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Dream, Then Do It: Find Your Niche In Life: Part 3 Of A 3-Part Series

This is the final installment of a 3-part series that examines how we are in control of our own destiny and how we can positively force ourselves to find our niche in life, achieve our dreams, and achieve our goals along the way. In this final article, I’ll share with you a real-life example of how to use positive energy, effort, and willpower to turn a worrying situation into a positive experience. I call this:

First acting experience of “Mimi Bloopers”

I decided to follow my dream of becoming a composer and performer as I approached middle age. It was not a hasty decision based on a midlife crisis, but lay dormant in my subconscious for a long time. I loved acting and was just waiting for the right moment to refocus this passion.

My sister Rosemarie, who was a stroke victim at the age of 42 and also a member of OPUS (Organization of “People Undaunted By Stroke”) in Westchester County, fueled my desire to have a songwriting and performance experience sooner. of a live audience. New York. She was my biggest fan, and she used all her influence to prepare me for my first public performance. I didn’t know how he did it, but the auditorium was packed with an incredible audience. I must admit that that day I was extremely nervous, afflicted by a severe case of stage fright. He was so stressed that he had developed a mild case of laryngitis. In my performance I used a variety of costumes, hats, wigs, and accessories to convey the theme. and the mood of my personal compositions along with some Broadway tunes that I had planned to sing. I don’t smoke, but I decided to act really cute that day and smoke a cigarette while singing, trying to inhale the smoke and push it up my nose. That was the dumbest thing he could have ever done. You should have tried practicing at home rather than in front of a live audience. I burned my nostrils, which made me cough terribly, bringing tears to my eyes. The more I choked on the cigarette, the more the wig moved towards my eyes. He was terrified that it would catch fire. What a sight, there I was on stage looking absolutely ridiculous in my crooked wig, rotten sneakers three sizes up, and a huge feather boa wrapped around my neck trying to sing “Elegance” from “Hello, Dolly.”

In my extreme nervousness, my voice began to break when I reached the highest pitch, and as I moved my arms I lost my balance and fell backwards. All my weight slammed into the table support, causing a tall glass vase to crash to the floor. Luckily, I didn’t cut myself when I fell. There were crystals all over the floor and a chair next to the round table stand. Immediately, as if it were a signal, a janitor appeared out of nowhere on stage and began to whistle while sweeping the broken glass. My singing teachers always advised me that if I was ever caught in a situation that distracts me while performing, I should stay focused and continue singing. The crowd roared with laughter as they watched the janitor’s ostensible comedy act in the background as I sang. How horrible, they called my nonsense COMEDY. At that very moment, I knew that my so-called career had ended as soon as it had started.

The career he hoped to start was as a professional singer, not as a comedian. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up. Nothing was going well. I was so upset. I packed everything up and got out of the building as fast as I could.

In the car I didn’t say much to my sister even though she was trying to sound cheerful. He was far from euphoric. On the contrary, I started crying, muttering that I shouldn’t have gotten into this business. Maybe I should have listened to Mom and continued singing with the church choir as a backup singer. I began to regret all the expenses I had incurred to get to this point. The purchase of a new piano, private piano lessons and trained voice, time invested in my musical compositions, 2 years of vocal training at the Leneve School of Music and Art, a professional recording of two of my songs, all to no avail. He was in such a bad mood, completely bummed out. Let’s face it, no one is immune from discouragement. It comes to all of us at one point or another, because “Life is a developing process, in which we go from relative ease to crisis points.” My dream was starting to fade when I allowed my positive attitude to be dominated by negative emotions. I had a lot of anticipation for that first performance, but since I didn’t see the results I was hoping for, it fueled my discouragement.

My sister was getting mad at me and she said, “What’s wrong with you? Could you? Please stop all this drama. Enough of this” woe is me! “Mentality. “For being such a positive-minded person, it amazes me. This was your first show and you’re already finishing up? That’s right! Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s awful. You have to learn to go with the flow. You need to crawl first. of walking and walking before running.. So stop being so hard on yourself. To be honest, I thought you were gorgeous and fun. I almost got my pants wet when you choked on the cigarette and the part where you fell and broke the glass. The audience roared. You want people to remember you, right? Look on the bright side. Here’s a great idea … why don’t you try adding some comedic situations to each of your shows? kind of like a variety of vaudeville-style comedy acting. “I remember saying” Isn’t that a bit old-fashioned? ” “Who cares? People need to laugh, and you can always knock them out with songs. Do it, girl.” Thank God for my wise older sister and the humble lesson I learned from all of this.

Since that first experience, despite all the obstacles, setbacks, and failures that I had encountered during my years as a songwriter-performer, I was still able to write and perform more than 25 original songs. I was starting to feel a lot more confident about my progress and future in the entertainment field. There were some years that were more successful than others, until, sadly, an accident ended this chapter of my life.

Once again I found myself on the brink of making a conscious decision to follow another dream with an intense desire to continue with it. Although my performance as a website manager and blogger may seem less attractive, I do not regret the changes in my career. I have now added another heart’s desire to my list of accomplishments as I am working to become a successful writer. This is my goal, this is the hole I want to fill, and when I get there is where I will stay.

As you can see for yourself, having a positive or negative thought process makes a significant difference in finding your niche in life.

