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EON500 Series – The Next Generation Portable Speaker

Along with the development of technology, the function of electronic audio devices is having changes in its function. Today, the role of audio devices is more than just producing good sound, but also describing the owners as a whole.

As one of the best manufacturers of audio equipment, JBL always wanted to present and manufacture quality products to satisfy its users. Established for 64 years, JBL has received wide recognition among audio users around the world. Focused on manufacturing speakers and electronic audio devices, JBL has several types of line products to offer for various needs. From an audio device in the hall to the big outdoor concert in a big stadium.

One of the best and well known products from JBL is the EON series. Introduced since 1995, the EON series are portable powered speakers with the best-selling PA powered speaker. Now, using more advanced technology and with a more dynamic design, JBL introduces its new line of EON Series powered PA loudspeakers, the EON 500 Series.

In this latest EON series, JBL promises a more powerful, durable and versatile generation of EONs. Using new technology, collaborates with Crown (another Harman-owned audio company) EON 500 and equipped with Class D amplifier, which produces clearer sound with less distortion and feedback and also less weight. In addition, the new EON series, like other EON series, also has a built-in 3-channel mixer so that the user can use it faster and more efficiently.

With a new ergonomic design and adding more handle, it makes EON more versatile and can be placed anywhere with any configuration. Being a floor monitor, pole mounted or even hanging from a cable will be no problem due to its light weight.

The use of copolymer materials for the outer body of the material makes EON 500 very durable. Layered grill and grill guard keep liquid contaminants out. The soft corner design makes it more comfortable to drive and of course makes it safer for people.

EON 500 series has 3 types of models: EON 515, EON 510 and EON 518S

the EON 515 has a 15-inch 2-way bass-reflex design with a continuous power of 450W. EON 515 weighs about 15 lbs, light enough for 15-inch powered speakers, with a maximum power of 128 dB SPL, EON 515 suitable for use in medium and large rooms.

EON 510 are 10-inch two-way speakers with 280 watts of power, it is the mini version of EON 515, whose main advantage is that it only weighs 7.7 kilograms. It is very light, but do not underestimate its quality. EON 510 is very useful as a loudspeaker in a small room and users of acoustic instruments are strongly recommended to use this product.

EON 518S is an 18-inch active PA subwoofer with a power of 500 watts and can hold up to 1000 watts, which makes this product amazing because its weight is only about 14 kilograms. The melody of this EON 518 is warm, round and full. It is very satisfactory for small to medium size venues.

With all the advantages that the EON 500 possesses, we hope that all these products can satisfy our needs in the search for good sound.

How to Choose the Perfect Ragdoll Kitten for You

Pet owners agree that caring for an animal is quite a challenging task. You never realize this until you’ve had the experience of owning a pet. Just like raising a child, you need to be responsible, caring, and firm. When looking for the ideal Ragdoll kitten to become your pet for life, there are a few things to consider. Here are 3 factors that can help you find the ideal Ragdoll kitty for you.

Factor #1 – Your personality

As a Ragdoll kitten owner, your personality is a factor because it can determine your pet’s reactions, habits, and routines. Owning a pet requires interaction and mutual understanding, and Ragdolls like owners who are open with their affections. They like to be around you and will most likely find ways to become affectionate. In general, Ragdolls are indoor cats that are quite docile and affectionate. They love to be petted and cared for. They are a laid back breed and often mature to have a calm disposition. If you are not comfortable with a pet following you around or one that loves to be in your presence, then you should consider other breeds of cats or animals to keep as a pet.

Factor #2 – Your lifestyle

As a breed, Ragdolls make excellent house cats. They can live peacefully in your home without many problems, but due to their friendly and serene character, they are not used to being outdoors. Although you can train them for this, most Ragdolls cannot defend themselves well against any attack. Ragdolls like to curl up in your lap while you read a book. So if you’re the type who travels, in and out of town regularly, you may need someone to look after your Ragdoll while you’re away because they can’t stand being left alone for long periods of time. .

