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What do the new Yahoo results powered by Bing mean for website owners, SEO and online search?

As many of you have heard from Shashi Seth, Yahoo! Senior Vice President, or Bing is now powering Yahoo search results in the US and Canada. This is hugely changing the online search business. Bing is formerly MSN and Microsoft’s new search brand is gaining more market share compared to the other search engines.

Yahoo now has about a twelve percent share of the search engine market, and it includes Bing results to rank at about a 25% search share. This search alliance will allow the two companies to better deal with Google, the search engine giant that, due to its advanced search algorithms, is in the top 60 to 70 percent of the market share of engines. search.

If any webmaster or website owner had any penalties on Yahoo, the results from Bing or SERPS will not be transferred. This is very important to know for SEO so you don’t have to worry about crossing search penalties. Search penalties are extremely bad for website owners and are avoided at all costs. They vary in severity and duration and can be disputed by a website owner in many cases. The place to do this is in Google’s webmaster tools or bring webmaster tools. These tools offer a plethora or variety of data benefits ranging from keyword searches, found backlinks, page speed, mobile device compatibility, and more.

Google accounts for eighty-eight point one percent of the search engine war for market share, which is no joke! Yahoo accounts for 3 percent of the search engine market share as of 2021. Bing has six percent of the search engine market share, respectively. Duckduckgo is at 2.5 (2.44 percent to be exact). The percentage of the market share battle for site share from search engines is an ongoing battle on the digital web for share.

Why is Google so dominant in the battle for search engine market share? It is dominant for a few reasons. The main reason when I do an A / B is that Yahoo and Bing are that the cut database size / Google server redundancy is very impressive. Google gets the most results of any search engine. For example, I googled “computer” as a solo keyword. Google brings 3.6 billion results, Yahoo brings 2.4 million results, Bing brings 2.1 million results respectively.

The second reason in my opinion is that the Google algorithm is updated more frequently and is more complex. This helps you use more SEO factors (over 300) to get the best website in the first place. Backlinks, page speed (mobile friendly view = ports are all important).

Third, Google’s user experience or UX is unmatched compared to its main rival Yahoo. Google mostly used white space on its home page with the Google logo and the search box right in the middle of the web page. Yahoo, on the other hand, ironically makes more money with its news feature. Google always Google AdWords.

I am a computer scientist attending Harvard University Graduate School of Software Engineering. Search engines have always fascinated me a lot. They are a web landing page portal that pulls results into an array.[], usually using PHP or another server-side language like ASP.NET. The data is requested from a large number of servers in the US and the world, and processed back to the browser client browser on your computer on search engine results pages or SERPS. They really revolutionized the way we use computers to find information on the internet that is definitely worth studying. Don’t forget to share any of your search engine programs on the GIthub or Microsoft WebDev Azure repositories and code share (branches).

Yahoo will continue to run its own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program until later in 2010, when Microsoft’s ad hub will be integrated in October. The PPC strategy will also have to change according to the new system that is coming. This also means that there will be more competition in Microsoft Ad = center and higher CPCs with the migration of Yahoo PPC users who meet Microsoft Ad = center.

Yahoo is also working to finalize its revenue program for Yahoo Search BOSS and other search tools. You will see the words “powered by Bing” at the bottom of Yahoo search results for confirmation.

Bing is supposed to have search technology somewhat comparable to Google’s search and indexing algorithm, which is a big step from retrieving low-quality MSN information and searching online. However, they still differ and Google still has 65.8% of the market share of online search engines.

7 seater cars – Ford Taurus X

Ford Taurus X among 7-seater cars

We all know that Ford was the first company to make a car. But do you know a 7-seater car made by Ford? The Taurus X is a 7-seater car from Ford. This particular car belongs to a category called crossover SUVs. This car was first developed by Ford Motors in the USA in the year 2005. Since then, this car has been famous in its category and can comfortably accommodate 6-7 people. This car was born more due to the lack of enough space for a large family. People used to get inside a little hatchback that’s supposed to only hold less than 5 people. Since these 7-seater cars hit the streets, all medium and large families have started to prefer this.