Positive-minded people take advantage of all the opportunities available to them, freeing themselves from all self-imposed restrictions. These people not only have a clear picture in their minds of what they want, but also where they are going. They know that if they hold onto that dream long enough, with enough clarity and confidence, it will attract everything it needs to materialize. The person who has a positive attitude towards their role in life will wake up feeling good about themselves and expect incredible things to happen. Occasionally, you will have unfortunate experiences along the way, but the secret to success is not allowing those experiences to rule your daily thoughts. They just keep waiting for more good to happen, and it does happen because “the similar attracts the similar.”

I hope that as you read this article you will get excited and find a new determination to do something successful in your life. If so, then everything I’ve said has been worth it. You are now on the way to progress. Dream, then do it: find your niche in life. It’s already there, waiting for you to claim it.

“Hold on to that dream Never let go … Because it is your strength and courage When you travel the path of life.

Patience is a virtue, but hope is much better. So hold on to that dream Hold on to that dream No matter how old you are. “

Miriam B. Medina

Mesothelioma lawsuit

People with mesothelioma have the legal right under Maryland law to file a mesothelioma lawsuit. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that occurs due to asbestos exposure. You are much more susceptible to this disease if you have worked in places where the probability of inhaling asbestos debris was high. For those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you can obtain compensation from the responsible holding of your asbestos advertising through a mesothelioma lawsuit.

Mesothelioma is a critical illness; many times the generation of its presence was felt 20 or 30 years after the exhibition. Would like to start medical treatment immediately to have a survival rate of more than one year | twelve months. When filing mesothelioma lawsuits in Georgia, you must have a correct understanding of all the complexities associated with filing lawsuits. Make sure you hire a qualified and trained mesothelioma attorney because only then can you be successful in your lawsuit.

Mesothelioma, the disease of the mesothelium, is painful mixed with expensive treatment. The mesothelium is the overlap made through the heart, lungs, and different essential organs of the human body. Protects organs from injury by striking towards the body wall. Generally, in the case of involuntary muscles of the human body, such as the heart, stomach, lungs, etc., the mesothelium plays a fundamental role.

In the course of the respiratory system, air is sucked in, purified in the lungs, and once again the contaminated blood filled with carbon dioxide is removed. In the course of the aforementioned purification process, if small or even microscopic particles are unexpectedly inhaled, those wastes cannot effortlessly exit the lungs and remain trapped within the mesothelium. If such particulate debris builds up in large quantity in the lungs, then it causes many lung-related or heart-thoracic problems. In numerous cases, it eventually results in cancer, known as mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs due to exposure to asbestos. It has an effect on the lining of the lungs and the abdominal cavity. Mesothelioma is a fatal disease with a median survival time of twelve months after diagnosis. Its survival rate can easily increase if it is diagnosed early. Mesothelioma litigation in Baltimore offers you the opportunity to present a case against a party who is responsible for your situation.

No one expects to go to the hospital after working with a company that uses asbestos in the manufacturing process. Nobody wants to handle an expensive lawyer in the courtroom, as it will take time, energy, productivity time, not pointing out losses in all probability that would cause the employee to pay additional money to the organization that employs their situation much more than if they are associated with asbestos. Mesothelioma case before the claims courts.

Mesothelioma is a malignant tumor of the mesothelium resulting from the advertising of asbestos fibers. There are several critical details that one should be aware of if you are considering filing a mesothelioma lawsuit for asbestos. Before filing a lawsuit, you should seek the advice of a reputable mesothelioma attorney for a better understanding of mesothelioma law. A mesothelioma lawsuit gives you just one with sufficient compensation to help cover your legal, medical and ongoing mesothelioma cancer related bills.

Federal US entitles individuals identified with mesothelioma to file a lawsuit against the errant business or businesses. Mesothelioma, being a deadly type of cancer, ruins the prospects for victims and their families. This efficiently means that mesothelioma lawsuits are an essential thing that can mitigate the sufferings of the family.

In the past, as a consequence of exposure to an asbestos material, there have been circumstances in which mesothelioma and melanoma patients have obtained thousands in repair for their cancer diagnosis. Lately, mesothelioma lawsuits help those who have fallen ill with this cancer by providing a variety of reimbursements. Several of those lawsuits have responded to people who have been in contact with asbestos-linked substances in their workplace, and corporations are required to pay damages to their current or former employees for failing to disclose the danger involved in touching asbestos. and related materials.

Victims who are suffering from mesothelioma cancer and are able to file a mesothelioma lawsuit need to keep a few key elements in mind.

What are mesothelioma lawsuits and how do they arise?

$ 5 million continues to be recovered from his mesothelioma litigation filed on behalf of a 70-year-old man who died away from malignant mesothelioma. The man was exposed to asbestos-causing mesothelioma on the job. His profession required the installation of asbestos containing roof tiles. I breathed in the asbestos fibers released by the tiles every day. The fibers have been thrown whenever the tiles are reduced and in good condition. Additionally, he was also exposed to asbestos from working alongside drywall installers who produced asbestos dust by using only asbestos containing joint compound.

