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Is rice really bad for you when you are on a diet?

(Most people avoid rice because it is considered a bad carbohydrate that makes you gain weight, is that true?)

Most carbohydrates like wheat, rice, and other grains like corn and millet contain a similar amount of carbohydrates and calories compared to weight. So why is rice considered bad for your health when you are on a diet?

Rice in different cultures

Most rice-producing countries rely on rice as their main source of carbohydrates. Thailand, China, the Indian subcontinent, many parts of Europe and America grow and eat rice. In fact, many countries in Southeast Asia and the Far East start their morning with rice. Even traditional British households can include kedgeree on their breakfast menu.

The rice can be long grain rice, short grain rice, round rice or jelly rice, depending on the climate of the country and therefore influences your regional dietary preferences. In Italy, for example, risotto is made from Arborio rice, which requires a lot of cooking and when ready has a sticky texture.

Why is rice bad for you?

Rice, in its natural state, has vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, the white rice used for cooking has been stripped of much of its nutritional value, leaving only carbohydrates. It goes through a laborious processing process that includes chipping and polishing.

As a refined food, rice is not good for your health. It lacks fiber and other nutrients. Too many refined foods result in an overload of simple carbohydrates that are not good for digestion.

Another reason why rice is bad for you

Since rice is difficult to ration, you can easily end up eating a lot more than you intended. It’s not easy to estimate how much you would normally eat, unlike, say, bread or flatbreads.

Since rice is easily digested, you can eat whatever you think is a sufficient amount and feel hungry soon after. You will then eat more food, thereby increasing your calorie count.

How to eat rice the right way

Avoid eating refined and polished rice. If you eat brown rice, it is much better for your health because it has more nutritional value and more fiber. Brown rice is just as healthy as whole wheat.

Have steamed or boiled rice, whose water has not been discarded, instead of rice that is high in fat. You can also overload your rice with lots of veggies that add not only color but also nutritional value. Colorful vegetables are a good source of phytonutrients and antioxidants. You can also add shredded white meat to your rice to make a complete meal.

Rice is also easier to digest and is one of the first foods given to babies. It can also be cooked in a variety of ways, as it has a relatively neutral taste and is an important source of carbohydrates. Cultures around the world cook and eat different types of rice and in many countries and regions it is a staple food.

So rice is not really bad for you when dieting, as long as you don’t overdo it and control your portions.

How To Turn Your Useless Home PC Into IP Phone PBX?

When we talk about installing the IP telephony PBX system in our house, the first thing that comes to mind is where or how to start. Here, we will take an easy look at how to turn your home PC into a full-fledged IP Phone PBX. Let’s first understand what this technology really is.

Installation using the old method:

The old method of installing the asterisk was one of the most horrible ways to install the IP phone. Using the CLI-based interface (command line interface) to do anything is no longer an option, and when we talk about Linux, that becomes even more painful. This is the biggest reason why people now think of installing an asterisk in their homes as a nightmare. When this CLI-based Linux installation took place, at the end of the day, it took a lot of dark twists and turns. Fundamentally, there were two mocking things. For a layman, the first was to remember all those commands and execute them at the right time. Second, to install Linux separately, you also needed to install an asterisk, which was nothing less than climbing Mount Everest.

Asterisk based on GUI:

Now, users don’t have to struggle with the text-based command prompt. The new packages have included everything on one CD and you simply don’t need to install different software packages in parts.

There is a GUI-based Linux software that solves half of the concerns related to remembering all Linux CLI commands. Now ordinary people like you and I can see and relate to what is happening on the screen. Second, the new GUI-based version of asterisk makes things even easier for users.

They can make all changes to asterisk through the graphical user interface instead of using the command line interface. There are many GUI based asterisks available and most of them are open source like AsteriskNow, Flash in a PBX and many others.

All of these changes have not only made the installation process much easier, but have also reduced the unnecessary headaches that ordinary people had to go through before.

We are talking about a useless PC on which asterisks work. Anyway, we will still see the minimum requirements for the computer that can be used for this purpose.

– You need a PC that is x86 with a Linux GUI-based operating system installed.
– The PC must be a minimum Pentium III with a 500 MHz processor.
– There must be a PCI slot available.
– You must have Digium TDM-400P that supports 2 FXO daughter cards and 2 FXS daughter cards.
– Your PC must have a sound card installed and working in perfect condition.

Assuming you already have the Linux operating system installed on your PC, we will proceed with the installation of Trixbox, as this is one of the most common GUI-based asterisks in use.

