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More general TF2 achievements and how to get them

Potency offense:Win 2 Fort with a shutout.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to play on the 2Fort servers 24/7. 2Fort is one of the most popular maps played on TF2, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one. Since many of these servers have regular players who work well together, you’ll want to join their team.

If the teams seem to be pretty even, I suggest going to Scout if you just want to run the information yourself or ask your friends to help you with an assault class / Medic combination. This is another achievement that will happen eventually.

Blitzkrieg offense:Win Well in 5 minutes or less.

Since CP_Well is a checkpoint map, this achievement is all about offense. Having a good balance of Scouts, Soldiers, Demoman, and Medics will make this achievement that much easier. Soldier and Medic with a Kritzkrieg can easily pass through checkpoints in less than five minutes.

Relentless offense:Win Hydro without giving up a catch.

Hydro is one of those maps where one team will win easily or no team will win. It is very rare for Hydro to be a balanced couple. This is why it is the least played stock map. This is great for you though, as Hydro almost always finishes without anyone winning. Just play enough and you will get this one.

World traveler:Play a full game on 2Fort, Dustbowl, Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and Well (CP).

There is nothing more to say about this achievement. Just play a full map of each of those mentioned above and you will get this.

Team doctor:Accumulate 25,000 heal points as a Medic.

I suggest you wait until you go for your Medic achievements to get this. When you are trying to get your Medic achievements, you will make a dent in this number.

The advantages of film cameras in the digital age

Digital cameras have evolved day by day since their invention. The advent of digital photography has almost replaced conventional film photography in the consumer market. The production of new film cameras has dropped considerably. While digital cameras offer many benefits, there are still some advantages to using film cameras. Keep reading to know more.


Sensors in digital cameras are made of pixels or grids of photographic elements. Therefore, the resolution of the image sensor is based on the number of pixels in the sensor. This is called the resolution, which is expressed in megapixels. Therefore, digital sensors are prone to distortion due to moiré effects. On the other hand, film media are not affected by this problem.

Sensor size

The size of the image sensor in a digital camera is limited. These sensors are smaller than the normal 35mm film frame. This can lead to many issues, such as pixel noise and light sensitivity, to name a few. You can’t find many user-facing cameras that have full-frame sensors. Therefore, its sensors are not as good as those found in film cameras.

On the other hand, you can find film media in many sizes ranging from 35mm to 135mm. It is important to note that even the smallest size of the film does not match the 24x36m film. Simply put, film cameras offer higher “resolution” than digital cameras.

Dust problems

When it comes to film photography, dust and dirt are a common problem; however, digital photography is more affected by dust and dirt. If dust enters the camera and reaches the sensor, you will not be able to take sharp photos.


Negatives have higher integrity than digital photos. In other words, negatives are taken as evidence of the authenticity of the image. There are many programs that allow you to modify digital images. Therefore, the scope of digital photo counterfeiting is broader, which is not true for film photography.

Storage, backups and other costs

You do not need a storage medium in the case of a film camera. All you need is a roll of film. Also, rolls of film are not as prone to damage as digital cameras. Even if you mishandle the reel, you can end up damaging a frame or two. The rest of the frames will remain intact.

On the other hand, you need large memory cards and hard drives to store digital images. If the storage medium is damaged, it will be extremely difficult for you to recover the photos you took. All data will be gone forever.

Apart from this, there are also compatibility issues. You must have the correct operating system, data drivers, motherboards, and other components for the system to function. In addition, you must also have large hard drives to store the images for backups. This adds to the effort and cost. In the case of film cameras, you don’t have any of these problems.

Food to go

Although film photography will cease to exist in the future, professionals still believe that film photography has many advantages and offers better quality photos than digital ones.

ANSI Lumens: How To Find The Right Home Theater Projector

Some home theater projectors have 700 ANSI lumens, some projectors have 3000 ANSI lumens … so what’s the difference and how many are you going to need for your home theater? Anyone shopping for a projector will ask the same question. More lumens is not always better and there are several reasons why. Be careful, if you spend more money than you need, you may not be happy with the image and end up spending a lot more money down the road on the same projector you weren’t happy with in the first place.

* Here is everything you need to know about ANSI Lumens:

What does ANSI Lumens mean?

