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Gay thoughts: how to stop them now

Gay thoughts: how to stop them now

Homosexual thoughts are something that many people struggle with. I can tell you from experience that if you have these thoughts and they bother you, then you are not alone. The fact is that you are not something just because you think so. Have you ever thought about killing someone? Does that mean you would? No. It just means you thought about it. You must not read your thoughts. Sometimes what happens is that people will have a gay thought and get excited about it. Again, that does not mean that you are gay.

Gay thoughts don’t make you gay like standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car. Know that if you were excited by your homosexual thoughts, that does not mean that you are homosexual. How can I say this? Consider this: There are people all over the world who get excited at the thought of hitting someone who has done it wrong. It doesn’t mean that you really would. Sometimes you need to realize that having a thought does not mean that you really are. I understand that it can be difficult because I have been there.

Gay thoughts for most of you reading this are something you will no longer want to struggle with. I hear you. They are not pleasant if you are straight, but the only way to get rid of these thoughts is to first understand that having these thoughts does not mean that you are gay and even if you got excited by these thoughts, it still does not turn you on. gay The only thing that would really make you gay is if you went and acted on these thoughts and made them come true.

Many men and women around the world suffer from homosexual thoughts. People who do not suffer with them are people who do not give them much importance. Big deal, you had a gay thought, we all do. What you have to do is say to yourself: “I can’t control what kind of thoughts come to my head.” You also need to know that if you ask, “Well, why do I have these thoughts?” It’s because when you had the thought, you panicked and your brain focuses on the things that make you panic and subsequently thinks about it more.

Now that you know that homosexual thoughts do not make you homosexual and that being excited about them sometimes does not make you homosexual, you should relax. Know that our brains have these thoughts out of curiosity. So you must understand that the first step in stopping homosexual thoughts is to not give too much importance to them when you have them.

Instead, understand that you can’t control what kinds of thoughts you have and everyone has them. The only thing that would make you gay is to go out and do gay things, just as the only thing that would make you a real baseball player is to go out and play baseball. If you are not acting on these things, you are not gay. I have more powerful information to help you with this below, enjoy!

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