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How to get smooth skin – 5 natural tips for velvety smooth skin

Soft and smooth skin is something that most of us want, it makes us feel more attractive and also a healthy state for the skin. If you really want to learn how to have smooth skin, read on.

How to have smooth skin – 5 tips

These natural tips on how to get smooth skin are pretty straightforward and will help you see what you can start doing today to get silky smooth skin.

1. Lower shower temperature

Hot water dries out the skin as it strips the skin’s natural oils, so use warm, not hot, water if you can. This also applies to face washing.

2. Natural exfoliation

By exfoliating your skin, you remove the outer layer of your skin, this is great if your skin is rougher than you’d like. The best way to exfoliate is with a natural exfoliation product such as a body scrub or with a skin brush.

If you have rough feet, there is nothing better than walking barefoot on the beach, but a foot file works well too.

3. Avoid petroleum-based products

Many skin creams contain mineral oil, also called paraffin wax, liquid paraffin, and petroleum jelly, which are petroleum by-products, therefore from the same source as gasoline. It has a benefit which is that it keeps moisture in the skin.

But there is a bigger negative side; clogs pores favoring acne and irritation, robs the skin of its natural oils that promote dryness and premature aging, and finally it can become contaminated with carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

4. Nourish from the inside

Your body needs the proper nutrition in order to develop smooth, healthy skin, so you must take care of your entire body, not just your skin. Hydrate with at least 8 glasses of water every day, take a deep breath to nourish your skin with oxygen, and lastly, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.

5. Use an effective cream

Some creams are better than others, so learn how to find the best skin cream, and don’t pick just any cream you’ve seen in a commercial at random. Those are mostly pretty useless.

Instead, look for an all-natural cream that is high in proven active ingredients. It should be made of things like;

– Natural vegetable oils such as grape seed, avocado, jojoba and olive oil

– Repair protein such as Cynergy TK

– Vitamins such as natural vitamin E, vitamin B5 and coenzyme Q10

– Plant extracts such as Maracuja, Phytessence Wakame and Babassu

– Other healing elements such as active Manuka honey

Now you know how to get smooth skin and how easily it can be achieved. You don’t have to follow all the tips at once to get results, just do the things that are interesting to you and make improvements over time. On the other hand, if you want faster results, you can follow all the tips right away.

Plan your next vacation within your budget by considering these 5 budget cities in the US.

The United States of America is home to a wide variety of vacation spots. However, most cities in the US are very expensive and you cannot plan to travel to them if you are on a budget.

Take a look at the top 5 budget vacation destinations in the US and you can book a flight to any of them to make your next vacation trip interesting and worthwhile.

Top 5 Budget Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

1. Memphis, Tennessee: The city is very famous for its musical history and its grill food options. In addition, it offers an exciting nightlife for adult tourists and fun and interesting attractions for children.

On your visit to Memphis, don’t forget to visit the city’s great attractions, such as the Memphis Zoo, Mud Island River Park, Graceland, and Beale Street. The most convenient way to get to Memphis is by making airline ticket reservations with your preferred airline.

2. Kansas City, Missouri: This city is quite diverse and rich in culture, art and gastronomy. The city has many free attractions. On your tour, be sure to visit places like the Harley-Davidson Plant, Kaleidoscope, and Boulevard Brewing Company. The most important sight in Kansas City is the Crossroads Art District, which has more than 70 art galleries. Book a flight to Kansas City for travel between April and October, as the city experiences fairly warm and pleasant weather. At the same time, various outdoor activities increase the attractiveness of the city.

3. San Antonio, Texas: The city is famous for its thriving arts scene and a wealth of beautiful scenery. The city is heavily influenced by Mexican culture, and you will get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis when you taste the local dishes of the city. On your visit to San Antonio, you can visit tourist attractions such as The Alamo, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, the River Walk, and the William Historic Area. With several airlines, you can book cheap air tickets to San Antonio if you plan to visit the city in the middle of the season.