ANSI is an acronym for “INmerican NOnational Standards Isubstitute. ” Lumen it is a measure of the intensity of light waves. All projectors that use ANSI as a standard have been measured with the same instruments and it is an accurate display of how many lumens are actually inside a home theater projector. For example, projector “A” was measured in ANSI lumens with ANSI instruments and projector “B” was measured with manufacturers’ instruments. Both projectors claim to have 1000 lumens, but it is a safe bet to assume that projector “A” actually has 1000 lumens, while projector “B” may only have 700 lumens because it was not measured by the national standard.

Always buy a projector that is measured in ANSI lumens. That way, you know for sure that you bought the correct projector based on how many actual lumens you have directly affecting the image quality in your home theater system.

3 reasons why too many ANSI lumens can be bad:

Reflection of light: If you ever took a laser pointer and pointed it at a white wall in the dark, you will notice the bright red dot on the wall. You will also notice that the red dot is so bright that it creates a diffuse light around the dot. The same is true when a home theater projector is too bright. The image is blurred because the bright image fades in the light.

If the image is too bright, it will in turn reflect light around the room and illuminate the theater. Now the room is not only too bright for a home theater, but the walls of the room will reflect the light back onto the projector screen and further blur the image.

Bulb life: The more lumens, the brighter the projector bulb is. The brighter the bulb, the hotter it gets. The hotter the bulb heats up, the faster it burns out. I don’t know about you, but spending $ 200 on a home theater projector bulb more times than I need won’t make me very happy.

Cost: Bottom line, if you’re going to buy an expensive projector with more lumens and then spend money every year on a bulb because the lamp gets too hot, you’re going to throw hundreds of dollars out of the window for no reason.

How many ANSI lumens do you need?

  • Low or no ambient lighting – 800 to 1200 ANSI lumens: If you have a completely dark home theater or if you have enough ambient light to watch but not enough to read a newspaper in your home theater room, all you need is a projector with 800+ lumens, but no more than 1200 lumens .
  • Low to Moderate Ambient Lighting – 1200 – 1800 ANSI Lumens: If you want to view your home theater projector with ambient lighting from where you can barely read a newspaper to enough to read a book, you will need at least 1200 but no more than 1800 ANSI lumens.
  • Moderate to High Ambient Lighting – 2000 to 2800 ANSI Lumens: If your home theater system is illuminated with enough ambient light to see clearly, you will need at least 2000 lumens to view the image. The image will appear washed out if the projector screen is white, so it is recommended to purchase a darker screen, such as a silver screen or a black diamond screen.
  • High Ambient Lighting for an Outdoor Theater: 2800-4000 ANSI Lumens: If you plan to use your projector outdoors or in a theater with windows, outside light, or bright lighting, you will need a projector with at least 2800 ANSI lumens, and to be safe some places should work around 3200 lumens. You will notice that the colors will fade unless you use a screen color other than white.

How to delete online social media accounts that are no longer in use

Protecting your identity online is essential to your brand, reputation and creditworthiness, much more important than updating your Instagram and Facebook every day. Several times a year, the news will cover a serious data breach of information held by major banks, insurance companies, and / or social media platforms. Once the data is taken, it can be misused or even lead to identity theft. Deleting your old social media accounts is a vital step in helping to ensure some measure of identity protection. It is imperative that you keep your online access to your current accounts safe and secure and delete old accounts.

Here is a guide that will help you delete your old accounts on the most popular social media sites.


Moving to the largest social media platform of all time, Facebook, with over 1 billion users, simplifies things and makes it incredibly easy for you to deactivate your account.

Once you enter the “settings” tab from the down arrow in your browser, select your Facebook information and then select delete your account and information. “When you are in this menu you will delete your account and you must add the password to confirm.


Foursquare hit the internet more than a decade ago so your friends know where You they are and finding out where they are. To delete your Foursquare account, you will need to access the platform from your computer. Go to the “privacy” settings tab where you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and find an option to delete your account. When you select this option, you will go to a page where you must confirm whether you want to delete your account or not.


Google is the undisputed leader in search engines with one of the most interconnected ecosystems. By creating an account for Google, you can access a large number of different applications and websites without having to create separate accounts. To delete your Google+ or Gmail account, you will need to delete your entire Google account.

Go to “Google account settings” and choose “Remove account and services”. There you will see the option “remove products”, where you can access all your Google applications. You must first log in to all websites before you can delete your account.


Facebook’s younger brother is arguably the most widely used social media platform for Millennials, according to Hootsuite. Thanks to its focus on visual communication, it is the place to go for talented artists.