Ford Taurus X styling

Ford Taurus X, which is among the few good 7-seaters, implements a style of seating arrangement called freestyle. In this arrangement, the 7 seats are arranged in 3 rows, so that the driver has maximum visibility from the front and rear view of the road. And this arrangement also ensures that the entry and exit of passengers is very smooth. With this arrangement the car gets a higher H point which is always safe for the car. The Ford Taurus was released to replace its old competitor Taurus Station, and the Taurus X did that job well.

Ford Taurus X design factors

The Ford Taurus X was a 7-seater car built on the Ford D3 concept. The Ford Taurus X uses a 3-liter capacity Duratec V6 engine and can generate a maximum of 203 hp at 5750 rpm. Taurus implements CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology in its engine, making it even more popular.

Taurus has many power options, such as power folding seats, and it also offers power lift doors. Even though the Taurus is no longer in production compared to the other 7-seater cars, it turns out to be a great 7-seater on the market even to this day. It will be a good choice if you decide to buy one, if you get a good deal on the market. With that said, it may be a bit difficult for you to find a new Taurus in the Ford showroom. But you’re sure to find at least one of them somewhere in your local showroom or online car store.

Top open source learning management systems

Open source learning management systems have become extremely popular in recent years, but what does open source mean? Open source technology is a technology in which the source code is “open”, that is, the code is available to the public and is free to modify. Developers can make improvements and can be spread or sold to the wider community. So why should an organization choose an open source learning management system over a proprietary or proprietary learning management system?

  • First, if a company uses a proprietary learning management system, it must rely on the vendor to maintain and repair the learning management system, as well as to provide support when problems arise.
  • Because the code is widely available in open source learning management systems, many developers read and examine the code, resulting in bugs being identified and fixed much faster than proprietary programs.
  • Open source technology is very beneficial for schools, universities and other educational institutions, as well as for businesses.
  • Open source learning management systems are fully flexible and customizable, so they can be designed according to the brand image of your school or organization.
  • There are no license or hardware costs associated with open source technology, so it’s free to get started and carries minimal risk.

Open source learning management systems can also be turned into social learning platforms. You can create an online community through your learning management system. For example, your students can chat, blog, connect to social networking sites (Facebook, etc.), and take surveys on its open source learning management system. This blog post details how you can combine Google+ with your learning management system.

Top 6 Open Source Learning Management Systems

With the myriad of learning management systems available today, making the decision on which platform to choose can be quite overwhelming. Below I have written short explanations on 6 of the best systems currently available.


Moodle is short for “Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment”, although when it was first developed, the M stood for Martin’s in honor of its developer, Martin Dougiamas. Moodle has been around for over ten years, with the first version in August 2002.


  • Very very easy for novice users.
  • Easy generation of PDF documents.
  • Quick course setting.
  • All grades for assignments and tests, etc. can be viewed on a sheet and downloaded as a spreadsheet.
  • Teachers / instructors can add multiple files very easily by dragging and dropping.


.LRN (dot learn) was originally developed at MIT and is used by nearly 500,000 people in educational institutions, corporations, and governments in more than 18 countries.


  • Task delivery mailbox.
  • Scorm screen
  • Student tracking data can be exported
  • Different roles are supported for LRN classes, such as students, teachers, and administrative staff
  • LRN has been internationalized to support multiple languages, dialects, and time zones

However, its main flaw is that it has a very diverse interface with many inconsistencies.


The basic version of eFront is exactly that, basic, but this can be expanded with downloadable modules from the eFront site. The thought process behind this decision was for users to spend time learning new skills, not learning how to use the platform. There are two efront learning management platforms, an educational edition and an enterprise edition. The business edition was aimed at medium-sized companies with between 100 and 10,000 employees. Before development began, extensive research was conducted on organizations of this size.


