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The joys and dangers of oil rubbed bronze finishes

Bronze finishes provide consumers with highly versatile colors for cabinet hardware. This range of finishes can be used in classic and contemporary hardware designs for your kitchen or bathroom. In recent years, oil rubbed bronze finishes, in particular, have become extremely popular for kitchen and bathroom accents, such as cabinet hardware.

The savvy consumer should be aware that many manufacturers offer smooth, uniform bronze finishes designated as “oil rubbed bronze” which are actually plated bronze finishes. Silver bronze finishes can be beautiful and are optimal for those looking for a warm but even look.

The color, in fact, the highly textured look of a real oil rubbed bronze finish is considered “vivid” and ranges from black to a golden brown coloration over time. Those who want such an authentic oil rubbed bronze finish should be aware that it will change as the oils on your hands ‘mature’ the finish on your knobs and pulls. This diverse patina can add depth and texture to hardware accents.

We can compare the vivid look of oil rubbed bronze finishes to yarn dye batches when weaving or crocheting. It has been suggested that the yarn be purchased from a dye lot to create a better looking garment. With oil rubbed brass knobs and pulls, it’s best to buy an extra item or two to take your look into the future in case you need to replace a knob or pull or if additional cabinets are added to your space.

We hope this short article serves as a starting point for consumers to educate themselves on the range of bronze finishes and the pros and cons of uniform vs. Hardware finishes for living cabinets. Purists who delight in the natural range of rich finishes and those seeking consistency should clarify their selections with their hardware vendor and submit inquiries to manufacturers directly if necessary.

Options in white kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are a versatile option for every home’s kitchen. When it comes to cabinets, they are an important part of every room, be it a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. They are not only intended to increase usability and store things, but also complement the room.

Kitchen cabinets can be available in many types, styles, and designs. You can get the most luxurious ones for your kitchen but like many people, you will get tired of seeing them. There are not many people in this world who can afford to remodel their kitchens every year. Therefore, it is wise to select a design for your kitchen cabinets that can be pleasing to the eye all the time.

White kitchen cabinets are always the best option. These glazed or aged cabinets can look amazing. The key is to keep them and make sure they complement the kitchen. Take a look at the kitchen cabinet options available:

Wood and Cream:
Wood textured cream kitchen cabinets can look really amazing. The wood effect can make the kitchen look spacious and warm.

White and light green:
White can be combined with any color. Although white alone can look great too, but if another color is used in combination, it can be an additional addition to the kitchen. Pale green would be perfect in combination with white.

Pink walls and white cabinets:
Wall paint can also be a complementary factor for your kitchen. Pink walls and white cabinets can look fabulous. The pink wall is a light color shade that will make the kitchen look spacious. Also, if you put in some nice accessories like colored vases, you can make the kitchen look fabulous again. Those with glass door fronts should go for this idea easily.

Contemporary white:
If you just want your kitchen to look classy without anything cheesy, contemporary white is the best option. With high-quality furniture, it will be ideal to make your kitchen a charming place. Stainless steel countertops with contemporary white cabinets can look really shiny.

White cabinets and appliances:
Installing white appliances with white cabinets can be a great idea. Now, what can be your white appliances? It could be your dishwasher, pendant lights over the kitchen cabinet, white lanterns, or even a white refrigerator. This will make the place look warm and spacious.

There are many other options to do with white kitchen cabinets. The key is to always make the kitchen look as stylish as possible. However, don’t make decisions that may look good for a short period of time. This can be unfortunate in the end. Those who are planning to remodel their kitchens should go for this option. It can be much more affordable than buying new cabinets. You can also paint your old cabinets. This will be a profitable remodeling idea. Even those who are preparing their home can select white kitchen cabinets. These cabinets will never age. The trend for white cabinets was created a long time ago. Therefore, you can easily select this idea without worrying about durability. Personalize the kitchen as per your choice by completing it with various decor pieces along with the white cabinets.

Why granite countertops?

When choosing the right countertop material for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area, you have a wide variety of options. And a wide variety of prices! Learn about the options and their costs, both the initial investment and the lifetime value; it will be a most worthwhile effort. In this article, we’ll outline the various options and show you how granite can be a high-value option, without the high price tag.