Is Mesothelioma Curable? The direct answer to this query is “No”. Well, you will find medications and treatments that help ease the sensation of pain and should help prolong life; however, these remedies are not enough to save lives. The mesothelium refers to the envelope structure of almost every body organ in our system and mesothelioma is cancer that occurs in the mesothelium.

Deaths attributable to mesothelioma cancer have been reported to be increasing in England. By at least one estimate, 2,249 men and women died from malignant mesothelioma in 2008, while 2,156 died from the disease in. From 2006 to 2008, North East England was the geographic area with the highest incidence of mesothelioma deaths. The male death rate was 1 per million. The south-east of England adopted a male mortality rate of 74 deaths per million people.

Asbestos cancer mesothelioma is life threatening for many Navy veterans. This is actually because the Navy used items that contain asbestos extensively. Various cases of asbestos-containing products are gaskets, adhesives, cables, and valves. The areas of a ship where asbestos is present are various and include boiler rooms, dining rooms, engine rooms and navigation rooms. Ships pose too high a risk of asbestos exposure because many areas on board ships are closed, which means that asbestos fibers cannot escape. As such, ship personnel are likely to deal with asbestos fibers on board a ship.

You or a loved one has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Your mind and emotions are on a roller coaster ride, not understanding much, if anything, about this deadly cancer, and never knowing where to present yourself for monetary help from mesothelioma. There is help in the storm. Listed below are many methods for locating mesothelioma monetary help whenever you need it after you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that is the result of exposure to asbestos fibers, and this cancer can reduce lifespan to a point of months from the onset of symptoms. In recent years, the number of mesothelioma cases that come to light has increased dramatically, and in line with this, the number of mesothelioma litigation that is filed has also increased. Because mesothelioma lawsuits became such a big business, many law firms and attorneys now specialize in this area, making it easier for everyone affected by this disease to get the legal assistance they have to file. a mesothelioma lawsuit.

A diagnosis of mesothelioma due to exposure to industrial asbestos can be overwhelming, both emotionally and logistically. A large number of questions appear that at first may seem difficult to find. This article serves as a guide to frequently asked questions about mesothelioma and filing a litigation about mesothelioma.

Documents required for LLP registration

The Limited Liability Company is a new form of business and a really convenient form of business. It is most advantageous for small businesses and startups to start or develop their business with the least risk and convenience. This is the form of business that carries the benefit of limited liability as a company, in addition to achieving the flexibility of the general partnership.. Furthermore, the LLP incorporation procedure is not a complex process if everything is done accurately according to the given law and by providing the detailed documents to the RoC-Registrar of Companies.

Therefore, one must know and be careful with the documents necessary for the incorporation of a company. The list of required documents is mentioned and discussed below:

For LLP registration, designated partners need the following documents:

Documents required for incorporation:

The necessary documents can be divided into two parts. Namely:

  1. Regarding the designated partners
  2. Regarding the registered office

Regarding the designated partners

A person of Indian or foreign nationality can be a designated partner or partner of a limited liability company. The required documents are listed below, respectively:

Nationals of India:

Indian citizens will require these documents:

1. PAN card: (certified by the designated partner or partner)

The copy of the PAN card is a mandatory document for the Incorporation where the Name written on the PAN card will be taken as the name for proof of identity, so it is necessary to keep the PAN Card updated (in case of name change, or marriage) at the time of submitting the documents. In case there is any error on the PAN card, the process will get stuck.

2. Voter ID / Passport / Driver’s License: (Certified by Designated Partner or Partner)

Any of the aforementioned vouchers can be attached with the documents and these vouchers must contain the name and details similar to the name and details indicated on the PAN Card, if they are not, they must be rectified before sending them to the Rock. The documents mentioned above can be used as proof of address of the current address of the Designated Partner. Documents such as electoral card, ration card, Adhaar card, etc. it can also be provided here as proof.

3. Scanned copy of the last bank statement / phone or mobile bill / electricity or gas bill: (certified by designated partner or partner)

Invoices that must be attached as proof of resident and must be more recent or recent, which can be between 2 and 3 months old and no more than that to be accepted. It must contain the name of the designated partner as indicated on the PAN card.

4. Scanned copy of a passport-size photograph

Abroad National:

1. Passport:

The foreigner’s passport is mandatory for Incorporation as it indicates the foreigner’s identity. The passport indicating the name and date of birth of the designated partner must be apostilled and notarized and must be in the English language. (Translated in case it is in a foreign language)

2. Proof of address:

The designated partner can attach any of the documents listed below as proof of address:

  • Driver’s license
  • Residence card
  • Bank statement
  • Government issued identity form containing address

3. Residential test:

The designated partner can attach any of these documents, which are bank statements or any type of bill, such as electricity bills, phone bills, and mobile bills. (Document posted and notarized)

Regarding the address of the registered office:

Proof of registered office address as mentioned below will be submitted along with the form submitted for the Certificate of Incorporation on behalf of the Limited Liability Company:

  1. The document indicating the full address of the property where LLP will be registered, such as electricity bill / property tax bill / phone bill, etc.

NOC, in case of rented property: the certificate of no objection together with the valid rental agreement of the property owners.

Food allergies are curable

Allergic reactions have intensified in recent years, especially among children. When curing allergies, it is essential to understand their causes. There are many known factors that lead to recurrent allergic reactions, such as underlying infections, genetic predisposition, emotional trauma, a weak immune system, a fungal infection, and parasites.

