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Who are cybercriminals and how can you stop them?

The mentality of an individual who would like to attack the computers and networks owned by others is, without a doubt, criminal. The act of prying into another person’s confidential business or personal information requires a premeditated and calculated act. Their purpose is to inflict financial or personal harm on others by stealing money, denying the use of your information, or illegally accessing private plans. The cyber criminal is totally cynical and strives to stay in the shadows.

People who attack the information assets of others are on the lookout for weaknesses in the system to exploit. The primary targets are unsuspecting individuals or businesses that are vulnerable to cybercriminals’ chosen modes of attack. They are deceitful and seek the cloak of anonymity.

The true nature of someone who would access, use and exploit your private information is heterogeneous. His character is somewhere between that of a person who would enjoy searching through his personal items and that of an employee who would embezzle money from a corporation.

The approach of crackers and hackers is to use their specialized knowledge to invade the private lives of people and organizations. Electronic thieves seek to take advantage of people who do not have the necessary information to defend themselves and block them. Cybercriminals are true lowlifes.

Digital bandits are sociopaths who ply their trade without regard for the ill effects they have on others and truly lack remorse. What is particularly disturbing about criminal computer geniuses is that they are often highly intelligent. They have no conscience and enjoy stealing and hurting others.

Computer criminals can be classified on a scale from “less skilled” to “expert”. Anyone can download basic cracking software from the Internet. The real pros, however, study their targets over time in stealth mode. The highly skilled cracker plans and analyzes the victim for maximum effect.

Preying on unsuspecting users is one of the most disturbing behaviors of PC and mainframe hackers. Most computer users don’t know how many threats and vulnerabilities they face when they turn on their computer or connect to the Internet. Lawless computer users thrive on the ignorance of others.

So how do you fight back against those who breach your personal data in order to steal from you or hurt you in a variety of different ways? Suppose the bad guys are trying to get into your system. Use your knowledge and security best practices to block them.


1. Develop a security mindset
2. Assess your risks
3. Use complex passwords and phrases for your system(s)
4. Identify and remove common vulnerabilities
5. Routine update of software patches and fixes
6. Probe and test electronic systems
7. Use appropriate security-related hardware and software (eg antivirus software, firewalls)
8. Lock your computer screen when you leave your work area
9. Encrypt and backup all your data
10. Practice good cyber hygiene (for example, avoid clicking on links and email attachments)
11. Avoid maintaining a persistent Internet connection

You can defend yourself against those who would try to harm you using digital technology and the Internet. Obstruct the paths followed by lawless information thieves.

Post-Divorce Truths: 7 Inescapable Facts to Accept Sooner Than Later

It is possible to dissolve your marriage with your ex-spouse, but it is not possible, and will never be possible, to dissolve your co-parenting relationship. She will always be the mother of your child. He will always be the father of your daughter. You thought you were free, free, free at last, but the bond with the other parent of your child can never be undone.

Here are some inescapable truths that you might want to accept sooner rather than later:

1. You may be happy that you don’t have to deal with your ex-spouse every day, but your children may still have regular interactions that will affect them.

As long as they were still married and living in the same house, they still kept an eye on each other. If his wife did something to upset the kids, you were there to step in and defuse the situation. If she let them watch inappropriate movies, kept them up too late, or let them go to school dressed inappropriately, you still had influence. Once he divorces her, her children are alone when they spend time with her. You have no control over who he introduces them to, or even who he leaves them with. She has the right to ask her alcoholic mother or a neighbor whom she barely knows to take care of her.

2. You have to be much more careful about your relationship with a former spouse than with a spouse.

Let’s say you and your ex-spouse split time with the kids 50-50. With the approval of a judge, a custody schedule is established. Now let’s say your parents are coming to town and the only time they can come is on your husband’s weekend. If you haven’t built a good relationship with him, why should you be flexible and change weekends so the kids can see their grandparents?

The irony is that to have any attraction, you have to be kinder, more sensitive, and a better communicator than when you were married. You have to show more concern and listen more deeply. Skills like active listening will help keep the lines of communication open. The more your ex-spouse feels that you genuinely care about his or her happiness, the more open he or she will be to your suggestions and requests.

