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The non-traditional student: why they call it a degree

I turned 61 in July. The other day I sat in an admissions office to go back to school. I’m going to finish my college degree after, oh, about three dozen years of ‘off-campus study’ aka real life. teachers? Doctor? My gap year? No, the basic bachelor’s degree was left unfinished, hanging in the air since 1967. In my case, really hanging in the air, since, in the intervening decades since I crossed campus, I paid the bills with a flight career.

So why this. And why now? Vanity? Boredom? The desire to surround myself with pretty students? None of the above. The dresser took off a while back, along with my six pack that now looks like that guy from Pillsbury; boredom either, as life gets more exciting the closer you get to the end, and if you don’t believe it, you’re under forty. The students? Please. It takes some men thirty years to realize they’re not 20 anymore. Not me. I am happily off the market, happily married to the most attractive and beautiful woman on the planet. As Paul Newman said, why have burgers when you can have steak at home? Also, who is fooling whom? I hope they call me OGOC, Old Guy On Campus, really.

So why come back? My wife said it best: you’re turning 65 anyway; Why not get your diploma and start Social Security the same day? Tempting prospect, I thought. First it was the post-war GI bill, now another double-dip opportunity. Cool. A lovely girl, my wife, and so smart. I wondered why she wasn’t the one looking for the title instead of me. But she has a sheepskin and I don’t. Reason enough? No, but it illustrates the different vectors of our lives, and since I turned 60, and since I was in mid-retirement, I saw the point of it: why not now? I have time; I am inclined as the credit itch never went away; I have the money, the lack of which is more or less the reason I dropped out of college all those years ago, that and grades which, ahem, were also woefully lacking. Then came Vietnam, marriage, kids, mortgages, the whole gamut, all of which pushed college into the background.

Until now. A recent walk across campus ignited my old ambition, and one thing led to another, and I soon found myself talking to an adviser a third of my age about, gulping, trying again.

This, along with those listed by my spouse, is one of the reasons I choose to return to college. In short, I have experience to share. In other words, among the elderly and everyday, the vast majority of people, there has always been a rather bitter view of those in society lucky enough to spend their days in the idyllic, so-called ‘Ivory Tower’ of the academy. It may be jealousy, it may be envy, but for people in a nine to five world, the prospect of classes, books, the university environment and, of course, the party atmosphere represent a mythical part of life that, by its nature, ephemeral. , draws scorn from those whose weekly high point is Friday afternoon, especially if it’s payday. I’m arrogant enough to believe that I can be a resource on that campus. Maybe not to fellow students (I still marvel at that title), but to those charged with teaching things like the three ‘R’s, reading, writing, and real life. I’d like to think that I can add a little nuance in that classroom. This is not something I could have offered at 21, 41, or even 51. Now? I would like to think that my exposure to real life in these last forty years since the winter term of ’68 is useful and sought after by some who are truly eager to learn, which is the prospective purpose of the university, after all. I’d like to think that I can add a measure of perspective and truth to hypothetical propositions. And, I’d like to think, that’s by itself reason enough since, in my humble opinion, there’s a dearth of that particular activity in our cacophonous marketplace right now.

Obviously I’m not alone. Depending on definitions, ‘non-professionals’ made up a staggering 63% of the student body these days. There are a lot of returning veterans, a lot of young people on a gap year, and a lot more laid-off, downsized, and retrained workforce members than ever before sitting in those admissions offices like me. Plus, I’m a boomer, and everyone knows we’ll never grow up, never admit we’re old until we start drooling in our socks, and even then…

The presence of these nontraditional students, especially military veterans, enriches the classroom, many teachers say. As for veterans like me: “They’ve seen the world, faced incredible dangers, and had to make decisions that few civilians have had to make. That helps other students see the world in a more nuanced way.” according to Daniel Byman, director of the Center for Peace and Security Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, who recently addressed the issue in the Chronicle of Education. In my own case, having flown a helicopter in Vietnam, and then from the cockpit of a medical helicopter for twenty years, I have seen things, done things, gone places, and made decisions that none of those handsome students could. dream. above.

