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How to choose an RV: meet the 8 different types

There are roughly eight types of RV classifications. Before buying a new or used motorhome, it is important to understand what this new jargon means.

Gaining a little knowledge here will save you confusion and embarrassment in the future.

So, without further ado, I present to you:

8 Types of Recreational Vehicles – Understanding Recreational Vehicle Ratings:

1. Class A Motorhome – Start with a stripped chassis, spray a suspension, some instruments, and let the manufacturer build everything from there. The largest and most expensive platforms are usually Class A motorhomes.

2. Class B Motorhome (Camping Van Conversion) – This is a small motorhome built on a van chassis. It generally keeps the same bodywork as the truck but raises the roof for more interior space.

3. Class C Motorhome: This is a motorhome with the front of a pickup but a trimmed chassis. A larger screen than a B-Class, and often built on a Freightliner, General Motors, Ford, Sprinter, and International commercial chassis.

4. Travel Trailer – This is a towed caravan that includes almost all sizes and prices. What sets the travel trailer apart is that it fits a normal hitch at bumper level.

5. Fifth Wheel Trailer (Fifth Wheel Trailer): These are like travel trailers, except they require a pick-up truck and a special (huge) fifth wheel trailer hitch on the truck bed. Fifth-wheel trailers come in different sizes, but many of the larger, more luxurious RVs are fifth-wheels.

6. Folding camping trailer: Usually one of the first trailers someone gets. They fold flat and are light and easy to move. Once at the campsite, they open up to a surprising amount of space.

7. Pickup Truck: This is a small living space that can be slid into the back of a pickup. These are sometimes called skid-steer trailers.

8. Recreational Sport Utility Vehicle (SURV) – This is a typical motorhome, but with its own garage. You can take your motorized toys with you … something like a dirt bike, motorcycle, or quad bike.

Now that you know the 8 types of RVs, why not get out there and see if you can spot the difference?

5 technologies in development that are in the headlines of 2018

Every other day, we see something new in the field of technology. It is not possible to guess which new device will become the next fad for young people. Also, it’s hard to guess which new website will become a new leading social media platform. The advent of smartphones, technologies like 4G-LTE, artificial intelligence (AI), online banking and other similar services are already making people’s lives easier than ever. Here, we’ll discuss five new technologies that are already making headlines in 2018:

Artificial intelligence

AI is one of the few technologies people are excited about in 2018. Google Home launched in 2016 and is now gaining more popularity among fans of the latest technologies. Nowadays, people prefer to use smart personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to perform simple tasks like checking the time, scheduling appointments, etc. The tech giants are also working to integrate these services into the devices we use in our daily routine. For example, we can now use Google Home to adjust the temperature in our room or turn off the lights. It is just the beginning. In the coming months, AI technology will attract more and more people.

Autonomous cars

Self-driving cars will typically hit the roads in 2022, according to tech analysts. Technology companies such as Google, Apple, Intel and many others are working to develop this technology. Automakers are also working hard to make the dream of autonomous cars a reality. Human error is primarily the cause of most traffic accidents. But, with the introduction of autonomous cars, the number of traffic accidents will decrease, experts say. The reason is obvious: a computer does not consume alcohol, does not talk with friends or do other things like that.

Foldable smartphones

Companies like LG, Samsung, OPPO, and ZTE are working on foldable smartphones. It is very likely that this new type of smartphone will attract many users. Samsung has already said that its foldable phones will hit the market this year. The company has been working on this technology for the past few years. For some people, it will be uncomfortable to use a flexible smartphone. But for many, these phones will offer cool things like a better screen, extra screen size, and not having to worry about screens breaking.


The new OLED TVs promise a better gaming experience. The user enjoys high definition colors while watching a movie on an OLED screen. These types of TVs are making headlines in 2018. In the coming years, several leading companies are expected to introduce their OLED TVs to the market. Let’s see where this technology takes us in the future.