  • Visually attractive interface
  • Very fast and modern as it is Ajax enabled
  • Unicode, LDAP and SCORM compatible
  • Multilingual
  • Advanced security features


This particular learning management system is available in three versions, the original free open source version, a pro version and a specific medical version. Visual learning can be developed without graphic experience.


  • Turn Office documents into learning paths
  • Content authoring tools
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Synchronization with human resource management systems
  • Print certificates


Sakai was designed by universities, for universities. It was built by MIT, Stanford and Berkeley, among others, so they did not need to use their own systems or pay suppliers. It aims to be very suitable for group projects and describes itself as a collaborative learning environment (CLE).


  • List site
  • View site usage statistics
  • Show external web pages
  • Create new Sakai sites from templates with preloaded tools
  • Contains tools for portfolio-based activities

Because Sakai is coded primarily in Java, it can cause problems, especially if older versions of browsers are used. It can also be difficult to find programmers with knowledge of Java.

A tutor

ATutor differs slightly from the other systems in that it is actually a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). The A stands for accessible and accessibility is its best feature. Additionally, users’ browsing patterns can be tracked so that instructors can see student use of the site and students can track their own usage.


  • Print Compiler to print notes or discussion transcripts
  • SCORM and IMS packages can be imported
  • Easy course creation (although difficult with different types of content)
  • Easily accessible and adaptable
  • The file storage feature has a version control feature to keep track of changes and drafts

A downside to this particular platform is that the Java Runtime Environment must be installed on the client side for SCORM tracking. Also, course items cannot be marked as favorites.


To conclude, of the six learning management systems listed above, Moodle is by far the most popular and, in our opinion, the best. It has more than 62 million users worldwide. In addition to the features listed above, here are other reasons why we think Moodle should be your number one choice for an open source learning management system.

Repositories – With Moodle it is very easy to import files from Flickr, Google Docs, Dropbox, Youtube, etc. All of these files can be saved together in one location for easy access later.

Discussion boards – The Moodle community is full of discussion forums in many different languages, so users can communicate with people outside of your organization, as well as with your employees.

Support – There are a lot of support options for Moodle users. On the Moodle site you can find books and manuals, documents that include frequently asked questions, and a forum where you can ask questions. Forums often have many other users and even computer programmers who are happy to offer help, advice, and recommendations, whatever the topic.

Sach Chaudhari is an expert in the field of eLearning platform development. He is the CEO of Paradiso Solutions ( www.ParadisoSolutions.com ) which focuses on the development of e-learning platforms. Sach is based in Silicon Valley. He studied business at Harvard Business School and computer science at the University of Cincinnati. He has several software engineering patents to his name. Before starting Paradiso Solutions, Sach worked at various startups and the Fortune 500 in Silicon Valley.

Easy money online? Everything is in the system!

Sure, it would be great to just press a button and start making money online. After all, isn’t that what some internet marketing “gurus” have been promising? All those slick sales letters trying to convince you that by simply buying your e-book or DVD set, you’ll wake up tomorrow and your only problem will be deciding how to spend all the money that comes into your PayPal account.

Well, I hate to spoil the fantasy, but it’s not that easy.

Sure, once you’ve got a system in place, you can sit back and enjoy the feeling of having cash in your account 24/7 while sitting down with your cup of coffee and a smile. But first you need a system!

The secret of info-entrepreneurs

Look, that’s the secret of every successful internet marketer and info-entrepreneur you see online. They have built a system. Not just a product here or there, a bit of AdSense on the side, some affiliate promotions, but a whole integrated system that works automatically to generate income, day and night.

This is how those “lucky” characters spend their weekdays playing golf, or taking their family to Disneyland, or just lounging by the pool. You see these “lucky” info-entrepreneurs who live in Provence and spend carefree days in cafes, or relaxing in a beach bungalow in Thailand and snorkelling in the lagoons.