Deleting your account is very simple and takes little time to get it right. While you can manage your privacy settings through the mobile app, you must use an internet browser to delete your account. Just go to the “delete your account page”, and there you will have to provide a reason for deleting your account. Once you provide the reason, you will provide your password and then select the option to permanently delete the account.


LinkedIn is the social network for professionals seeking new opportunities to connect with other professionals and grow their businesses and careers. If you are on the platform, the profile must be complete and up-to-date. If you no longer use the platform, delete the account. In the upper right corner of any LinkedIn page, you will first need to access the “privacy and settings” tab. From there, choose the “account” tab and then select to close your LinkedIn account. You will need to provide feedback and verify your account before you can delete it. From there you will see a post informing you of the consequences of deleting your account and then the final page which will be for confirmation.

My space

This social media platform has been bought and sold multiple times since its glory days (2005 to 2009). In 2016, their database was breached and leaked to a dark market website. To delete your MySpace account, you will first need to log into the account you want to delete. From there, select the “gear” icon and choose the “account” tab. There, you will see an option to delete your account. Before you can delete your account, you will need to provide a reason, after which you will receive a confirmation email. Open the email and follow its instructions.


Pinterest is a web-based bulletin board or bulletin board, a place to bookmark images found online. To delete your Pinterest account, you will first need to go to the three-dot icon on the website and select the “edit settings” option. From there you will have to go down to the “account” page and select “deactivate account”. From there, click “yes” to receive an email, which you must open and follow to permanently delete your account.


Snapchat is a service that, for a short time, rivaled Facebook and was the social media app of choice for many people. As is the case with Instagram, you cannot delete your account from the mobile application; you must remove it from a suitable browser.

From the website browser, go to “delete your account” and enter your username and password. Your account is not instantly deleted and it takes around 30 days to delete all the information.


Regardless of how famous you are, everyone has a username on Twitter. Lots of people follow and get their news from everyone’s tweets, from legitimate news creators and media organizations to enthusiastic fans of our favorite sports teams. Deleting your Twitter account is incredibly easy. It takes at least 30 days for all your tweets to be deleted. Select “settings and privacy” from the form in the menu and go to the account tab. From there you will have to deactivate your account and enter your password to confirm the action.


Tumblr probably has one of the most boisterous communities on the internet, which is why it’s very easy for anyone to delete their account. While you can delete your account, content that other people have republished will still be available on the site. To delete your account, click on the person icon on the website and go to “settings”. There select “delete account”, entering your email and password to confirm the process. Tumblr also claims that it takes a few days for them to properly delete all of their content.


WhatsApp is a free messaging application to send voice over IP (VoIP), images, video calls and documents through a mobile device. To delete your account, simply open your WhatsApp and go to the “settings” menu. From there, select account and go to “Delete my account”, after which you will need to enter your phone number in international code and tap on “delete”.


YouTube is second only to Facebook as a social media platform, owned by Alphabet, the owner of Google’s parent company. A well-managed channel can help improve website ratings. A channel that is not in use must be removed. Deleting your channel from the largest video sharing platform on the internet is quite simple. You will first need to log into your YouTube account and go to your advanced settings. From there, choose “remove channel” and then opt to “remove channel permanently”. This will open a message where you can confirm if you want to delete your channel or if you still want to keep it.

Final words of advice

According to industry experts and a recent article in Consumer Reports, it is best practice to reduce the risk of your personal and business data being misused or stolen by keeping your checking accounts safe and deleting accounts that are no longer in use.

Movie that conveys the future?

Netflix just announced its new “Watch Now” feature that allows subscribers to watch their rented movies streamed over the Internet. This was a direct response to Blockbuster’s Total Access program that allows its subscribers to come back and get new movies from local Blockbuster stores, a feature Netflix could never compete with. The Blockbuster franchise is simply too big. However, as the Internet speeds up and more people connect their television to their PC, streaming movies is becoming the future.

Movie streaming is a service also offered by companies like Apple and Amazon, so Netflix is ​​certainly the first to do this, but it’s the first company to stream movies alongside DVD rentals. Subscribers can see an hour’s worth of video per dollar of their subscription costs. So the $ 17.99 plan will give you 18 hours of watching movies through Netflix.

So what’s the problem with streaming movies anyway? Who would want to see a complete movie on their computer monitor? Well, technology is finally catching up to make this a possibility. First, broadband internet speeds are getting faster. Second, more and more consumers are finding ways to connect their computer to their television, even wirelessly. Therefore, the video on your computer does not need to be confined to your monitor.

