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The psychology of mind

The media these days have surely created a lot of hype about the “mindset”. So I’m officially doing my bit on what mindset development is and how you can change it. You can because there really is a psychology to the mindset. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is? Simply do a search in your favorite web browser for the word “Mindset”. You’ll get thousands of searches, but you’ll also have a hard time finding an online source that understands how mindset works. Some might, sure. But with so many gurus and experts claiming they can help you evolve just by changing one (not-so) little thing, wouldn’t it be helpful to know the truth? The truth about psychology BEHIND the mindset curtain? I also believe it! So here it is. Mindset is really about a mindset shift. It’s about the way you see the world. Think of the mindset as the pair of glasses you choose to look at the world with.

You can use pink or gray. The truth is that your constant thoughts only add to the positive or negative outlook on your life. This is what they mean by “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Those media gurus and I agree that you have to change the way you think to have the happiness you want. But it’s simply NOT ENOUGH for me to tell you to just “change your mind” and wait for the magic to happen. That’s like me saying, “I’ll throw some pixie dust on your head and your mind will be instantly clear of all the goo.” Sorry, mindset shift doesn’t work that way. No wonder so many frustrated humans are rushing around our society, looking for the NEXT guru who can answer, “How can you make me happy?” Do not wait more. I can answer that question. The truth about mindset shifting is that it’s so easy you’ll wonder if it’s pixie dust. And you might wonder why you spent thousands of hours paying someone to help you be happy when I’m giving it to you for free. (You’re welcome!) I’m going to describe something I call the “Tree of Mind.” Please draw this on a piece of paper as I explain it so it makes more sense. The trunk of your tree is a simple formula: thoughts create emotions; emotions create actions. Then two main branches of thoughts arise: conscious and subconscious.

Those are the two types of thoughts: the first that you can easily access and are aware of, and the second that you cannot easily access. These subconscious thoughts lurk in the back of your mind. Your habitual thoughts are your way of thinking. These are the thoughts you have to change if you want to change your mindset. But here’s the catch: your conscious thoughts make up only about 15% of your total thoughts, maybe less! Your subconscious thoughts make up the other 85%. Draw this on your mental tree. Let it sink in That means that in order to change the way you think, you have to tap into those thoughts that you don’t even know you’re thinking. Bad news, right? Well, not so fast. You can change your subconscious programming. There are so many ways, and that’s where a GOOD guru comes in! From my prefrontal cortex to yours (that’s where your conscious thoughts are stored), here are a few to get you started: First, identify which subconscious thoughts are no longer serving you well. They might sound something like this: “I’m never good enough. Money doesn’t grow on trees and it doesn’t come easily. Hard work is the only job that pays, etc.” You can see how a single subconscious thought can create a lot of problems, right? Second, choose to change.

Oh yeah, you know I had to say it. CHOOSE to change! The reality is that most people figure out what subconscious thoughts are holding them back, but then do nothing about it. Making the decision to act is a very big step. And it is vital. (The reasons for not taking action are an entire therapy session in themselves, so we’ll save those for another time!) Three, implement tools. Create new habitual thoughts, affirm what is true, post sticky notes all over your house and in your car, use EFT, journal ad nauseam, use a “change partner” to motivate yourself, lucid dream, talk about your change efforts until she’s sick, and keep moving in THAT direction, not the OTHER direction. You have so many ways to change your negative subconscious programming. A popular phrase is “Just do it!” But what happens when “Just Do It” doesn’t work? No, it is not a matter of willpower or strength. And it’s not a question of character. It’s all about perseverance, practice and constant follow through. Yes, there is a psychology in the mindset. Can you call it a day just knowing that? No, but once you face those negative subconscious thoughts, you can scream from the ceiling “JOB DONE!”

Lactation problems – mastitis

Women who choose to breastfeed anticipate that it will be a wonderful bonding experience for her and her baby. All lactating mothers know that the breast is best, but what does she do with a case of mastitis?

recognizing the problem

There are many warning signs that you may have mastitis.

1) An area of ​​the breast becomes sore and red. The blocked duct site develops a very pronounced red spot that is extremely painful to the touch and holding or carrying your baby on this side can become unbearable. You may also see or feel a lump.

