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How Can Students Request Specific Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation?

How Can Students Request Specific Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation?

Request Specific Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation

Students can request specific furnishings for their Cambridge student accommodation by logging into the housing portal and using the Furniture and Appliance Request module. The module allows students to submit requests for items such as beds, desks, couches and more. To learn more about the module visit our How to Use Furniture and Appliance Request page.

Furniture purchased by the college for student rooms must stay in those rooms. Any furniture or beds removed from a room can result in the forfeiture of the privilege to live in a residence hall, suite or apartment. If a student has a documented disability-related need for additional furniture or furnishings, he/she must contact the Moses Center for Student Accessibility to request an accommodation review. Students must also provide medical documentation to support their request.

In general, a room must be kept at design capacity (the maximum number of people that the room or building is designed to accommodate). A room change may be granted during a limited amount of time following the fall room-change period and/or during the spring room-change period. Students who want to change rooms must submit a Room-Change Request Form to Residence Life. Priority for room changes is given to current residents based on class year and documented disability needs, as well as to students who have a medically-related need to move to a different type of room or space.

How Can Students Request Specific Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation?

Other than bedding, students may bring furniture such as non-flammable, UL-rated desk or floor lamps; area rugs and curtains that are not hung from the ceiling; TV and cable boxes; and trash cans. In addition, some buildings have ping-pong tables or pool tables, which are permitted on a case-by-case basis. Items that are not rated for safety such as loft beds, water beds and cinder blocks are not permitted due to fire safety and electrical standards.

student accommodation has evolved from basic dormitories to purpose-built accommodations that prioritize students’ well-being, academic success, and social integration. The availability of diverse housing options has transformed the student experience, promoting personal growth and lifelong connections. The sector has also made a significant economic impact, contributing to local economies and supporting employment opportunities. As the needs and expectations of students continue to evolve, the student accommodation landscape will undoubtedly adapt to provide innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring that students receive the necessary support and environment to thrive during their educational journey.

All Cambridge student accommodation on campus are equipped with a bed, bureau or closet, chair and wastebasket. Students should bring linens and blankets, as well as towels, toiletries, a desk clock, a small refrigerator, microwave, and dishes. Laundry facilities are available in most residential areas. In addition, a limited number of washers and dryers are available in some traditional halls, North Apartments and the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community.

All items in student rooms must be safe and secure, and residents must take care of their room and furniture. For this reason, students are not allowed to nail, screw or pin anything to the walls, woodwork or other surfaces. Students may hang posters, banners and bulletin boards by using painter’s tape, not nails or tacks. Command hooks are not allowed, as they cause damage. Nothing can be hung from sprinkler pipes, ceiling drapery tracks or traverse rods and certain flammable materials are prohibited, such as candles, halogen floor lamps, and hoverboards. A full list of prohibited items can be found in the Residential Policies. If a resident has a flammable item in his/her room, he/she may be charged for wall repair and painting upon checkout.

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