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Penile Injury Prevention: Tips To Avoid A Sore And Damaged Manhood

Achieving ultimate happiness, whether with a partner or through some alone time, is what every passionate man desires, but a sore penis can be the result of an overzealous pursuit of this goal. Numerous activities that men engage in can result in penile injuries, ranging from superficial abrasions to severe tissue damage. Some common-sense care and advice to promote better penile health can help men avoid both immediate pain and long-term consequences.

Here are some of the riskier techniques that men can employ to increase the intensity and/or duration of their sensual encounters.

restrict blood flow

One popular measure that many men take is to try to make their erections last longer so that they can keep things going beyond their normal capacity. This is often accomplished by restricting the flow of blood out of the penis once an erection has been achieved. This is done by creating a kind of tourniquet at the base of the penis, using a ring designed for that purpose or a household object that also works (rubber bands and string are common).

However, trapping blood in the penis can lead to injury, as penile tissue is starved of oxygen. Loss of sensation in the penis can occur, and in some cases, men can sustain serious injury to the blood vessels that can lead to permanent damage if not treated promptly.

dorm gym

Guys who find that slowness and sexiness aren’t enough to get them going may turn to more acrobatic, aggressive moves to stoke the heat in the bedroom. While this can be exciting in the moment, the wrong maneuver can quickly lead to tragedy, or at least at the end of the encounter, when the penis is turned, bent, or twisted in the wrong direction. As a result, rupture of penile tissue can occur. As the damaged tissue heals, some penile length may be lost, and affected men may find that their penis bends or curves unnaturally during erections after the injury.

inappropriate aids for masturbation

Finally, when men are looking for a little extra stimulation during their solo sessions, it’s not unusual for them to turn to a variety of household objects not designed for this type of activity. Men who make this mistake can find a few moments of excitement turning into hours or days of agony while recovering from cuts, bruises, and ruptured tissue, not to mention a high level of embarrassment. The smart thing to do is to stick to purpose-built items and leave items with narrow openings or moving parts for their intended uses.

When TLC is needed to soothe a sore penis…

In the event that a man bypasses these precautions in an urgent attempt to get over it, he can seek relief and healing in a number of ways:

  1. First of all, if there is any sign of bruising, bleeding or swelling, or if any severe pain occurs, immediate medical attention is imperative. Prompt treatment of tissue damage can help minimize the effects of injury that might otherwise result in loss of function and/or loss of sensation.
  2. For superficial injuries that result in chafing, without open cuts or abrasions that clearly need professional attention, men can soothe the sting by applying an ice pack to the area. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin due to the risk of frostbite, but a freezer pack wrapped in a towel should suffice.
  3. For continued relief of stressed skin, a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) it is an excellent option. Shea butter, an ingredient in some penis health creams, rejuvenates and revitalizes an overburdened penis. A cream with alpha lipoic acid also soothes and helps prevent the wrinkled appearance of the member, and one with acetyl L carnitine helps improve penile sensitivity. Applying a penis cream to a healthy penis can even help reduce the risk of certain injuries and improve the overall appearance of manhood.

Alex Rodriguez – Everything you need to know

Alexander Emmanuel “Alex” Rodriguez, an American Major League Baseball third baseman for the New York Yankees, was born on July 27, 1975, in Washington Heights, New York. His was a Dominican family. His parents, Victor and Lourdes, owned a shoe store in Washington Heights and lived in a small apartment behind the store. While his father ran the store and the children’s, there were three Alex, Susy and Joe, his mother left before dawn to work for her in the factory.

His father was a huge baseball fan and his love of the game was passed down to Alex.

When Alex was 4 years old, his parents returned to Santo Domingo, where they bought a four-bedroom apartment and opened a pharmacy. The recession forced the Rodríguez to return to the United States, this time to Miami. Alex only spoke Spanish. He was enrolled in Everglades Elementary School and had to learn English. Even at that time, Alex’s favorite sport was baseball. He then attended Westminster Christian High School in Miami and was selected both the USA Baseball Junior Player of the Year and the Gatorade National Baseball Student Athlete of the Year.

