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It’s a jersey thing: 5 unconventional hockey jersey styles

Hello everybody,

As some of us know as hockey fans, we definitely have our favorite team and we definitely have our favorite jersey.

The way some of us see or wear our shirts are sometimes very different from each other.

Some of us are very happy just to receive our favorite team’s home jersey with no name on the back. They simply show their support for the team they are cheering on. Some of us want the authentic cut jersey that players wear on the ice; that’s if you are a die-hard fan.

It doesn’t matter how you use it, it doesn’t matter when you use it, all that matters is that you are doing it for the game you love and nothing else.

Sometimes you may see a t-shirt and think; “Hey, that’s an interesting design.” Someone can post a photo of him on the internet and something might be heard on social media. Some of you may stop scrolling, take a good look at it, and give it a quick like. Some of you may look a little more and find that the shirts are for a charitable cause. Some of these t-shirt designs are great and some are downright ridiculous, but it’s worth a laugh or an amazing reaction. Many of these jerseys are made for promotional efforts and auctioned off for charity purposes and that’s just another reason why hockey is one of the best sports on Earth. Sometimes, however, the cause goes beyond the colors of the jersey. There is definitely a cultural symbolism with some of these shirts. Some of which have caused some controversy.

Military Inspired Camo Tees:

Many NHL teams agree to wear these military-inspired jerseys during warm-ups to support and recognize the national armed forces. Fans have polarized opinions of these jerseys, but they are not intended to promote the style, it is to promote a good cause. Some folks have said that these t-shirts serve no purpose and don’t help the military BUT if you care how it helps the military then you need to know where your money is going before purchasing military inspired merchandise.

The MSE (Monumental Sports & Entertainment) Foundation recently raised $ 46,000 during a Washington Capitals home game on February 5, 2016 by auctioning off Washington Capitals military inspired jerseys. The funds acquired are used to help family members of soldiers serving in the military, soldiers with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and war amputees. The shirts were autographed and sold during the event. These t-shirts were not only sold to raise funds; Equipment such as records, helmets, clubs and others were also sold to raise funds for this honorable cause.

It is primarily at these private auctions that money is raised for these types of charities. Most official sports retail stores offering military camo jerseys are only sold for profit, unless otherwise stated that the proceeds from each sale go to a charity. Some retail stores sell these shirts, but others don’t because they don’t want a controversial image of using military fashions to cash in on a quick profit. It is not only the shirts where the camouflage design is used, but also on hats, touches and shirts. Soldiers who have served in the military dislike the fact that retail outlets use the military image for profit because it is a weak expression of support for the military, plus the military image is leveraged. for promotional purposes so that corporations can make a profit.

Star Wars Themed T-shirts:

It’s easy to admit that these t-shirts are “ready to wear” in terms of t-shirt design. For Star Wars fans who love hockey, these are some of the most epic jersey designs ever. The Vancouver Giants and Saskatoon Blades of the WHL (Western Hockey League) had a Star Wars night in honor of the most successful blockbuster of 2015; Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars night for the Saskatoon Blades took place on November 28, 2015 and the entire Saskatoon Blades team wore these jerseys to their home game against the Edmonton Oil Kings. The jerseys were not only intended to bring nerds to hockey games, but also to charity. The jerseys worn by the players were signed by the players and auctioned after the game. Proceeds from the auction went to Saskatchewan food banks.

The Vancouver Giants also had their own take on these beautiful Star Wars jerseys, but unlike the Blades, the Giants went to the “dark side.” The Giants wore them for their home game on December 4, 2015 against Kootenay Ice. Like the Blades, the Giants team also signed these jerseys and auctioned them off for charity. Proceeds went to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

LA Dodgers Pride Night Jerseys:

The Los Angeles Kings have a ‘Dodgers Pride Night’ once a season. It is based on the partnership agreement between the Los Angeles Kings and the Los Angeles Dodgers, a major league team. It is a promotion as well as a charitable cause for the two great sports teams. Fans who attend this annual event not only watch the game, but also get an LA Kings-themed baseball and a chance to win prizes in the game.

The Dodger-inspired hockey sweaters that were worn for the warm-up were signed and auctioned after the game. Proceeds went to the Kings Care Foundation.

