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Is Zero Limits by Joe Vitale a scam? – Zero Limit Review

Is Zero Limits by Joe Vitale a scam? – Zero Limit Review

It was created by Joe after learning the story of a person who managed to cure a bunch of criminal insane people, even without any contact with them. This person is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who is also the co-creator of the Zero Limit System. The healing happened in the most miraculous way. Basically, it happened after Dr. Len looked at the patient files and said “I’m sorry, I love you.”

1. How are we all interconnected in this world?

Once you’ve studied this DVD video series, you’ll have a deep understanding of how everyone affects each other in our lives, and how we all control what happens in the world. This thing that connects us is called the Greater Divine and understanding this will make our world and our society a much better place to live.

We are the creators of our own world, and we can all make a difference in our lives with a few simple words and actions. The Zero Limits Live from Maui eBook has opened my eyes to the truth of this world and how I can achieve my goals and happiness the right way.

2. How has the Zero Limits in Maui DVD series helped me?

Only after watching all the DVD videos in this package did I realize that I had a lot of negatives and blocks in myself. I started cleansing with this program and only began to discover many negative thoughts and mental blocks in me when I went through the step-by-step cleansing process in this guide.

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