Factor #3 – Where to Get Ragdoll Kittens

The final factor to consider is the availability of Ragdoll kittens. You can check your local animal shelter to see if there is an owner who surrendered a Ragdoll cat or you can also search for Ragdoll breeders in your area as well as Ragdoll rescues. Knowing where you can get one is important because that’s where you can also gather more information about Ragdoll cats in general. Take some time to do your research and learn more about Ragdolls before you take home a kitten. Ask questions and connect with other Ragdoll owners in your area to hear first-hand experience on caring for your own Ragdoll kitty.

Bringing home your new cat or kitten

Bringing a new cat or kitten into your family can be a very exciting time. You can check out different breeds to find out which traits suit your lifestyle. One thing to consider is that most cats have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. If you get a cat for your child, make sure that you will be able to take care of it when you leave for college or if you move and can’t take the cat with you. Animal shelters are a good place to find a new family member, and sometimes you can even find a purebred pet. By adopting from an animal shelter, you are also saving a life, as their time there is often limited.

When you’re ready to adopt a new cat or kitten, the important things to have are food and water bowls, a litter box, a bed, grooming tools, and plenty of toys for them to play with. Scratching posts and cat trees are a great way to train your new family member where they can use their natural instincts like climbing, scratching, and jumping. It will also save your furniture.

Another thing to consider when looking for a new pet is making sure you have the means to care for it. This would include food, litter, a professional pet groomer if he can’t handle brushing and bathing and the most expensive could be vet visits. Vet visits may be just a yearly exam, or if it’s an older cat or has medical problems, vet visits will be more frequent and expensive. One thing that can help with this is pet insurance if you decide to purchase it.

As a responsible cat owner, it is very important to have your cat microchipped and spayed or neutered. By doing this, you help reduce the number of pets that end up in shelters. Most shelters and rescue groups include this in the price of the adoption, so it will be taken care of before you bring your new furry friend home. If you adopt a kitten, it’s easy to train him to be indoors only, but older cats can be trained as well, sometimes it’s a little more difficult. Cats can be sneaky, so having a collar with a detachable buckle and identification is always a good idea.

Cats need exercise, so have toys to keep them moving and fit. By having laser pointers and feather teasers, you will be able to interact with your cat, which will strengthen the bond between you.

Cat protection in your home is extremely important to avoid unpleasant accidents or worse outcomes. Electrical cords should be kept out of reach. All medicines, chemicals and cleaning products must be kept in a cabinet that they cannot open. Sometimes a childproof lock is necessary to ensure your safety. Appliances like dishwashers, washers, and clothes dryers should be checked beforehand to make sure your cat hasn’t climbed on to investigate or curl up for a nap.

The story behind Cat Steven "Wild World"

Cat Steven’s “Wild World” was her first American hit, reaching number 11 on the Billboard Top 40 charts in March 1971. But it turns out that the real meaning behind this song isn’t what most people assume. Stevens (born Steven Georgiou and known as Yusef Islam since 1979 after becoming a Muslim) finally revealed what the song was about just a couple of years ago.

Originally, some people understandably assumed the song was referring to Stevens’ two-year relationship with American actress and model Patti D’Arbanville. This is understandable given that Stevens’ previous album, Mona Bone Jakon, opens with a song titled “Lady D’Arbanville,” which is filled with imagery about a lady the singer loves who is now “dead.” The real truth about the song was told by Stevens/Islam himself while he was a guest on The Chris Isaac Hour in 2009. In Islam’s own words:

“I was trying to relate to my life. I was at the point where it was starting to happen and I was entering the world myself. I had done my career before, and I was warning myself to be careful this time.” . around, because it was happening. It wasn’t me writing about anyone specific, although other people may have reported the song, but it was more about me. It’s about losing touch with home and reality, especially home.”

