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Powerful Homemade Boilie Carp Recipe Secrets That Save Money And Catch Loads Of Big Fish!

Powerful Homemade Boilie Carp Recipe Secrets That Save Money And Catch Loads Of Big Fish!

The biggest advantage of making your own unique homemade baits is that you are in full control of your baits! You can really make them completely unique compared to any other bait, catch even more big fish, and save money! Part of the key to success is using protein ingredients and releasing their amino acids in very simple ways so that the big fish feed more and more; making them much easier to catch! Read on now to learn more!

Many anglers want to make their own homemade baits these days! Often times, this is due to two main reasons; one that pre-made baits so often just don’t catch the amount of big fish promised and two, the cost of pre-made baits from leading brands may be too high. You also really get a great deal of satisfaction from catching strings of new personal best fish using your own homemade baits!

Today, many pre-made baits are packed with carbohydrate ingredients or other commonly used bulking ingredients that are not as productive as homemade baits made with much higher levels of protein ingredients and additives. Most of the time, the quality (and not the amount of bait used) will give you the best results with large fish.

The advantages of making your own bait include vital aspects such as that only you know what they contain, how they are made, how they are treated to further optimize them and make them exceptionally powerful. With your own homemade baits, you know for a fact that the fish in your lake have never experienced your baits before and therefore have the best chance of catching the most cautious fish.

You can have full control over the components you use. You can choose which design styles to exploit and which aspects of the sensory systems to exploit the most to make your baits totally irresistible and this is simpler than it might seem using the right information!

You can choose to make instant pull baits, food baits, paste baits, stick mixes, particle related mixes, ground baits related to your hook baits, paste to use in your rig as lead and hook bait, etc. You can choose how buoyant or dense your baits are. You can choose how soft or hard your baits are. You can decide how insoluble or soluble you want your baits to be.

You can make your homemade baits last overnight or just a few hours. You may decide to make very light, buoyant pop-up hook baits and heavy sinking hook baits. You may prefer your hook baits to be identical to your free baits. There are advantages to making your hook baits different from your free baits so that they stand out and are among the first to be picked up!

One of the keys to making effective homemade baits and saving money is understanding how carp detect bait ingredients and additives and their components and flavors. Long story short, just include soluble protein ingredients and additives at significant levels in your baits. Including high levels of soluble protein in your baits will provide an excess of free-form soluble amino acids that will likely trigger fish feeding!

Three perfect examples of additives for large carp baits are active yeast powders, hydrolyzed liver, and hydrolyzed krill protein. You can also use these additives to enhance ready-made base mixes such as Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies and CC Moore Live System boilies and many others.

By including predigested or hydrolyzed forms of protein rather than just whole protein ingredients, more than 90 percent of the baits you ever make will induce strong feeding responses in more than 90 percent of the waters you fish in! If you can’t get predigested or hydrolyzed protein ingredients or additives, you can achieve similar effects by fermenting and curing your baits (and then fermenting them again!)

Using activated baits like this means that you can use less bait than normal compared to conventional pre-made egg boilies, plus you can really harness the power of its ingredients and additives to catch more big fish while saving a lot of money on the bait. Revealed in my unique e-books on premade baits and homemade carp and catfish bait secrets, there is much more powerful information, please search my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my bio below for details of my e-book deals! right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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