But wait! It is not because they are lucky, luck has nothing to do with it.

The successful marketers you see online put a lot of time and effort into building their system. And now they are reaping the rewards. It didn’t happen overnight!

Putting a system in place

First, you need to plan your system well. What products will you sell? What market? How will your system process the traffic for maximum profit? What tools will you need to run this system?

So, you need to roll up your sleeves. You need to set up the system in such a way that everything works in harmony and generates the most money for you. And, if you want to enjoy the true freedom infopreneurs can have, you need to build your system to be fully automatic.

Is it too much work? Ask anyone who has built a good system. Your answer will be a resounding “No, it isn’t!” For now, your system is running out, putting cash into your bank account.

So, take the time to build a solid online system and you will soon be living the Internet dream. Living the “Riley life”.

Samsung released S9 and S9 + with amazing features

The phone of the year is here! Samsung has launched galaxy s9 and galaxy s9 + and it looks like these phones will soon dominate the smartphone market. The phone was launched in March 2018 and has already become a hit.

The two new phones with their dazzling features can easily market Apple’s iPhone X and Google’s Pixel 2.

Both phones have impressive features, such as:


For the first time, they have improved the camera in slow motion functions. In a super speed dual pixel sensor, they have integrated a dual aperture lens (f / 1.5 and f / 2.4). It is powered by a dedicated processor and memory chip.

Automatic motion detection is available on both devices. This is a feature that detects movement in the frame and by itself begins recording; all users have to do is configure the socket. Its camera also supports animated emojis. Desiring to make the camera its best feature, the South Korean giant has used a data-driven machine learning algorithm that analyzes a 2D image of the user and maps more than 100 facial features to create a 3D model that reflects and mimics expressions such as winks and nods. , for customization.


The longtime tech lover has been demanding dual stereo speakers at Samsung. With the Galaxy S9 series, your patience pays off. Smartphones are equipped with stereo speakers tuned by audio expert AKG. The speaker also supports Dolby Atoms for a 360-degree surround sound experience.


Knox 3.1, Samsung’s latest defense-grade security platform, protects both the S-series phone. Iris, fingerprints, and facial recognition are three biometric checks that smartphones provide. There is also a smart feature that devices use to verify the user. It’s a new verification process that brilliantly uses the collective force of iris scanning and facial recognition technology to unlock a user’s phone in unfavorable situations.


To improvise the expertise of tech experts, the next-generation Samsung Dex enables a full-screen experience with the DeX Pad. It is the latest system that has the function of connecting both phones to a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse. Improve the mobile user experience.

If you plan to invest in the latest smartphone technology, religiously buy Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Samsung is ruling the world of smartphones and with the launch of the S series, it will continue to do so.

Tear gas Orthochlorobenzylidenemalononitrile

The CS agent (Orthochlorobenzylidenemalononitrile) was first prepared in 1928 by two American chemists, Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton. (The initials CS were taken from the first letters of the discoverers’ names). However, it remained until 1956 for the British CBW at Porton Down, the Chemical Defense Experimental Establishment, to develop CS as a riot control agent. CS was first used on a large scale by the British in the Cyprus riots. In 1960, CS was officially adopted by the United States Army for use in riots.

CS in its pure form is a white crystalline powder that resembles talcum powder. It is classified as an irritant and tear-jerker. Since it is made of solid particles, it must be carried through the air by an agent or expelled into a fine powder. The smell is quite pungent.

CS causes burning and tearing of the eyes, as well as irritation of the skin and respiratory system. The burning effects of the eyes and skin will be similar to those of CN and irritation of the respiratory system will cause sneezing. It may take several seconds for the CS effect to occur. CS is most irritating in humid weather and on a damp skin surface. Anyone who has lost the sense of feelings due to the influence of narcotics or alcohol will not be affected by CS.

