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3 inexpensive birthday party tips for kids

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your little one the best birthday party. There are many things you can do to save your hard-earned money and have a memorable celebration at the same time. The key is planning ahead, knowing where to buy supplies, and thinking outside the box, and your child will appreciate their birthday party even more!

Follow these inexpensive tips for kids’ birthday parties:

Plan the correct date and time

If your little one’s big day falls near a friend’s birthday, you might consider having a joint celebration. In this way, you can divide the costs and responsibilities with the other parents. The more guests the better! Just make sure each child has their own birthday cake and gifts!

But what time should the party start? According to experts, the best time to have a children’s party is from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. The hours after lunch and before dinner are when guests are not expecting a full meal. You can save on food!

Get your supplies early

Shop early – there are plenty of supplies on sale throughout the year. This way, you can search for the best deals. It will also prevent you from rushing to the store at the last minute to buy expensive items you forgot to buy.

Buying online can save you a trip and possibly money, since you won’t have to go to a store and keep buying “cute” party supplies that you don’t really need. Make sure you set a budget and stick to a list of things you only need.

Opt for a different type of entertainment

If you don’t have the budget to hire a clown, wizard, princess, or pirate to entertain you, don’t do it. Children are easily entertained; you just have to be creative in your own way. If you have a theme, you can use your own or borrow some books, movies, or even games related to your theme from your friends. Have a story time, watch a movie, or play a game, depending on your child’s age range.

You can also choose to do a custom craft activity, which can replace expensive goody bags and will keep the kids busy for a good time!

Kids won’t remember how much you spent on their party, what matters is that you took the time and effort to celebrate their big day. Just follow these inexpensive tips for children’s parties!

Alternative uses for your living room

Like most settlers, our home has a family room and a living room. And like most homeowners, we spend much more time in our family room than we do in our living room. In fact, my 7 year old son still gets confused when I use the term “living room”. It is now known as the “red” room in our house.

With a few minor changes and lots of inspiration, you can turn your living room into something you would actually live in! Here are some possible uses and design tips to help you get started:

Home Office – Home Office means different things to different people. It could be a place to pay bills and file paperwork, or a place for kids to do homework, or you can run a business from home. Whatever your definition, focus your design around the function of the room.

  • Provide a clear surface to work on. It’s easy for a desk or table to get cluttered with “stuff,” leaving no place to work. Tight of space? How about a table that falls off the wall when needed (like a folding bed)?
  • Add a comfortable desk chair that is adjustable and doesn’t squeak (trust me on this one!). If your room has carpet, consider a plastic floor protector to help it move more easily.
  • Add a lot of hidden storage, but be sure to clearly label your storage drives so you know where to find things.
  • Lighting is key! You will need overhead lighting and good task lighting. If there is no overhead light, add some lighting upwards.
  • Select functional accessories that add personality by not cutting off the space. But be careful not to make it too institutional – it’s still your home, after all!
  • Keep the palate light and bright to inspire energy.
  • Minimize and secure cables as much as possible. Use wireless technology whenever possible.

library – Love to read? Do you have a large collection of books? Turn your living room into a cozy place to snuggle up with a good book! It is like having your own coffee shop.

  • Add lots of shelving. Rather than just adding bookcases, consider custom shelving built around a window to create a window box seat. Not only will you get additional storage, but it will add a wonderful focal point to the room.
  • Instead of a traditional loveseat or sofa, opt for two or three comfortable club chairs (depending on the space). Gather those chairs around a round glass top coffee table with a wooden shelf underneath to display some of your favorite coffee table books.
  • Provide working lighting for each reading chair. Pharmacy lamps are ideal for this. Also make sure you have enough lighting to see the books on the shelves.
  • As a bookcase, you can comfortably use darker paint to create warmth.
  • Accessories: Add a warm-toned rug, soft blankets, and splash the walls with black-and-white photos to create a cafeteria feel.

Toy room – A toy room can be a great compromise between parents and children in the eternal battle of toy clutter!