4. Portland, Oregon: This Pacific Northwest destination has many craft breweries and boutiques. The city has a walkable downtown neighborhood that hosts open-air concerts from time to time. You can join them for free and enjoy great singing and other performances. On your visit to Portland, be sure to check out key tourist attractions like the Oregon Zoo, Washington Park, Pattack Mansion, International Rose Testing Garden, and Powell’s City of Books. Choose to visit Portland and make airline ticket reservations well in advance of your trip to the city for the cheapest flight fares.

5. Denver, Colorado: The “City of Mile High” is full of beautiful walking and biking trails. It is an ideal vacation destination in the US for those seeking an escape to a destination that is a combination of city and mountain getaways rolled into one. You can tour the Coors Brewery for free or visit inexpensive museums like the Buffalo Bill and Grove Museum, the United States Mint Tour, and the Colorado State Capitol.

So whenever you need a quick, convenient, and inexpensive getaway in the US, you can choose to pay a visit to any of the cities listed above. Try to visit cities during peak tourist season to avoid the crowds and get cheap air tickets with most US airlines.

Birth control: side effects of the pill

Birth control pills are commonly used these days to control family size and to be able to raise children effectively. The old age concepts of larger families are now obsolete, as many people tend to prefer only one or two children. To control birth, women use many forms of contraception, the most common of which are the contraceptive pill. However, the side effects of contraceptives are sometimes quite unknown to these women.

Some side effects that should be controlled during use are, in particular, headaches, nausea, bleeding other than menstruation, decreased libido and breast tenderness. Basically, the pills work by having estrogen that allows one not to conceive the child. However, the effects of this estrogen can be adverse to women’s health as it tends to increase the chances of blood clots forming, causing women to develop emboli and therefore heart problems. Women, who smoke and consume alcohol in particular, are at an even higher risk for hypertension, heart problems, and may even face grace consequences, such as strokes due to emboli.

Apart from this, the side effects of birth control also include severe migraine attacks and an increased risk of breast cancer. These pills tend to cause an increase in mutations, so they are quite dangerous even for those who already have breast cancer.

Because these pills tend to alter the hormonal level of the body, they tend to have certain endocrine effects. The body’s hormones are disrupted, which can also cause depression and moodiness in many women. Many women do not feel like continuing their sexual intercourse as a result of the effect of these pills. Much research has been done on the safety and other concerns of birth control pills. It has also been found that due to the hormonal altering effect of these pills, women also tend to have problems breastfeeding after giving birth. They tend to produce less milk due to the hormone-altering effects of the pills. Many women also find it difficult to conceive a child after stopping these pills, as the effect of their chemicals remains on the hormones for quite a long time.

Some women also feel a change in the metabolic patterns of the body and tend to gain weight, have a greater appetite and a greater desire for food due to the pills.

Despite having some long-lasting hormonal effects, birth control pills are known to be one of the safest methods of birth control. However, proper consultation and guidance from your doctor is necessary before taking any type of contraceptive pill.

How to choose the best probiotic supplements for bodybuilding

In the old days, whenever you heard the word “probiotics,” you immediately thought of fruity breakfast yogurts that were set for the over 50s. However, the good bacteria business has become popular by the minute, so much so that it can be read on almost every label known to man, not only on yogurts, but also on bodybuilding supplements and snack bars. .

Probiotics are defined as “beneficial bacteria” that are naturally found in the digestive tract. In fact, certain strains or types of probiotics have been credited with many health benefits, including helping with irritable bowel syndrome to traveler’s diarrhea and boosting the immune system. These days, however, they are more popularly used as dietary support for the immune system, which may explain why there seems to be an overflow of probiotic products on the shelves of health food stores around the world.

In the bodybuilding arena, probiotic supplements have been proven to help with muscle growth, in addition to helping prevent muscle breakdown and damage. Taking your RDA of probiotics ensures that you don’t experience any of these symptoms in order to function properly and continue doing your workouts.