So hello hello, I’m off to class, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s never too late. To my fellow semi-retired boomers or not, give it some thought. As my wife says, you’re going to be 65 anyway. More gray heads in the graduation line can only be a good thing. There’s even a kind of Darwinian component: those younger guys, the jocks and frat boys, the guys who aren’t old enough to understand that the bill of your cap is supposed to protect your face, not the back of your neck. , they may need to exhibit a little more maturity when we’re around. Many cultures revere their more experienced class; maybe we can bring that idea closer to reality here by a degree, or two, or three…

Mast Cell Enterocolitis or Mast Cell Inflammatory Bowel Disease (MIBD), A New Epidemic?

Mast cell enterocolitis is a new clinical entity characterized by an increase of 20 or more mast cells per high-power field in the duodenum or colon. Jakate et al. described 47 patients with intractable diarrhea and abdominal pain of no other cause who had elevated mast cell counts on intestinal biopsies and responded to mast cell-directed therapy. Patients generally met criteria for diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Normal subjects had much lower levels of mast cells than an average of 12 per HPF. My experience indicates that this condition may be another hidden epidemic to be added to that of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). My colleague, Dr. Rodney Ford, suggested the term “gluten syndrome” for the broader problem of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and I agree that this may be a more appropriate term. Now, he suggests that mast cell inflammatory bowel disease (MIBD) be considered a better term for the newly recognized mast cell enterocolitis.

Until recently, the presence of increased mast cells was either overlooked due to a lack of ability to see mast cells in biopsies in the background of normal cells or only noted in association with inflammatory bowel diseases and celiac disease. Some pediatric studies have observed increased mast cells in the esophagus in association with eosinophilic esophagitis or “allergic esophagus”. Systemic mastocytosis has been known for years and has been associated with intestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. Now, two new studies shed more light on this covert cell and its role in postoperative ileus and its association with stress. Mast cells have been associated with diarrhea-predominant IBS in some studies, but it was not until Jakate’s article that a distinct entity was defined.

The problem of linking mast cells to IBS and other digestive symptoms has been compounded by the difficulty in seeing these cells in intestinal biopsies. However, special stains now commercially available using immunohistochemistry for the enzyme tryptase make it possible to see and count mucosal mast cells in intestinal tissue obtained from routine random intestinal biopsies. For the past year I have been asking pathologists to perform mast cell stains on intestinal biopsies in my GI patients with diarrhea and abdominal pain. I recently began expanding this to include as many patients as possible, as well as requesting that these stains be done on biopsies previously done on patients I suspected might have this condition.

I have now accumulated fifty patients who meet the criteria for mast cell enterocolitis or mast cell enteritis. These patients are in various stages of evaluation and treatment. I am collecting and analyzing clinical information with the intention of submitting the data for publication. What I observed in the initial review is that there appears to be a higher than expected prevalence of the celiac disease risk genes DQ2 and DQ8. In particular, DQ8 appears to be overrepresented compared to the incidence in the general population. There also appears to be an association with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and multiple food intolerances.

The latest finding of multiple food intolerance determined by abnormalities in mediator release tests (MRT, Signet Diagnostic Corporation, and Alcat) makes sense. The principle of these tests is the detection of changes in cell volumes that occur due to the release of a chemical mediator from the cells present in the blood. The tests are not specific to the mediator(s) released, but it is assumed that the larger the reaction, the greater the number of mediators released and the more likely it is that a particular food, chemical, or food additive could cause an adverse reaction. .

Laboratories that provide mediator release tests report great success in treating a variety of symptoms commonly attributed to food intolerance or chemical/additive sensitivity. I think mast cells are very involved in this process. This would make sense since success with conditions now associated with mast cells is reported to respond favorably to dietary elimination of foods or substances with abnormal MRT reactions. Classic examples include IBS, headaches, and interstitial cystitis which have been linked to mast cells, as well as stress which is now linked to increased mast cells and mast cell-releasing mediators of degranulation.