2) You may experience pain during breastfeeding sessions. This may start as a tingling sensation in the nipple. If there is no pain while the baby is nursing on that side, it doesn’t mean you don’t actually have mastitis.

3) Development of flu-like symptoms. You may experience a fever along with chills and body aches. Exhaustion is another common side effect. Many women report that they can’t even get out of bed.

What to do if you suspect mastitis

At the first signs of mastitis development:

1) Get in bed and rest! Even if you can sit quietly for a few hours doing nothing, such as housework or taking care of other children or family members, you will benefit.

2) Apply warm compresses to the clogged duct site. Take a hot shower or even submerge your breast in a bowl or pot filled with warm water and let it soak for a few minutes, several times an hour.

3) Nurse, nurse, nurse! Try to nurse the baby on the side of the blocked duct as often and for as long as possible to resolve the blockage. Massaging the breast while the baby suckles can also help.

4) Remedies such as echinachea and vitamin C can be taken. Antibiotics can also be prescribed by a doctor or midwife.

How to avoid mastitis

Mastitis starts as a clogged duct and develops into an infection. To prevent your ducts from becoming clogged in the first place, it’s a good idea not to constrict your milk ducts with underwire bras or tight clothing. Try not to sleep on your stomach as this can also lead to a clogged duct. Avoid supplementing with bottles because this can lead to overproduction of breast milk. When a feeding is missed, the sinuses can become engorged and the ducts can become blocked. Breast compression or breast massage prior to latching is also a useful tool to avoid blockage of the ducts altogether.

Do you want to impress your Latino boyfriend? Here are 3 easy ways to love her

While waiting at Princeton University Hospital for the birth of my grandson, Sharon, the nurse, chatted happily. After a while, the conversation turned to dating, and she confided in me that she had just started dating a Latino man. She really enjoyed her company and wanted to make a good impression on her.

She hoped that my Latino heritage could give her an idea of ​​her personality. Sharon wanted to make a real impression on her new boyfriend. She was a bit shy and a slow approach was what she was looking for.

I went over three important key areas in the Latino relationship:

  • you just have to be his
  • He loves to have fun and romance.
  • You must know your place in the home.

Women often have to deal with different traditions and cultures that their mothers have taught their Latino boyfriends. Depending on your age, this may be only one generation away from very strict moral values ​​and customs.

first simple rule. Always behave like a Lady. Know that she loves her family, especially her mother and grandmother. Keep a low profile when meeting her sisters and aunts. However, dress to impress, it will go a long way.

Second, Never discuss at length about a past relationship. Your Latino boyfriend does not want to talk about other men past or present. Remember now that you met him, there really has never been anyone else!

Third, learn to dance, take salsa lessons, or just go online and learn a step or two. Salsa dancing is a lot of fun and she will be impressed that you took the time to learn. If you usually cook for him, add a Spanish dish. A simple side of white rice and black beans is all you need to impress your Latino boyfriend. Goya foods have many receipts online.

Sharon was pleased with our conversation and took notes on how to cook some Spanish dishes. She already made white rice, but now with a touch of lime, it would be very fluffy and spicy.

It was a great experience to see the birth of my grandson. I thanked Sharon for all her support and taught her a few Spanish words to whisper in her ear for extra points in her favor.

Give your child the gift of freedom with a trike

For many adults, many of the best childhood memories have to do with trikes. These pedal-powered three-wheeled contraptions are often a child’s first experience of what true freedom of movement means. That’s why a trike is one of the best gifts parents can give their young children.

Of course, children’s trikes are also one of the best ways to exercise children both mentally and physically. They help develop balance and coordination, teach children to understand directions, and strengthen muscles, especially the legs and feet. They also teach children independence and self-confidence, giving them the confidence they need to try new things.

Typically, toddlers thirty months and older are almost ready to ride their first trikes. This is the time when the average child should be able to walk and jump on their own. A child capable of getting in and out of a toddler seat will usually be able to get on and off a tricycle seat without assistance.