  • Opt for shelving with attractive containers that can hide the clutter inside them and allow them to be collected in less than 5 minutes. Open storage looks cluttered, even when the room is tidied up. Avoid a collection of mismatched toy organizers – they look tacky!
  • Make sure the room is comfortable for both adults and children – add a comfortable chair or loveseat.
  • Add a child-sized table and chairs. Tip: Put a machine washable rug underneath to survive crafting time.
  • Keep the room bright with cheerful colors, but avoid the “cheesy”, save it for your bedrooms.
  • If your kids enjoy movies, add a TV and DVD player.
  • Set clear rules for cleaning and stick to them!

Press room – Do you enjoy watching movies? Create your own movie theater in the comfort of your home!

  • Add French or sliding doors and light-blocking curtains to create a dark and quiet environment on request.
  • Add a big screen TV with surround sound.
  • Add a dimmer switch for better lighting control. Add task lighting to enable discreet multitasking while watching a movie.
  • Depending on how many people will be watching the movies, add enough comfortable seats. Tip: Use two angled loveseats in the corners of the room in front of the TV and place a couple of bean bag chairs behind them for more seating when needed.
  • For decoration, just frame some of your favorite movie posters and hang them on the walls.
  • Don’t forget the DVD organizer and a handy remote control holder!

Mud room -Depending on the layout of your home, you can convert your living room into an oversized “holding cell” to accommodate coats, backpacks, shoes, calendars, cleaning supplies, dog bed, pet food, and much more. You get the idea!

  • Assign a “locker” to each family member (don’t forget the family pet). Lockers provide vertical storage that makes good use of space while hiding your messy contents. It’s a great storage solution for jackets, purses, backpacks, and more. Lockers can be made of wood or metal, whichever you prefer.
  • Add wall hooks for guest coats, umbrellas, etc.
  • Add a shoe rack for wet or dirty shoes. Place vinyl placemats underneath to protect your floor.
  • Create a mailbox for each family member to control mail flow.
  • Add a credenza or filing cabinet to file all that mysterious paperwork that roams the house.
  • Create a message center by painting a wall (or part of a wall) with magnetic and / or chalkboard paint. Make it “pop” by adding a large empty gold leaf frame!
  • Add a colorful rug. Instead of buying a large rug, opt for a couple of smaller rugs that are machine washable.
  • How about a small drop-down table and a couple of chairs for small projects or to put on boots?

Stag room – What can I say? If you must have one, here are some ideas:

  • Add a pool table and dart board (if there’s room).
  • Include a bar and some bar stools.
  • Opt for a darker paint color that does not show wear.
  • Display your favorite neon bar sign, deer head, or other prized possession.
  • Add a jukebox in the corner if you like.
  • Don’t forget the traditional “dogs playing poker” print!

Overwhelmed? Call an interior designer in your area. They specialize in making rooms work using what you already have. It is a very cost effective way to breathe new life into your old room.

Time to really start living in your “living room”!

Discover the best places to buy a queen size bed

Queen size beds are one of the most popular bed sizes found in American homes today. Slightly larger than full-size beds, but not as grand or imposing as king-size beds, queen-size beds meet the goal that mid-level homeowners seek when looking for beds to put in their homes. While a queen bed is certainly luxurious enough for one person, it can also be comfortably used by two people at a time, making it an ideal size for couples and roommates.

Buying a queen size bed can also force the customer to buy a frame to go with it. There are many queen size bed frames on the market that follow a variety of styles and preferences. Wood is a common material used in the frame of a queen size bed, as it is sturdy and reliable. It also emits a polished and refined image, which often becomes the main centerpiece of a bedroom. The wooden frames of the queen-size beds can be presented in a variety of intricate designs that appeal to both the owner and the visitor.

The metal bed frame is another option for a queen bed. In some cases, it can be even stronger than wood. Metal has the advantage that it can be made into various types of designs, with a wider range of colors to suit the owner. The metal bed frames also give the rooms a more contemporary and modern look, perfect for youngsters or in a studio apartment setting. Compared to wooden frames, metal bed frames can sometimes be foldable, which means it has the ability to be stowed away in closets with ease. This could provide a great option for people who are always changing their minds and taste for the styles around them. The collapsible metal bed frames are also great for accommodating different bed sizes. While they may have been built for a queen-size bed, the folding metal frame can also accommodate a full-size mattress. This is useful for homeowners who often have guests in their homes.