3. Your life will be better when your ex-spouse’s life is better.

As much as you have fantasies about your ex-wife’s life falling apart (I used to dream about pouring sugar into my ex’s gas tank), remember, that’s like wishing your kids’ lives fell 50% too. of the life. weather. Do you want your children to be happy. You want his life to be stable. That her ex-spouse has a job that satisfies her, that she pays well, that she has benefits, all of that will make her life easier. As much as she may get some secret satisfaction from seeing her upset about, say, her car breaking down, it will be her children who will be standing in front of the school waiting to be picked up. And even if that’s not the case, you want the parents of your children to be as relaxed and happy as possible so that they have the resources of calm and patience necessary for good parenting.

4. Nothing in your relationship anymore is about whether you’re right or wrong, fair or unfair: the only metric that will matter to you is whether it’s good for the kids or not.

When you are still in the marriage, it is important to do everything you can to strengthen the relationship because a strong marriage supports the development of children. However, once you get divorced, the first filter through which you evaluate any decision will be the effect on the children. That is not easy! It can be difficult to see what will be best for your children in the future. When her ex-husband remarries, for example, she may be devastated that another woman will comb her daughter’s hair, read her a bedtime story, and tuck her into bed. That’s your job! How could it be good for your girl that you’re not doing that for her? But a stepmom may well give you a lot: love, advice, structure, support, a different perspective. She can even help her ex-husband be a better father.

5. Children can accept many changes as long as they believe that both parents believe the change is for the best. Your job is to make your children believe that you support your ex-spouse.

As heartbroken as you are about your ex remarrying, make it your job to speak highly of your daughter’s stepmother and get emotional for your daughter about her role in the wedding. Never burden your daughter with your doubts and fears for her. Instead, reassure her that her stepmother will love her and do what’s best for her. From time to time, things can happen that are quite different from the way she might handle them. Just tell her daughter that her stepmom is smart and has lots of good ideas. Let’s give this one a try. (Unless she really is an evil person, in the grand scheme of things, everything will work out.)

6. Even when the children turn 18 and the legal custody schedule expires, you will still have to deal with the other parent of your children.

A divorced father used to say, “Wait until high school graduation. Then we won’t have to play this game anymore.” Wrong. So wrong. Once the child is free of a custody schedule, he has to decide for himself how much time he will spend at Mom’s house and how much at Dad’s. What was a court ruling becomes a matter of convenience or a popularity contest. Young adults are still essentially self-centered creatures. They will gravitate to any house that is easier. Maybe dad’s house is easier because it’s in the town where most of his friends are. Maybe mom’s house is easier because he can retreat to the basement and watch the big screen TV and basically be left alone in his own cave. Also, the lack of a clear custody schedule makes it much easier for one parent to manipulate the children, whether it’s with guilt or outright thefts of cars or iPhones or whatever’s hot.

7. Even when the children become adults and move out, you will still have to deal with the other parent of your children.

Don’t want to be on hand for your son’s wedding? Don’t want to walk your daughter down the aisle? Toast to the happy couple? To be at the birth of her first grandchild? On the grandson’s first birthday? You can see the list goes on. Once again, the irony of her post-divorce life is that she wants to have the best possible relationship with the other parent of her child. Maybe he’d like to wish her to hell, but if her ex-spouse isn’t in the picture, there will be a big hole in her son’s heart that he won’t be able to fill. In everyday life, your son may not miss his other parent, but when he gets that award or a big promotion, aside from her, he’ll be thinking, “Look Dad, what I did! Wouldn’t you be proud of me?” ?”

Your ex-spouse never has to become a good friend, but you should target someone with whom you feel benign. He should strive to take a general interest in how you are doing and what is going on in your life. You should at least be warmly cordial. Think about how you would like to be treated by his son’s in-laws. You don’t have to go out for drinks together, but you do need to strike up a nice conversation at the 4th of July BBQ.

The bottom line here is that, much like diplomacy between nations, the more you are in natural opposition, the more important it is to work toward detente. Not only is it the safest way to protect your children, it will increase your own sense of security and well-being.

console review

There may never be a clear winner of the console battle. While that’s probably true, I’ll try to make it easier when trying to decide between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Honestly, I would recommend a different console to different people based on their individual wishes. Gaming PCs are on the rise lately due to their great customizable options available. For the very avid and dedicated gamers, I would suggest investing in a gaming PC.

