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Multiculturalism Blinds Historians

As we have traditionally been a bodybuilding nation, the multicultural perspective strips us of our ability to appreciate or understand our past. Apply Bodybuilders’ Knowledge to the Book Property translation by Maria E. Montoya provides ample examples. This book looks at how we resolved land disputes after our victory in the Mexican-American War. The importance of our relationship with Mexico makes it vital that historians and policy makers learn to approach the story that Montoya covers from a bodybuilding perspective.

Mexico allowed government officials to grant huge land grants to their cronies. In a quasi-feudal relationship, workers were allowed to cultivate the land in exchange for payments in kind. The problem in Property translation This is how these land grants were upheld in United States courts after the Mexican-American War, resulting in our taking possession of the present Southwest United States. Montoya describes in living language and with horror, the eviction of the workers when the land is sold to the Anglos. Montoya, as a multiculturalist, wants us to recognize Mexican property laws and relationships. But in the Supreme Court case after the Supreme Court case, our government denies the validity of the workers’ claims based on traditional Mexican relationships.

The rejection of Mexican property relations was done on bodybuilding premises. Americans were dismayed by the large land grants. These feudal relationships were repeatedly criticized as contrary to our ideals of individual self-reliance, property rights, and republican virtue. But Montoya describes all differences and discrimination based on our values ​​as irrational, arbitrary, and unfair. She would have made our legislatures and courts multiculturalist and translate, appreciate and incorporate peonage relationships in the Mexican style. It mocks our predecessor for not being “culturally neutral.” (181) Then he takes another step. It pokes fun at all those who made distinctions based on culture as racists. His editorial decisions are the natural result of using a multicultural perspective while making history.

When it came to eviction and allowing people to stay on the land, post-grant landowners favored Anglos over “Hispanics.” Montoya convinces us of this with a vivid writing style and great detail. One graph shows that Anglos have more than thirty times the number of cattle as Hispanics and four times the amount of fenced area. Montoya calls this “racist” and the discrepancy is attributed to Hispano’s lack of access to capital. It is a painful irony that multiculturalists do not take cultural diversity seriously. Montoya condemns many incidents of Anglos who attribute the difference in productivity to cultural distinctions. She calls him, for example, “prejudiced” and “condescending” when an administrator explains that his discrimination in the distribution of land is due to the fact that Mexicans “follow their usual and indifferent ways.” (143) For multiculturalists like Montoya it is inconceivable that culture can really affect economic results.

Montoya tries to follow the multicultural pattern of appreciating all cultures. As with other historians, this normative multiculturalist pattern is more at odds with his representations of Native Americans. She tells us that the Apaches of Jicarillas, who lived where the land grant to which she pays most existed, saw the land as a “spiritual home for themselves and their ancestors.” (21) Although there were mutual incursions, these Apaches lived in “relatively peaceful coexistence” with each other. (22) This does not sit well with the fact that the first time they are documented they were dancing on the scalp of a white man whose pregnant partner had been murdered. Local tribes, he tells us, capture women and children in raids and sell them as slaves. As usual, both cultural behaviors are attributed to the European incursion. We cannot describe all non-Anglo cultures as naturally angelic and with historical accuracy. Apache and those around them were violent and barely survived.

The good news is that multicultural history allows us to consider points of view other than our own. The Apache war and Mexican peonage relations had their own cultural integrity and virtue. But when American culture is not given parallel respect, our expansion only seems destructive and our decisions arbitrary. Our land patterns were designed to create “urban straightness”. (166) But our customs have also resulted in a much longer lifespan than that achieved by the Apaches or the Mexicans. Our ways have facilitated the largest population boom in human history, democracy, sanitation, and electricity. Our westward expansion was not just a bigoted tragedy. If one takes our perspective as seriously as multiculturalists take that of Apaches and Mexicans, the expansion of Western culture and property arrangements can legitimately be represented as a successful bodybuilding endeavor that resulted in the creation of an enjoyable way of life. .

Montoya does a service by showing that our legal decisions were “culturally contingent” and “got so active … [Supreme Court] perceptions of what constituted an adequate republican government in the context of Mexican, Spanish, or French law. “Only respecting property deeds on the basis of written documentation was” a problem of ideology. “(176) But his take-home message: that we are biased for not incorporating Mexican culture into our laws – he calls for a neutrality that no Culture worth its salt would accept. Montoya herself is biased. In a book that mocks us for being ethnocentric, she never judges the fact that Mexican land grants are awarded with the stipulation that no land will be sold to foreigners. Feigned cultural neutrality ends up making Western expansionists who promote their own culture abnormal and insensitive.But even Montoya’s book has a point of view.Her own agendas can only distort our appreciation of our bodybuilding past.