Flint Firebirds “Tropics” T-Shirts:

Based on the 2008 blockbuster Semi-Pro, these jerseys were an excerpt from Flint Tropics, the name of the basketball team in the film. Since we’re talking about the Flint Firebirds here, wouldn’t it be convenient to have the “Jackie Moon” approved Flint Tropic hockey jerseys for a promotional event?

That’s exactly what the Flint Firebirds did when they hosted a “Flint Tropics Night” in Flint, Michigan. The Firebirds hosted the Owen Sound Attack on February 13, 2016 for the event. It was a great time for the Firebirds as they were having a terrible season dealing with numerous property disputes and many lost games. The jerseys were auctioned off after the game for charity purposes and it was a night that the Firebirds and fans had fun regardless of the outcome of the game.

St. Patty’s Day Hockey Jerseys:

Like military jerseys, many NHL teams use St. Patty Day jerseys for pregame warm-ups, but without the controversy. It’s a great promotion, as St. Patty’s Day is so popular and if you didn’t guess, the pregame warm-up jerseys are signed and auctioned for charity by many teams. Whether it’s an NHL team or some youth league team participating in this, it is a very popular event in Canada and the United States. It always produces great results because it is a great excuse to celebrate spring and a great reason to order a few pints of Guinness for yourself and your friends.

How could anyone hate St. Patrick’s Day?

Eat your curd and whey

Nursery rhymes are often hundreds of years old and their meanings are unclear, rather young children simply repeat or sing them. In the case of “Little Miss Muffet,” she is eating a centuries-old version of traditional curd and buttermilk, which is her staple cottage cheese, probably the food this rhyme describes. The cottage cheese drains off, but the whey remains, leaving the individual curds loose. and the acidity eliminated to achieve a sweeter and more pleasant flavor.

These curds are solid pieces of curdled milk and are made from fresh pasteurized milk in the process of creating cheese after a bacterial culture and an acidic substance, such as lemon juice, is added to cause coagulation (curd). For convenience, bakers often “curdle” milk to produce a buttermilk flavor when preparing muffins, pancakes, or other baked goods. Vinegar or lemon juice is the most common additive, but rennet (cow stomach lining) was used centuries ago. Then it is cut into cubes and the result is a mixture of whey (the liquid) and curd. This mixture is cooked and pressed to separate the whey from the curd, creating the final cheese curd product. Generally mild in taste, fresh curd squeaks when bitten, a characteristic caused by trapped air within the porous material. In the country of India, a popular alternative to meat is paneer, which is widely used in traditional main dishes, and biryani rice. It resembles tofu and has a smooth but pleasant taste and texture. (Okay, more than you wanted to know).

Although cheese curd should ideally be eaten fresh, it can be purchased at local supermarkets across the country. The most common curd is a young cheddar cheese. Cheese factories in Wisconsin have been producing cheese on a daily basis to meet demand and have been produced since the mid-1800s, when cheesemaking began in America’s Dairyland, when Swiss and German immigrants brought their skills and recipes to the world. Midwest. Today they are the most popular snack in the state. Wisconsin produces more than 2 billion pounds of cheese a year. That’s a lot of curd.

A popular snack in the state of Wisconsin (no wonder), they have been enjoyed for years with wine or beer, but have now spread across the country, especially at state and county fairs, where they are generally fried. They can be bought in many local supermarkets.

Basically Miss M was sitting on a stool eating cottage cheese until that spider appeared and ruined things for her. That should clear up any confusion you’ve had since childhood. These days you would probably be eating fried cheese curds and drinking a soda. Now go fry a bit and enjoy.

Five cool facts about Doug Flutie’s touchdown passes

Doug Flutie seemed to be a fan favorite wherever he played. He captured the attention of a nation for his play at Boston College University, was one of the most popular and successful quarterbacks to ever play in the Canadian Football League, and was even popular on the charts of the four different teams they played with. juice. in the National Soccer League.

Here’s a look at some interesting facts surrounding the TD passes that Doug Flutie threw while in the NFL.

# 1 Doug Flutie was more effective during the second quarter. During his time in the NFL he threw 17 touchdown passes in the first quarter, 16 in the third quarter and 22 in the fourth quarter. During the second quarter he far exceeded these numbers by scoring 31 TD passes in that span.

# 2 Flutie’s first NFL touchdown pass came during his rookie year and was completed for one of the best players to ever play the game. It happened during the second quarter of a 48-14 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while playing for the Chicago Bears. The pass was 27 yards and was caught by eventual American Football Hall of Famer Walter Payton. His first postseason TD pass came that same season and went for 50 yards to Willie Gault in a loss to the Washington Redskins.