Here are some other facts about the song that you might find interesting:

1. Speaking about the lyrics, Islam commented: “It was one of those chord sequences that are very common in Spanish music. I turned it around and that theme occurred to me, which is a recurring theme in my work, which has to do with leaving, the sadness of leaving, and the anticipation of what lies beyond.There is criticism at times of my music, which is a bit naive, but then again, that is exactly why I people like it. It goes back to the purely childish approach of seeing things almost for the first time. A child might say things like, ‘Why is it a cow?’ You shouldn’t put those words together! But if you do, you’ll stop and think.”

2. Wild World was one of the songs that convinced Islam to release a Greatest Hits album of his previous work as Cat Stevens.

3. Stevens wasn’t the first to release his own song. Jimmy Cliff had a cover of the song that was released months before Stevens released his own original version on the “Tea For the Tillerman” album. Cliff’s version was a top ten hit in England. Steven’s own version was not released as a single there.

Parental obsession and the dangers of belly button addiction

The close bond that develops between parent and child is well documented to be a driving force of life, its legendary power to guard and protect making history throughout the centuries. You read of parents rescuing their children from burning cars or sinking ships, finding near-superhuman strength to lift many times their body weight, or surviving underwater for impossible lengths of time to save their child from drowning. and so on. Occasionally this life force becomes distorted and harmful to parents, children, and anyone unfortunate enough to be affected by the association.

Sometimes dubbed Umbilical Addiction, the most common form of this disorder is in females, the maternal instinct spreads into an obsessive need to stifle and control, eventually turning the child into an overweaned and helpless shadow.

It is possible that this unpleasant condition appears in male fathers; attention is commonly focused on a daughter but may appear between parents and sons. Mothers who develop an obsession with their sons tend to side with the son against the father, making it impossible for the father to maintain the usual disciplinary orientation.

The symptoms of obsession start early, when the child is a toddler, or even before the child is out of diapers. The mother may go to great lengths to ensure that the child is completely dependent, lavishing attention and unnecessary gifts on the child to ensure devotion and loyalty. Detection and control of this behavior is invariably impossible, as all the symptoms are confused with ‘pampering’, an oversimplified and convoluted expression that is sometimes applied to a disorder with much less serious implications. The father is overprotective, alienating other supportive influences that might otherwise have been helpful in controlling the situation.

As the child develops, the features of this terrible condition become more apparent. Interference with the mother’s (or father’s) control results in anger, or even aggression, toward anyone who tries to intervene in the child’s behavioral difficulties. As the child grows older, early coddling tactics lead to unacceptable acts of rebellion and disobedience, often drawing disapproval from the rest of the family.

The child staggers in adolescence showing alarming behavioral dysfunctions such as stealing, lying, rudeness, and the young adult will always remain very attached to the same parent who causes the damage.

Elaborate lies can be concocted to cover up petty crimes, both by parents and children, until finally, by the time the young adult leaves school and enters the workplace, the offender has become a dangerous, obsessed narcissistic psychopath. with the ego Sometimes the situation has festered for such a long period that it is impossible for the child to function without the approval and support of the parents.

In extreme cases, the child’s dependency combined with parental authoritarian control results in an incestuous relationship, as the child is unable to cope with normal interaction with the opposite sex.

Each time the “child” is confronted with authority, even the authority of the offending parent, the reaction becomes more intensely antisocial, until finally the individual develops a strong dislike of and active antagonism to most social codes. Throughout most of this adult’s young life, excuses have been found for his stealing, lying, idleness, and general delinquency. When evidence is presented to this person that such behavior cannot continue, the result can be dangerously aggressive and sometimes vindictive.

These people commonly show a desire to adopt pets, such as cats and dogs, but are invariably cruel to animals. The possession of such pets gives a person comfort and fills a need that is the result of having few friends. However, unable to face responsibility, they lash out at the animal when asked to feed it in any way that causes personal discomfort.

The early childhood of these people is the key to behavioral disorders that manifest later in life. The adult cannot bear any responsibility or control, and often the adult’s inability to cope with authority and routine leads them to become increasingly antisocial. They are often unable to interact normally with people and choose to work in jobs that do not require social skills. An ideal profession for such a person would be long-distance truck driving, headlight maintenance, or working in very noisy environments that impede conversation—professions that require long periods of solitude and require little cooperation with colleagues.

