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How to take advantage of writer’s block

Every writer has faced it, even famous writers have faced the situation known as writer’s block. So there is nothing to worry about. It is a temporary phase that will pass. However, this could be a God-sent opportunity to take a break and advance your writing career.

These are the nine steps that can help a writer advance their writing career.

1. Advertising and promotion

When after all you could do to cure writer’s block you’re at a loss for words, then it’s time to move on. Shut down your PC, get out there and advertise your writing business. Promote it with flyers, or just word of mouth. The idea is to get the word out about your business that while writing you couldn’t make it. So take advantage of the time away from writing and advertise your writing skills. It will give you some writing ideas too, for example you can write about advertising as part of the writing business.

2.Network and connection

Networking plays a crucial role in each and every business. So get out of your home or office or wherever you sit and write and meet people, connect with them. Find out what they want in life? What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations? Observe their behavior and write it down in a notepad. Networking does not mean self promotion, although there is a fine line of difference between the two. Leave the self-promotion for the advertising section. Here you meet people on a personal level. The basic rule of thumb for networking is to listen. Listen to people not only with your ears but also with your heart and take note of their needs, wants and dreams. Then go back and write them down and you will be surprised how the ideas flow again.

3. Brainstorm

Meet other writers and have brainstorming sessions with them. You will be surprised how many angles come up for a single idea. And there could be some new ideas too. You may be facing writer’s block, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less creative now, so get out there and have a casual chat with your fellow writers. It doesn’t matter if they are novelists, reporters, editors, or even article writers. You’ll be surprised how each of them is brimming with ideas, and you’ll agree that a stock of ideas is always a good way to beat writer’s block.

4. Edit your previous work

Since a writer is always busy writing, he does not have time to thoroughly polish the written work. Now is the time to take a close look at your past work and give it a final review before submitting it. Since proofreading is not as demanding as writing, it can be accomplished when a writer is stuck with writer’s block.

5. Read

Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you don’t like to read, you can’t improve your writing skills. So read. Be a voracious reader and your mind will thank you for all the information you give it. And since a writer doesn’t have much time to read, now is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity to read that favorite book.

6. Writing Lectures

A writer in order to stay current should also attend writing conferences in or around his area. But since being a writer is a full-time job, lack of time is the main reason that keeps a writer away from such conferences, so now is the time to attend these conferences.

7. Go for a cup of coffee

Yes Do that. How long has it been since you enjoyed a good coffee and you do nothing. Go to your nearby coffee shop and people watch. It is the best exercise for a tired mind, which is the main reason for writer’s block.

8. Website update

This is the time to activate the dead links and add some new links to the website. Also, since there is a time when a writer can add some cool features to the website that will make it more user friendly and accessible to search engines.

9. Sense of accomplishment

It’s easy to just sit in front of your PC and wish writer’s block would go away. However, there are other ways to beat writer’s block, so use them and watch your writing career flourish.

Different types of phone repairs

Everyone has a special attachment to their phone. This has become one of the main modes of communication used by most people and when such a phone breaks down, rectification is a must. Most people prefer to repair a phone rather than throw it away and get a new one. One of the main reasons for this is due to the media stored on the devices that are of great importance to us.

Where to repair a phone?

You need to be very smart about phone repair and you need to make your decision as carefully as possible. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of parts. Labor is just as important and you will need to check how long the warranty lasts. These factors help you determine if a company is serious or not.

There are many shops all over the place that offer phone repair services. These companies need to have certified and trained technicians in the area of ​​phone repair. One of the main problems that repair companies have to deal with is broken screens. This happens with all types of phones and the best part is that these issues can be handled with the right expertise.

screen repair

The screen is an important part of a phone. When it is cracked, you may want to repair it to improve its cosmetic appearance. It can even be embarrassing to take out a broken device in public.

Sometimes the damage is very intense and can interfere with how the phone works. The screen may not detect touch or sometimes typing may be affected. However, with the right kind of experience, you should be able to get your phone up and running just fine.

The repair duration differs from phone to phone. It can take a few hours or even days depending on the intensity of the damage. Sometimes we want to repair the phone to recover our contacts, text messages, pictures and all kinds of valuable data that we faithfully store on our phone.

Cell phone repair companies can usually also handle other devices that may have problems, such as tablets, gaming systems, and laptops. It can also handle devices that have problems with cameras, buttons, batteries, charging parts, and even HDMI ports.