CS is a producer of tear and sneezes at levels as low as 0.05 mg / m3. CS powder is called CS1 and is much more durable than the aerosol form of the agent. As a further refinement, CS1 is silicone coated to extend its persistence in the field for up to several weeks; the weather resistant variety is called CS2.

Being extremely persistent, CS causes a serious decontamination problem in the area. Particles spread by any of the standard dispersion media will adhere to person, clothing, furniture, or accessories for extended periods. Humid conditions will make the odor and irritating effect linger indefinitely.

Decontamination is accomplished through the use of an alkaline solution. Typically a 5% sodium bisulfite and water solution is used for decontamination.

CS is less toxic than CN and only has temporary effects on the eyes. However, both CS and CN cause dermatitis and are sensitizers that can cause very serious allergic reactions after repeated exposures. Toxicological tests showed that animals that die after exposure to CS show an increased count of goblet cells in the respiratory tract and conjunctiva (the mucous membrane of the eyes, which lines the eyelid and covers part of the eyeball), necrosis (the death of cells) in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, pulmonary edema (lungs filled with fluid) and bleeding in the adrenals. Death is the result of impaired oxygen transfer to the bloodstream as a result of edema, hemorrhage, and airway obstruction in the lungs. In the case of a substance like CS, attention must be paid to the degradation products that will be produced in the human body. Cleavage or hydrolysis into malononitrile and ortho-chlorobenzaldehyde is a reaction that is 50% complete in about ten minutes. Malononitrile is believed to undergo degradation to cyanide and thiocyanate, while the rest of the molecule combines with glycine and is excreted as ortho-chlorohippuric acid. Therefore, malononitrile is a highly toxic substance found in CS. The fatal dose for a 150-pound person is estimated to be about one gram or less.

Chongqing: the capital of the hot pot and pretty girls

Chongqing is one of the largest cities in China and its metropolitan population according to different sources is 5 to 7.5 million people (2010).

If I had to choose just one word to describe Chongqing, it would be “spicy”. This is due to the fact that Chongqing is famous for its culinary specialty – hotpot … and spicy, beautiful girls!

Many believe that Chinese stew originates from this area where it was popular with boatmen working on the Yangtze River. From here it spread to Sichuan and other neighboring districts and then made its way to the rest of China.

Today you can find many restaurants in China and around the world that serve this dish with an unforgettable spicy flavor. Generally speaking, it consists of a broth filled with chili and other spices and many different complementary dishes (meat, poultry, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, etc.) that are dipped in the hot soup and kept in it for a while before take them out and consummate.

Because of the way the hot pot is eaten, it is more than just food, it is the social event: the pot with the broth is placed in the middle of the table with coals (or electric unit under its bottom) constantly heating its content. and diners are seated from time to time grabbing a piece of meat or vegetables from the pot with their chopsticks.

And I don’t know of a better place to enjoy the authentic flavor of the stew than Chongqing, which has thousands of places ready to serve you this wonderful dish. But it is not just a specialty for tourists. Chongqing residents themselves are crazy about stews. Although you may find streets with few hot pot restaurants side by side, they will never be empty.

I remember how a friend of mine returned home after spending time in another province. He immediately called me and other mutual friends and arranged a meeting at the hot pot restaurant. As she sat there, she shared that on her way back there was only one thought in her head: what kind of dishes would she order for her stew …

But there is one more thing that makes Chongqing famous: its beautiful girls. Many people (both Chinese and foreign) are willing to attest that the most beautiful Chinese girls come from Chongqing. There is a joke that married men who come to Chongqing start to regret getting married.

Perhaps the reason for a high concentration of beauties here is the high humidity and characteristic mist that prevents girls’ skin from being exposed to the sun and dry air. Or maybe it’s the spicy food that “burns” fat and improves blood circulation. Whatever the reason, Chongqing girls boast that they can eat a lot of stew without any danger to their slim figures.