Reports suggest that 5G networks (fifth generation mobile technologies) will become a reality this year. Reportedly, many telcos are already testing this service in many parts of the world. 5G will offer a speed of 10 Gbps, according to experts. The technology will use little power and allow many users to connect to a single device at the same time. But, the cost of using 5G service will be higher than 4G-LTE service. We have to wait to see how this technology will change the way we communicate.

How to play Pinch Hitter 2

If you are a baseball lover, there is a positively addictive online flash game available called Pinch Hitter 2. Once you get started with this and other free online games and flash games, you won’t want to stop playing.

The rules of Pinch Hitter 2 are pretty straightforward. The game is played entirely with the mouse for controls. You start the game with three batters. Ten balls are thrown at his batters. If he strikes out or is caught, he loses one of his batters. On the other hand, if he hits a home run, an extra ball will be thrown at him. Points are awarded, and when you lose a batter, your score is cut in half. There’s a pitcher and outfielders, and outfielders can be a bit crafty, so keep an eye out for any weird catches they make.

You can adjust the position of your batter in relation to home plate by using the mouse to move the batter closer to base or further. You can also use the mouse to move the bat up or down. There are three levels of play: the Sandlot, moving up to the minor leagues and finishing in the major leagues. Along with the levels, there are 9 tasks that must be completed in order to advance and ultimately win.

There are several strategy tips that can help you win at pinch-hitter 2. One idea is to hit the ball with the tip of the bat; it tends to make the ball go further and can even result in a home run. Another suggestion is to hit the ball as late as possible so that you have as much time to adjust to any of the pitcher’s quirks that you might use to throw your swing. It has also been suggested that at higher levels of play, you may want to consider bringing your batter closer to the plate and taking a short throw. This should put a player on first base, after which his batter can step back and hit the next ball hard with the end of the bat to send his player home.

Batting strategies are quite important in this fun game. On the screen you will see a transparent white shadow rectangle representing your swing that you can manipulate with the mouse to adjust the position of your batter. You can take your mouse and adjust your hitter’s swing so that the white box is midway between the beginning of the box turf and the ground. If you are having trouble hitting the ball when you start playing this game, this tip will probably help you tremendously.

Try this hugely fun free online game and you will be hooked.

Sheeta Pitta in Ayurveda or Urticaria

It is also known as Sheeta Pitta in Ayurveda, but some people call it ‘Nettle Rash’ or ‘Urticaria’. It is a very agonizing disease when the patient has eruptions all over the body, there are raised red spots that may have white margins or in other cases, the spots are whitish but circumscribed by red margins. At any stage, the itching is so severe that the patient is forced to scratch frantically. There is heat, redness, swelling, restlessness, symptoms that are aggravated by exposure to cold or heat or even humid winds, perspiration, irritation, although there is no fever.

The most recent medical opinion revolves around the fact that some type of allergy is the basic cause that is attributed to allergy to fluctuating discharges of thermal conditions, food items, such as beverages, beer, spices, condiments, fats, vegetables, fruits , milk and its bi-products. , fish or meat, oils, aromas, smells, chemicals, gases, etc. In summary, anything under the sun can cause allergies, with the appearance and appearance of urticarial eruptions.

Ayurveda believes that one or all of the humor, when vitiated, could cause hives. Some of the known situations are drinking cold water after exercising or exposing the body to cold in hot weather, parasite infestation, mental excitement, etc. But, the most likely cause is when pitta vicia and kaphavayu aggravates.

Ayurvedic treatment Ensures purification of the blood, for which a TSP of Haldi (turmeric) can be mixed with a glass of milk 2-3 times a day. Another well known remedy of yesteryear is gem gairik (red ocher) 5 grains three times a day with water / honey, or five grains of Arogyavardhini Rasa and suta shakhar Ras should be taken, three times a day with honey. Constipation, if any, should be eliminated by taking 1 teaspoon of Triphala with warm water at night.

Specific remedies

  • Arni root powder (3g) should be taken with 12g of pure ghee twice daily.
  • Haridra Khand (4 g) and Rasa Sindur (80 g) should be taken together with water, three times a day.
  • For local application, prepare a paste of turmeric, Chakramarda seeds and Sesame, Kooth and massage the affected portions. Once or twice a day.