Laminate countertops

Let’s start with the laminate. Laminate countertops are your basic, inexpensive countertops. Typically made from a plastic laminate material glued to a hardboard surface, laminate countertops offer a seemingly limitless variety of color and pattern options. Today’s laminate can even mimic the look of natural stone with photographic renderings of granite and edging that are similar in style to those seen on natural stone countertops. But because laminate is the lowest priced countertop option, it has its limitations. Laminate is easily damaged and not easily repaired. Knives and other sharp objects can scratch or scratch the laminate, and heat from hot pots and plates can burn or bubble the surface. Since the laminate is like veneer, there is no room to polish the damage. Laminate countertops won’t last a lifetime either. You should expect to have the laminate replaced within 10-15 years.

Solid Surface Countertops

Next we have the synthetic solid surface countertops. The best known solid surface countertop product is Corian. Solid surface countertops are comprised primarily of plastics with stained glass, plastic, and other materials to provide color and design variations. While solid surface countertops don’t look like natural stone, they do provide a flawless look. Because solid surface countertops can be custom made to almost any size and specification, long or oddly shaped countertop areas can be covered with a single solid piece. Solid surface countertops are scratch and burn resistant and can be repaired if damaged. Many people believe that solid surface countertops are a ‘notch below’ granite from an aesthetic perspective and therefore their price may surprise you. Solid Surface Countertop Prices; from about $ 40 per linear foot; it is actually taller than many styles of granite.

Quartz countertops

Somewhere between natural and synthetic stone countertops are engineered stone or quartz countertops. DuPont Zodiaq countertops are a popular quartz countertop option and are available in impressive color and pattern variations. Quartz countertops are composed of ground quartz that is mixed with colorants, synthetics, and other materials to form a unique, natural look not found in solid surface countertops. However, quartz countertops are expensive. With a price starting at around $ 45 per linear foot, it’s actually higher than granite, too.

Recycled glass countertops

A new countertop option that is gaining popularity is recycled glass countertops. For homeowners choosing to “go green,” recycled glass countertops don’t just look good, they feel good, too! Recycled glass is exactly what its name suggests. Used glass of all types and colors is broken and ground, and combined with bonding and coloring agents to form unique colors and patterns. But because there are only a few manufacturers of recycled glass countertops; and the product is in great demand: the price is high.

Granite countertops

And finally, we have our personal favorite: granite countertops. The elegance of granite is second to none. Step into a kitchen with granite countertops and you’ll immediately notice. Because granite is natural stone, its random color variations and patterns are not matched by any man-made materials or processes. Shopping for granite is fun too. To choose the right granite for your home, you can visit quarries and showrooms that have large slabs to view. By viewing the granite slab in its entirety, you can see wide patterns and variations that are not visible in small samples. Granite is very durable and resistant to stains, scratches or burns. Granite can be repaired in some cases, unless the damage is deep or completely cracked. Granite is also a solid value. Because it is considered a luxury item by most, granite countertops will add resale value to your home. And what most people don’t realize is that this ‘luxury item’ may actually cost less than less expensive materials.

Save on granite

Save On Granite offers 10 of the most popular granite styles at just $ 35 per installed square foot. Of the countertops mentioned above, when it comes to price, granite countertops are second only to laminate. How valuable is that?

So after doing your homework, visiting a few showrooms or quarries, and talking to others about your experiences, consider granite countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar remodel. You will be happy you did!

Corian sinks: do people like them?

I have noticed in some of my website traffic statistics that multiple people have found my website or blog on Google by asking this question. Do people like Corian sinks?

As with almost anything, there are those who love them and think they are the best thing that can happen to a kitchen countertop. On the other hand, I often come across people who absolutely hate their Corian sink. And by the way, I’m saying “Corian” sink, but it’s actually the same with all solid surface brands. Although there are serious and definite differences in the quality of one solid surface sump to another, the issues that determine whether people like them or not are basically the same.

The main thing people love about their Corian sinks is the undercounter recessed installation. Provides a smooth ride for any crumbs or mess you wipe off the countertop. There is no part of the sink above the counter, so there is nothing in the way that can catch the crumbs and cause the edges of the sink to shoot up, which would take extra effort to clean.

Another benefit that makes people love your Corian sink is the fact that there is nothing to seal or caulk. It’s just that it’s nice and simple without any maintenance other than basic cleaning.

What most people complain about with Corian sinks is the staining that will occur if you don’t care about keeping the sink clean. Life keeps people very busy and the hectic routine of the day can make it more likely that you will dump your last coffee in the sink and then dance out the door before it goes down the drain. If things like coffee, tea, or other colored liquids are allowed to sit in the sink and are not cleaned almost immediately, the yellowish stain becomes a major source of unhappiness for the owner.