In terms of benefits, these supplements help bodybuilders better absorb minerals and amino acids and help keep their gut environment healthy enough to better assimilate nutrients, something that is essential for athletes undergoing workouts and training. intense and for those who need to be able to maximize. their diets. For bodybuilders who often train too much, probiotic supplements offer protection to intestinal cells against oxidative stress. It also reduces the risks of upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal upset, and better regulation of the muscle-weakening hormone cortisol.

For bodybuilders to continually benefit from probiotics, they must be able to choose the best supplements, and in order to do so, they must first understand that probiotics are effective in any form. They are currently available in powder and capsule form, and are also present in foods such as dairy drinks, cheese, and snack bars, as mentioned above, that include specific probiotic organisms. Any of these forms can be effective as long as they have the beneficial organisms in adequate amounts.

The next step is being able to choose the right microbes for your needs. There are many different potentially beneficial probiotic organisms, including bacteria and yeast. The effects are very specific and certain strains appear to be very helpful depending on the condition. Also, the first thing to look for when shopping for probiotic supplements is the full name of the probiotic, which will include the genus, species, and then the strain.

The label should also include the number of organisms contained in a single dose and how often to take it, as well as recommended uses, storage information, and manufacturer’s contact information. It is also important to choose a trustworthy brand, since not all products comply with the information indicated on their labels. Because the products you see on the shelves these days are not required to meet medication standards, the FDA recommends that you choose a reliable product with claims and recommended dosages based on scientific studies.

And last but not least, probiotics are generally considered safe, except for those with compromised immune systems, people with terminal cancer illnesses, and those who are prone to intestinal leaks. Be sure to consult with a doctor before taking any type of probiotic supplement, as prevention is always better than cure.

The Smartest Money Book You Ever Read By Daniel R. Solin – Book Review

Title and author: The Smartest Money Book You Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin

Contents synopsis:

Similar to his previous books on The smartest book you’ve ever read Solin provides short, concise chapters on managing your money and planning your finances.

Solin begins with a discussion of the bad things that can happen to us that will lead to financial problems or even crisis. Undoubtedly, this section is influenced by the severe economic recession of the last four years. After that, the book covers and the basics for smart money management, including:

  • The importance of managing your money and saving;
  • Understand your financial position through the focus on net worth and budget;
  • The importance of paying off and avoiding debts;
  • The pros and cons of investing in your home, or what he calls the home dilemma;
  • The pros and cons of insurance;
  • The Pros and Cons of the Investment Industry;
  • Avoid counterproductive investment strategies, including intraday trading, and create a well-balanced long-term portfolio;
  • Evaluate your risk capacity in light of probable returns;
  • Realistic retirement planning;
  • Basic concepts of estate planning;
  • A summary at the end to put all these things together in a checklist of dos and don’ts.

Solin repeats throughout this book many of the lessons he offers in his previous books, The Smartest Investing Book You Will Ever Read and The Smartest 401k Book You Will Ever Read, however, to the extent that there is any duplication, it’s not a bad thing. Much of the hard-hitting financial wisdom Solin imparts bears repeating, and this latest book serves as a great introduction to the more specialized topics of his previous books and as a means of putting them all together if you’ve already read them. .

I recommend this book for several reasons:

If you don’t know much about financial planning and money management, this book provides excellent introductory material to bring anyone up to speed on all the critical areas they need to know.

The book is well written and easy to follow. Almost everyone should understand it easily.

For those who have some education in this area, the book serves as a great reminder of some basic concepts that we all need to remember and brings some simplification to areas that other authors often complicate too much.

Solin takes on major financial institutions, including banks, financial advisers, brokerages, and the insurance industry; tells you what you need to know about how these industries put their interest in taking your money first and helping you avoid getting scammed.

Solin also provides the reader with many links to articles from Mint.com and other sources to read more. In fact, he highly recommends Mint.com both for managing your finances and for additional information. It’s no wonder Mint.com recommends the book. Solin insists that he has no financial agreement with Mint.com.