Intestinal worms are also said to cause hives, thus eliminating the worms, as is constipation. Remember, where there is dirt and constipation, the worms in the intestines are bound to hatch and cause hives along with other complications.

Ripley’s Museum – Believe It’s Haunted or Not!

“Are there ghosts there mommy?” a little girl asked in response to her father’s comment that the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in St. Augustine, FL is “haunted as heck.” “Of course not, honey, there are no ghosts!” The reality is that many people agree with his father’s comment about the haunted place, believe it or not!

In fact, it is considered one of the most haunted places in the United States. There are numerous reports from credible people who have visited or worked at the museum. There are cold spots; there are things that move and various places where people feel extreme nausea. Music has been heard, things are moving and a large Buddha is found lying on his side. From time to time, visitors report the smell of smoky fire and hear crying and moaning.

To understand the haunting, you need a bit of history. This spectacular building with its unique Moorish revival design was built in 1887 by William G. Warden. A business partner of Henry Flagler and John D Rockefeller at Standard Oil, Mr. Warden had a crush on St. Augustine and, although he was not involved in Henry Flagler’s ventures, he built this remarkable structure as a summer home for his family. The house was used by the family until 1925, after which it remained inactive for almost 16 years.

In 1941, it was bought by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and her second husband, a hotelier named Norton Baskin. Ms. Rawlings was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and well-established Florida author who wrote The Yearling and Cross Creek (both considered classics today). They converted the house into a hotel called the Castle Warden Inn.

So where is the ghostly connection? Many believe the unrest started in April 1944 with a fire that ended the lives of two beautiful women: Ruth Hopkins Pickerman, 49, and Betty Neville Richardson, a young woman in her twenties.

Mrs. Richardson had just checked into the Castle Warden Inn. Apparently she had driven from Jacksonville, where she owned a clothing store. He was in his room less than two hours when he called the bellboy, Bernard Young, around 11:00 am and reported a fire in his room. Bernard and the maid, Ann McGill, tried to put out the fire; But, after using a second fire extinguisher, they were unable to put out the flames or get Ms. Richardson out of the room. The fire department was called at 11:25 AM. When they arrived, it was too late for Mrs. Richardson.

Mrs. Pickerman’s screams could be heard from the fourth floor attic, but the fire blocked any path to reach her; she withdrew from the window and was never heard from again. Both women were found in their bathrooms, their bodies indicating exposure to heat. The fire had spread rapidly and the coroner’s investigation concluded that the two women died of suffocation as a result of a fire of unknown cause.

Rumors abound to this day about women and fire. Some say that Ms. Pickerman was hiding from an abusive husband. According to my research, she was divorced from Jack Pickering, a journalist she met in Paris while working for the Chicago Sun. I couldn’t find out why he was staying at Castle Warden Inn. She was obviously a good friend of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. However, he also had a house on the corner of Nelmar and Magnolia. Maybe he stayed there while his house was being built. I found information about their home in a National Geographic article about the houses of St. Augustine. The house was designed by a famous architect he met in California, who gave St. Augustine a unique look. Architect Wallace Neff also designed houses for Darryl Zanuck, Mary Pickford, Cary Grant, and three of the Marx Brothers.

Before the fire, Marjory Rawlings and Norton Baskin used the attic as a residence until Marjorie moved back to Central Florida and Norton left for Burma. Rumors persist that the fire was started to cover up a double murder, although charges were never filed.

During the 1940s, Robert Ripley was a frequent guest at the inn. I really enjoyed the place and really wanted to buy it. He thought it would be the perfect place to create a museum for his collection of rarities gathered from his travels around the world. He was never able to close the deal during his life. After his death in 1949, his heirs bought it in his memory and fulfilled his dream. St. Augustine, Florida is home to the Original Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, where it still functions as one of the top attractions today. Is it haunted? Perhaps Mr. Ripley is finally enjoying his museum. Come and see for yourself. We recommend the Museum Ghost Train Adventure, so you can decide, believe it or not!