And what does all this mean for the movie and DVD rental industry and, more importantly, for consumers? Those who depend on DVD rentals to make money the better they start to find a way to stream their movies to their customers. Consumers are beginning to want your videos and movies on demand, and as technology grows, the demand for immediate gratification will also increase.

For all consumers, you may not be ready for video streaming yet. The current offers from DVD rental companies may be right for you. If that describes your needs, then it is still the majority. Video streaming isn’t as popular as traditional online DVD rental services that companies like Netflix, Blockbuster, and GameznFlix have offered. The switch to streaming video will be slow, but it will happen. Don’t worry, you won’t have to change until you’re ready.

What can we expect in the near future?

  • More products designed to connect computers to TV screens, especially wirelessly
  • Larger LCD monitors become less expensive
  • Even more consumers will use broadband Internet at home.
  • All major DVD rental companies will start offering video content directly over the Internet.

    So sit back, relax, and wait for the changes to occur. Video streaming may seem like a novelty for now, but soon everyone will be using it in one way or another. Perhaps one day all of your movies, videos, and television shows will come straight from the Internet to your television screen.

  • Discover affiliate marketing niches and offers

    When I started working online in 2013, I discovered affiliate marketing (AM) as the safest way to start an online business. I immersed myself in it and after months of “hard work” I wondered why it wasn’t going anywhere. What were others doing that I wasn’t? Unknown to me, successful affiliate marketers (AMers) chose niches because internet marketing is too large a market for a newbie to be successful.

    This post will help you do exactly that.

    # 1: What is really a niche?

    A niche is actually a small segment of a market where people interested in something are willing to dish out the amount of money necessary to acquire it. So when searching for a particular niche, make sure there are actually search terms that people are using when searching for the information for your particular niche so that it can be included in the top 10 search engine results pages.

    # 2: What is really the difference between a market and a niche market concept?

    If we take a main category like AM and look under the titles, we can easily discover a market level idea like affiliate programs.

    To see if you are really making money in this market, do a Google search to try and find advertisers. If you found ads, the affiliate program (AP) is actually an interesting market.

    So if you narrow it down to the two specifics of where people are spending funds and where there are search phrases that people are using when searching for AP information, then use Google AdWords KeywordToolExternal and also put it in affiliate programs. for general suggestions on possible niches. If you need additional programs, use the AdWords.Google tool, which can easily provide you with up to 800, instead of the 100 keywords provided by the previous one.

    Enter (AP) in the search engine window at the top left of the web page and then click search.

    Get your hands on a list of a minimum of 10-20 AP-associated search terms that show a reasonable number of searches per month, but certainly not a lot of competition.

    This can also easily provide you with a number of profitable search phrases to use on your site as categories, in your content, and also in your marketing campaigns.

    Discovering profitable keyword phrases

    Volume: is the average number of searches per month for the last 12 months.

    Comp: The higher this number, the higher the organic competition for the keyword.

    IAAT: A count of web pages where the keyword appears in both the title tag and the text of a backlink.

    Keywords Volume Comp. IAAT

    AP ¨ 8,857 24.21 4,366

    AM programs 3,592 11.96 170

    best AP 3,334 11.92 167

    high ticket AP 1,050 6.73 12

    best programs AM 912 8.02 27

    AP trips 896 7.67 22

    saas AP 849-0

    top AP 816 7.75 23

    AP for bloggers 629 7.43 19

    best AP for beginners 606 5.98 7

    best AP to earn money 556 7.6 21

    High-paying AP 551 8.88 43

    pay per click AP 528 7.35 18

    higher AP payment 466 6.32 9

    keto AP 347-0

    AM programs for beginners 342 6.32 9

    software AP 310 6.73 12

    makeup AP 302 5.3 4

    Gaming AP 295 5.3 4

    pet AP 292 4.56 2

    AP site 261-0

    best AP 2018 261-0

    essential oil AP 261-0

    Highest-paying AP 207 6.73 12

    personal development AP 207 3.92 1

    AP amazon 130 3.92 1

    ‘superior golf’ AP 85-0

    a list of the best AP 85-0

    AdWords AP 85-0

    affiliate credit card programs 85-0

    affiliate credit card programs to build credit 85-0

    AM AP 85-0

    AM 85-0 network programs

    AM 85-0 Program Comparisons

    AM Programs for Education 85-0

    AM programs for local businesses 85-0

    AM Programs People Want 85-0

    WordPress AM 85-0 plugin programs.