This book is tremendously useful both as a comprehensive manual on financial planning and management and as it also contains some excellent warnings about the dangers of placing blind trust in the financial industries. Even those who think they know a lot about finance and planning can benefit from this book.

Readability / Writing quality:

This book is very readable. It is written in relatively simple English with detailed explanations of terms used in the financial industry. The chapters are well organized and follow a logical progression. The chapters are very short, many no longer than 2-3 pages, and are followed by a crisp summary that he calls, “What’s the point?”

Notes on the author:

Daniel Solin is Vice President of Index Fund Advisors, a paid financial advisory firm. He is a law school graduate who is also a certified financial planner. He is a regular writer for the Huffington Post and USNews.com.

He is the author of The Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever Read: Everything You Need to Know About Growing, Spending, and Enjoying Your Money, The Smartest Wallet Ever: An Innovative Do-It-Yourself Strategy, The 401 Smartest (k) Book you’ll ever read and the smartest investment book you’ll ever read. He is also the author of Does Your Broker Owe You Money?

Three great ideas you can use:

1. Understanding the basics of financial planning and management can be available to almost anyone and everyone should understand these basics. Those who don’t educate themselves on the basics are at the mercy of an industry that can exploit them.

2. Long-proven investment and financial management principles remain sound and should be followed rather than jumping from one new idea to the next marketed by those who ignore the basics.

3. You need to take control of your finances by starting with a solid budget, planning, and tracking. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to understand the dos and don’ts to save and invest wisely.

Publication information:

The Smartest Money Book You Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin

Copyright: 2012 by Daniel R. Solin. Published by Penguin Group USA, Inc.

The best restaurants to eat in Danbury, CT

Regardless of whether you are visiting or lucky enough to live in Danbury, eating out is a pleasure because the best restaurants to eat in Danbury, CT will make you feel like you want to come back again and again. Restaurants in Danbury CT reflect the community and the ciry itself, in that variety and cultural diversity can easily be found. From the lowest to the highest, the most demanding local or visitor will find the perfect place to dine out. In addition, there is also a good variety of “styles” ie informal, formal, cultural and casual settings available to suit many different occasions.

A quick look at the many restaurants in Danbury DC shows that users have rated the food and the user experience. So to keep your dining experience on track, we’ll take a look at some of the best user-rated 4- and 5-star restaurants in Danbury. A total of sixty-six restaurants in Danbury CT have been rated by users and the following restaurants have received four or five stars:

5 stars

Deep trellis

Michael Angelo’s Pizzeria

Bamboo Modern Asian Restaurant

New Christmas dinner

Main St Diner

First and last coffee

Atlantic Restaurant

Pizza Soho

4.5 star rating

Coffee in the green

Tuscan Brio Grill

Della fransesca

Nico’s Pizza and Pasta

Castello Restaurant

Stanziato’s wood-fired pizza

Pancho’s Tacos Mexican Restaurant

Sesame seed


Pho Vietnam

Augie’s Nunero # 1 Italian restaurant


These 4.5 and 5-star restaurants are the best restaurants to eat in Danbury CT and span a variety of foods, food styles, and different budgets. They also offer many local options. Ratings provided by real regular users always provide a good overview of a food establishment, rather than reviews written by specialist chefs or food entrepreneurs. That being the case, these ratings should point you in the right direction when you start to feel hungry.

I also include restaurants that were rated four stars, just to provide a few more options in case the restaurants listed above don’t do it for you.

4 star rating

Molly darcy’s

Desert moon cafe

Fairfield Restaurant


Mezon Tapas Bar and Grill

Elmer’s Dinner

Maximum 40

Hanna’s Mideastern Restaurant

Grid in the center of two steps


Bambino’s pasta and pizza

Nick’s Pizza

Windmill Restaurant and Dining Room

Joe’s famous pizza

Wild buffalo wings

Goulash place

Spasi restaurant

Ondine Restaurant

The Cheesecake Factory

Among this wide range of restaurant options, you will definitely find some that appeal to you, your budget and your palate. Here are some interesting options for all types of diners, including families with children. So regardless of whether you are a local or a visitor, this overview of the best restaurants to eat in Danbury, CT should at least give you some great dining opportunities, so enjoy it.