Allergies can be of different types. Environmental allergies, for example, include pollen, ragweed, mold, and other elements found in the environment. People are also allergic to pets and medications. Food allergies can range from lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity (often reactions to hormones and antibiotics in milk or pesticides contained in wheat), to familiar foods like shellfish and peanuts.

If food allergies seem high-profile to you, you’re right. Supermarkets, chain restaurants, and websites offer a variety of allergen-free products. There is even a law that requires potential allergens to be listed on food labels. Schools are especially hard hit as they must accommodate the specific needs of highly allergic children and prevent the potentially serious health threat that exposure to certain allergens can precipitate. It is now required to have an epi-pen on hand in schools, in the event of an anaphylactic occurrence. The tripling cost of epi-pens has distressed parents across the country.

There is no group of the population more affected than the youngest. Recently, there has been a 400% increase in the incidence of food allergies, as stated in the book Unhealthy Truth. Private insurance claim lines with diagnoses of anaphylactic reactions to food increased 377 percent between 2007 and 2016. Allergies are the fifth largest category of diseases. Author Robyn O’Brien states that “food allergies are not a niche, it is a growing epidemic that challenges the way we think about our food and how it is made. Genetic factors do not change this quickly, environmental factors do. Allergic. to the food or what has been done to it? “

The Journal of the American Medical Association states that the cost of food allergies, from healthcare to food to pharmaceuticals, is $ 4,184 per child per year, costing our economy $ 25 billion, including loss of productivity. Visits to the emergency room due to food allergies are estimated at 40,000 a year and account for at least 300 deaths a year. This statistic does not include convenient neighborhood urgent care centers.

Many children with food allergies sometimes have a variety of different symptoms that are often misdiagnosed and poorly treated. This can lead to unnecessary and repeated rounds of antibiotics and even surgery that does not solve the underlying problem, which is an allergy. I have seen many children with mold allergies being diagnosed with asthma. This often leads to unlimited use of inhalers and medications. While any item can cause an allergic response, the main food culprits are milk, wheat gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, and eggs. Typical symptoms include shortness of breath or wheezing, recurring infections, nasal congestion, bloating, nausea, and pain. When you see a child having an allergic reaction, gasping for air and feeling helpless to stop it, then you understand the severity of the allergy.

If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms, it is likely that you are reacting to a food late. Pain symptoms often don’t appear until the next day! Food allergies can have serious consequences. They can co-create autoimmune problems and chronic conditions like eczema, ADHD, asthma, as well as damage to the digestive system. There are more than seventy autoimmune diseases and the gluten in wheat is related to all of them.

Currently, there are no medications or vaccines that address food allergies. The official prescription requires that the patient avoid eating the food, generally for the rest of his life. This can be extremely difficult.

I use a holistic technique that works to effectively eliminate food allergies. I have successfully used this technique for over twenty years treating infants, toddlers, children, adults, and the elderly. My natural approach to allergy elimination is safe, gentle, and most importantly, it works.

Gratitude, pass it on!

Who has helped you on your way to success? How have you thanked them?

Coach Wooden said, “It takes 10 hands to make a basket.”

Show appreciation to others who made you successful:

“Coach Wooden insisted that his players always acknowledge the help and support they received from other team members. For example, a player who scored a basket after receiving a pass from a teammate was expected to acknowledge the assist while he was heading back to the court to play defense, usually pointing, smiling, winking or nodding at the man who helped create the scoring opportunity. ” (From Pat Williams’ book “How to be like a wooden coach”)

Some players asked: “But coach, what if he [the teammate who gave the assist] not looking? “

“Trust me,” Wooden replied, “he’ll be watching!”

Thank others for helping you. Even a nod or a smile is a good start.

Coach Wooden “understood that EVERYONE needs acceptance and approval.”

Do it now moto:

As a child, I learned the value of hard work from my parents, Robert J. Frank, the first college graduate in their family who later graduated from medical school to become a physician and surgeon. Dad first worked as a waiter at a restaurant near the University of Virginia to pay for college. Later he was an assistant to his professor of physics, teaching classes at the university. My mom, Romayne Leader Frank, worked as a lifeguard and model to take her to college at the University of Michigan to become a school teacher. After marrying Dad, she finished her education at the University of Virginia with a teaching degree. Latter Momma worked to pay for Dad’s residency and medical internship at Sears and Roebucks as a sales clerk, and also wrote political speeches for politicians at $ 50 a speech. A married woman in those days was not allowed to teach in school.

Growing up, my dad’s patients were fishermen and farmers who paid for dad’s services with fish and vegetables. Money was hard to come by. We always had a backyard garden growing vegetables and learned to till the land with rakes, plant seeds, pull weeds, and gather crops for food. Every week when I was a kid, my parents would give me a “to do list” to do, like mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, and taking care of my younger siblings. My parents said that as a member of this family you will do these tasks “now”! There were no excuses. The work had to be done immediately!

What did I learn from the discipline of doing these tasks, the “do it now” principle?

Whether it’s washing dishes, mowing the lawn, doing an assignment due in a week, my parents’ motto was “Do it now!” Dont wait! You’ll be busy later.