But even before reaching this stage, you can prepare your child for his first test of freedom on three wheels. One way is through toys like rocking horses, which will give him a taste of what riding on a bike seat feels like and teach him balance early on.

Trikes can be found in so many types and designs on the market, many of them specifically suitable for small children of different ages. When the child is just starting out, it is best for parents to purchase a push trike that they can ride safely without taking any of the fun out of the experience. Although the adult controls the ride, the child will still feel that he is in control. It is also a great opportunity for parents and children to bond.

Choosing children’s tricycles is not a simple matter of going into the toy store and choosing the first one that appeals to you. There are some things that need to be carefully considered, especially since the safety of the child must come first. Rubber wheels are always better than plastic ones because rubber has a firmer grip on the ground and won’t slide easily. The location of the pedals and the height of the seat are also very important, not only for comfort and safety, but also because they will determine how effective your child’s training will be. If you plan on taking your child for a ride in a park, a sturdy folding trike would be the most convenient way to pack in the car.

Sure, trips and falls are part of a child’s learning experience. But a fall off a trike, which you can expect to happen no matter how careful you are, could be unpleasant. So get kids helmets, knee and elbow pads to stay safe. Of course, since it’s your child who will be wearing them, it might be a good idea to let the child tag along and choose designs and colors that he or she will appreciate.

Give your child the best trike you can. Not only will you buy the child a great toy, but you will give them some of the best memories when they reach adulthood.

Two wonderful picture and project books for your children

As parents, it is very difficult for us to find the right picture book and project for our children, especially when they are young. If we buy one that is too complicated, all they do is end up scribbling while coloring the scene, or get frustrated because they can’t solve the puzzles. That’s why there’s a series of books that I really love and enjoy, and I think it’s great for kids.

The book series is disney pixar, and represents the “Incredibles” which, if you remember, are the cartoon characters who have superpowers and come to the rescue in times of chaos and crisis. If you think this book series might be for you, let me name two of the best books in the series;

1.)“Great Write and Erase”, Part of Disney Pixar’s Incredible Series, from Disney Enterprises, Inc.; printed by Innovation; 2006.

This is an excellent and brilliantly done children’s book, one that will give your children hours of fun and interesting thoughts. There is a job find and some word puzzles as well as a secret code which is done by easy math problems and numbers game. There are four main characters in this cartoon book.

two.)“Super Color N’ Wipe” Part of Disney Pixar’s Incredible Series, from Disney Enterprises, Inc.; printed by Innovation; 2006.

This is a brilliant addition to the previous children’s book, this coloring book challenges your child to match colors and draw the main characters just as they are in the cartoon movie. Your child can color both the characters and the background. I hope you enjoy these books as much as our family has. Please consider all this.

Holistic Herbal Solutions

“Take Control of your Health Naturally”

Holistic herbal solutions can also be defined as natural home remedies or simply called. There are more ways than you can think of to help yourself be naturally healthy or healthier. I’m not saying you should totally rule out your primary care doctor, but I’m saying you can possibly see him MUCH less. Taking care of yourself naturally is a lifestyle, but once you make those changes, it’ll be worth the effort, as you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Holistic herbal solutions can be incorporated into your life little by little as you discover what works for you. Soon your world will be a much calmer, happier and healthier place!

medical solutions

Feet pain

  • Pour boiling water over basil leaves and soak your feet to relieve foot pain.

Bad breath

  • Chewing parsley neutralizes odors in the mouth.

  • Chew mint leaves.

  • Gargle with a small cup of lemon juice to kill clutter-causing bacteria. Then eat a serving of unsweetened plain yogurt. This has lactobacillus bacteria replacing the smelly bacteria. Together they neutralize odor that lasts for 12 to 24 hours.

Bad mood

  • Eat 3 oz of white albacore tuna. Contains 800mg of omega-3s which are known to help treat depression.


  • Apply aloe vera gel to the burn as needed. You can also use juice directly from the plant.

  • Apply extra virgin olive oil to the skin after sunbathing to help prevent skin cancer.

chapped lips

  • Use olive oil as a moisturizer for your lips. It will serve as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well as a lubricant to heal your lips.

herpes labialis

  • Use lemon balm to cure and prevent cold sores.

