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Visiting the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, SC

The Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a wonderful place to experience the visual and performing arts, science, and history. It is owned and operated by The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg and is located at 200 E. St. John Street, east of downtown. The complex consists of three buildings on a five-acre campus. The Chapman Cultural Center opened in 2007, but it took 17 years to develop.

The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg consists of several agencies. They include the Spartanburg Artists Guild, Spartanburg Ballet, Carolina Foothills Artisan Center, The Music Foundation of Spartanburg, Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg County Historical Association, Spartanburg Little Theater and Spartanburg Youth Theater, The Spartanburg Repertory Company, and Spartanburg Science Center.

There are several exhibition and museum areas in the complex. These include the Artists Guild Gallery, SAM Art Gallery, Spartanburg Regional History Museum, and Spartanburg Science Center. A separate admission fee is charged for each museum or gallery.

Three buildings make up the Chapman Cultural Center complex. The Carlos Moseley building contains the Regional History Museum, the Artists Guild Gallery, the SAM Art Gallery (Spartanburg Museum of Art) and the ticket office. The theater building in the center of the complex contains the David Reid Theater and the Black Box Theater. The Montgomery Building houses the Spartanburg Science Center and the Spartanburg Dance Center.

Special camps on the July calendar include Musical Theater Camp, July 5-9 for grades 4-12 and Advanced Performance Camp, July 12-16 for grades 8-12. On July 10 at 7:00 PM the classic movie Jaws will be screened on the big screen. The Artists’ Guild Gallery will host Carol Beth Icard oil and wax paintings from July 1-28. The Spartanburg Museum of Art will showcase the bronze wildlife sculptures of Swedish artist Kent Ullberg from July 13-31.

For tickets call (864) 542-ARTS. For additional information, visit the center’s website at http://www.chapmanculturalcenter.org

Latest international cost of living ranking

The ranking of general international cost of living indices is reported in April 2010 using New York as the base city. The indices are calculated using the prices of specific quantities of the same goods and services at each location, based on expatriate spending patterns across 13 broad categories (basket groups).

The cost of living studied is the cost of maintaining an expatriate standard of living. When comparing the cost of living between different locations, the goal is to calculate the difference in the cost of living and express this as an index of the cost of living by dividing the cost of living at Location A by the cost of living at Location B.

The cost of living index reports the difference in the cost of living between the 2 locations for the same items purchased. For example, an index of 140 means that the location is 40% more expensive than the comparer location. This would mean that a person moving between the two places would need to earn 40% more to have the same standard of living as they currently have.

Tokyo is the most expensive place in the world for expats. Tokyo is also the most expensive place in the world for accommodation, while it is the fourth most expensive place in the world for shopping. Brasilia has climbed 9 places from October 12, 2009 to be the third most expensive place in the world to live for expats. Sydney has skyrocketed in the rankings to 10th place, having been in 15th place in January this year. Dubai has dropped another 8 spots after dropping 9 spots in the previous quarter to fall outside of the top 10 and is now ranked 26th, but interestingly enough it remains the most expensive place for restaurants, dining out and hotel costs.

The one that rose the fastest is Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, which climbed 94 places from 257 to 163. The relative cost of living of expatriates in Gibraltar has also risen considerably, rising 94 places to 92. South Africa has seen a significant increase in the global cost in terms of life mainly due to the strengthening of the Rand. Cape Town has climbed 53 spots to rank 193.

Alcohol and tobacco is most expensive in southern Tarawa in Kiribati, followed by Moroni in the Comoros and Oslo in Norway. Clothes are most expensive in Manama, Bahrain, followed by Moscow, Russia. Education is more expensive in Caracas, Venezuela and Brasilia in Brazil. Groceries are more expensive in Kiribati. Oslo, Norway is the most expensive for transportation.

The full list of general international cost of living classifications for January 2010, along with the previous quarter’s classification, and the classification change is as follows:

April 2010 Rank Country, City (January 2010 Ranking)[Change in Rank]

1 Japan, Tokyo (1) [0]

2 Switzerland, Geneva (2) [0]

3 Brazil, Brasilia (3) [0]

4 Switzerland, Zurich (4) [0]

5 Norway, Oslo (6) [-1]

6 Denmark, Copenhagen (7) [-1]

7 Venezuela, Caracas (8) [-1]

8 China, Hong Kong (5) [3]

9 Liechtenstein, Vaduz (9) [0]

10 Australia, Sydney (15) [-5]

11 Central African Republic, Bangui (10) [1]

12 Kiribati, South Tarawa (24) [-12]

13 New Caledonia, Noumea (13) [0]

14 Greenland, Nuuk (14) [0]

15 Germany, Munich (16) [-1]

16 France, Paris (17) [-1]

17 Solomon Islands, Honiara (20) [-3]

18 Cameroon, Douala (12) [6]

19 Bermuda, Hamilton (25) [-6]

20 Monaco, Monaco (23) [-3]

21 San Marino, San Marino (22) [-1]

22 Italy, Milan (21) [1]

23 Vanuatu, Port Vila (28) [-5]

24 Chad, N’Djamena (11) [13]

25 Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby (27) [-2]