These tasks gave me the discipline for my future. When I went to college and was given an assignment to turn in a few days later, I would do it right away! Later, when something needed immediate attention, like a door knob falling off, I would repair it right away! Whatever needed to be done, I would do it “immediately”, remembering my parents’ motto: “Do it now!” These tasks taught me to be responsible, responsible, respectful of others, and grateful for any kindness given.

Financial success:

When she was 8 years old, Mom, Romayne L. Frank, went back to school at the College of William and Mary to get her law degree. She graduated at the top of her class and was one of the first women to graduate from William and Mary Law School. Mom, as a lawyer, practiced family law and real estate law.

One day after school, Mom smiled at me and said, “Let’s go on a new adventure to the bank.” He took me by the hand and we proudly entered the bank, a large and imposing building. Mom introduced me to the bank teller, Ms. Jay, and asked me to hand over the $ 2 I’d been saving. That day, the teller entered my $ 2 into my new savings book, wrote my name on the outside of the book, and explained that I would receive interest every day on the money I deposited in the bank.

Every two weeks, Mom would take me to the bank so I could add in the money I had saved doing my chores. I enjoyed watching the money grow in that savings account. She taught me not only to put money from housework, but future paychecks into my account to start saving for the future. By the time I went to college, I had saved up some good savings for the future. Mom’s lessons in financial success continued through college and graduate school. He shared his financial success lessons with his clients, friends, and family.

To honor my mom’s financial success lessons, I’ve shared mom’s lessons with my children, family, friends, and students in four articles on the web, covering her financial success principles to ensure your financial success.

How did I thank my parents for teaching me to be disciplined and responsible?

Sharing your life lessons with others, writing articles and radio shows sharing your life lessons with others.

Teach the discipline of hard work:

Meredith Lynn MacRae, actress, credits her parents, singer / actor Gordon MacRae and actress Sheila MacRae, “for instilling in her a proper work ethic and keeping her feet on the ground.”

She said: “We lived in a modest home in the San Fernando Valley instead of posh Beverly Hills, which the family could have paid for. Mom and Dad didn’t want us to feel superior to the other kids. everything from dolls to party dresses, doing housework and taking care of my sister and younger brothers. Many children in my circle automatically owned a car when they were 16. I did not. Dad said he would get me a car when I got two years in a row from A in school. I worked like a slave and finally made it. I got the car with the caveat that if I didn’t continue with A, it would be taken from me. “

Doing housework, working for the things you want, brings discipline into your life and teaches you responsibility and accountability:

Tasks given to her by Meredith Lynn MacRae’s parents instilled in her “a proper work ethic” for her future. These are the most valuable lessons a parent can teach you.

Experts have said, “If he or she hadn’t been pampered to death, it might have turned out differently!”

The chores taught Meredith Lynn MacRae and me to be willing to work hard to make our future a certain jersey.

Be grateful for their blessings and share them with others.:

A well-educated young man, from high school to graduate school, went on a series of interviews at a large company and “passed with flying colors.” His last interview was with the director of the company.

The principal was very impressed with the young man’s excellent performance at school. He asked, “Did you get scholarships in school?”

The Young Man replied: “No.”

The principal said, “Did your father pay the school fees?”

The young man said: “My father passed away when I was one year old. It was my mother who paid for my school fees.”

The director then asked: “Where did your mother work?”

The young man said, “My mother worked as a clothes cleaner.”

The Director “asked him to show his hands.”

The young man showed the director “his soft and perfect hands.”

The director asked, “Have you ever helped her do the laundry?”

Youngman replied, “Never. My mother always wanted me to study and read books. Also, my mother can wash clothes faster than I can.”

The director said, “I have a request. When you get home today, I want you to wash your mother’s hands and see me tomorrow morning.”

“The young man felt that his chances of landing the position were high.”

He came home and “happily asked his mother to let him wash his hands.”

“His mother felt strange. With mixed feelings, she showed him her hands. The Young man for the first time cleaned his mother’s hands slowly. Tears fell as he did so.”

His mother’s hands were “wrinkled, callused, with many bruises on the hands.”

“Her mother’s hands were so painful that her mother shuddered when she cleaned them with just water.”

The young man for the “first time” realized that his mother’s hands had washed his clothes every day so that he could pay for school fees. The bruises on her mother’s hands were the price her mother had to pay for her academic excellence for her future. “

The Young Man “after cleaning his Mother’s hands, he washed all the remaining clothes for his Mother.” That night he and his mother talked for several hours.

The next morning, he went to the Director’s office. “The director noticed the tears in the young man’s eyes.”

Director, “Can you tell me what you did and learned yesterday at your home?”

Young man, “I washed my mother’s hands and also finished cleaning all the remaining clothes.”

Director, “Tell me about your feelings?”

Youngman: 1) “Now I know what appreciation is. Without my Mother, today there would be no successful me.”

2) “Working together and helping my Mother, only now did I realize how difficult and difficult it is to do something alone.”

3) “I appreciate the importance and value of family and relationships.”

The Director said: “This is what I want in my manager. I want to hire a person who appreciates others and the suffering of others to get things done, and the person who would not put money as his only goal in life. “.