  • Apply toothpaste to the area as soon as you feel a burning sensation. Allow to dry and wear overnight.

Common cold

  • Drink tea made from lemon thyme to treat colds before bed. (Do not use thyme during pregnancy.)

  • Drink a hot toddy Ingredients: juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of organic raw honey and half a shot of brandy


  • Mix two teaspoons of honey together with 500mg of Ester C 30 minutes before bed.

  • Eat a square or two of dark chocolate. Yes, dark chocolate. The theobromine compound in chocolate helps suppress persistent coughs without the side effects of drowsiness and constipation.


  • Place a handful of mint leaves in a small bowl and cover with boiling water. Lean over it, covering your head with a towel, and breathe in the steam.


  • Drink lemon thyme tea for an antioxidant. (Do not use thyme during pregnancy)

Dry Skin

  • Sink into an oatmeal bath. Place the whole oats in a sock, sealing the end with a rubber band. Drop the sock into a hot bath. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Drink a bottle of water with a packet of Emergen-C. Vitamin C’s ability to combat oxidative stress helps provide energy, and the vitamin plays a key role in iron metabolism, helping your body move energizing oxygen through your bloodstream.


  • For fever above 102 degrees F, take a cool sponge bath to bring the temperature down

  • Drink linden blossom tea. Drink 3 – 4 cups a day. Linden tea stimulates the hypothalamus and dilates blood vessels, inducing sweating.

oder of the foot

  • Take a daily foot bath in strong black tea for 30 minutes. The tannins in the tea kill bacteria and close the pores on the feet. Bacteria grow better in humid environments and your feet do not sweat as much with closed pores.

  • Soak your feet in a foot bath of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. This will kill the bacteria that cause odors.

Hair growth

  • Try applying peppermint essential oil topically to hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.


  • Drink water and take a B-50 Complex supplement before bed to help break down alcohol in your body.

  • · Drink water and take activated charcoal before bed to help flush toxins from your body.


  • Rub crushed basil leaves on the temples to relieve a headache.

  • Try relaxant magnesium (200 to 400 mg) to reduce muscle tension and spasms. Make sure the supplement contains at least 200mg of active elemental magnesium. This is more of a preventative measure, so if you know when you usually get headaches, you can take it the day before.

  • The 37g of carbs in a medium potato can ease a tension headache by boosting serotonin levels, as long as you keep fat and protein under 2g


  • Chamomile Tea: Steep 2 teaspoons of chamomile in 10 ounces of very hot water for 20 minutes, covering the cup to keep the essential oils in the water.


  • The 3 g of fiber in oven-dried figs help create soft, regular stools that will prevent hemorrhoids from coming back.

  • Two capsules of activated charcoal will help create soft, regular stools that will prevent hemorrhoids from coming back.


  • Just dip a few sprigs of mint into an eight-ounce glass of water and sip.

High cholesterol

  • One medium pear has 5g of dietary fiber, much of it in the form of pectin, which helps eliminate bad cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease.

Immune system boost

  • Eat a tablespoon of chopped parsley daily.


  • Drink a soothing cup of mint tea after your meal. Mint helps with muscle spasms.

  • Use chopped fresh basil in sauces or salads to help kill pesky bacteria that cause nausea and digestive problems.


  • Before going to bed eat a handful of cherries that are full of melatonin.

  • Take a hot, relaxing shower before bed

  • Aromatherapy with lavender essential oil.

  • Eat a 3-ounce serving of turkey 30 minutes before bed to help your body produce serotonin and melatonin, which are hormones that regulate sleep.

intestinal gas

  • One and a half cups of live culture yogurt helps food travel more efficiently through the GI tract, thus producing less gas.

  • Use chopped fresh basil in sauces or salads to help kill pesky bacteria that cause nausea and digestive problems.

kidney stones

  • Four dried apricots have 2g of fiber, just 3mg of sodium and 325mg of potassium. These three elements help prevent minerals from building up in the urine, which forms the most common type of kidney stone.

memory boost

  • Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into your aromatherapy or boil the crushed leaves in a pot of water and let the scent linger in the house.

menstrual cramps

  • Take ½ to 1 teaspoon of cramp bark tincture every 2 hours on the days of your worst cramps.