Those who have reached adulthood have an ingrained inability to raise their own children. Typical behavior for such a person would be to have children but then treat them badly, and so the cycle continues. Many families tolerate such people because they believe that their behavior is merely eccentric; some even imagine them colorful in some way, someone to “put up with” because, after all, we are all different.

The chaos caused within close family circles by such behavior is unimaginably distressing, especially when the parent fabricates lies to cover up unacceptable behavior, sometimes at the expense of other family members. Often the cycle of deceit continues for years, perhaps up to and after the death of the father. Occasionally, the disorder develops into a more sinister condition when the father, due to death, is no longer able to provide emotional support.

How to find good business ideas online

Would you like to find the key that opens the

door to a gold mine of online response, sales and

results for your business?

It seems obvious that you would be able to see what

experts do it differently when locating the market

opportunities, finding out what people want and

quickly turning it into an online business that generates

trucks full of cash.

The reality is that YOU CANNOT!

While the secret is enormous in its impact, it is so

subtle – so subtle that you will surely miss it if

I don’t know what to look for

Here is the secret and a formula to use it well.


What is DESIRE?

Now stay with me for a minute.

Do you think about the last time you bought a magazine? why

did you buy it? Was it to look better, pay better,

make money, save money, make your house look better,

take a step towards achieving a dream in your life?

How about the last time you bought an eBook on

marketing? It was not the desire to learn more about

marketing that led to opening his wallet, was the

DESIRE to discover something unique, something new that

WILL RESULT in more money in your pocket resulting

when you can finally quit your job.

OK, that’s more like that. It’s all about the bottom line

want to get – not about steps, processes, formula

or information to get there.

Information is a tool, a method to achieve an end.

It is up to you to determine what that FINAL result is and

Continue to help your market achieve that end, without fail.

Now, let’s see how this can help you achieve YOUR goals…

A NEW way to research your market!

You will hear from many online marketing experts that the

An important part of your market research is WHERE you look.

Nice try, but that’s NOT the whole story.

The real secret is how you research your market.

For example, take a look at the headlines of one of my


Main Sales Page

Now, I tried 20+ headlines on this page before I found

this one covering at least 3 times better than previous versions.

The market for this product is aspiring online entrepreneurs,

writers, consultants, and speakers who are already considering

write infoproducts to achieve more freedom, control and

security in their lives.

So why does this page work?

First of all, this market has time constraints. they are fighting like

both with a lack of time freedom and with a lack of financial resources

freedom. Many of them have lost control of their lives, they are too

depends on a stream of income and WANTS to solve this quickly


Second, this market feels it has something to share and WANTS

know how to do it – they WANT the prestige and “fame” that

comes from releasing your own ebook or book.

Try to read the title (both the main title and the subtitle).

Can you now see the major emotional “signals” leading to the market?

triggers I describe above.

Another example!

Let’s try another market altogether!

Go to:

Sit, stay, search here:


What do you think is the main reason why dog ​​owners end up

pay for obedience training?

The answer is in the headline. What dog owners WANT is a way to

stop behavior problems in your dogs. Why? Shame,

fear of someone getting hurt, pain of having to consider giving

to your beloved pet – it all leads to a RABIDO desire for the dog


Conclusion – Think DESIRE!

Will you do this for me?

Spend the next week looking at everything in terms of underlying

Longed for.

When you read the newspaper, talk to a colleague, watch TV, go

watch a movie, talk to your spouse or kids, read websites,

check ads etc. Think about the underlying desire. Why

that communication exists as it exists.

Keep a journal and quickly write down each event with your

corresponding underlying desire.

IF you follow this exercise, you will not only be surprised at what

propose for “normal” daily communication, you will have

He started down the path of thinking as the highest achievement.

entrepreneurs of all time. Not bad for a week’s effort?

