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How to make your baby sleep: tips and tricks

How to make your baby sleep: tips and tricks

Are you a parent continually looking for ways to get your baby to sleep but failing miserably? No matter how hard you try to get your baby’s sleep routine on the right track, you are still unsuccessful.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already gathered enough knowledge of what to do and are a pro at it, but are you a pro at what not to do? If you’re doing everything in the book and you’re not getting any positive results, you are probably doing something wrong.

This article will guide you on what not to do if you are wondering how to get your baby to sleep. So, without wasting any time, let’s start implementing the helpful tips.

Don’t skip nap time

Parents love the word “nap.” It’s usually the only time during the day when they can take a breather and catch up on some alone time. Some parents think skipping nap time is a good idea. They think that their baby will sleep early and will not get up in the middle of the night.

Wrong! This is a bogus approach and it does the exact opposite of what you want. Experts believe that nap time is crucial for the development of babies. You should incorporate two to three naps into your baby’s daily routine.

A well-rested baby will always sleep happier and through the night. When babies get tired, stress hormones increase in their bodies. These babies will not be able to sleep through the night as these hormones will keep waking them up.

Adding cereals to milk

If you are someone who is always wondering how to get your baby to sleep, did you try putting him to bed with a full meal? It’s true that tummy-sleeping babies sleep through the night. To accomplish this, some parents add cereal to their baby’s milk bottle in hopes of turning it into a heavier meal.

This approach does more harm than good. Babies who are less than 6 months old should only receive milk, as the cereal mixed in their food can cause gas, which will make them stay awake throughout the night.

Avoid sugar

If your baby has started to eat solids, make sure his stomach is full before going to bed. Your baby is likely to sleep soundly if he has eaten properly. Some moms can give their baby a sugary snack with dinner.

This is a big no-no. Sugary items should be avoided near bedtime as they will ward off any chance of your baby falling asleep early. Make sure to give your baby a light, healthy meal for dinner.

There you go. Were you making any of these mistakes and wondering why your baby is refusing to sleep? These are some very basic mistakes parents make in hopes of figuring out how to get their baby to sleep. Always keep these tips in mind. You will thank us later.

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