26 United Arab Emirates, Dubai (18) [8]

27 Germany, Frankfurt (29) [-2]

28 Korea Republic, Seoul (26) [2]

29 Gabon, Libreville (33) [-4]

30 UK, London (37) [-7]

31 Austria, Vienna (30) [1]

32 Finland, Helsinki (31) [1]

33 Italy, Rome (35) [-2]

34 Germany, Cologne (36) [-2]

35 Russia, Moscow (38) [-3]

36 Croatia, Zagreb (32) [4]

37 Australia, Melbourne (43) [-6]

38 Australia, Canberra (44) [-6]

39 Ireland, Dublin (39) [0]

40 Comoros, Moroni (42) [-2]

41 Qatar, Doha (34) [7]

42 Angola, Luanda (19) [23]

43 Isle of Man, Douglas (52) [-9]

44 Belgium, Brussels (45) [-1]

45 Holland, Amsterdam (50) [-5]

46 Australia, Perth (59) [-13]

47 Micronesia, Palikir (49) [-2]

48 Mali, Bamako (40) [8]

49 Germany, Hamburg (47) [2]

50 Germany, Bonn (48) [2]

51 Slovakia, Bratislava (53) [-2]

52 Cameroon, Yaoundé (46) [6]

53 Taiwan, Taipei (41) [12]

54 Guernsey, St Peter Port (61) [-7]

55 Spain, Madrid (62) [-7]

56 Congo, Brazzaville (214) [-158]

57 Canada, Toronto (60) [-3]

58 Iceland, Reykjavik (64) [-6]

59 Togo, Lomé (51) [8]

60 Singapore, Singapore (65) [-5]

61 Turkey, Ankara (56) [5]

62 Germany, Berlin (66) [-4]

63 United States, New York NY (54) [9]

64 Nigeria, Lagos (58) [6]

65 Bahamas, Nassau (55) [10]

66 Bahrain, Manama (57) [9]

67 Tuvalu, Funafuti (72) [-5]

68 Jersey, Saint Helier (74) [-6]

69 United States, Boston Mass (67) [2]

70 Vatican City, Vatican City (73) [-3]

71 Spain, Barcelona (76) [-5]

72 United States, San José Calif (70) [2]

73 Nauru, Yaren (75) [-2]

74 United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi (71) [3]

75 Senegal, Dakar (80) [-5]

76 Canada, Vancouver (78) [-2]

77 United States, San Francisco California (68) [9]

78 Luxembourg, Luxembourg (79) [-1]

79 Czech Republic, Prague (69) [10]

80 Hungary, Budapest (83) [-3]

81 UK, Glasgow (89) [-8]

82 Estonia, Tallinn (82) [0]

83 Palau, Melekeok (81) [2]

84 Falkland Islands, Stanley (93) [-9]

85 Sweden, Stockholm (84) [1]

86 Australia, Brisbane (102) [-16]

87 Portugal, Lisbon (91) [-4]

88 Canada, Calgary (95) [-7]

89 Guinea-Bissau, Bissau (85) [4]

90 Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou (96) [-6]

91 Colombia, Bogota (77) [14]

92 Gibraltar, Gibraltar (186) [-94]

93 Malta, Velletta (90) [3]

94 United States, Anchorage AK (94) [0]

95 Djibouti, Djibouti (86) [9]

96 Ivory Coast, Abidjan (97) [-1]

97 UK, Birmingham (108) [-11]

98 New Zealand, Auckland (113) [-15]

99 Azerbaijan, Baku (99) [0]

100 Haiti, Port-au-Prince (92) [8]

101 United States, Philadelphia Pa (103) [-2]

102 United States, Los Angeles Calif (101) [1]

103 Andorra, Andorra la Vella (109) [-6]

104 Benin, Cotonou (104) [0]

105 UK, Leeds (117) [-12]

106 Greece, Athens (115) [-9]

107 United States, Washington DC (112) [-5]

108 Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain (100) [8]

109 Samoa, Apia (107) [2]

110 China, Beijing (121) [-11]

111 Sudan, Khartoum (130) [-19]

112 Cayman Islands, George Town (111) [1]

113 Serbia, Belgrade (106) [7]

114 Montenegro, Podgorica (128) [-14]

115 Canada, Montreal (120) [-5]

116 Lebanon, Beirut (105) [11]

117 Cape Verde, Praia (118) [-1]

118 St. Helena, Jamestown (125) [-7]

119 United States, Baltimore Md (116) [3]

120 India, Mumbai (122) [-2]

121 Sao Tome and Principe, Sao Tome (87) [34]

122 Seychelles, Victoria (88) [34]

123 United States, San Diego Calif (119) [4]

124 Barbados, Bridgetown (129) [-5]

125 Marshall Islands, Majuro (131) [-6]

126 Israel, Jerusalem (110) [16]

127 Lithuania, Vilnius (126) [1]

128 Australia, Adelaide (145) [-17]

129 Poland, Warsaw (136) [-7]

130 Saudi Arabia, Riyadh (124) [6]

131 Zambia, Lusaka (123) [8]

132 Indonesia, Jakarta (127) [5]

133 United States, Seattle Wash (133) [0]

134 Kuwait, Kuwait City (140) [-6]

135 Chile, Santiago (172) [-37]

136 China, Shanghai (173) [-37]

137 Martinique, Fort-de-France (139) [-2]

138 Niger, Niamey (135) [3]

139 United States, Miami Fla (134) [5]

140 United States, Portland Ore (138) [2]

141 United States, Chicago Ill (143) [-2]

142 Kazakhstan, Almaty (137) [5]

143 Canada, Ottawa (151) [-8]

144 Mauritius, Port Louis (144) [0]

145 Guinea, Conakry (114) [31]

146 India, New Delhi (153) [-7]

147 Latvia, Riga (148) [-1]

148 Puerto Rico, San Juan (146) [2]

149 Jordan, Amman (142) [7]

150 India, Chennai (159) [-9]

151 Tanzania, Dar es Salaam (132) [19]

152 Cyprus, Nicosia (163) [-11]

153 Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi (147) [6]