Water damage

Water damage is another critical problem that many people face. Water damage is a pretty tricky problem. Unfortunately, the phone that has been damaged by water can be fixed, but problems can still arise due to motherboard issues.

When the damage is too intense, the only thing to do is to keep the phone running for as long as possible to transfer data.

When choosing the ideal company to handle your phone repair, you want to make sure that it is versatile. The best companies can handle a wide range of problems related to your phone and should be able to deliver it in a timely manner.

Video glasses help transform home entertainment

Many people consider home audio and video entertainment to be a very important aspect. The choice of entertainment you make will decide the level of comfort you will achieve. The informal nature of your home is what differentiates the workplace from home. Your home can become casual with the smart choice of entertainment systems. The market is full of options in this regard. You will be able to find what you want no matter if you are a retailer or an individual. Whatever your requirements, your entertainment needs are sure to be met. Ordinary systems can become extraordinary through the use of accessories. One such accessory that will help transform your gaming experience is virtual video glasses.

These virtual video glasses can be connected to various sources and are portable. Sources can be anything from a computer to a laptop or even a smartphone. DVD players are another source you can use the glasses on. The person using the glass can see a single large virtual screen just because it is made of two mini screens. These resemble the huge plasma screens in your homes, but with the difference that they are portable and therefore you can use them even when you are on the go. The fact that they are easy on the eyes and give you a great viewing experience makes them desirable.

This virtual home theater comes complete because these glasses have built-in headphones. Although these are simple, they are made with advanced technology that gives you the advantage of being able to watch videos and play games the way you like.

The versatile creations can be used when you’re traveling, all you need is a laptop to plug them in. You can also experience private viewing using these as they remove all sounds. In this way, you will not disturb anyone with the noise of your television.

Your TV viewing experience reaches heights when you decide to enlarge your TV. The small screen can cause a lot of strain on your eyes, so the best option is to enlarge the TV and use these glasses. Although these glasses are primarily for entertainment purposes, they can also help hide sensitive information from those traveling with you. Using these advanced glasses helps you keep private all your private information that you want to read on the go. No more worries about information leakage.

Step by Step of Web Application Development

A web application is developed with code and depends on a common web browser to make the application executable. The popularity of web application development is endless. One example of the popularity of web application development is that they are often free and do not require installation on your computer. A second example is the ability to update web applications without distributing or installing software on thousands of computers.

Web developers use many different interfaces when developing applications, such as Java, Flash, PHP, and Ajax. PHP and Ajax are great examples of an interface that web developers want to use more of, because they are a combination of development techniques. This means that the entire application will be a more interactive experience.

Web application development is divided into levels and each level is assigned a function. The most common web application is the three-tier application. Each level is represented by a name. In the three-level development, the names are, from the first to the third level:

Presentation– In this step the web browser is selected.

Request– At this level, you choose and start developing your web application with the technology you want to develop on.

Storage– At this level the database is presented. This will allow queries and updates.

Web application development is a big part of online gaming, storage, web searching, and photo editing, just to name a few. Here are some examples of successful web applications:


  • bejeweled (PopCap Games) — Swap adjacent gems to align sets of three or more. A winning set is three or more gems of the same color. Combos and stunts award extra points. Fill up the gem meter to get a bonus.
  • Farm (Zynga)— Various aspects of farm management, such as plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and shrubs, and raising livestock


  • Google Docs— Allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real time with other users. Documents are automatically saved on Google’s servers to prevent data loss, and a revision history is automatically saved so previous editions can be viewed.
  • Backup— A different route in the Internet storage service-oriented route. Their nifty little service allows anyone to back up all their web accounts easily and at a great price. With support for popular apps like Twitter, Flickr, GMail, and WordPress, their service is perfect for those who care about their online security.

photo editing

  • picnic— Make your photos fabulous with powerful and easy-to-use editing tools. Fix your photos with a single click. Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results. Crop, resize and rotate in real time. Tons of special effects, from artistic to funny. Blazing fast, right in your browser.

Why is pest control necessary?

Why is pest control necessary? We are going to answer this question in this article. In addition to causing discomfort, these tiny creatures can also spread disease. For example, insects and rodents can infest your bedrooms and kitchens. They may also bite your children and pets. Therefore, it is best that you eliminate these creatures from the patio or garage of your house. Let’s go into details to find out more.

