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Cardio: Five Ways to Lose Fat Quickly and Efficiently

The wellness industry has become big business. There are all kinds of supplements and remedies that are advertised as miracle weight loss drugs. The truth is that none of the weight lost in this way is sustainable. Weight gain is based on a few factors. Lifestyle, diet and genetics. Take an honest assessment in these three areas to determine where adjustments need to be made to lose weight. Increased metabolism is something you are born with, but if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, you will eventually gain weight. Leading an active lifestyle can sometimes lead to poor diet, which can affect the rate of weight gain or loss. Dieting alone may allow you to lose a few pounds, but if it’s not a lifestyle change, those pounds can come back.

Being careful about the fuel we feed our bodies makes a huge difference in how quickly we reach our weight loss goals. In addition to changing what we eat, a disciplined exercise routine is necessary. The three C’s of losing weight are cardio, calories, and consistency. Doing cardio will help burn fat while counting calories ensures that we don’t consume more than we burn. With anything in life, consistency is the key to success. Burn the fat before starting the weight training program, you will build muscle underneath the fat. Being consistent in your exercise and dietary adjustment will ensure the results you want to see.

The human body is an amazing machine. Pick up the routines and adjust accordingly. This process is called muscle memory. It is necessary to be consistent when doing cardio, but we must remember that we must not get caught up in exercise routines. For example: running on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day at 5 miles per hour may only work for a month or so. After a month, your body will adapt to this routine and you will burn fewer calories. Try increasing the time you are running or increasing your speed.

Five things to speed up your fat loss

1. Running is good for you, but not every day.

Running every day is tough on the joints, whether it’s outdoors, on the pavement, or on a treadmill. Combine your cardio routine with other cardiovascular exercises.

2. Interval training is good for you.

On the treadmill, elliptical, or bike, alternate high intensity with low intensity in one-minute intervals. As your stamina improves, increase the intensity.

3. Shake things up by incorporating Cardio Blasts into your routine.

Running in place, jumping jacks, jumping rope, doing burpees are good cardio exercises. Flying for 15 minutes is as effective as 30 minutes on the treadmill.

4. Add an aerobics class per week

One hour of Zumba can burn 500-1000 calories and Zumba is fun. It also gives you a change of scenery. We don’t want to get bored with our exercise routine.

5. Don’t forget to stretch.

Stretching is just as important as the training itself. Prevent injuries and increase your athletic abilities. Sports injuries can really stifle your routine because you will have to slow down to recover. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

When trying to lose weight, start with the three Cs: cardio, calories, and consistency. Eliminate the fat with cardio before diving into weight training. Mix up your cardio routine and remember to stretch.

Ten book options to use for business gifts

Have you ever come across a business book that is referenced over and over again or that others say they continually reread or use as a resource? So why not consider giving the business gift you keep giving in the form of a good book? There are so many great new books and classic titles to meet all kinds of business needs.

Here are ten unique ideas to consider as gifts that help with common business problems or facilitate a person’s professional growth. These books are not listed in any particular order.

1. Any business professional can use a presentation book to become a better speaker in front of co-workers or clients.

2. Everyone can use more efficient and effective meetings, which is why a meeting management guide is also a great gift for business team members or clients.

3. Time management is important to any professional individual, which is why a book on this topic is often appreciated, as even the best planner can come up with new ideas.

4. If the person receiving the business gift is a new manager, supervisor, or team leader, a book that guides you in your new role may be an alternative to consider.

5. Many professional people and teams need help setting goals and performance, as well as plans to achieve them. Therefore, a planning or goal setting book can be helpful.

6. Conflict management or resolution is another business issue that many individuals and teams may have to grapple with, so this is another option to consider when looking for a gift book.

7. Another business topic that is often overlooked is communication. Consider books on how to improve interpersonal communication or how to write business communications for those who may need it.

8. Negotiation skills are important to salespeople, but books on this topic can also be helpful to other professionals.

9. Most people like to think about how they can help their community, as well as their own personal growth, so be sure to check out a book on how to make life matter or self-esteem too.