Buying a queen size bed can be accomplished by heading to your local retail store for ideas and the latest trends and considering styles you may not have imagined. Homeowners can also search through local brochures and advertisements to find out when and where mega sales and closeouts are taking place. These sales may make it possible to purchase a queen-size bed and frame at reduced prices. They may even find a style that they hadn’t considered before.

Locally purchased furniture has several benefits. Not only do they frequently offer deep discounts, but they are also conveniently located. By being able to pick up furniture and move it home the same day, homeowners can avoid the delay and cost of out-of-state shipping. In addition, the owners have the ability to develop a relationship with the local store owners who can provide them with more furniture for the future. Often times, locally purchased furniture stores offer a host of novelty furniture that is priceless and not found anywhere else. This makes it the perfect resource to take advantage of when purchasing a queen size bed and bed frame.

A queen-size bed and a queen-size bed frame can be purchased virtually anywhere, as long as you know what you are looking for and where to look for it. Browsing various resources in stores and online can help you get a more refined idea of ​​the style you are looking for while leaving your options open. In the end, buying a queen size bed can end up being an unforgettable journey.

Delicious Crock Pot Pasta Recipes That Are Great For Kitchen Beginners

Pasta is a favorite dish around the world, so if you are a beginner in the kitchen, knowing how to cook pasta is a must. There are endless options when it comes to cooking pasta dishes. You can choose from a variety of noodles, sauces, meats, vegetables, and even herbs and spices to make your own. But if you’re just a beginner, you can try these crock pot pasta recipes to help get you started on your cooking journey – everyone will surely approve!

Easy Crock Pot Meatball and Spaghetti Soup

What do you need:

  • 4 cups of beef broth
  • 3 cups of water
  • 3 cups spaghetti sauce
  • 2 1/2 cups frozen meatballs
  • 1 cup angel hair pasta, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil

Combine beef broth, water, spaghetti sauce, frozen meatballs, Parmesan cheese, and basil in slow cooker. Stir, cover and cook 6 to 8 hours over low heat. When ready, add the angel hair paste and cook for 20 minutes on high.

Amazing Macaroni and Bacon and Cheese

What do you need:

  • 10 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3 cups fusilli pasta
  • 2 cups smoked cheddar cheese, grated
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups of evaporated milk
  • 1 1/2 cups whole milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Combine eggs, fusilli pasta, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, evaporated milk, and whole milk in a slow cooker. Season with salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce then top with crumbled bacon. Stir to combine the ingredients well. Cover and cook 1 1/2 hours, stirring occasionally. When done, lower the heat and cook for an additional 30 minutes or until the pasta is tender.

Chicken pasta with a kick

What do you need:

  • 1/2 kilogram of boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into small pieces
  • 2 1/2 cups chicken broth
  • 1 1/4 cups linguine paste
  • 1 cup tomato sauce
  • 1/4 cup hot sauce
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch dissolved in 1 tablespoon of water
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Place the chicken in a crock pot. In a bowl, combine the chicken broth, tomato sauce, hot sauce, brown sugar, red pepper flakes, and dissolved cornstarch. To mix over chicken. Cover and cook 3 to 4 hours on high. When ready, add the pasta and heavy cream. Cook for 45 more minutes or until pasta is tender. Stir before serving.

Learn these delicious crock pot pasta recipes and you’ll be a professional cook in no time!

Green Pregnancy: Protect Your Baby From External Toxins

Have you heard of “green” pregnancy? As an expectant mother, you may have gone through all the practices to protect your baby in the womb. Healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, adequate sleep, positive thinking are some of the measures we all take to protect our babies. Having done all this, there are still some external dangers that your baby may face, which are still unknown to you. This is where the effectiveness of “green” pregnancy comes in.