Rodríguez signed up with the Seattle Mariners at the age of 17. The following year he emerged as a star player. He was selected by Sporting News and the Associated Press as Major League Baseball Player of the Year.

In 2000, despite the fact that the Seattle Mariners lost to the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series, he was selected as the Major League Player of the Year by “Baseball America.” After the 2000 series, he signed a very lucrative 10-year contract worth $252 million with the Texas Rangers.

In 2002 he won his first MVP of the year trophy.

In 2009, Sports Illustrated reported that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids, testosterone, and primobolan. At that time there was no penalty for a positive steroid test. Two days later, Rodríguez admitted to using steroids between 2001 and 2003.

In 2004, the Rangers traded Rodriguez to the New York Yankees. In 2005 he won his second AL MVP award.

In 2007 he was named the American League Most Valuable Player for the third time in his career.

His contract with the Rangers ended in 2007, and he signed with the Yankees for another 10 years for $275 million.

He was going to represent the Dominican Republic in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, but was forced to opt out for medical reasons.

He was married to Cynthia scurtis and the couple had 2 children. However, they divorced in 2008.

How managers can prepare for interviews and attract the best candidates

Face it: For the average mid-manager, the recruiting process is a total inconvenience: it takes you away from your job, is often politically charged, and can lead to a dead end, keeping you and your department from running full steam ahead. . . But take heart: the more organized and considerate you are in preparing for the job interview, the faster you can identify and hire a great person.

In my job as the director of a recruiting and staffing firm, I continually receive reports from candidates pointing out a failure on the part of hiring managers to adequately prepare for the job interview. The result is that often the better Candidates for a particular position may feel so put off by the way they were treated that they simply walk away from the opportunity.

An endless supply?

In today’s business world, employers are more selective than ever. To be considered, job candidates must demonstrate that they possess very specific skills, very particular personal qualities, and an ability to adapt to a unique corporate environment.

Not only that, employers seem intent on waiting for exactly the right person rather than taking a chance on someone who isn’t. No exactly correct. In fact, it’s quite common these days for the hiring process to take three months or more, even for a freelance or temp position!

While employers have become much more selective, it is also true that a strong labor market has put a pinch on the supply of viable candidates. In fact, contrary to what some managers assume, there are simply No an inexhaustible pool of qualified people to choose from. That is why each the qualified candidate must be treated with the utmost care during the recruitment process. and proper preparation is the key.

make a shopping list

Usually, when you start shopping for a new car, digital camera or other gadget with many technical features, you must first think, plan and research. For example, you need to decide which product features are important to you, what your budget is, your preferences for form versus function, and so on. Similarly, the same is true when looking to hire the right candidate for the position.

Before you can start to think When it comes to interviewing someone, you should prepare a coherent job description (checklist) that defines the type of person you are looking for. As a management recruiter, I have noticed that very often hiring managers do not necessarily prepare such a description, this is especially true in the case of contract or independent openings, something we see all the time in our hiring business. staff.

At the very least, I would strongly recommend that you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, whichever you prefer, and prepare a summary of the job responsibilities and a list of the personal skills and qualities the person will need to do the job. worked. job well This can be used as a yardstick during job interviews.

As a recruiter, I have often found job descriptions to be inaccurate or change radically as the recruiting process progresses. In fact, one of our largest corporate clients (who will remain unnamed) has been known to alter job descriptions every two to three days. This can be particularly frustrating for those in my profession, as well as HR, who must spend hours identifying candidates that fit a specific job profile, only to discover that the profile is no longer valid.

To avoid wasting everyone’s time, including yourself, try to make sure you get the data right from the start, that you review job descriptions thoroughly with others in your department, including the department. head. Once you have reached an agreement, then and only then should you post a job description for distribution.

Know your company

An important part of interview preparation is making sure you’ll be able to answer common questions that job candidates ask.

Our job candidates tell us that managers often know a lot about their own department or division, but often know next to nothing about the organization as a whole.

Make sure you know key statistics such as total annual sales for the entire company, major product lines, current stock price, key people, mission statement, etc. Indeed, it is strongly recommended that you study these facts to avoid the embarrassment of knowing less about his own organization than the candidate!

