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What is a marketing initiative?

What is a marketing initiative?

Marketing is not as simple as many would have you believe. For your business to be effective, you need to understand what goes into promoting what you offer in terms of products and services. That’s where a good marketing initiative comes into play. A marketing initiative is essentially anything that is clearly defined as a marketing effort. Simple, right? It’s basically something specific in your marketing plan. So what kinds of things are considered marketing initiatives? Here are some examples that can help you.

For larger companies, a marketing initiative can be a theme. For example, a series of commercials that uses a specific character or funny situation over and over again can be considered a marketing initiative. This, however, would certainly be more common with large companies. An example of this is the Geiko commercials featuring the cute talking gekko. The initiative is to associate their auto insurance products and services with a character that sticks in your head. Being cute is an added bonus. This is the reason why many commercials use cute and cuddly characters like babies and puppies etc.

Another example of a marketing initiative is undertaking a certain method relentlessly. Sometimes you may want to focus your efforts solely on one marketing method. If, for example, you decide to implement email marketing with great fervor, then you can call that your email marketing initiative. It will outline a very specific plan for that initiative. And you will carry it out. Focusing your efforts on a single initiative requires that you understand it intimately. You better know what you’re doing if that’s the ONLY initiative you have. In addition, you also need to have a backup plan in case your initiative doesn’t turn out as you hoped. Often when you put all your eggs in one basket, you better have more eggs!

Another type of marketing initiative you can invoke is a large-scale change in what you’re doing. If you’re moving away from traditional marketing to exclusively use the Internet, that’s a whole new marketing initiative you’re implementing. Although it is not as specific as other examples, it is certainly something that directly affects the marketing of your company. These types of initiatives are usually done in parallel with your existing marketing initiatives. Old initiatives are phased out as the new one takes over.

A marketing initiative can also be as simple as a change in idea. You may have a new marketing initiative that simply changes how you promote your business, or more specifically, what happens to the business you’re trying to promote. A change in positioning is a good example.

Marketing initiative is a broad term that is often used. However, if you understand what it is about, you will be better able to implement an initiative effectively if necessary. Changing or implementing an initiative is a big part of promoting your business. So it’s important that you understand what it means in the first place.

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