For simpler gamers I would suggest sticking with a console as they are easier to set up and use. If you are looking for something to buy right now, I would go for the PlayStation 4 Pro as it is currently the best version of the PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 Pro is priced at $400. This is a great option as it offers 4k and HDR 10 capability, and these technologies are growing rapidly. Even with these options, PlayStation 4 doesn’t have as many exclusive games to offer as Xbox One.

Choosing PlayStation over other consoles will allow you to take advantage of PlayStation’s virtual reality technology. I have personally heard only good things about their VR technology, and it is the most cost effective VR technology available. After the launch of PlayStation VR technology, Xbox released rumors that its consoles will also be able to support VR headsets in the near future. PlayStation is the only current console that supports VR gaming right now.

Right now, it can be difficult to take full advantage of all the features that PlayStation has to offer. Depending on how well game developers embrace these technologies, and if 4k and HDR continue to dominate, the PS4 could also be the future, as well as the current best form of gaming. PlayStation 4k is primarily intended for playing video games. Xbox One offers a 4k blu-ray player and can support 4k HDR video playback through a receiver, making it a good choice for people who want to be able to play games and watch videos in 4k quality. While it may trade 4k gaming for more 4k media capability, the Xbox One X can upscale from 1080p and still produce a noticeable visual improvement over the standard Xbox One for gamers with a 4k TV.

What makes a good instant messaging app like Whatsapp and Messenger?

Chat businesses are moving towards a more stable and focused form of messaging platform. Racing to make the platform effective, satisfying, and virtuous, venture capitalists are looking for a chat software package that makes connections more convenient, timely, and timely. Today’s popular chat apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Hangouts and others are impressively gaining ground and promise to offer real competition in the future.

After this series of correlated chat app releases, businesses today are looking forward to launching their own native chat platform and are looking for an evolution in timing for this new incarnation. To prevent businesses from floundering, here we have compiled a list of the most important features and functionalities that represent an ideal social messaging app like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and others.

The list of must-have features of a Messenger app:

1. User registration

Add a layer of security for any user to access the app’s features. Verification can be in the form of an email ID or mobile phone number.

2. Profile Update

A feature that allows users to add a profile picture, status, email id, etc.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots, the conversational AI humans, are designed to work on chat platforms and give human-like responses.

4. End-to-end encryption

Protect your chats with end-to-end encryption, which means no third party can read or listen to them. Only the sender and recipient involved in the conversation can understand them.

5. Cloud sync

Offer your users backup copies of their images, documents, audio and video in Google Drive.

6. Push notifications

Let your users know about the messages or photos they receive through push notifications without even opening the chat.

7. Instant Messaging

The main backbone of the app is instant messaging which allows people to send messages in real time.

8. Group talks

This feature allows its users to chat with groups of friends, family, and colleagues all in one place.

9. Transmission of messages

Message broadcasting allows users to send a message to several of their saved contacts at once.

10. Voice recording

Voice Recorder allows its user to record their voice using a microphone directly in the app’s personal chat.

11. Read receipts

A delivery token confirms the delivery of the message to the recipient’s application and confirms that the recipient received and read it.

12. Message Forwarding

This feature allows the user to forward the message to their selected contacts.

13.Share button

The Share button allows the user to share the message on the same or different application platforms.

14. Online/offline status

Online/offline event detection, allows user connections to know if the user is online or offline.

15. History Records

The history log contains information about previous chats and system status.

16. Audio call and video call

Offer your users a free and easy-to-use video call/voice call app.

17. Video conference

A video conference is a live visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations.

18.Send attachments

Through this, your users can share attachments like gallery images, contacts, audio, camera, documents, location, etc.

19. Emoticons and smileys

An emoticon is a typographical display of a facial representation, used to convey emotion in a text-only medium. Supporting your app with emoticons can help recipients easily understand the expression or mood.

20. Geographic location

Let your users share their live location in real time with friends in your contact list.

WhatsApp and Snapchat were the first companies to emerge in this sector and offer great communication services to their customers. The new generation of cat apps created by big companies can stand on your shoulders as you take your app to the next level. Generally, the best instant messaging app development companies have expert designers and mobile app developers who offer an experience as close as possible to real-life, in-person communications.