Serafin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym Review


Ultimate Fitness Evanston

823 Emerson Street

Evanston, IL 60201



Jeff Serafin – BJJ Black Belt (Jack McVicker / Megaton Dias)

Current hours:

Monday: 5:30pm Gi

Tuesday: 12:00 p.m. Gi, 6:00 p.m. No-Gi

Wednesday: 7:30pm Gi

Thursday: 12:00 p.m. Gi, 6:00 p.m. No-Gi

Friday: 5:30pm Open Mat

Saturday: 10:30 a.m. Gi

Sunday: Open Training

Mod cons:

Serafin BJJ is located within Ultimate Fitness Evanston.

Parking: There is adequate parking around the building and on the street. Be sure not to park in the dry cleaner’s lot directly in front of the building. They are old and grumpy. Don’t park there.

Jeff Serafin has an amazing space to train in. There is a cage, full boxing ring, heavy bags, PLENTY of room for mats, weight equipment (including other training equipment like ropes and two additional rooms with even more equipment), lockers, and showers. There was plenty of space on the mat with all 15 people training on a Saturday morning.

My experience:

Traffic was really good on my Saturday morning excursion to Serafin BJJ in Evanston, IL. Despite everything, I was late (more or less for my month), so I missed what would have been the first 10 minutes of a Natural Ginastica class. Anyway, I wanted to include it in the review because it’s an amazing addition to the classes offered at Serafin BJJ and is currently not listed on their website.

The warm up exercises for the class were short and simple, but definitely sufficient. From there we go directly to the technique.

The technique of the day (and of the previous classes as well) was to work the shoulder blade.

We check the entries in the shoulder blade and drill them.

We then discussed a way to break the opponent’s stance once we lock and pierce them.

Next up were two alternate shoulder blade locks (near and far lateral shoulders) and we drilled.

The last one was a shoulder blade neck choke based on whether or not the opponent gives you the opposite shoulder. This was also pierced.

I wrote this in a specific way to make a point. Jeff teaches each move individually and doesn’t overwhelm students with instructions (as some instructors can). I noticed that most of the students did not have great difficulties when they were allowed to practice on their own. Break things down into understandable parts.

Also, Jeff spent a lot of time talking about the theory behind what we were doing, why we were doing it, and why it would work. If you’ve never read Matt Thornton’s blog on the effectiveness of Aliveness training, you should. I don’t know if Jeff has it, but I think the method that Thornton and Serafin use to teach the technique is one of the most effective methods to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I loved what Jeff said about the shoulder blade being a stance/guard and not just a submission.

Along the same lines, after the technique, we sparred at 50-60% with a partner who already had the shoulder blade on. I won’t go into a big diatribe about why this is essential for understanding, but I was really happy that Jeff used this method to reinforce what he just taught. The things he taught that day stayed with me and immediately became part of my game because I was able to practice it on a slightly resistant partner. Very good idea to develop muscle memory.

The class was mostly made up of blue and white belts, but I don’t think this is typical of Serafin BJJ. Most of Jeff’s top belts were taking a break because the class I got to was right after a big competition and many of them were taking the day off to recuperate or travel. Still, Jeff’s blue belts are awesome. Almost everyone has been with him since his early days in BJJ and it was obvious.

After the silver shoulder sparring, we moved on to free sparring where I was paired with blue belts, and also had the opportunity to shoot with Jeff. All the blue belts caused me a lot of problems and I can say that the skill level in Serafin BJJ is very high. I have been to gyms in the past (before the start of this company), where I was able to dominate everyone except the instructor. This is NOT the case for Jeff’s students. I was swept, ridden, beaten, etc. by a very skilled group of guys.

The combat was very intense, but controlled. Each person played a unique game (this is good because some gyms have everyone trying to play the exact same game) and each match was competitive. Even the white belts I observed played games based on solid basics, each with their own individual style.

Shooting with Jeff was a fantastic experience. He stressed the importance of control and when I rode with him, I felt that control. Jeff has his own game of his and is very good at it (watch out for those kimuras!), but he is absolutely amazing at closing out your game. I tried everything:

From the shore? Nope.