If you accidentally eat food that is contaminated by pests or rodents in your home, you can get sick. These little creatures can spread bacteria and viruses. Apart from this, they can worsen many medical conditions, such as asthma.

Bugs, spiders and insects

Your home is not designed for bugs, spiders, and insects. It is designed to accommodate you and your family. If there are some insect spiders in your home, it will not be a problem. However, if you find a lot of them flying around your house, you have a pest infestation problem.

In this case, it is important that you contact an exterminator as soon as possible. This is important if you want to prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria, such as E-Colli and Salmonella. These bacteria can cause intestinal problems. Therefore, you may want to get rid of these pests from your home to keep yourself and your family protected.


Rodents can damage your property if they are not controlled. Also, their presence in your home can cause long-term illness. For example, rats can transmit Salmonella, plague virus, and Hantavirus. Rodents travel thousands of miles a year spreading disease and microscopic freeloaders.

Therefore, it is important that you keep these rodents away from your property. This is extremely important if you care about your family. Hiring the services of an experienced exterminator can help you capture rodents from your property.


Wasps are known for their aggression and viciousness. However, what people don’t know is that they can also spread many diseases. Some people are allergic to the bites of these creatures. Therefore, it is important that you remove these wasps from your property as soon as possible.

Wasps come in many types and can be found in different areas of your property, such as the garden, lawn, or eaves. They generally do not cause any problems for the residents of a house unless provoked. The problem is that these creatures can sting many times.

People who are allergic to the bites of these creatures can even die if they do not get medical attention as soon as possible. Therefore, you may want to inspect your property for signs of hives or nests of these pests.

Pest control is necessary

To summarize, pest control is of the utmost importance if you want to make sure your family is protected from disease. If you suspect that your property is infected, we suggest that you engage the services of a pest control service provider.

10 reasons why you should eat rabbit meat

Rabbit was as common as chicken for dinner in the 1940s and 1950s during the great depression. During the great depression, people raised rabbits in their backyards and helped them and their children. During World War II there was a shortage of meat and the rabbit provided relief. It is considered a staple food for some people in some parts of the world. It is considered a rare food option for people in the United States.

Sweet and lean and similar in flavor to chicken, rabbit is extremely versatile and can be cooked in a number of ways.

The rabbit has been used and may be suitable for special diets, such as those for heart patients, diets for the elderly, low sodium diets, weight reduction diets, etc. Of course, this is between you and your doctor. We do not make any such recommendation because we are not qualified.


1. It is one of the best white meats available on the market today.

2. It has a high percentage of easily digestible protein.

3. Contains the least amount of fat among all other meats available.

4. Contains less caloric value.

5. It is almost cholesterol free and therefore friendly for heart patients.

6. The sodium content is comparatively less.

7. The calcium and phosphorous content of this meat is higher than any other meat.

8. The meat-to-bone ratio is high, which means there is more edible meat on the carcass than even a chicken.

9. It does not have a strong flavor and is comparable to chicken but not identical.

10. Rabbits are one of the most productive livestock pets. Rabbits can produce 6 pounds of meat with the same feed and water as a cow will produce 1 pound of meat with the same feed and water.

USDA rabbit nutrition facts.

The healthiest meat known to man. It is high in protein and low in cholesterol. Rabbit has a lower percentage of fat than chicken, veal, turkey, beef, lamb, or pork.

Most meats are high in fat. Rabbit is a good meat choice because it is lower in fat than chicken, veal, turkey, veal, lamb, or pork.

Eating the wrong type of cholesterol can lead to heart problems. Red meat and pork are equally high, and are often discouraged on low-cholesterol diets. If you want to eat any kind of meat, you should consider eating rabbit meat, which is lower in cholesterol than chicken.

Corrosion threat from de-icing salts and road salts

For regions that experience snow, ice, and freezing rain during the winter months, de-icing salts are a common method of keeping roads safe. However, numerous studies over the years have shown that road salts are dangerous for the environment. The chemical composition of the salts used for deicing can include sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride. When these small compounds are released into the environment, they can upset the existing balance of the ecosystem and affect the wildlife and plant life that reside there.