    AM WordPress woocommerce 85-0 plugin.

    AM programs to earn money online 85-0.

    affiliate network programs 85-0.

    Easy to join AP 85-0.

    AP for marks 85-0.

    AP for dating bloggers 85-0.

    AP for domain change 85-0.

    AP for electronic commerce 85-0.

    AP for Food Bloggers 85-0.

    AP for weapons 85-0.

    Affiliate blogging programs 82-0.

    AP for beginners 82 6.47 10.

    Another great keyword research tool that you can easily use is Jaaxy obtained through Wealthy Affiliate.

    Average: The average number of searches the keyword phrase gets each month.

    Traffic: Visits to your website if you perform first page rankings in search engines

    QSR: Search results in quotes: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword

    KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is fantastic; yellowish is fine; reddish is inappropriate.

    SEO: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you are to rank for this keyword on the first page (scale from 1 to 100, the higher the better)

    Average keyword traffic QSR KQI SEO

    best affiliate marketing programs 178 31 219 Excellent 83

    best affiliate marketing program for beginners 80 14 89 Great 93

    are the best affiliate marketing programs 48 9 5 Excellent 98

    best affiliate marketing program for beginners 80 14 73 Great 92

    Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners 56 10 175 Great 84

    best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 56 10 52 Great 96

    the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 56 10 111 Great 91

    Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs 75 13 114 Great 97

    top affiliate marketing programs 88 15 179 Excellent 89

    Top rated affiliate marketing programs 40 7 96 Excellent 97

    what is the best affiliate marketing program 114 20 53 Great 91

    best affiliate marketing program 114 20156 Great 86

    best affiliate marketing program 114 20176 Great 88

    affiliate marketing programs 3037517232 Normal74

    Affiliate Marketing Companies 458 78 122 Excellent 91

    Affiliate Marketing Training 199 34 219 Normal80

    start affiliate marketing 654112226 Normal77

    best affiliate programs online 104 18 96 Excellent 97

    best affiliate marketers 48 9 86 Great 96

    best paid affiliate programs 86 15 118 Great 97.

    # 3: Choose your niche.

    Statista determines that the number of bloggers in the US alone will increase to 31.7 million in 2020. If you are starting to blog anywhere on the planet today, it is clear that you are dealing with a lot more competition.

    The only means for you to have the best chance of success is actually a niche.

    You must focus on a specific category. “Food” is actually a huge category, but “grilled food” is small enough to handle.

    Tight topics like these can help you develop a more focused audience and also possibly help you rank higher in search engines.

    Si Quan Ong did just that when he created his first website, limiting himself to just breakdancing rather than talking about “dance” or even “hip hop.” He stated that he really didn’t understand almost anything about SEO at the time, yet he was able to rank for a handful of key terms and produce ~ 3,000 organic visits every month.

    # 4: It’s really imperative to choose the right niche.

    The information in n. 2 above shows that there are actually numerous niche markets you can choose from. Taking the one you are really passionate about is actually the most effective niche for you. Even if you work for months without getting any kind of results, it will definitely keep you going as a result of your great enthusiasm for it.

    # 5: There are definitely consequences for selecting the wrong niche.

    Actually, you will most likely select the right niche if you follow the above actions. But in case you pick the wrong one, you can do what’s right for 12 months (which should be your long-term goal for success) and have nothing to show for it either.

    # 6: monetization settings.

    Having actually selected your specific niche, you now need to study your ability to make money. Here are some of them:

    Create Your Own Product – Your own product can be an e-book, a video training series, or a paper book.

    AM: You can join any affiliate network or program for free. For AM of digital products, you can sign up with ClickBank, the largest AM network. As for the AM of physical products, we recommend an AM program like the Amazon affiliate program, etc. Regarding other affiliate programs, search for your “niche name” and sign up for the ones you like. You can also easily register on eBay.com, etc. Know that both Amazon.com and eBay.com have everything that any type of niche market can offer.

    The impression adds: There are many out there. The most popular are actually GoogleAdsense and Mediavine.

    # 7: abandon any niche you can’t monetize.

    If you look at the above and can’t think of any way to monetize your chosen niche then it is not a good choice you have made. Well, if something is not good for you, you know what to do with it, right? You turn your back on him. Then you look for another.

