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Shiba Inu Secrets: What You Need To Know About Your Shiba Inu

In general, the Shiba Inu It is considered a robust and healthy dog. As a result, shibas can easily survive outdoors, but also enjoy indoors as you can imagine. They do not require special diets and in most cases you can get away with serving them any type of commercial dog food. They enjoy activities like playing catch the ball and you can even catch a shiba in a daily run, as these animals can apparently run forever without stopping. Saying this, the Shiba Inu it is a relatively easy dog ​​to take care of.

However, like any animal, or person for that matter, the Shiba Inu breed is not without its hereditary defects. For example, they are known to suffer from patellar luxation, which essentially means they have loose knee braces. The condition is not considered serious, but surgery can be performed to correct it and allow your shiba inu to lead a fully productive life. Another condition they can suffer from is hip dysplasia, although not as serious as larger dogs would, it still appears to be a common problem among the Shiba Inu breed.

In addition to hereditary problems, as with any animal, you can sometimes find your shiba inu healthy under the weather, so to speak. There are numerous diseases that can affect your shiba, but there are certain health issues that you should always be on the lookout for.

For example, if you find your shiba inu circling constantly, this may be a sign that he is under high levels of stress. It can also be a sign that your shiba needs to relieve himself. You may find that the circle increases if your dog is confined to small places or in a cage, but if the behavior persists, it is suggested that you consult your veterinarian to see if the circle could be indicative of a health problem.

Another common thing for any dog, but especially the Shiba Inu, is allergies. More specifically, an allergic reaction to fleas. However, with all the flea products on the market today, your dog should have no problem with this. But if you see your shiba biting you from the shoulder to the back, chances are you have a flea problem and you probably need to get some flea medicine as soon as possible to relieve the itch.

Lastly, shiba inus sometimes develop a health condition known as ear murmurs. This sounds very serious and it can be if it is not treated. However, with proper treatment, this problem can easily go away, and in most cases, this is true.

Your shiba inu’s health factors are nothing to take lightly. Often times, the family pet is considered just that, part of the family, and when it comes to the family, you should always take care of your loved ones.

Animal rescue

While there has always been a need for people to care and love to respond to the needs of helpless and abandoned animals, of late economic downturns have exacerbated the problem to critical levels. Every day we see harrowing images of cats and dogs collected by county pounds. We hear heartfelt stories from people who were forced to give up their homes and can no longer care for their beloved pets due to expenses. Fortunately, compassionate people respond to this need, but they need your support to continue their work.

Countless groups of volunteers are doing everything they can to make sure these homeless animals are rescued and not euthanized. You can find a rescue center near you that would appreciate your time and support. This volunteer service is especially attractive to high school students, who often need service credit to graduate. A rescue center offers an interactive program designed to teach young children appropriate pet lessons and experiences. All Ears Reading ® promotes a program where “pets are the perfect reading companions because they are attentive, non-judgmental and comforting.” Many centers offer community outreach to educate people about the need for sterilization and vaccinations. The centers work with adult day care programs and assisted living facilities. Another program involving rescued pets helps high-risk adolescent women develop positive personal skills so they can become contributing members of society. Some offer obedience training. These are just some of the positive and supportive efforts of animal rescue centers. Remember also that cats and dogs need veterinary attention, grooming, feeding, and exercise.

Adults of all ages and professions find satisfaction working with rescue centers and caring for dogs and cats there. These animals seem to know that keepers are their last hope. Rescue centers keep animals away from euthanasia. They find foster homes and help match a potential owner with the right pet.

Not everyone has the time or the ability of the patient to carry out the day to day that these dogs and cats require. However, if you share a concern for the welfare of these animals, you can help with the financial support these centers need. Your donations will ensure that these programs continue.

Charter a Jet – What is it about?

What is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in aviation? It is not the fate of Amelia Earhart or what really happened to the lost planes in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s not even the reason airlines decided it was wise to stop serving real food in favor of a shallow, and often stale bag of peanuts (although I admit this still puzzles me). I’m talking, of course, about the mystery of why more people don’t think about renting a jet for business or pleasure.

Rent a jet – why not give it a try?

What are they so afraid of? Is it the supposedly exorbitant cost required to charter a jet? If so, it’s time for a serious reality check. Aircraft rental is really very affordable, especially when it comes to a large group. Dividing the cost among multiple people can significantly lower the price per person, and the benefits can far outweigh the costs, in most cases. And speaking of benefits … How about full meals (have that Mr. Peanut), assorted bars and liquor cabinets (adults only, please), movies, video game systems, wi-fi, and other inflight entertainment? All of this can be possible, even standard, when travelers choose to charter a plane.

