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Rayman Legends

Platformer refers to a game whose play is mainly carried out in the form of navigating levels and overcoming obstacles, such as moving platforms, running, jumping, or using any other physical ability available to the player. The genre is quite flexible. Platforms can be 2D or 3D, they can be easily accessible like the Mario franchise or tough like tricky nails like super meat boy. There are often other playstyles mixed in as well, be it shooter elements as seen in Against gold Mega Man, action of beating in the Battletoads gold Ninja Gaiden, a focus on adventure and exploration as found in Metroid Y Castlevania II, or even puzzle solving items in the form of Braid gold The lost Vikings. Many titles also contain collectibles for players to search for, giving players a reason to go through a level multiple times, providing instant replay capability. The versatility inherent in platformer games is probably why the genre dominated during the 1980s and 1990s, and was responsible for more blockbusters than any other style of game until the advent of the first-person shooter. . Despite falling almost into obscurity since then, platforms have resurfaced in recent years with the popularity of games like New Super Mario Brothers and independent titles like Bit.Trip Runner Y Limbo. Ubisoft is looking to capitalize on that popularity by bringing back the arm, leg, and neckless protagonist Rayman in Rayman Legends, a direct sequel to the 2011 critical strike Rayman’s origins.

Rayman Legends is considered a pure platformer, which means there is little to no focus on exploration, puzzle solving, or actual combat of any kind. There are bad guys, and while he has no arms or legs, thankfully Rayman has hands and feet that he can use to punch, kick, and jump on opponents to eliminate them. However, that’s not where the focus is, as the bad guys are relatively rare and usually go down with a bang. The real challenge in the game stems almost entirely from navigating the levels and finding all of the collectibles within. As in Rayman Origins, your main objective is to save the Teensies, small creatures with blue skin and small eyes. There are ten per level, and you will have to grab as many as possible on your way to open successive levels and progress through the game. There are also Lums, flying luminescent balls with hands and faces that are used as a kind of currency in the game, unlocking other playable heroes. Collect enough Lums in one level and you’ll earn a lucky scratch-off ticket to earn more Lums, collectible creatures to display in your gallery, or even area-based bonus levels from Rayman Origins.

As in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends makes use of the Ubi Art Framework engine, a unique engine that allows the development team to easily build and animate what are essentially freehand-created assets in the game, giving the whole thing a magnificent rendered and hand drawn. Sight. This, along with the brightly colored and detailed backgrounds and environments, brings real life to the 2D perspective game world that Rayman and his myriad of cronies and fellow heroes find themselves in. An extensive list of such companions is available, and all can be played once unlocked in single player or cooperative multiplayer with up to 4 players. The multiplayer mode is strictly offline, but it will allow you and your friends to run and jump through funky traps, and punch and kick your way to big bosses together. Aside from the normal levels, you can also try your luck at a high score on various challenge maps, including a new daily challenge every 24 hours if your console is connected to the internet. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot here to keep the finalists coming back for more.

Originally intended as a WiiU exclusive, Rayman Legends was released on multiple platforms at launch, including WiiU, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. It has now also been released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles along with a recently reduced price, making the game a great option at a budget-conscious cost. Recommended if you like Rayman Origins, New Super Mario Brothers, or moderately challenging tests of your running and jumping prowess. Ask for Rayman Legends at your local Slackers today.

Three reasons why baby squirrels die in captivity

Have you ever taken in a baby squirrel and started feeding and caring for it, then physically going downhill and dying? You’re not alone! The following are three common reasons why baby squirrels die in captivity:

1. The wrong diet.

An improper diet is the number one reason squirrels die. There is much controversy over which is the correct formula to feed baby squirrels that are still nursing. Many wildlife rehabilitators will tell you to buy expensive puppy formula and never feed a squirrel cow’s milk. I have used the expensive puppy formula with marginal success, but they recently changed the formula, leaving it without enough milk fat for squirrels. Now all of a sudden they are telling people to add heavy cream to increase the fat content! Hello! What is heavy cream? It’s the cow’s milk cream! The reason cow’s milk will kill a baby squirrel is because there are substances in the milk that will give the squirrel severe diarrhea. Diarrhea will lead to an electrolyte imbalance, leading to heart irregularity and ultimately death from sudden cardiac arrest.