154 Guam, Hagatna (152) [2]

155 Slovenia, Ljubljana (162) [-7]

156 Malawi, Lilongwe (158) [-2]

157 Ukraine, Kiev (160) [-3]

158 Uruguay, Montevideo (176) [-18]

159 Grenada, Saint George’s (161) [-2]

160 Jamaica, Kingston (149) [11]

161 Botswana, Gaborone (150) [11]

162 India, Calcutta (166) [-4]

163 Turkmenistan, Ashgabat (257) [-94]

164 India, Hyderabad (171) [-7]

165 Liberia, Monrovia (154) [11]

166 Rwanda, Kigali (156) [10]

167 Maldives, Male (155) [12]

168 United States, Jacksonville Fla (164) [4]

169 United States, Cleveland Ohio (169) [0]

170 Moldova, Chisinau (167) [3]

171 Equatorial Guinea, Malabo (174) [-3]

172 United States, Tampa Fla (168) [4]

173 United States, Dallas Tex (165) [8]

174 United States, Atlanta GA (170) [4]

175 United States, Phoenix Ariz (177) [-2]

176 Fiji, Suva (192) [-16]

177 Sierra Leone, Freetown (141) [36]

178 United States, Milwaukee Wis (181) [-3]

179 United States, Denver Colo (175) [4]

180 Ghana, Accra (98) [82]

181 South Africa, Johannesburg (217) [-36]

182 United States, Charlotte NC (182) [0]

183 Macedonia, Skopje (183) [0]

184 United States, Detroit, Michigan (195) [-11]

185 United States, Pittsburgh Penn (185) [0]

186 Timor-Leste, Dili (178) [8]

187 Democratic Republic of Korea, Pyongyang (205) [-18]

188 Romania, Bucharest (179) [9]

189 Somalia, Mogadishu (194) [-5]

190 Mexico City, Mexico City (193) [-3]

191 United States, Austin Tex (196) [-5]

192 Algeria, Algiers (180) [12]

193 South Africa, Cape Town (246) [-53]

194 United States, Columbus Ohio (198) [-4]

195 Gambia, Banjul (184) [11]

196 Honduras, Tegucigalpa (189) [7]

197 India, Bangalore (209) [-12]

198 Philippines, Manila (190) [8]

199 Antigua and Barbuda, Saint John’s (187) [12]

200 Bulgaria, Sofia (211) [-11]

201 Afghanistan, Kabul (191) [10]

202 Syria, Damascus (203) [-1]

203 Kosovo, Pristina (206) [-3]

204 Morocco, Rabat (197) [7]

205 United States, Fort Worth Tex (200) [5]

206 United States, Las Vegas Nev (204) [2]

207 Mozambique, Maputo (157) [50]

208 Burma, Yangon (218) [-10]

209 Iran, Tehran (188) [21]

210 South Africa, Pretoria (233) [-23]

211 Saint Kitts and Nevis, Basseterre (201) [10]

212 Kenya, Nairobi (210) [2]

213 United States, San Antonio Tex (216) [-3]

214 Belarus, Minsk (244) [-30]

215 Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan (208) [7]

216 Egypt, Cairo (230) [-14]

217 Cuba, Havana (202) [15]

218 Namibia, Windhoek (199) [19]

219 South Africa, Durban (252) [-33]

220 Peru, Lima (207) [13]

221 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown (212) [9]

222 United States, Houston Tex (213) [9]

223 Guyana, Georgetown (221) [2]

224 Thailand, Bangkok (215) [9]

225 United States, Indianapolis Ind (219) [6]

226 Vietnam, Hanoi (222) [4]

227 Dominica, Roseau (226) [1]

228 Guatemala, Guatemala City (245) [-17]

229 Albania, Tirana (223) [6]

230 Ethiopia, Addis Ababa (231) [-1]

231 USA, St. Louis MO (224) [7]

232 United States, Memphis Tenn (229) [3]

233 Lesotho, Maseru (220) [13]

234 Costa Rica, San José (235) [-1]

235 Madagascar, Antananarivo (227) [8]

236 United States, El Paso Tex (228) [8]

237 Armenia, Yerevan (225) [12]

238 Eritrea, Asmara (254) [-16]

239 Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa (63) [176]

240 Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo (232) [8]

241 Oman, Muscat (237) [4]

242 Mauritania, Nouakchott (234) [8]

243 Belize, Belmopan (236) [7]

244 Uganda, Kampala (242) [2]

245 Panama, Panama City (240) [5]

246 El Salvador, San Salvador (239) [7]

247 Nicaragua, Managua (238) [9]

248 Burundi, Bujumbura (241) [7]

249 China, Shenzhen (253) [-4]

250 China, Wuhan (260) [-10]

251 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (247) [4]

252 Laos, Vientiane (243) [9]

253 Bangladesh, Dhaka (248) [5]

254 China, Dalian (272) [-18]

255 Tunis, Tunisia (250) [5]

256 Saint Lucia, Castries (249) [7]

257 China, Macau (255) [2]

258 Swaziland, Mbabane (251) [7]

259 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek (274) [-15]

260 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo (256) [4]

261 Uzbekistan, Tashkent (275) [-14]

262 Nepal, Kathmandu (263) [-1]

263 Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar (280) [-17]

264 Paraguay, Asuncion (268) [-4]

265 Tonga, Nuku’Alofa (264) [1]

266 Iraq, Baghdad (258) [8]

267 Suriname, Paramaribo (259) [8]

268 Libya, Tripoli (265) [3]

269 ​​Pakistan, Lahore (261) [8]