Whole Grain vs. Whole Wheat: Which is Better for You? Left

We’ve all seen it, 100% whole wheat bread sitting next to white bread. It looks like white bread, but it says enriched. Enriched with what? Well, let me back up a bit. When the wheat is harvested, the whole grain is taken to the refinery. REFINERY, did you see that? The wheat is heated to the point where the germ and bran fall off. What’s left is the starch, the white part, the part that’s not good for you. The part that has a long shelf life and is resistant to insects. Do you know why it is resistant to insects? Insects CANNOT support life on it. They will die if they only eat this refined grain. So why the heck, with the abundance of good, life-sustaining foods, do we eat white flour, which is the starch from the milled wheat grain? Honestly, do I need to answer that? Look around you and you will see that obesity is on the rise, and now not only adults are overweight, but children, young children are getting fatter and fatter. Why? We are feeding ourselves with all kinds of unhealthy foods. Some do it because it’s cheaper, some for fun, and some just because they don’t taste any better.

So now that I’ve explained what white bread is made of, let me continue to answer the question of “what exactly is enriched?” After the refinery breaks down the grains and makes white flour, which has no nutrition, they add some vitamins, some minerals, and some fiber, but it’s not worth a gram. White bread is enriched with some of the same things they worked so hard to put out. However, they don’t add as much of the grain as they take away, otherwise it would be whole grain. Just enough to add a little flavor and calories.

What is comprehensive? It is the WHOLE grain that is used in the process of making bread, cereals and the building blocks of many other foods. To be truly healthy, the whole grain must be listed in your bread, cereal, or other food as #1 or #2 on the ingredient list. No, whole grain flour followed by (enriched white flour, niacin and iron) is not healthy, it is a way of making people believe that they are getting a whole grain bread. They don’t lie, it’s whole wheat flour, but not whole wheat. It came from the wheat plant and is all wheat, but not all grain. Everything is just another word like everything. If you look a little further down the list you will see molasses, why molasses you ask? Color the bread so it looks brown. Yes, white flour plus vitamins and minerals still don’t put the bran back into the bread. The bran is what helps give the bread its natural brown color. Then again, they add something to it, to try to make it look like something it’s not.

Top 10 Reasons You Pay Too Much for Drugs

Anyone who takes medication on a regular basis is at risk of overpaying. Your pharmacy will have little reason to suggest cost-saving measures. After all, that will affect your bottom line. It’s up to you, the patient, to be proactive in finding an affordable drug regimen.

Here are the top 10 reasons you may be paying more than necessary for medications:

1. You don’t know your shape. If you have insurance, you have a form, whether you know it or not. A formulary is a list of drugs that your insurance covers at various price tiers. Some medications will cost significantly more than others. Your doctor cannot be sure to prescribe a drug on your formulary unless you bring your list of formulary drugs with you to your doctor’s appointment.

2. You don’t know your options. There are always options. While your doctor may suggest only one, when cost is a concern, be sure to ask about less expensive options, as well as the pros and cons associated with each. You may find that the supposed best option costs 5 times as much for a 5% higher profit.

3. You started with a drug that has suffered price increases. It’s not uncommon for a doctor to start a patient on a profitable drug, only to discover years later that the cost has risen sharply. Although it may initially cost less than a competing drug, over time the “playing field” changes. Costs may increase and other drugs may become generic. If you find that you’re paying more and more, ask your doctor about changing your medication. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are well aware that if they can get patients to start taking their drugs, they are likely to continue taking them, even if the price rises sharply.

4. Stick with a brand-name drug when a generic is available. Although insurance companies usually tell you about this, it’s possible that you could accidentally be taking a brand-name drug even though a generic exists. As long as you’re willing to pay, your pharmacy may not tell you that either. If you’ve been taking a medication for a long time, it doesn’t hurt to ask your pharmacist if a generic might be available or on the horizon.

5. You go to a pharmacy with a higher profit margin. Pharmacies buy medicines at wholesale prices, but charge their customers the retail price. The pharmacy has the right to brand your drug as much as they want, which sometimes makes a significant difference in what you pay: easily $20 on a brand name drug, from one to another. Price comparison is the key to finding the lowest price.

6. Do not buy in bulk. It is almost always cheaper to buy a three-month supply of a drug than to buy a month’s supply three times separately. Pharmacies charge a dispensing fee to prepare your bottle of medicine. You will pay this fee three times separately if you buy your drug monthly instead of in three-month allotments.

7. You are taking a more expensive dosage regimen. For example, many drugs are cheaper if you take a higher dose once a day than a lower dose twice a day. Also, the most commonly used dosage strengths are often the least expensive, regardless of dosage. Ask your pharmacist if there is a way to change your dosing schedule to lower your cost.