Katherine Sutherland of Women Physicians OBGYN Medical Group in Mountain View, CA, said: “Going green is what will save the future environment which, in the long run, is the best we can offer our children. It is also a good time to for couples to increase their awareness of what is important in their lives. They will make many lifestyle changes with their pregnancy and the birth of their child, so this is a great time to include a long-term commitment to life. health of our world. “

So in simpler language, it is important that all future couples adopt an environmentally safe lifestyle during pregnancy. Elizabeth Davis, a Chicago-based chiropractor and acupuncturist, said: “You can’t have a sweet, healthy baby if you’re poisoning him from day one. It’s not a hobby to be green. It should be a lifestyle. We don’t get to survive. regardless of our environment. If the land is toxic, then we become toxic. If it is clean, we can expect to be clean. ” And your diet and cleanliness play a crucial role in this.

A fetus is completely dependent on the eating habits of its mother. What a mother eats feeds the baby. If a mother’s food contains a significant amount of chemicals, some of them can be observed by the placenta. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for organic food products, as there are fewer toxins. A local farmers market is also a great place to find fresh organic vegetables and fruits while pregnant. Water is a very important ingredient to maintain hydration of the body during pregnancy. However, instead of tap water, opt for distilled water and bottled water to avoid toxins.

It is also suggested to avoid eating fish, as it may be contaminated with mercury, which can be dangerous for your baby. However, it is also true that a pregnant woman needs a good amount of protein in her daily diet. In this scenario, you can opt for vegetarian options like fresh beans and tofu, which are rich in protein and safe for the environment at the same time. Elizabeth Davis advised avoiding foods with antibiotics and hormones as well.

In addition to food, there are several other factors that future dads must take care of. One of those things is cleaning products. Avoid products with a strong smell of ammonia, which is harmful to the environment and can also affect the lungs. If any of your family members come in contact with AJAX, wash it off immediately before it gets on your skin. Apart from all this, Davis advised all pregnant women to get adequate rest and exercise and not to sit by the computer all day.

Let’s move on to “green” pregnancy to protect our future. Eat organic food, use products with less chemicals, and keep an eye on your polls. The process may seem a bit detailed and time consuming, but it is only to gift your baby with a better future ahead.

Effective small bedroom setups

The arrangement of the furniture in the room reflects the lifestyle of the inhabitants. So, create a friendly environment that not only supports your daily routine, but also speaks your mind. The bedroom is the space where one spends time relaxing and enjoying. Don’t let the space in the bedroom limit your arrangement ideas. Think outside the box to use space efficiently and productively. I am using this space to share some ideas that can shape your bedroom into a beautiful room.

  • Start with the bed as it will define the entire setup. Consider the room profile before purchasing beds. Avoid simple styles as they serve little purpose. Look for a versatile bed that can overcome space limitations. Folding beds, trundle beds, and bunk beds are the main space-saving items.
  • The folding beds are second to none in terms of utility. They can be arranged vertically or horizontally according to the dimensions of the room. On the other hand, it requires the restructuring of the wall.
  • The trundle beds have a removable drawer under the bed where blankets or sheets can be placed. You need to be a little careful about the free space on the wall.
  • Bunk beds are ideal for tight spaces. They come in different sizes and designs. Functional bunk beds take center stage in many contemporary rooms. They add value to the space.
  • If you are a bookworm, find a bookcase that fits behind the bed. I would imitate a headboard with a bookcase. It occupies 10 to 12 inches of space. If you have little free space behind the bed, look for a bed that has book shelves at the foot of the bed. Even small boxes on the shelf can be filled with blankets.
  • Choose bedside tables that take up a small space. A tall, narrow bedside table offers more storage space compared to normal ones. The saved space can be used to place a reading chair.
  • Since every inch of the small room is important, do not leave the space under the dresser empty. You can place storage baskets or collecting baskets.
  • Why choose a dresser set if you have a dresser? Add a mirror to the wall to which the dresser is placed against it. It’s a simple creation with great value.
  • If you want room to decorate the bedroom, look for a wall mounted shelf that can display your prized possessions.