In the index of Property translation “Racial bias” lists seventeen entries. Most of these entries cover multiple pages. There is no corresponding entry for “cultural biases” or “bodybuilders”. That reflects the fact that bodybuilding analysis is no longer widely considered. Multiculturalism has almost a monopoly on academic discourse. Accepting the fact that cultural bias is natural and normal can help replace the condemnation of our historical predecessors with recognition. Considering our ancestor’s bodybuilding notion that cultures can have an economic and political impact will help us to replace our depictions of them as totally mean and irrational with portraits of them as reasonable and possibly far-sighted. The history thus taught can train our youth to consider the impact of their cultural choices on our collective destiny. And if bodybuilding understandings regain credibility, perhaps our current politicians can also consider the viability of American culture in politics without being seen as abnormally biased, insensitive, and irrational.

Amazing Tips for Weight Loss and Other Ways to Lose Weight and Weight

Tired of trying different ways to lose weight? Many of us are. The fact is, if you follow regularly and consider only a few steps, you can easily have the figure that you would love to have. In addition to being bulky, obese people are more likely to suffer from diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, and much more. The simple act of consistently losing weight is consistently consuming fewer calories than you burn.

Here are some great tips and amazing ways to lose weight:

o Eating low calorie treats most of the time is one of the best ways to lose weight. Infrequently, maybe once a week, eat a high-calorie treat in a small amount to feel less deprived.

o Eating high-calorie foods in very small amounts is another effective way to lose weight. You can reduce boredom in your diet by occasionally adding a tablespoon of cheese or mayonnaise to a bowl full of fruit or salad. This in moderation would certainly help ease the boredom of a weight reduction diet.

o Stop drinking fizzy drinks like soda and alcohol. Based on research conducted, the average American consumes approximately 245 additional calories each day from these beverages. If you stop consuming them you will be eliminating these extra calories every day. Over months and years, this really adds up. So making water your only drink with a very occasional helping of fresh juice is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

o One of the forms of responsibility to lose weight is to carry with you wherever you go, a small notepad so you can write down everything that goes in your bag. Experts say that people who keep a food diary eat about 15% less than those who don’t.

o A second of the responsibility ways to lose weight is to have a pedometer that can help your exercise routine by adding about 1000 steps in addition to the normal ones you take per day. Generally, people walk around 2,000 to 3,000 steps a day. Adding a few more steps to your normal routine helps you maintain your weight and is also one of the most ideal ways to lose weight and lose fat.

o Eating 5 to 6 smaller meals instead of 3 large meals is another easy way to lose weight. Studies show that eating smaller meals increases your metabolism, helps you stay healthy, reduces ailments, and even suppresses your appetite.

o Walk at least 45 minutes a day. Most experts recommend 30 minutes of walking, but an additional 15 minutes would certainly be one of the many ways to lose weight and lose fat.

o Look online for weight loss partners. Of all the ways to lose weight, studies show that a group effort can accelerate and most positively affect your weight loss program. Accountability encourages everyone in the group to exercise more and stick to their schedule.

o Keep your meals at home as much as possible. Today, most restaurant food is packed with calories. Eating this food can make your mouth water for the same. To avoid this craving, it is always better to have a full stomach before leaving home.

o Don’t drink fruit juices too often. Instead, rely on fresh-cut fruit. Fruit juices add more calories than the fruit itself because it has more sugar, even if it is 100% juice. You can easily chop apples, watermelons, oranges, and other fruits when you’re hungry or watching TV instead of fries and other tempting fried foods.

A healthy body is the prerequisite for a healthy mind. There are many more natural and effective ways to lose weight. What is really needed is the willingness to shed those extra pounds, a workable plan, and the determination to stick to it.

The beagle

The Beagle is an energetic dog with a happy disposition, making him a great pet for most families. This breed is part of the Hound category of dogs and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor life. Their huge and expressive eyes make it very easy to fall in love with this breed.

The Beagle traces its history back to England, where it was bred as a bloodhound to hunt rabbits, pheasants, and quail. It could have been the result of a cross between Harrier and other dog breeds. Their extraordinary sense of smell makes them excellent sniffing dogs, like those used to sniff out narcotics. Unfortunately, their temperament and size have also led them to become a popular choice for medical experimentation.