  • Drink peppermint tea to calm nausea.

  • Infuse fresh ginger in hot water. Strain and freeze in ice cube trays. Crush the cubes and eat throughout the day for a constant calming effect.

  • Drink ginger tea.

  • Use chopped fresh basil in sauces or salads to help kill pesky bacteria that cause nausea and digestive problems.

Poison Ivy

  • Apply chilled peppermint tea bags to the infected area for a calming and cooling effect.

  • Apply a solution of water and peppermint essential oil or a cloth soaked in peppermint tea to the infected area for a calming and cooling effect.

Swollen eyes

  • Apply cool, wet black tea bags as a compress to closed eyes for 10 minutes.

repel mosquitoes

  • Bush mint essential oil is very effective in preventing mosquitoes from landing on your skin.

Throat pain

  • Gargle twice a day with a solution of six pressed garlic cloves mixed in a glass of lukewarm water.

  • Gargle twice a day with a solution of salt mixed in a glass of lukewarm water.


  • Contrast Hydrotherapy: A quick burst of heat, then a quick burst of cold to get the blood pumping through the muscle tissues again. 30 seconds hot, 20 seconds cold. Alternate three times ending cold.

stained teeth

  • Crush a few fresh strawberries into a mush and mix with a pinch of baking soda stain remover and enough water to make a paste. Apply the mixture to a soft-bristled toothbrush and polish for a few minutes once every 3-4 months. More than that could remove the enamel.

  • Rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Be careful not to swallow any. Your mouth will continue to foam. Keep spitting it out. Then brush your teeth as usual. Do this once every 3 to 4 months. More than that could remove the enamel.


  • Eat a banana. A banana contains 30% of the day’s vitamin b6, which helps the brain produce serotonin.


  • Eat cabbage: Sulforaphane, a powerful compound in cabbage, kills the bacteria that cause gastric and peptic ulcers before they reach the stomach and may even help inhibit the growth of gastric tumors.


  • Garlic contains essential oils that can inhibit the growth of the fungus that is the culprit behind the pain, itching, and vaginal discharge of yeast infections. Include garlic in sauces, salad dressings, and marinades.

  • Thyme, clove, and even orange essential oils are also effective fungicides. Include them in sauces, salad dressings, and marinades.

I want to buy my spouse a gift to show I’m sorry for cheating. What is the best?

I sometimes hear from spouses who want to offer some kind of gift to indicate how sorry they are for cheating or having an affair. And yet, everything they consider seems wrong to them. They want to get the perfect item that shows their sincerity moving forward. But they’re not sure what’s appropriate.

I heard from a husband who said, “I cheated on my wife and she found out. Honestly, I was considering leaving my wife and being with the other woman. But once my wife found out and I saw the pain my actions caused her, I changed my mind. Seeing her so vulnerable reminded me of the woman I first fell in love with and I decided that I owed it to both of us to try to save our marriage. To my surprise, she agreed to give me that opportunity. The fact that That she is willing to take a chance on me again makes me humble. I want to get her something to show her how grateful I am. I asked one of her best friends what she would like and the friend told me that I am on thin ground because my wife is going to reading too much into anything he can choose. Is he right? I don’t know what to do right now.”

What your spouse really wants: While I think it’s touching when one spouse wants to show their love for the other, I agreed with the friend that the wrong choice could make the situation worse. I need to be honest right now. As a spouse who has been cheated on, I can tell you that what your spouse wants is not jewelry or just another trinket. What your spouse really wants is to get the marriage back from him. They want to feel like they can trust you again. They want the reassurance that you still want them and that you won’t cheat on them again. They want to feel your genuine affection. They want you to do whatever it takes to help them heal or recover from this. Frankly, these things would be more meaningful than any trinket could ever be.

Make sure any gift shows your spouse how much you understand and appreciate them: I understand and respect that you want to make a gesture to show your spouse how important they are to you and how committed you are to moving forward. In that case, you should seriously consider it. You don’t want to submit the wrong idea. You don’t want to just give them a “guilt gift” that you didn’t think very deeply about. Many men will think that they will be covered if they only buy expensive jewelry for their wife. I suppose this works for some women, but many wives will assume that you think you can buy your way out of this and that’s not the message you want to send.

