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College Football – Musical Chair Coaching

The world of cinema was saddened this Christmas season with the news of the passing of Ann Savage, perhaps the original Femme Fatale. ‘Femme Fatale’ roughly interpreted, means ‘Fatal Woman’. Get too close and you’ll lose your mind, get hit, or at least feel very embarrassed. Using the universal laws of attraction, the standard methodology includes luring unsuspecting people into listening to seductive language, and ultimately provoking some really bad decisions. As college football enters the annual period of depression known as winter, some programs will work hard to rebuild or at least make dog programs respectable. Coaching candidates offer seductive language, great insights, and in some cases make hiring institutions make really bad decisions.

In the end, schools have to try something radical to turn losers into winners. Witness the University at Buffalo. For years a doormat program, the Bulls really achieved an incredible level of success in 2008 with a bowl look. Despite the Bulls losing to UConn in the International Bowl, this is a remarkable change for a show that in the not-too-distant past was simply the laughing stock of Eastern college football. Congratulations then to the Bulls and Coach Turner Gill. This is what one would call a “good hire”.

What coaching decisions will turn out to be the bad ones? You never know for sure, but some weird stories are already forming on the surface of the 2009 season. Iowa State was very lucky to have its 2-10 coach hired by, of all people, Auburn. This saved the school from itself when Cyclone bosses offered the former coach a contract extension. By racking up wins in the 2008 season over South Dakota State and Kent State at the start of the season, the Cyclones proceeded to lose everything else. Iowa State then replaced its lost head coach with Iowan native Paul Rhoads. Rhoads brings impressive credentials, a commitment to winning in the state of Iowa, and comes to the Cyclones from – of all places – Auburn. 2009 will see which school got the best ending for this deal. Stay tuned for this one!

The college football sage (its humble author) wishes Coach Steve Sarkisian in Washington the best of luck in 2009. Coach Sark likely read the tea leaves at his previous position at USC and determined that his upward mobility would rise. better if he was looking for another institution to make it a winner. Washington goal? The Huskies ended last season winless, the first perfectly terrible season for a Pac-10 school. If the Huskies get some wins in 2009, Coach Sark will really have accomplished something significant. Then look for the purple dogs in 2012.

The opportunity to turn a loser into a winner will often override a coaching candidate’s best judgment. The Sage hopes New Mexico State Coach DeWayne Walker made a good decision. Walker is the 33rd head coach of the Aggies and has a lot of work ahead of him. The Aggies had just one conference win last season and they probably have Cornhuskers, Michigan and a variety of other schools trying to put them on their home schedule. If Walker gets a couple of wins, New Mexico’s biggest challenge will be keeping him up.

Going north from Las Cruces, the University of New Mexico also found itself in need of a new soccer head coach following the resignation of coach and student Rocky Long. New Mexico, which was never a powerhouse in the Mountain West Conference, needed a recruiting ace to attract decent players to Albuquerque. Interestingly, the Lobos managed to convince Mike Locksley to step down from his offensive coordinator position in Illinois to try and push UNM in the right direction. This will take quite a bit of effort. However, among Locksley’s ratings is one of Sports Illustrated’s top 25 recruiting ratings. In case Locksley draws better players than those who have previously come out onto the Lobos field and scores some wins at the old UNM Stadium, other shows will want to know exactly how he did it. They will also want to hire you. Both soccer programs in the state of New Mexico should make generous contract extension offers in case any of their new coaches appear to be changing their respective programs.

Brady Hoke, a former Ball State head coach, is now in the same position at San Diego State. It’s true that SDSU could offer things Ball State couldn’t, like a beach and decent weather. Hoke traded in his 12th Ball State Cardinals for one of the worst programs ever. If you can turn things around in Southern California, it will be one of the most popular workout products. It is also better if the Aztecs have a retention plan in case Hoke starts winning. There is no more daunting task than taking over a perennial loser and turning him around, except perhaps to take over a program he’s used to winning and keep it that way. Witness Lane Kiffen, the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers and former head coach of the NFL Oakland Raiders. Here’s a guy who won’t be absent from church the rest of the year. Being fired by Al Davis in Oakland is not so much a disgrace as a blessing. But then land in Knoxville? A bowl appearance in 2009 would be the ‘triplet’. However, there is real pressure in Knoxville, and 104,000 fans will be at Neyland Stadium for every home game to apply it.