Can I get a reverse mortgage on a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes have gained popularity since 2008 and are a common housing option for seniors. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether these types of properties qualify for reverse mortgage assistance. So they? Or do you demand the characteristics of your specific home?

The rebound

These types of homes have seen a massive resurgence in popularity over the past eight years.

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway’s ability to survive and thrive during the 2008 crash is largely attributed to the manufactured home company Clayton Homes. Billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell has continued to expand his community portfolio of manufactured homes through Equity Lifestyle Properties, even as he squandered billions of dollars on apartments from late 2015 to early 2016. Some Wall St. merchants even They have quit their jobs to invest in mobile devices and manufactured home parks.

Additionally, we’ve seen an explosion of vendors offering everything from tiny homes, 100% green and sustainable homes, and improved manf. homes for golf and resort communities in popular retirement and vacation areas.

So it seems that more people are choosing manufactured homes again and many have paid cash for them due to a shortage of loans. The big question is; Can they take advantage of reverse mortgages on these properties when they really need them later in life?

How to Get a Reverse Mortgage on a Manufactured Home

Yes, manufactured home owners can enjoy the benefits of reverse mortgages and lines of credit. But there are restrictions.

Manufactured homes are eligible for reverse mortgages and home equity conversion mortgages by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). However, HUD also states that these loans are subject to FHA loan guidelines.

These guidelines change over time, but at a minimum, households should:

It will be built after June 15, 1976.

Be at least 400 square feet

Be attached to a permanent base or chassis

Be built to federal building and safety standards

It will be placed in its brand new original manufacturer location.

Be located on a property that you own

5 peculiarities to consider

1. FHA guidelines may change

2. If the property is in a community, the community may also need to be approved.

3. Current flood zone requirements could be affected as the government expands the standards to account for 500-year floods (compared to the previous 100 years)

4. Individual lenders can add their own claims in addition to HUD and FHA rules.

5. HUD requires a base inspection to ensure the base meets FHA guidelines.

Homeowners should also be aware that many lenders and brokers will simply dismiss manufactured home loan inquiries instantly. Why? Because many are simply not used to making these loans and do not want to bother learning. Others don’t want to deal with the smaller loan amounts normally associated with this type of property, vs. Let’s say luxury beach condos or giant loans for big houses. They just aren’t that profitable.


Better technology and building practices, as well as today’s economy, make manufactured homes very attractive and profitable as a home or investment today. It is possible to obtain a reverse mortgage on these types of properties. Just make sure you know which ones may or may not qualify, and try to stay ahead of the changing rules if you’re buying a manufactured home now. If you don’t find helpful lenders at first, keep looking, there are reverse mortgage specialists who love to make these loans and are very proficient at it.

Don’t buy a Provillus hair supplement until you read this review first

Provillus ™ hair supplement was created and distributed by Ultra Herbal Company. It is a natural treatment for men and women suffering from hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This hair supplement is fortified with all-natural ingredients chosen for their ability to support healthy hair growth. Its unique formula gets to the root of the problem, helps stop hair loss and regrows your own natural hair.

Provillus is the safest and cheapest option for treating hair loss. It is claimed to be one of the best natural hair loss treatments on the market. However, like most health products, it may not work for everyone. In fact, nothing works 100% all the time for everyone because our bodies are too different for the perfect cure to exist! So some users like it and some hate it, which is why it has had mixed reviews in recent years.

The true causes of hair loss include inherited hair loss, hormonal surges or imbalances, and serious health problems. Provillus cannot change your genetic history, but it can help with hormonal causes. In addition, Provillus provides the necessary nutrients to the entire body, so that in addition to hair loss, it strengthens the entire body.

How does Provillus ™ work?

1) Provillus is a safe and natural hair supplement with no known side effects.

2) Provillus Capsules with Hair Nutrition, to take one capsule each morning and evening to provide hair follicles with the nutrition they need to stimulate growth. Since men’s and women’s hormones work differently, there are separate supplements for men and women as well.