To see the damage road salts can cause, one only has to look at the corrosion they can cause to buildings and architecture. The evidence of corrosion by sea salt is so compelling that the damage caused is often compared to the corrosion of coastal architecture caused by natural sea salt. Buildings that are located in coastal regions experience corrosion due to the copious amounts of sea salts released into the air and carried by wind, rain, or traffic. Basically, that means that comparing the climate and humidity in an area where road de-icing salts are used with a coastal region provides a true model of how much damage results from the use of road salts.

The damage is also not limited to architecture and buildings close to where the salts have been used. Moving vehicles, and especially heavy vehicles, cause salt mist to form in the air. These mists consist of salt water or dry particles that, depending on the environmental factors involved, can travel up to 1.2 miles from the treated area. In some studies, road salt particles were reported to be present up to the 59th floor of buildings.

However, de-icing the roads is essential in many regions. Ice-related road and business closures can have significant economic impact and costs. Between 13.6 and 18 million metric tons (or between 15 and 20 million tons) of de-icing salts are used in the United States alone each year, reports TMR Consulting. In Canada, 3.6 to 4.5 million metric tons (4 to 5 million tons) are used per year. 70% of highways and populated areas in the United States experience snow, ice, or freezing rain during the winter months. Considering the size of the geographic area that requires road de-icing, the negative impact of using road salts is multiplied.

Despite compelling evidence of the negative impact on the environment, the use of road de-icing salts continues to grow. Even ‘sunbelt’ cities and towns store salt in case of freezing rains. De-icing salts are the most economical option for keeping roads safe during the winter months, but their negative implications for the environment should not be forgotten.

Social Media Vocabulary – Corruption of Language and Jargon

Don’t be corrupted by social media jargon

What is social media slang? Jargon is informal words and language that are not associated with the standard/common language we use in society.

Social media slang is mainly taken from communication on social media. When you communicate within social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you are often presented with a small amount of space to convey information to convey to the other user involved.

Shortcuts, abbreviations, and L337 Speak are often invented out of quick and short communication paths.

Slang of the first social networks

Before Twitter and Facebook wall posts and status updates, there were AOL and instant messaging chat rooms.

AOL is known for being the grandfather of the creation of Internet jargon and was the beginning of the first pioneers of short and fast communication shortcuts. L33t Speak and acronyms were widely used in the AOL days.

L337 Talk made AOL users type words like:

// 0 n3 Y = Money


4 replaces A, 3 replaces E, 7 replaces T 1 replaces L and $ replaces S, 13 replaces B are just a few more examples. L337 talk is still widely used in video games.

Acronyms or “Text Talk” it’s still very popular too. Some examples are below

U = You 2 = Too much TTYL = I’ll talk to you later LOL = Laughing out loud 4 = To R = It’s O = OH

The corruption of the English language

With chat rooms and instant messaging losing traffic and more and more users texting and using social media to communicate, Internet Slang has now morphed into Social Media Slang.

These are English Teacher’s worst nightmares. These jargon shortcuts can corrupt your business and education.

Just because it’s easy to do just “slang” or “text,” try to practice good communication and not fall victim to social media lingo. You don’t want to write a proposal for a client that has this below:

“Hello, what do you want to do today? Please let me know, k,ttyl”

This, of course, is very unprofessional and can be detrimental to your label. Although this seems like common sense, more and more professionals are getting caught up with “Social Media Slang”

As with your personal profiles, keep your online etiquette very professional too and don’t fall for the corruption of shortcuts and jargon.

Windows 10 no intranet/LAN connection (HOSTS file fix)

The “HOSTS” file in Windows and other desktop operating systems is designed to provide the system with a local version of the “DNS” system.

DNS (Domain Name System) is the global infrastructure behind the way the “web” works. If you type “Google (.) com” in the URL address bar, the DNS network delivers the correct IP address for your computer to access.

While this works fine with the “WAN” (Wide Area Network), when it comes to the “LAN” (Local Area Network), sometimes there can be issues with the file, preventing the system from being able to connect to others.

The solution is to make sure that if you’re looking to build any kind of local network functionality, you can connect to the right systems. This tutorial explores how to do this.

HOSTS file + local network functionality

If you have a local network, it may be the case that you have added a printer or some other resource, and you want to give people easy access through a “domain name”.

Since the Internet Domain Name System isn’t really designed for LAN functionality (although it can point domains to local IP addresses), it deals with the HOSTS file to ensure it has the ability to route domain names to specific IP addresses. .

Unfortunately, it can be the case that this file gets corrupted or does not have the correct IP addresses stored, which causes problems with the LAN.