    # 8: There is a lot of competition in AM, but there is enough room for everyone.

    One more ambivalence, you could say.

    Yes, the competition in the AM industry is really fierce, but that shouldn’t scare you in any way.

    Every successful AM professional you see around you or hear about has that experience. If they had let it terrorize them years ago, they definitely would not have existed as examples that we could learn from.

    The solution to competition simply depends on finding a particular niche that necessarily belongs to a much larger market where you can actually make money with little or no competitor.

    # 9: is AM a scam?

    No, AM as such is certainly not a scam. You’ll certainly get into one faster than you can shake off your shiny new footwear if you’re spending your hard-earned money, as well as your precious time, searching for get-rich-quick schemes.

    # 10: Decide on the platform you will use.

    The AM could be carried out on any type of platform where the promoter can send information to a consumer. Also social networks.

    The ideal area to develop a target market and also improve your sales is actually through a blogging site or even a YouTube channel.


    There you have it, the 10 ways rookie promoters can choose niches to be successful.

    Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A overview – A laptop with a brilliant display and innovative design

    If you’re looking for a great machine that’s nice inside and out, you really can’t go wrong with something like the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A. Its striking 13.3-inch Retina display is impressive and its keyboard is full-size. This laptop takes performance and portability to a whole new level, with its high-performance processors, cutting-edge graphics, fast storage, and more. It’s even made to save energy when doing light tasks like browsing the web and sending emails.

    MacOS powers the MacBook, as it does with all Apple laptops. This operating system is designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the system and is very easy to use. It includes all the most useful and popular applications, from iCloud to iTunes.

    While it certainly has enough storage space for your files (soldered 256GB PCIe SSD), the MPXT2LL / A also offers good connectivity options that allow you to move data between it and external storage devices. Connections include two types of USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 and a headphone output. Also, iCloud is very useful for storage.

    The case material is aluminum and the screen is a 13.3-inch IPS model with LED backlighting and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA). The display’s variable refresh rate and large pixel aperture make it energy efficient. Supports a wider color gamut than most other laptop displays out there.

    When it comes to slim notebooks, there is less room to cool. With the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A, there are innovations built into the entire system that efficiently remove heat. Airflow increases during intensive tasks like transferring large files and editing videos.

    Processor and battery Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A

    Additional specs include a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor (2.3GHz / dual core), 8GB memory, Intel Iris Plus graphics (640), and a 720p camera. The processor can be upgraded and with Turbo Speed ​​it can go up to a maximum of 3.6GHz.

    Use your laptop for longer than usual on battery power thanks to the superior lithium polymer battery that the machine is equipped with. It is a 54 Wh battery with a maximum duration of ten hours.

    Get enhanced video and audio too, with high-definition sound output and recording through built-in speakers and dual-microphone array. Noise cancellation technology ensures that audio is always clear, whether you are speaking or listening.

    In short, the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A is a must-have for anyone who wants a high-quality laptop. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a professional or just a common user, it offers everything you need to get your work done (or entertainment).

    Do you want to get a laptop like this at the most affordable price possible? If so, look for Apple discounts and promo codes that are currently valid. Learn how to save on your online purchase with Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A discount offers.

    Let’s talk about suicide for a moment

    The idea that you don’t want to be here anymore is a fairly common feeling. If you are shocked by the levels of suicide in the world, you would be much more surprised if it was actually something easy to achieve. If there was only one pill you could take that would result in you falling asleep and never waking up again, there would be millions of people taking that pill every day.

    Is it wrong to have suicidal thoughts?

    No, it is not bad to think about that. I feel like most people in life have moments of depression that make them contemplate. The people who break hearts all over the world are the people who research the subject, plan it and achieve it.

    If you are a person who has been left behind, forgive yourself; There’s nothing you could have done Right now my brother is in deep depression and I know that if I woke him up right now and told him I had a suicide pill, he would take it right away.

    I suppose a lot of people resent that their friends took their own lives. If your friend was taking an antidepressant and he still took his own life, I really can’t think of much more than you could have done for him.

    In 25 years of battling suicidal depression, I have found that my best defense is to be busy and have a reason to live. I make videos every week and write Christian books; I publish about one new book a month and this gives me a measure of hope; But my brother only watches TV and selects YouTube videos every day. You really don’t want to live.

    I believe that faith helps, and it is good to know God, but even so, many people who know God take their own lives. In fact, I have found that being a Christian makes me want to go to heaven sooner, although suicide even more so.