Scare off candidates with bad manners

As you begin your search for qualified candidates, you will no doubt discover just how limited the supply of suitable people really is. Therefore, it is crucial that you do not inadvertently scare away the rare birds that you have managed to attract. Since you can’t really know who will turn out to be The Chosen One, each A job candidate should enjoy a pleasant and professional interview experience.

how many times in your own self Have you ever interviewed for a position, only to find that your interviewer didn’t schedule enough time to really get to know you, was constantly distracted by phone calls during the interview, or didn’t connect with you? How did that? your feel?

Whenever you schedule an interview, it’s in your best interest to make sure you set aside a reasonable amount of time in a quiet place where you and your candidate won’t be disturbed. If you create barriers that detract from the interview experience, such as phone interruptions and people at the door and an artificial shortage of time, candidates may be inclined to become your down for work, instead of the other way around.

Remember that the standards you set will be contagious. If you’re working through an assistant or coordinator to schedule interviews for you, make sure he or she knows that the candidate’s time and comfort level are just as important as yours. If you’re working through your HR department, make sure you communicate clearly and in a timely manner.

don’t make them wait

There is no greater turn-off, and there is no better way to scare off a good job candidate, than to be late for the interview. Candidates should not be forced to wait inordinate amounts of time for you to appear. This puts you and your organization in the worst possible situation.

As a staffing service provider, I have often been forced to make a sales call or two. On many occasions, I have waited too long for someone to pick me up at the front desk. But job candidates aren’t salespeople—they’re potential co-workers, and proper respect should be shown for their time.

There are precautions you can take to ensure that such delays are eliminated, and I advise you to exercise them all.

First, schedule interviews on days and times when you’re pretty sure there won’t be too much work. For example, if it’s a first interview and you’re the only person seeing the candidate, it might be best to pick a date when your boss is out of town.

Second, if possible, ask one of your colleagues to be available to take your place in case you are called out of the blue and unable to conduct the interview. Not many people plan to this level of detail, but finding a replacement available ahead of time can avoid a great deal of embarrassment.

Third, if you schedule a candidate to visit and then realize that they are likely to be late, you would choose to postpone the interview to another day, rather than risk the candidate having to sit there and wait. by you.

Finally, I have seen situations where a candidate has been scheduled to see five or six people in a row without interruption. (Is this an interview or a stress test?) I’ve also seen some senior level candidates invited into town for a full day of interviews and left to wander the streets alone for a long lunch. tell me now – would your Accepting a position with a company that takes up an entire day of your time and you don’t arrange for someone to have lunch with you? As Mick Jagger once said, have some courtesy and some taste.

Remember, there is just No There’s an endless supply of great talent to fit your job description, so treat each candidate with respect and you’ll shorten the dreaded hiring process by days and weeks.

Know your candidate

Time is at a premium for most people, but really, there’s no excuse not to review a candidate’s resume before the job interview. Candidates generally perceive this as downright rude. And who can blame them? As it did your How did you feel when you went to job interviews and the interviewer awkwardly glanced at your resume while trying to have a meaningful conversation with you?

Be sure to carefully study the resume prior to the candidate walks through the door. Circle strengths and inconsistencies, make comments in the margins, and prepare specific questions based on the resume. Indeed, pay as much attention to the summary previous to the interview how would you pay the real person during the interview.

Prepare now, waste less time later

In short, preparation is the key to a better and shorter candidate search.

  • Prepare an accurate job description that can be used to evaluate candidates.
  • Learn key facts about your organization from the top down, including its structure, financial performance, personalities, and policies so you can help candidates better understand your company.
  • Prepare to provide a positive interview experience for candidates: Don’t interview in a location where interruptions are guaranteed
  • Be on time for interviews.
  • Arrange for someone to fill in for you in case you suddenly cannot make it to the interview.
  • Get as familiar as you can with the resume previous to the interview

Do these things and everyone will be happy. Including you!

Fantasy Cricket Matches TM – The REAL fantasy cricket game

Millions of American adults play fantasy sports, centered around the NFL, NBA, and MLB, and an equally large number play fantasy football around the world.

