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What can you eat to make your voice hoarse? Is there a diet that can give you a deep hoarse voice?

What can you eat to make your voice hoarse? Is there a diet that can give you a deep hoarse voice?

There are quite a few people who often ask this question: what to eat to make my voice hoarse? Well, if you have a high-pitched, squeaky voice that you think is affecting the way you live your life, you might want to change it. And while your diet may not have much to do, you can always do some deep voice training techniques / exercises that will help you with this goal.

But since this article is about what you can EAT to make your voice hoarse and deep, I’ll start by giving you some tips on this. If you want a deep, deep voice, you should make sure to always drink water. You should eat foods that collect mucus in your throat, such as milk or chocolate. Eating a lot of beef can also help, as beef has testosterone which also helps with voice quality.

There is not so much food you can eat to make your voice deep or hoarse. However, there are effective deep voice training exercises that you can use to transform your tone of voice and make it really loud and harsh. Here are some of these exercises that you can try at home, but before doing them I advise you to always give it time to make it work. Deep voice training is not something that you would see results overnight, so be patient and hopefully your tone of voice will be good sooner or later.

1- For starters, a smooth and deep baritone voice can be achieved through humming. I should have said hum A LOT, if you really want these exercises to work.

2- Another deep voice exercise you could do is croak (not sing) in a very low tone for a moment or two and then speak. Do this a few times a day and try to track your voice improvements

3- It has also been proven that the muscle relaxant effect of a large amount of alcohol will deepen the voice. This is not such a recommended deep voice training tip, but people use it to get the tone of voice and quality they want.

4- To achieve a hoarse voice, you should also, on a regular basis, perform neck exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.

So, as stated above, there really is no effective diet that can give you a deep, husky voice, but with the few tips above, you will be able to lower the tone of your voice and get the quality you’ve always wanted. There are many more tips for deep voice training that you should try.

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