I found that if you remove the substance from cow’s milk and the cream that causes diarrhea, a baby squirrel will do well with a cream-rich cow’s milk formula. But you have to do one simple yet vital thing to make this formula squirrel-safe! I can show you how to make this formula and save you from having to spend twenty bucks a can on puppy formula!

two. Hypocalcemia

The second biggest killer of squirrels is hypocalcemia. That’s a fancy name for low blood calcium levels. Squirrels, especially in captivity, have an extraordinarily high calcium requirement. Death from low blood calcium occurs after they stop breastfeeding. As they get milk, their calcium needs are met. When they stop breastfeeding, they need a calcium supplement or they will develop what is called Metabolic Bone Disease. This disease is characterized by the loss of calcium from the bones, especially in the spine and hind legs. Their hind legs begin to move when they walk and progressively lose control of their nerves and muscles. Their bones become brittle and break easily.

Low levels of calcium in the blood can also cause heart irregularities and sudden cardiac death. A squirrel with metabolic bone disease is a pathetic scene! Prevention is simple! I teach a very simple way to make a dietary supplement called Nut Squares or Nut Balls that will ensure optimal calcium intake and good health for the squirrels.

3. Internal injuries.

The last major killer of baby squirrels is internal injuries. Many times a squirrel found has fallen a great distance from a nest of leaves. One of the first things you should do for a baby squirrel, after placing it in a warm environment, is to carefully check it for injuries. Babies normally have rapid breathing and heartbeats, but if a baby squirrel has difficulty breathing or uses more than the chest muscles to breathe, it may have internal injuries. You could have broken ribs or a bruised lung or heart! Blunt trauma to the abdomen can damage internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, or spleen. The abdominal wall of a baby squirrel is very thin. If you see a dark purple discoloration on the abdomen, it is an ominous sign indicating internal bleeding.

Not much can be done for a baby squirrel in this condition. A veterinarian could evaluate the animal, but most likely nothing will be done other than observing and supporting its respiratory struggle with oxygen and a warm environment until it passes. In my years as a squirrel rehab I found that squirrels love to have their head and neck gently rubbed, it is very soothing and relaxing for them. Death is part of life. For me, holding and comforting a dying squirrel helps me realize how precious and short life is. I find enormous joy and satisfaction in caring for these magnificent creatures, and I thank God that even in death, I can make a difference!

Heavy Rain Review

The Origami Killer has kidnapped another victim. You control four different characters, dictating their decisions, choosing their paths, and dealing with the consequences that follow. How far are you willing to go to save someone you love?

Heavy Rain has some of the most impressive visuals for a console game. The highly detailed environments, be it a hotel room in the slums or an old power plant with bad news. However, the real cake is the flawless character designs. Armed with a state-of-the-art facial recognition engine, the Quantic Dream team captures facial expressions and character animations with realistic realism (there is a phrase that is not often heard). Emotions explode from the characters and you can see it just by looking at their faces. Very impressive stuff.

The three-point deductions come from a couple of small but notable cases where the graphical presentation wobbles slightly. The greatest of all: terrible kisses. Now, I’ve seen a lot of movies where it was like watching cousins ​​trying to kiss. I also know that a lot of games that include kiss scenes aren’t great because they haven’t perfected collision physics and things like that yet. It’s really bad to watch, especially in a game where they manage to push the limits when it comes to graphics.

The last two details go to the occasional robotic walk when controlling certain characters and fire in one of the ending sequences. Now all the characters are captured in motion and that means this is more the fault of the actors (mainly the two who played Ethan and Madison). When you go up and down stairs, your arms hang at your sides and do not move unless you perform an action that requires your hands. And turning 180 degrees seems a bit clunky. Those are two real cases where the animations seem a bit silly.

As for the fire? They are some of the weakest fire effects that I have seen in a video game to date. Most of the elements of the game are displayed at such a realistic and grounded level, which is difficult given the untamed nature of these elements, with fire being one of the most difficult. However, in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the fight against Fury did a very outstanding job with fire and, for its time, surpassed everything else, including anything on the Xbox (which graphically was generally superior). The generic fire images of Heavy Rain are turned off in favor of water. Water, another element that doesn’t portray well in most games, gets a great deal of attention (given that it’s a big factor in the game) and Heavy Rain does a great job of nailing it down.
Three minor complaints aside, the visuals and overall effects are top-notch.

I have no hesitation in giving this game perfect ratings in the sound department. Heavy Rain floods the competition with top-of-the-line voice acting from everyone involved (with just one or two mishaps) and the pitch-perfect orchestral score that always matches the pitch at any given time. My personal favorite is when you are short on time or in an extremely desperate situation. Then, from the awkward silence, a violin enters with a piece that induces tension and beats the heart. I always panicked when I heard this start because I knew something serious was going on. The sound effects, the score, and the voice acting deserve a touch of the hat and a standing ovation.