If stained, they can be put back in good new condition with vigorous cleaning, but most homeowners don’t know exactly how to do vigorous cleaning. They usually give it a gentle clean and maybe let the sink sit with bleach and then wring it out. That alone won’t do it, but I’ll cover it in another article.

Do people like Corian sinks? Yes. And no.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs

The kitchen is normally the area of ​​the house in which the woman spends the most time, but in many homes it is the man who cooks. Anyone who cooks knows that the kitchen is an important area of ​​the house and should look good at all times. You can’t cook a good meal and feel good about what you’re doing if your kitchen is a mess and you don’t like it. You don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen if it’s ugly. You should consider having a backsplash on the wall as this adds a lot of character to the kitchen.

You can have almost any mosaic backing you want; There are no limits. It is up to you to decide what you want in your kitchen, so make a good choice with the backrest because it is not easy to remove. The backing of a mosaic is just pictures in separate tiles that make a big picture when the tiles are placed together on the wall, like a puzzle, except they are real tiles. You should also look at the color of the rest of the furniture and kitchen items before making your choice, otherwise it may not work. Backsplash plates can be shiny or plain.

The image can be large or small. All the little specs are up to you. You make the decision; it’s your kitchen. They are beautiful and can really complement your kitchen, especially if you think it looks boring. Your kitchen may be missing something; If it looks simple, you may just need a backsplash to brighten it up a bit. Colors are essential. Don’t put dark colors on your tiles or too white. Bright colors will go well on the wall.

You can also customize it if you want. There should be someone in your area or at least nearby to customize it. It would be nice to have a large family backsplash on your kitchen wall. It doesn’t have to be a big picture if you don’t want it to be, and if you don’t mind staring at yourself while you cook, then you can have a familiar picture. Otherwise, you can have a photo of the children. It really is a beautiful idea and many people are considering it in their homes.

You just have to be 100% sure of the image you choose before finishing it. Make sure it’s what you want. They are very common on the wall above the stove, but can be placed anywhere. You don’t have to be alone in one place. Another good idea with backsplashes is to have one on each side of the kitchen if it is a large room. If you are going to make the kitchen look uneven with a picture on one side and nothing on the other side, make another one on the opposite side, but if you think it looks good then there is no reason for you to add another.

Learning all about pearl blue granite

Pearl blue granite is a useful and beneficial option when people want to install granite countertops in their kitchen. Granite is perhaps the second strongest stone in the world and is a popular building material. Blue granites are the rarest and therefore the most expensive of the granites that can be found throughout the world. This granite belongs to this family of colors and has a silvery blue hue that makes it beautiful and appreciated. Norway is where this particular shop is mined and distributed around the world as a raw material for making tiles and countertops.

Exploring the characteristics of blue pearl granite:

Although the name of the stone indicates a blue color, in reality, the stone is not true blue and looks more metallic blue or silver. People can get a sample to check the color properly. The stone is made up of excessive amounts of quartz and mica in the stone and when polished they give the stone a pearly sheen which has contributed to its name. Specks of white, black, gray, and bluish-gray make up the color of the stone’s surface. A heavily veined color pattern can be found in this granite instead of the colored veins often seen in many stones.

When people visit a pearl blue granite company, they will find that the color of this stone can vary from piece to piece and even vary in one piece. Some slabs have a blue tint, while others are closer to silver in terms of shade and tone. Instead of having a tight pattern across the entire surface, this granite can have large sections of black and white concentrated in one area. Blue pearl slabs can be lighter on one end and darker on the other and can have black quartz splatters inside their surface and can be used to make unique kitchen countertops.

Types of pearl blue granite:

There are several types of blue pearl granite and their price varies depending on the type that people choose. Depending on the location from which it is mined, the shades of this form of granite can vary. One of the brightest, bluest and most expensive stones is the Blue Pearl GT, while royal blue has a lighter background and also has deep blue crystals on its surface. A variation closer to gray or silver than blue is defined as the Marina Pearl. In addition, instead of a polished surface, it is also possible to find this particular type of stone polished to give a matte finish. The price varies according to your selection.

Due to its special properties, stone is extremely expensive and therefore not entirely affordable for everyone. People often have to forego this option when designing their countertops. However, they must find a manufacturer who can offer them a reasonable price. We are a company that charges a competitive rate and can provide you with all kinds of pearl blue granite.