3) Provillus was specifically designed to block DHT that causes hair loss and strengthen existing hair follicles. These capsules contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins, and natural herbs for hair loss, such as saw palmetto, biotin, pumpkin oil extract, and many others. Saw palmetto has been clinically shown to control DHT build-up in the scalp, biotin plays an important role in supporting healthy skin, hair, and nails. And other ingredients help stimulate the hair follicles of the scalp.

4) Provillus does not require a prescription because it is a food supplement. The manufacturer offers discreet shipping and billing anywhere in the world. It can be ordered discreetly online from the comfort of your home, so no one knows that you are taking a product to treat your hair loss problem.

5) Provillus is a reputable brand and the company offers a 90 day money back guarantee. You don’t have much to lose, if you are not satisfied with your results, simply return unopened and unworn items within 90 days for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling).

Provillus Customer Reviews

1) Provillus has proven to be very effective on most customers and they continue to use the product once they try it for a month or two. Most of the users claim that it has really solved their hair loss problems.

2) Normally, it takes only 2-3 months for the hair loss to slow down and you start to notice new hair growth, but in some cases, it may take up to 6 months for some users to see noticeable results. Different types of bodies react differently; therefore, the results depend on each individual because it is related to their genetics, general well-being and how much their entire being is affected.

3) Provillus claims to have no side effects, but if you don’t follow the instructions and exceed the recommended dosage, it can cause conditions like itching, redness, dry scalp. More serious possible reactions such as chest pain and dizziness occur very rarely. Keep in mind that herbs have shown overwhelming evidence that they work, but it doesn’t mean more is better. Be sensitive and patient, the procedure will take some time for your hair follicles to reorganize and grow back.

4) Please note that if you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements.

Who was the Bengals favorite receiver Boomer Esiason?

The Cincinnati Bengals have had a history of ups and downs over the years. They have experienced some very good seasons that saw them make Super Bowl appearances and delve into the playoffs. They also had some bad years in which they finished at the bottom of the league in terms of win-loss records.

One of the best quarterbacks the team has ever had was Boomer Esiason. Esiason came out of college and had an immediate impact on the Bengals. He played with them for several years before moving on to the New York Jets and eventually the Arizona Cardinals. He would also find his way back to Cincinnati before retiring from the league.

The Bengals with Boomer at quarterback were known as a passing team and had good numbers. Together they also won some big games. He has since moved into the broadcast booth and done great work on both television and radio, but who was Boomer Esiason’s favorite receiver during his NFL career?

No player caught more touchdown passes thrown by Boomer Esiason during his career than Bengals wide receiver Eddie Brown. Brown and Esiason teamed up for 39 touchdowns during the time they played together as teammates. Some of them were also very memorable, especially for Bengals fans. This is less than ten ahead of the second-place player in that category.

The Boomer Bengals were a fun team to watch and they were a great player. The team also had some very good receivers around them, and they also deserve some credit for Boomer’s good career numbers.

Things to consider when choosing apostille services in India

There are several important things to consider when choosing apostille services in India. If you want to apostille your important documents like birth certificate, degree certificate, etc., you should choose the best apostille service provider. The following points will help you make the best decision.

1. Approved by MEA

The first requirement of a good service provider is that the company must have the mandatory approval of the New Delhi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MEA is the leading body handling apostille in India. Ask for the agency’s registration number and verify it at the MEA before moving in.

2. Punctual services

A good agency with a high-quality service is always punctual and its service is delivered exactly on time. When you make your first interaction with them, you will know their professionalism and experience when it comes to time. This is very important, especially for entrepreneurs who have a very busy schedule. Good companies stick to the deadlines they give them.

3. Professional contacts

The best companies usually have contacts with the HRD / GAD / HomeDepartment / Chamber of Commerce authorities of various states in India. This will aid in faster processing of your apostille case and reduce processing time.

4. Reasonable service charges

Good service providers have a reasonable service charge that is tailored to each applicant’s budget. Do not get carried away by very high service charges, thinking that they will be good. Good services are not always expensive, you must remember.