Asterisk installation on your PC using Trixbox

Once you get to the console, log in with these details.

Username: root
Password: the one you provided at the time of installation

Once you have been able to successfully log into your system, your system will mention the IP address that the DHCP server received. Now you need to give your system a permanent address which you can do in two ways, either via the GUI or via system-config-network.

When configuring the IP address, you must restart the service network.

You will need to use your web browser to continue with the configuration task through the IP you just assigned.

You will now need to click Change next to User Mode to open the Admin GUI. Login details are provided below.

user: maint
pass: password

Select Asterisk – PBXconfig from the GUI.

Go to tools – admin module. Here you can select from a list of provided modules. Install the ones that are really beneficial to you.

Now go to settings – extensions – generic sip device to add your first extension.

Now you can enter the different phone extensions you want to use. Many people prefer to start from 200.

What to do next?

Once you have successfully configured all the settings, you now need to have a phone to make and receive calls. But like in this case, you are using your PC. Make sure you have a good quality pair of VoIP headphones with a microphone. This will help you make and receive phone calls. Make sure you have voicemail enabled to get the added benefits. Now you can connect virtually as many phone users as you want. Just make sure you set it correctly in your GUI-based asterisk and don’t forget to assign an extension to each new added phone user. The extension would be unique and can only be assigned to one phone user.

Enjoy managing a large network of phones with a secure operating system such as Linux run by asterisk. You have to work hard, but in the end. You will not need to invest as much money or effort.

To reduce the cost of the whole process and increase the joys, make sure you have a reliable internet phone service like Vonage, Axvoice, or Skype on the backend.

Signs and Symptoms of Candida Thrush and Candida Death Symptoms

Do you suffer from seemingly inexplicable and unpleasant symptoms such as chronic tiredness, poor memory, brain fog, irritability, anger, dizziness, depression, crying spells, panic attacks, low libido, persistent extreme fatigue, hyperactivity, cravings for sweets and alcohol, insomnia, Poor coordination and digestive problems? You may be experiencing the symptoms of a yeast infection

Candida symptoms;

• Frequent stomach aches and digestion problems

• Skin problems (skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne)

• Cloudy brain / Trouble concentrating

• Constant tiredness and exhaustion

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Humor changes

• Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

• Outbursts of anger

• Irritability

• Headaches

• Intense cravings for sugars, sweets and breads

• Skin itch

• Extreme fatigue

• Low libido

• Hypertension / high blood pressure

• Sensitivity to heat / cold

• Irritable colon

• Low fever or low body temperature

• Allergies

• stunning

These symptoms have been linked to an overgrowth of a common fungal organism known as Candida albicans, a fungus that is normally present on the skin and mucous membrane, such as the vagina. mouth and rectum. The fungus can also travel through the bloodstream and affect the intestines, throat, and even heart valves. Candida albicans becomes an infectious agent when there is some change in the body environment that allows it to grow uncontrollably. It is found in each of us as part of our intestinal flora. Problems arise when we eat too much sugar, take antibiotics for a period of time, or have a weakened immune system.

All of these factors can ultimately lead to Candida infection, a condition that affects so many people around the world, but most of them are not aware of it due to the lack of information presented in the mainstream media.

The good news is that this condition can be treated! If you are showing signs of a yeast infection, there are several highly effective probiotic probiotic treatments available.

A great advantage of probiotic products is that you do not need to follow a strict diet when using them and they do not produce the unpleasant side effects that conventional treatments can produce.

Candida die symptoms;

Following an anti-candida diet or taking anti-fungal (Candida) treatments will eventually cause the Candida cells to “die”.

This is good because it is a sign that the Candida yeast is really dying, but the downside is that dying Candida cells can release toxins in large quantities, and as a result, you may end up feeling worse than before. began his treatment. This is because the toxins that are released often build up faster than the body can handle through the natural elimination process. This “extinction” process is known as the Herxheimer reaction. Common symptoms of Candida Die Off include;

• flu-like symptoms

• dizziness, mental confusion

• Headaches

• diarrhea or constipation

• acne

• sweating

These candida extinction symptoms can last from a day to a week and can come and go as your treatment continues.

There are ways to relieve Candida Die Off symptoms and they are outlined below.

How to prevent candida death

Chronic Candida can be quite difficult to eliminate from your body and you are likely to experience some of the symptoms of Candida Die-Off


Many of these symptoms of candida disappearance can be avoided by following these guidelines:

• Drink lots of purified water.