270 Bolivia, La Paz (262) [8]

271 Pakistan, Islamabad (266) [5]

272 China, Guangzhou (278) [-6]

273 Pakistan, Karachi (267) [6]

274 Ecuador, Quito (269) [5]

275 Cambodia, Phnom Penh (270) [5]

276 Sri Lanka, Colombo (271) [5]

277 Tajikistan, Dushanbe (273) [4]

278 Bhutan, Thimphu (276) [2]

279 Argentina, Buenos Aires (277) [2]

280 Yemen, Sanaa (279) [1]

281 China, Tianjin (281) [0]

282 Zimbabwe, Harare (282) [0]

Lladró – A Porcelain Wonder

Humble beginnings

The first Lladró figures date back to 1953 in a small workshop in the rural town of Almácera, Spain, near Valencia. Three brothers: Juan, José and Vincente Lladró founded the company. In addition to the figures that now define the company, the brothers made decorative jugs, vases and plates. A Vocational Training School, the Porcelain City Grant Center, was founded in 1962 to train the next generation of artisans.

International expantion

Starting in 1965, the company expanded beyond Spain when North Americans traveling to Spain began importing the figurines. In 1988, the Lladró Gallery and Museum opened in New York City and distribution to Australia began. In 1997, a Lladró Center was opened in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas saw a Lladró Center open in 1999. In 2000, Sydney Australia was the site of another independent Lladró Center.

Evolution logo

Changes to any logo are important to a collector because they help identify the age of a piece. At first, the Lladró brothers personally signed their work. These signatures were engraved. The first logo was a representation of the Greek sculpture called “Winged Samothrace”. As the company evolved and expanded internationally, the next logo was a stylized version of the bell, local to the region, along with an old chemical symbol and the Lladró name underneath. In the 1960s the word “Spain” was added. Brands during this time were standardized and influenced. The addition of the word “Spain” was precipitated by the increasingly important role that exports were playing for the company. In the 1970s, a trademark was developed; the familiar blue seal. In 1974, the accent on the “o” was added. In 1986, the chemical symbol and typeface were simplified. With this information, a collector can look at a piece and get an idea of ​​its age.


From the beginning, Lladró understood the value of cultivating loyal customers. In 1985, The Collectors Society was created for customers to interact through company events and communications. At a variety of events, in various countries, more than 100,000 avid collectors continue to meet and share their passion. In 2001, a new membership level was introduced: Lladró Privilege and a more exclusive Gold level. For an annual membership fee, Lladró fans receive updates on the latest company news and are invited to participate in social and cultural events at venues around the world. In 2005, Lladró sponsored a team in the 32nd America’s Cup sailing regatta. Privilege Gold members were invited to join a VIP ship, have access to team headquarters, and more behind-the-scenes perks.


Pay attention to the markings. If they are not in line with the evolution of the logo, it may be false. Lladró figurines are known for their unique facial features. It is one of the attractions of these collectibles. The authentic Lladrós do not use black to outline eyes, eyebrows and eyelids. If these areas are outlined in black, it is likely a fake. The company also launched a more modest line called Nao, not to be confused with the Lladró line.

Most valuable

Fewer matte glazes were produced, so they are more valuable. Very early, Lladrós (1950-1970) had a creamy finish and had high prices. From the beginning, the company understood the importance of creating limited editions and retiring designs, creating a shortage that increases value. In 1982, The Sculptures series was introduced but with very few produced again increasing in value.


Any damage greatly reduces the value. Look for damage to any of the protruding areas (hands, arms, etc.) or the delicate flowers.


Lladrós is sealed with one of three finishes: a high-gloss finish, matte enamel, and “stoneware.”


The importance of Lladró craftsmanship is evident in the fact that Lladró creations are included in the permanent collections of the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia and the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

Lladró today

From the small workshop in a rural town, the company has expanded to more than 2,000 people who work for the company today. Lladró fine porcelains are sold in more than 100 countries in more than 4,000 points of sale. Retired Lladrós can be found on eBay and in antique stores.

Places to visit in New York

New York is a lively and vibrant city that attracts thousands of tourists each year who come to experience its massive buildings, fantastic museums, quality restaurants, and world-class shopping. New York is a place where diverse multicultural and diverse populations can be found, it also ranges from desperate poverty to the height of excess. This diversity and variation ensures an interesting and lively atmosphere and brings its own unique flavor to each district.

New York City boasts more of its incredible views than anywhere else in the US, New York has the charm of making people feel like they know the city before they’ve even been there. In my article I have mentioned the best places to visit and things to do in New York, so that visitors can easily discover the most important places to see. So if you are in the US planning your next visit to New York then book, visit us and book cheap airline tickets. So buy cheap flights to your travel destination now and save more money.

The Statue of Liberty – a beautiful gift from the people of France represents what New York is. The best place to start exploring New York is by visiting the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most prestigious and famous monuments in the world. For visitors, climbing up to 354 steps to reach the statue’s crown is a memorable experience for a lifetime and is completely different from a postcard or photograph of the statue. The Statue of Liberty is located in New York Harbor, in 12-acre Liberty Park. To get a panoramic view of the city, you must visit the observation deck. And to appreciate the amazing engineering structure, you can tour the national monument. Seeing this beautiful statue is one of the moving experiences for visitors.