The young man was hired by the director. He “worked hard and received the respect of his team members. All team members worked diligently and supported each other. As a result, the company improved significantly.” (Darren Hardy, success mentor to CEOs and high achievers, former editor of Success magazine, shared this story.)

Who has helped you in your success and made it possible?

How have you thanked them?

Coach John Wooden said, “It takes 10 hands to make a basket.”

Remember that to be successful and reach your goal, it takes many teachers, coaches, friends, parents, and mentors to help you on your journey through life. Nobody does it alone.

What are 3 things you can do to thank your teachers, parents, coaches, mentors, and friends for helping you succeed on your journey?

1) Drop them a note, give them a call, or email them a note thanking them for their help. (Start a notebook, start today, and write in it the names of your teachers, mentors, coaches, parents, and friends who have made a difference in your life and are doing something good for them.)

How have I shown my appreciation? I have written many articles and radio shows honoring my mentors for the gifts they have taught me. In this way your good works live and are shared with others!

2) Every week help another person with acts of kindness.

3) How do you feel when you help others to achieve their goal? Do you smile and feel happier by your side?

Remember that if we help others we will be helping ourselves at the same time to grow and improve.

Be grateful for their blessings and thank your teachers, mentors, friends, and coaches who have helped you on your journey.

How will you show gratitude for the gifts that others have given you?

Black lives are important

Black lives are important

And also the lives of all other races. The problem facing American society appears to be that those who are in a position to make laws for the benefit of all are unwilling to change. The root cause of this is that they do not want to be responsible for their decisions.

Is there an organization in the United States where a complaint can be made against the police or any other government department?

A government department should not be a law in itself; I suspect that the unwillingness to be responsible for their decisions is behind everything.

There should be an independent body that handles complaints and should not be held accountable for its actions.

Politicians say all the right things, but they need to follow through with some kind of action.

President Trump has been widely criticized for his handling of the “Black Lives Matters” protest, but this problem has been going on for decades. Joe Biden has been in politics for a long time and has done nothing to address the problem of racism and the plight of those who are disadvantaged in society. He was part of the Barack Obama administration during the time of the race riots that occurred when Obama was president.

Protest organizers must compile a list of things they want to happen and present it to the president; maybe use it as part of a petition.

“Justice for George Floyd” has often been said during the protests, which basically mean taking revenge on the officers responsible for his death; I’m not sure if that’s what Floyd would have wanted. That alone will not change the plight of blacks. What they do, however, is an acknowledgment from the president that they have not been treated fairly.

What the president and state governors must do is tell the people, “This is what we are going to do to change the plight of the underprivileged,” but I will not hold my breath due to years of inaction and empty talk of one. government after another. The governments of other countries must pressure the United States to change and say, “This is not right.”

During the apartheid years in South Africa, governments around the world pressured their athletes not to participate in sporting events in which South Africans participated. It is an example of how the world can unite in a common cause.

It takes a leader to take the bar in the same way that Jacinda Ardern led the campaign for social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to take more responsibility for their content after the Christchurch mosque shootings.

But this is simply not happening, instead the protests have turned into a shouting match rather than meaningful dialogue. Protesters must tell the government of their respective countries what they would like to see happen and politicians must listen because they were voted to serve us citizens.

YouTube Business Book Review

This article is a review of a YouTube for Business book by Jason R. Rich. The book is informative and easy to read. Learn how to create a YouTube business account and also how to monetize the account. Here’s the book review.

The book is the latest in presenting your brand, product or service to millions of viewers on a daily basis. This book teaches how to produce low-cost, high-viewing videos on demand.

What is Youtube? YouTube was invented in 2005 and allows members to produce and upload videos to a global audience. Let’s learn how to make YouTube work for business.

How do you make YouTube a successful part of your business strategy? The goal is to build brand awareness while creating a unique online marketing strategy and business identity.

The book goes on to describe the common traits of successful videos. These features include:

1. Short videos to the point are successful.
2. The videos are directed towards a specific objective.
3. The content of the video is unique.
4. The video offers useful information.
5. The video must use background music.
6. The title of the video must be appropriate for use online.

The book further explores how to start your own YouTube channel. Creating a free YouTube account and a Google account is the first step in the process. The greatest success is when your subscribers have the opportunity to engage with your channel. Entrepreneurs may consider creating a channel for business success. The best part is that you can add your website, social media profile, and other information to your YouTube channel.

A critical part of business success is promoting your videos. Here are some proven strategies for promoting your videos.

1. Provide a detailed and accurate title.
2. Use a call to action, like sharing and rating your videos.
3. Promote your videos to people you know.
4. Take advantage of sharing your videos on Facebook and Twitter.
5. Embed videos on your website.
6. Share links by email.
7. Mention videos in press releases.
8. Get your video listed on the major search engines.
9. Promote your YouTube videos with brochures, catalogs, etc.
10. Pay for keyword ads.
11. Hire a company to help you with marketing.

Other important topics in the book include the importance of editing your videos.

The book continues to explore how to earn money from your videos. The registration process to be a part of the YouTube partner program is simple.

The potential to earn and monetize your account is great.

