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Multilayer Printed Surface Mount PCB Services

Multilayer Printed Surface Mount PCB Services

Printed Surface Mount PCB Services

A PCB is a printed circuit board with three or more layers of copper and other materials. The layers are separated by insulating substrates to form the electrical connections. The layers are joined together by vias, plated-through holes that allow interconnection between the layers. This allows higher component density, which is needed to accommodate the large number of integrated circuits (ICs) in modern electronic devices.

PCBs are a key element in electronic devices, from simple calculators to high-end cell phones. They are used for a wide variety of functions including data storage, signal transmissions and power distribution. PCBs are also used in medical and aerospace equipment. They are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of specific applications, from small and thin for mobile phones to large and thick for industrial controls.

SMT requires precise dosing of solder paste and strict adherence to the layer thicknesses on the PCB. The specialized printers used for SMT also require precise calibration to guarantee proper placement of the composition. In addition, it is important to use the correct stencils to ensure the proper positioning of the components.

Surface mount technology (SMT) is the most common mounting process for components. This method of component placement is more economical than traditional thru-hole assembly. In addition to saving on costs, SMT assembly is more accurate and faster. Using SMT to place components on the PCB can save time, space and cost and reduce errors that could otherwise occur.

Multilayer Printed Surface Mount PCB Services

Various PCB types include single-sided, double-sided and multilayer boards. Single-sided PCBs have one copper layer, while double-sided boards have two copper layers on each side of the substrate. Multilayer PCBs have additional internal layers that sandwich conductive copper and insulation. These internal layers can be used to add more routing options and improve the performance of the board. This can be accomplished by reducing noise, stray capacitance and crosstalk, increasing signaling frequencies and improving power supply decoupling.

A custom manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCB) and assemblies with through-hole and surface mount technology, mixed technology and rigid-flex designs. Capabilities include design-for-manufacturability, schematic and layout design, surface mount pcb pick and place, pin through hole technology, fine pitch BGA assembly, electromechanical system integration and flex circuit assembly. In-circuit and flying probe testing, thermal test screening and conformal coating are offered. Prototype and low to medium volume production runs are available.

A custom manufacturer of lead free and multilayer printed circuit boards(PCB) with 3 to 6 layers. Etched, exotic, plated-through-hole (PTH), silver-through-hole (STH) and solder mask over bare copper (SMOBC) are offered. Single- and double-sided circuit boards, metal core PCBs and rigid-flex are also offered. Various materials are utilized including aluminum clad, fiberglass, Kevlar(r), Mylar(r), phenolic, polyimide and PTFE. Features include flush surface, peripheral component interconnect (PCI), plug-in and stitch-wired. Blanket orders are accepted. ITAR registered and RoHS compliant.

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