Central Park – To provide a much-needed open area for Manhattan’s rapidly expanding population, these 843 square miles were designed in the mid-1800s. In the heart of the concrete jungle, the Central Park building has become a sanctuary of peace among New Yorkers. The park contains 58 miles of sidewalks and is surrounded by a six-mile loop. You can send all night taking a walk in the park, Central Park is a major attraction for tourists and residents because for everyone of all ages the park has something to offer, besides walking and jogging, you will also meet a puppet. carousel theater, restaurants, zoo and observatory. In November and March you can see the famous ice rinks. For added fun, you can rent a boat at the Loeb Boathouse on Central Park Lake.

Chelsea Galleries: Chelsea has become the art capital of New York during the 1990s, as a large number of galleries have relocated to the area. Chelsea Galleries is now a major stopping place for anyone interested in the latest from the city’s contemporary art scene.

Visitors who love museums will find New York a paradise, as New York offers a host of world-class contemporary museums. Museum lovers will consider the Museum of Modern Art one of the best museums, displaying more than 100,000 sculptures, paintings, photographs and prints. Claude Monet’s pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh and Water Lilies generally attract visitors. The museum has around 30 million artifacts in its collection home. In the Natural History museum, the three rooms for dinosaurs are also very impressive.

Sunset at Riverside Park South: On Riverside Boulevard in Riverside Park South is a new 600-foot pier. You can bring your camera to capture the view up and down the Hudson; people find the place very romantic, spectacular and captivating. People from all areas of the city flock here to enjoy the spectacular sunset views. You can also find open-air restaurant, barbecues, bar and good music that goes well with the atmosphere.

Astroland Amusement Park – Located on Coney Island offers various types of adventure rides and wonderful attractions. Cyclone Roller Coaster will bring thrills and chills to both children and adults. The park has an arcade game room where you can play all kinds of video games.

Although New York can be very different, it is quite clear that New York has a wealth of attractions to suit all tastes, not to mention the New York Yankees Stadium, Chinatown, St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York Aquarium or the Radio. City Music Hall. Being a large business city, you can still find many places to visit for both natives and tourists. You can find many beautiful places to relax and refresh numerous parks, cars and skyscrapers, splendid beauty of nature.

10 best themed restaurants in Kenya you’ll cherish forever

For all avid food enthusiasts who love to try multiple cuisines, here are ten best themed restaurants in Kenya that deserve a special mention.

1. Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi

Located on Langata Road, Nairobi, ‘Carnivore’, a unique restaurant owned by the Tamarind group deserves a special mention. The entrance to the restaurant gives a “rustic” feel and the seating arrangement is spacious. You will see the large oven that is especially requested from South Africa. Here meats of all kinds are served, especially beef, buffalo, ostrich and crocodile. Mr. Dawa will serve you a special welcome drink, which is an aperitif. There is a little flag that indicates that it is full once you leave it. The concept of the restaurant is like “serve until you drop”. The staff will help you with the endless meat and will continue to do so until you say ‘I’m full’ lowering the flag. With a unique concept from the Tamarind Group of Hotels, it is certainly an attraction for any tourist visiting Kenya.

2. Moorings Floating Restaurant, Mombasa

The only floating restaurant in Kenya is The Moorings. This floating platform was built in 1994 in Tampa Creek on the North African coast. Have a drink of beer while enjoying nature. The restaurant serves all varieties of sea fish and alcohol. Enjoy the Crimson evenings and delicious grilled fish. This platform has capacity for a maximum of 100 people. During the spring tide, you can take a walk on the beach near the floating platform.

3. Tamarind Dhow Restaurant

This is a huge ship that is used as the base of the restaurant. The concept was first implemented in 1972. The Dhow sails every week from morning to night. The individual Dhow accommodates about 70 people at dinner. The maximum that it can accommodate is 100 people and that also for a cocktail. Mainly seafood is served here.

4. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

This cave is 180,000 years old and is located near Mombasa, 30 km south of the city and 200 meters from the high water mark. Just three decades ago, George and Jackie Barbour decided to transform the cave into a unique restaurant. There is a triangular Makati umbrella that is fixed in one corner of the restaurant. The floor is elegantly lit and decorated with chandeliers. The restaurant specializes in seafood and all kinds of continental food.

5. Ol Covo Bamburi Restaurant

Bamburi is an island located 12 km from Mombasa. It is a two-story structure, and the top floor is intended for a dining and entertainment venue in Mombasa. The upper deck has a balcony and ocean views. It has a large log house for the preparation of traditional pizzas. It serves pasta dishes, new entrees, salads, lobsters, prawns, squid and octopus. You will only love the tasty food and the fabulously tender meats.

6. Fisherman’s Camp Restaurant

This restaurant is located near Lake Naivasha. It has a funky vibe and is great with food, music, and fresh air. It is an open restaurant with the wooden place; enjoy freshly made pizza sitting under the sky. You can hire a camp to be pampered in the middle of the soft grass. It is a great place to spend some lazy Sundays.

7. Azura Royal Orchid Restaurant

This restaurant is located near Nyali Bridge, Mombasa. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean as you sit across from the restaurant. Enjoy succulent cuts of meat, seafood wonders, and grilled shellfish. It is an excellent opportunity to have a beer and enjoy seafood delicacies.

8. Haandi, Kisumu

Located in Capital Center, Nairobi, Haandi is a restaurant of Indian origin. The restaurant covers an area of ​​4000 square feet. It has all kinds of Indian food. You will love the signature naan, kulcha, chapatti, and tandoori roti. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available. They serve food in a brass plate and glass; the salt and lime are carefully set aside, giving it a typical Indian look.

9. Tilapia Beach Restaurant

Located near Otoe Road, Kisumu, this restaurant is the best choice to see Lake Victoria and have various kinds of fish. You will get Grilled Fish, Grilled Fish, Grilled Fish in Sauce along with Ugali and Sukuma. You will love this African variant.