This game is the definition of some of the easiest controls in a video game. Walk and perform actions through a series of controlled and timed button presses. Again, easy. The deductions come from the sometimes meticulous tank controls and the occasional mistake where you enter the correct button or take the correct action and the game doesn’t do what you tell it or doesn’t recognize the action at all (makes getting a trophy in the game particularly difficult to obtain). Simply put, the controls are easy to learn but difficult to put into play.

Heavy Rain has great graphics, great sound, and catchy controls. It is also a game that is hardly considered a game by today’s standards due to its STYLE. It’s an interactive drama, even more so than the Metal Gear Solid series (for those of you who haven’t played my favorite game series of all time, you know what I mean by MGS as an interactive sci-fi action game). This video game has all the elements of a full-length movie. The biggest attribute is the fact that it immediately sucks you emotionally into the story. You are so engrossed with all the characters and with the way the game is structured, it forces you to stick with it. Quantic Dream and with much praise and respect to the director, David Cage, cleverly leaves the way the game is played in your hands. It’s almost like choosing your own adventure, but with the essence of a thriller / noir movie. You are in full control of the characters and how you choose to approach any given situation that comes your way. Right at the beginning of the game, you can decide to be the responsible husband and father, cleaning, working around the house and spending time with his children. Or you can refuse to shower and shave, shirk your duties and basically do nothing. And that’s just the happy tip of the dark and chaotic iceberg.

The theme of the game is “How far are you willing to go to save someone you love?” You’ll get to multiple points in the game where you’ll be embarrassed at the push of a button, choosing between equally sadistic and morally troubling decisions. Like I said, the game draws you in until you are consumed by the euphoria, anger, sadness, and pain that the characters feel. No game has done this with more artistic finesse. Aside from the occasional (and I mean very occasional) gameplay glitches, it’s not enough to detract from the experience.

Oh yeah! And there are twenty-two different endings in the game, which means that you will have to play multiple times making different but equally urgent choices. In a very literal sense, it’s very devastating to watch the characters you control and watch grow from the start and see them make drastically different decisions than you saw (and made) before. And approaching the end, it becomes almost heartbreaking to watch.

In any case, this game has more flair than many games. And it’s all down to a formula that deviates from your kind of routine game (run, jump, aim, shoot, 32xp, tea bag, repeat). Heavy Rain is like a PB&J with a glass of milk. Hit the spot.

Honestly, this game gets -10 because of how little fun it is to make the decisions that they force you to make. It’s not really a game because you’re so immersed and caught up in the moment that you don’t really feel like you’re playing. There are no funny moments. There is nothing but tension mixed with a multitude of matching emotions. But at the same time … it’s a game.

This section is normally for aspects of the game that are given deductions that the reviewer (that’s me) thinks deserves a special mention. In this case, the few problems are perfectly covered in its sections.

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Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, also known only as Modern Warfare or Call of Duty 6, is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It was the first announced For its official release on February 11, 2009, the game was finally released worldwide on November 10, 2009. It is the sixth game in the Call of Duty series.

It is well known for the 14 million copies it has sold worldwide (or at least that’s what Activision said). In my honest opinion, Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer is better than Modern Warfare 2 for very good reasons.

First of all, there are no dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2. That wouldn’t be a big deal if this IW Net System had worked properly because the idea was so good. But it’s not like that. Many times you get disconnected, delay or find it difficult to enter a map.

Second, you have no control over which map will be played next, who you play against, and sometimes there are only a few rounds to play. For example, in Search and Destroy, the team that wins 4 rounds wins the match. If there were more rounds to play, this system would be much better. On the other hand, it’s a good thing because you don’t have to be in the same lobby with players you don’t like or have insulted you, and you can’t get kicked out of these “automated” servers. And furthermore, no other mods can be created for this game, such as Promod or Zombies Mod are for Call of Duty 4. Out of place, in my opinion, promod should be called noobmod. I say this because if you don’t like the perks and many weapons that are restricted in the so-called promod mod, go ahead and play another first person shooter that doesn’t have them.

But, Modern Warfare 2’s Singleplayer is a bit better than Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer. They both have very well thought out single player campaigns, but I think Modern Warfare is more exciting and more fictional as well. Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer is more realistic but not as exciting as Modern Warfare 2 Singleplayer.

These were the various “parallels” I did, connecting Call of Duty 4 with Modern Warfare 2 and comparing them a bit in these particular areas.

