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Plan a vacation trip to Ecuador

Plan a vacation trip to Ecuador

Ecuador is a very diverse region and is divided into four regions such as the Sierra, the Coast, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. Bird watching activities have made this part of the world very popular with bird lovers and tourists. However, there are some of the top attractions in Ecuador that you cannot miss during your vacation trip. Here is a short list:

1. Quito: It is the capital of Ecuador and enjoys a temperate climate along with a panoramic view of three snow-capped volcanoes that surround the city. You can have a view of the entire city from the sky by riding a cable car.

2. Amazon Avenue: It is a place where you can experience the mix of festivals, cultural activities and nightlife.

3 bathrooms: Located near the Tungurahua volcano, Baños is a popular vacation destination where you can enjoy various outdoor activities such as rafting, mountaineering, and hiking excursions.

4. Andes: Adventure lovers cannot resist the temptation of skiing and hiking in this region. It also has two of the highest peaks in Ecuador i.e. Cotapaxi and Chimborazo.

5. Basin: This place is famous for its historical, cultural and natural sites. Vacationers love to explore the history and culture of this place in detail.

6.Guayaquil: It is the largest city in Ecuador that offers an incredible shopping experience to vacationers. It also offers an incredible nightlife that ranges from a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs to dancing on the dance floor.

7. The Historical Park: It is a replica of 20th century Guayaquil that shows the traditions and architecture of that time. Along with that, there is a tropical zoo which is also a great attraction of this region.

8. Ecuadorian coast: There is also a beach! Just dive into honey beaches with blue water. It is one of the best coastal regions of the Pacific. There are other beaches like Salinas, Manta and Bahía in Manabí, etc.

9. Little Mountain: While visiting Ecuador, you cannot miss the adventure and fun of Montañita. People from different parts of the world come here to have fun with big waves, delicious seafood, amazing drinks and the best weather.

10. The Galapagos Islands: Located near Ecuador, it is an ecologically diverse region where you would love to see different species of reptiles, birds, amphibians, plants, fish, and much more.

After knowing so much about this region, you can’t help but visit this region in person. Consult with a travel advisor to organize your plan, book your arrangements for your trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

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