8. You’re taking a ‘cadillac’ drug when a ‘pick-up’ would work too. Physicians are often encouraged to use the latest and greatest, even though yesterday’s best is almost as good as today’s. Ask your doctor if it’s worth trying an older remedy first.

9. You’re taking medicine you don’t need. Just because you needed a medicine 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily mean you need it today. Ask your doctor to re-evaluate your entire medication regimen. This can take a good 15 minutes to discuss, so don’t try to add it at the end of a visit, when it’s not likely to be thoroughly covered. You may be better off making a separate appointment for the sole purpose of reviewing your medication options. Even if this costs you $100, you could easily make up that difference in a month or two by taking less expensive medications.

10. You are taking a higher dose of medication than necessary. Again, although you may have needed a certain strength of medication initially, as your disease becomes better controlled, you may actually need less. A good example of this is medications to control asthma, such as inhaled steroids.

Some thought about your medication is a good starting point. Know the cost of each medication before discussing it with your doctor. Anyone who takes more than one or two medications is likely to find a way to shave at least several dollars a month off their drug bill, which easily adds up to a hundred dollars a year.

Copyright 2010 Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

Grandma’s Secret Faith Potion

At the age of ninety-six, Grandma Jenny slipped while shoveling snow off our front steps in a freak snowstorm and broke her hip. She was a feisty little woman who weighed only ninety-five pounds and was four feet nine inches tall. The shovel was bigger than Grandma. You may wonder why she would go out shoveling snow early in the morning at her advanced age, but it was part of her stubborn and cantankerous nature. And it was part of her tradition. She didn’t want my father to go to work and get his feet wet in the snow. It was a matter of respect for the man of the house. It was a matter of faith in her traditions. It was her way.

Grandma was from the old country, Russia to be specific. She arrived in the United States as a fourteen-year-old girl traveling for fifteen days on a steamer and surviving on bread and water. She lost her groceries, her money and her clothes on the journey to thieves who chased after naive and unsuspecting girls like her as a normal part of refugee travel in those days. Most people thought it was the work of greedy crew members. She arrived in this country penniless and literally with only the clothes on her back. But nothing could stop Grandma from making a new life in the land of her dreams, or bringing with her the rituals and traditions that were an innate part of her heritage, her faith, and her very being. .

Until she slipped and broke her hip, Grandma Jenny had always been in good health. None of us in the family remembered her having a cold. She attributed her good health to a secret potion of elder brandy that she distilled in the attic of our Georgian colonial house. I have no idea where she got her elderberries or how she prepared the concoction. She was never allowed to go up to her special place in the attic to see what she was doing. Everything Grandma did was a secret.

Grandma took a dose of the special potion when she woke up in the morning and when she went to bed at night, so she told us. To my knowledge, it was the only medication she took. On rare occasions, such as holidays and her birthdays, we were all invited to join her for a sip of her elderberry brandy. She was allowed to participate since she was a teenager. The boy made those things a success. No wonder Grandma was never sick. The brandy must have killed the germs. My dad didn’t like it very much. He was a Scotsman. My mother struggled to swallow it. She didn’t drink. We all participate in the ritual. No one in the family was about to insult Grandma Jenny. It was too hard a cookie to play with.

On one of the rare occasions that Grandma Jenny bothered to talk to me, communication was a problem as she only spoke Russian; I asked him what was so special about the secret potion. She half-smiled at me indicating that when I was more mature she would understand, pointing to my head. Grandma was excellent at the universal language of hand signals. I understand a little Russian, but I don’t speak the language. Fortunately for me, Grandma understood English, except when she chose to pretend she didn’t. Even the dog understood Russian because the grandmother fed him and didn’t speak anything. When she called him to come get him in Russian, he came running. No one disobeyed Grandma. The dog was a huge boxer named Slugger. It was amazing to see him cringe in front of my grandmother and wait for her order so he could eat. Surely he did not act like that with my father or with me. He once jumped on my dad and pushed him so hard he fell and dislocated his shoulder. Slugger wouldn’t dare jump on my grandmother.

After Grandma passed away, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was so special about her secret potion and how to make it. Grandma didn’t like the measurements or the recipes. She insisted that you only add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. She spoke like that when someone wanted to know how to make her yeasted coffee cake or her carrot ginger candy with saffron. Unfortunately, her secrets died with her.