Another good thing about Modern Warfare is that you can play cooperative missions together with a friend. This co-op mode is titled Special Ops, which consists of standalone missions similar in design to the mission in the Call of Duty 4 epilogue “Mile High Club”. There are many missions within this new co-op mode. These missions take place in a variety of locations from the campaign mode, but are not related to the story of the campaign itself.

Now, the multiplayer part that is in my opinion the most important. Modern Warfare 2’s online multiplayer works on the same system as Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer. You get the same experience points and the unlockable system is the same as Call of Duty 4. The game modes are: Free for all, Search and destroy, Demolition, Sabotage, Domination, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag . Aside from the new weapons, equipment and perks that are upgraded to “pro versions” after meeting the utilization requirements, the player can unlock and select 15 different kill streak rewards. Among these is the ability to take a supply drop after achieving four kills in a row, ordering a Predator missile strike after five kills, and calling an AC-130 gunship to strike from the sky after 11 kills. Players can also get a tactical nuke if they get a 25 kill streak. The bomb will blow up the entire map and achieve victory in a match for the player or team that requested the bomb, regardless of whether the team was winning or losing at the time the bomb was requested. Another new feature is in-game host migration; If the host of a match leaves the game, the current game no longer ends (as is the case in Call of Duty 4), as a ‘host migration delay’ allows a new host to be selected and the game continued. An optional third person mode is also added that can be used in certain types of games. (Wikipedia)

Another novelty that arises with Modern Warfare 2 is that IW Net works through Steam. This system is almost identical to the IW Net console version.

Finally, there are some new accessories in Modern Warfare 2 such as the heartbeat sensor, attached shotgun, FMJ, and tactical knife. There are also many new perks such as Commando, Ninja, Cold Blood, and many more. Another good thing about Modern Warfare 2 is that you can use dual weapons. Even though some of them were overpowered and some are still heavily overpowered (the akimbo shotguns were overpowered but fixed while the g18 is still overpowered), this is a great thing about the multiplayer version of Modern Warfare 2.

And, the last thing is that many new weapons have been added as everyone expected and many weapons have been removed from Call of Duty 4.

Best-selling Gujarati Books

Books are a resource for knowledge. Books are our best friends. In free time when no one is with us at the time, books become our friends. It is a great source of enjoyment and the best way to use your time. Every book a person reads leaves a deep impression on him. Books will never fool us. Books give information about everything. Today, most children are sitting in front of the television. All programs are not that good. So children chase the bad habit by watching television. Children watch these series, low-quality films, with excess of action, films that show violence. To discourage this activity, a child who becomes addicted to television instills the habit of reading. Give them books in a good mood. So that they can enjoy and acquire knowledge with it. There are so many good author’s books available on the market.

Reading also keeps your brain healthy. A man needs a good friend. A book is like a friend. Reading books is a good step on the journey. It is never bored. He is happy in reading. Reading gives the kind of pleasure. Some books that we read simply for fun and pleasure, for example, good novels and imagination books should have their place in everyone’s reading.

We generally read these kinds of books for knowledge and refreshment:


Short stories,

Drama, Essay – Article,










General knowledge,

English education,


Sex education,

Gujarati education,

Related to women,

Comic books,

Child care.

There are few authors whose books are very popular and best-selling today.

Kaajal Oza Vaidya: Kaajal Oza Vaidya is a new age writer. She is very famous in all age groups of readers. 25 books by Kaajal Oza Vaidy have been published. He has written 23 novels (Navalkatha), Lekhsangrah, Navlika, Letters, Poems. Some are very famous like Krishnayan, Vahli Astha, Ekbijane Gamta Rahie, Maunraag, Tara Chaherani Lagolag and Yog Viyog.

Tarak Mehta: Tarak Mehta is a very famous author today, he is still 80 years old but his writing is like that of 20. His Tarak Mehta Na Undha Chashma is a very popular book.Serial Tarak Mehata ka Ulta Chashma is broadcast on television on SAB TV, which is full of humor. These are all the hits of Tarak Mehta, Bagicha Ni Halvi Hawa Ma, Action Replay Part 1 & 2, Jethalal No Jekpot, Tarak Mehta No Tapudo, Tarak Mehtana Undha Chashma and many more .. .

Zavechand Meghani: Zavechand Meghani was a well known author, wrote more than 100 of different types of books, 19 biographies, 4 drama books, 14 novels, 9 poetry, 10 short stories, 11 popular songs, 13 Falk Tals, 13 others. it’s a very good book.