Tidy up the bedroom by organizing things. Although it takes time, it will pay off in a good way. Many shopping sites offer an augmented reality interface where the buyer can check the compatibility of bedroom furniture.

How to get along peacefully with your in-laws

This is a sensitive topic for all interested parties. Usually mothers-in-law can be a bit difficult to deal with mainly because they want to remain the center of attention for their child, and now they know that they will not be. There are mothers-in-law who are calm, sweet and kind. There are also some that are definitely not.

Most people will tell you that dads aren’t a big deal because they don’t tend to get involved in all kinds of drama. For moms, that’s another story.
Mothers-in-law are also used to taking the show as far as their families go and now they may not be able to because the stage must now be officially shared.

Some tips on how to keep the peace may include:
Ignore everything you can and do your best not to even listen to it. If you ignore the drama, something will stop. Do not say too much, most of the time everything will turn against you. Rarely, a mother-in-law who intrudes into your life and pushes her opinions on you, this person will become some kind of friend to you. Don’t block it completely because you will only annoy your husband by doing it and it really isn’t a good way to do it. If you prefer not to be so close to her and you have children, arrange for her to take them places or spend time with them. This will satisfy your grandmother’s needs and give her the illusion that you are closer to her than you really are, so score points for you.

Do not leave anything personal on a desk or counter when you are scheduled for your visit. Plus, it’s really none of your business. If every Christmas you have always made your ham special, leave it! Who really cares anyway and it will serve as another way to keep her quiet, which is less for you. Do not argue or correct your husband in front of her, she will attack. Never tell him what something costs and always, always, always tell him what it is, that it was discounted. If you end up having to lie to him about something, tell your husband not to screw it up and say the wrong thing to him. If she really wears you out, you can always tell her that it looks like you will be the one to take care of her in case she gets really sick, so does she really want to fight you or doesn’t she get along with you knowing this?

It’s certainly not okay to lie to anyone. That said, do you want peace or some honesty award? Chances are, you want peace like most people. Another great way to do this is to invite your mom to events at your house as often as you can. It’s like hiring a security guard, but you don’t have to pay for it. Good luck and you will quickly learn how to get along with in-laws or how not to get along with them. Try to get along with them as a gift to your husband, it is the best way to do it.

Potty training a child with a developmental delay

The most important thing to remember when potty training a child with a developmental delay is that potty training may not be until your child is much older than their peers. As a parent, you may want him to potty-learn sooner, but like any child potty-learner, he won’t learn it until he’s ready. You can start potty training your developmentally delayed child when he’s ready. Your little one may get stuck in the pre-potty training step for a long time before you see potty training success, but be patient. He will figure it out eventually.

Here are some potty training ideas you can do with your child with a developmental delay.

-Teach him the words for urine and feces. You can use whatever words you want for this. During diaper changes, talk to him and be sure to tell him about “pee” and “poo poo.” If you’re not speaking yet, don’t worry, your receptive language (what you understand) may develop before your expressive language (what you can say).

-If he’s walking, take him to the bathroom when you go to the bathroom. Let him flush the toilet or sit on the toilet. If you don’t want to sit on the toilet or if you freak out, back off and have fun. Having him sit on the toilet when he’s not ready will only make potty training more difficult.

-Give him a potty or a potty. Don’t worry if you don’t use your potty anytime soon. Let him sit when he wants. You may not actually pee on the potty, but it does allow you to enjoy your potty and being a big kid.

Signs that your child is ready to begin potty training.

– You can walk alone to the bathroom.

-He can take his pants off and on by himself.

-Can understand simple instructions

-He has regular bowel movements

-He is able to communicate his needs to you

-Is interested in wearing underwear

-He is not afraid of the bathroom

Alerts you when your diaper is wet or dirty or you remove diapers

Once you start showing signs that you are ready to begin potty training, take it easy and be patient. Take him to the potty and let him sit on the toilet or potty. He may not actually go to the potty, but as long as he’s happy let him sit on the potty for a while. He may like to sit on the potty like a big kid, but not understand what he’s supposed to do. Do not worry. It will get there eventually. Let him practice sitting on the potty once or twice a day. First thing in the morning and right after nap are good times to let him try to sit on the potty. If he is frustrated or you are feeling frustrated, take some time off.