Fantasy sports are online games that allow users to select real players for a fictional (fantasy) team, the real life statistics of those players are used to determine which fantasy team is doing better. The most common variant converts the statistical performance of the players into points, the accumulation of these points during the competition period determines which user wins. However, this concept has still struggled to captivate cricket audiences.

The relatively small pool of international cricketers to choose from, the uneven number of matches played by international cricket teams in a season all contribute to making fantasy cricket more of a marketing gimmick than a passion. Until now.

Fantasy Cricket Matches TM was developed to overcome the inherent limitations of international cricket. Using the detailed nature of a cricket scorecard, it was possible to determine the outcome of any cricket match using the scores and bowling figures of just one of the participating teams – the sum of the batsmen’s runs gives you the score. of the team, adding the bowlers’ runs awarded. gives you the opposition’s score, the highest score determines the outcome of the match!

From this, it was possible to create a concept unique to the fantasy sports industry, one in which users created fantasy teams not to accumulate points but to win games.

Over a period of 5 years using feedback from users around the world, Fantasy Cricket Matches TM has become a highly addictive online game, encapsulating all aspects of a cricket match, giving users control and interactivity. unprecedented in a fantasy game.

Batting and bowling orders are a hotly debated aspect of cricket strategy that often has a huge impact on the outcome of the match. Cricket commentators love to question captains, usually with the luxury of hindsight, about who should open the bowls, when the key batsmen should come out to bat. With Fantasy Cricket Matches TM they can put their money where their mouths are before the match starts as assigning orders is a key aspect of this fantasy cricket game and just like in reality these decisions have a big impact. in the outcome of the fantasy. play.

Declaring scores are also required in the Test Match version of this fantasy game giving the user even more control. Perhaps the most playable aspect is the use of substitutes after results to help win the match or improve the margin of victory, post-match control is another first for this game in the fantasy sports industry.

As with any cricket tournament, teams playing this fantasy cricket game compete to win the most matches with the highest net run rate, an international cricket standard that measures margin of victory.

Oregon’s 144 public golf courses include many beautifully landscaped

Public golf courses in the state of Oregon provide an opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon golfers can play overlooking the Pacific Ocean or surrounded by snow-capped mountains. They may play on fairways shaded by dense woods or within sight of a clear mountain stream, sink a putt in high-altitude desert or next to a wetland frequented by migratory waterfowl. It is a glorious place to play.

And those are just some of the landscapes you can enjoy while playing at Beaver State. Oregon has 144 golf courses open to the general public; some places have more than one field. Play at the right time and you might also see deer, elk, coyotes, or other wildlife on the fairways.

Most Oregon courses are built around the natural hazards and obstacles of the land; some play around rolling hills, thick forests, natural sand, ancient lava fields, water hazards, canyons, or ravines. Many of the best golf designers have built courses in this state.

Along the Oregon coast, you’ll find a golf course said to rival Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill, one with a green located 100 yards from the seashore, another with a reputation as one of the most tough US, plus lots of the fun of golf in the fresh ocean air.

Portland golfers will find nearly three dozen golf courses within a 30-minute drive of downtown, and heading south on I-5 can hit some of the toughest holes in the state. Blue River, Eagle Creek and Eugene all have golf courses with holes ranked among the states’ toughest.

Golf courses, along with 300 days of sunshine, make Central Oregon a golfer’s paradise; Several new courses have been added in recent years. Lava outcrops and snow-capped mountain ranges add a sense of drama not found anywhere else in the state.

Eastern Oregon’s courses offer sagebrush and rough, tree-filled terrain, natural canyons and ravines, streams and rivers, and high desert altitudes that will test your stamina.

Green fees at Oregon golf courses range from $3 to $225, but many of the more expensive courses offer discounts that allow golfers to play up to 2/3 of the regular fees.

An avid golfer, someone who plays 45 to 50 weekends a year, could play all of Oregon’s 144 golf courses in just a couple of years. And, with the variety of courses on offer, it’s sure to improve any golfer’s game.