I think I finally have the answer when it comes to his secret potion. It wasn’t the herbs she added. It wasn’t how high the alcohol content was. It was the love with which she made it and she distributed it to the whole family. He represented to her a fusion of old traditions and new rituals. She symbolized her faith in God, and the respect she had for our family and our Country. It was a way of celebrating her freedom. It was her way of communicating with us in a language of kindness and caring that we could all understand.

Sometimes when I have a little brandy late at night to help me calm down from the stresses of the day and the threat of terrorism or natural disasters, I wonder, couldn’t we all use a little of Grandma’s secret potion? to help us overcome these problems? times? The commercial stuff doesn’t seem to work anymore. It lacks the tradition of care, kindness and love necessary to make it a special concoction. It lacks that faith-filled personal touch of Grandma Jenny. She doesn’t have his tenacious character or his will to survive. He lacks respect.

There are some things you can’t just put in a bottle, stick a label on it, and expect it to work miracles. Sometimes you have to find the right ingredients in your own heart. Sometimes you have to distill them yourself. Sometimes the secret potion of faith is within you.

VHS to DVD with Windows Movie Maker 7

The standard video editing software found on recent Windows operating systems is known as Windows Movie Maker. With the help of this program, you can upload videos to your computer, edit them with transitions and titles, even narration, and make your own movie to convert to DVD.

The Windows ME operating system was the first to incorporate this program, and Vista and XP also incorporated it. After Vista, Windows Movie Maker was removed in place of Windows Live Movie Maker, a different but newer program. However, you may not be able to find many of the desired features in Windows Live Movie Maker that were found in its predecessor. Windows Live Movie Maker appears to have been created for the sole purpose of making quick videos for uploading to YouTube and the like; however, Classic Movie Maker features many more editing and transition tools than desired.

However, if you have Windows 7, there is hope, as Microsoft’s website will allow you to download Windows Movie Maker for your own use.

Using Windows 7 to convert VHS to DVD

You need to get some tools and programs for Windows 7 to have the ability to convert VHS to DVD, which are listed below. You need:

A. Windows Movie Maker. Since you won’t get this automatically from Windows 7 like you would with other operating systems, you need to download it from Microsoft. While the Live version is newer, it is much simpler and lacks many features that you might want to use.

B. Video capture device. To get the analog data from your VHS tape and convert it to your hard drive, you need this. You can find a plethora of capture devices that Windows 7 will recognize, making installation and setup a breeze, so no worries on that front.

C. Software to burn and create DVDs. In case you want to use a DVD player to play your DVDs, you need DVD authoring software to convert it to a video DVD.

Step 1 – Connect the capture device

First, you need to connect the capture device to your computer. You shouldn’t have much trouble with this, as with the correct driver and hardware, Windows should recognize the capture device. All you have to do is plug it in, update the drivers, and you’re good to go.

Because Windows 7 recognizes a large number of devices, we won’t go over every possible device procedure out there. However, since this Windows operating system is designed to be extremely easy to install, you should have little to no problems.

Step 2: Install Windows Movie Maker on your computer

You must download and install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7, as it is not automatically included with the operating system, unlike most previous versions of Windows. Once you have installed it, all its myriad features will be provided to you.

Step 3: Start recording

Connect the VHS to your capture device and get ready to transfer the video to your Windows Movie Maker program. The main feature of Movie Maker, which is called Record Dialog, is the means by which you will convert video to your computer.

You will appreciate many of the features found in the Record Dialog. Before you record, you’ll have the option to tell Movie Maker that you want to record sound and video, or one of them separately. Naturally, capturing both audio and video will be your go-to option if you want easy editing from VHS to DVD, but if you want to play around with it, you can choose one or the other for various situations.

After this, selecting the capture device is your next step. If you have multiple capture devices on your computer, you need to select the one you want. The Change Device button is there for this express purpose. Click on it and choose the capture device shown in the dropdown menu that you will find there.

The “Record Time Limit” feature could also be useful. Use this option when you want to stop recording at a specific time interval. Windows Movie Maker will stop recording once it reaches that mark and will save the file for later. You can use this option to avoid the unenviable task of being a slave to your computer while the capture process completes, in case you only want a particular clip from your VHS tape. In the event that you do not set a record time, you must manually stop capturing.