Mediator release tests, particularly quackwatch.com, are criticized by some US physicians for not being tested or validated for the evaluation of “food allergies.” However, they are not food allergy tests. Food allergy is an immediate IgE-mediated type I immune response known as allergy. MRT tests for non-immune delayed-type reactions resulting from the release of mediators from immune cells. The point is that the mediator release test is not a form of food allergy testing. MRT is a form of non-immune food intolerance or sensitivity reaction.

New articles published in the January 2008 issue of the journal Gut reveal exciting new associations of mast cell degranulation with postoperative ileus and a link to a stress hormone. The first study may be the first to show that mast cells in the human intestine release mediators when the intestine is manipulated during surgery, resulting in temporary intestinal paralysis known as postoperative ileus. The minimally invasive surgical technique of laparoscopy results in less mechanical stimuli to the bowel and has a lower incidence of postoperative ileus.

The association of stress with IBS and inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease) has been known for a long time, but a mechanism has not been definitively determined. In the same issue of Gut, the researchers demonstrated that the stress hormone, corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), regulates intestinal permeability (leaky gut) via mast cells. The researchers even identified specific receptors on mast cells. This new information sheds new light on the possible link of leaky gut and mast cells to IBS, IBD, and celiac disease.

So how do I think this new information can help us? Since stress can increase mast cells in the intestine and these cells can release mediators that cause intestinal lesions and symptoms, stress reduction is important. These cells can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation, as well as other symptoms outside the intestine, so they are important. However, the importance of these cells is generally not recognized because most physicians, including gastroenterologists and pathologists, are unaware of their presence and importance.

These cells cannot be seen in the intestine without special stains performed on intestinal tissue obtained during upper GI endoscopy or colonoscopy. Those stains are not routinely done, but usually require the doctor performing the biopsy to order them. If a biopsy is not done, obviously these cells cannot be found. There may be a genetic predisposition for what I think may be a better term for mast cell inflammatory bowel disease (MIBD) rather than mast cell enterocolitis. There may also be the same genetically determined white blood cell protein patterns that are associated with celiac disease and play a role in MIBD.

As stated above, stress reduction and probiotic therapy can be helpful in reducing mast cells and leaky gut, but what happens once mast cells increase in the gut? Once there are elevated mast cells, treatment may include medication and dietary interventions. Antihistamines, both type I (eg, Claritin, Allegra, Zirtec) and type II (eg, Zantac, Tagamet, Pepcid) to block the effects of histamine have been used successfully to reduce Abdominal pain and diarrhea in people with mast cell enterocolitis. A very specific mast cell stabilizer, Cromalyn sodium (Gastrocrom), also reduces symptoms. It is an accepted therapy for the more severe condition of generalized mastocytosis.

In my experience, it is also helpful to screen for food allergies and intolerances (by mediator release testing), followed by dietary elimination of problematic foods until leaky gut resolves and the number of mast cells in the gut is reduced. Food allergy testing consists of skin tests and IgE RAST antibody tests. These tests do not exclude non-allergic food intolerance and sensitivity. Antibody tests for IgG in blood or IgA in stool or saliva have been used for food sensitivities. In my experience, MRT tests are much more useful, looking for any abnormal release of mediators in a variety of foods, chemicals, or additives, regardless of nature.

Stay tuned for new developments on the role of mast cells and look for more interest in mast cell enterocolitis in the future. I propose that the GI community should adopt the broader term mast cell inflammatory bowel disease as there is information indicating that mast cells play an important role in allergic problems of the esophagus and stomach.

Selected references:

El, FO et al. “Mast cell activation and inflammation induced by intestinal manipulation in human postoperative ileus”. gut 2008; 57:33-40

Valon, C et al. “Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) regulates macromolecular permeability across mast cells in normal human colon biopsies in vitro”. gut 2008; 57:50-58.

Jakate, S. “Mast Cell Enterocolitis: Increased Mucosal Mast Cells in Chronic Intractable Diarrhea.” Arch Pathol Lab Med 2006; 130:362-367.