• Include lots of fiber in your diet.

• Taking Epsom salt or baking soda baths will help flush out toxins.

• A sauna can help you sweat out toxins.

• Increase the dose of your antifungal supplements gradually according to your answers.

• Take 2 capsules of activated charcoal every six hours.

• Do not eat anything that can feed Candid Yeast while taking antifungals, this will make the symptoms much worse.

• Try a colon cleansing product to get rid of toxins faster.

When taking antifungals or any other method of beating Candida, you should go at your own pace and not overwhelm your body by trying to eliminate Candida yeast too quickly. The more severe reaction does not necessarily mean that you are killing more yeast; it just means that your body is getting overwhelmed and that is not good for the healing process. The symptoms of candida extinction can be really frustrating, but don’t budge. Each day that the body gets rid of Candida is another day closer to restoring good health.

Thinking of buying real estate with Roth IRA funds? 4 tips to invest without mistakes

If you are considering buying real estate with Roth IRA funds, let me give you a little advice. Choose the right custodian. There are many examples of a successful IRA renewal buying real estate, but the fees charged by multiple custodians can make a big difference.

# 1 – Undvested Cash Balances

Once you start buying real estate with Roth IRA funds, you will almost always have some cash in your account. In fact, you need to have some cash there, because all the costs associated with maintaining the property must come from the account.

Don’t think the custodians don’t know. They take advantage of it. There is a large company that takes 45% of the accrued interest on uninvested cash balances from you each year. They call it a maintenance fee, but there is no additional maintenance involved. No matter what is kept within the account, the same kind of maintenance is required.

# 2 – Additional charges

When it comes to an IRA renewal to buy real estate, you will need to have a self-directed account. You tell your custodian to write a check for a purchase. Some companies charge for writing checks. They charge for transferring titles and deeds or mortgage promissory notes. They charge a fee each time you use the account to make a purchase or sell a share. All of these fees can add up to thousands of dollars in a year.

When it comes to IRA renewal when buying real estate, one of the biggest advantages for investors is the ability to keep more of their earnings, due to the tax-free environment of the account. But if a custodian charges numerous fees, you don’t get that many.

Similarly, one of the biggest advantages of buying real estate with Roth IRA funds is that you will “never” pay taxes on those earnings. Your contributions are taxed as regular income. There are no capital games or income taxes on earnings made within the account. Qualified distributions are never taxable.

# 3 – Annual maintenance fee and reasonable installation charge

If you have an IRA renewal, the real estate purchase can only be accomplished if you choose a custodian who offers the option. Those companies that currently offer “free and easy setup” do not offer the option. They are stockbrokers and charge high fees for buying and selling shares.

A reasonable installation fee is $ 50. The annual maintenance fee depends on the total value of the account. If you’re like me, you’re betting on a million dollars or more buying real estate with Roth IRA funds. Trust me, it’s not an impossible dream.

# 4 – get an education

If you are inexperienced when it comes to renewing an IRA when buying real estate, get some education and information first. There are a small number of companies that offer “hands-off” investment options. That might be the best option right now.

As you learn more about buying real estate with Roth IRA funds, you can do more. But, start slowly, just to be safe.

Why SharePoint Training?

SharePoint Training is an essential part of learning this Microsoft solution. However, many do not feel the need to learn it through an authorized SharePoint course and then go ahead and fail the SharePoint certification exam. Therefore, the correct way to go is to get at least some formal training in this direction, before attempting the exam. These are the reasons why:

1. SharePoint is not a network drive for file sharing like DropBox. While DropBox is designed to easily share and sync files between different devices, SharePoint is a completely independent ecosystem of different components that enhances collaboration between large numbers of users. of users by meeting complex business requirements for large corporations. It is a complex mesh that can exist on its own, while interacting with other business applications.

2. The SharePoint interface is nothing like what we’ve seen before. It’s a different technology that completely changes the fundamentals of content sharing and business user collaboration. So it requires a small learning curve to scale and therefore requires SharePoint training.

3. There are many ways to do a thing in SharePoint. To take full advantage of all the new features in SharePoint 2013, users need to understand the navigation and various buttons and ribbons on the panel. The SharePoint course also teaches the consequences of enabling an option on the dashboard. The security and integrity of the organization must also be considered, and an understanding of who can do / see what.

4. SharePoint allows users to do much more than just copy and paste a document. You can upload / download a document, view it, edit it or revert to its previous version, submit it for approval, and share the document with internal and external users.