10. Talisman Restaurant

Located on Ngong Road, Nairobi, Talisman is a boutique restaurant and offers a wide variety of experiences to visitors. The New York media described Talisman as one of the best restaurants in Kenya. Enjoy the beautiful organic garden and enjoy the ambient bar with your friends. The cuisine is a combination of European, Pan-Asian and African delicacies. You can enjoy delicious cuisines such as sushi and sashimi plate, braised bacon and homemade gnocchi.

There are many interesting facts that you can enjoy while in Kenya. In addition to the themed restaurants, you should also try the African food outlets across the street.

Things to consider before hiring a web development company

Every day that passes, more and more companies realize the need to have their website on the Internet. Due to this realization, all companies reach the crucial step of creating the website for which they need a professional web design company.

Therefore, there are a large number of web development companies to choose from. This huge set of options can be overwhelming. So how can you ensure that you choose the perfect web development company for your website creation and design?

In this article, I will give you some tips to help you.

Let us begin.

We will divide these tips into two sections:

  1. The main activities carried out by the companys-

# 1. Front and backend development

Developers who only do backend development are similar to building a house without doors and windows. Always look for that web development company that does both front-end and back-end development work.

Yes, there is a big difference between the way front-end and back-end developers do their jobs, but a company that provides both is the company to turn to.

# two. Not just a specialization

There are many good development technologies like PHP, Drupal, Node JS Development, etc. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. An ideal web company is one that is proficient in multiple technologies used to develop a website. In this way, they can offer the most suitable solution for your business.

# 3. Understand the need for the project

A good web company is one that does not ignore the deep understanding of the project at hand. Often times, developers don’t care about the big picture, they just focus on their coding style and job delivery without worrying much about basic customer requirements.

Good developers take care of customer needs and provide solutions that help customers produce profitable results for their businesses. Make sure you choose a company that understands what you are looking for.

# 4. Investigation and development

The company that rigorously focuses on its research and development initiatives is the one that stays up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies in industries. Therefore, you make a particular company the right choice for your business needs. Through R&D, developers evolve. Make sure your choice of web development company invests in timely research and development.

# 5. Flexibility

There will be times when you will need to make changes to the work provided by the developer company. This is for many reasons. One of the simplest is that you just didn’t like the job.

The company may suffer from the changes you ask them to make over and over again. Make sure you choose one that can easily cope with unforeseen changes.

As a customer, you should ask how the company handles change requests.

  1. The other essentials that the ideal company should have:

  2. # 1. Performance logs

Choose a company that has a good track record of performance. A company that has a good number of projects that it has successfully completed shows its ability to do its job up to the task.

# two. Quality standards

Always choose a company that maintains your quality standards. You must make the deliverables happen on the assigned date and time.

# 3. Ease of use

The company you go to should develop websites in such a way that any visitor can easily access your website with the least difficulty.

# 4. The developer team

Make sure you meet the company’s development team in person. The company must have an internal team of developers. Make sure they don’t do another agency’s work.

# 5. The design team

An in-house design team is always preferable. In this way, designs are in sync with project requirements. The in-house design team is better able to understand what you, as a customer, want.

# 6. SEO

Your ideal choice shouldn’t just focus on the development part. SEO is an important element of all the activities of a company on the Internet. Developers must understand SEO and how SEO will affect the website.

# 7. Social media

Everyone is aware of the potential of social networks. Ideally, developers should have a good amount of knowledge about social media and how promoting services on social media works.

# 8. happy

This is one of the most important things that drives visitors / customers to your website. It is the main thing that will help you promote and sell your offers online. Make sure you opt for a web development company that has good techniques and tactics for producing content in such a way that it generates traffic.

# 9. E-commerce

E-commerce websites are specifically designed for businesses that want a great return on investment over the Internet. Choose that option that has immense experience in developing good e-commerce websites. An important factor of an e-commerce website is the payment method. Make sure you are dealing with a company that can run the best payment method.

# 10. Subsequent services

The ideal development company is one that can provide you with after-sales service and support, as well as provide regular maintenance.

These are some of the things to consider before selecting the ideal web development company for your business. Remember, the ideal web solutions company is one that offers affordable website design services without compromising on efficiency.

Be smart, patient and conscientious before selecting the company of your choice!

Nine Things to Do in Red River, New Mexico for Couples

The United States of America is a unique part of the world in the sense that if you look at the vast expanse of our country, you will find every type of climate, landscape, and soil you can imagine. If you’re lucky, you can find unique locations that provide all of this in one place, and that place is Red River, New Mexico. Not only does it run into the southern part of the legendary Rocky Mountains, but it also runs into some incredibly dry desert areas nearby.

Red River is a picturesque mountain town often seen by ski vacation giants like Taos and Angel Fire, NM to the south and, of course, places like Vail, Colorado to the north. Nonetheless, Red River offers a smorgasbord of winter and summer activities for the whole family, but also offers fantastic times for couples looking to find a pleasant mountain getaway that is not yet adorned with visitors trying to spoil the natural wonder. . of the area.

Here are nine great things couples can do in Red River that not only make it unique, but undeniably make it a modern haven for those in the know:

1. Candy Crate, LLP – Here you and your partner can enjoy a nostalgic little candy store that is loved by all. You can also try the famous Candy Mountain Fudge that has been a hallmark of this candy store for almost thirty years.

2. Texas Reds Steakhouse – Before you head out for some fudge, why not enjoy a staple of the Red River business scene as you pass through the Texas Reds? Enjoy great food with friendly service in a restaurant that has been in business for half a century.