Jet rental – Why leave Fido (or Fluffy) at home?

Do you think most people would like their dogs to accompany them on the flight? I don’t mean little “bag dogs”; I’m talking about Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Labradors, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Great Danes, or other oversized breeds that are too big to fit in a box under the seat (i.e. not allowed in the cabins of any of the major airline). Do you really want your furry friend to be confined to the cargo hold, exposed to heat in the summer or cold in the winter, with no food or water? If they choose to charter a plane, not only can Fido fly with them, but he can also roam freely in the cabin during the flight, if he is well behaved and trained. The same is true for cats, although they can also fly on commercial flights as they actually meet the airline’s “under the seat” standard. The point is, owners can relax during the flight with their pets, which often makes the experience much more comfortable.

The main reason many people don’t think about chartering a plane is because they operate under the misconception that booking a flight is difficult and time-consuming. However, this is not the case when they hire the services of a professional charter broker like Jetset Charter. Jetset experts have successfully matched the charter customer with the operator for years, and have built a reputation for exemplary service, flexibility, and competitive pricing. For more information or to get a detailed quote for an upcoming flight, call (866)570-5387 or visit http://www.jscharter.com.

Siberian husky breeders announce their puppies

Before buying a Siberian Husky puppy, check out the Siberian Husky breeder lists and interview them, so you can gain some insight into the standards of dog breeds. A good Siberian Husky breeder will not sell their puppy to the first buyer who knocks on their door. He will ask you specific questions. You may want to know why you want a Siberian Husky puppy or you may even ask him to provide information or a veterinary reference for pets you already own.

No organization is responsible for breeders and it is up to the buyer to research and choose a breeder when looking for a purebred puppy. A good breeder will give your puppy a guarantee because he is committed to his profession, as his reputation counts. Ask questions and find out before choosing a breeder from whom to take a puppy. But you should be able to get the history of the puppy to ensure its good breeding. In addition, breeders are always ready to help you by giving you advice and later they might even agree to help you train the puppy, so that you can always keep in touch with him.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a Siberian Husky from a reputable Siberian Husky breeder and not from a pet store. Of course, pet store owners can be breeders too, but their main goal is to make money. It is not intended to produce additional members for the breed, or to make efforts to achieve an improvement in the genetic robustness and temperament of the breed.

A good Siberian husky breeder often asks the prospective buyer about their knowledge of Nordic breeds such as the Siberian husky. It makes sure that owners know that a Siberian husky is not a guard dog and that it has a strong prey drive. He would also like to know if the buyer is familiar with the nature of the Siberian husky. Pet stores are not interested in knowing anything about the buyer’s knowledge. They don’t even care what happens to the buyer and the puppy once it’s sold. On the other hand, some breeders even offer to retrieve the puppy if the owners have problems with him.

Obviously, the Siberian Husky breeder has much more knowledge about the dog than the pet store owner. Often times, the pet store owner buys dogs from a cheap supplier and their parents have not been screened for genetic diseases. This could be the reason why so many Siberian Huskies suffer from health problems. Some breeders are simply careless and do not care about detecting the animals.

But if you buy your puppy from a reputable Siberian Husky breeder, you can be sure that you will get a good quality puppy, with a good and pure genetic background. The breeder assures that with each breed he can reduce genetic problems and temperament disorders, so that the breed is better and better. Many buyers are not very concerned with high quality and do not attach much importance to genetically tested dogs, preferring to buy them from a pet store. But for purebred Siberian Husky lovers, a good dog breeder can deliver a high-quality Siberian Husky to be yours forever.

Stinging Dog – West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier suffers from an allergic skin disease called atopic or atopic dermatitis. These dogs have a faulty skin barrier and are allergic to pollen, dust mites, and household spores (the things that cause asthma in people). These dogs are frustrating to deal with.

Since pollen and spores are difficult to keep away from the dog, problems are recurring. To reduce the severity of flare-ups, itching should be treated as soon as possible. Itching and rash in these dogs develop in areas of the body with fine hair that are not well protected. These dogs often have itchy feet, groin, ventral abdomen (belly) and armpit (armpits) and the concave surface of the pinna (pointed part of the ear).

Immunotherapy is the only current way to cure the problem with a 70% success rate. Allergens are determined by a blood test and a skin prick test. This procedure is expensive and most West Highland White Terrier owners turn to other ways to manage the condition. Corticosteroids like prednisolone are the cornerstone of treatment. Cyclosporine works well too, but the costs involved are often inhibitory.