Copyright 2008 Dr. Scot M. Lewey http://www.thefooddoc.com

Virtual Glasses – Welcome to the 3D world

Hello people, I hope you are well today!

We’ll jump right into it and talk about what the title of this article implies: virtual glasses to make your 3D dreams come true. Virtual reality, that is.

I have wanted, many times, to be able to watch my favorite games or movies that I like to watch in the form of virtual reality, but every time I look for some kind of solution, I am left with a cheap imitation of 3D. glasses that are useless and the cinemas collect them as if they were candy.

I’m tired of it. I wanted something else. I wanted to literally FEEL the experience. I wanted it to feel like it was there.

When Frodo Baggins was destroying the one ring, he wanted it to feel like he was there, not like he was seeing it in “3D”.

He wanted to feel like she was literally there, with him, as he fought Golum and his own desires to keep the ring, while he tried to get rid of it.

So, I did what most of us would do in this situation: I searched. I searched long and hard, and found many things that said they could do what I wanted, but in the end, they gave empty promises.

He knew that what he needed was something more. She needed more than 3D glasses. She needed virtual glasses.

With virtual glasses, I can walk in like I’m really there. It makes a big difference. It’s amazing what I feel, see and experience now during movies and games. It’s like a completely different experience.

If this trend continues, I am fully confident that the technology will continue to increase, and in a few years, we will be able to literally feel what we are experiencing.

With virtual glasses, it’s like you’re there. I can play my favorite games (Final Fantasy 7 is one of them), and I can experience Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, etc… in all their splendor, like I always wanted. I’m going to see Cloud brandishing his huge sword like he’s really there. He is crazy.

Difference Between an App and an App

For many people, an app and an app are the same thing, but there are certain differences between the two. The applications run on a desktop computer and cannot be run on a mobile platform; while an app can run on mobile phones. It can also run on desktop computers, but it is specifically designed for mobiles and tablets. There are certain features that differentiate an app from an app. They are the following:


Applications are large in memory and are capable of handling large amounts of data. They are capable of doing many tasks. Whereas apps have less memory and can only handle a moderate amount of data. An application is designed to perform only one specific task. Some examples of apps are Open Office, Photoshop, Quick Office browsers and apps, WhatsApp, Angry Birds.


The apps are designed to work on heavy operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple OS (OS X) and Ubuntu, that is, they can only work on desktop operating systems. On the other hand, the apps are specifically designed to operate on lightweight mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone OS.

Applications can run not only on mobile and tablet devices, but also on desktop computers as long as, of course, the operating system of the desktop computer supports those applications. Apps can only run on desktop and laptop computers, but not on mobiles and tablets.


The applications will have full functionality and can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, if we take the Firefox browser app, it is capable of performing different tasks like opening websites, playing videos on websites, displaying maps, and actions.

Apps, on the other hand, have limited functionality and can only perform a single task for which they were designed. Different apps are designed to perform different individual tasks like playing YouTube videos, displaying stock maps. For example, WhatsApp can be used only for the messaging for which it is designed.


Apps are priced much higher compared to Apps because Apps are sophisticated and can perform a wide range of intensive tasks. Whereas the apps will not cost much as they are very basic in design and designed to perform specific simple tasks. Many apps are available at no cost.


Major IT companies such as Windows, Apple, Adobe and others provide the applications. Applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop are used for multitasking and cost more. The applications are available for mobiles in different stores such as Apple app store, Google Play (Android), Windows phone store and BlackBerry app world, all these stores can be accessed directly from the mobile.

How to Stack and Season Apple Wood for Wood Stoves

Apple wood is an excellent fuel for burning wood. It is considered a hardwood, which means it is heavy and will burn longer than softwoods. However, if the apple wood is not seasoned, it will be very difficult to burn properly.

We have had great success with drying apple wood because our summers are very hot with low humidity. Seasoning applewood doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just chop up the wood pile or throw it into piles and let it dry or cure for at least a year or more.

