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Month: July 2021

Exercise and Your Senior Care Solution Plan

But aren’t old people supposed to sit in rocking chairs all day, torturing young people with stories about how they walked 4 miles through a snowstorm just to get to school?

In shorts, no. Numerous studies have shown that exercise reduces the risk of dying from certain cancers, heart disease, and stroke. It also reduces the symptoms of depression and mild cognitive impairment. What’s more, regular exercise increases functional flexibility and strength, the qualities that allow Dad to do the everyday things that make independent living possible, from reaching for a tall cabinet to shoveling a hallway. That is why your plan of care for elderly parents should include safe and effective training.

Take one step at a time.

Maybe the last time Dad exercised was the last time he mowed the lawn, 15 years ago. When you are caring for an elderly parent, it is critical that he or she exercise regularly. The first step is to make sure your loved one is healthy enough to exercise by talking with their doctor. The doctor may order an electrocardiogram (EKG) to find out if the body can handle the exercise.

Once dad gets the go-ahead from the doctor, remind his dad to go slow. Dad doesn’t need to kickbox or swim in the English Channel to reap the benefits of a workout. For most seniors, a walk around the block is a good start toward a healthy senior care solution.

Teach an old dog new tricks.

A study from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine found that older people who played Nintendo Wii exercise games for 35 minutes a day, three days a week, had a reduced risk of depression. Exercise video games are proving so effective in improving fitness that nursing homes and rehab centers across the country are adding them to their senior care solutions programs.

Because video game systems can be played at home, they can be an ideal solution for the care of elderly people staying indoors. If you are caring for elderly parents at home, consider investing in one of these.

If your older dad doesn’t like video games, encourage him to start a new exercise program. For example, the ancient Chinese martial art Tai Chi has been shown to relieve pain and increase range of motion in older people.

Tai Chi classes and workshops or any other exercise can also foster another important part of living well: social interaction. In fact, research has shown that building strong social connections can add a few years to your lifespan, making it an ideal senior care solution. As you care for an aging parent, encourage him to reap a stronger body and more social media that come with group workouts.

Get in the game.

Don’t just sit there on your back while your mom goes around the block. Taking care of yourself while caring for your elderly parents is important to keeping your mind and body healthy. You’ll benefit from the stress-relieving qualities of exercise and build a healthier body in the process. Choose an activity that you enjoy, such as taking a walk or practicing yoga. Remember, when you are healthy, you will be a better caregiver and a stronger part of your parents’ elderly care solution.

Taking care of aging parents’ plans can be challenging, from scheduling doctor appointments to giving medication reminders. Make sure exercise doesn’t slip through the cracks – it’s an important part of any family’s elderly care solution.

Quartz, granite or marble kitchen countertop?

Kitchen Countertops: Quartz, Marble, or Granite?

Like any other kitchen furniture, countertops come into contact with a variety of organic components. Therefore, when choosing a countertop for your kitchen, you must take this into account.

Functionality, style, budget, durability, appearance, and cost are other factors to consider when purchasing a kitchen countertop. Maybe you need a beautiful countertop that offers quality performance while still remaining aesthetically appealing in your kitchen?

Granite Kitchen Countertops

For decades, granite has been the most reliable material for installing kitchen countertops. Among the many types of kitchen countertops, granite is still the perfect choice for most homeowners. If you are considering the type of countertop to install in your new kitchen, take a minute and consider the following benefits of granite kitchen countertops.

Benefits of granite kitchen countertops:

1. Beautiful and durable

Everyone appreciates a kitchen with a cozy look. Granite is durable and aesthetically unmatched. You will find it in an exquisite range of attractive natural colors. It is a timeless stone that will remain in place for decades without losing shape and value. The infinite range of colors allows you to choose the best color that complements other materials for kitchen countertops, floors, furniture and walls. Granite countertops are very sturdy and not susceptible to scratches or heat. It is also resistant to stains and other hot liquids.

2. Requires the least maintenance

As a homeowner, you want your kitchen countertop to remain in tip-top condition. However, a headache appears when you have a tight schedule. Granite countertops require the least maintenance, unlike other options. In fact, you can only put a sealant on it once a year, but it remains intact and attractive. Treaties can even go ten years without sealant.

3. Profitable

Any budget conscious homeowner would prefer a granite countertop. Reason? Granite countertops save you a lot of money. Rather than being repainted year after year, they remain intact, thus eliminating the need for costly repairs. If you want to save money on kitchen maintenance, granite is the best option for you.

4. Increase the resale value of your home.

If you are renovating your kitchen for sale, consider installing granite countertops. It’s a great way to add value to your home, thus attracting the attention of potential buyers for a quick sale. It surely modifies the decoration of your home kitchen. It is highly polished and does not fade over time.