It has been my experience and opinion that you will do better if you can find something that will show your spouse that you know them intimately and want to reconnect with them that way. Maybe you can find something that is symbolic of your early relationship. Maybe you can find something that reminds your spouse of your honeymoon, a trip, or a hobby you share that is meaningful to you. Frankly, this is going to be very individual for each woman. Her gift should show her that you know what is important and meaningful to her because she listens and understands.

I will share with you one of the most significant gifts my husband has given me. Shortly after her infidelity, my mother became seriously ill. I had to spend a lot of time in hospitals and this was emotionally draining, although there is no place I would have preferred to be because I wanted to support my mom. My husband called my stepfather and asked him to relieve me for just one or two days. When I returned home, my husband had set up a hammock in our backyard and purchased a book that had been meaningful to us early in our marriage. He wanted me to take some time to enjoy the book in the hammock. This gift was not expensive. But it showed that my husband really understood what would be restorative for me. And he cleared his calendar so we could share some time together in that place. This meant more to me than any piece of jewelry.

Obviously, what is significant to your wife is going to be different from what is significant to me. But if you listen to your heart and find out what it could mean to your spouse, then that’s a gesture that would probably be greatly appreciated.

Choosing the right type of mattress to improve your sleep

How well you sleep will be greatly influenced by the mattress you have. Everyone spends around a third of their life lying on a mattress, so it pays to buy the right mattress.

Your mattress needs to give your body adequate support during the night. Select a mattress that is firm enough to support you, but not so firm that it is uncomfortable. If you rest mostly on your side, you may need a somewhat softer mattress than if you lie on your back or back.

Eventually, mattresses and box springs wear out and stop providing you with adequate support, leading to insufficient rest. Therefore, it is advisable to change the base and the mattress at least every ten years.

Mattresses come in a number of separate sizes, from king-sizes to small singles. In general, choose the biggest bed you can. Many people find that having more room to move around while they sleep allows them to sleep better at night.

There are several different types of mattress and the best variety for you is a matter of individual choice. Therefore, it is very important to try different types of mattresses and see which one you prefer.

Continuous coil mattresses are constructed from a single wound wire. This makes them cheap, but they wear out faster than other types of mattresses. On top of that, they also tend not to distribute weight very efficiently, so you’ll likely find that your partner’s movements bother you while you sleep.

Open coil mattresses are built with single springs linked by wire. They generally last longer than continuous coil mattresses and give you more effective support.

Pocket sprung mattresses are made by sewing pocket springs into pockets of fabric. They distribute the weight effectively, thus providing good support for your body. In addition, they reduce the probability that you will be disturbed by the movements of your partner while you sleep.

Memory foam mattresses have a top layer of temperature-sensitive memory foam that molds to your body during the night. The mattress molds to the shape of your body as it heats up. Although molding provides very good support, it can also make movement difficult. Memory foam mattresses are likely to be more expensive than coil or pocket spring mattresses. However, they are fantastic for relieving joint pain pressure and provide very good weight distribution.

Choosing the right type of mattress will certainly be a very personal choice depending on your personal needs and financial situation. Mattresses can be expensive, so be sure to test-drive the mattress in the store before you buy. Lie on the mattress in your normal sleeping position for a while to see how it feels.

Using the information above should help you make an informed decision when buying a mattress. Having the right mattress will help you get many hours of restful sleep.

Airport etiquette: Get through airport security without losing your bags or missing your flight

In the past, the stress of flying abroad often meant worrying about the flight itself or whether you forgot to pack essential items.

These days, though, people are more concerned with being picked for that exhaustive bag search and getting through airport lines in time to catch a flight. It’s a sad but true fact that navigating airport security is more of a test than the flight itself.

So how can you get through the airport quickly and easily? Is it still possible to reach your destination on time and with all your bags? Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully make that dream come true!

