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Top 5 Associate Degrees Online

Top 5 Associate Degrees Online

Many working people recognize the importance of pursuing a degree program that will enhance their careers, but find they can’t attend classes on campus. The state of the economy requires employees to gain specialized skills to be more competitive in the workforce. Job uncertainty is forcing people to seek training that makes them more employable and valuable to employers. Earning an associate’s degree is a step in the right direction, but traditional college programs don’t always fit with life’s busy schedules. An associate’s degree online is the answer for those struggling to balance family responsibilities and professional demands.


A career in accounting requires expert knowledge and skills. Private companies and government agencies employ experts in budget analysis, financial document preparation, and business practices. An online associate degree equips graduates to perform accounting duties in any organization.

pharmacy technology

Commercial and hospital pharmacies employ trained pharmacy technicians. An online associate’s degree in pharmaceutical technology prepares students for the responsibilities of this job. They receive an in-depth coursework and hands-on experience necessary to work with a pharmacist. Earning this degree is a first step to taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, which allows them to practice as a certified pharmacy technician.

legal assistant

The legal field offers many opportunities for those interested in the law. Private law firms and independent consulting firms employ paralegals to help prepare legal documents, conduct research, and conduct client interviews. An online paralegal degree program is designed to help those interested in a legal career or to advance an existing position. Advanced training gives paralegals the opportunity to earn higher salaries and makes them eligible for promotions.

criminal justice

While it may not be necessary in some areas, an associate’s degree in criminal justice is an advantage for a police or corrections officer. Although most police departments require trainees to go through their academy, having a degree gives applicants an advantage. Online programs designed with flexible hours provide the perfect solution for those who work multiple shifts but want to continue their education.

Dental Assistance

An online associate degree in dental assisting is ideal for those interested in working in a busy dental office under the supervision of a dentist. Their duties include preparing patients for procedures, sterilizing equipment, and performing various reception duties. Flexible hours make it easy to work while taking courses.

Online education programs allow people to achieve their educational goals and enhance their careers. Many become discouraged because they find themselves unable to meet the requirements of traditional educational programs. Those people can take comfort in knowing that there are alternatives. They can meet the challenge with diligence and perseverance.

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