However, if you want to dry the wood more slowly, don’t be afraid to run a spray over the top during the summer. Spraying the wood will also help control insects that can damage the wood.

Apple wood is susceptible to these tiny mites that bore small holes in the wood. Your wood will still burn well, but you need to watch your stack closely so it doesn’t get invaded. I highly recommend burning this wood as soon as it has seasoned. Apple wood can be difficult to stack because it comes in many different shapes and is not uniform. However, as you begin to stack the wood, you will be able to quickly fill in the holes with other smaller pieces. We use a lot of 4 foot pipes to help us keep our wood piles from falling over.

Wood burners who live in a city or town should place their firewood in an area that does not receive water from their garden sprinklers. Wood that gets wet can take 2 years or more to fully dry out if you continue to water it. As far as keeping the wood covered, that’s a personal preference. My people cover their wood and we don’t. The benefits of covering your wood during the winter months is that it can dry out your wood faster, but out west with our dry summers that’s not much of a problem.

If you are consistent with your wood cutting and each year you cut more wood than you need, you will soon have a 3-year supply of wood. That means if during a cutting season you get injured and can’t cut, you won’t have to worry about cutting because you have a reserve.

Those of you who want to buy apple wood can do so, but make sure you get what you pay for. Many places charge around $100 for a wooden cable that is all branches. These little limbs burn well, but they can never be trusted to burn all night leaving you, the fire kindling the embers in the morning.

Top 10 Tips for Aligning Your Authentic Business with Your Passion and Purpose

This week’s article is about how to align your authentic business with your passion and purpose. The truth is that one of the most important questions that the most enlightened entrepreneurs have (Trainers, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Leaders and Experts) what I love to call, CASTILLO Enlightened, is whether or not your business fully expresses your true passion and sole purpose. For example, they often ask themselves, “Is this the job I was born to do?” or “Is this REALLY what I’m here for?” Or even “Is this business what it was meant to create?”

From my own experience, when you create a thriving business around your authenticity, passion, and purpose, you not only do what you love and love what you do, but you also generate GREATER positive impact and income, all while transforming your life and the world. lives of those you touch. You also feel like your mind is ILLUMINATED, your heart is EMPOWERED and your soul is INSPIRED to accomplish what you are DIVINELY destined to accomplish and then become who you dream of being: the best version of your authentic self. (This is exactly how I feel right now!)

So how do you do that and experience the same enlightening feelings? In this week’s article, I want to share with you my top 10 tips for aligning your authentic business with your passion and purpose so that you, too, can experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business.

Top 10 Tips for Aligning Your Authentic Business with Your Passion and Purpose

1. Apply the Law of GADI (Go and do it!) – without a fight, RATHER with integrity, grace and ease.

When you GO AND DO IT with integrity, grace, and ease, you know you’re authentically aligning your passion and purpose with your business because your creativity, focus, and productivity flow. Magnificent material, what I call “divine discharges”, literally pouring out of you. And your commitment to making faster decisions, asking better questions, and taking action that is inspired and authentic (what feels true, genuine to you!) no longer feels like a challenge.

2. Attract your authentic audience: ideal clients who want to hire you to help them succeed where you are thriving.

When you attract your authentic audience, your ideal clients, they see you as their role model, trusted authority, and you become a positive example to your community because you are someone special to them (like an inspired leader) and they want to hire you. to teach them the exact same steps you took to prosper and certainly create your results too.

3. Earn money doing what you love, even if you are not always focused on it.

I am now a BIG believer in focusing on fusing money and meaning, turning your passion into profit, and prospering from your purpose because that is how you turn your inner wisdom into your outer wealth and develop a healthy relationship with money. So the more your head, heart, hands, and hope (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs) are in holistic harmony with transforming your passion and purpose into prosperity and profitability, the less you will feel frustrated, struggling, or worried about money.

Basically, the doors of opportunities and windows of possibilities start to open to more and more people who want to collaborate, contribute and promote their work. That alone generates more leads or more cash flow in your authentic business. The life-changing truth here is that the more you align your passion and purpose with your authentic business, the more money magnet you become.