Berimbolo roll? Nope.

Okay, guard closed? Boop

Half guard? Shit, I forgot he loves the half guard. Nope.

Good. He pulls off the guard. They sweep me like it’s my first day.

When the time came, I was both discouraged and overjoyed. He didn’t want the thing to end, but he had never felt the control and patience that Jeff had with me. I was different being controlled, but not crushed. Great experience.

Berimbolo total failure.

Jeff was exceptionally hospitable and very welcoming to a visitor. He surprised me to learn that the more he travels, the more I discover that we all know the same people. Jeff has been a part of the BJJ scene in the Northwest Indiana, Illinois and Chicago areas for over ten years. Jeff and I sat and talked for a long time after he finished class and I think that’s pretty typical of Jeff. He was very willing to give his time to benefit his students.

Evanston students are very lucky to have Jeff. His academy is great, he has excellent training equipment and excellent instruction. With that being said, I hope this review has been an accurate representation of him and his academy. When choosing an instructor, it is often necessary to take into account the instructor’s personality. I’ll (hopefully) be doing an interview with him soon.

Thank you for reading! A special thanks to Jeff for opening his academy to me!!

Once again, thanks for waiting so many weeks for this review!

I’ll have my Mota Martial Arts and Gracie Barra Chicago reviews next week so stay tuned!

More to come this summer!

Cat Pet Shop Online – Top 10 Must-Haves For All Cat Owners

Getting ready for a new kitten is an exciting time! It is very easy and fast to choose the right products for your cat in the cat pet store. You can find anything your cat may need by shopping from the comfort of your home. If you share your home with a cat then you shouldn’t be without these 10 items:

Scratching wooden pegs. Cats need a place to sharpen their nails every day. Cats often sharpen their claws right after their nap. Give your curtain a break from your cat’s eager claws by providing her with a personal scratching post nestled next to her favorite sleeping spot. This way, your cat will use the post instead of scratching your household items.

Trays and trash. You don’t want your cat to use a corner of your living room as a latrine, so always make sure to keep her litter box clean. To keep urine odor to a minimum between litter box cleanings, it’s important to use a cat litter that absorbs odors and clumps quickly. There are different varieties of cat litter trays available at pet stores, there are open trays, covered trays, and also automatic self-cleaning trays.

Catnip and toys. Cats are highly intelligent and desire both interaction with their people and active entertainment when left alone. Having toys and catnip available at all times can keep your kitty out of trouble by preventing boredom.

Drinkers and drinking fountains for cats. There are many options for bowl shapes and sizes for your cat. Let your kitty be the cat’s meow with elegant, personalized ceramic dishes, or keep it low-key with simple, no-fuss acrylic bowls.

H2o fountains are also an important product to feature at the shelter because cats enjoy things that are crunchy and fancy (this is why they enjoy drinking from a tap so often). Put a filter in your water source and the water will stay fresh.

Slippers and beds. One of the most beneficial things you can do for your cat is to provide him with a comfortable place where he feels safe and can sleep. A washable bed or basket provides the cleanest rest for your pet. In an online kitten pet store you will find many different types.

Sharper flaps. If your cat is going to be an indoor/outdoor pet, then allowing him access to come and go as he pleases can be a great way to help him maintain his independence. Look for cat flaps and nets that have a weather-resistant lining to keep outside air out.

Carriers and transportation. A visit to the vet will be twice as traumatic for your cat if he feels threatened in any way while traveling in the carrier. It’s easy to find many types of hard-sided or soft-sided cat carriers by searching online for pet supply dealers.

Leads and necklaces. When you take your cat out for a walk, a collar and leash will keep him safe. Even a strictly indoor cat needs a collar; Wearing an identification tag, with your contact information, is essential for your pet’s safety.

Health care and grooming. From nail clippers and ear cleaners to hairball reducers and brushes, your cat’s health will reflect your attention to this area. No entity that name the cat you love is more or less to convey accommodation, these 10 products are must-haves and can be easily purchased online from a pet search for cats. Hooray for cozier, happier cats!