Gunvant Shah: Gunvant Shah Born in Rander (Surat) on March 12, 1937; He studied at Surat and Baroda. He worked as a lecturer and reader at the MS University of Baroda, Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA). Writes lyrical essays, poetry, and novels in Gujarati. He published many literary and educational books. His famous books are Tahuko, Ghandhi Na Chashma, Krishna Mari Drashtie, etc.

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Warhammer Invasion the Card Game: Deck Building Strategies

When looking at the cards trying to decide what to put in your deck, it is easy to be surprised by the high cost cards. The problem is that without the right amount of inexpensive cards, the big dogs will never see you play.

You need a reasonable number of cards that cost 3 or fewer resources with a single loyalty symbol on the board. Our playgroup has named these First Turn Cards (FTC) *.

To create a balanced deck, you need to have a large inexpensive card base that allows you to start sourcing cards and resources from scratch. This is why cards like Warpstone Dig (a zero-cost neutral support card that provides 1 hammer) are on the restricted list.

Warpstone Excavation is a free hammer that, when played early, can generate 5 to 7 resources or cards within the scope of a game. The inexpensive cards are huge to help you develop a presence on the board before your opponent. Below is my Dark Elf / Undead Deck that I plan to bring to Gen Con for the tournament. This deck works by sacrificing its own units for effects, so it costs a little lower than most, but it still serves as a good example.

Units(number x cost + loyalty, bold indicates FTC)

3 times 0____ Veteran Sellswords

3 times 0 + 1L Traveling sacrifice

3 times 1 + 1L Dark initiate

3 times two____ Crypt ghouls

3 times 2 + 1L Dwarf slavs

3 times 2 + 2L Essence Thief

3 times 2 + 2L Vile sorceress

3 x 5____ Mr. Wight

3 x 6 + 3L Monster from the deep

21 FTC Units

Support for

3 times 0____ Warpstone Excavation

3 times 1____ Disputed town

3 times 2 + 2L Slave pen

12 FTC Support


3 x 0 + 3L Whip the prisoner!

3 x 1 + 2L of dark visions

3 x 1____ Warpstone Experiments

2 x 2____ Burn it

3 x 2 + 2L Sacrifice to Khaine

As you can see, out of a 50-card deck, 33 of the cards can be played on turn 1 to earn me resources and cards for future rounds. That’s 66%, which means that it is likely that 4-5 cards can be played from my starting hand not counting the mulligan. The Dark Elves are an extreme example, as I said earlier, as many of these units are sacrificial meat. As a generic wait rule, I would use the following numbers as a starting point:

26 pcs. — 13 FTC

12 Support – 9 FTC

This gives you 22 FTC that comprise 44% of your deck. On your first draw, 3 of your 7 cards should be playable without counting your mulligan.

When you start to think about the odds of drawing the cards you need, the importance of a 50-card deck becomes even more important. Always keep this in mind when building your decks and be selective when choosing your cards. You can always take it out and try something else, but throwing a bunch of cards together doesn’t give any of them a chance.


  • First turn cards

COD Black Ops Prestige Edition – a package worth your money

The most anticipated game of the year comes with two special editions, COD Black Ops Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition. The impressive game itself, “Black Ops,” has been generating $ 650 million in its first five days of availability. This isn’t actually a surprise to COD fans, as the previous disc belonged to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which was released in late 2009.

The main character for most of the game is an Alex Mason and players will play through various points in Mason’s career as he is a soldier, a spy, and an assassin. Black Ops will keep players mesmerized for the 7 to 9 hours it takes to carry out the single player campaign as the plot twists and turns within different and interesting missions. However, for most Call of Duty fans it is all about multiplayer and this year’s episode does not fail. Treyarch, as the game’s developer, has set up a gamble mode, which is obviously meant to be the star, with COD points, players can customize their characters, ads, weapons, etc., while maintaining the standard Deathmatch, Domination and Headquarters. .

This year’s COD Black Ops Prestige Edition comes with RC-XD, a remote vehicle that is also used in the game to destroy enemies. The car equipped with a camera and microphone through which people can observe the surroundings. One really won’t have to worry about rolling it up as it is made from a high quality, lightweight but solid plastic. The remote control has a monitor to view the images transmitted from the camera on RC-XD and it is well done too. There are 2 speed modes available, medium and high. The high speed mode gives the RC-XD a significant boost and makes the RC a bit unwieldy in a small space. The medium speed mode allows you to navigate the car without difficulty and use the camera stealthily.