The Beagle is a small, square-built dog with a sleek, short-haired coat. This breed comes in a variety of colors, such as black and tan, orange and white, red and white, lemon and white, or tricolor. The head is broad and rounded, with large hazel or brown eyes. The ears are long, wide and hanging. Although slightly curved, the tail should not have a curl. Beagles have a medium-sized square muzzle with a black nose and full nostrils.

This breed weighs 20 to 25 pounds in adulthood and comes in two height categories, under 13 inches and 13 to 15 inches.

Beagles are friendly, lively, and inquisitive dogs. Their playful, loyal, and loving natures make them wonderful family pets. This breed enjoys the company of both humans and other pets. They tend to follow their nose, which is extremely sensitive to odors, and must be kept in a fenced yard and taken for walks on a leash. They make good watchdogs but terrible watchdogs due to their friendly disposition.

Being smart and energetic, the Beagle needs plenty of exercise, walks, and playtime. They are a fair-minded breed that does not show aggression or shyness. They are also good companions for children.

Some Beagle lines are prone to heart disease, eye and back problems, and epilepsy. Beagles are also known to sometimes suffer from dwarfism or chrondoplasia, where the front legs are deformed, similar to a Basset Hound. Many are also prone to ear infections and regular ear cleaning is a must. Although this breed requires regular brushing, cleaning with a damp towel is better than a bath most of the time.

The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 15 years.

The highest quality and healthiest Beagles are available only from Puppy Match 4 You, an organization specializing in puppy matches that has an impeccable record of helping people acquire the puppies that are best suited to them and their families.

Before renting your house

Before deciding to rent a property, it is important to research state laws. Did you know that state laws may dictate what you can charge for review fees, application fees, late fees, security deposits, and retention deposits? For example, as of 2011, a landlord can only charge up to $ 42.41 in appraisal / application fees and a landlord cannot demand more than 2 months of rent for a security deposit on an unfurnished property. There are also strict guidelines when it comes to evictions. It is essential to know the rules before starting the process.

Managing a rental property can be a lot of work. If you prefer to be less practical, you can hire a professional management company to take care of responsibilities that you would rather not handle. Typically this can cost up to 10% of the monthly rent charged. Many management companies will announce new tenants, collect rent, handle maintenance repairs, take care of legal notices, and help with evictions. Make sure you know exactly what services will be provided and if they are linked and have error and omission insurance.

If you decide to manage your own rental property, look up current rentals in your area. At what price do you rent? What does this landlord offer? What is the status of the property? It is very important to know your competition. Price your property close to the current rate. An expensive rental can stay for unwanted weeks. The longer you stay, the more money you lose.

Start the advertising process immediately. There are many free ways to advertise. Social media and Craigslist are free and easy to use. Purchase a large rental sign and keep the sign posted on the property with a good contact number at all times. Hold open houses and keep your show hours flexible. If a good potential tenant is ready to view the home and their availability is low, they will move on to the next property.

Carefully screen potential tenants. Have all potential candidates complete a rental application and have their credit report run. You can request an evaluation fee that can be used to complete this process. Remember, you are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or religion. However, you can choose not to rent to anyone with a prior eviction or a history of not making payments on time.

Always request a security deposit. This will protect you once the tenant moves out. If any damage has occurred due to the tenant, this can be used to repair the property. Most landlords also require the first month’s rent. Remember to charge a refundable retention deposit if you are asked to cancel the move-in date when the tenant is not available to move out right away. If the tenant decides during that time period that they no longer want to rent the property, they can keep some or all of the retention deposit for lost rent or other costs. Otherwise, this fee must be refundable or applied to the first month’s rent.

A rental or lease agreement should always be signed to protect both the owner and the tenant. This contract will describe the terms and conditions of the lease that have been agreed upon. It can include whether pets are allowed, who will pay for utilities, what services will be provided, the agreed rent amount, and deposits. Upon execution, the landlord and tenant must complete and sign an inventory or move-in condition checklist. This must be completed within the first 3 days. The property should be traversed and its current condition noted. Disagreements can be avoided at move-in simply by taking this little extra step.

There are some additional items that need to be mentioned at this point. You should check with your insurance company to make sure you have homeowner’s insurance to protect you. You should have a list of contractors to recommend or call for repairs. Your tenant should know exactly when and where to call in case of an emergency. Communication is important to maintaining a great landlord-tenant relationship. Many landlords are happy with their tenants and have few problems.