3. Red River MIner’s Transit: Relax by taking the Miner’s Transit system in the city. It might not be wildly romantic, but it’s a great way to get around the city while chatting about all the great places you’ve been and the places you still want to go.

4. Line Dancing: Line dancing (as well as a number of other activities) is available at the Red River Community House at different times of the year. This year, it is available from the beginning of June to the beginning of August 2017.

5. Sand Dunes – Take a day trip together a little north of the Red River and visit the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. If you’re both big fans of landscapes and natural wonders, this is a must-see.

6. Art – If you’re both a fan of art, take a look at some of the most coveted works of art in the area by heading to the Red River Gallery of Fine Arts.

If you and your partner have decided to take a breather and just enjoy relaxing, these last three things are worth it:

7. Aromatherapy in Essential O2 Bar

8. Therapeutic massage, facials and sugar scrubs at Joy of Massage

9. Yoga at Carol Swagerty Yoga

As you can see, Red River, New Mexico has much more to offer couples than just skiing, snowboarding, and the great outdoors. Obviously, if those things are in your two alleys, enjoy it. Sometimes though, it can be more romantic to just try something a little different from the norm. Have fun!

When in Italy – Twenty essential things to do

Sitting at the table one night, after a few bottles of Chianti with some old friends, most of whom had spent time as European tour guides and backpackers, I asked them to name the best things to see or do during their time in Italy. There was a lot of loud discussion as some tried to praise the less obvious over the more conventional, but there was also great unanimous agreement for others.

In no particular order, I can present you the 20 best things to do in Italy as decided by my peers.

1. Observation of nuns in Piazza San Pietro

There is something serene about seeing a line of nuns on tour, especially on specific Saints days, taking photos of the facade of St. Peter’s or crawling one behind the other inside the massive basilica. They are second only to pigeons, which parents, who hate their children, encourage to sit on the heads of their young in the hope that they will pick them up and fly away, perhaps dropping them somewhere above the Forum.

2. Eat Gelati 3 times a day

This is mandatory for anyone traveling during the months of June, July and August. I don’t understand how Italians get it so creamy and flavorful and drippy, but you never feel full. It’s the best after a long hot day queuing for hours to see all those magnificent works of art. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and everyone claims to have the best ice cream shop in Italy, which is credible, but some even go further, experimenting with weird flavors like tomato and believe it or not basil.

3. Holding up the leaning tower of Pisa

You have all seen it. The mandatory photo of someone and their companions holding the Leaning Tower, either with one finger or with both hands. Probably the best thing after climbing it, which is all anyone is going to do in Pisa. And holding it is the cheapest there is.

4. Dodging cars in Rome

After skydiving in Switzerland and a taxi ride in the Czech Republic, this is probably the most adrenaline-pumping activity you can do in Europe. To cross the street you must keep walking, be sure to maintain eye contact with any driver who approaches like a bullfighter and keeps moving. Cars and bikes will get very close, never actually touching you, as long as you keep going.

5. Parking on a sidewalk

Everyone else does.

6. Sing a duet with a gondolier

He may not be the next Pavarotti, but your gondolier should have a pretty good voice. They know all the old favorites and it makes the experience even more authentic. They usually ask for a little more for the service in addition to the rental fee. The most favored time is at dusk, as the lights come on and the reflections in the water add to the atmosphere.

7. Go out with the Pope on Wednesday

Tourists, nuns, priests, locals and pigeons flock to Piazza San Pietro for his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI’s weekly address at around 10 a.m. Later, you can visit the interior of the Basilica and the crypt where the remains of Saint Peter are kept.

8. Take a look at David’s A – e

You could stand in line and pay to see the original inside the Accademia, where it was changed in the late 19th century to protect it from vandals and the elements. Either you can examine your copy closely at Piazza Signoria for free, or you can climb the hill above Ponte Vecchio to see the bronze version at Piazza Michelangelo. Or you can see all 3 and make a comparison.

9. Drink wine and watch the sunset in Cinque Terre

There is something quite unique about sitting on the rocks next to where the fishing boats stop, the lanterns swinging along the cables around the cove in the sea breeze, listening to a boy practicing his baritone opera at through an open window, watching the sun go down. the horizon sipping a locally made red wine after eating homemade pasta and pesto sauce. Perfect.

10. Eat pizza in Naples

Home of Pizza Margherita. A famous local pizza maker, Rafaelle Espositi, heard that the Queen of Naples was interested in trying a pizza, so he made a patriotic one using basil, tomato and mozzarella for the colors of the Italian flag. He liked it so much that he gave it his name. To enjoy while watching the kamikaze scooters and the cars going to hell for leather through the narrow streets.

11. Cliff Diving in Sorrento

Not for the faint of heart. Locals, usually children, climb steep cliffs to jump and drop dozens of meters into the great blue below. If that’s too much of a stretch, you can always wear a mask and snorkel and wait underneath.

12. Calling your mom from the top of the Campanile in Venice

Believe it or not, there is a pay phone at the top of the steeple so you can make that important call to your mother, or maybe order a pizza for dinner.

13. Wine tasting in Chianti

There is a theory that the word Chianti comes from the old Etruscan word for water ‘Clante’, which is an obvious connection if you drink a lot of Chianti. The strict production standards set by the Consortium mean that the quality of all types of wine is constant and it is difficult to find a bad one.

14. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain

But don’t go swimming unless you want to pay a big fine. One coin means that he returns to Rome, two coins means that he returns and receives a kiss, and three coins means that he returns and gets married. All money is collected regularly and goes to charity. The authorities also do not take kindly to anyone who steals from the source. Put the coin (s) in your right hand and toss it over your left shoulder. It’s a fun thing to do with your third ice cream change.