5. Whenever an organization adopts a new technology, people resist. They have become habitual of doing what they used to do, in the same way that anything other than ordinary seems like a lot of work. That’s why SharePoint training is so important. You can reinforce why the change is necessary and how SharePoint can help them in their work environment.

A SharePoint certification from a reputable organization that is also accredited by Microsoft, clears up all user doubts and helps them embrace change in a more positive way. In addition to training end users, this organization offers training courses for SharePoint administrators and developers to help them manage business deployments in their respective zones.

What can you eat to make your voice hoarse? Is there a diet that can give you a deep hoarse voice?

There are quite a few people who often ask this question: what to eat to make my voice hoarse? Well, if you have a high-pitched, squeaky voice that you think is affecting the way you live your life, you might want to change it. And while your diet may not have much to do, you can always do some deep voice training techniques / exercises that will help you with this goal.

But since this article is about what you can EAT to make your voice hoarse and deep, I’ll start by giving you some tips on this. If you want a deep, deep voice, you should make sure to always drink water. You should eat foods that collect mucus in your throat, such as milk or chocolate. Eating a lot of beef can also help, as beef has testosterone which also helps with voice quality.

There is not so much food you can eat to make your voice deep or hoarse. However, there are effective deep voice training exercises that you can use to transform your tone of voice and make it really loud and harsh. Here are some of these exercises that you can try at home, but before doing them I advise you to always give it time to make it work. Deep voice training is not something that you would see results overnight, so be patient and hopefully your tone of voice will be good sooner or later.

1- For starters, a smooth and deep baritone voice can be achieved through humming. I should have said hum A LOT, if you really want these exercises to work.

2- Another deep voice exercise you could do is croak (not sing) in a very low tone for a moment or two and then speak. Do this a few times a day and try to track your voice improvements

3- It has also been proven that the muscle relaxant effect of a large amount of alcohol will deepen the voice. This is not such a recommended deep voice training tip, but people use it to get the tone of voice and quality they want.

4- To achieve a hoarse voice, you should also, on a regular basis, perform neck exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.

So, as stated above, there really is no effective diet that can give you a deep, husky voice, but with the few tips above, you will be able to lower the tone of your voice and get the quality you’ve always wanted. There are many more tips for deep voice training that you should try.

Top 10 things to do in New York City

New York City is a truly amazing city. All who have been there can bear witness to it. If you haven’t had a chance to visit New York City yet, you should start planning a visit, right now! The city has an energy, a pulse that is difficult to describe for anyone who has not been to New York. Go there and you will understand.

New York City is not the cheapest city in the world to visit. We’ve listed the top ten things to do in New York below, most of which are free activities to do in New York City. There are many things to do in New York City throughout the year, the city does not have a particular season when it is best to visit. However, most New Yorkers enjoy summer and believe that it is the best time to visit New York.

New York City has many nicknames, some of them are: The Big Apple, Gotham, The City that Never Sleeps, The Capital of the World, The Empire City, The City So Beautiful It Was Called Twice.

We think these are the top 10 things to do in New York, things that should be on every visitor’s must-do list.

1. Central Park: the green oasis and breathing hole of New York City. A must see! In winter you can ice skate and in summer you can lie on a blanket in the sun.

2. Ground Zero – The WTC Towers memorial site.

3. Empire State Building – Panoramic views of New York City from here. EST is now the tallest building in New York.

4. Times Square: the neon buzz of Time Square near Broadway, where everything is happening.

5. Brooklyn Bridge – An engineering marvel with panoramic views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. A walk across the bridge is a must.

6. Statue of Liberty: the iconic statue of liberty and liberty. Go here and you will understand that democracy is a great thing.

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art: “The Met” has some of the best works of art in the world. If you like art, this is a must see too.

8. United Nations Building: the epicenter of world diplomacy. Home of world politics and democracy.

9. Guggenheim Museum- is “The” place in New York for modern art. If you like art, this is a must see too.

10. Grand Central Terminal: travel center full of references to popular culture; movies, music and television shows.

Go and enjoy New York, life is too short, so start planning today!

Wrestling accidents and tragedies

Professional wrestling is not just a sport, but also a form of entertainment. The promoters, organizers, and the wrestlers themselves go out of their way to ensure that every move and trick is carefully choreographed. Wrestlers are encouraged to stay fit and practice routines and movements frequently. However, as with any sport, accidents can and do happen. This article will discuss some of the worst incidents in the history of the sport.