5. Privacy of your information

Always ensure that your agency enters into a nondisclosure agreement with you regarding the full privacy of your personal data, such as birth certificate details, marriage certificate details, etc. There should be no relaxation of either party.

6. Track Record

Reputable companies always have an excellent track record in providing accurate services. Check the company’s history. You can speak directly to previous clients about their experience. Ask the service provider to provide you with customer emails, phone numbers, etc.

7. Special services

Today, famous companies offer specialized apostille services to their clients. Example: XYZ Delhi company specializes in apostille of degree certificates. Therefore, whenever you require the apostille of a degree certificate in Delhi, you should always contact XYZ.

8. First-class customer service

Reputable agencies always have excellent customer service that is available 24 * 7 and open 365 days a year. Check the accessibility of customer service. Always opt for multiple means of communication such as in person, email, phone, etc., to avoid any difficulties.

9. Quality of staff

You need to make sure that the service provider you are relying on has to have trained and experienced staff. They must answer your queries and they must be knowledgeable. They should always be up to date with the latest in apostille services.

10. Good follow-up services

Nowadays, all famous agencies provide tracking services for your shipment, such as when it was sent to the HRD, what day and time the HRD authentication was completed and when it arrived at the MEA and when the apostille was completed.

Michael Jackson – A Tragic Hero

It is a modern tragedy. A young man is born with incredible talent and promise, and then achieves unimaginable success early in life. A glorious future is predicted, but instead his life is a series of increasingly bizarre behaviors and events, culminating in his untimely death. Michael Jackson is called “The Prince of Pop”, but he should be known as the tragic hero of our time.

Who was he really? Michael Jackson has been, paradoxically, the most public and private figure of the last half century; a man that everyone knows but few, if any, really know. He guarded his privacy fiercely; sometimes going to extremes and even strangers to hide their appearance and that of their children. He was there and not there, and now, he’s really gone.

Its tragic story began more than 50 years ago. According to many accounts, he was brutally beaten and verbally abused as a child, and his father made fun of him for the size of his nose and the color of his skin. At a very young age, he and his brothers became famous all over the world, but he stood out as the star. Fame is never a totally positive thing for a young person: it pushes a false public persona into a shapeless personality and confuses the young person about their true identity.

The combination of early childhood trauma and very early fame is similar to nitro plus glycerin – highly explosive. MJ never had a chance to find out who he was like an ordinary young man would. He was the teenage heartthrob; the musical sensation, the shining star. These people placed on significant abuse are like a magnificent mansion perched on a fragile foundation. Inevitably, everything must collapse.

There were early signs that things were not going well. He didn’t come off as a normal guy, but he had relationships that were difficult to define with other famous people. Some were much younger and some were much older. With most people we could say, “This couple is right for them” or “This couple is not right for them,” but with MJ, neither couple seemed to fit him. In fact, her sexuality was just as confusing as her choice of partners.

Then there was plastic surgery. Photos taken after his first nose job showed a handsome young man, but the second left him looking a bit too pretty. Until then, he looked like a normal young man, albeit thin, but after the second surgery he became increasingly androgynous.

After multiple surgeries, it was obvious that there was a serious problem. His face looked mutilated. According to some reports, the tip of his nose had been destroyed by too many operations and he had to wear a prosthesis. It was almost a relief when he came out with the mask he used to wear.

In his eyes it was no better. They seemed to bulge under his too prominent forehead; lined in heavy black eyeliner and abnormally long lashes. Her bright red feminine lips stretched and tugged like those of a middle-aged woman who had been given too bad a facelift. This handsome young man had turned into someone terribly deformed.

Most confusing was the color of her skin. Growing up, he had the typical features of an attractive African American man. However, as the years passed, he paled and lost all evidence of his African ancestry. There was a cruel joke that implied that he had started out as a black man and turned into a white woman. No one unfamiliar with him could have visually connected young Michael Jackson to the man he later became.