10. People who travel a lot for business and spend a lot of time waiting for meetings may find a book of essays or short case studies from other professionals to be an easy and useful read, as they can be taken in small amounts as time allows.

When considering the best business book to give away, think about any complaints or concerns the recipient has raised in the past, and look for a title on that topic or area. The person who receives the book as a gift will appreciate the fact that someone remembered their problem in addition to receiving the gift.

Some Things About Wheatgrass Juice You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many people who think that wheatgrass juice is simply a healthy drink that you can drink for energy and nutrients. The truth is that there are books full of long lists of uses and applications. From its detoxifying health benefits to addictions, cavities, sore throats, skin problems, constipation, improves blood sugar, hypertension and respiration. There are countless documented uses for this powerful healing juice.


Some of the earliest wheatgrass juice healing methods were very simple and natural. The instructions would direct a person to deposit a small amount of wheatgrass juice pulp and place the wet leaves on the area of ​​the body that was diseased, scarred, or irritated. Other uses would include chewing the herb for some time before spitting out the pulp. Today we know that there are many scientific reasons behind this healing method.

Wheatgrass juice contains the living blood of plants and shoots; it is filled with the energy from which all living things thrive. This plant blood is known as chlorophyll and has the effect of rebuilding the bloodstream of humans and other mammals. There have even been a lot of studies that have been done on different types of animals, and all of them have shown without a doubt that chlorophyll from plant blood is free from any kind of toxic or adverse reactions. However, many people find that he has a strange or apparently foreign taste; after all, it is grass juice.

Detox deodorant

Even with wheatgrass juice tasting somewhat unpleasant, it has other benefits. The living chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice is like an alovera plant. Its juices have the ability to remove drug deposits from the skin and body. This effect even works when wheatgrass spreads into the armpits covering the lymphatic system. This works as a wonderful deodorant that eliminates body odor.

In the blood

When you have a drink of wheatgrass juice, you will taste the grass and sweetness, and very quickly afterwards, free changes will often occur in the body. Usually this is the chlorophyll that purifies the liver. When it reaches the bloodstream, it improves blood sugar levels. If the juice is gargled or simply kept in the mouth, it will eliminate toothaches and, over time, can help prevent or even strengthen stopped tooth decay. At the same time, other people will simply gargle to remove the sore throat. It seems that plant blood is good for the skin.

Skin, hair and intestines

So much so that there have been several gurus who have recommended it for skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Dr. Patricia Linage from the University of Toronto talks about people who drink juice regularly and experience gray hair loss. He also has a series of articles explaining how good wheatgrass juice can be for people suffering from constipation and how the body reacts by keeping the intestines open due to its high concentration of magnesium. And this is the first in a long list of detoxifying effects that people experience.

Drug abuse and acid addiction

One new thing that is getting a lot of attention in the community is the phenomenon of people drinking wheatgrass juice and finding that it dissolves scars and lung damage. Especially cigarette smokers and drug users who discover that scars can form on the lungs due to the various chemicals that people use today. Many gases and unnatural substances found in the air can have an acid effect on the avioli in the lungs. With wheatgrass juice, carbon monoxide is automatically removed due to the fact that the blood of plants naturally increases the amount of hemoglobin. This is much like high blood pressure can be effectively lowered by improving the capillaries to which water, oxygen, and minerals are supplied. This also causes the body to remove and dissipate all heavy metals from the body’s cells.

There have been many fads over the years as to which vegetables and fruits have detoxifying effects on the human body. It has been said that one pound of wheatgrass juice can contain up to twenty-three or more pounds of vegetables such as lettuce, celery, carrots, and spinach. Nutritionally, anyone can benefit from eating vegetables to detoxify addictions, improve blood sugar and high blood pressure, heal the teeth, skin and organs of the body. So wheatgrass juice is not just for sipping, but also for rubbing over any beer.