Big Boss Grill – As Seen on TV

Big Boss Grill is a kit that aims to make your kitchen a better place to work. This kit consists of a grill plate, mini donut maker, waffle iron, tortilla maker and sandwich maker. The Big Boss grill’s best selling point is its interchangeable non-stick plates. This offers to give you the best kitchen appliances and 50 recipe books with which you can prepare delicious dishes at home in just 5 minutes. The Big Boss Grill recipes are very easy to follow as the language of the book is easy and interesting.

The Big Boss grill is meant to simplify cooking with advanced appliances. It is a set of all the appliances that make cooking easy, fast and clean. This grill, as seen on TV, comes with a storage rack where you can store the non-stick plates that are interchangeable every time you do the dishes and then easily clean them after your work is done. Are there incidents where we feel like cooking takes a long time? Sometimes it is frustrating to clean dishes when eating food. This 6-in-1 appliance kit has been designed with the needs of homemakers and working women in mind who don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

If you look closely, this whole kit saves you a lot of time. The appliances are automatic and do not require much management when cooking. Also, the dishes are very easy to clean unlike other dishes, so washing dishes becomes less harsh. Although it is multifunctional, this kit costs only $ 59.85. If you cannot pay in one payment, the company offers a simple 3-payment monthly plan. Each payment is only $ 19.95 plus shipping. Along with the Big Boss grill, you get the Big Boss helicopter for free.

In case you haven’t seen the Big Boss Grill infomercial yet, this review would suffice. It’s basically a food prep grill so you might be wondering what’s so special about it that you can’t get in other kitchen appliances. The difference lies in the quality and the promise to offer the best. You can get this product online. The customer service team helps you to make inquiries about the product so that you can get to know it better. If you’re not satisfied, it also comes with a hassle-free return policy, so you can call it a risk-free investment.

Even though there has been a lot of talk about Big Boss Grill, there are some negative reviews. Some customers complain about not receiving the order on time, while others say that the appliances stop working after a certain time. But after constant use of this grill, within a few months you realize that Big Boss’s so-called kitchen upgrade kit no longer works. However, there are people who say that these types of reviews are completely false since they have had a great time using this kit to make food. Considering the fact that the reviews of the top Big Boss grills are positive, this product is definitely worth a try.

9 current tile options that perfectly match a variety of styles

Choose modern porcelain tiles that have been created with modern technology. They look good in any setting, rustic, traditional and contemporary. However, you need to find the ones that best suit your requirements. The bedroom could use a wood look tile, while the kitchen countertops could use the marble look. The accent wall could use the brick design. The cotto look is great too.

Ample options would live up to any expectation. Porcelain is very durable and imagine the hardwood image printed on it. Inkjet technology prints realistic images of wood textures without the high cost and worry of water exposure. A look at some more wonders!

Livingstyle cream

Succulent and relaxing would be an apt description of this modern decor tile. Many sizes of this matte finish tile make it very convenient.

Livingstyle beige tiles

This one has designs in a matte finish. The classic large-format look fits into open floor plans to connect rooms with different color patterns.

Statuary eden

This marvel reflects the texture of natural marble with the strength of porcelain. Gray streaks on a white background suit accent walls and countertops, bathroom floors, and tub surrounds.

Celeste Taupe

It has a warm look like real wood, with brown knots and grain on a taupe background. Install it in the bedroom along with real wood furniture and neutral-toned bedding.

Ivory Brickstone Porcelain

Combining soft whites with ivory, these tiles look like recycled bricks. Put it on backsplashes and around fireplaces, adding intimate warmth.

Porcelain Watercolor Grigio

If you like tiles with a soft gray matte finish, this is what you need. Accent walls and countertops, as well as floors, would shine with their warmth.

Watercolor Bianco

This tile combines white and cream and suits both neutral and bold tones. Install them to a striking effect around the brass and steel fittings on the shower walls. If installed on the floor, it matches neutral furniture and dark cabinets look good.

Porcelain Nero Turin

Natural aged hardwood is the classic effect of this tile and porcelain brings the power. The black and gray effect works well in damp areas around entryways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Bruno Upscape wood effect

Dark chocolate, if you like! Living rooms or kitchen floors look rich and healthy. Strong enough to withstand high entry and hall traffic. Install in a herringbone pattern on accent walls and floors to attract lots of attention.
Check out the new products page for more information. Porcelains that look like fabric, stone, and concrete may be more attractive.

How To Incorporate The Latest Design Trends Into Your Kitchen Cabinet Siding Project

You can update your kitchen incorporating new kitchen design trends by updating your existing kitchen cabinets. You may want to update your kitchen because prospective buyers will be willing to pay more for an attractive and functional modern kitchen. But a complete kitchen redesign can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months to complete.