In conclusion, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Businesses is fascinating. The book makes people aware of the concept of YouTube for business. In addition, the book explores many practical topics, as well as the partner program and ways to monetize your account. I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars and I suggest the full series of books from Entrepreneur Magazine.

Google sets the standard for a happy work environment

Google is the place to work according to Fortune magazine, which listed the top 50 companies to work for. Google is listed as one of the top competitors for most features, including unusual perks, coffee shops, health coverage, and the work environment. Most of the other companies that made the top 50 only excel in one or two areas. This is the second year in a row that Google has managed to capture the number one position in Fortune’s company assessment.

Standard benefits offered by Google include 100% health care coverage and on-site child care. In addition, new moms are entitled to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave, while dads have 7 weeks. Some perks that aren’t quite standard include 17 cafeterias that offer free food to all employees.

The rule at Google is that no staff member should be more than 100 feet from a food source. That doesn’t mean they only have access to junk food vending machines, or that coffee shops hand out quick, easy, and fat-laden meals. Chefs of the highest level prepare a variety of meals, with unique variations on the daily meals. Mac and cheese, for example, come with mushrooms and truffles.

They also have a great interest in conserving the environment and have a department dedicated to researching “green” technologies. Google does its best to be as energy efficient as possible, a mindset that is fostered in its employees. In the spirit of energy conservation, they subsidize staff members who purchase hybrid or electric cars to the tune of $ 1,000. California-based employees are entitled to special discounts if they install solar panels in their homes.

Google is also quite unique in that it has a policy that allows fervent animal lovers to bring their beloved pets to work. The obvious provision is that the various dogs, cats, and various others must be reasonably well-behaved and house-trained. It was reported in The Inquirer, UK, that the pet policy is under review, after a misbehaving pet python created chaos and terror at the New York branch.

Bingham McCutchen only came in at 41st on the list, but it’s the number one company when it comes to high-paying packages. The law firm is known for hiring promising law school graduates for a whopping $ 160,000 a year. His legal secretaries, whose importance is often overlooked by other firms, earn an average of $ 69,000 a year. This is higher than what some managers at other companies earn. The average salary for Bingham McCutchen staff is a staggering $ 211,017 per year.

EBay San José campuses have special de-stressing areas for employees who need some serenity and relaxation. Rooms with comfortable tatami pillows and rugs are ideal for midday prayer and meditation, so staff can return to work refreshed and revitalized.

Camden Property Trust offers a 20% discount to employees who live in company apartment complexes. Staff members going on vacation can also use fully furnished apartments for just $ 20 a night.

Nike is one of the most socially conscious companies to work for, as employees in the Portland office volunteer as Portland Mountain Rescuers. They respond to emergencies at any time, no matter what they are doing or how important it is. When prospective employees are interviewed and warned about the possibility of their job being interrupted by mountain searches, the standard response is, “What is more important, saving lives or selling shoes?”

The one thing all of the companies on the top 50 list have in common is that they realize that a company is only only as good as its employees, so they go out of their way to ensure staff happiness and satisfaction. Staff turnover is low, while job satisfaction is high. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that rents out an entire movie theater for a day so their staff can see a blockbuster movie on its release date?

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Zip codes didn’t matter then: Ron, Diane, and me

Richard Rothstein, a Harvard-educated professor, writes about the role zip codes play in children’s low education. This is a starting point for me because Dr. Rothstein is very focused. However, as a child in Los Angeles, my husband Ron and Diane, my dear friend, grew up in those limited-success zip codes that Dr. Rothstein talks about; however, we continued to have professional careers on different paths that led to lifelong success and prosperity. And we are products from wrong zip codes. I appreciate Dr. Rothstein’s research; And it’s like that elephant fable: depending on which part of the elephant you find yourself being blind; in fact, it’s all true.

In a giant city like Los Angeles, Ron, Diane and I attended three big urban high schools with Diane in Jordan, which would be the closest thing to the flash point of the Watts riots; Fremont High is further north and is Ron’s local school; and I attended Manual Arts, which was closer to downtown Los Angeles. What Ron, Diane, and I share as African-descendant students was articulated by the esteemed scholar WEB Dubois when he wrote: “Does the black Need Separate schools? “He offers the following rationale. The best way to overcome the historical past of Afro-descendant children / students is through an effective relationship between a child and a teacher that respects the unique heritage and experience of these students. That relationship enhances the student / teacher beyond “Other” status, as identified by Dr. Toni Morrison in her writings on race in the US The three experienced teachers of this type on our school journey. These teachers were the enablers of our talents; we often tell the next teachers of our strengths as students and of our personable personalities.

Diane and I met at a reception for Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship winners as we graduated from high school and moved on to college that becomes California State University, Los Angeles. We are both English learners and we follow different paths to become award-winning principals in California and Colorado. Ron would eventually complete his bachelor’s degree in Colorado. His career path was as a Commerce Law Administrator for the Colorado State Division of Labor and Employment. I’m celebrating conquering the zip code theory. But on the way to closing this, Ron notices his work with the Department of Labor and Employment. It was the goal of the retraining authorization for Coloradans whose jobs relocate outside of the United States. These individuals from across the state of Colorado universally required remediation in secondary education skills before entering retraining curricula.