Amazed by the unfolding of the great African safari never seen the special extent of the safari

Start your adventure to explore amazing Africa with us Africans. We offer various types of fascinating car safaris. The best of all safaris is the Great African Safari. Grand African Safari Showcase extraordinary and special safari extensions. These Safari extensions highlight the fabulous landscapes of Africa. This great African safari experience will turn all your dreams into existence. This African safari takes you on a new adventure in Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya and South Africa.
Explore Majestic Tanzania, the land of discreet landscapes where you can experience all weather conditions in one place. Tanzania is a breathtaking country that represents the various magnificent landscapes, breathtaking peaks, crystal clear lakes, lush rainforest and wide savanna. Tanzania is home to more than 40 species of mammals such as elephants, giraffes, Cape buffalo, hippos, rhinos, zebras, wildebeest, antelope, wild boar, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena and many more. Not only birds and animals, but also Tanzania offers refuge to many beautiful butterflies, colorful flowers and various types of reptiles. On the wonderful Tanzania trip, you will get to know the different cultures and lifestyles of its local East African peoples such as the Meru, Chagga and Maasai tribes. Here, you can experience different types of Safari drives due to their different landscapes. You can hike the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro and see the 5 moderate temperate scenes, the beautiful early morning sun rising from the top of the mountain. You can endure the night in tent camps. You can opt for a 4×4 land cruise safari, where you can get up close to the famous big five of Africa: buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros. The professional safari guide will be with the 4×4 safari as your personal Safari driver and guide. Relaxed in Zanzibar in luxury hotels.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of the Maasai Mara tribes in Kenya, the land of amazing playgrounds. Kenya’s landscapes are scorching deserts, high savannah planes interrupted by snow-capped mountains. Get lost in views of the wild Kenyan wildlife that is home to an unrivaled variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Admire the beauty of the picturesque coastline enhanced by scattered colorful coral reefs.
For those who are interested in enjoying nature, Botswana is an excellent choice for Safari. Botswana is famous for its varied habitats. Botswana offers the enchanting scenes of the Okavango Delta, where seasonal rainfall is slightly higher. The incredible fact about the delta is that rainwater does not flow into any river or ocean, but instead seeps into the ground, evaporates, or transpires. Also, floods occur in the high dry season of the year. All of these rains from eastern Botswana depict it as a desert wetland and it becomes a seasonal home for more than hundreds of species of animals and birds. Botswana offers you the picturesque wildlife of the Chobe National Park and the Moremi Game Reserve. Botswana has huge herds of safaris that make it a point of attraction throughout Africa. Unrestricted roaming on the Kalahari Plains allows you to experience the independence of wildlife. There you will witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the majestic Victoria Falls. The famous Victoria Falls are located on the Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa. This mind-blowing experience will remain in your memories for a lifetime. This unique and extremely fascinating great african safari experience it will create a permanent impression on your memories that every time you memorize you will feel the pleasure of being in wonderful Africa.

How can mobile games influence one’s life?

Children today are more exposed to technology than we were in our childhood. This is because science has come a long way and has reached almost everyone. One of the appreciable discoveries of the 20th century is mobile phones. These have undergone massive changes since their discoveries. Now mobiles are known as Smartphone. The screens on these phones are larger. They provide a higher level of entertainment for those who watch or play with something. Now, in this era of frequent mobile use, you feel paralyzed if you keep it away from your phone.

She knows from her age to her children’s that video games are all-time favorites. But in its time, the video game version was mainly limited to PCs. The later generation saw the emergence of the gaming stations and X-box. Currently, your child has a cell phone in hand instead of these things. This is because phones and especially touchscreen phones offer a rich gaming experience like never before.

They have a great influence on people’s lives. Most people who play games are in the 10-25 age group. They remain so engrossed in games that they come to know little about the world around them. Games have also made them lonely and less interactive. They are more active virtually and less active socially. Most of them have affected your intercom capabilities.