There are many kitchen design trends that you can use in your kitchen cabinet renovation project. You can provide new features for your kitchen cabinets, like making them white with light and air, putting in decorative glass doors, or using detailed cabinet hardware.

You can assume that the only way to get a custom look for your kitchen is to go with a total kitchen overhaul. But, with kitchen cabinet siding, you have all the benefits of a great custom remodel, like better storage and improved functionality, but without the more expensive price tag. Renovating doors and siding kitchen cabinets costs less than having a brand new kitchen installed or even having new cabinets and doors installed.

Custom kitchen cabinet design isn’t the only way to achieve a custom look. Kitchen cabinet siding offers many design options including a variety of handle styles and drawer pulls.

While you may be generally satisfied with the basic design of your kitchen, you can still give your kitchen a whole new look by fitting new cabinet doors into existing cabinet frames.

You can also upgrade the drawer pulls and cabinet hardware.

It is possible to completely change from a traditional wooden kitchen design to a more modern contemporary style. Kitchen cabinets are highly changeable and easily customizable.

What does the touch-up of kitchen cabinets entail? Well casing allows you to select custom materials, custom accessories, and custom styles to give your cabinets a like-new appearance. Laminate cladding materials are made from real furniture quality hardwoods such as birch, alder, maple, oak, cherry, and walnut. You can choose to make flat or raised panels, shakers, shaker boards, flange finish, or high-end miter doors. With lining your existing kitchen cabinets, you can take advantage of the existing cabinet box structure as it is already in place and therefore you don’t need to remove countertops, spoil the flooring, or anything else. During a repair job, it’s also easy to hide the hinges, as well as hide the knob or handle hardware.

Creating a light and open look

Today, everyone wants their kitchen to look bright and open. When selecting a cabinet front, try adding a white cabinet door. The light color will bring a crisp look to your kitchen and make the space more welcoming.

Remove the cabinet doors

If you have old cabinets that are in good condition, you can simply remove the doors entirely. You can turn your existing cabinets into open shelving. Interior shelves can be removed or reconfigured within existing cabinet frames for a completely modern and updated look.

You can remove just a few cabinet doors and use those cabinets to display dishes and glassware.

Food storage: safe storage of leftovers

After a big party or dinner celebration, deciding what to do with a table full of leftovers may not be the main thing on your mind, but it is an important part of the party. It’s certainly a shame to waste good food, but letting leftovers sit out of temperature control can be unsafe.

Any food that is left out for more than two hours is likely to develop harmful bacteria and should be discarded. This applies to any part of the food, and is especially important if the leftovers have been left out in the heat of summer. This is true for both hot and cold foods, so be sure to serve the food immediately before mealtime and put anything that is standing still as soon as the meal is finished.

Bacteria thrive between 41 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, this is known as the “Danger Zone” temperature for food storage. As soon as the food reaches that range, bacteria begin to grow immediately, so the less time you spend in that area, the safer the food will be.

Wrap it up!

How should you handle what’s left?

• Store only food that you know was handled safely in the first place and has not been contaminated by double dipping or by multiple hands picking it. If you’ve been sitting outside in your backyard, get rid of it.

• Be honest in evaluating what you are likely to eat for the next three to four days. While no one likes to throw food away, it’s not worth storing it in the fridge only to end up throwing it away anyway. If you want to save them, freeze them immediately.

• Make sure you store food correctly. Pack meats separately from vegetables and grains. Mark storage containers or bags with the names of the items and the dates you packed them, plus an expiration date so you can keep track of what to use by when.

• Cool all food completely before storing. Make sure your refrigerator is running to keep food cold enough, preferably no more than 40 degrees. You can help keep the temperature constant by not overloading the fridge, compromising its efficiency – another reason to choose what you’re saving!

• When reheating, leftovers must reach a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 seconds to kill bacteria. This is best done on the stove or in the oven, as microwaves do not heat evenly and some areas may heat properly and others may not be hot enough. Be sure to use a thermometer to check the temperature, removing the food from the heat source before checking to make sure you are getting an accurate reading and not just measuring the temperature of your heat source.

In conclusion

Storing leftovers safely not only prevents you from wasting delicious food, but it also prevents the growth of dangerous bacteria and limits your exposure to foodborne illness. Hot or cold food should not be left out for more than 2 hours. Be selective about what you decide to save and be sure to eat it in a couple of days.

When in doubt, throw it out!