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Tarot card reading – How does it work?

Tarot card reading – How does it work?

The tarot is one of the most enduring artifacts of the Renaissance period. The cards were once used only as playing decks. During the 18th century, they became associated with magic and mysticism. It was then that the Tarot was used for divination.

basic tarot reading

The idea behind a Tarot reading is simple: the cards are shuffled, arranged in a spread, and the reader interprets what the cards say. A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with a specific meaning related to life.

The art of divination through the use of the Tarot is called Taromancy. Contrary to public opinion, Tarot cards do not actually predict fortune or future events, but measure potential outcomes and examine the influences surrounding a person.

The Tarot Spread

Spread is the term used for the arrangement of the cards in a reading. First, the person asking for guidance shuffles the cards, and then the reader arranges them in a pattern. Each position in the spread has a meaning.

There are numerous types of spreads: Five Card, Celtic Cross and Mirror are some of the most used. The type of length in a reading depends on the question being asked, and sometimes depends on the reader.

Type of readings

1. Question reading is done to address a specific question. Although it is not intended to answer a yes or no question, it can guide you in making the decision for yourself. Therefore, the way in which the question is formulated is fundamental.

Be positive. Phrase your question in a positive rather than a negative way. Instead of asking why your promotion hasn’t happened, ask yourself what you can do to make it happen. In this way, the cards can give you better guidance.

Focus on yourself. If the reading is for you, ask the questions about yourself and not about the people around you. For example, asking why your partner is cheating on you is focusing on him. Always bring the focus back to you.

Be open. If you already have the answer to your questions, you are not letting the cards do their job. Keep your options open and don’t limit the scope of the real question. Be neutral and open to other points of view.

2. Open reading is used to address a larger aspect of a person’s life rather than a specific problem. Provides guidance for people entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, becoming a mother, or graduating from college.

popular tarot cards

Tarot decks have two types of cards: minor and major arcana. The minor cards are similar to the standard deck of cards divided into four suits. The major arcana are independent cards that have a unique and particular meaning.

1. The Devil. The card depicts Satyr, a half-man, half-goat creature. If the devil card appears in a love question, it can mean that the relationship is close to ending. Both parties can feel trapped and the magic of love is gone.

2. Hanged man. The card shows a man suspended upside down from a tree. In general, Hanged Man conveys that you are torn between two options: up or down, in or out, yes or no. There is something you must let go of.

3. The Fool. The card shows a man looking up at the sky about to jump off a cliff. The Fool is generally referred to as a positive card with a reminder that it is important to take time from him and see where he is going. It also indicates a new beginning.

4. Death. The card shows Death himself riding on a white horse. It does not necessarily mean physical death but rather represents transformation. Death reminds you to accept more of a change and move on.

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