This reality left him reflecting on the state of public education teacher training programs. What changes are relevant to meet the demands to strengthen the set of educational tools in universities where teachers are trained? It’s time for a dynamic review and evolution. This topic will be developed in its own unique article.

Award-winning writer Ta Nehisi Coates provides the final statement to this message.

Blacks should delight in their community and find joy in it because it is what they have. The fight is hard but it gives meaning to this life.

Disability Retirement for Federal Workers: The Importance of a Coherent and Consistent Application

Federal and postal employees are in one of two possible retirement systems: FERS (an acronym for Federal Employee Retirement System) or CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System). Whichever system the federal or postal employee is in, the federal disability retirement benefit is an option that is available, in the event that a federal government worker is no longer able to perform at least one of the items. essentials of their work. Remember that to qualify for federal disability retirement benefits, the medical condition or injury does not have to be work related. In fact, one could have suffered a career-ending spinal injury during a ski trip and still qualify for federal disability retirement benefits under FERS or CSRS.

The Agency that determines that a Federal or Postal Employee is entitled to Federal Disability Retirement benefits is the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). They are empowered by the legal authority to examine each application for approval or disapproval. To be eligible for the Federal Disability Retirement benefit, one must prove, by preponderance of the evidence, three basic components:

(A) a federal or postal employee under FERS or CSRS has a medical condition;

(B) the medical condition prevents you from performing one or more of the essential elements of your job; and

(C) that the Agency is unable to accommodate the individual or, alternatively, reassign the individual to a position in the same salary or grade.

To successfully prepare and submit an application for federal disability retirement benefits, two general elements should always be considered: consistency and consistency. “Consistency” has to do with the form of the application, while “consistency” has to do with the content or background of the application. Both elements are important in preparing an effective federal disability retirement application. Therefore, an effective Federal Disability Retirement application will make logical sense and will “fit” with everything (consistency), as well as having an internal structure of information that is consistent with each other (consistency).

How do you prove that you are eligible for federal disability retirement benefits? Is there a chart or schedule of accepted medical conditions? Regarding the last question, the general answer is “No”. Qualifying medical conditions have more to do with the symptoms of a medical condition than a formal diagnosis. Therefore, physical conditions can range from cervical and lumbar diseases, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, ankylosing spondylitis, failed back syndrome, chronic pain; Fibromyalgia; to total hip replacements that limit and restrict flexion and mobility; Heart problems; migraines; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Chemical sensitivity problems; Asthma; Hypothyroidism; Plantar fasciitis; Carpal tunnel syndrome; shoulder problems, often called bursitis or shoulder impingement syndrome; trochanteric bursitis; lupus, multiple sclerosis, as well as many other conditions that are not mentioned here and that are too numerous to list. When it comes to psychiatric conditions, the list can be as long: major depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, ADD and ADHD; Paranoia; Schizophrenia; Asperger syndrome; and many other psychiatric conditions. Whether you are trying to apply for federal disability retirement benefits based on a physical medical condition or a psychiatric medical condition, it is important to show that one is eligible for the benefit.

Which brings us to the first question: How do you prove you are eligible for federal disability retirement benefits, either under FERS or CSRS? In any application for federal or postal disability retirement benefits, one must ensure that the application is consistent and consistent. The consistency of an application results when all the various components of the application “fit” together. Thus, for example, when preparing the Applicant’s Declaration of Disability (SF 3112A), block 4 asks the applicant to “Fully describe your illness or injury.” If the illness or injury is physical, then the focus of the narrative should be to describe the pain, physical restraints and limitations, etc. Then, when one reaches Block 5, where he asks how his illness or injury interferes with the performance of “his duties, his attendance or his conduct”, the approach must be consistent with the previous answer, that is, if the narrative describes problems physical, the impact on one’s work should, therefore, focus on the physical aspect of the job. Thus, as an example, saying that you “cannot concentrate or focus” on a certain aspect of the job would only be consistent if (A) the job required intensive cognitive work and the severity of the pain impacted one’s cognitive awareness. . faculties, or (B) medications prescribed to alleviate physical condition affect focus or concentration. On the contrary, if the narrative about one’s medical condition primarily involves psychiatric problems, then the impact on one’s work must encapsulate the cognitive problems (i.e. focus, concentration, ability to analyze, evaluate, etc.). As you can see, consistency in an application for federal disability retirement benefits is an important component.

Additionally, an effective application for federal disability retirement benefits under FERS or CSRS must be consistent. Each element of the application should “match”, whenever possible, with all other components. When inconsistencies occur, for example, between what the treating physician says and what the applicant states in their explanation in SF 3112A, a red flag may arise, providing an opportunity for a denial from the Office of Personnel Management. Therefore, do not try to “exaggerate” the description of the medical condition. Remember how, when you were seriously ill but your voice sounded perfectly normal on the phone? You had to report that you were ill and “sound like” if you were ill, even though you were actually very ill. When preparing an application for federal disability retirement, this is not the time to “sound like” more than what the treating physician says.

Ultimately, the success or failure of a federal disability retirement application under FERS or CSRS, as submitted to the Office of Personnel Management, will depend on the consistency and consistency of the application. Preparation is the key to success, and it is important to always remember that consistency and consistency are two elements that should always guide the formulation, preparation, and submission of a successful federal disability retirement application.