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Penile Injury Prevention: Tips To Avoid A Sore And Damaged Manhood

Penile Injury Prevention: Tips To Avoid A Sore And Damaged Manhood

Achieving ultimate happiness, whether with a partner or through some alone time, is what every passionate man desires, but a sore penis can be the result of an overzealous pursuit of this goal. Numerous activities that men engage in can result in penile injuries, ranging from superficial abrasions to severe tissue damage. Some common-sense care and advice to promote better penile health can help men avoid both immediate pain and long-term consequences.

Here are some of the riskier techniques that men can employ to increase the intensity and/or duration of their sensual encounters.

restrict blood flow

One popular measure that many men take is to try to make their erections last longer so that they can keep things going beyond their normal capacity. This is often accomplished by restricting the flow of blood out of the penis once an erection has been achieved. This is done by creating a kind of tourniquet at the base of the penis, using a ring designed for that purpose or a household object that also works (rubber bands and string are common).

However, trapping blood in the penis can lead to injury, as penile tissue is starved of oxygen. Loss of sensation in the penis can occur, and in some cases, men can sustain serious injury to the blood vessels that can lead to permanent damage if not treated promptly.

dorm gym

Guys who find that slowness and sexiness aren’t enough to get them going may turn to more acrobatic, aggressive moves to stoke the heat in the bedroom. While this can be exciting in the moment, the wrong maneuver can quickly lead to tragedy, or at least at the end of the encounter, when the penis is turned, bent, or twisted in the wrong direction. As a result, rupture of penile tissue can occur. As the damaged tissue heals, some penile length may be lost, and affected men may find that their penis bends or curves unnaturally during erections after the injury.

inappropriate aids for masturbation

Finally, when men are looking for a little extra stimulation during their solo sessions, it’s not unusual for them to turn to a variety of household objects not designed for this type of activity. Men who make this mistake can find a few moments of excitement turning into hours or days of agony while recovering from cuts, bruises, and ruptured tissue, not to mention a high level of embarrassment. The smart thing to do is to stick to purpose-built items and leave items with narrow openings or moving parts for their intended uses.

When TLC is needed to soothe a sore penis…

In the event that a man bypasses these precautions in an urgent attempt to get over it, he can seek relief and healing in a number of ways:

  1. First of all, if there is any sign of bruising, bleeding or swelling, or if any severe pain occurs, immediate medical attention is imperative. Prompt treatment of tissue damage can help minimize the effects of injury that might otherwise result in loss of function and/or loss of sensation.
  2. For superficial injuries that result in chafing, without open cuts or abrasions that clearly need professional attention, men can soothe the sting by applying an ice pack to the area. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin due to the risk of frostbite, but a freezer pack wrapped in a towel should suffice.
  3. For continued relief of stressed skin, a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) it is an excellent option. Shea butter, an ingredient in some penis health creams, rejuvenates and revitalizes an overburdened penis. A cream with alpha lipoic acid also soothes and helps prevent the wrinkled appearance of the member, and one with acetyl L carnitine helps improve penile sensitivity. Applying a penis cream to a healthy penis can even help reduce the risk of certain injuries and improve the overall appearance of manhood.

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