Recent advances in understanding this terrible condition have allowed some more effective natural treatment regimens to be developed that really work. The skin barrier is deficient in a protein called sphingosine that is part of the protective ceramides that bind skin cells. Protecting and repairing the barrier can greatly help these dogs prevent flare-ups by blocking triggers. The West Highland White Terrier is a very defiant itchy dog.

Breed Profile – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The title of “King Charles Spaniel” was awarded to these dogs during the reign of King Charles II, who adored his spaniels and was not separated from them. A law passed by King Charles II still stands today that these little dogs can enter any public place, including the houses of parliament!

These little dogs were used to warm the laps of the nobility on carriage rides and in cold castles and buildings, so they really are the original “lap dog.”


Cavaliers are cute little dogs, with long, flowing coats with long feathers on the legs and beautiful long ears (I would recommend tying the ears at dinner time!)

They have very long, loose coats and come in various colors; Black and Tan, Ruby (deep red color), Blenheim (chestnut and white), Tricolor (black and white evenly spaced with tan markings)

Both dogs and females should be between 12 and 13 inches tall.


These are very happy and friendly dogs; They walk with their heads and tails held high. They are not nervous dogs and will welcome friends and strangers alike.

They like to be around their people and will take every opportunity to sit on your lap or lie next to you in bed and fall asleep!

They are patient and get along well with children and other dogs and animals; They make wonderful family pets and also make an excellent companion for the elderly.


Gentlemen require a moderate amount of grooming due to their long coats. A quick brush may be necessary after walkies, because their loose coats tend to pick up debris along the way!

Long, loose ears mean care must be taken when eating or they will be covered at dinner!


Gentlemen certainly enjoy their walks and require a moderate amount of exercise. They enjoy the opportunity to go out and meet other people and dogs.

They will happily jog beside you, heads held high, enjoying the sights and sounds!

Health problems

Gentlemen are prone to heart murmurs, although they generally lead an active and healthy life with this condition.

They may also suffer from slipping of the knee joints (subluxed patella); Dogs’ weight must be kept under control to reduce potential problems caused by this condition. If it causes the knee to slip out of its joint, surgery will be required.

Cavaliers also have the highest incidence of any type of mitral valve disease. A defect in the mitral valve (one of the 4 heart valves) causes a backflow of blood into the left atrium or mitral regurgitation. Less commonly, a narrowing of the valve can be identified. Due to the leaky valve, the heart is less efficient at pumping blood to the body.

Why are we going to the caves? Panic under the mountain

Several generations may have shared a cave shelter as a home until it was taken over by a stronger tribe or group. As the cave shelters filled with people, they began to find other forms of shelter, but a good cave was the best home for thousands of years. This is where I think the instinct part comes in, just like you don’t have to teach people or animals some things, they just do it naturally. The instinct that some of us have about caves is for the comfort of being in a cave. When I got into that hole along the river bank, I was not afraid. Even when I fell down the hole that I couldn’t touch the bottom, there was still no fear. Excitement and curiosity dominate any fear that may have been present. Much older now with less excitement and curiosity, he has allowed a bit of healthy fear to creep in. Fear of falling or getting hurt, not of the dark.

Speluncaphobia is the fear of caves or claustrophobia, the fear of nearby places. If I know someone is claustrophobic, I don’t take them to caves. I will only refer to him as John, in the next poem. I think he was just mildly claustrophobic, if that’s possible.

Panic under the mountain

As I lay in tight drag panic, frustration

flushed and overwhelmed with humiliation,

an energy drink and hypertension occurred

a very serious problem, I concluded.

Three hours of climbing and crawling we had arrived
Two hours and two tight crawls or I’d succumb
the five hour loop with parallel trips looked like fun
Until someone leaves it, has done it, enough.

Could you take it through the tightest grip?
He placed it in the middle and prayed it didn’t freeze
He took off all his gear, head first with his feet in the air,
everything was silent as he struggled, I heard him curse.

Little by little it opened up to easy crawling
when I joined him and we proceeded through the little
Mason-Dixon Passage to the Volcano Room
as he spoke to take his mind out of the gloom.

One more drag, the main room is not far away,
on leaving Pettyjohn’s cave he insisted a lot,
a crawl uphill and turns near the end
so your body can make that awkward curve.

Through twists and turns we ran ahead
Not a word said, it’s better not to say it.
When I reached the entrance and climbed into the light,
it was not to be found, in the car, out of sight.