COD Black Ops Hardened Edition is also included in COD Black Ops Prestige Edition, players can have 4 additional cooperative maps, limited edition collectible medals and also an exclusive avatar outfit for the home. Treyarch also released several products associated with COD Black Ops such as Black Ops Glasses which are helpful in protecting eyes from fatigue and drying out while gaming, other interesting items were the exclusive mouse and also headphones.

Lay haiku

Muse, I have looked for you

Fully absorbed, the greatest

Blooming, speechless


Breath taking out

Bleeding Heart Essences

Enlightened feelings


Joyful New Years thoughts

Life’s journey is about to begin

Libra, Harmony


Early morning breeze

Sweet hearts delight, lovers embrace

Aroma of coffees, they kiss


Just let yourself go

Live easily, without worries

Would you know what to do


When you feel golden

And you don’t want to miss it …
Take a quick selfie!


I also have some thoughts

The world is mine, I am the boss

You love me, now what?


The dawn lights up the smile

Live in space to breathe

Without exception


Rice terraces tour

Some interesting wood crafts …
Magnificent view!


Eternal golden years

Most impressive experience

I come graciously!


Merry Christmas

From my London inspired home

My best wishes to all!


Never more!

Shake, sound and roll fun ride

Terrible feeling!


Be your own sun

Be happy … express yourself

Share the joy with the world!


Take control of your life

You can make the difference

Trust yourself, be brave!


Weekend fun on the Red Sea!

It’s time to sanibelize

Sand, beach, get lazy!


My pod is ready

Seven-year expenses

Must celebrate soon


Hubert, the dog of my dreams

Loves to smell and snoop

Hanging upside down


“We are alone at last …
I love you, what do you hear from? Let’s run-

Far from this field …


Bewitching nature

When I walk you hug me

You and I are one


A gentle river

flows and reflects the sky

birds singing nearby


Flawless lazy day

With my human by my side

I see, you’re jealous!


As a tooth doctor

I have my darkest secret

I love Tooth-Cake!


Waking selfies

In motivational mode, goal

Nostalgic feeling


On this bench i would sit

I’d daydream about you and me

Then we would have it all!


Wakes up in spring

Breathing golden grass in summer

Crimson falls and then sleeps …


Take care of the little things

Those you would always remember

But never mention


Marine congestion

Happy! Then a lot of laughs

Aromatic wind


Italian thongs,

Chinese japanese gold tubes,



“how much is it?” I asked

here in the language of commerce

for travel bargain


Can you walk through me

Wait or just look around

You know i’m here


Capture all my words

I write stories … Real … Fiction …
That is entertainment!


What you want

I’m here to hold you, to keep you

But I am delicate …


Climbing to the top

Gently, kind, friendly, accommodating …
Cooling down the heat, ahhhhhh!


I get up and go

with auspicious sparkling fingers

the golden fame is mine



Feeling a little anxious

in a hopeful way



Worried. Hesitant

Aromatic bombardment …


We met

I want French kiss experience

by the Tower of Love.


My human loves me

I feel great, I celebrate-

Kissing her face


You make me happy

in ways no one else does

I love to drink tea


Hot day adventure

A transcendental kindness

Pure happiness


Forgotten flowers

Once the cold grip of winter is released

Shines fresh, intact


A delight of nature

Peacefully falling water

And i look pretty


“My light illuminates you!”

The sun promises the earth.

“You owe me nothing”

With a LOVE like this …
The whole world will be brighter …
United … No WAR!


Flip-flop here I come …
Once a slowly crawling creature

Then dazzling wings sprout!


Pink gem in the yard

Inspiring … bright … flourishing …
curving up … then down


The flower boat is coming

Starting from the geisha

Peter Pan runs away


With the smiling cloud,

Enraptured flowers, bees, birds,

Spring breezes rise


With my fingertips

I see more than the seers

who have blinded themselves


Windy … cloudy sky

Dance along golden yellow

The field of sunflowers shines


Surprised … Sissy screamed,

“I’m late for my recital!”

For the little brother’s mischief …


We dance, we laugh, we tangle

Purely romance with the past

Nostalgia for lust!


I just have to breathe

I’d take over and live my life

A breakthrough!


Fantasy exists

Burning light of pure desire

Sometimes I wonder …


‘until death do us part!

You tamed me … here is a flower

I am with nine lives …


Call to happiness

The end of the summer day brings

Freshness, softness and peace


Art Game advances

For the love of Haiku stay

Music Passion play …


Ruby fruit effect.