Heisman Trophy Top-10 (Monday, September 4)

College football’s opening weekend featured the clear Heisman favorite (Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn) barely looking like paper and a season-ending injury to a RB who many felt had a legitimate Heisman shot. , Michael Bush of Louisville. My detailed coverage of the 2006 Heisman Trophy race begins on Labor Day with the first of my Top 10 weekly Heisman polls. Every Monday, I’ll rank the latest contenders, with stats and commentary. Let the race begin.

1)TROY SMITH (Ohio State): After losing 17-10 at Penn State last year, Smith led the Buckeyes on a season-ending seven-game winning streak (also 7-0 ATS), while Ohio State he averaged 38.3 PPG. The final victory of the streak came 34-20 over Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, when Smith totally outshone Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn. Smith was the game’s MVP, going 19 of 28 for 342 yards with two TDPs and no interceptions. He also rushed for 66 yards as OSU totaled 617 yards. The past two years in the school’s regular season finale against Michigan, Smith was 40-of-60 for 541 yards (three TDPs and no INTs), while rushing 29 times for 182 yards (6.3 YPC) and two TDs. Ohio State opened the 2006 season as the No. 1 team in the nation in both polls and took on Northern Illinois, 35-12, on Saturday. Smith was 18-of-25 for 298 yards with three TDPs and no INTs (throwing TDPs to Ginn on the team’s first two possessions), but had negative rushing yards (minus three on a carry). OSU’s offense had two fumbles inside the Northern Illinois 10-yard line plus two missed FGs, or the difference would have been greater. However, Quinn’s lackluster performance has me putting Smith at the top of the poll after the first week. With this Saturday’s visit to Austin (OSU could have won last year’s game with Texas if Tressel hadn’t been alternating QB), Smith has a chance to take a surprising early lead on Quinn as this year’s favorite.

2) TED GINN JR (Ohio State): I’m really changing things up here. However, Ginn had the kind of game Saturday that gives a WR a shot at the Heisman. He caught two TD passes (5 and 58 yards) among his four receptions for 123 yards. Additionally, he returned two punts for 44 yards and two KO’s for 25 yards. WRs win the Heisman (see Johnny Rodgers, Tim Brown and Desmond Howard) when they can also make big plays like kick returns. Like Smith, Ginn will have the opportunity this Saturday night in Texas to “make his case.”

3) BRADY QUINN (Notre Dame): I’m sure most will still have Quinn at the top of their lists, but not me. He clearly was the favorite going into the season, but look at what happened Saturday night in Atlanta. The Irish trailed Ga Tech 10-0 and got nowhere on their first five possessions. In order, ND had drives of seven plays and zero yards, five plays for 15 yards, three plays for minus three yards, nine plays for 28 yards (FG missed) and three plays for minus five yards. Quinn led a 14-play, 80-yard drive just before the half, scoring on a five-yard run with 11 seconds remaining in the half. Then, after stopping Ga Tech on their opening drive of the second half, Quinn led the Irish on another 80-yard scoring drive (Walker scored on a 13-yard run) that was thankfully kept alive by a hit helmet to helmet Notre Dame NEVER scored again. Quinn finished 23 of 38 passing for 246 yards with no TDP or INT. He rushed for nine yards (seven attempts), including that five-yard touchdown run. ND hasn’t had a Heisman winner since Tim Brown in 1987 or a Heisman-winning QB since John Hurate in 1965. Quinn will have to be much better on Saturday at home against Penn State.

4) STEVE SLATON (West Virginia): The last time we saw Steve Slaton, he had a Sugar Bowl-record 204 rushing yards in West Virginia’s 38-35 win over Georgia. Slaton nearly surpassed his career-high effort (he’s just a sophomore) Saturday, gaining 203 yards on 33 attempts in the Mountaineers’ 42-10 win over Marshall. Slaton did it the hard way, with his longest rush being just 16 yards. He had 140 yards in the half (21 carries), including both of his touchdowns. The 203-yard effort is the seventh 100-yard game of his career and his second 200-yard contest. Last year he rushed for 1,128 yards (5.5 YPC), while scoring 19 TDs (17 rushing), despite playing in just one of West Va’s first four games. West Va hosts Eastern Washington this Saturday and Slaton should be ready for a second straight big game.