Why a golden retriever’s nose is so powerful

Especially powerful is the Golden Retriever’s nose, which often takes over brain function. One of the main reasons hunters have sought out Goldens over the years is for their superior ability to smell.

The instinct and desire to use smell to discover and enjoy new and old smells is always present in Goldens. On walks or simply in their garden, they are constantly on the alert for smells. It is one of the greatest pleasures of their lives.

The retriever part of the dog’s name indicates the type of work for which it was developed. It’s also an indication that the average Dorado with natural instincts is going to spend a lot of time searching for and carrying whatever objects they find in their mouth.

Some Goldens are so happy when they have a wonderful object in their mouth that they make sounds when they speak.

Goldens generally get along well with other domestic animals. Yet as often as we don’t like to admit it, they are dogs and exhibit doggy traits. While not a desirable trait, adult males can be aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex.

Occasionally, women will exhibit the same trend. Sterilization can help control this problem, especially in men. Goldens with a prey drive will chase anything that runs away from them, like cats and rabbits and anything small and fast.

Chasing larger animals or livestock is generally not a problem because they are more likely to bark at larger animals than to chase them, although you can never be sure.

In conclusion, golden retrievers, like all retrievers, really enjoy investigating the world with their strong sense of smell. They generally get along well with other local animals, but sometimes they show their prey drive and chase smaller animals.

Wicking – Concept and definition of basement waterproofing

According to the Wicking dictionary it is:

1. A cord or strand of loose, twisted, or braided fibers, such as in a candle or oil lamp, that brings fuel to the flame by capillary action.

2. Piece of material that transports liquid by capillary action.

wicked (w-kt), disgusting, highlights

To transport or be transported by capillary action: the water is gradually absorbed through the bricks. *

So if your basement waterproofing professional mentions the term Wicking, it simply means that the water is coming up the wall.

How can this be? Doesn’t gravity keep water closer to Earth? How can water travel down my foundation walls, if they are made of concrete?

Those are all very good points. To understand this term we have to understand the behavior of water. The water seeks its own natural level. It does so by filling in the gaps left in its path by displaced objects. The composition of the water, or the molecules, will bond together and actually push and pull for this to happen. Water can find its way through tiny openings through this molecular push and pull action.

Concrete has small openings left by its drying process. The water evaporates in a process called curing. It leaves very small holes called micropores. The micropores, separated by thin layers of concrete, can be easily broken with sufficient force. So, like a sponge with holes, the holes in the concrete invite the water to seek its own level as it enters the holes left from the drying process.

Water pressure from outside the home can force more water into these pores. Finally, the water fills the pores and begins to search for other pores. Most likely, the pores are above where the water is currently. Again it uses the push and pull of its natural capillary action and slowly climbs up the concrete wall using the micropores.

With the water climbing higher on your walls and the wall saturation level increasing, it is a matter of time before the water passes through the final barrier and reaches your basement.

* The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Train your dog to stop chewing on the leash

There can be a number of different reasons why a dog chews on your leash. Most of those reasons are due to the dog resisting you and your control or simply wanting to play. No matter what it is, it is annoying and you must stop if you want to train your dog to walk well on a leash.

The methods I discuss below try to make the leash taste bad, so that it is undesirable for your dog to have it in his mouth. Of course, keep in mind that patience is important when breaking this habit.

If your dog has already started this annoying habit, you will need to modify his behavior to eliminate the problem. The first method I always suggest is to soak the lower 18 inches of the strap with bitter apple. Bitter apple is a spray that is available in all pet stores and will deter your dog from its bad taste.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest you soak the bottom 18 inches of the strap with lemon juice. It seems that most dogs do not like the taste and will stop putting the leash in their mouth to avoid the taste.

Of course, there is always a tough dog who doesn’t seem to mind bitter apple or lemon juice, so we move on to my third option, which is spicy. Yes, you want to buy a hot sauce like tabasco, cholula, or any other hot sauce that comes in a bottle and is available at all grocery stores, usually where they have Mexican foods and spices.

One way to avoid this problem entirely is to start training your dog to tolerate the leash and enjoy early walks while still a young puppy. It seems that the longer you wait to insert the strap, the worse the problem will be.

There is no better way to establish a good pack leader attitude for your dog than to go for a walk. Taking the time to teach your dog to walk nicely beside you and not nibble or pull on the leash is something that will pay off with lots of enjoyable walks. Taking your dog for a walk builds the master’s relationship and is something your dog will thank you many times over over the years.