Wildly inviting, waiting …
Priceless juicy joy!


All daylight

‘tutti fruiti orange heart

Happily danced to youth


I’m bored, stop that!

Do not shoot! You’re blocking my way!

Leave me alone, please!


Laughing ocean waves

True joy of freedom and youth

I grew old with a smile …



and thoughts out of nowhere

Living but lifeless …


Squiggles, squiggles

However, I focus on the lamb

Reflecting my goal



Watchful, overwhelming

Oh maranatha!


In me my jesus

abounds in joy, peace, smile, love

an absolute truth


I get up and go

with auspicious sparkling fingers

the golden fame is mine


What you want,

I am here to hold you, to hold you.

But i’m delicate


Be your own sun

be happy express yourself

Share happiness with the world


Capture this moment

I shine to light up your day



Young couple kissing

Grandpa looking through them

to his sunny past


with a little luck

Two ducks near the Tower of Love.

Trapped inside the jar

“Quack!”, Quacks loving duck.

Froggy’s Lemon Dream Jar …
Here they fell in love!


“I thought raindrops were falling?”

charlatans duck under the umbrella.

Wondering who got mad?


Keep dreaming, don’t give up!

Everything is possible

and I love the donut


Balancing toes, body twists …
The lovely marquise wanted to be



I dreamed, you and me.

We danced to some crazy blues …
The aliens were with us!


Aliens, right?

Supposedly we all are.

A bit of blues … Everything is one!


A crushing jet plane.

Thunder, lightning everywhere:

This time no bombs are falling.


Circus in spring

Children play, the kiss of the hippos … Floating eye!

Munchausen laughs …


A hole to escape!

Run quickly! We are only having

Family Picnic …


Join me in the game …
Click on the ink to understand …
Picture from my art set!


Waterfalls and chaos

I see a new beginning.

The world continues to evolve …


Life as a bus

Red stops to float, green progresses

Yellow cools its time …


Beauty in the night

Skeleton Knight Lover

Terrifying sanctuary



Torn fairy lives … Stand up against

Fierce angel warrior


Mix of your dreams

Bewitching torment or trance

A comforting wish


A gathering.

Welcome everyone! Relax!

A bloodthirsty race …


I loved my salad days …
Wines Coffee breaks. Sweet Kisses.

Some lucky getaways!


Party all night

Be fierce, be wild, be yourself

For once … live freely!


Undersea world

Everything is refreshing

A colorful place!


On the mermaid’s back … ‘Shark!

While behind each belle, a Shrek!

Butt … Puss in Boots?

or an advance:

Butt end … A cunt? ( LOL)

Hello Master Kitty!

The cat, the puss in boots.


“Oh no! Meow, not me!”

confused with litter box.

“Don’t leave traps around!”

“Big One, forgive me.

Purr to show that I love you.

Do you want to smell my ass? “


Hurrah! The Avengers!

They just entered the party!

Godzilla, watch out!


A shark awakens!

Enormous! With a big mouth and sharp teeth!

Angry and hungry!


In my exuberant cosmos.

The earth announcing its place.

Memories arise


A family tour.

Jueseppi’s House is hot.

Dad said, “Eat ice cream!”


North, East, West and South.

Heat waves here or sandstorms there.

The desert is dry …


Imagine a world

Where your every move matters.

Look out for the next train …


Rush hour, train change …
Thanks for the seller of the subway!

Hotdog is a blessing


The family reunites!

Dad, mom, ladybug and little brother …
I miss them so much.


Feeling the heat

of the sun, joy of laughter

around … great nap!


Flashes fell!

Saving family fun.

“BEEEEEEP!” Says Road Runner.


Men / Vices / Virtues

Name them all … ‘accept it or not

I still love my man


Frozen … speechless …
Hallowe’en! Ghosts roam …
The night of terror begins


Youth dance, longing!

In hip-hop, jump, spin, spin, dip …
What promise does it hold?


A crushing jet plane.

Thunder, lightning everywhere:

This time no bombs are falling.


December is here

Adorn my tall and short tree

What a Christmas glow


The three little fairies

-bright eyes, tousled hair …
Sweet spring flowers


Haiku is fun too!

Creative crowds love it.

Tests. No duck soup


Hurrah! That is wonderful!

We are here to have fun, win friends!

More lay haiku!