The annual reorganization of the head coaches ranks is now almost complete for 2009. The motivational speeches are gearing up for the Spring Games announcing a “new way of thinking”, “a winning attitude”, “leaving the past behind. “and” make something special happen. ” These are all great speeches, and they’re given essentially to every college-level player with the courage to hit the field for a losing show. Next September, we’ll finally see which shows have been lured in with sweet victory words and which shows are actually delivered. The unfortunate part of hiring coaches is that a good decision pays off with having to come up with a large contract extension. A bad decision puts your program back in the dustbin.

4 great little talk tips that work like magic

If you’ve never mastered the art of conversation, you can probably settle for mastering the art of small talk. This is a necessity in any social or professional setting, and small talk is the lesser evil, when compared to suffering from prolonged, prolonged, and awkward silence.

Gathering the courage to reach out to someone will be much easier if you use the art of making small talk. Now, if the thought of uttering the first word and making small talk is enough to give you a sweaty palm, then you need to know how to overcome these fears and insecurities. Here are some tips to keep in mind when having a little talk:

1. If you hate the idea of ​​small talk, comfort yourself by thinking that many other people hate it too. You can motivate yourself by thinking that breaking an awkward silence is up to you and that you should take the first step and have a little talk. It may be easier said than done, but once you get started, it will be much easier next time. First, you need to muster the courage to go out of your way and start having a little talk. A greeting or casual comment is a great way to start.

2. Having a little chat is a way to connect with other people, so you want to make sure you do everything you can to make the other person as comfortable as possible. If you have no idea what to talk about, choose general, neutral POIs.

Weather and traffic can be stressful topics, but they are a sure way to start a conversation. From there you can move on to more general points of interest such as movies, music, concerts, a book you just read, news, current events, a popular TV show; the possibilities are endless.

3. Remember to keep it short and casual. When making small talk, informal is the keyword. In any given situation, whether you’re talking to a neighbor, the grocer, the bartender, or someone from work, having a little chat is the way to connect with them in a very basic social way. Be polite, be polite, know your limits, and don’t be too intrusive when looking for things to talk about or looking for common ground.

You wouldn’t reveal your innermost secrets to a complete stranger, so you need to expand your knowledge of common subjects to get started. Getting to know the other person on an informal level and finding common points of interest are two of the most basic goals when engaging in small talk. If you refuse to respond to the slightest opening that someone else would like to have a conversation with you, then you are denying yourself the opportunity to improve your personal and professional relationships with other people.

4. Be sensitive, courteous, and receptive to other people’s reactions, as well as the situation, when making small talk. In order to survive any given situation, you need to learn to adapt to any given situation. When you finish joining a group that is already in the middle of a conversation, try to avoid any comments that may offend or are extremely irrelevant to the topic at hand. When you are with large numbers of people, try to listen to more than you speak and do not try to monopolize the conversation.

Engaging in conversation is a social necessity and you may enjoy the process if you know the small talk topics to talk about, the proper approach to take, how to keep the conversation flowing, and finally how to date gracefully.

Pros and cons of raising a puppy or dog

If you knew more about what raising a puppy or dog entails and the benefits it brings, would that be something you would consider? The primary goal of parenting is to temporarily house and prepare a puppy or dog for adoption. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons.

Decisions must be made before committing to raising an animal. Are you willing to make and keep the promise of time, energy, patience, and love? What do you prefer, a puppy or an older dog? Do you know the responsibilities associated with that decision? Do you know that some animals in foster care can have behavioral problems?

What race, mix, age, size, or gender would you be most comfortable with? Are you willing to bring an older dog? Would you consider a puppy or a dog with a disability or health problem?

How does your family feel about parenting? If you have a pet, how would you react if another animal moved into your territory? Remember, everyone should feel comfortable with this decision.

For how long are you willing to commit? Some adoptees prefer short-term commitments. Others, for as long as necessary. Would you be able to give up the animal, especially knowing that it would go to a loving home? Would you be willing to adopt your adoptive if his destiny is not a forever home?

There will be changes in your routine; most likely for the better. You will do more exercise!

You may have to provide the food. There are bailouts that occasionally help with food expenses.