Packing Tips

Getting around the airport easily starts with packing. Before you fold your first shirt, check your airline’s website for current restrictions. After comply for them! If it says no liquids in your carry-on, don’t try to sneak some face cream in because it’s not “really” liquid. Also check that your bags are the correct size and weight. Remember to check back a day or two before departure, in case something has changed.

Your next concern will be to make sure that all your bags reach their destination. Tighter security and more frequent baggage checks mean there will be more mistakes: lost luggage or (if you’re lucky) bags that go missing temporarily. More and more travelers are even reporting finding items in their suitcases that do not belong to them! Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances that all your bags make it to the right place:

  • 1. Make your carry-on as small as possible. In fact, if you can, take everything in a clear plastic bag. this says “I’m not dangerous” loud and clear.
  • 2. Use plastic freezer bags to consolidate smaller items in your checked bags and use a permanent marker to write your name and destination on the outside. This will help baggage searchers in case of confusion.
  • 3. Include your itinerary in each checked bag, complete with names, dates and phone numbers where you will be staying.
  • 4. Mark the outside of each bag with something that identifies it as part of a group. I’ve been with groups that used red pom poms (easy to find at a craft store), and I’ve used colored canvas leashes myself. Think about it: if the baggage handler sees five suitcases with yellow pom-poms going to Rome, and he’s holding a suitcase with a pom-pom, he probably won’t accidentally throw it into the pile going to Kathmandu!

    Now you’ve done everything you can to make sure your bags end up at their destination; but the best plans of mice and men are not always foolproof. What if the worst happens and your bags are lost or delayed?

    Hand luggage convenience

    This is where carry-on luggage comes into play. I realize I only recommended bringing as little as possible… But if you’re really worried about losing your luggage, I recommend bringing a change of clothes (don’t forget your socks and underwear!) along with a few basics. . In the past, this is where you would buy a few small bottles of toothpaste and shampoo to pack in your carry-on. Sadly, those days are gone. The good news is that, despite carry-on restrictions, there are are some viable alternatives!

  • 1. The one thing no one wants to be without on a 14-hour flight is toothpaste. You can get pre-glued brushes at http://www.dentakit.com/prdito.html”>Dentakit.com for around 50 cents each and throw them away when you’re done. Powdered toothpaste is also a great option. http://toothfresh.com/”>Toothfresh.com has the product itself and some very interesting information on the health benefits associated with this method. You may end up using it all the time!
  • 2. Did you know that you can get a non-liquid shampoo? Consider yourself informed. http://www.jrliggett.com/”>JR Liggett’s has been selling organic shampoo bars since 1985. In addition to being very hair-friendly, it can be used on the rest of the body…and even on clothes! Best of all After all, it is ecological.
  • 3. If you’ll be traveling with small children, another important item on your list will be sunscreen. Check out “http://www.babiestravellite.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=BTL&Product_Code=BBSBT”>Sun Blankie Towelette” to make sure you and your baby don’t start the holidays with burned skin SPF 45+, offering the maximum protection you’ll need on that sunny Mediterranean beach!
  • 4. Lastly, if you have any medication that you need to take with you, make sure it is clearly labeled with your name. Liquid medications are generally restricted to 4 or 5 oz.

    Well, your “stuff” is going to make it… now, what about you? Do you have a plan to move through the airport quickly and without worries?

    airport security label

    The key to getting through airport security quickly and without much hassle is to follow the rules. Don’t get angry; if you’re offended, write a letter to your congressman when you get home. But for now, if a man in uniform asks you to do something, do it. Here are some other tips to make sure you are not the one selected for a pat-down:

  • 1. Arrive early. They tell you to arrive about three hours early, so do it!
  • 2. Keep your ticket, ID, and passport in one place for quick access. I recommend getting something like a passport wallet or ID holder around your neck. Remember to keep an eye on it at all times.
  • 3. Wear comfortable shoes that can be easily slipped on and off. You will be asked to remove your shoes at least once at the airport, so I recommend slippers, sandals, or flip-flops. They will also be more comfortable on the plane.
  • 4. Don’t use a lot of extras; avoid earrings, watches, belts, and pocket change if you can. If you can’t, pick them up early and put them in your carry-on until you’ve passed the line. Trust me, everyone else will appreciate it!
  • 5. The last and perhaps the most important tip for “flying through the airport” is to dress elegantly and simply. Don’t wear t-shirts with ambiguous messages or anything that others might see as “creepy” or “scary.” These days you are likely to be pulled over for a search!
  • Following these tips can seem a bit tedious and detailed when all you want to do is get to your destination. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth a little hassle ahead of time to get your vacation off to a quick and anxiety-free start. That way, the only thing you’ll have to worry about when you get there is whether you should spend your time exploring or just laying poolside.