Also, the temperament of Chongqing girls is often compared to the spiciness of the hot pot. Funny and outspoken, they are easy to show their temperament, but they are also known to be loyal to family and friends. If you fall in love with a Chongqing girl, it is as incurable as falling in love with a stew.

If you visit Chongqing, head to its central boulevard. We guarantee that you will have a delicious experience, whether it is eating stew or watching the beautiful girls go by.

Fortune favors gold

A year ago, we wanted to add a technology editor to our staff. A summary crossed my editor’s desk …

Did you work on Wall Street? Check.

Did you run a successful hedge fund? Check.

The editor asked my opinion. “Well, it’s one thing to make money in a bull market in tech stocks,” I said. “But a good stock picker can find opportunities even in the most hated sectors of the market.”

But Paul Mampilly, our “new kid,” rose to the challenge with this outrageous: “Stop panic selling gold mining stocks.”

And the rest is history …

Paul made a bold appeal last February: “This is just the first entry into a monstrous bull market for gold mining stocks,” he wrote. “You could earn 100% to 200% over the next 12 months.”

But Paul was wrong.

Investors who bought something like the VanEck vectors junior gold miners ETF (Nasdaq: GDXJ) the next day – doubled your money in less than six months.

Maybe he was lucky.

I mean, Paul himself will tell you that gold stocks are not his thing. You like to spend your time looking for investment megatrends, not the geological versions (like Nevada’s Carlin Trend) that mining companies dig up.

But careful readers will notice other specific calls Paul made that have worked quite well.

Hunt megatrends in stocks

A few months passed, and Paul wanted to focus on finding “megatrend” opportunities among some of the most followed tech stocks on Wall Street.

Again, it was possible to have doubts. I mean, what could he see that 99% of Wall Street strategists and research analysts couldn’t?

Much, it turns out.

He has recommended 11 actions; all of them are still in the portfolio. His best recommendation is up almost 45% (in three months). Its worst? Down 3%.

That’s when we really recognized Paul’s fort …

Paul has that rare (and very valuable) ability to identify extremes.

It gave us an idea …

Extreme fortunes

Why not let Paul go and allow him to use his abilities to the fullest?

Paul’s goal is simple:

Target and capture small business stocks with the potential for multiple 1,000% earnings. That means there are no penny stocks, no options or extreme forms of leverage.

Paul will continue to do what he has always done: read stacks of books, sift through them for his most profitable “big ideas,” and then sift through volumes of corporate documents and market data in real time to find the best investment candidates.

After that, as yet another filter, he adds his many years of experience as a hedge fund manager and analyst. Only then do you identify the true “diamonds in the rough” among the hundreds of small companies listed on the major stock exchanges. (The vast majority of them are covered and overlooked by Wall Street.)

Paul demonstrated the value of his stock picking skills to investors in his $ 7 billion hedge fund …

He demonstrated those skills to readers over the past year …

Buy a dream condo for a comfortable stay

Buying property has been a dreadful activity. It can be a high-end or affordable property. You may be taken aback by the presence of so many real estate dealers. Investments are generally huge, so finding a trusted real estate agent is essential. You need to study the property market to find out the names of the top property developers in your region. Try to do a background check before finalizing with the property developer. Customer reviews are readily available on the Internet. A wrong choice can lead to deep soup.

Buy a residential property in the most suitable location

The location of the Condominium for Sale is very important. It shouldn’t be too far from the heart of the city. Makes the commuting part difficult and time consuming. If you are too far away, you may miss out on city conveniences. Again, you have to travel a certain distance to get all the facilities that city life has to offer. What is required is a balance between the two. There are several real estate projects that are strategically located and have easy access to city-related facilities, as well as a distance from busy city traffic.

Get the accommodation of your dreams

If you are looking for a suitable property in the Philippines, the large real estate developers dealing with Condominium can come to your rescue. Any large developer will be able to offer you a wide variety of properties to choose from. They have several integrated urban municipalities throughout the country. They are very focused on customer satisfaction and you are hell-bent on class and comfort; they will help you find the accommodation of your dreams. You don’t need to deal with the hassles of paperwork. They will take care of these tedious matters.