5) ADRIAN PETERSON (Oklahoma): Peterson rushed for 1,925 yards (5.7 YPC) as a freshman and finished second in Heisman voting that year behind Matt Leinart. He battled injuries last year and inconsistent QB play to gain 1,108 yards (5.0). Oklahoma was stunned in its season opener by TCU last year and nearly suffered a similar fate on Saturday, outscoring UAB just 24-17. Peterson rushed for 139 yards on 24 carries with a rushing touchdown, but it was his 69-yard touchdown reception (on a screen pass) late in the third quarter that put Oklahoma ahead to stay, 21-17. One point of interest is that in his first two years in Oklahoma, Peterson had caught only 14 passes for a total of only 62 yards! Oklahoma’s problems at QB (Paul Thompson replaces the late Bomar) could mean Peterson will see eight-man and nine-man fronts again this year. Saturday’s effort gives him 17 career 100-yard games, five of which are 200-yard efforts. Oklahoma hosts Washington next Saturday.

6) MIKE HART (Michigan): While Hart’s teammate, quarterback Chad Henne, had a pretty mediocre game in Michigan’s less-than-impressive 27-7 win over Vandy (10-22 for 135 yards 2/0), Hart looked healthy and strong. him rushing 31 times for 146 yards. As a freshman, Hart rushed for 1,455 yards (5.2 YPC) and scored 10 TDs (nine rushing). He posted six 100-yard games in 2004, including three consecutive 200-yard efforts. Yet he was plagued all last year with injuries, gaining just 662 yards (4.4) in eight games, with four 100-yard games (including a fourth career 200-yard effort of his). Michigan is coming off a 7-5 season, its worst since .500 in 1984, and its preseason rating of 14, its worst since 1997. Those Wolverines clinched the national championship. Saturday’s effort gives Hart 11 career 100-yard games and if he’s healthy (with this year’s 12-game regular season), he could rush for around 1,750 yards. Michigan hosts Central Michigan this Saturday before visiting South Bend on the 19th, his and Michigan’s first Test.

7) KENNY IRONS (Auburn): Auburn entered the 2006 season ranked fourth in the AP and South Carolina’s transfer of Kenny Irons is one of the main reasons. Irons rushed for 1,293 yards last year (5.1 YPC), scoring 13 TDs. He opened this season with a 183-yard game against Washington State on Saturday in the Tigers’ 40-14 win. He carried the ball 20 times and scored on a 58-yard run to open the third quarter, his only TD of the game. He had eight 100-yard games last season, including his career-high 218 yards in a 20-17 overtime loss at LSU. He gave him the ninth 100-yard game of his career on Saturday, and adding his 40 yards on three catches, Irons’ 223 all-purpose yards were his personal best. Auburn visits the state of Mississippi on Saturday.

8) GRAHAM HARRELL (Texas Tech): Texas Tech has led the nation the past four years and even this year, it has also had to fill in for its starting QB four years in a row. This year’s starter is sophomore Graham Harrell and I know the critics will say “this system is stupid,” but I thought I’d include Harrell after he opened the 2006 season by completing 34 of 49 passes for five touchdowns (one interception). at SMU Tech Route 35-3 on Saturday night. Texas Tech travels to El Paso next Saturday to take on the Miners and Carson’s little brother, Jordan.

9) MICHAEL BUSH (Louisville): As I mentioned at the top of the page, Michael Bush suffered a season-ending injury early in the third quarter of Louisville’s 59-29 victory over Kentucky on Sunday night. . Bush rushed for 1,143 yards last year. (5.6 YPC) and scored 24 TDs (23 on the ground). Along with teammate Brian Brohm (QB), both were considered legitimate Heisman contenders this year. Bush opened his senior season by rushing for a 48-yard TD on his first carry of the game and had 128 yards on 17 carries for three TDs when he broke his lower right leg in two places early in the third quarter. His season is over and I thought I’d mention him here. Brohm finished the game 19 of 31 for 254 yards with a TD and no interceptions and while Bush’s injury may give his passing numbers a boost this year, Bush’s loss could cost Louisville a Big East title shot. . The Bushless Cardinals visit Temple on Saturday, a team that has lost 13 straight.