4. Let your mind be enlightened, your heart empowered, and your soul inspired by the BEST practices, PROVEN models, and VALUABLE resources. (What you feel is true, correct and authentic to you!)

This is a HUGE blessing, but it could also be a curse. In fact, it often drives me and my husband (and my business partner too!) crazy because I wake up every morning feeling enlightened, empowered and inspired to implement all these “Success Secrets, Spiritual Principles and Universal Laws” that they make me feel so excited. passionate and determined.” That’s true (no joke here).

When you know, feel, and trust that what you are doing is aligned with your business based on passion and purpose, you feel ALIVE, FOCUSED, and CONNECTED. So, you continue to see more and more practical ways to grow and expand your BIG vision, BIG mission, and BIG message. It’s like you become an idea factory constantly churning out new insights to align, expand, and succeed. To some extent, you can’t and don’t want to turn it off.

5. Turn your FEAR (false evidence that seems real) into FAITH – Get comfortable with the “uncomfortable” feelings that come up as you go.

Turn your FEAR into FAITH, and make it more important to you to quickly overcome your obstacles, challenges, and worries than to dwell on them, complain about them, or wish they were easier. You just have to deal with that specific situation AND trust the Universe, Source, Divine, Energy, God, Mother Nature, whatever you call your FAITH (use your intuition, instinct here!) and know that you are being DIVINELY guided and that all those uncomfortable feelings (false evidence that seems real) would slow you down or keep you stuck.

6. Hone your natural skills, talents and abilities, and get better and better until you master your craft.

The transformative truth is that there is no overnight success. No one discovers their “God-given” gifts, passion, and purpose overnight. So be sure to take the time to discover your authentic voice, your true passion and your unique purpose and continue to progress until you master your craft so that your authentic business fully expresses who you TRULY are. For example, every time you see something, fine tune it and then keep going, keep practicing and keep showing up. Over time, little by little, slowly but steadily, you realize that you are becoming the best version of your authentic self. It is PROGRESS, not perfection, that really counts as evidence for you and others.

7. Become healthier and more vibrant, and know that your energy will help you to be a better leader and a more powerful creator.

Eat healthier, breathe deeply, sleep better, exercise more (at least move your body often), and most importantly, live life seriously. Everything contributes to a more ENLIGHTENED way of being, doing and having. Everything counts. So don’t waste your time, effort or energy. Instead, make it a TOP priority to keep your mind, body, and energy levels at their highest. Because the reason you are here in this world (your BIG vision, BIG mission, BIG message) is too important to do anything but show your fullest and best potential.

8. Feel GRATEFUL and be PROUD of what you create: you deserve it.

You definitely align your authentic business with your passion and purpose when you feel grateful and proud of the positive impact you are creating in the world. Because when you do, you create A LOT of new, different, and FRESH ideas. So know that you deserve it and don’t be afraid to experiment, try and try new things. And whether it works or not, be thankful for the INSPIRATION and be PROUD of what you create.

9. Believe in the BIG ripple effect: transform yourself, transform others, and trust that other people will be positively impacted by the people you transformed with your work.

In other words, trust the process, transform yourself, and prosper, all while helping others along the way. When you do, you create a community (your transformational tribe) where people become your SUPER students, BEST buyers, and DELICIOUS fans (LIKE you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, surround you on Google+, subscribe to to your YouTube channel, refer your services to others, share your work, and more!). A HUGE ripple effect occurs every time people reach out to tell you what a difference you’ve made in their lives and the lives of their loved ones or the people they touch. And beyond all of that, you know that what you are doing is not only aligned with your AUTHENTICITY, PASSION and PURPOSE, but also provides an incredibly valuable contribution to the world.

10. Last, but definitely not least, awaken to your true power: let your inner guide, a higher power (that SOUL CALL that tells you to keep going no matter what), shine through your authentic business.