Despite the darker sides of mobile games, there are also certain lighter sides. The games are generally very informative. Some companies even design games in such a way that children can learn basic things from them. As they play, they can come out of their depression. Those who are shy to talk to others can do so in the virtual world and make a lot of friends. Therefore, it is true that video games are not as useful as mobile games. They have a limit and it is necessary to maintain it in order to play. There is a wide variety of games for mobile phones. So smartphone users download as many games as they want and enjoy them.

Through this article, it is very evident that mobile games are very effective. They influence users in many ways, but they bring more advantages than disadvantages.

Layup, the most missed shot in basketball

It may surprise you to know what the most missed shot in basketball is, and you’ve probably been a victim of it too. No, they are not making free throws that you have to do to get your team tied on points. No, they are not shooting 3s that only “naturally” gifted players do with ease. Actually, it’s the tray. So why is the layup the most missed shot in basketball when it is considered an easy point? It’s quite simple, basketball players will become more and more confident when taking shots that are considered easy to make, such as the layup. Missing the layup shot can cost the team some valuable points, and those points can lead to beating your opponents. Here’s a little guide to improve your skills to make more layup shots.

The one-handed layup shot is the most important shot in basketball. Therefore, it is important that you learn to master this important fundamental of basketball. Every basketball player knows to try the layup when going for the basket. You should practice making trays, it is important that you practice making trays in catch games because there are many athletes with years of experience who will pressure you to take a shot under pressure. This is a good level of practice and it would be the same if you were playing basketball in a real school game, where winning will lead to championships. Here is a simple overview of how to do the placement.

1. When you have the ball in your possession, choose a side on which you will hit the layup.

2. If you are on the right side of the basketball court, dribble with your right and vice versa.

3. If you are dribbling with your right hand, take off with your left foot, if you are dribbling with your left hand and then take off with your right foot, try to jump higher than your opponent.

4. Aim at the board, preferably the square box, then do the layup toss.

Practice and keep practicing until you feel tired. How do you think NBA players get to the NBA? It’s simple, they practice until they master their skills. That is what you should also do. Practice the layup throw and remember to execute the move with confidence. If you are confident in your shots, you will most likely be able to make the shot. Think how much better a player would be if he never missed the layup shot.

What is Bab El Mandeb?

The Gate of Tears is a strait at a political hotspot: the Red Sea. The Strait is a narrow bottleneck between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East, and a strategic link between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, smaller boats do not need to make a much longer trip around the Cape of Good Hope. A significant proportion of world trade passes through the Strait, which has Djibouti and Eritrea on one side and the Republic of Yemen on the other, with Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia nearby. Several million barrels of crude oil pass through the Strait every day.

The Gate of Tears, called Bab al Mandeb in Arabic (there are several spellings) has been a focus of commerce for many centuries. The name is said to derive from the navigation difficulties and the lives that have been lost there for many centuries; Alternatively, legend has it that it was named after the death of large numbers of people when the series of earthquakes that separated Africa from Asia occurred. An alternate English name, The Gates of Grief, is also used.

The strait is nearly twenty miles wide and is bisected by Perim Island (also known as Mayyun), a 65m high volcanic rock that now belongs to the Republic of Yemen. In the fairly recent geological past, Perim volcanic eruptions are believed to have closed this inlet to the Red Sea and caused it to dry out on several occasions. Biblical stories are intriguing in this context.

Bab el Mandeb included two channels: the eastern channel, Bab Iskander (Alexander’s channel), is about 2 miles wide and 30 meters deep. The Dact el Mayyun (the western channel) is more than 15 miles wide and 310 meters deep. However, the larger tankers are restricted to 2-mile wide lanes of traffic as part of the Western Canal Traffic Separation Plan.

The strategic importance of the Gate of Tears has increased since Saudi Arabia built an East-West pipeline. This was done so that Saudi oil could be exported through the Red Sea, reducing dependence on the Strait of Hormuz (2 miles wide), at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Any physical or military blockade of the Gate of Tears would lead to oil exports being transported only via smaller tankers that could pass through the Suez Canal; there is also an oil pipeline (“Sumed”), to the Mediterranean.