# 3 No player caught more NFL touchdown passes from Doug Flutie than Buffalo Bills wide receiver Eric Molds. Together, they teamed up to score 15 times during their brief time as teammates.

# 4 During her career, Flutie threw more touchdowns against a team she also played for than any other. He threw eight TD passes against the New England Patriots, just barely surpassing the seven he threw against the Indianapolis Colts.

# 5 The longest touchdown pass he would throw in the NFL was 84 yards during a 25-21 loss to the New England Patriots. He was caught by speedy catcher Eric Molds.

Improve Your Social Life and Your Game: Benefits of Joining Private Golf Clubs

Private golf clubs have great benefits for casual and serious fans of the sport. Members can attest to the accessibility and beautifully selected courses. Often close to home, private golf clubs offer vacations to a simple car trip, an oasis in the middle of a city. Here are some common benefits shared among member courses.

1) You can play more often. With less traffic than an average tour, start times are open and consistent. The lack of overcrowding also limits the possibility of getting caught behind a large or slow group. Even if this happens, it is most likely a regular family member who lets someone play. On the other hand, a slow player will be relieved by the lack of pressure to hurry up. Nothing ruins a round faster than someone breathing down their neck.

2) The game will be more fun. A large percentage of the fees goes to upkeep and maintenance. Most private golf clubs are committed to producing challenging but fun holes that take a long time to master. Along with perfect maintenance, they can be played over and over again without getting bored.

3) Private establishments usually offer significant discounts on guest passes. Therefore, a new member can bring their friends (who will no doubt want to see the impressive holes) and at the same time meet other regulars.

4) Depending on how often the membership is used, you can save money in the long run. An avid golfer who regularly hits the green will prefer a membership fee rather than paying for each round. And an amateur golfer will have a new excuse to go further!

5) Private golf clubs are becoming more and more familiar. A high percentage of them offer introductory courses for any age or gender, or even babysitting for those who are too young to enjoy the sport. With flexible tee times and less pressure to speed on the course, the whole family can enjoy a round of golf on a relaxing trip. High quality clubs can be rented for those who have not yet invested in theirs.

6) Rates also guarantee a great clubhouse, dining room, and other entertainment. This facilitates the welcoming social atmosphere and is a great place to watch a professional tournament or other sporting events. The menu is usually reasonably priced for members and their families and guests. Like the course itself, the hostel will likely be an architecturally impressive building capable of hosting a variety of social events for its members.

All of these benefits constitute a smart life investment for those interested in perfecting their games and expanding their social life. Any combination of those two interests will be rewarded with a commitment to the local private club.

Notes from Ness (August 1)

Monday’s MLB schedule featured just 10 games, but three separate teams scored 15 runs, the D’backs, the Marlins and the Twins. It was the first time in 70 years that three teams scored at least 15 runs in a game on the same day with 10 or fewer major league games played. The last time was July 25, 1936!

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While the previous three teams were scoring all those runs, the Rockies took on the Brewers 4-2 at Coors Field. The game lasted only two hours and six minutes, the fastest game in the history of that stadium. The Rockies are averaging just 4.7 runs per game at home this year, after averaging 6.7 runs per game at Coors from 1995 to 2005!

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Rockies are MLB’s largest ‘sub’ team in 2006, going 39-59-7. That’s 20 more under than over. Only Detroit comes close to that mark (42-59-4), as Detroit leads the league in runs allowed with 418 (3.98 / game). In the National League, only the Houston Astros, and for just one game at 49-50-6, have played more under than over!

Chase Utley hit in his 32nd straight game in the Phillies’ 15-2 loss to the Marlins, giving him the second-longest hitting streak in team history. Jimmy Rollins had an interrupted 38-game streak in Philadelphia’s third game this year, after ending 2005 with one hit in his last 36 games. Utley has gotten into a rarefied air as since 1901, there have been only 16 streaks longer than the current one, with Joe D’s 56-game streak in 1941 leading the way.

The Giants lost 10-7 at home to the Nationals last night, keeping the longest active losing streak in MLB alive. San Fran has now lost eight straight games and last night’s three-run loss could be considered a blowout, as the Giants had lost their previous seven games by a total of just 10 runs! The Pirates have the longest active winning streak in MLB with five in a row, but were inactive last night.