After this, video capture quality should be next on your list. Note that there is a correlation between file size and video and audio quality; Don’t worry, though, because Windows Movie Maker will only burn if it knows you have enough disk space. In the event that you have your quality settings set too high for the disk space you have left, it will give you the highest quality it can provide while still using the disk space you have. It is also possible to choose another hard drive to save it to, if you wish to take that option.

The High and Medium quality settings are the options you should pay attention to. While you still get 320×240 pixel resolution with either setting, the medium setting will only capture at 15fps, while you get 30fps with the high quality option, which ensures better capture. Your video will be much smoother on the High setting than on the Medium setting.

You’ll also get better audio quality if you choose the High setting. If you have it set to High, the audio will be recorded at a higher bitrate, making it clearer.

Additional Tips

Your computer will use whatever resources it has as it converts. Pressing the Disable Preview button will free up more space and processing power. Choosing this option will remove the preview window while it records and captures the video for you. With this, you will not be allocating resources to view the video while it is being recorded, which in the end gives you a better quality video.

Do you want to know why there are times when it is better to choose Medium Quality? Basically, it leads to a smaller and more manageable video file. When you choose the High Quality setting, the video file will be twice as large, and if you have a lot of movement in these videos, that’s an ideal setting. You need to make sure you know what you want in terms of what’s in the scenes and how big you want the file to be. You can easily shoot a fairly static motion video on Medium without much loss of quality, but if you have a lot of motion in the video, there will be motion blur. A car race for example will have a lot of movement and as you move the camera the movement is exacerbated so a medium shot of this will look like a slide show.

Video quality is another important consideration. If you’re converting a VHS tape, you may notice some degradation in the picture over the years, making it hard to see what’s going on. Using Medium to capture it could improve the image in the long run as it softens the image.

Step 4: Record

After everything is set up and ready to go, just hit the Record button and Windows Movie Maker will do the rest for you, capturing the video as you instructed. the time limit settings and the file names will be assigned to the video, so you will hardly be asked to do anything else until the file is captured.

Once you have your captured file, you can play with it in Windows Movie Maker, using all the features that Windows Live Movie Maker lacks in its program. Compared to the default Windows 7 video editing program, you will have a much better experience with Windows Movie Maker.

Step 5: Burn DVD

You can’t just copy and paste the video file to a DVD and expect it to play on a DVD player. Licensing issues prevent Windows from providing a DVD authoring program for you to use. You may need to purchase a separate DVD authoring package to convert your video file to DVD, allowing you to read the DVD on your DVD player like a regular disc, allowing you to watch the movie on your TV.

You can find many DVD authoring packages that allow you to create a professional-grade DVD package for your video, complete with chapters, menus, and transitions; there are so many different options, you’ll have to wait until another article to go over what you could do.


Compared to Windows Live Movie Maker, you can have much better luck editing your videos with Windows Movie Maker. There is no reason to ignore the program as it is fully supported by Windows 7 and is available for free on the Microsoft website. After setting it up, you can use Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 to transfer a VHS tape to your computer and create a DVD from the footage.

Installation guide and warnings for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has made a strategic move by introducing Windows 10 to reverse all the criticism about its previously released Windows OS version (win 8). The company announced the release of this numerically questionable successor to Windows 8 during an event in San Francisco. Shortly after Microsoft announced Windows 10 and discussed its features, the ‘Windows 10 Technical Preview’ became available for download and also for free. Considering the increasing demands of users on missing Windows features, Microsoft decided to make the preview version available for work, immediately after installing it.

The much-hyped Windows 9 or Threshold got a shocking upgrade, as Microsoft highlights its latest release with a numerically questionable successor. According to the company details, the latest version of Windows includes all the old features in combination with some special features to make the Windows experience better and faster. Furthermore, the company clearly stated that the Technical Preview is just a preview version of what Windows 10 really is. Since the current version is just the download and install version, the full version of Windows 10 with separate editions will go on sale at mid 2015.

What can you get in the Technical Preview package and what are the caveats?

• It will provide a foundation for software that is still under development, so don’t consider it a final version.

• Allows you to share your opinion about it and make a request for difficulties and changes, if necessary

• Users should be prepared for updates or a change in user interface design that may occur over time.

• The initial build will help you understand troubleshooting, backing up data, formatting a hard drive, installing an operating system, or restoring to your previous operating system, if necessary.