The Strait also has a meaning that goes back to the origins of man himself. The so-called Recent Single Origin Hypothesis postulates that the oldest anatomically modern man (which is us) migrated across the Strait from his place of origin in the Great Rift Valley in Africa, some 60,000 years ago.

The Strait also has a religious significance, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church maintains that the first Semitic language migrated to Africa through the Strait.

Recently, a company owned by Tarek Bin Laden has presented a plan to build a bridge across the Strait, linking Yemen and Djibouti. It would count as one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. The proposed name is ‘The Bridge of the Horns’.

10 Easy Ways To Watch Sky Sports Online For Free

With the bustling and busy workload of today’s man, people don’t have time to catch up on their favorite TV shows. But today, technology has made all of that possible. You can watch Sky Sports online for free and enjoy all your Sky Sports TV UK channels on the go. Don’t miss any more shows. Watch them live online and on demand. In the article below, we will look at the 10 easy ways to watch UK sports online for free.

1) Now TV is an Internet TV streaming service powered by Sky. Offers free and on-demand live sports streaming on your favorite UK sports TV channels. Satellite dish is not required. All you need is a device that can use the Now TV app. A YouTube box will also give you access to the Now TV app, or you can install the app on a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

2) With a shared Sky subscription, friends or family can easily sign up as secondary users and continue to watch Sky shows. Now TV, for example, allows you to register up to 4 compatible devices. The service allows you to watch British UK sports TV shows on two devices at the same time for free.

3) Sky Go is a streaming service that allows UK TV subscribers to watch shows away from home. This allows Sky customers to register two devices (or four, if you pay more for Sky Go Extra)

4) Fire TV Stick – If you want to watch Sky Sports online for free, plug in the Fire TV Stick and start streaming Sky Sports TV UK in minutes. You can move from room to room and turn your device into a streaming media hub.

5) On-demand television in English. You can also watch Sky Sports online free live streaming with Sky on demand. Do not miss the moments. Capture everything Sky Sport has to offer live and on demand with skycards4europe.com

6) SKYmobi. With Skymobi, watch your favorite British TV sports channel online for free. Without a subscription, you can catch up on all your favorite sports and movies on British TV.

7) Chromecast Stick is another streaming device that can be used to watch Sky sports online for free. Connect the Chromecast device to a WiFi network and get started.

9) Freeview Plus: In addition, you can watch Sky Sports online live with Freeview Plus. See all the moments of English sport live and in HD.

10) TV Player: Watch the best free-to-air channels on UK English sports television completely free of charge. Easy to use, no installation required. Online registration is completely free on your mobile device, tablets and smartphones.


If you are a Brit living in Europe, let the hustle and bustle keep you from missing your favorite UK sports TV channels. Watch UK sports from any European country with skycards4europe.com, the UK’s number one Sky and digital TV provider online!

If the experience and training in the distribution centers is so bad: why don’t the statistics show it?

A new hotel employee was asked to clean the elevators and report to the supervisor when the task was completed. When the employee didn’t show up at the end of the day, the supervisor assumed that, like many others, he just hadn’t liked the job and left. However, after four days, the supervisor ran into the new employee. I was cleaning in one of the elevators. “Surely you haven’t been cleaning these elevators for four days, have you?” asked the supervisor, accusingly. “Yes sir,” said the clerk, “this is a great job and I’m not done yet, do you realize that there are more than forty, two on each floor, and sometimes they’re not even there …”

The story may be familiar to some. However, the underlying message is that proper training in unfamiliar surroundings is essential. Warehouses and distribution centers pay close attention to management training seeking the brightest, most talented, and most experienced person available. However, when it comes to hiring the staff of people who are actually going to do the job, they get someone with minimal education and work experience. Most companies hire hourly workers who may have been with multiple companies in the past and assimilate them into their organization immediately and become familiar with the operation as they go along, or in some cases not at all.