Far beyond the point where it became grotesque, his face kept changing. Perhaps he was working in a vain attempt to repair the damage caused by previous surgeries, or perhaps he had a condition known as “Body Dysmorphic Disorder,” in which someone falsely believes that one or more parts of their body are unacceptable and should be changed. . From one public appearance to another he looked different, upset. Nobody knew what to expect. Her face was a work in progress, never to be finished, and perhaps this was the most suitable metaphor for her identity.

Despite his ever-changing face, he was instantly recognizable. The lanky body, the military-inspired jackets and the skinny pants. The aviator glasses and long hair. At one point, the only glove. And yet his personal identity seemed so shaky. He engaged in a series of compulsive behaviors. Aside from the continual alteration in her appearance, there was her overspending, a disturbed eating pattern, multiple substance abuse, and a pattern of surrounding herself with young children.

He was accused of many wrongdoings and acquitted of some of the charges against him. A lawsuit was settled out of court for possibly millions of dollars. There is no way of knowing if he was guilty of anything other than poor decisions. Whatever behaviors you actually engaged in, each and every one of your compulsions could be seen as the result of early and ongoing childhood trauma.

Some people said he had race issues and he vehemently denied them, claiming he was proud of his heritage. It was confusing, then, when he adopted three white children. He claimed that his two oldest children were his, but the genetics of this would be so unlikely that it would be practically impossible. He was married briefly twice and both women were also white. This could all be a coincidence, but one wonders if he hated his father so much that he tried to erase everything about himself that might be similar to this abusive and rejecting father model.

Sometimes MJ did wonderful things, like “We are the world.” Sometimes she did horrible things, like hanging her baby over the balcony in front of a group of reporters. Sometimes he did inexplicable things, like trying to buy the remains of John Merrick, the “Elephant Man,” who suffered from a disfiguring condition called neurofibromatosis. It is chilling to think of him wanting to possess the bones of a man who was seen as a physical freak and who tragically died very young.

MJ bought a ranch and named it “Neverland”. He seemed obsessed with the symbols of eternal childhood. People with early and severe trauma often have a hard time growing up and seeing themselves as full-fledged adults. They tend to remain childlike in their appearance and attitude and naive about how the real world works. They cling to their past, hoping to create the happy and loving childhood they never had. Was this what Michael Jackson was doing with his petting zoo and carousel? Was that why he, like Peter Pan, surrounded himself with his own gang of “lost boys”?

More recently, it seemed to have stabilized a bit. He allowed his children to be seen in public without their masks and shrouds. He had settled comfortably into his role as a doting father and his legal troubles were behind him. He was embarking on a series of major concerts and was diligently rehearsing for the shows. His death was a great shock to many people, but perhaps not to everyone. After all, there was still a fabulous mansion that was teetering precariously on a flimsy foundation.

Recently, it was discovered that MJ had such a severe sleep disorder that he had been using general anesthesia to sleep. The physician administering this anesthesia outside of the appropriate hospital setting has a lot to answer for.

Apparently, the temptation to behave unethically was too great for plastic surgeons, family physicians, and many of the other healthcare professionals involved with MJ. They put his desire for personal gain, whether in the form of money, power, or access to the star, ahead of what was good for him. Perhaps it was that they were so in awe of his greatness that they simply couldn’t refuse his inappropriate and dangerous requests, even when they should have.

He had a series of dysfunctional symbiotic relationships with people who were supposed to take care of him, but who were instead exploiting or pleasing him. Paradoxically, the fact that he had as much money and power as he did made it possible for anyone around him to become a facilitator of his self-destructive behavior.

It could be that, like so many child abuse survivors dealing with deep ambivalence and denial about their past, MJ turned down the help that was offered to her. However, unlike most people, he had the ability to completely isolate himself from those individuals who might insist that he distance himself from toxic facilitators in his presence and get real help for his problems.

We may never know why he did all the wonderful, horrible, inexplicable things that he did, and here lies the greatest tragedy. Obviously, a lot of people loved him, but it seems that no one was able to address his emotional wounds or help him obtain the necessary therapy to deal with his initial trauma. If only there had been someone in his life who knew the truth about his past and had the courage and wisdom to take a stand; perhaps his life could have been saved.

(C) Marcia Sirota MD