The schedule changes to August today and this is the first time in Major League history that rookies lead both leagues in ERA at the end of July. The Marlins ‘Josh Johnson leads the National League in earned run average (2.52) and the Twins’ Francisco Liriano leads the American League with a 1.96 mark.

Eight rookies before Liriano and Johnson have led their leagues into August: Mark Gardner, Expos (2.34 in 1990); Mark Fidrych, Tigers (1.80 in 1976); Dennis Eckersley, Indians (2.20 in 1975); Gary Peters, White Sox (2.04 in 1963); Spec Shea, Yankees (2.07 in 1947); Atley Donald, Yankees (2.30 in 1939); Lou Fette, Boston Bees (2.46 in 1937); and Wilcy Moore, Yankees (2.35 in 1927). Come back tomorrow and I’ll reveal if any held up to win the ERA title.

Tonight he has a full 15 game schedule. The Giants will try to avoid a ninth straight loss tonight at 10:15 ET when they host the Nationals. The Nationals send Livan Hernandez to the mound and the Giants strike back with Matt Cain. The Nationals have won the last six times Hernandez has started, despite his 5.88 ERA. However, his ERA is a bit misleading, as he allowed seven ER in one of the starts while allowing exactly three ER in each of the other five!

The Pirates will attempt six straight wins when they host the Braves at 7:05 ET. John Smoltz is going through Atlanta and is 4-0 in his last five outings, while Ian Snell touches the rubber for the Pirates. Snell is 2-0 in his last four outings, with the Pirates winning all four. His move!

In other notable games, the Athletics and Angels resume their three-game series in Anaheim ((10:05 ET), after Oakland won 3-1 last night (now 3-0 in Anaheim this year). Of their last six with a 2.83 team ERA, but tonight’s starter (Joe Blanton) is 0-4 in five career starts against the Angels. The Angels go with Joe Saunders, making just his fourth career start. He won July 18 against Cleveland but had a 7.71 ERA in two starts for the Angels last year.

In San Diego, it’s Andy Pettitte vs. Jake Peavy (10:15 ET). Pettitte was 17-9 with a 2.39 ERA last year, but he is 9-11 this year with a 5.18 ERA, allowing 173 hits in 139 innings. Peavy, who was 15-6, 2.27 in 2004 and 13-7, 2.88 in 2005, is just 5-10, 5.01 this year (the team is 8-12 in his starts), despite a strikeout ratio. walked 139 -19. Peavy has the highest ERA in the top 30 in strikeouts in the majors.

NFL Rankings

Every day this week I am previewing some of the topics that I will cover over the next month with my NFL countdown to the 2006 season.

The 2005 NFL regular season ended with 11 teams finishing with at least 11 wins, the most in any year since the league adopted a 16-game schedule in 1978. The 10-6 Kansas City Chiefs became the No. fourth 10-win team not to make the playoffs since 1990, the year the NFL expanded to its current 12-team postseason format.

The Philadelphia Eagles became the fifth consecutive Super Bowl loser to finish the following season with a losing record (6-10) and the team’s failure to reach the postseason in 2005 ended the longest current playoff streak of the season. NFL (five) from any franchise. Green Bay finished just 4-12, ending the league’s second-longest streak (four). The Colts, who finished 14-2, the best in the league, now have the league’s longest postseason run in four consecutive years.

The Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC North with an 11-5 record, ending the current league’s longest playoff drought in 14 consecutive playoff-free seasons. The new ‘leader’ in that department is the Arizona Cardinals, who have failed to make the playoffs for seven years in a row.

Ness Notes is available Monday through Friday at 1:00 ET.

Top 5 games for Windows PC

The phenomenon of free PC games has changed the gaming landscape in recent years. Now even games rated +++ are challenged by free games. There are countless types of games available today to play for free on your system. Contains all kinds of games. This list of free games is long and here we can discuss the top 5 games for Windows PC. In fact, games are considered the great source of entertainment.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016: This is a soccer video game widely played for the last 20 years and admired by millions of users. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016 is the official video game of the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Europa League. This award-winning series is returned packed with all new features in the 2016 edition. Completely revised “Master League”, new night lighting and player models, improved human movement, dynamic weather characteristics, deeper team intelligence and much has been added. to this version.

