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Refresh your space with satin nickel door knobs

Refresh your space with satin nickel door knobs

Considering starting a home remodeling project on your own? Does this project include refinishing the cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or hallway? If so, removing and replacing your cabinet hardware accessories is the easiest and least expensive way to update the style and finish of any cabinet, shelf or door unit. Reinstalling new cabinet hardware is a piece of cake, just follow these guidelines.

Step #1: Be Prepared

Before you begin any home remodeling project, you should always be prepared for what to expect. This includes creating a budget, mapping out what you’d like to accomplish, anticipating ’emergency’ funds, and purchasing or gathering the tools you’ll need to complete the project. Building a budget can be quickly accomplished by eliminating unnecessary luxuries that you and your family enjoy on a daily basis, such as coffee, trips to fast food chains, and stops on a whim at the local mall. You’ll see the savings add up quickly just by skipping these trips without dipping into your paycheck or savings accounts.

Additionally, gathering the tools you need to succeed in cabinet hardware replacement is critical. You will need the following items: hammer, screwdriver, level and pencil. Preparing for this home remodeling project will help keep you organized and motivated; Plus, this will eliminate the need to call in a professional, saving you time and money in the long run.

Step #2: Eliminate the eyesores

Now that you’re ready to begin your home hardware project, it’s time to remove your outdated, cracked, mismatched, or worn cabinets, shelves, and door hardware. Most, if not all, of this furniture is secured with screws that surround the mounting hardware. Just unscrew the screws with your screwdriver (be careful not to remove the screws if you plan to reuse them in the future). Be sure to collect all screws, hinges, drawer handles, and doorknobs to accurately count the pieces of hardware you’ll need to replace.

Step #3: Buy new goods

Now comes the fun part! It’s time to go shopping for your new home hardware pieces. This gives you the opportunity to get creative with your remodeling ideals. Door knobs and cabinet hardware come in a variety of materials and finishes; It’s important to consider the overall theme of your home before purchasing your materials. Materials typically include nickel, chrome, iron, brass, copper, glass, and stainless steel. Similarly, door knobs and screws are also available in multiple finishes that can really make or break any style in any room. Traditional finishes include satin, distressed, burnished, or polished. Finally, especially when it comes to door knobs, choosing the right size for the location can instantly transform your home; Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are ideal places to put larger knobs and other accessories.

Step #4: Take a test drive

Before you buy thirty (or so) replacement parts for your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, consider testing your new hardware. If you were deliberating between two finishes, materials, or sizes, consider purchasing one of each and temporarily installing the pieces to see which you like best. This way, you won’t have to buy two sets of replacement parts for the entire room, but you will have the opportunity to explore your options.

If you’re simply trying to remove and replace your cabinet units as quickly as possible, opt for satin nickel door knobs. Nickel matches virtually any theme, color or pattern you’ve already established in your home and the satin finish will only enhance and accentuate the look you’ve created. Be sure to purchase matching screws, hinges, and floor registers to keep your home’s theme consistent.

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