15. Visiting the Sistine Chapel

If you survive the 3km walk through the opulent papal rooms of the Vatican Museum, you will be rewarded with the sensational view of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Created in situ by Michelangelo, he often painted freehand directly onto wet plaster, through belligerent papal outbursts, financial difficulties, personnel problems, slippery foundations, wars, and finally completed after 4 years in 1512. Carry mini binoculars and some kind of key for each fresco. The noise of everyone whispering is only drowned out by the guard who yells ‘silence’ from time to time.

And you don’t sit on the steps.

16. Walking the tables in a flooded Venice

One of the most original experiences when visiting this aquatic city. The winter rains flood the lagoon and when the tide is in the level they can rise to the knees. The practical locals have come up with the solution in the form of raised platforms so that you can walk the boards around Piazza San Marco without getting your toes wet. Or you could invest in some fancy rubber ankle boots.

17. Get Grappa-ed (drink too much Grappa)

Each country has its fire water. In Russia and Poland it is vodka, in Mexico it is Tequila, in Czech it is Absinthe and in Italy it is Grappa. Distilled from the leftovers of pressing the grapes for wine, all the seeds, skins and stems, it is generally drunk at the end of a meal after espresso. The first shot takes care of any sensation in the throat and the second and third take care of the rest of the nervous system.

18. Buy a Ferrari cap

After football, the Pope and his own mother come the country’s almost religious followers of that little red car from Maranello. Most Italian drivers seem to envision themselves as the next Schumacher along the autostrada, truck drivers included, but you have to admit the car is cool.

19. Riding a scooter in Tuscany

Winding roads between green hills, rows of vines that carefully cut the slopes, wildflowers in the fields and those tall cypress trees that line the driveway to a medieval village. All that fresh air and the opportunity to live at the local rhythm while preparing a delicious picnic in a farmer’s field.

20. Finish a Bistecca alla Fiorentina (T bone Steak)

The resurrection of the Florentine favorite steak made national news. Famous local Panzano butcher Dario Cecchini had held a public funeral and memorial service when the EU banned the sale of beef in bone products after the mad cow scare a few years ago. Now he’s back and everyone is celebrating. Just make sure you’re really looking forward to this one as it’s huge.

The general consensus was that these were all things that should be done during a trip to Italy, along with all the usual things of art and history, of course, to get the most out of the trip.

How To Plan Your Next Wisconsin Dells Vacation

You can’t wait for your next getaway! You want to have fun, but you need to get back to work at some point and you would love to include some downtime in your plans. Where do you start planning everything?

One of the first things to consider when planning your vacation is where to stay. This could be a luxury resort stay, a back-to-basics camping trip with an open fire under the stars, or maybe you just want a place to sleep for little money while playing elsewhere all day and up. the night.

Plan the season! Wisconsin Dells has activities for you throughout the year. There are indoor water parks and ski slopes in winter. There are camps and outdoor activities throughout the summer. Depending on when you visit, you may need to bring a coat or your sunscreen (or both).

Wisconsin Dells is THE place to go for fun, so you will need to plan a few activities during your trip. The most popular thing to do in Wisconsin Dells is to enjoy our water parks. If you want a little more adrenaline, there are parks and extreme outdoor sports to double your heart rate. If you prefer to limit your heart rate, we have several golf courses, tons of shops and galleries, and some shows that never splash water on you.

If you plan to get out, make sure a mechanic inspects your vehicle before you leave home. Proper tire pressure and a tuned car will help ensure you don’t waste your trip waiting for a trailer and save you fuel costs.

Meals are another thing to consider. You may prefer a cookout in your camp or room, or you can do your best at one of our best establishments. Wisconsin Dells has several specialty restaurants and buffets. Caribbean, Japanese, Cajun, Seafood, Mexican, BBQ, and Steak Houses are ready to tantalize your taste buds and stick to your ribs.

To peruse the myriad of options that await you, Google a Wisconsin Dells vacation planner. This is an online tool that helps narrow down your favorite options and keeps track of your plans. By using a vacation planner, it’s easy to find what you were looking for and remember what it was like once you get here.

Business Hotels in Birmingham

Birmingham is a beautiful city and metropolitan district in the West Midlands county of England. The city has been known as a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution in England. It is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world. There are a number of luxury hotels that can make your stay here an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking to book a luxury hotel in Birmingham, below are some of the hotels and ways to book these hotels:

1. Hyatt Regency Birmingham

This is an ecstatic hotel that offers you 319 exclusive rooms and suites. You would surely love to stay in this place. To reserve a room here, you can choose from several modes. You can reserve a room online. You only need to register on the hotel’s website and specify your personal data there. You can even choose to book by phone. You can call your reservation center now. If you want to avoid all these complications, you can hire an agent who can reserve a room on your behalf.

2. The Crowne Plaza Birmingham

It is a four star luxury property, conveniently located in the heart of the city of Birmingham. Booking a room here is a simple task. To reserve a room online, you can register your personal information on the hotel’s official website and collect all related information. You can even call them seven days a week to book by phone.

3. The City Inn Birmingham

This is a magnificent 4-star hotel with a host of world-class amenities and conveniences. Making a reservation here is a simple task. It is available with many options in terms of reserving a room. You can reserve a room online or by phone. To avoid this, you can also hire an agent to reserve a room on your behalf.

You can easily book a luxury hotel in Birmingham. You can choose an agent, online reservation or telephone reservation. Have fun!