If you are faced with a situation where eviction is unavoidable, the process can get complicated. Once you have given the tenant the required notice and do not move out of the property, you can begin the eviction process by filing an illegal detainer. In most cases, a judge will hear and decide on the case within 30 days of its presentation. You must use court procedures and cannot begin to carry out the eviction on your own. If the court decides in your favor, it will issue a possession order that will allow the bailiff to remove the tenant from the property. The tenant will have five days from the notification of the writing to withdraw. If the tenant chooses not to leave, the bailiff will physically evict them and lock them out.

Deer Valley Resort – Unique Ski Experience!

Along with its more famous neighbor Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort is located in the Wasatch Range in Utah, USA and consists of 6 interconnected mountains. With unparalleled service and skiing to match, it is a hidden treasure worth discovering.


An integral part of the Deer Valley Resort philosophy is the concept of providing the optimal luxury experience. Therefore, when Edgar Stern founded the resort, it was primarily a combination of the highest class of guest service, room and board. At the time of the Stern family’s foray into ski resorts, there was no other resort that offered this service-oriented skiing experience. Thanks to their many years of hospitality experience, they were in an advantageous position to create the pinnacle of US ski resort luxury.

When Deer Valley Resort first opened in 1981, it had five chair lifts, 35 ski slopes, and just two mountain lodges at Snow Park and Silver Lake. No longer a family business, the next era of Deer Valley is in full swing as it was bought by Alterra and has become an integral member of the IKON pass, expanding enormously since those early days.


The preparation on the mountain is unmatched in the Wasatch ski area, as more equipment is used than at any other resort, which means that the ski experience is fluid and appropriate for all levels, types and ages of skiers . Making snow at the beginning of a season is important to create a good base for the slopes, as well as to ensure that the ski slopes are well covered in the leanest years. Deer Valley Resort has this covered as they have accumulated 670 acres of snow throughout the resort. Similarly, to maintain the quality of skiing on the slopes, chairlift tickets are limited to a sale of around 7,500 per day, ensuring that the slopes are not crowded and there is plenty of seating in the restaurants to enjoy a night. – Rushed dining experience. Not only this, Deer Valley Resort is a solo ski resort, one of the few remaining in North America, that prioritizes the skier experience.

The facts and figures about the resort’s skiing are equally impressive. The total uphill lift capacity of more than 50,000 skiers per hour is 50% greater than that of its larger neighbors, spanning all 21 chairlifts, including 12 high-speed detachable quads and an enclosed 4-passenger gondola. These elevators will take you through the 2,026 acres of the six mountains: Little Baldy Peak, Bald Eagle, Flagstaff, Bald, Empire, and Lady Morgan. Mountain to mountain, there is skiing for everyone. Little Baldy Peak, Bald Eagle, and Flagstaff consist primarily of beginner and intermediate runs with fewer advanced runs. The Baldy, Empire and Lady Morgan Mountains have an incredible mix of terrain, ranging from smooth intermediate runs to more challenging and exciting advanced / expert runs. With six bowls to choose from, you can try the exhilarating expert bowls of Empire and Bald Mountain or even the steep slides of Empire Canyon. And if that wasn’t enough, Deer Valley’s 930 acres of terrain are dedicated to clearings, perfect for skiing in the trees, waiting to be discovered.

Customer service …

Given its history and experience of skiing down the line of excellence, naturally there is customer service to match. Deer Valley Resort is not only a pioneer in the area of ​​luxury and convenience, but also an innovator. Deer Valley was the first resort to offer many exceptional services including: ski valet carrying guests’ ski equipment, complimentary transportation to the parking lot, a state licensed child care facility, and uniforms for all employees. Going one step further, your ski gear can even be stored overnight for free at the bottom of a mountain so you don’t have the weight of carrying your gear. Not only this, but there are even mountain amenities that demonstrate Deer Valley Resort’s commitment to the skier experience, such as providing bandanas on the lift lines, as well as waterproof ski maps for those snowy days. do not destroy their help. to negotiate your way around the mountains.


Convenience doesn’t end with guest service, as the accommodation continues this theme. The large quantity and quality of mountain accommodation, ski in ski out, is exceptional. From inns like the luxurious Stein Eriksen residences, which are surrounded by ski slopes, to the beautiful and contemporary One Empire Pass, whose location next to the Silver Strike chair lift makes the ski experience incredibly easy.