Guitar Hero Review (PS2)

Guitar Hero is a fun music game for PS2. Guitar Hero developer Harmonix had previously created Amplitude and before Frequency. All three of these games are music-based games where you have to strum or button through a song. Frequency was the first, and in my opinion (and that of my friends) better than the sequel Amplitude. While Amplitude had a much better shared multiplayer view, the songs weren’t that great and the feeling of playing the music actually decreased a lot on Amplitude. So when the kids come to play at my house, we generally use Frequency and not Amplitude.

Guitar Hero continues the tradition and I think it is an improvement over Amplitude. It actually includes a guitar controller, which is a medium-sized plastic guitar with five colored buttons on the neck. You “strum” a two-inch-long lever, and the guitar even includes a flexible bar. But you don’t have to use this peripheral if you don’t want to. Using the controller is a lot like frequency or amplitude, except sometimes you have to hold down notes over time, which was not a feature in previous games.

But the guitar peripheral makes it so much more fun, you’ll want to use it. The joystick capability is only useful when you are playing in two player mode against a friend and cannot afford to buy a second guitar.

But how do you really play a song? Easy to learn, difficult to master. The colored buttons on the neck correspond to colored dots on the moving score of the song. The sheet music is really getting closer to you, and when the colored dots are getting closer and crossing a line right in front of you, you need to hold down the correct colored button while strumming the guitar. The note will then change to a different one, so you will have to change your fingering before your next strum. Is easier than it looks like. Visit the IGN website to view the Guitar Hero videos.

How is? Fun fun fun! This is a great game with great songs and great multiplayer action. I’ve only played it in multiplayer with one controller, but getting a second guitar there would be even more fun. I invited my friends to play this game and they all raved about it. If you like listening to music and you have a PS2 then you owe it to yourself to at least give this game a try.

Problems? Yes a little bit. My biggest complaint (although not that big in absolute terms, this is a great game) is that mapping music tracks to game tracks is not as fun as many of the tracks in Frequency and Amplitude. In that game, you would have a lot of fun and really enjoy how the developers arranged the tracks. Guitar Hero doesn’t have the same creativity when it comes to laying out the tracks. Also, the game increases in difficulty too quickly. The hardest scenario is clearly impossible for everyone without a genetically enhanced metabolism. (This was also an issue with frequency and amplitude.)

But don’t let those things distract you from what would otherwise be a very fun game. And if you don’t want to splurge on full price right away, you can give Frequency a try. It is an older game so it is now in many bargain bins. It’s a real gem and you can try this style of play for under $ 10.

Monster Freedom PSP Slim and Lite Guide

Here comes a new game looking to be the next craze on Sony’s PSP? Monster Hunter Freedom. Is Sony’s PlayStation Portable the new home of an exciting title? Monster Hunter Freedom. If you’re the type of gamer looking for butt kicks and lots of monster hunting action then you’ve come to the right place. Because it is an RPG, you can expect this to be a really exciting experience for the player, particularly with the amount of morbidity and excitement that comes with it. You are an aspiring monster hunter. You are in a world of primitive peasants. But this spooky atmosphere is what an aspiring adventurer like you is looking for, right?

You will first have to solve a few things before starting your adventure in Monster Hunter Freedom. From there, you can choose the exact details of your character’s physical appearance from face, skin color, hair type, etc.

When you start the game, the first thing you will have to do is look across the small village and examine the entire scene. From there, you start to tour the entire town and observe the entire scene. And while you’re at it, you can take a look at some stores where you can discover missions to join and complete.

Once you’re done checking out the shops, you can proceed to the guild, which is the best place for the real action. Outside, there are older villagers and girls. There will also be mysterious tutorial missions given to you by the elders, but don’t be fooled. What appear to be tutorial missions can be, and indeed, real missions!

And speaking of missions, many adventurous players can be frustrated to find that some of the first missions featured in this game are well below their challenge level. Well, all you need is patience here, as all the encounters you will make and the skills you will acquire at this stage will prove very useful in the long run.

Your true sense of adventure begins when you face an outraged opponent. Also, there is a creepy looking monster lurking and it might be waiting for an opportunity to attack you!

The camera angle for this game definitely makes it doubly difficult to maintain close range of view to those monsters. It can also be annoying trying to take on all these evil monsters with the controls. You’ll need to make the most of your speed to help fix problems like this.

And if that’s not enough, do you always have four weapons in your arsenal? a crossbow, a sword, a hammer and a spear. Completing various missions throughout the game will reward you with some other better weapons and abilities, which will come in handy later in the game.

Although the game and camera controls can be quite difficult at times, this is an overall fun game, especially when you are in the mood to hunt monsters.