Dota 2: Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) is a modified version of the old Warcraft 3 game. Dota is the action strategy game. This is played by millions of passionate fans around the world in a professional and casual way. You can choose a hero from the group of heroes, form two teams of five players and fight with counterparts to control a fantasy landscape. It supports stealth, cunning, and outright warfare. In this game, each hero has a variety of abilities and skills. This game provides a brilliant gaming experience.

Murderous instinct: This game has arrived with all new features. Reactive rock music, over the top action, a wild cast of fighters, all-new visuals, and commendable CCC-COMBO Breakers, it has all the fantastic features that make it one of the most admired games. You can choose from a long list of combatants with various animations, exclusive combat tactics, and special attacks. It offers online multiplayer crossover play, wrestling, powerful combatants, customization options, 20 stages, and much more. Above all, you can play it anywhere with the cloud between Xbox and Windows 10.

Angry Birds: This is one of the most played and admired games in the world. Millions of users have enjoyed this game. It takes you back to the old days to a galaxy far away. Where a group of rebellious birds took on the evil Pigtroopers of the Empire. It allows you to enjoy the adventure with Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe. You must fight the Pigtroopers to finally face the terrifying Darth Vader. It is the fight to become a Jedi Master and return freedom to the galaxy.

Asphalt 8 Airborne: This game is played by millions of users over time. With over 140 official speed machines, stunning graphics, the best multiplayer racing experience, this arcade game plays at its best. It offers you more than 400 professional events, 1,500 car mastery challenges, five unique game modes, more than 40 high-speed tracks, and much more. Allows interaction between vehicles, the environment. You can experience multiplayer action for up to 12 opponents.

The games mentioned above are just a glimpse of the long list of amazing PC games available today. You can choose games of your choice from different categories. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of games available for almost every category. Play these games to learn and entertain yourself for good reason.

Dennis Rodman’s story

Dennis Keith Rodman is a retired American professional basketball player. He is one of the controversial NBA basketball players in the United States. Born on May 13, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey, he played for the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Detroit prisons. Dennis Rodman’s biography / story is popular with many Americans because he is one of the best players in the NBA. Dennis made a name for himself through his amazing talent, tattoos, body piercings, and hair coloring.

Nicknamed “the worm” and “Dennis the Menace”, he was recognized for his fierce defensive and rebounding skills. Dennis won honors for the NBA Defensive Team seven times and was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice. He was the leader of the National Basketball Association for seven consecutive years. Rodman is instantly identifiable due to his many controversial actions such as dyeing his hair, various piercings, having an affair with singers Carmen Electra and Madonna that brought him to court. Dennis Rodman’s early prominence with teams like the Detroit Pistons brought him to fame with both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. As his wild demeanor and frantic movements began to draw attention to the outside world, he began a career at the World Wrestling Championships.

He played power forward, which is a physical position in the game for many years. He was considered the best defender of his time along with Scottie Pippen, Gray Payton and Michael Jordan. In 1986, the Detroit Pistons noticed him and selected him in the second round. In 1989, Rodman was recognized and named Defensive Player of the Year due to his good basketball skills. He helped the Pistons defeat the young Chicago Bulls for the second time, making them NBA champions. In 1990, the Pistons defeated the Bulls for the second consecutive championship. Rodman also won Defensive Player of the Year honors.

In 1991, the Bulls in the Eastern Conference final swept the Pistons. The Pistons bounced off Dennis Rodman and took the lead. However, Rodman raised his level of play and in 1992; he was extraordinary, averaging over 18 rebounds, as he became the winner of the first of seven direct rebound titles. In 1993, Rodman had a second rebound, which was also his last with the Pistons. He joined the San Antonio Spurs during the offseason. In San Antonio, Rodman continued his experience and made many more great scores. The following season, he led 62 victories for San Antonio reaching the Western Conference finals. However, his publicized relationship with Madonna was too much for the Spurs to bear. In the offseason, he joined the Bulls. With Rodman on board, the Bulls improved in 25 games. The team also had Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan and the three formed a fully defensive first team.

After the season with the Bulls, he left Chicago and began to rebuild. Being the best rebounder in the NBA, he certainly made a name for himself. According to Dennis Rodman Biography / History, he couldn’t have lasted that long just from having a criminal record and tattoos. Although he doesn’t see himself as a basketball icon or role model, he benefits from the benefits of the basketball experience.