The 10 best dog breeds in the world

All good dog breeds have great importance with the specific. In the following list of the top 10 dog breeds, we take a look at all varieties of puppies, from small to large. We’re selecting favorites based on their attitude and ease of trainability, as well as their lovable and lovable elements. But just to be clear, we love all breeds, now grab your leash.

10- Saint Bernard

Called Cujo, though featured excellently in Cujo (horror movie) which is based on Stephen King’s novel, Saint Bernard is a large creature with a friendly nature whose true character is perhaps best portrayed in the friendly Beethoven family jerk. which bears the name of the greatest.

Cujo has roots dating back to AD 980. C. and although he did not carry brandy barrels. In fact, it was created for rescue work and life in the Alps. It almost disappeared due to the severe winters of the early 19th century. But he was happily bred to a Newfoundland dog to re-establish and maintain his nightly number.

9- English Cocker Spaniel

It has been a fixture in the arts in some capacity for nearly half a century, first valued as a quality hunting dog in both wet and dry conditions. The Cocker Spaniel was bred to hunt game birds, especially a game bird that is called the Woodcock, from which the cocker spaniel gets its name. The English Cocker Spaniel is a very playful and lovable personality which endeared him as a welcome member of many families now. We think Prince George is certainly sweet in the photo of him. But one of our favorite things has to be the family cocker spaniel, Lupo, being a good friend to the kids, as he’s driving the cocker spaniels out of Woodcock. His intelligent nature also allows him to be regularly employed as a sniffer dog at Cuban airports. So overall, the cocker spaniel can make a good pet if you buy it from a reputable breeder.

8- Siberian Husky

This dog was originally bred in Russia to be one of the most powerful working dog breeds. This big dog looks like a wolf and is really friendly and surprisingly light, intelligent and very trainable. The Husky is playful with children and rarely lets out his characteristic howl, but he makes a poor breed of watchdog. He just likes people too much, he is known for his icy blue eyes. The Siberian husky can also have amber or brown eyes and can even have one brown and one blue eye. His fur, meanwhile, can be white, black, red, silver-gray, or brown and keeps him warm in temperatures as low as -75 degrees Fahrenheit.

7- Boxer

The boxer is like a 3-year-old, that is, he did not grow beyond three, an ordinary skin baby. The boxer was originally bred and intended for bull baiting, dog fighting and even cart pulling, unpleasantly pleased and highly energetic. The breed is an intelligent and quick learner that appears to be cat-like of all dogs when it smiles. He is happy, you really know if he fits easily into most dog loving families as he gets along and plays well with children. He may have a good relationship with cats due to their shared dislike of birds. The breed may have gotten its name from their boxing as poachers. Although many in his native Germany dispute that claim, John and his boxer have a 17-inch tongue, which is the longest of any dog.

6-Yorkshire terrier

He is one of the cutest, very small but brave and remarkably loyal. The Yorkshire Terrier is protective of his foster family and can effectively take over the household if allowed to be a nice guy noted for long silky hair. The Yorkie is descended from the Sky Terrier and Paisley and was literally bred to be a mouse catcher in the north of England, where he is often used in garment factories and mines. He may have a great bark, but there’s not much of him to back it up. He is small but still a terrier at home, while the Yorkie is quite content as an indoor dog. The breed can make an excellent watchdog pup due to its suspicious behavior towards strangers. He loves to joke around and play with other dogs much bigger than him, so keep his leash handy.


Even very high beauty requirements are like a restful sleep. You would have to sleep for a month, you are really a typical dog, be it French, British or American. The Bulldog today has roots dating back to the 1500s, but the breed as we know it did not come into existence until the ancient English Bulldog was crossed with the Pug. This won’t work darling, that look won’t work on him, now regarded as one of Britain’s national animals. In the past, the Bulldog was bred and used for the sport of bull baiting rather than bull-killing. Today, the Bulldog thrives on attention and is quite an affectionate breed.