It may take months to be successful, but one day you will be pleasantly surprised when your developmentally delayed child finally urinates on the potty. The first success is always the most exciting, but don’t be surprised if the first success is not followed by another. When my developmentally delayed son started potty training and finally succeeded, I thought “eureka, he finally succeeded.” Only to be disappointed when he didn’t do it again for another two or three months. Keep plugging in and let her practice sitting on the potty. Over time, your success stories will become more frequent and you will eventually be fully potty trained.

Choose the best walker for your baby

The baby walker is a device used by babies who cannot walk on their own. can also be used for older age groups. These are generally made of hard plastic on top, with a suspended fabric seat, which has two legs, and freely rotating wheels on the bottom. It can be attached with toys to enhance the fun of learning to walk. In addition to providing entertainment, it also provides exercise, which helps them digest their food.

You must be very careful when selecting a baby walker for your child. There are some points to be noted, we cannot confirm that all cheap walkers can be faulty and expensive walkers are safe, so study the dome points by which you can get an idea, based on which you can buy a walker for your son. First of all, it must be lightweight, so that it is easy to handle. If you select a walker that is heavy, your baby will find it difficult to move around and sometimes you will also find it difficult to handle the same. If they get hurt, they may not be willing to use them next time as they may develop a fear for them and may begin to avoid their use. If that happens, they lose the benefits and pleasure of using a walker. That is why it is always preferable to use a walker that does not weigh more.

The durability of your walker should also be considered. The materials used in construction, determine its durability, it should not be too delicate, because babies will not handle them gently. The materials used must be strong, but light, so that they are not damaged by the materials that we adhere to. Once the baby develops affection for the walker, he tends to spend more time with it. Babies can be upset if the walker breaks down, and they may also have a hard time adjusting to a new walker, and you also need to invest back in a new one, so it is always advisable to buy the walker that is durable and lightweight. .

The Baby Walker should be as simple as possible, because it should not confuse the child and should be easy to understand and use. If it is more complicated, the child has trouble remembering the controls and using them, which can lower his self-confidence and lead to another problem. Any mismanagement by you or your baby in complicated walkers can harm the child, therefore, the walker must be friendly and as simple as possible, with all the necessary elements for the enjoyment of your child.

Baby Walker must support your child in all his ways. Suppose if the baby wants to run in the walker, then you should support these involuntary activities as this age is generally the learning age and while the dong should not slip and hurt your child, you should play with it comfortably. This helps develop the attraction of the walker in babies’ minds to play and you have a little time to relax. Remember, a baby support walker encourages your child to walk. The last and most important point that you have to keep in mind when selecting Baby Walker for your child is the space, it must be spacious for your child, so that it fits in them and it is always recommended, take your child with you to check the level of child comfort with these walkers.

Pretend play and dress-up encourage imaginative play

A child’s imagination is something to be encouraged and appreciated. Young children learn many skills through imagination, from independent play, interactive play, language, and cognitive skills, to name a few. Pretend play and dress up are wonderful ways to let your child dream and act out all kinds of fun adventures.

There are a wide variety of great toys available to enhance your imaginative experiences, some of which include; cooking and baking toys, fancy dress costumes, garden toys, cleaning toys, money games and banks, spy toys, tools and puppets.

Your child will likely see you preparing and cooking meals every day. There are many cooking and baking toys available that allow your child to have hours of entertainment. Some of the wonderful toys manufactured are; picnic baskets (complete with play bread, cheese, lettuce, hot dog and bread, ketchup, corn on the cob, etc.), bakery sets, plastic food sets, a wide variety of kettle sets, pots and pans, dinnerware sets (complete with plates, utensils, bowls and cups) and coffee sets. It’s easy for your child to set up their own imaginary little kitchen with ovens that actually bake cookies, mini-fridges that work, plastic refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, grills, and toasters. Small commercial markets can be purchased with plastic items from the store and cash registers, along with gumball machines and snocone machines, the list really is endless.