The problem with this method is that the company gains perhaps a few months of employee productivity before the effects of a lack of adequate training and experience begin to show. If the situation persists, it can result in many challenges, from inventory accuracy to audits, not to mention lost revenue for the company and the repeated cycle of firing the employee and making the same mistake again with a new hire.

Most of the new hires at the warehouse come from other organizations or temporary services, and after a few days on the job, they practice the old habits of the company when receiving, storing, picking up, and moving products. But not all companies are the same, and while you may want them to perform differently if you haven’t trained them in your company culture and processes or worse, they come with a lack of experience, they usually they learn from others, which may not be the case. Be the right path if you want a quality workforce.

Deficiency in training and experience

Poor training and experience can have an adverse effect on your organization. While traveling the world, I have noticed many excuses why organizations cannot adequately train their hourly workers. Some were, for example, “if I train them, they will go away and take the training elsewhere.” Or “we don’t have the budget for company formation.” But the question is, can you afford not to train them? According to recent statistics, the average business experiences a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week (i.e. reduced production, maintenance delays, shutdowns, and inaccurate data collection). To put it in more proper perspective, a distribution center with 50 employees who are paid $ 29 per hour ($ 15 per hour salary + $ 14 per hour in benefits), the cost of downtime for said company It would be $ 9,280 per week, which translates to more than $ 110,000 a year.

This under the assumption that all workers in the company will be forced to halt all production during a downtime scenario that may not happen, but only a few key distribution workers on the docks could create a severe impact on the operation. But before you can assess the cost of downtime, you must determine its source. The best way to accomplish this is to run a downtime threat scan. Some threats that could cause downtime,

1. Internal and external sources

• Technological

• Accidental versus intentional

• Controllable risk or beyond the control of the organization.

• Events with prior warning versus those without warning

• Employee sick leave

• Absenteeism

• Skilled versus unskilled workers

2. Three questions you should focus on when conducting a threat analysis.

• Identify relevant compliance issues

• Establish a cost associated with each compliance issue

• Develop processes to continually re-examine downtime threats.

The benefits of training and experience

Having skilled and dedicated workers at the lower levels is good business practice and makes sense. Empirical evidence shows a significant correlation between experience and compensation (see surveys in Robert Willis 1986 and Theresa Devine and Nicholas Kiefer 1991). Furthermore, on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and internships provide experience at significant costs to both individuals and organizations: Sherwin Rosen (1972: p327) asserts, “(w) workers demand learning opportunities and are willing to paying for them since your marketable skills or knowledge and subsequent income are increased. “

The importance of the experience and training of your employees can provide more than just compensation, it can save time for the organization; workers have a more positive feeling about the organization, they are off to a good start and they know what they are doing.

Experience and training add value to their organization and employers recognize that the values ​​these employees bring to bear translate into;

• Higher earnings

• Lower costs

• Higher quality and

• Higher customer satisfaction

Heymann and Barrera (2010) exemplified employee values ​​in their study in which they interviewed employees at all levels, from the lowest paid to those in senior management positions, including CEOs, CFOs and COOs at nine different countries. The companies ranged in size from 27 to 126,000 employees and included those in the public and private sectors of the automobile, financial services, personal property, technological hardware and equipment, pharmaceuticals, food production, building materials, and industrial metals industries.

They concluded that companies like Costco and Great Little Box Company, because of the incentives they offered from the lowest level employee to top management, had happier and more productive employees and a lower turnover rate than their competitors in the same industry. They also found that treating workers well was important to Costco, leading to increased motivation and better quality of service. This combination, along with good pay and the knowledge that advancement opportunities existed, were important incentives for employees to work hard. The high quality of service from Costco’s motivated and engaged employees, coupled with low prices, kept customers coming back and willing to pay membership dues.