4- Beagle

This breed is found in different colors ranging from lemon, black, white, red, and orange. The Beagle was recorded in ancient Greece and is even present in Shakespeare’s Daisy. Of course, the modern beagle, however, can be traced back to the 1830s, when Reverend Philip honey was established. The beagle was praised for its hunting ability in the early modern pack of the past and today is valued as a tracking dog due to its incredible sense of smell.

3- Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is patient, devoted, charming and easy to train and makes an amazing choice for a family or childhood friend. He came to be in the late 1800’s on his quest to own a retrieval dog that performed well on land. In the water, it’s fun to swim for him; It is a dog well suited for drug control, rescue and search work, and serving the disabled community.

2- german shepherd

It is perhaps known as the German Shepherd Dog. It was known as the Alsatian Wolfdog for much of the 20th century and was developed around 1899. The German Shepherd is very often used as a scout in military, search and rescue teams, police services and is a very capable actor in terms of dogs.

1-Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is friendly and can be yellow, chocolate or black. This is quite a breed of dog and can be found in a single litter that is famous all over the world as a friend. The Labrador retriever is also eager to help out in the world of hunting, security, and police work. This affectionate dog is also used as a guide and service dog.

Facts that will change the way to tackle food waste in India

Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of the poor and hungry.,” – Pope Francis on food waste

In 1996, a report published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) showed that enough food was being produced to meet the needs of the entire world’s population, and yet here we are, 20 years later, and 194.6 million people in India alone go hungry every day. So, assuming that we are indeed producing more food than ever before, one question to ask is: why can’t we provide food for everyone today?

While we are definitely producing more food per person than we were twenty years ago, one must understand that there are other factors that come into play, eventually resulting in food shortages for a sizeable population. These include the unequal distribution of resources such as land and water, poverty, food waste, etc. In fact, food waste is one of the most serious problems worldwide today.

hard numbers

According to the facts exposed by the FAO, a third of the food produced in the world is wasted; 1,300 million tons of food are wasted each year, which translates into losses of more than 750,000 million US dollars. India is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to food waste, with up to 40% of food produced in the country going to waste, leading to losses of more than $8.3 billion. In a country plagued by food insecurity, where more than 190 million people go hungry every day, such food waste is a real tragedy.

How is food waste produced?

The green revolution may have worked well to solve India’s food scarcity problems to a large extent, but at the same time, it has raised a new problem: the problem of abundance. That certain sectors of society have not been able to benefit from this is another tragedy. Courtesy of this abundance issue, food waste in India can effectively be traced to issues like inadequate supply chain management and lack of storage facilities. Approximately 40% of fruits and vegetables and 20% of cereals do not reach consumers due to these problems. Additionally, tons of prepared food is wasted in hotels, during weddings and other social gatherings, and even in homes.

Do you remember how much food you left on your plate the last time you went to a restaurant? It may have seemed harmless to leave behind a ‘small’ meal after you’re full, but imagine the magnified impact of your habit over the years.

It is important to understand that food waste also translates into problems for allied sectors. In India, for example, wasting rice also results in wasting water used to grow rice and electricity used to bring water to the field. Furthermore, it even results in the waste of manpower.

How to reduce waste?

The need of the hour is to formulate laws to prevent food waste. The French parliament, for example, recently passed a bill that prohibits supermarkets from throwing away unused food. Instead, they will now have to come to an agreement with interested organizations to redistribute this unused food.

While it is the government’s responsibility to make such laws, there are many things we can do individually to reduce food waste. If we all plan our meals well, only buy what we need, especially perishables, don’t over-prepare food that then has to be thrown away, start with small portions, and get used to ending food on our plate, it will definitely help address the problem of the food crisis in India.

India may have climbed as high as 55th in the 2015 Global Hunger Index (GHI), but we still have a long way to go. If we want to achieve Zero Hunger as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or successfully implement a food safety program, problems like food waste will need to be addressed as soon as possible.