Sale of chicken eggs for profit

Many people with a backyard flock often end up with more fresh eggs than their families can eat. Selling chicken eggs for profit becomes not only a benefit of keeping chickens, it can also help you earn a little extra money to help with bills. Anyone who eats eggs in your area could be a potential customer. There is a real difference between homegrown eggs and store eggs. Backyard eggs tend to taste fresher and the yolk appears brighter and better formed. Customers are often easy to find, once they have tasted the difference and can see the benefits!

If your goal is to sell chicken eggs for profit, start by choosing chickens for your flock that are known to be better egg layers, such as White Leghorns. They produce white eggs in large quantities, which is great if you want more eggs from less birds. If you want to offer something a little different that could help sell more eggs, try breeding Golden Comets or Red Sex Links, both of which lay copious amounts of brown eggs.

To aid planning, consider that most chickens will be 5 to 7 months old when they start laying eggs. The most productive egg-laying period is when the hens are between 1 and 2 years old. The eggs start out smaller when the hens first start laying, but become more normal in size when the layers are about a year old. When they start laying eggs, hens average one egg every three to four days. At seven months, he should probably get about 2 eggs every 3 days. The best layers can average 1 egg per day, at their best, if you’re lucky. For planning purposes, if you sell chicken eggs for profit, you should plan to get 4 to 5 eggs per hen, per week. If you have 10 hens that are good egg layers, they should produce 40 to 50 high-quality farm-fresh eggs per week. If your family needs a dozen per week, you can probably sell the other 2 to 3 dozen eggs.

Daylight is what causes egg production in a hen, not a rooster. For a constant flow of eggs, hens require around 14-16 hours of light per day. This can be achieved with natural light and by adding additional lighting. If the lighting goes down, so does the egg production. Fewer Eggs Equals Lower Profits!

Ideally, if you want to sell chicken eggs for profit, you should collect them at least twice a day. When the temperature is very high or cold, you should try to collect them more often. The eggs get dirtier and more likely to hatch if they remain in the nest box for a long time. Once removed, clean the eggs with a natural egg cleaner, or egg wipes, or wash and dry. Once they are dry, place them in the egg carton. Once in the box, keep the eggs refrigerated until ready to sell.

Do some local research to find out how much other farm-fresh eggs are selling. If you have followed all organic practices for raising your chickens, including feeding certified organic food, selling organic eggs will provide a higher selling price and attract a segment of the buying public who will value and remain loyal to the purchase. of organic products for their families. Set egg prices to be similar to your local market. Specialty eggs, such as multi-colored Araucanas or free-range eggs, can also add value and command higher prices.

Neighbors, relatives, and co-workers are easy customers and a great place to start. As you progress and have enough fresh eggs to sell to a wider audience, you could see if a local farm stand would be willing to sell them on consignment or buy them for resale. A consignment offer gives the farm stall owner a risk-free way to earn money and increase the supply of products to their customers. Other options might be to see if a local market, restaurant or hotel might be interested in buying your eggs.

Lastly, if you have the capacity to produce more eggs, there are egg brokers you can turn to for help selling, as well as egg producer cooperatives that will help sell your members’ eggs. With any effort like this, always check and comply with local laws regarding the sale of agricultural products such as eggs.

You can save time and money with your Backyard Flock by visiting our website for more free chicken coop information, from location to design to sanitation! Now get 2 free chicken coop plans that you can easily build with minimal expense too!

Free chicken coop plans and more!

Open toe boots

Summer and boots don’t usually go together, but this is exactly the synergy that designers managed to find. The summer boots have an open toe and many ventilation points so that they are very useful even on hot summer days.

Peep Toe boots are one of the hottest trends in boots in recent months. This type of boot expresses sensuality and, nevertheless, manages to be very elegant, perfect for the spring and summer months, when the coats are removed.