Darren drozdov

On October 5, 1999, the stage was set for an incredible night of wrestling. All the fans had entered the Nassau Coliseum and expected to see an exciting fight between Darren Drozdov and D’Lo Brown (Accie Julius Conner).

The injury occurred when D’Lo went to perform his signature move, the running Powerbomb. A powerbomb is a trick or throw in which a fighter is lifted by his opponent, at shoulder height, and then hits the mat. There are numerous variations of the movement.

On this night that D’Lo performed the move, something went terribly wrong and the result was that Droz fractured two discs in his neck.

As for what actually happened, there have been a number of theories, including one involving a fan throwing a drink into the ring, causing D’Lo to slip. However, both men have refuted this theory. Droz believes that because he was wearing a baggy shirt, he did not allow D’Lo to hold on safely and did not allow him to help jump up.

Droz was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent treatment. Unfortunately, even with great care, Droz was left quadriplegic. Fortunately, with the help of treatments and physical therapy, Droz has regained some movement in his arms and upper body.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steven suffered a broken neck at Summerslam. Summerslam, a huge event, took place on August 3, 1997 at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The scheduled fight was between Austin and Owen Hart and was to decide the Intercontinental Championship.

Austin’s injury was caused by an improperly executed “piledriver”. A hammer is a standard move in the world of fighting, but there are several variations. In a standard pile driver, a wrestler lifts his opponent by the legs so that his head hangs down and his legs flap in the air. The lifter then falls to his knees or into a sitting position, making his victim’s head appear as if he has crashed into the mattress. On this night, when Owen dropped Austin, his head hit the mattress, causing Austin to break his neck.

After the contact, Austin was temporarily paralyzed for a minute or two, and during this hiatus, Owen continued to perform until Austin recovered enough to quickly end the fight. Fortunately, for Austin, he made a full recovery and suffered no permanent injuries.

Joey mercury

Stunts and fighting matches often require the use of accessories and weapons. It was one of these accessories, a ladder, that caused Mercury’s injury.

The event was Armageddon. The night was December 17, 2006 and the location was at the Richmond Coliseum, in Richmond Virginia.

The match was a four-team ladder event. The winner would be the team that could climb the ladder and regain the championship belts that had been suspended in a ring. At one point, Jeff Hardy climbed the ropes until he was standing on the top one. From this position, he leapt onto one of the stairs, causing another to jump into Mercury’s face.

Fortunately, for Mercury, the impact of the ladder only broke his nose. Another fighter in the ring, Nitro, took the ladder to the throat. Both men were able to finish the match.

Owen hart

This is perhaps the most tragic event in the history of professional wrestling. On May 23, 1999, a crowd gathered at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri to watch Over the Edge. Owen Hart was scheduled to fight The Godfather.

On this particular night, Owen was fighting as the Blue Blazer and the event organizers prepared a special entrance to the ring for him. To enter the ring, Hart had to be lowered from the rafters of the arena using a special harness. The trick had been tested in a previous event and everything worked out fine. Yet that night something went terribly wrong.

Owen had climbed onto the rafters and was wearing his costume. As he began to descend into the ring, the harness gave way and Owen plummeted more than 70 feet and landed on a padded turnbuckle.

Owen was immediately taken to Truman Medical Center, where, despite numerous attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead. An autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was internal bleeding caused by blunt trauma.

These are just a few of the accidents that have happened to wrestlers over the years. However, thanks to safety conscious promoters and organizers, accidents are few and far between and most of them are relatively small.

Synchronization workshop: edit iPhone and smartphone contacts to improve access to synchronization

Editing the contacts on your iPhone or smartphone can help you improve access with the Ford Sync system.

When it comes to most smartphones, the critical first step is to enter the contact details correctly.

If you open a new contact file, put your contact’s name in the “Name” box. And then put the contact’s last name in the “Last name” box. Sounds simple enough, but here’s the deal … if you put the name John Smith entirely on the “Name” line and then if your phone and your Ford Sync system are set to search by last name, guess what? That’s right, you can say “Call John Smith” and the Ford Sync system can’t find anything in your phone book. So, take the time to edit your contacts by name and how they are entered.

When it comes to the iPhone 5, be sure to go to the Settings icon. Scroll down to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” box and tap it. Then scroll down to the “Contacts” section. Make a note of your “Sort Order”, you may want to set it to “Last First” and then look at your “Display Order” and you may want to set that “First, Last”. If not, you may be pressing the voice button and say “Call John Smith” and the sync system might say “No contact found.” But it could be if you said, “Call Smith, John.” I don’t know about you, but that would drive me crazy if I said the last name first and then the first name at the end.