The Dick Leftridge Story: A Forgotten or Simply Ignored Pioneer

Quick, raise your hand, how many of you have heard of Dick Leftridge before today? I must confess that I never heard of Mr. Leftridge until recently when I was contacted by his son Jack Richard Leftridge Jr. The younger namesake is on a quest for his father’s name and accomplishments to be remembered and duly recognized in history books. The time for this move could not have come at a better time than the highly anticipated release of Disney’s “The Express” movie set to hit theaters. The Express is based on the life of the late great Ernie Davis of Syracuse, who was the first African-American soccer player to win the Heisman (1961).

Like Mr. Davis, all accounts point to the fact that Dick Leftridge was a pioneer in his own right, based on my research and a synopsis received from his son, Dick Leftridge was the first African-American to receive a soccer scholarship to play a major game. in the South, after he signed with West Virginia University in 1962, which at the time was playing in the Southern conference, under the Mason Dixon line. The recruitment and signing of Dick Leftridge accompanied by the subsequent signing of another black player, Roger Alford, was a change in university culture. According to Richard Leftridge Jr., WVU was not his father’s first choice despite being a local product (Hinton, WV), he wanted to attend Ohio State to play for the legendary Woody Hayes; However, the elderly Leftridge gave in to the pressure he received from the promoters on local politicians, who wanted him to stay home and play at WVU. According to the document, even the local NAACP chapter encouraged Leftridge to attend the local college and be the one to break the color barrier at WVU. Dick Leftridge played for WVU from 1963-1965 during that time, put up some impressive stats, was the top field winner and scorer in each of his three years at WVU, in 1965 he was named Amateur Athlete of the Year by the West Virginia writer. Sports. Association. Dick Leftridge was the first African-American to play for the South team in the North-South Shrine game in 1965, he was also the first African-American named to the University of Pittsburgh All-Opponent team, and Dick Leftridge was also the first African-Americans to vote. to the second teams of the entire southern conference.

Some of you older Pittsburgh Steelers fans will remember Dick Leftridge as the team’s first-round pick in 1966; He was chosen third overall that year, he was also a fourth-round pick for the AFL Miami Dolphins that same year. Unfortunately, Dick Leftridge only played an unspectacular season for the Steelers and was labeled a failure by many fans and media personnel. This is where the story gets interesting; Are there multiple accounts of why such a promising athlete lasted only one season in the NFL? Depending on the version you think some say that Dick Leftridge simply did not have the desire and discipline to do so, there are stories that say he simply “ate” his way out of the league by gaining too much weight to be effective as a running back. elite, according to an article about Mr. Leftridge written in the Hinton Daily News (7/19/66), the Steelers had a weight clause in their contract, the fine print saying that each more than 230 pounds that bringing them to camp would carry a $ 50 fine, however, in an interview with a Charleston Daily News reporter (9/26/85), Mr. Leftridge gave a different version of events, quoted as saying that the ” Steelers put in the papers that I weighed 300 pounds when I reported. Everybody believed that and still do. I admit I was lazy sometimes, but I wasn’t fat. I weighed 242 pounds when I reported; hell, all I know is how to play golf. football. That’s all I’ve done. I was just a poor boy from Hinton (WV). How could people think that they would throw away a ch ance to make a million dollars? I would never turn my back on that. “

Controversy seemed to follow WVU’s Leftridge throughout his short professional career, he was fired from the school in the middle of his senior year semester, a few days after he played his last college game and his eligibility ran out, in 1976 he would return. to school. to complete your degree. Young Leftridge is also quick to point out that his father was not a saint; he struggled with his own demons once his football career was finally over. He shared details of his father’s checkered past, including the time he spent in Detroit working in the auto industry and making questionable decisions to get involved in the drug game as a dealer both in Detroit and upon his return to his hometown, as a result of Being On the wrong side of the law, Mr. Leftridge was sentenced to five years in federal prison (1987). According to his son, while Major Leftridge was in prison, there was a series of alleged verbal, mental and physical harassment of the family on the streets and at workplaces.