Different designers threw their hats into the ring and created their versions of spring boots. They are very feminine and most have high heels, but the designs vary dramatically; from an elongated ankle-length sandal to knee-length leather-clad boots that are made like Greek sandals wrapped in a very modern heel.

Louis Vuitton has open-toe ankle boots in white calf suede and others in fabric. Jimmy Choo has a chic Detroit yellow trimmed suede sandal and Christian Louboutin has designed the Tina Summer Boot with its famous fringe and open toe.

The 2010 Fall / Winter and Spring / Summer shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York brought out many trends with all new styles, colors, patterns and ideas.

Booties and booties are very much in fashion this season when it comes to fashionable boots. Ankle boots are not only comfortable, but they also look stylish and elegant. They are available in versions ranging from elegant, retro, modern and elegant. They can go with anything you wear and come in suede, with bows, ruffles, velvet laces, cage booties, and even glitter and feathers, and they range from under $ 100 to over $ 1,000, depending on the designer.

Fashionable boots designed for spring are made of different materials. Leather is, of course, the main one and it is very fine and light. Other styles are made of fabric and man-made materials that look like a quilt. Another pair comes with pink fabric ruffles on the front.

The colors are inspired by the rainbow and are vibrant. You can find women’s boots in patent leather, metallic, satin, suede and animal skins with crazy prints. YSL has a pair of summer boots that they called “Cage” because of the symmetrical stripes that this boot supports. They are available in an ankle strap platform pump. Christian Louboutin has the Tina Flecos boot in metallic gold and very high heels. Fringed boots continue to be popular in both flat sandals and high heels.

Summer boots are a wardrobe must-have this year, just as they were wildly popular in the 1970s. Women have never looked sexier in shorts, when paired with trendy high-heeled summer boots to the bottom. knee.

Relieves dry skin on the back and shoulders

During the cold winter months, you may apply skin lotions more often than usual. Smearing rejuvenating cream on dry skin certainly feels great, but places like your back are much harder to reach and therefore don’t get the relief that the rest of your body does. Here are some dry skin remedies that will work to keep your back and shoulders as hydrated and smooth as the rest of your body.

Step one: take a bath

Warm water is comforting in cold weather, but don’t turn the temperature higher. Warm water dries out the skin less than hot water. Also, decrease the time you spend bathing to avoid dryness.

Choose a shower gel or moisturizing soap and make sure there are no traces of it when you finish bathing.

Step two: exfoliation

You can choose to exfoliate while bathing, but you can also complete this step before or after you shower. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the back, so moisturizers can better penetrate the skin. Apply a small amount of body scrub to the brush end of a long-handled brush. You can find them at most pharmacies. The long-handled brush is ideal for exfoliating the back, which is normally difficult to reach. Use the brush to exfoliate the skin on your back in a circular motion, if you can. Make sure to rub the width of the shoulders and also down to the lower back. Rinse off the body scrub completely when you are done.

Step three: moisturizing

Once you have shed the dead cells, pat yourself with a towel so that the skin is just barely damp. Immediately after bathing is when your body’s pores are most open and hydration will provide the best benefits. Use a moisturizer or other natural skin cream to rub the lotion on your shoulders. Elbows are a typical trouble spot, so be sure to apply your natural skin lotion there as well. If you have trouble reaching your back with just your hands, you can buy a lotion applicator for just a few dollars; These applicators, similar to your scrub brush, have a long wooden or plastic handle with an attached foam or sponge head. Pour a small amount of moisturizer into your applicator and rub it on your back. Repeat as needed and rinse applicator head after use.

When choosing the best moisturizer for dry skin, you should look for a formula that absorbs fairly quickly and does not clog your pores. This will prevent your back from developing acne or looking greasy.

Lastly, keep your skin hydrated throughout the day with a humidifier in your home or office.