The most common complaint heard is how attached an adoptive has become to their animal. This is usually done with less experienced foster children. Those who have done it before have an easier time “letting go”. They are happy that their upbringing has found a loving family, a forever home. There is also another side to the attachment complaint. It is not unusual for the foster parent to decide to stay with his ward. They are all winners!

Most shelter dogs are medium or larger in size and / or mixed breeds. If you prefer a specific breed, check with rescues for that breed. They are overloaded and are also looking for foster homes.

Some of the animals in rescues and shelters have health problems, disabilities, or behavior problems. Would this be a problem for you? There are servants who prefer to take over the tender and loving care of an elderly or terminally ill animal. They want to offer them the best quality of life, in the little time they have left. They, without a doubt, are extraordinary people. Congratulations to them!

The animal you breed may require basic obedience or housebreaking training. Are you willing to invest the time necessary to make them more adoptable?

You will most likely have to pass a background check and a home inspection. It is gratifying to know that you have met shelter or rescue standards and are eligible to provide a temporary home.

Most shelters / rescues will take care of necessary medication and veterinary expenses. Surprisingly, there is parenting that absorbs those expenses as part of its responsibilities. They deserve congratulations too!

By fostering, you will be a less destroyed animal, creating a vacancy for the shelter / rescue to offer another puppy or dog a roof over their head and food on their belly, until they find their forever home.

Bottom line. You will earn the unconditional love and appreciation of the animal to whom you have opened your heart and home, however long it may be. You will have the gratifying feeling of saving at least one puppy or dog, of being destroyed simply because there are so many out there who need our help.

The number one reason homes don’t sell fast

Today is a difficult time to sell your home. Your real estate agent does not show your home and you do not see a contract in the near future. There are many reasons why homes don’t sell fast, but the main reason homes stay on the market is price. Without a doubt, the number one reason people cannot sell their home quickly is that the price is too high. Let’s examine the price of your house for the market you are in so that your house is the first to sell in your city.

In order to price your home to sell, you need to know the true market value. They all claim that their home is worth more than it is actually worth. The truth is that your house is worth what someone pays you for it. Knowing this, it is important to find out how much people pay for homes comparable to yours. There are several methods to obtain good home values ​​and the list is as follows:

  • There are several websites that offer free home appraisals, and most use public records to determine the value of your home. Basically, the websites use local home sales to give you an idea of ​​the value of your home.
  • Higher a professional appraiser and you will get the true value of your home. The price of a professional appraisal is around $ 400 in most cities.
  • Have an experienced real estate agent mine comparable products for your home. This is an art and you need someone with experience to do it.

The fact is, you can’t sell your home if it isn’t priced right. Make sure you get a good estimate of your home’s value, and then price your home for a slightly lower price.

Video game systems

The first video game system I had was an Atari game console that only played pong and pong. The console used its television to visually display the game and its “action.” We were delighted with the system and spent many hours staring at the TV screen with the eerie ping of pong hitting the paddles echoing throughout the room. The next video game system I had was also an Atari, but instead of being dedicated to a single game, it actually accepted a variety of cartridges that played wonderful games, including Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pac-man. And once again we embrace them as wonderful advances in technology and introduce them to our children.

Before I knew it, the kids were asking for a Commodore 64. Now they wanted a personal computer and I was saving the money to buy one, because the price was right. The C64 did not require a monitor and could be connected to a television, and had graphics that evolved from simple Atari shapes to realistic drawings. Instead of all action games, some of the games involved problem solving and were much more “intellectual”. Even better, you could copy the games onto a cheap cassette tape and distribute them.

The next video game system that children asked for was the Nintendo Entertainment System. It had high-resolution, full-color tiled backgrounds, and the games were longer and contained more detailed graphics. Super Mario Brothers was the blockbuster game everyone wanted. When the Sega Mega Drive was introduced, they were still happy with their NES. Then the kids got over video game systems and it wasn’t until I discovered the RPG called Morrowind that I was drawn to PC video games. I was totally impressed! I couldn’t believe the advances in technology that allowed for such realism! And for my grandchildren, who by the way have Nintendo 64 and Play Station 2 and full access to PC games, these are common, everyday toys. How amazing is that !?