He also shared stories of his frustration in getting his father’s story told and published. “I have contacted a lot of people, especially African American celebrities that I see and hear in the media and received little or no interest, I’m not sure if the story is too controversial or what? You have also faced a An uphill battle in getting WVU to properly recognize his father’s accomplishments and historical significance to the Highlanders. According to Richard JR, the school did not really recognize his accomplishments until his death and even then the school just published a short blurb, until To this day he still has not been inducted into his Hall of Fame. Critics will now argue that being inducted should not be based on race as a selection criterion, and should be judged strictly on athletic achievement, on the other hand, fans may point out his stats and some of his awards (mentioned above) and in this case his being the first African-American player at WVU, during a time of unrest The tumultuous (Civil Rights Era) in the history of this country should be noted. In addition to his performance on the field, he was and remains the highest pick in NFL history in the school draft. Does Dick Leftridge deserve to be inducted into the WVU Hall of Fame? I let you decide. IMHO, I believe that the story of Dick Leftridge is a story of intrigue, mystique and historical significance and one that needs further exploration, if any of you would like to help young Leftridge on his journey to further the story of his father (he can be contacted at [email protected]), would be very kind, do not seek fame and fortune in this story, just an opportunity to share the legacy of a forgotten Pioneer.

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers, more commonly known as the Cavs, are a professional basketball team located in Cleveland. It is one of the eight teams that make up the Central Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). They began their career as an NBA expansion team in 1970 but it was not until 2007 that they took a title.

They play their games in Cleveland in blue, orange and white uniforms. They played their first game in 1970 with the status of an expansion team. The Cleveland Cavaliers franchise has made it to the conference final only twice and has only managed one Division Championship. In fact, to date, it is the oldest team to ever make it to the NBA Finals.

During the mid-1970s season, the team successfully acquired veteran center Nate Thurmond, who successfully led the team to a winning season that was its first. Additionally, they had a 49-33 win-loss record, which resulted in their qualification for the playoffs. The victory was due to the strong defense of the team that featured Thurmond. But ultimately the team was heavily defeated by the Boston Celtics in the 1976 conference final.

From the late 1980s through the early 1990s, the team recorded 57 winning records in two individual seasons and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals in 1992. Some of its star players included Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, and Larry Nance. Nate Thurmond, Smith, John Johnson and Austin Carr are among the other historical players who deserve a mention. His series of frustrating seasons continued even into the 2002-2003 season.

Fortunately, they acquired the number one draft pick in the NBA Lottery, which they used to acquire a high school player, LeBron James. Things looked hopeful with his inclusion on the team and he managed to win the NBA Rookie of the Year title. The 2004-05 season saw LeBron James become a superstar. Their averages increased dramatically. Together with Drew Gooden and Zydrunas Ilgauskas they formed the effective center of the team. In fact, many compare him to the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.

Later the year 2005 brought many changes for the team. Mike Brown was hired as a coach and Danny Ferry, who was a former player, was hired as a general manager. Several multi-year contracts were made with some players, namely Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones, who were all free agents.

Cleveland Clinic Courts, a practice center opened in 2007 in Ohio and quickly became known as the best center in the area. It has 2 courts, a conference room, reception offices and a kitchen. Fred McLeod and Austin Carr handle local television commentary, while Jeff Phelps and Campy Russell host.

Blue cheese cake and macaroni

A Food Affairs crowd favorite is our Blue Cheese Mac and Cheese Pie, a unique twist on comfort food. Try this recipe.


1 pound macaroni, long hollow noodles, hand broken (can substitute for penne or ziti)

1 can of evaporated milk

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of paprika

1 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoons of flour

1 onion finely chopped

2 tablespoons mustard prepared

chopped fresh parsley

2 tablespoons Bajan seasoning * Aunt May’s is a favorite

3 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup blue cheese crumbled

1 cup of fine breadcrumbs or panko

1. Grease a 2-quart baking dish or 13 x 9 pan.

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add 2 tablespoons of salt to the water; add the macaroni. Cook the macaroni until al dente. DO NOT OVERCOOK.

4. Drain the macaroni well in a colander and then pour it back into the still hot pot. Add blue cheese to pasta and stir to coat pasta well. Add 2 cups of cheddar cheese and mix until slightly melted. Place in greased baking dish or skillet.

5. In a medium bowl, add the eggs and beat lightly. Add the milk and mix. Add the rest of the ingredients, reserving the breadcrumbs and 1 cup of the cheddar cheese. Blend and then blend over the macaroni. Combine the breadcrumbs and cheese. Spread evenly over top of macaroni mixture.

6. Cook for about an hour or until the top begins to brown. Let cool for at least 15 minutes; reheat as needed. Cut into squares and serve.