10) ERIK AINGE (Tennessee): Ainge won’t win the Heisman this year, but few outplayed him last Saturday. While most top 25 teams played lightweights, the Vols hosted No. 9 California, complete with their own Heisman contender, RB Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was held to 74 yards on 12 carries as Ainge (a 45.5 percent passer last year), led Tennessee to a 35-0 third-quarter lead. By the time Cal kicked an FG with 2:38 remaining in the third quarter, Ainge had thrown four TDPs. The last three covered 42, 80 and 50 yards. Heck, he only had five TDPs all of last year! He finished the game 11 of 17 for 291 yards with four TDs and one interception. The Vols will host Air Force next Saturday, one of two Division IA schools that did not open their season this past weekend.

Quarterback Training DVD

I am a former NFL quarterback who played for the Buffalo Bills and today I want to talk about quarterback training. Specifically about the Quarterback DVDs.

One DVD that quarterbacks and parents seem to forget when looking for quarterback training DVDs is the mental aspect. Especially how to read pass coverage defenses!

Soccer is a violent game that can result in injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why the game is as much mental as it is physical, and that’s especially true of quarterbacks.

NFL quarterbacks and top-level college quarterbacks have gotten to where they are by practicing fundamental methods and techniques over and over again.

They have also reached the professional level because they have their heads on their shoulders and know the plays inside and out. If you listen to some of the plays called at the NFL level they are almost one short sentence.

Listening is an example.

Gun right, travel right, train, z-mo zigzag, fly corner, y post, x yo-yo, max guard.

Why are we telling you this? Because the work ethic, dedication and mental abilities that all good quarterbacks possess were learned at a young age.

That’s why when looking to buy your next quarterback training DVD, be sure to consider some on how to read defenses. For more information on where to get a QB How To Read Defense DVD, visit the website information below.

We don’t promise that any instructional product will result in an NFL quarterback, but we can promise that they will teach what it takes to get started on that path.

Surfing the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica From the Intense Salsa Brava to Manzanillo

Sometimes it seems that whether you are arriving or leaving Costa Rica, someone has a surfboard.

Most head to the magnificent Gold Coast on the western Pacific coast to enjoy some of its famous surfing beaches, such as Witches Rock, where part of the epic surf movie, Endless Summer II, was filmed.

Many are drawn to the beaches north and south of Tamarindo, one of the country’s most popular vacation cities.

And of course, no Costa Rica vacation is complete without spending time in Jaco, a party town that has great surfing beaches nearby. Beaches like the pristine, Blue Flag certified Playa Hermosa, home to the annual Quicksilver International Surfing Championship (August).

There’s even a beach, Pavones, along the southern Pacific coast that has the second longest wave in the world, nearly two miles of surf in one wave!

While the Pacific coast is justifiably famous for surfing, the less-visited Caribbean coast has some of the best surfing in Costa Rica, particularly around the small, laid-back town of Puerto Viejo, a mix of Costa Rican, Caribbean (think Bob Marley) and international influences. You’ll find expats and visitors from Eastern Europe to southern South America and, of course, Yankees and Canucks.

It’s in this laid-back, eclectic community that you’ll find Salsa Brava, where a strong reef is reminiscent of Hawaii. Some call it the heaviest and best wave in Costa Rica, as exciting as any coral reef double right tube on the planet.

And, if you haven’t already guessed, it’s not for beginners. Every year, from January to April, professionals and some of the best amateurs in the world come to Puerto Viejo to challenge Salsa Brava.

Now, unless you’re in that august group, perhaps another nearby beach is where you should spend your time on your board.

Playa Cocles (Cocles Beach) is one mile south of Puerto Viejo. Awarded the Ecological Blue Flag for the quality of its waters, you will find large waves with breakers both to the right and to the left. This beach is one of the most popular for both locals and travelers, surfers or non-surfers.