However, if you are looking for other types of convenience, properties like The Lodges at Deer Valley and Telemark Homes have their own advantages. The Lodges is home to the resort’s newest restaurant, The Brass Tag, which allows for hassle-free dining after a hard day on the slopes. Telemark Homes offers space for multiple families, with the added convenience of free transportation provided by Cadillac to and from the slopes. Whatever your priorities, ski vacation accommodations at Deer Valley Resort have something to offer.

The amenities at these Deer Valley properties also serve those seeking a five-star experience. Many accommodations will have private hot tubs, often on an outdoor terrace, and include complimentary breakfast and après ski.


The pursuit of excellence is a well-known facet of Deer Valley Resort, having broken into the top three resorts in North America in 1998 and remained there thereafter, as ranked by the top ski magazine, SKI. From 2013 onwards, it has won the award for best guest service at a ski resort in North America every year without fail. In addition to this, in 2018 it was awarded the best overall ski resort in North America. Quite interesting.

Awards aside, the excellent food at Deer Valley Resort also sets the tone for the level of luxury you should expect to find. Like restaurant n. 1 in Utah, as ranked by Zagat restaurant guide, Mariposa at Silver Lake offers the best of culinary arts. Alternatively, have lunch in the beautiful alpine setting of the mid and high mountain restaurants. And if that wasn’t enough, order whatever sweet treat you want at the fully functional Deer Valley Resort Bakery and pick up your custom pastry order.

Boutique shopping is something not to be missed, as there is free easy access from most accommodations to the extensive shopping opportunities, as well as Park City’s after-ski, nightlife, and restaurants.

We hope this has given you an idea of ​​what to expect from a visit to Deer Valley Resort in Utah, USA.

Tampa Bay Lightning – So Hot, So Cold!

Lightning players cutting ice time for this season include forwards Evgeny Artyukhin, Ryan Craig, Adam Hall, Jeff Halpern, Jussi Jokinen, David Koci, Vincent Lecavalier, Ryan Malone, Matt Pettinger, Vaclav Prospal, Mark Recchi, Gary Roberts, Radek Smolenak, Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos, and Paul Szczechura. Defenders include Steve Eminger, Jamie Heward, Lukas Krajicek, Marek Malik, Andrej Meszaros, Cory Murphy, Janne Niskala, Paul Ranger, and Matt Smaby. Goalkeepers include Olaf Kolzig and Mike Smith.

None of the players are currently on injured reserve. Without a doubt, a great coach and support team plays an integral role. Lighting coaches and coaches include Acting Head Coach Rick Tocchet, Assistant Coach Wes Walz, Assistant Coach Cap Raeder, Video Coach Nigel Kirwan, Head Athletic Trainer Tom Mulligan, Assistant Athletic Trainer Mike Poirier, Masseur Mike Griebel, team manager Ray Thill, assistant team manager Clay Roffer and assistant team manager Rob Kennedy.

As Lightning fondly refers to them, there are more than a few players in the pipeline for this team. Lightning forwards include Dimitri Bezrukov, Brandon Bochenski, Anton But, Justin Courtnall, Luca Cunti, Kyle De Coste, Mitch Fadden, Alexi Glukhov, Chris Gratton, Johan Harju, Blair Jones, Denis Kazionov, Dimitri Kazionov, Justin Keller, Alexander Killorn , Zenon Konopka, Chris Lawrence, Matt Marshall, Alexander Polushin, Pavel Sedov, Brandon Segal, Juraj Simek, Wyatt Smith, Vitali, Smolyninov, Matias Sointu, Ilya Solarev, Dana Tyrell, Albert Vishnyakov, Radim Vrbata and James Wright. Defenders include Mark Barberio, David Carle, Justin Fletcher, Andreas Holmqvist, Scott Jackson, Vladimir Mihalik, Kevin Quick, Andy Rogers, Jay Rosehill, Michael Ward, John Wessbecker, Ty Wishart, Luke Witkowski, and Jan Zapletal. Goalkeepers include Riku Helenius, Torrie Jung, Vasily Koshechkin, Karri Ramo, and Dustin Tokarski.