    Learn how to keep your head steady in 30 days or less with a simple, 5-minute daily exercise

    A recent National Golf Foundation (NGF) study shows that once a golfer has been playing for three years or more, certain swing habits, both good and bad, are ingrained in the golfer’s swing. It seems that muscle memory or motor learning allows the golfer (or any athlete) to consistently repeat the learned movement, whether or not that movement is the desired movement.

    This movement becomes an unconscious movement, a habit. And we all know how hard it is to break a habit. Some physiologists say that it takes thousands of repetitions of the desired new movement or desired habit to break the unwanted habit. My personal experience and research suggests that the number of repetitions varies with each individual and depends on the individual’s flexibility and athleticism. However, the unwanted habit can not be changed or removed without repeating the desired habit.

    Other studies by the NGF and the Titlelist Performance Institute show that faulty head movement is the number one fault for the 80% of golfers who do NOT break 100. So how does the high handicap golfer learn to keep a steady head? ? The answer is the repetition of a steady head during swing practice, without hitting the balls, until the new movement becomes unconscious. Now the questions become:

    1. How does one know that they are keeping their head steady for most of the golf swing?

    2. How can you get the reps to develop this desired stable head muscle memory or new habit without spending hours on the practice range?

    One answer is for the golfer to set up a camera to take a video of their swing to see if there are any faulty head movements during the swing. The golfer will see the swing and the miss and get a mental picture of the bad swing as well as the good swing when the golfer keeps their head steady. This procedure, however, is not very practical. It takes hours of video and the golfer is dependent on the mental image of the steady head. Physiologists also tell us that tactile feedback of the desired swing may be the best way to develop the new habit.

    So here is the exercise.

    has. Stand facing a wall and facing the wall, about 12 inches away. The distance may vary depending on your height. Imagine that you are about to take your normal swing with a club.

    b. Bend at the waist and lean forward until the front of your head touches the wall.

    against Let your arms hang down and bring your hands together as if you were holding your driver.

    d. You have to simulate your normal posture and posture to hit a ball with your driver.

    me. Keeping your head steady and light pressure against the wall, swing your arms through the full backswing while maintaining head pressure against the wall.

    F. Now swing down while keeping your head against the wall until well past the imaginary impact zone. The longer you can keep your head against the wall, the better. Your right shoulder will eventually pull your head away from the wall.

    gram. If your head moves during the simulated backswing, you’ll get immediate tactile feedback. You will feel your head move.

    H. Similar with the downswing. You’ll get that instant tactile feedback as long as your head moves.

    Do this exercise for five to ten minutes daily. Every day it will become easier for you to maintain that slight pressure with your head against the wall. In 30 days or less you will have a FEELING of a stable head and see your scores drop. There is no doubt and there is enough evidence to show that this exercise will work. Granted though, it’s not easy. Let me now offer you an easier way to perform the exercise.

    There is a training aid available called the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer. It is available in a freestanding model and a wall mount model. The freestanding model can be easily moved from one place to another, even to your driving range. It has a height adjuster that allows it to be adjusted to your exact posture and posture. A foam cylinder is attached to the end of one arm that allows the golfer to comfortably rest their head on the foam and hit full shots with a driver or any club. You can easily perform your daily exercises and when you are ready you can hit real balls.

    The wall mount unit also allows the golfer to swing with a driver and even hit real balls. This, of course, would not be possible if it was mounted in his bedroom. But it could be mounted in a tree or on the side of your garage.

    Bottom line: exercise and repeat your swing as often as possible until you gain that steady head and your steady head is an unconscious habit of your consistent golf swing. You can do this in your bedroom without hitting the balls.