    I pray for you and your loved ones who are struggling. Just remember that people don’t commit suicide, suicidal depression kills people!

    Many people take the blame that their loved ones leave this earth too soon, but it is not really their fault that the person has left. If you are in this position and you blame yourself, believe me, as a person who has wanted to commit suicide several times. It’s not your fault!

    FOSS V FORD – Re-aligning Canadian Automotive History

    Inventors can have an impact on generations to come, often changing the way we do things and defining historical eras. Accounts of inventors’ achievements and stories about their lives are kept with interest and for posterity. Historians search for evidence and facts so that the achievements of these inventors are accurately reflected in documents found in libraries, archives, and museums.

    While we were recently working on two events, we were able to casually ask members of the general public if they knew who invented the first gasoline car in Canada. It may not surprise you to learn that the majority of those surveyed believe that Ford was the first automaker in Canada. Of course, Ford has the advantage of brand recognition and longevity. However, Ford was not Canadian and neither did it build the first gasoline car in Canada.

    The latest release of the academy award-winning film, Ford v Ferrari, renewed the recognition that in the mid-1960s, the Ford brand was a force to be reckoned with. The momentum of this film has created an opportunity for the Foss family to bring to light an often overlooked part of Canadian history. You see, the inventor of the first gasoline-powered car in Canada wasn’t Ford, but it was actually the lesser-known Foss. Foss built the Fossmobile in 1897, around the same time that Ford invented the Quadracycle in the United States. The first Ford cars were not distributed in Canada until the early 1900s. So in the late 1800s it was Ford v Foss.

    Recognition for this pioneering piece of Canadian history has been buried and lost for too long in Ford’s shadow. The Foss family has recently rekindled among Canadian historians and vintage car enthusiasts an interest in celebrating the accomplishments of George Foote Foss, the original inventor of Canada’s first successful gasoline car.

    The Ford v Ferrari rivalry demonstrates how competition, coupled with vision, personal conviction and collaboration, can lead to breakthroughs in automotive innovation. As we see in the movie, in the mid-1960s, American automotive designer Carroll Shelby collaborated with his precision-focused friend, British racing driver Ken Miles. Together, they embraced the goal set by Henry Ford II, to beat Ferrari by making a faster race car. They took a collective vision to defy the laws of the physics of the racing world and cautiously avoided corporate interference to build a revolutionary vehicle for Ford Motor Co. The plan was to compete head-to-head against Enzo Ferrari’s race cars in the races. 24 hours of Le Mans, in France. After years of Ferrari dominance, his vision came true. In 1966 the Ford GT 40 won, occupying the three positions of the podium: first, second and third.

    The story of the Fossmobile may not have the dynamism necessary for the plot of a blockbuster movie, but it deserves attention, for its historical relevance. Long before Ford sold cars in Canada, the original Fossmobile was built by George Foote Foss, in a dusty little bicycle and machinery repair shop in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1897. Like the main characters in the movie Ford v Ferrari, Foss had personal vision and conviction. He enlisted the help of three workmen and turned to Sherbrooke’s Iron Works Company, who helped him make the initial castings for the engine he designed. He designed parts from scratch, combining his intuition for thinking outside the box with his machining and bike repair skills. Foss persevered until he got something that could be driven through the hilly streets of Sherbrooke.

    It is well documented that he drove this invention for four years, long before other cars appeared in the area. George Foss features Henry Ford on more than one occasion, to discuss the notion of building automobiles together. Eventually, Foss rejected Ford, feeling that the two had different personality styles and visions.

    The Foss family continues to raise awareness of Foss, the first Canadian inventor of gasoline cars, by speaking at events and organizing information booths. Their largest and most significant project to date is the rebuilding of a tribute / replica of the original Fossmobile. This project involves a significant amount of fundraising to make this vision a reality.

    It was disappointing to hear that most of the people we spoke to at recent events assumed that Ford was somehow responsible for Canada’s first car. This illuminated the need to look beyond the now known Ford v Ferrari legacy, into the more distant past of the original Ford v Foss legacy, at least here in Canada. In the last paragraph of the preface to the book “Cars of Canada”, Durnford / Baechler (1973, McClelland and Stewart Limited), you will find the following;

    “A universal misconception is the claim that Ford was the first Canadian carmaker. For years, John Moodie wrongly claimed to have imported the first car into Canada. UH Dandurand claimed to have owned the first car in Montreal, but did not. And That’s right. Many sacred legends are unfounded. “

    Some 47 years later, these myths seem to continue, particularly that of Ford. There is no question that Henry Ford and Ford v Ferrari proudly belong to the American history books. However, here in Canada, the man we should recognize as the original builder is George Foote Foss. The recounting of this important Canadian historical legacy may eventually dispel the myth that Ford was the first to own a gasoline car in Canada. It is our responsibility as Canadians to embrace the important part of Canadian automotive history from this quiet builder and not let the giant Ford overshadow his legacy.