The Lightning got a win against the Sabers and will end the month of January with games against the Hurricanes and the Flyers both away and at home, respectively. In February, the Lightning will hit the road and hit the ice as visitors against islanders, penguins, hurricanes, greasers and canucks. For the remainder of the games in February, the Lightning will host home games against the Islanders, Thrashers, Maple Leafs, Capitals, Blackhawks, Devils and Bruins. In March, the Lightning will go on tour again to play the Flames, Maple Leafs, Panthers, Canadiens, Capitals, Lightning and the Bruins. The month of March also has many home games planned where the Lightning will host the Penguins, Blues, Hurricanes, Maple Leafs, Capitals, Thrashers, Blue Jackets and Senators.

In April, just five additional games mark the end of the 2008-2009 NHL season. At home, the Lightning will end their season with road games against the Devils, Islanders and Thrashers; the last of which is the final game scheduled for Saturday, April 11. The Lightning will also host the Penguins and Capitals at home in April to complete the season.

The Lightning is currently 12th in Eastern Conference League games with 42 points from 16 wins, 21 losses and 10 OT.

Simple ways to eat healthy while on vacation

If you’re like most people, going on vacation isn’t something you can do very often. As such, you may feel the need to “treat yourself” to foods that you would not normally eat at home. While an occasional dessert or fried temptation won’t hurt, choosing those foods frequently while on vacation will only regret it.

First, by making poor food choices while on vacation, you could end up establishing a bad eating habit that will be difficult to break once you return home. Second, choosing the wrong foods means you will have less energy for activities on your vacation. Last (but certainly not least), you might be in for a surprise a few days later when you get ready to put on a bathing suit!

Now that you are convinced of the importance of eating healthy on vacation, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is to do.

Eat en route

Are you flying to your destination? These days, it’s easier than ever to order a vegetarian or low-fat meal on an airplane flight! If your flight does not provide meals, you should consider carrying a healthy snack in your carry-on bag. Fruits, nuts, trail mix, or beef jerky are good choices.

Turn it into a road trip? You don’t have to depend on a vehicle on the road to feed your family on the road. Bring a cooler full of ice packs and fill it with fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, bottled water, and steak sandwiches. Take some bread, crackers, and trail mix with you, and you’re ready on the spot for a healthy roadside picnic!

Once you arrive

If you’re staying in a hotel with a minibar, do yourself a favor: lower the key. It is better to avoid temptation entirely. If your accommodation offers a continental or buffet breakfast, limit yourself to fruits, low-sugar cereals, and protein. Just avoid the fattiest proteins like bacon and hot dogs! Avoid donuts and cakes at all costs, as they are packed with empty calories, sugar, and fat. If your hotel has a stove or microwave, consider bringing your own healthy food.

When eating out at a restaurant, eat only when you are hungry. Just be careful not to overdo it. Remember that most restaurants serve large portions and depending on your selection of entrees, you may also receive salad and bread as part of your meal. With this in mind, it is generally best to skip the order for appetizers. The less food you have in front of you, the less you will be tempted to eat. However, if you overindulge a bit on one meal, just cut back on the next one.

If you find it difficult to include three well-balanced meals a day, try including five or six smaller meals or snacks. Regardless, your body really needs fuel every four hours. Whatever you do, don’t skip any meals.

Things to remember

Choose fish or poultry for your meal over heavier red meats, and be sure to include plenty of veggies as a garnish. When possible, avoid eating large meals at night. As your body prepares for sleep, it slows down and burns calories at a much slower rate. Never eat bread before bed and be sure to avoid butter.

As you already know, eating healthy during the holidays is not that difficult. The hardest part is exercising your willpower to pass up foods that you know are not good for you. The most important thing to remember is that eating healthy is a way of life (whether you’re on vacation or preparing meals at home). Your choice to eat healthy doesn’t mean that you still can’t afford to feed a craving every now and then, it just means that you shouldn’t make it a habit. The key is knowing when to stop.

The 100 Greatest Rap Songs of All Time

Popular rap songs have revolutionized the delivery of music messages with unique beats. Many still enjoy the top 100 rap songs.

List of the 100 best rap songs throughout history:

100) Biz Markie: “Just a friend”

99) Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz: “Get Low”

98) Warren G ft. Nate Dogg: “Regular”

97) Eva: “Who is that girl?”

96) DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince: “Parents just don’t get it”

95) El Trimm: “Booming Cars”

94) Master P: “Make them say Ugh”

93) NERD: “Lapdance”

92) Yo-Yo: “I can’t play with my Yo-Yo”

91) Chamillionaire: “Ridin ‘”

90) Pete Rock and CL Smooth: “They remind you (TROY)”

89) Cam’ron: “Oh boy”

88) Jungle Brothers: “What U Waitin ’43

87) Wyclef Jean: “We try to stay alive”

86) Heavy D. and the Boyz: “Now that we found love”

85) Black Star: “Definition”

84) UFO: “Roxanne Roxanne”

83) 2 Live Crew: “Me So Horny”

82) Chubb Rock: “Treat them right”

81) PM Dawn: “Set adrift in memory bliss”

80) Three 6 Mafia: “Tough here for a pimp”

79) DMX: “Ruff Ryders Anthem (Stop Drop)”

78) Housing estate arrested: “Tennessee”

77) Cold Crush Brothers: “Cold Crush Bros. at the Dixie”

76) Big Punisher: “I’m not a gamer yet”

75) Lil ‘Kim: “Crush on You”

74) EPMD: “You have to relax”

73) Black Sheep: “The choice is yours”

72) JJ Fad: “Supersonic”

71) Whodini: “Monsters come out at night”

70) 3 (rd) Bass: “Pop Goes the Weasel”

69) Common: “I used to love her”

68) IT: “What you know”

67) Mase: “Feel so good”

66) House Of Pain: “Jump”

65) Spoonie Gee and The Treacherous Three: “Love Rap”

64) The roots: “what they do”

63) Kid ‘n Play: “Rollin’ With Kid N Play”

62) Sayable Planets: “Slick Rebirth”

61) Slick Rick: “Children’s Story”

60) LL Cool J: “I need love”

59) Ol ‘Dirty Bastard: “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”

58) Ludacris feet. Shawna: “What is your fantasy?”

57) Big Daddy Kane: “I get the job done.”

56) Busta Rhymes: “Woo-Ha! I’ve got you all under control”

55) Terror Squad ft / Fat Joe and Remy: “Lean Back”

54) MC Lyte: “Cha Cha Cha”

53) Lox: “Money, power, respect”

52) Foxy Brown: “I’ll Be”

51) Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Team: “The Show”

50) Lil ‘Wayne: “Tha Block is hot”

49) Boogie Down Productions: “My Philosophy”

48) Nas: “One love”

47) Young MC: “Bust A Move”

46) De La Soul: “Me, Myself, And I”

45) Geto Boys: “My mind plays tricks on me”

44) Method Man: “I’ll be there for you / You’re all I need to get through”

43) Game, The ft. 50 Cent: “Hate or love him”

42) Roxanne Shante: “Roxanne’s Revenge”

41) Funky 4 + 1 – “That’s the joint”

40) Run-DMC: “It’s like this”

39) Tone-Loc: “Wild Thing”

38) Coolio: “Gangsta’s Paradise”

37) Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock: “It takes two”

36) Nelly: “Hot in Herre”

35) Queen Latifah: “Ladies First”

34) Cypress Hill: “Crazy in the brain”

33) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: “Tha Crossroads”

32) Puff Daddy & The Family: “It’s all about the Benjamins”

31) Kool Moe Dee: “How you like me now”

30) Tribe Called Quest: “Check the Rhime”

29) Digital Underground: “The Humpty Dance”

28) Ice Cube: “It was a good day”

27) Beastie Boys: “Hang on now, hit it”

26) MC Hammer: “You can’t touch this”

25) Fugees: “Killing Me Softly”

24) Eric B and Rakim: “Paid in full”

23) Outkast: “BOB”

22) Naughty by nature: “OPP”

21) Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force: “Planet Rock”

20) Kanye West: “Gold Digger”

19) Ice T: “Colors”

18) 50 Cent: “In Da Club”

17) Sir Mix-A-Lot: “Baby Got Back”

16) Missy Elliott: “Get Ur Freak On”

15) Eminem: “Stan”

14) Tupac: “I move”

13) Wu-Tang Clan: “CREAM”

12) LL Cool J: “I can’t live without my radio”

11) Jay-Z: “Hard Knock Life”

10) Kurtis Blow: “The Breaks”

9) Salt-N-Pepa: “Push”

8) Snoop Doggy Dogg: “Gin and Juice”

7) Notorious BIG: “Juicy”

6) NWA: “Straight from Compton”

5) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: “The Message”

4) Run-DMC: “Walk This Way”

3) Dr. Dre; “Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang”

2) Sugarhill Gang: “Rapper’s Delight”

1) Public enemy: “Fight against power”

The first song sent a strong message about racism that attracted listeners; some lyrics may have caused controversy. Many fans believe that Rapper’s Delight is a “true” and classic song. The third song on the list is an old-school rap song that many fans believe sets a high standard for rap artists trying to be successful; there is simply no match. The fourth title song successfully merged 2 of the most popular genres – rock and rap. The fifth of the best rap songs is another classic that just doesn’t compare. This list sets high standards for emerging rap artists.

