, but buttons like the Wii professional classic controller, are well done. There is a camera built into the controller that works well, plus loud and clear speakers. Battery life is not an issue; By the time the battery runs out, you should probably just let your system crash anyway. And although the system cannot charge the GamePad, the dock with the deluxe package makes it easy to charge and looks good on the screen.

The Gamepad screen is the main focus and it really brings a lot to the table. It’s just as responsive as DS and 3DS touchscreens, just a lot bigger and pretty good resolution. It won’t be as clear as your HD TV screen, but it won’t look sloppy either. I also found that reaching for the hotkeys with your thumbs is easy (even with the shortest fingers). The last thing it does is act as a remote control for your cable box and TV. You can change the input on your TV or turn up the volume while gaming without having to get up or use another remote control.

Nintendo has finally taken a big step towards online gaming and connectivity with Miiverse. Sure, you have video chat and friend lists, but MiiVerse integrates everything when you turn it on or play it. MiiVerse as an app is essentially where you manage your friends and your profile, but it also functions as a giant Nintendo forum or social hub where you post Twitter-like updates and photos of your gaming experiences. It also allows you to chat with friends; Hopefully, he’ll be able to send you a notification later when your friend responds.

While this is all great, the best part is how it integrates directly into games. When playing New Super Mario U, MiiVerse updates can appear on the world map related to each level. Or when you’re sitting in the Mii plaza, the Miis that appear are essentially speaking using the MiiVerse posts. You can even see Miis appear in games; the best example at the moment is in Nintendo Land where they walk around the theme park plaza or appear in the background of the games. MiiVerse can also be accessed on the go while playing any game, so you can always update it or see what someone else is saying about the game. When you switch to MiiVerse, your game stops and that screen is what you can post to MiiVerse if you wish. Some games may even implement a kind of achievement system where they ask you if you want to post to MiiVerse when you do something interesting; New Super Mario U do this now.

All of this is linked to and used with a Nintendo Network ID, also known as your username. This makes it easy for users to find and make friends, a big and welcome change to the deservedly maligned friend codes. Unfortunately, these IDs are tied to the console where you register them; surely this is related to some kind of privacy and protection policy, but it is inconvenient if your system dies or if you want to upgrade to a special edition color later. Nintendo has hinted that it will change this, but nothing has happened yet.

The Wii U is backward compatible with the Wii, and Wii U games are compatible with Wiimotes and other Wii accessories. Compatibility features for Wii games make you start in a new menu. At this point, you will be using your Wiimote and only the Wii accessories. Wii games actually play in 1080p, as are all the menus and anything else. I played Golden eye for a moment and you can see a difference, both good and bad. Some things in the game look much smoother from the top level, but bugs or ugly filters stand out more; the cut scenes looked really gross. This is because it is a high-level resolution, but no new rendering is taking place, no new filters or anything like that. This is not like an emulation in which new rendering processes can be applied; it’s just a resolution boost. So you will get good things and bad things playing Wii games on Wii U, it depends on the game. Either way, backward compatibility is a nice and welcome feature.

In short, I am quite happy with my Wii U and I feel like it has a promising future even after a very slow year. My Wii had its moments of constant play and a huge buildup of dust and even if my Wii U meets the same kind of fate, I don’t feel like my money was wasted. The system was decently priced which is only better with the recent $ 50 price drop and has already proven that it can be a lot of fun and opens up a world of new gaming possibilities. As the game library grows we will see some fun games; If you are a social gamer and a lover of social media, it may be a system to verify just for that. The only issues the Wii U has is a meager library, which should improve, and the fact that, despite being a good piece of hardware, it won’t hold up as well during this next generation of games. It’s a crisp HD system, but due to the small gap in power, it will eventually go back to being a Nintendo exclusive system.

Air guns for hunting in Mississippi

No matter if it is a BB gun or a pellet rifle, the air pistol is a critical component of marksmanship training for hunters of all ages. Not only that, in Mississippi there are valuable opportunities for hunters to take their air pistols into the woods. With the rising cost and limited availability of ammunition lately, those big shot cans are looking more and more attractive with each passing day.

