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Relieves dry skin on the back and shoulders

Relieves dry skin on the back and shoulders

During the cold winter months, you may apply skin lotions more often than usual. Smearing rejuvenating cream on dry skin certainly feels great, but places like your back are much harder to reach and therefore don’t get the relief that the rest of your body does. Here are some dry skin remedies that will work to keep your back and shoulders as hydrated and smooth as the rest of your body.

Step one: take a bath

Warm water is comforting in cold weather, but don’t turn the temperature higher. Warm water dries out the skin less than hot water. Also, decrease the time you spend bathing to avoid dryness.

Choose a shower gel or moisturizing soap and make sure there are no traces of it when you finish bathing.

Step two: exfoliation

You can choose to exfoliate while bathing, but you can also complete this step before or after you shower. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the back, so moisturizers can better penetrate the skin. Apply a small amount of body scrub to the brush end of a long-handled brush. You can find them at most pharmacies. The long-handled brush is ideal for exfoliating the back, which is normally difficult to reach. Use the brush to exfoliate the skin on your back in a circular motion, if you can. Make sure to rub the width of the shoulders and also down to the lower back. Rinse off the body scrub completely when you are done.

Step three: moisturizing

Once you have shed the dead cells, pat yourself with a towel so that the skin is just barely damp. Immediately after bathing is when your body’s pores are most open and hydration will provide the best benefits. Use a moisturizer or other natural skin cream to rub the lotion on your shoulders. Elbows are a typical trouble spot, so be sure to apply your natural skin lotion there as well. If you have trouble reaching your back with just your hands, you can buy a lotion applicator for just a few dollars; These applicators, similar to your scrub brush, have a long wooden or plastic handle with an attached foam or sponge head. Pour a small amount of moisturizer into your applicator and rub it on your back. Repeat as needed and rinse applicator head after use.

When choosing the best moisturizer for dry skin, you should look for a formula that absorbs fairly quickly and does not clog your pores. This will prevent your back from developing acne or looking greasy.

Lastly, keep your skin hydrated throughout the day with a humidifier in your home or office.

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