To make sure that this is not the cause of the problem, and that you can resolve any of the issues that might be related, you need to make sure that the HOSTS file is OK.

You can do this by following the steps outlined here…

HOSTS File Solution Steps

1. Access the file

The first step is to make sure the file is accessible and editable.

To do this, you need to be able to load it, which can be done by following these steps:

Windows 10 / 8

  • Press the “Windows” + “S” keys on your keyboard

  • Type “Notepad”, right click on the first listing and select “Run as administrator”

  • When Notepad loads, click “File” > “Open”

  • Navigate to “c:WindowsSystem32Driversetc”

  • Select the “hosts” file to open it

Windows 7/Vista

  • Click “Start” > “All Programs” > “Accessories”

  • Right click on “Notepad” and select “Run as administrator”

  • In the top menu, select “File” > “Open”

  • Navigate to “c:WindowsSystem32Driversetc”

  • Select the “hosts” file and open it

2. Remove any false references

The next step is to make sure that the file has all the correct references inside it.

Typically, it should contain a series of “commented out” lines (starting with #) followed by a list of IP addresses (xxx(.)xxx(.)xxx(.)xxx) and domain names (x (.) com) .

Listings in a “healthy” HOSTS file should simply have the lines commented out; if there are others, you’ll need to make sure they’re listed correctly (they’re probably from some apps on your system).

The only time it would be harmed is if your system ever had a virus (which often dilutes the “HOSTS” file with fake websites).

If you don’t have any domain/IP listed, it could suggest a lack of connectivity which I’ll explain in the next paragraph.

3. Make sure you add the correct IP addresses

Once inside the HOSTS file, you need to make sure that any of your LAN IP addresses are listed correctly.

For example, we had a printer that we accessed via //Printer-1.

Unfortunately, the printer broke down, which led us to buy another one. This new printer was renamed and became inaccessible to 90% of the network.

The way to fix this was to simply change the printer’s IP address in the HOSTS files of our various networked systems.

This not only allowed us to redirect the various requests to the new printer, but also ensured that we were running the HOSTS files correctly within the system.

If you do this, and then close the file after saving it, you will need to reboot for the changes to take effect.

4 Crucial Ways to Control Android App Development Costs

One of the main concerns for most companies when looking for lower application development costs due to budget pressure is quality. It’s always undemanding to compromise on app quality while cutting costs when, inevitably, quality is the cornerstone of the apps people love most. Therefore, when there are many ways to reduce application development costs without impacting aspects of UX design and QA, it is prudent for companies to invest in one. Here are some tips to tactfully cut the expenses involved in developing an app.

Destination number devices/platforms
The outlay of developing an app corresponds directly to the operating system platforms and mobile devices that it targets in the marketplace. All major platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS have their own limitations and potentialities. The higher the number of target platforms, the higher your development expenses. Apart from adding hassles, Android app development has various classifications on the devices. So it is smarter to choose a preferred platform and range of devices according to the target audience as it is purely efficient.

Go to an MVP app
The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) concept does not pressure developers to reinvent the wheel. When it’s always difficult to incorporate all the unique ideas into an app to make it more interesting, developing an app with just the core idea is enough. App creators are encouraged to define their target users, analyze market trends, brainstorm with a development team, and then narrow down ideas to the most prospective ones. This results in the development of a really useful application with cost savings.

iterate the process
Outsourcing to in-province mobile app development pioneers is a great way to eliminate cost overruns. When the development task is handed over to an eminent company, they divide the entire process into iterations. This results in more accurate cost estimates and helps customers plan their budget based on the cost involved in tasks for each iteration. Additionally, developers can make any changes to the app in between at the request of customers, saving money that would have been wasted if changes were made after release.

Minimize the use of custom processes or graphics
Finally, an easy way for app investors to control cost is to restrict the use of custom layouts, animations, fonts, and graphics in the app. Full customization is not necessary at all when various basic elements like the way of navigation, buttons are common in most apps and app stores have come up with their own UI/UX guidelines. Therefore, it’s wise to stick to the basics and standards of application development and opt for customization only when it’s appropriate to do so.

In this mobile-first era, where mobile apps have become the advantageous medium for businesses to boost their marketing, businesses without a custom app will fail to get ahead of the competition. Therefore, these above mentioned points are sure ways for companies to develop an app without feeling a strain on their pockets and keeping its quality intact.