• Make sure not to install it on your everyday computer as it may contain some features, performance or process related issues that have not yet been tested.

Microsoft further added that users, who think that BIOS is a new plant-based fuel, should not install Tech Preview on their devices as it may cause some uncertainties. Every Windows operating system requires a system to achieve the minimum requirements, so things are the same even for the Win 10 Technical Preview:

• A Microsoft account and Internet access

• Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

• Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

• RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

• Free hard disk space: 16 GB

Before upgrading your device to the latest offering from Microsoft, be sure to research what you will and won’t have to reinstall once you switch to Windows 10. Users may get different support, depending on the version of Windows they’re running from. operating is being updated. Here is the list of some of the common versions of Windows along with details on what needs to be reinstalled:

• Windows 8 or 8.1 and Windows 7 will allow users to keep their Windows settings, personal files, and most installed apps

• Windows RT 8.1 or Windows RT does not support Technical Preview, therefore these users cannot enjoy the benefit of using an earlier version of Windows 10

• Windows Vista users will need to boot from media and perform a clean install to use Tech Preview on their devices.

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview?

If you have accepted all components and your device meets the minimum system requirements for the preview installation, then you can continue. To install the new Windows operating system on your devices, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for the Windows Insider Program and check the system requirements

2. Now you can click on one of the download links: Windows 10 x86 Technical Preview (2.9 GB), Windows 10 x64 Technical Preview (3.8 GB), to download the ISO file, from the Microsoft official page.

3. Keep a note of the product key that has been provided to you

4. After the download is complete, copy the ISO file to a DVD or USB flash drive. Plug the USB flash drive into your desired system, where you want Windows 10 Technical Preview to be installed.

5. Double-tap or double-click ‘setup.exe’ from the installation media, and then follow the instructions provided in the wizard.


Since users are familiar with pre-release builds from Microsoft and have used beta versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8, trying out the initial build becomes quite easy. Windows users often say that getting the latest version of Windows months before everyone else has it is a blessing, and watching the operating system evolve based on their recommendations is very engaging. Since the beta versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 were very stable, users expect Windows 10 to be the same. Many users will try to enjoy this preview version as Microsoft offers the full version with discounted upgrade prices to beta testers.

While some will prevent them from doing so as there is no guarantee that users will be able to upgrade to the final version of the beta software. By now, you may have understood that Windows 10 Technical Preview is specially developed for you and why you should try it. So, go ahead and install the Windows 10 beta, as it’s certainly better than sticking with Windows XP and its third-party security hacks.

Download APK

Do you have an Android device? If so, maybe you are still looking for great apps for your device. The fastest way to fill your device with apps is to download free apps through the Android Market.

Android Market is owned by Google and is a market full of all kinds of interesting applications: themes, useful utilities like calculators and of course there are games to download. Most of these apps are free. Some require you to upgrade for a small fee if you want access to more advanced features. So what do you have to do to get files from the Market?

Unlike conventional software, you don’t need to download files and then install the apps on your device. Just open a Google account and you can access the Android Market. You can access the Market through a web browser or you can use the Android Market application. What is the difference? The Market app. helps you organize all your apps. Downloads are also faster.

Unfortunately, not everyone can access the Android Market. For example, some smartphones do not come pre-installed with the Market application. Therefore, users cannot access the Marketplace through an app. Others may want to install an older version of a working app, but can no longer find it in the Market. In such cases, they will need to download APK files.

APK files work in a similar way to EXE files. If you own a Windows computer, you’re familiar with EXE (executable) files. Typically used to launch a software installer. The APK file works the same way. When you want to install software on an Android device, launch the APK file through a file browser. Of course, make sure you enable UNKNOWN SOURCES in your settings.

For security reasons, you are not allowed to install APK files as such files may cause the device to malfunction. For example, an unofficial app may have so many bugs that it causes the device to crash. You don’t want this to happen. Therefore, make sure that you download files only from trusted sources. Alternatively, you can wait for others to test the APK file on their devices before trying to install it. There are developers who are always willing to test installations. They will then post their results on forums or blogs.

You can also download APK files on your desktop computer. Just download the files like a regular file and save it to your local hard drive. Then connect your Android device to your PC and transfer the APK files to your SD card. Then use your file manager (such as ASTRO) to locate and open the APK files.