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ESL GAME 5 Change seats yes

ESL GAME 5 Change seats yes

This ESL game is called “Change seats if…”

And instead of always saying “Change seats if…”, you could also say “Change seats if” or “Change seats if…”

This ESL game can be used as a warm-up activity at the end of class; so that your students go home with a smile on their face; Or you can play this game when you want to notice your students fade away.

To play this, all you have to say is: “Change seats if…”

– you have black hair!

– you have a sister!

– you like to eat hamburgers!

– You’re sitting next to a guy!

– your favorite color is red!

– you like to do homework!

– You don’t like doing homework!

Basically you can say anything after saying: “Change seats if…” and if what you said is true about any student in the class ~ they should “Change seats” with one of the other students who also has to change his/her/ your seat

Also, if you are teaching younger students, you should use vocabulary that has already been taught.

And if you are teaching more advanced students, you should try to use vocabulary or topics that they are knowledgeable about.

This is one of the best ESL games to play with your class and all the students will be happy to play it; and while playing this game you are also improving the listening skills of the students.

So try this game the next time you’re in the ESL classroom!

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