As I mentioned before, aligning your authentic business with your passion and purpose—in other words, answering your deepest calling by creating a thriving business you love—doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, I’ve been working on it since I had my deepest wake-up call and started my own “soul searching” journey in 2008, because it’s not really “a thing” but more of an ENLIGHTENED EXPERIENCE that happens where you can feel it mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Your real business success in action

Start sharing your passion (whatever it is you LOVE to share), live your purpose (whatever it is you feel INSPIRED to be), and build a boosting business by doing your “labor of love” – ​​the job you were born to do . Above all, listen to your authentic voice (your intuition, your instinct!) and transform it into something special for you, for your life, for your ideal clients, for the world.

Your outer world may not yet reflect the magnificence of your inner vision, but that doesn’t mean it’s not okay. It takes time to align your authentic business with your passion and purpose. So, keep listening to your inner wisdom, your inner guide, your inner compass above all else to tell you if you are moving in the right direction. I’ll say it again: aligning your authentic business with your passion and purpose is more of an enlightening experience than a result. (It’s the JOYFUL JOURNEY, not the destination that really matters!)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article and had several “AHA” moments and breakthroughs that will help you become more aware of all this LIGHTENED energy. May it empower you to keep moving in the right direction. And please share this article with your friends or others who you think may appreciate its value. Let’s help more people share their PASSION, live their PURPOSE and create a PROSPEROUS business doing what they LOVE!

Daily chore checklists and snow cone stands

In today’s article, I’ll discuss some of the more boring aspects of running a business with employees.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your booth opens/closes smoothly, no matter who is working, is to create a standard checklist. Listings must be clearly posted at the booth with established opening and closing steps. An example of this checklist is as follows:


1. Arrive thirty minutes before they open.

2. Turn on the air conditioner.

3. Make sure the outside is clean and the chairs are set up.

4. Make sure signs and lights are clean and in place.

5. Clean interior/exterior, fridge, freezer and ice crusher

A. Clean the counters

B. Clean up trash outside

C. Clean and dry the chairs.

5. Mop the floor

6. Restock any supplies, including cups, spoons, napkins, and other supplies.

7. Check ice and syrup for the day.

8. Make sure you have enough change for the day.

9. Notify management of anything that needs to be restocked.

10. Turn on any signal.

11. If you expect immediate customers, be sure to temper the ice.

when you close

1. Turn off all signage


A. clean all surfaces inside the stand

B. Clean the ice shaver

C. Clean all the bottles

D. Clean refrigerators and freezers.

E. Wipe tables and chairs if they are sticky.

6. Call the owner for any inventory needs

9. Take out the trash

11. Sweep and mop

12. Turn everything off and lock EVERYTHING.


This is just a sample checklist that was used at a previous snow cone booth of mine. You may have completely different needs, but the main point is to make it clear and obvious what your employees need to handle. You want to be as transparent and direct as possible. This will avoid misunderstandings and make it clear what you expect. You want to be fair to them by making it clear what you expect and prevent your employees from complaining that instructions were not given.

A snow cone stand isn’t complicated, but it’s still a business. It is always good practice to standardize repetitive processes as much as possible and provide a manual or checklist to ensure your standards are applied. This is most important if you don’t plan to regularly work the daily opening and closing hours of your booth.

2 Ways to Increase the Font Size in a CHM File – wikiHow

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later, you can make web pages easier to read by enlarging the page (zooming in). If you zoom in, everything on the web page will be magnified (including text, images, and controls). Zoom will change the magnification of the website, regardless of the format of the website. I just installed IE7 and since then I can no longer change the font size in existing chm files. I can usually do this by pressing {ctrl} + {mouse wheel}. This is really a bummer, because the fonts get so small that all my documents became totally unreadable.

Is there a fix/solution? Here are two ways to increase the font size in a Windows Help (CHM) file

1. Use the Firefox plugin to read the chm file in Firefox

CHM Reader is a Firefox extension that makes compiled HTML files viewable directly with Firefox. After installation, with “File | Open CHM File”, you can open a CHM in Firefox. With “View | Sidebar | CHM Reader” or press “Ctrl-E”, the sidebar containing the list of CHM topics and indexes will be displayed. Then you can use the page zoom functionality in your Firefox.