Then look at what kind of phone number the contact is entering … put your work number in the “Work” number box and the cell phone number in the “Mobile” number box. Then the correct way to set up the call is to sync high, “Call John Smith at work.” Why? If you don’t, and just say “Call John Smith”, the system will come back and say “Multiple contacts found, say 1 for work and 2 for mobile.” Again, take some time to edit your phone book so that you can make the call without a lot of Sync prompts.

And did you know that when you initially pair your phone and give the system permission to download your phone book contacts, what the system does is index (review) your contacts? If you make additions or corrections to your phone book while in your vehicle, the Sync system will not be able to “see” the updates until you turn off the vehicle, completely turn off your Sync system, and then reset (or reset) your Sync System. It will then re-index your contacts and “see” the updates.

For those with the MyFord Touch system, you may want to touch the corner of the phone, touch the Settings tab, go to the Manage Phonebook tab, and then touch Redownload Phonebook.

Be careful when it comes to using contacts that are entered in capital letters. The sync system has to check your contacts for the text you have entered in the contact information line. The system checks “John” and then you can listen and say “John”. If a contact is entered as “JUAN”, the system can only “find” the name if you say “Call JUAN”. Therefore, avoid entering the names of your contacts in capital letters.

It makes sense to take the time to edit the contacts you call frequently and create the information so that the Sync system can easily understand it.

Tax Tips for Freelancers in the Construction Industry

Men and women in the construction trade are generally not trained in the art of running a business or keeping records that are satisfactory to the IRS. But it is not difficult, once you know how, and it can be done in 30 minutes a month. These ten tax tips will get you started.

Tax council n. # 1: The IRS requires you to document your business income.

Open a bank account for your business and deposit all business income, both cash and checks, into that account. The advantage here is that you never need to earn full income again; the bank provides that figure each month as Total Deposits.

Fiscal council n. # 2: You’ll pay less tax when you keep receipts for every business expense incurred.

For the self-employed, tracking expenses from receipts is faster than any other method. If you don’t get a receipt, make one and total all expense receipts on a monthly basis. Pay all expenses from your business bank account or from a credit card reserved exclusively for your business. If you pay in cash, write it down on your receipt.

Fiscal council n. # 3 – You won’t be able to pass a tax audit if you don’t keep proper mileage records.

For every two miles you drive within your business, you can deduct more than $ 1 from your taxable income. But, if you do not keep a mileage log, this deduction will not be allowed. Keeping your log in the car will make it easier to track mileage; even a 2 mile trip is noteworthy.

Tax Tip # 4: All the tools you need for your business are deductible.

Every hammer, nail, brush, or other tool necessary for your business is a deductible expense. Tracking these expenses can lower your tax bill and ensure you have the tools you need to earn the best price.

Tax council n. 5 – If your garage now stores your tools and equipment, rather than the family car and bikes, you may be able to deduct it as a home office expense.

It’s not just a deductible office in the home office expense category; You can also deduct the storage space used exclusively for business.

Fiscal council n. # 6 – All income from bartering must be reported.

Example: A roofer changes his job to a builder who installs his new kitchen cabinets. Both must report this trade as income; the reported value is what they would have charged for those services.

Tax Tip # 7: Items purchased to complete a job can be deducted immediately; Items purchased for inventory are deducted as they are sold.

Example: If a carpenter buys lumber for a job, he can deduct it in the year of purchase, but if he buys lumber to build toy boxes to take to the local flea market, he may have inventory costs. The cost involved in taking the inventory should be carried over to the next year and is not deducted until those boxes are used up.

Fiscal council n. 8 – No matter how good your tax professional is, if you don’t provide all the necessary information and figures, your tax return will be incorrect.

It is up to you to total your income, expenses, mileage, and other costs. Come with a detailed list of expenses and a list of questions. A good tax preparer will answer your questions and help you learn more about keeping records for the IRS.

Tax council n. # 9 – Without the receipts, you won’t pass an IRS audit.

Store your tax receipts in a box or bag and keep those records for a minimum of 3 years from filing; Tax returns must be kept for a minimum of 10 years.

Fiscal council n. # 10 – Record keeping doesn’t have to be complicated or involve computer software; a simple method is best for those who have no accounting background.

Using monthly bank statements for total income and actual receipts for total expenses is quick; With this method, most freelancers can do their monthly accounting in 30 minutes or less.