Marksmanship training

Air pistols are underpowered, but great for learning the basics of aiming (grip, sight alignment, trigger control) inexpensively and in the comfort of your home. Good quality modern air rifles are by nature much more accurate than most 22LR rimfire rifles. Rimfire rounds are by nature impeded due to poor quality control when firing bulk ammunition and the use of a heel bullet. In comparison, even inexpensive cast-iron pellets and BBs are more aerodynamic and, paired with a modern air rifle, will deliver consistent performance.

Air pistols are so popular for training youth in shooting basics that most hunter education courses taught in the state use one for the required live fire section of the course. They are cheap to shoot, accurate, and limited in range.

Pest control

Especially during the winter, there are always problems with mice, rats, and other small critters that are classified as pests. A good pellet rifle even in caliber 177 can handle these without much trouble. Make sure to obey local laws, as some cities in the state have city ordinances about firing a BB gun in city limits, but feel free otherwise. Obey the basic safety rules for firearms with pellet guns, as they can still cause bodily harm, blow up windows, and generally annoy neighbors. For these types of pesky critters and birds, a good quality, medium weight dowel cutter granule (flat tip) will minimize the possibility of excessive penetration.

According to state law, “all species of blackbirds, thrushes, starlings, crows, carrots, and English sparrows can be killed without a permit when such birds are committing or about to commit predations on shade trees, ornamentals, or agricultural crops. “.

It is best to remember that Mississippi is home to a number of endangered species of bats, turtles, and rare snakes; they are best avoided if you are unsure of the exact species in view.

Little game

It is legal under MDFWP regulations to hunt all small game (rabbit, squirrel, quail, raccoon, opossum, and bobcat) with air rifles during normal season by a licensed hunter.

While almost any BB gun or pellet rifle will accept vermin-sized animals (mice, rats) and pest birds like sparrows, you will need a high-powered air pistol that shoots pellets just to chase something bigger.

These hunting-grade weapons start at around $ 59 and go up quickly from there. To ensure you have a strong enough air pistol, make sure the FPS (Feet Per Second) rating is over 700 for a 22 caliber, or 950+ for a 177 caliber gun. The Benjamin Bomb Line Sheridan and Daisy’s cock-action Powerline series can be purchased new for around $ 100. Slightly better rifles, such as the Gamo Big Cat and Crosman Vantage, are only $ 30 more expensive, but offer much more performance. Moving up the scale are Ruger Air Magnums, German-made RWS pistols, Hatsans, Sumatras, and Benjamin Marauders that cost up to $ 400.

To hunt down these lop-eared tree rats, look for a good quality, medium weight domed pellet like the Crosman Premiere Light, RWS Superdome, or JSB Exact. These can be extremely cheap, the 7.9-grain Crosman Premier costs around $ 25 for 1250 pellets, for example. Gamo has a new 0.36 gram.177 pellet that can penetrate 1.5mm rolled galvanized steel sheet and continue. Called “Lethal”, it is a two-body design pellet with ultra-high ballistic coefficient, more terminal penetration, a stable flight path and a polymer skirt. These top-of-the-line pellets cost around $ 20 per 100. With high-end pellets and a high-powered air rifle, lethal shots up to 50 yards away are possible.

When chasing bobcats, raccoons, and possums, the minimum for 22- or 25-gauge pellets from high-powered air pistols should be the minimum.

With all small games taken with an air pistol, it is absolutely necessary to get good, accurate shots in the small 1-2 inch kill zones from your target to make sure it lands. Headshots are the rule for life. Unless you can hit a nickel-sized target repeatedly with your air rifle at 25 yards, practice until you can before heading into the woods.

Annoying animals

The state of Mississippi by public notice LE6-3779 lists beavers, coyotes, foxes, otters, skunks, and wild pigs as nuisance animals. As such, hunting nuisance animals is permitted during daylight hours on private land with no caliber restrictions, including air pistols. While 177/22 caliber guns can catch polecats with no problem, chasing some of the bigger sets on this list can be problematic unless you have a large caliber air rifle.

Speaking of which hunting deer and turkeys with large-caliber air pistols, while practiced in some states, is currently off the board in Mississippi, for now. In 2007, an Alabama man took two deer, including a 9-point trophy with a 50-caliber air rifle and a 200-grain pellet. With precedents like that, it’s likely only a matter of time before whitetails are also taken with air pistols in this state.

Just make sure you don’t shoot your eye.