The favorite receivers of the great Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys

Troy Aikman is a member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame and is also one of the most popular quarterbacks to play the job for the Dallas Cowboys, and that’s saying something. During his 12-year career in the National Football League, he all spent with the Cowboys, played in several big games and put on great performances. Who were this great quarterback’s favorite receivers during that time?

The player who caught the most touchdown passes from Troy Aikman was Michael Irvin, who had 49 touchdown receptions from him during his career.

Second on the list is popular tight end Jay Novacek, who caught 20 of Troy Aikman’s touchdown passes.

Alvin Harper joined the Dallas Cowboys two seasons after Aikman joined the team and ranks third on this list of favorite receivers for the quarterback with 16 touchdown receptions.

Fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston is in fourth place with 13 career touchdown receptions thrown by Troy Aikman.

The fifth-most touchdown passes thrown by Aikman went to legendary running back Emmitt Smith, who caught 11 of them during their time as teammates.

Needless to say, Troy Aikman had a great career. You cannot enter the Professional Football Hall of Fame without building a career that is among the best of all time. However, it’s interesting that of the top five touchdown receivers he pitched to, only two of them were wide receivers. He played in some memorable games, including Super Bowls, and was a great quarterback. Anyone who doesn’t believe it just has to ask Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Alvin Harper, Daryl Johnston and Emmitt Smith.

Stellenbosch Bed and Breakfast Review – B&B Accommodation and Where to Find It

Stellenbosch Bed and Breakfast / B&B is one of my favorite places and one of my most enjoyable pleasures.

Stellenbosch is located in the Western Cape in the Cape Winelands, about 50 km from the center of Cape Town. If you are staying at a Stellenbosch bed and breakfast / B&B, you can either be on a wine farm or have views and certainly scents of the beautiful Cape wines.

A stay at Stellenbosch bed and breakfast / B&B accommodation will leave you pampered, fully treated and filled with a sense of culture.

Stellenbosch is home to Stellenbosch University. Other institutions also offer unique courses. Consequently, Stellenbosch has a life-like feel to it and is a frequent site to see students and others on bikes throughout the city.

Your bed and breakfast / B&B hosts in Stellenbosch can provide you with a meal, or you can sample the many exquisite dining experiences on the main streets. A walk will also take you to interesting and quaint little shops.

My experience at a bed and breakfast / B&B in Stellenbosch was exceptional. Having arrived “late” on a Friday night, flying to the Cape after work from Johannesburg, we were warmly welcomed and directed to a great restaurant. We spent the night in a beautiful room, a comfortable bed and we were offered a delicious breakfast on the patio. After this, we took a walk through the beautiful vineyards.

Stellenbosch is beautiful, full of trees, alive, vivacious and cultured. Bed and breakfast / B&B accommodation in Stellenbosch is highly recommended. These people know how to be real hosts.

5 easy to learn piano songs

If you are a beginning pianist and want to learn some easy piano songs, then you should try any of the five songs below. As a pianist for twelve years, I know how important it is to play different musical genres. It helps you keep your skill sharp and your knowledge of how different music is played at a high level. Once you have mastered these songs, moving on to the more difficult ones may be a little easier for you.

Just Hope by Mandy Moore

Everybody knows this love song from the movie that pulls the heart A walk to Remember that Mandy Moore sang during a play in the movie. Once the movie kits, everyone you knew was singing and playing this song. It’s pretty easy to learn and when you play it for people, someone always says “Oh, I love that song!”

The river flows in you from Yiruma

This is a beautiful lullaby that most people know from the movie. Twilight. I’m not a fan of the vampire series, however the ballad is beautiful and remarkably easy to pick up. Maybe it’s because the song is so beautiful that you want to get it right faster so you can hear it!

White House by Vanessa Carlton

I know most people want to try playing right away. 1,000 miles by Vanessa Carlton but that song is much more difficult than most people think. White Houses it’s a great place to eventually start working until 1,000 miles.

Beethoven’s Fur Elise

The classics are alright, classics and Fur elise is a great example of one. Sad as it is to say that most of us hadn’t even heard of Fur elise until it was a ringtone preloaded on every cell phone. Still, it is a beautiful song to learn.