    The original Fossmobile tribute / replica is being built with care and dedication to help shed light on this historic feat. The Foss family has taken on the enormous task of overseeing this project. A team has been put together to execute every detail and the project is on track to be completed. The goal is for this tribute / replica car to be placed in a Canadian museum, so that visitors can have a better chance of appreciating this important Canadian achievement. The Fossmobile Tribute car and supporting memorabilia will help to more clearly rectify Canadian automotive history and reestablish what was and is Foss v Ford, as the first gasoline carmaker in Canada.

    Things to avoid when looking for vacation homes

    Tenants must be careful. Fraudulent vacation home listings have become increasingly popular. Scammers have become highly adept at hacking legitimate real estate databases and even drafting actual leases. Unfortunately, websites like Craigslist just aren’t aggressive enough to challenge the tricks and techniques used by today’s sophisticated scammers. Here are some typical tricks and tricks scammers use to defraud vacation home victims:

    Too good to be true. If the vacation home rental seems too good to be true, you could be its next victim. If the price is much lower than other listings or the amenities seem too palatial for the price, you can expect a scam. Legitimate vacation homes are often priced competitively with other similar properties.

    Bait and change. Scammers love posting glamorous photos of vacation homes and their surroundings. Photos show spacious rooms, ultra-modern kitchens, luxurious pools and spas, and manicured landscaping with beautiful tree-lined streets. These properties will always somehow be unavailable, and the tourist will be diverted to another less desirable property. So always ask for the specific address and house number, then use tools like Google Maps to find real photos of the property and the neighborhood. Better yet, ask the agent to use web tools like FaceTime or Skype to show you the property live.

    Double book scam. The scammers will book a property twice and then send the last arriving vacationer to a second-rate backup, along with their sincerest apologies.

    Transfer money now and save scam. Scammers often ask for money up front, often in the form of a “security deposit.” And they will want you to use money transfer systems like MoneyGram, or they will ask you to send money to a specific bank account. If you must send money to “save property,” use a credit card or PayPal; both allow you to dispute any fraudulent charges.

    No references or false references. Scammers will not have legitimate referrals to give you. They will offer you the “privacy excuse”, saying that their previous tenants want to keep their privacy, or they will simply give you the phone numbers of their friends who are involved in the scam. So before deciding to book, call the property owner or manager and ask for references. You can also check the reviews linked to Facebook.

    False positive reviews. False or insincere reviews are a problem on some vacation home listings. “No disparagement” clauses are beginning to appear in vacation rental agreements, which means that tenants cannot post negative reviews of a property. So read these reviews with a grain of salt. Use Google Maps and Street View to dismiss any false claims of “awesome property” or great location just steps from the beach, resort, or convention center. Call your landlord or property manager and use tools like FaceTIme to reveal real home interiors.

    Inaccurate online calendar. Online calendars for many vacation homes can be poorly maintained. Most are an afterthought for some homeowners. Even if the listing shows that the calendar has recently been updated, please call or email the owner / manager and make sure the property is available on the date you need it.

    No professional property manager. According to Trip Advisor, 37% of consumers are concerned that they will not have an emergency contact if something goes wrong in a vacation home. Property managers make sure the vacation home is kept up to date and in good condition. They have relationships with reputable subcontractors that can handle any property issues that arise. A property manager can ensure that the property will be as advertised and that a deposit for a property will be handled safely.

    Hidden charges. Most vacation rentals require a non-negotiable “cleaning fee” and some even require tenants to pay for utilities, cable, and / or internet. So make sure you know all the actual and potential rates before finalizing your reservation.

    Non-professional listing. Beware of poorly worded and bad grammar listings or emails. These can be red flags. The same applies to foreign phone numbers, or if the property owner / manager does not respond quickly to emails.

    Avoid Craigslist. Don’t use sites like Craigslist. View and book properties directly from reputable vacation home rental sites.