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How to become an IOS developer from scratch?

How to become an IOS developer from scratch?

If you want to become an iOS developer from scratch, there are several skills that you will need to acquire. The skills would be specifically related to IOS and Cocoa Touch Frameworks. Apart from these skills, you should also have the knowledge about object-oriented principles, steps to make use of source control, and language like Swift or Objective-C required to perform IOS development. Once you can build an IOS application from scratch, you can easily get a job as an IOS developer.

  • The user interface should be made up of images, text views, labels, buttons, and other controls that are listed within code and also on Story Boards.

  • When using automatic layout, you will need to ensure that the views are where they should be in the screen sizes and orientations.

  • User interactions should be maintained by buttons, switches, table views, sliders, and other controls.

  • The IOS application must also have various types of navigation with tab bar controllers, page view controllers and navigation controllers and even combinations of them.

  • Alerts and action sheets would be displayed along with the ability to handle inputs from them.

  • User input from text views must be accepted.

  • Scrolling view composed of smoother scrolling is another necessity.

  • Data is sent and received from a REST API using asynchronous network requests.

  • A table view that displays a list of data from a network request.

  • The web page must be displayed in a web view.

To become an IOS developer, you need to be able to participate in conversations on the topics mentioned below.

  • Tips that make for a good user interface and human interface guidelines that iOS developers should follow.

  • The list of controls that are available to you and when you would consider it appropriate for use.

  • Knowledge of the ways you can use a debugger in x-code to track down problems.

  • Knowledge of the application life cycle, including which methods are called and when the methods are called and what an IOS developer has to do with them.

  • In-depth knowledge of the concept of delegation. This may include some IOS API examples that make use of the concept. From it, you should be able to create and make use of your own delegate API.


Knowing these skills will definitely help you qualify for the job as an entry-level iOS developer. It also starts a quick learning process that helps you gain knowledge of other frameworks, as well as the technologies required for the job.

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