Silent night or bells

Both of these Christmas jingles are fun and easy to learn piano songs, especially if you are a total beginner. They are quite repetitive, so you can get familiar with playing entire songs. There are a lot of other familiar songs like Mary had a little lamb Y Chopsticks which are also popular and easy to learn piano songs. Before you know it, you’ll be conquering high-level songs and pursuing your dream of finally learning to play the piano.

6 Helpful Tips to Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life

The poor battery life of the iPhone can cause a wide range of problems. However, it is possible to get the most out of a full battery charge by using the built-in apps and features in the right way. Here are six helpful tips to extend iPhone battery life:

App update

IPhone has a smart app update feature that runs in the background. This application detects the most used programs and makes sure that they are constantly updated with the latest version. If you use a lot of different apps on a daily basis, this may mean that the iPhone is doing a lot of work when it really should be asleep. By preventing the application update in the background, it is possible to easily extend the battery life.

Use automatic brightness

The automatic brightness option is the least power consuming option for controlling screen brightness. The iPhone also has an ambient light sensor that sits in the background and adjusts the brightness as needed to suit the situation. But, leaving this type of app or similar feature constantly running in the background will quickly drain your battery life.


If you leave the Bluetooth on constantly, it will soon start to drain your battery life. If you are not likely to use it for several days, you can also turn it off.

Rental services

IPhone has built-in GPS that is handy for driving directions, finding a restaurant, or other map uses. Many people rarely use location services, so you may benefit from disabling this feature to help save battery life.

Update apps automatically

Most downloaded apps are designed to update automatically when the latest version is released. If you have many applications that are not used frequently, you may find it more convenient to disable this feature and update the most used applications manually.

Drain your battery

It is not necessary to completely deplete the battery life before the next charge. It may be beneficial to prevent the lithium ion battery from reaching 0%. The preferred option is to keep the battery charge at approximately 50% or more. Once the battery life drops below this mark, you may want to recharge it. However, it is not necessary to complete a full recharge on a daily basis. Long-term 100% constant battery charging will start to shorten its lifespan. The best option is to keep the lithium-ion battery between 40% and 80% charged for the best long-term performance.

How to Write a Damage Control Press Release

The public relations department is fully responsible for establishing and maintaining the company’s reputation and ensuring that crisis situations are dealt with quickly and tactfully when they occur.

Whether the crisis is completely unexpected and happens out of nowhere, or if it is a crisis that the company was aware of beforehand but hoped would never come to light, it is about what the company’s public relations department He writes in his damage control press release that he will ultimately decide the future fate of the company with his clients.

The press release is the main tool in the damage control management kit of any public relations department that can be used for the sole purpose of completely changing the hellish scenario of a company. All of this is fine for large companies that have the money to pay for a good public relations department, but what about smaller companies? Some may use the help of a public relations firm for consultation, but if that is also an unacceptable option, they may have to write one themselves.

So how do companies write an effective damage control press release? Here are some guidelines on what you should include.

1 – State the facts and tell the truth

The press release should provide the public and the press with key facts about the crisis, in response to what may already exist in the press or is about to be published. Denials and fabrications of the truth must be avoided at all costs as this could have serious implications. Be careful if there is the possibility of a potential lawsuit as a result of the crisis, or even simply because this could irrevocably damage the reputation of the company if the truth comes out at a later date.

2 – Take responsibility

Whatever the situation, if the company is responsible for what happened, it is essential that they take responsibility for their actions. Even if the crisis is the result of the actions of an individual employee, the company still has to take responsibility so that the public does not think that the company is simply scapegoating or ignoring the problem to keep the brand image squeaky clean.

Failure to take responsibility is more likely to further weaken public opinion about the company.

3 – Express concern and act

The type of language used is of the utmost importance. The company needs to express empathy and concern at the appropriate level. so that its clients, the public and the press understand that the company apologizes and cares about its clients and not just about the negative impact that the crisis is having on its business.

The company must explain what appropriate actions it is taking to bring the crisis to a satisfactory conclusion. If the crisis has resulted in health and safety problems or has an environmental impact, then the public must be assured of their immediate and future safety. Depending on the nature of the crisis, the company should also mention the compensatory measures it is taking or has implemented.

At the end of damage control press release, The company should include positive details about your business to remind your loyal customers why they choose to do business with them. The company should also include details about what they have learned from this bad experience and the safeguards for the future they are taking or have already put in place to ensure that such a crisis never happens again.