Great Little Box Company practiced an open book management strategy (holding monthly meetings to discuss organizations, finances, production, and sales performance with staff members at all levels), this gave employees a sense of ownership in the company that was still in or to be more effective. the organization’s leadership incorporated profit sharing. The Great Little Box Company also encouraged employees to come up with cost saving ideas. One such idea resulted in the interdepartmental use of a particular piece of equipment that is used exclusively in the labeling department, but is now shared with the department in charge of folding carton printing, resulting in cost savings for the labeling department. 12%, a task entrusted to a printing company in the past.

Employee engagement ideas and strategies are nothing new. We have seen programs like TQM, Quality Circles and Agile, they all emphasize the same thing, but unlike The Great Little Box Company that was really implemented and followed; it was just another fad idea that died out when the next great wave of pop management techniques appeared.

The open book management strategy has been of great use to The Great Little Box Company in terms of substantial profits and profits. In the last decade, its sales have doubled from 17 million to 35 million and in the last seven years the success of the company has allowed it to acquire the assets of six companies.

Zenger, Folkman & Edinger (2010) concluded in their study of profitable companies. They identified five areas that were common among companies with substantial growth.

1. Employee satisfaction / engagement

2. Employee turnover

3. Percentage of employees thinking about quitting smoking

4. Satisfaction with payment

5. High commitment

The study by Zenger, Folkman and Edinger (2010), although not inclusive, shows that the experience, training and participation of employees are essential for the growth and profitability of a company. Costco and Great Little Box Company are two good examples of companies that succeed with experience, training, and company involvement at all levels, but it’s not the exact rule of thumb. Incentives and participation are noteworthy factors, but to have great money-saving ideas for organizations, there needs to be some experience and training among staff at each level.

Reach the kind of success that Costco and The Great Little Box Company have had; Businesses need to find what works for them and how it relates to business goals. Do not follow other organizations or emulate their operating systems because each company is different and does not necessarily translate into success for your company.


Heymann, J. and Barrera, M. (2010). How companies can benefit from increased compensation at the base. Ivey Business Journal, December 2010.

Rosen, S. (1972). “Learning and experience in the labor market”, Human Resources Magazine, 1972, 7. pp. 326-342.

Zenger, J., Folkman, J. and Edinger, .K. (2010). How Extraordinary Leaders Double Profits:

Decoding leadership trends to discover patterns.

Ideas for remodeling small kitchens

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home and there are many reasons to do a kitchen remodel. It could be to update appliances or buy smaller ones, or to expand the kitchen, especially if it is a smaller kitchen. When doing a small kitchen remodel, make sure it is a pleasant place to hang out, is functional, and easy to use. Make a list of what you want to do after setting a budget.

When doing a small kitchen remodel, the first thing to do is set a budget because this is a project that can be expensive. You want to make sure you don’t run out of money in the middle of the project. If your budget allows, you can do a complete kitchen remodel that includes replacing countertops, cabinets, floors, and buying new appliances. This may also involve hiring a remodeling contractor because, with complete renovations, you will want to make sure everything is done in accordance with local building codes. Many people cannot afford such a large expense, so they do small things. One important thing to do when doing a small kitchen remodel is to maximize space. Use items that are functional and decorative.

An example would be a pot rack that can be mounted on the ceiling. By installing it, you can free up cabinet and counter space. It can also add visual interest to the area. The same purpose can be achieved by mounting hooks under cabinets to hold coffee cups. Using the space under cabinets can be a great place to hang items so you can free up counter space. To increase usable space, you can swap out a large kitchen table for a smaller table, remove a large center island, or add built-in shelves. Use brightly colored curtains when choosing one to decorate your windows. Don’t overload your walls with a lot of decorative items, as this will make the room appear smaller.

Two easy ways to start your small kitchen remodel are to change the cabinet hardware or repaint the kitchen. You can also paint or stain your kitchen cabinets. When painting the walls, keep the colors light to give the illusion of more space. Also let in as much natural light as you can into the room. If you decide to re-coat the floor, use larger tiles to give an illusion of larger space as well. You can also replace some of the kitchen appliances, as you might change your large refrigerator if you no longer need a large one for a smaller one. To gain more counter space when replacing the countertop, replace your larger sink with a smaller one.