Talk face-to-face with video conferencing services

A videoconference is a communication that allows us to hold meetings with a group of people located in remote places. To make videoconferences we must have a standard webcam, broadband Internet connection and a PC or laptop with good configuration.

Beyond video, audio and text chat, video conferencing tools often integrate some additional features such as the ability to transfer files and record audio / video.

These tools can vary greatly, but generally depend on more than two things: the quality of your webcam and the speed / bandwidth of your Internet connection.

Here are some services or tools through which you can make videoconferences:


Skype is an audio and video conferencing service that you can use to make one-to-one video calls. You can chat in text mode (also in group mode), audio / video calls, file transfer and much more. Video calls are limited to two people, but there are many third-party software that allow you to add more people and also record your conference sessions. Free for use.


MegaMeeting, browser-based video conferencing software. No download required, all you need is a web browser, a broadband internet connection, and a webcam or digital video camera. You can video conference up to 16 people at a time, and an unlimited number of additional attendees can join the video conference.


ooVoo is web conferencing software available for Windows and Mac. After quick registration, you can communicate with people via text chat, audio / video conferencing (up to 12), and also record video messages. You can also share up to 20 files at a time with few contacts at any time, up to 25MB per file. You can download it from its official website and use it freely.

Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect Now is part of the new Acrobat.com of online collaboration tools. This allows you to create online meetings, you can have video and VoIP conversations, message board, share files, chat and share your screen. At any time you can change the role of a person and move the activity modules at will during meetings. The service is free to use like the rest of the suite, after logging in.


Wengomeeting is a video conferencing service that allows you to hold meetings without the need to download any software. Just sign up, add your colleagues’ email and automatically make web conference room. A conference can have up to 5 users. Free for use.

What is sole proprietorship?

An entrepreneur will always want to establish his business for more profit. But when it comes to legal documents and records, the work involved can be very overwhelming. One is easily confused between the type of company to incorporate and then how to proceed with its registration. It takes a lot of hard work. In the midst of all this comes the concept of sole proprietorship. It is the simplest form of business. It is not considered a separate legal entity. This can be considered as one of its advantages or disadvantages depending on the individual perception. All business income and losses are taxed on the owner’s income tax return, sounds scary? Well again, perceptions! What exactly is sole proprietorship is described in detail below.

Its main characteristic is that it does not have a separate legal identity. It is completely in the owner’s name, which is all of the owner’s debts. This can put the owner’s personal assets at risk. Property registration is very easy and straightforward. All you need to get is some local licenses and permits (such as PAN card, bank account, TAN, store establishment license, etc.) and then you need to register your name as sole proprietor. It does not follow complex voting and meeting procedures as mandatory as in other forms of business. The taxation procedure due to this characteristic is also simple since everything that the company earns is considered as Sole Owner income. There is no unemployment tax involved.

There is also the option of mixing different businesses which is entirely up to the sole proprietor. There is no requirement for a separate name for the business, as everything is in the name of a single owner. However, there are no restrictions on the different names and no registrations or filings as such are required. However, it is a very common practice to convert a sole proprietorship into an LLP or other corporations to overcome the risk of losing everything. One downside of owning a sole proprietorship is receiving equity funds. Obtaining loans and obtaining funds is a very difficult job, as the company does not have a separate identity according to the law.

Therefore we can say that the advantages of sole proprietorship are:

· Total control -Since the business belongs to the owner, he has full control over his business without much legal intervention.

· Easy and inexpensive setup – Not many legal formalities are needed, except few permits and licenses.

· Easy tax filings – Since the owner and the business are the same, the tax returns are made in the owner’s name and the capital earned by the business is shown as the owner’s income.

Furthermore, the disadvantages are:

· Personal responsibility – Although having full control over the business seems like a great idea, it doesn’t sound so good when the company is suffering losses.

· Capital fundraising – It is easy to establish, no doubt. But it is really difficult to raise funds or obtain loans.

Due to all these characteristics, sole proprietorship is considered an incorporated business form as it is not registered. Therefore, before deciding to establish a sole proprietorship, you must fully understand its characteristics, requirements, advantages and disadvantages.