2. Using ChmZoomer (strong recommendation)

chmzoomer gives you handy full page zoom functionality in all other browser based applications like Chm files, eBooks, RSS reader etc. You can open Chm with the official chm reader on Windows and get the page zoom functionality you like in IE7/8.

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Steps on how to speed up a laptop

Despite the latest trend of mobile phones and tablets, computers today are still widely used in the workplace, especially in corporate business and not limited to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), where they can never be replaced. and are still used by home users.

Speeding up a laptop can be the fundamental factor in a usable computer, since the more you use something, the more maintenance it requires. But at least with computers it’s less about wear and tear and more about refining, filtering, and sorting out unwanted data from the machine. This document or guide explains the methods to speed up your laptop.

How to speed up the laptop by performing a cleaning

All versions of Microsoft Windows have a built-in disk cleanup and defragmentation option. Because this is the core part of a service and cleanup to speed up a laptop effectively depends a lot on how well this method is put to the test, so speed up Windows 10, the latest version of Windows and you’re good to go. on the way to an efficient computer.

How to speed up the laptop by performing a cleaning, but what exactly is it?

When you use your computer primarily on the Internet, you are accessing data via streaming or maybe even downloading. Now, even though this is the case, your machine is saving mini bits of data files to your hard drive for reference and log information so that the next time you visit, the next request and two-way information transfer becomes more familiar to you. the machines. resulting in fast execution. So if you’re using your computer, mostly the Internet, twice a day, once a day, or even just 3 days a week, as you can see, the number of small files can add up quickly. This means that cleanings are required from time to time. There are numerous steps to speed up a laptop by performing a cleanup on Temporary files, system files, Windows update and deletion of the Downloads folder. You’ll be surprised how many computers where the Downloads folder is full of repetitive data that’s no longer needed, I’ve seen it.

How to speed up a laptop – Defragmentation

Following a successful clean now means that you have now cleaned your computer of junk and only now can you see that it makes sense to start a disk defragmentation to help speed up your laptop. What does a disk defragmentation imply? Basically, it optimizes the drive by rearranging the files on the hard drive in a state where it makes sense for the hard drive in a logical and coherent way to make performance easier and more efficient for the computer system and as a result gives you It gives the user a nice and easy to use way of using their computer.

Unleash the power of Microsoft Dot Net for business

Web-based businesses using .NET services can use Microsoft’s extensive set of development tools, servers, software, and services. Today, with quantum growth in e-commerce, old tools are inadequate to handle traffic, provide security, and provide seamless scalability for virtually all verticals.

IT administrators of web-based companies have far fewer headaches with this platform and are favoring .NET application development over older platforms. .NET application developers value the framework for its interoperability and seamless connectivity with multiple systems and date sources. Since Microsoft offers several .NET languages, including JScript.NET, J#, C#, Managed C++, and VB.NET, you don’t have to learn new languages ​​to develop your applications, a factor that adds speed to your .NET application. development process

.Net services include:

Web and desktop applications

Some of the technical knowledge required: ASP.NET 1.0/2.0 (with C# and Visual Basic.NET), Web Services, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Silverlight

Microsoft Office integration

Some of the technical knowledge required: development and integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Project Server, and Project Portfolio Server

frames and components

Some of the technical knowledge required: Enterprise Library, Smart Client Software Factory, and Architectural Guidance Software Factory

Windows mobile apps

Some of the technical knowledge required: .NET Compact Framework, Mobile ASP.NET, Embedded VC++

open source

Some of the technical knowledge required: NHibernate, Log4Net, Spring.NET and Quartz.NET


Some of the technical knowledge required: SQL Server 2000/2005, My SQL 4.x/5.x, Oracle 8i/9i/10g

Outsourcing, especially for .NET India services, is often considered an optimal option, due to the large number of developers and relative costs. This framework leverages existing assets. With India’s .NET Services, a team of expert developers can easily add new software, reduce application complexity, and reduce development costs by up to 50 percent.