How to turn your voice into a powerful asset

Have you ever been to a meeting, seminar, or workshop where the speaker is so monotonous that you just want to run away from that room? Do you keep looking at the clock over and over again hoping and praying for a break? Are you physically sitting but your mind has drifted to thousands of other places? And even though the speaker is sharing great content, is it extremely difficult for you to sit down during the talk? I’m pretty sure you’ve attended at least one of these meetings, seminars, or workshops. But have you ever wondered why you felt so tortured? Well! You felt tortured because how a speaker sounds is just as important as what he says! In fact, it takes a very nice voice to bring a speaker’s words to life.

A Duke University study found that CEOs with lower voices ran larger companies, made more money, and kept their jobs longer. And that’s why business executives, celebrities, and politicians often work with vocal trainers! But what about you? What if you also want to develop your voice but don’t have the time or money to work with a coach? What can you do to speak more dynamically in your one-on-one interactions and group addresses?

Do not worry! There is a simple and practical solution. Implement these simple tips and you can surely turn your voice into a powerful asset and speak more dynamically.

Take care of your voice

  1. Breathe from the stomach. Breathing from your diaphragm instead of your chest will help you project your voice better and give you more confidence. At the same time, relaxing your mouth and throat will give you more control over the tonality of your voice.
  1. Build character in your voice. Humming is an easy way to warm up your voice. The lower you go towards your chest, the more powerful you will sound. If you practice humming in deeper tones, you will create grains in your voice that will eventually give your voice a unique character.
  1. Never force your voice. Rest your voice if you find yourself overdoing yourself by speaking too much or too loudly. Sleep is the best remedy to cure a sore throat. When you have throat problems, cough gently when you need to clear your throat. Keep irritants like alcohol, smoke, and dairy to a minimum.
  1. Set the rhythm of your words. Quick speech is great if you are a commentator. If not, try breaking your thoughts into sentences, long enough that you can comfortably say them with a single exhale.

Create connection with the audience

  1. Look for friendly faces. If crowds make you nervous, look around the room for people who are smiling and making eye contact. Imagine that you are speaking directly to them.
  1. Tell a story that is right. It’s easier to get your message across when you use interesting and memorable stories. When you enjoy your own stories, your enthusiasm shines through and you can easily take your audience where you want to take them.
  1. Interact with the audience. Great speakers also know how to foster conversation among the audience. And once the conversation starts, they listen carefully to facilitate more interaction. Arriving early and interacting with the audience can generate a report and give you a great start before you even get up to speak.
  1. Share great content. As you work on the technical aspects of your voice and performance, keep your purpose in mind. What do you want to share with others? How can they benefit from what you have to say?

Additional tips for speaking dynamically

  1. Practice regularly. Voice training is like any other skill and it will take time and effort to develop. Work continuously to improve your performance. Sign in when you practice, so you can identify your natural strengths, as well as the areas you need to work on.
  1. Model popular speakers. See how presidents, news anchors, and TV presenters engage their listeners. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read transcripts. Take notes on the ideas you want to borrow and develop. Tailor your lessons to your own style.
  1. Avoid mindless fillers. Too many “ums” and “uhs” can undermine your credibility. Plan transitions so you don’t have to fumble for what to say next. If you need a second to reflect, try pausing instead of filling the void with nonsensical language. Turning off internal and external distractions can also help you stay on track.
  1. Be aware of your body language. Mastering non-verbal communication will reinforce the positive impression your voice makes. Stand up straight so that you look open and relaxed. Connect to the stage to make it appear safe. Use gestures to emphasize key points and keep things lively. Use all the space to move and speak, don’t get stuck at one point on the stage!
  1. Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel. Even movie stars and self-help gurus can get stage frightened. When you feel eager to address a group, accept their feelings and transform them into positive enthusiasm. Take the focus off of yourself and focus on helping others.

Making the most of your own natural voice will help you communicate your ideas more effectively and efficiently. It will help you be the catalyst that transforms lives. But there is one more thing to remember before you begin. Keep your content short and simple! In the words of Winston S. Churchill, “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the topic and short enough to generate interest.”