Impeccable after-sales service

A reputable property developer can be confident in the quality of the accommodation they have sold. Landscaping is done properly to create the right environment in a housing project. He has years of experience in creating happy customers. The company is professionally managed and always delivers the properties to the buyer according to the agreed schedule. In the case of a gap found, these companies are willing to provide after-sales service for the apartments they have sold to customers.

Invest in promising properties

Properties are good objects to invest in. Property prices generally increase over time. You can buy a property so promising that it can give you a good appreciation price after a few years. It is a broad investment mode that can yield a much higher return than traditional investment methods. There are several ways to make purchase payments. You can buy the property directly with all money paid in full. This will allow the least money out. You can opt for down payment methods, where you will be able to pay a certain down payment sum and get the ownership of the property at attractive discounts. There is the third no-down payment option that effectively drives up the cost of ownership.

Horse hemorrhoids

It sounds like a strange question, but can horses get hemorrhoids? The answer is yes, surprisingly, although thankfully it is quite rare. Horses do not usually survive what we consider constipation, so a horse with enough gastrointestinal problems to suffer from hemorrhoids often does not live long enough to contract them. However, if a horse has diarrhea or some other condition that affects circulation or causes straining, hemorrhoids can appear. On the positive side, if your horse has hemorrhoids, it is not a serious condition and usually resolves without incident once treated by a veterinarian.

Hemorrhoids are very painful for horses, which means that the first thing you will probably notice are all the typical symptoms of pain in horses. These include a dull look in the eyes, raised hind hooves under the belly, and a distinct lack of interest in their surroundings. Your horse may also display an unusually irritable demeanor, especially if forced to do something. More specific symptoms include rubbing the tail or rump against any practical surface, unusual gait or gait patterns, pinching of one’s sides, or blood in the stool. Horses in pain often develop secondary problems fairly quickly, so you need to address the pain as soon as possible. Your vet can give you the right pain medication. Note that phenylbutazone, also known as “Bute”, is not appropriate for horses with hemorrhoids. Bute can cause stomach problems, which is really the last thing your horse needs.

Equine hemorrhoid treatment must be comprehensive. Any and all causes that you can control need to be addressed to resolve your horse’s hemorrhoids and keep them at bay. The causes that you cannot control are genetic predisposition, lack of exercise due to age or recovery, pregnancy and childbirth. On the positive side, pregnant or farrowing mares that have hemorrhoids will often heal them quickly after the foal is born. Causes you can control include food quality, water availability, exercise for normal horses, and stress. On a side note, horses that are overly stressed or anxious will often develop diarrhea, which can lead to hemorrhoids. Always remember that it is up to you to manage your environment.

Treating your horse’s hemorrhoids is usually pretty easy, although it’s not always very fun. After getting a definitive diagnosis from your vet, he may give you ointments or suppositories to apply the hemorrhoids. If your horse has external hemorrhoids, you will probably have to deal with ointments. Suppositories are generally used for internal hemorrhoids. Either way, you have to apply the material without getting kicked. Your vet is the best person to ask how to do this before you leave. No matter which one you are using, you will have to keep your horse away from other horses. Horses are not human and have no human taboos, so a horse will lick off ointment or suppository residue if it smells interesting enough. This, of course, can make another horse sick, so you’ll want to avoid it. If all else fails, your horse may need to undergo surgery under total anesthesia. Of course, that is a decision between you and your vet.

No matter how your horse is treated, you will want to take the basic steps to avoid hemorrhoids in the future. Always keep high quality hay and water available for your horse. Make sure your horse gets enough exercise every day. Horses that live too long in stables develop a wide variety of health and mental problems, so this is vital no matter what. With a little work and luck, your horse shouldn’t get hemorrhoids again.