Dress up play is a favorite with kids of all ages, whether it’s dressing up in Daddy’s baseball uniform or having fun with Mom’s wardrobe. There is a wide variety of all kinds of costumes, masks, and accessories for kids to choose from. Costumes come in designs such as firefighter and police uniforms, doctor and veterinarian uniforms, engineer suits, magic hats with cape and gloves, dresses, waitress suits, cherubs, devils, witches, ballerina and popular character costumes with capes and muscular breasts to name a few. You can find fantastic accessories such as crowns, tiara sets, ninja swords, lightsabers, cowboy hats, wallets with keys and mobile phones, medical and medical kits and magic kits. Dress up play allows your child to use their imagination in a fun way through role play and adventures.

For all young outdoor landscaping enthusiasts, there are wonderful gardening tools and accessories available. Small wheelbarrows are made with plastic and metal designs (tiny metal designs look and work just as well as adult ones), both useful for removing dirt, weeds, and gravel from the garden. Metal and plastic garden buckets, watering cans, mini garden kits (complete with mini rake, shovel and trowels), gardening aprons, gardening bags with seeds (mini rake, shovel, trowel and bucket), garden rakes, shovels and gardening gloves can also be purchased. Other adorable gardening sets include flower pots, seeds, and little fairy huts ready to plant.

Probably the only time your child will enjoy doing housework is when he is young. Most children love to help their mom or dad with cleaning and simple housework. With that said, you will find plenty of cleaning toys to keep your child busy and entertained for hours on end. Vacuums, cleaning kits (complete with broom, mops, gloves, and buckets), talking irons and ironing boards, working sewing machines, and clothes washers are some of the items that can be found.

An encouraging and fun way to help children understand how money works early on is to have them play with money and with toys and banking games. There are a variety of cash registers available with play money, fake credit cards, price scanners, price check microphones, and readers that offer learning opportunities for various skills ranging from motor, math and cognitive skills.

Today there are more spy toys available than ever. There are spy listeners (which allow children to listen in other rooms or use them as stethoscopes), detective equipment, mini keyboard transmitters that allow children to text each other, spy glasses, motion detectors with infrared sensors, spy cameras available in sunglasses or wristband styles (with real film) and walkie talkies. Spy pens come with a variety of options, from triggered motion alarms, flashlights, and magnifying glasses. Not only do these toys offer hours of entertainment, but toys like motion detectors and infrared sensors teach children basic electronic skills.

Kids love doing things around the house like mom or dad, especially anything that has to do with tools. Complete tool kits for kids are available with tool belts, tool chests, and tool boxes. You can find any tool imaginable, from saws, levels, planers, wrenches, screwdrivers, drills and hammers. Workshops (complete with tool storage containers) with workhorses and workbenches can provide the foundation for all of your child’s construction adventures. And for when your child ventures outside to work, there are mini work trucks, weed trimmers, lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, hoes, chainsaws (with sound effects), and leaf blowers to complete the job. Of course, you want to make sure they always wear their helmet.

Finally, another popular part of the simulation game is the use of puppets. Puppets can be found in hand puppets, finger puppets, toilet puppets, baby puppets, pop-up and puppet designs. Along with the puppets, there are puppet props and wonderful puppet theaters to add to the fun. There is no end to the available puppet designs of cartoon characters, fantasy (fairies, wizards), people and animals (aquatic, birds, insects, dinosaurs, dogs, farm animals, fish and frogs, to name just a few). You and your child can make a puppet theater or purchase one of the many puppet theaters offered at table, stand, entrance, and puppet theaters. Pop-up puppets are a fun way to play hide and seek with a child or hide and seek. Puppets are a great way to interact and play imaginative games with your child.

Imaginative play is an important part of the game. Role plays and costumes allow children to experiment with the different roles of the people they observe. The toys and accessories around your child will allow him to identify with different characters and try out various household roles. Pretend play helps children adapt more easily to the challenges of our everyday world.