If you go a few more kilometers, you will arrive at Manzanillo beach with its magnificent waters, good enough for snorkeling and consistent waves for surfing.

A note of advice: bring your own board. This part of the country is essentially devoid of places to rent a surfboard.

Is he "prima donna" Does attitude ruin professional football?

More and more in pro football we see bizarre touchdown celebrations, strutting and strutting after some kind of big play, and now Chad Johnson has legally changed his last name to his number. What is happening today in football?

The “it’s all about me” attitude that seems to be appearing more and more in our society today is spreading throughout the National Football League. And while some people say it’s just the stars expressing themselves, I personally don’t like it and think it has the potential to ruin the sport.

As you say? Well, the problem sometimes vanishes in the locker room and starts to upset the team’s chemistry. Take Terrell Owens, for example. Everywhere you go, eventually you disagree with someone. And, while he’s a tremendously talented wide receiver, TO starts his antics usually when he’s not getting the ball as much as he thinks he should.

In two recent games, the ball was released as a player was about to enter the end zone and began his celebration early. These guys were so focused on getting the crowd focused on them that they ruined the play itself.

Now, for a “totally opposite” view, take a look at the New England Patriots. Possibly the most successful NFL franchise in recent times. And they focus on finding and keeping players who are team-oriented and willing to fit into their “system.” And that system works. Hence three Super Bowl championships in this decade.

So what is the correct path? Well, I don’t think you can say that there is a right or a wrong way. But the question for the NFL is which path do ticket holders prefer? I don’t have the answer to that, but I know that most NFL fans I talk to are tired of the antics and prefer their champions to be low-key and full of character and integrity.

Now, in all of this, there is a glimmer of hope. I recently read that more and more young players entering the league are not playing the “prima donna” game and are only focused on improving their skills and helping their team win.

I hope this is the real trend. I would like my grandchildren to see these soccer players and see the character, not just the characters. If they choose to play the game at any level, I want the players they’re trying to be to be someone they can look up to.

Maybe I’m naive, but I love football and I don’t want a few to ruin it.

IRS and Tax Collector Costumes

Tax day, it’s not something we look forward to but it’s inevitable, like death, so they say. According to the Tax Foundation, it takes the average Joe 99 days to earn enough money to pay his annual federal, state and local tax liabilities. Instead of getting depressed by the statistics, why not put a little personality into your April 15 destination by dressing up in a costume to protest the forced delivery of money to the government?

It all started a couple of thousand years ago in the Roman Empire with the “publican”. No one today is surprised to learn that these early tax collectors were almost always portrayed as greedy thieves who almost always took more than they were entitled to. In the era of Jesus, tax collectors were still being correctly stereotyped as greedy and tight-fisted officials, even though Jesus taught the parable of the repentant tax collector who is judged higher than the proud Pharisee because the former humbly acknowledged his sin. Make your point that even this despised profession needs forgiveness by dressing in a Biblical Tax Collector Costume styled as a long robe trimmed with fine damask.

Another historical costume idea is to dress up as a protester at the Boston Tea Party circa 1773; many of the actual dissidents who dumped the tea crates into the harbor were barely disguised as Mohawk Indians, while others wore standard colonial-era garb. If you want to dress like a modern money grabber, it’s not hard to put together a drab outfit reminiscent of an Internal Revenue Service employee. Hit the resale store for a pair of polyester pants and a short-sleeved button-down shirt; Add some horn-rimmed glasses, an oversized calculator, and a big bag of prop money overflowing with play money. This reminds us of a joke. It’s Halloween and a man rings the doorbell. You reply, annoyed that he’s apparently wearing simple, drab clothing, and ask “who are you supposed to be?”. The man replies, “I’m an IRS agent and I’m here to take 28% of your candy, put it in your briefcase, and then leave.

Another way to put some socio-political commentary into your day is to dress up as your not-so-favorite politician by supporting all the money grabs in your city, state, or country. Some of the more infamous politicians have realistic latex masks found in costume stores that you can simply match with a dark suit. Speaking up and being an advocate for your own fair tax rights and creating some attention at the same time is a great reason to dress up in these costumes for men and women.