5. It is purely natural with no artificial fillers.

Being natural means that it cannot degrade over time or affect the health of the occupants. Therefore, they are a friendly option that you can buy. Also, if granite countertops are damaged, they can be easily repaired. It will stay in place for a lifetime.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Apart from granite, there is another excellent option for you: marble countertops. Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone recrystallizes. Marble contains various minerals that give it many colors. The many texture designs and color options make it a very decorative stone. That’s why it’s a great choice if you want to transform the look of your kitchen countertops and floors. Marble kitchen countertops have many benefits. Among them are;

1. Very attractive

If all you need is to give your kitchen a stunning look, then a marble countertop will do better. Regardless of the age of your kitchen, marble countertops can transform the overall appeal of your kitchen and enhance its value. Marble looks light and natural. The pattern variations of its surface make it versatile. In fact, it hides any signs of damage, so it will remain new for decades. It is also scratch and spill resistant.

2. Keeps your kitchen fresh

If you live in an area with extremely high temperatures, try marble countertops for your kitchen. They are also ideal for kitchens with tight spaces that get hot when cooking. They are very comfortable and safe to work with, especially when touching hot things.

3. Easy to maintain

Maintenance is essential when buying a kitchen countertop. Marble countertops are easier to maintain. All you need to do is clean it with water and detergent, and it cleans up. Also, if they do get scratched over time, you can still repair them yourself or call a professional service.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is another popular choice when it comes to installing kitchen countertops. Quartz is made by combining natural quartz with resin in a proportion of 93% to 7%. Quartz is desirable both in quality and in color and decoration. They combine to form a fully sealed and polished surface. For centuries, quartz has been preferred because of its unique charm and beauty. Quartz kitchen countertops are professionally sealed so they remain exquisitely shiny and natural. Quartz countertops have many benefits including;

1. They are smudge proof

Since quartz is non-porous, it is very waterproof. Therefore, they do not require sealing or polishing, unlike other kitchen countertop stones. In fact, stains can remain for a long time without affecting their quality. Additionally, quartz countertops require minimal maintenance. Wiping it with a cloth is enough to keep them clean. They also do not tolerate the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria; therefore, they are also healthy for your kitchen.

2. Very resistant to heat, scratches and cracks.

Quartz countertops are extremely durable for your kitchen. They are resistant to heat, scratches and cracks. However, in the case of scratches, you can cover them by sanding them. Its hardness and tenacity make it resistant to shocks and blows; therefore, it will not crack easily. Quartz countertops are also unaffected by most household acids and stains.

3. Available in a wide range of colors.

Since quartz is man-made, they can be made in different shades. So you can find the best custom shade to match your kitchen decor and style. They look elegant and timeless.

The type of stone you choose for your kitchen countertop, the quality of the installation, and the maintenance it provides are the main factors to consider. Therefore, it is critical that you work with a professional when selecting and installing a kitchen countertop for your home. The above are the top main options you can choose for your kitchen remodel.

The tinted BMWs in the decoy bride

The Decoy Bride is a new romantic comedy film starring David Tivez (Dr Who) and Kelly McDonald (Choke, Harry Potter 7 pt. 2). The movie is about a famous female star who is chased by the paparazzi before her wedding day. His management team hires a “decoy girlfriend” to fool the press.

The scene featuring the BMWs was filmed in the west end of Glasgow, in a lane just off the Great Western Road. The BMWs have their windows tinted so that the papparazzi cannot see in the cars and all 3 cars are identical. In the scene, the cars speed away from a hotel together and separate in different directions in an attempt to lead the press on a futile chase. That is all we are going to reveal about the plot of the film. Now to the cars …

The cars are BMW 5 Series saloons (new models) and a local Glasgow company has installed window tint. The cars had the tints installed the night before the scene was filmed, as the production company, Decoy Bride Production / Ecosse Films, decided that the cars should be tinted at the last minute.

BMWs appear in the film courtesy of BMW as product placement cars. The window tints were installed by Mr Tint Glasgow and removed from the vehicles after filming took place.

Keep an eye out for the movie coming out in 2011 and look for the scene with the BMWs.

Digital marketing strategy

With the new search engine guidelines and rules, 2013 presents a great opportunity for businesses to dramatically strengthen their online presence. Since July 2013, the old SEO rules do not apply in the same way. Now is the best time to commit to a digital marketing plan that works for your business. With Google allowing its Hummingbird to spread its wings, companies that use good marketing tactics will reap the rewards in time. Below is a list of key factors to get every business on your online list of things to do. You should also keep a list of sites, emails, and passwords that are used for everything you do. Trust me, when you get to a certain level, you’ll be glad to have the list. You must also keep track of the results of every aspect of marketing. Something simple to be able to check the improvements on a monthly basis, and check your profitability in the time invested.

1. On-site optimization and keyword research

Make sure your website is well designed. A good mix of headings, text, and images is required to fulfill SEO thinking. Aim for about 300 words in the copy of the text, make sure the headings are labeled H1 and that all the images have the correct name. All of this will help search engines associate your site with what people are searching for. With access to your site code, create a sitemap, create accounts for Google and Bing webmaster tools, and submit your site to both directories with the sitemap.

Then focus on how your site appears in search engines. Use a digital SWOT analysis of your business and focus on generating relevant keywords, creating meta tags, creating title tags, and reinventing the landing page to maximize your visibility to your potential customers.

This first step will improve your results instantly. You will see a great return on investment in a couple of months.

2. Optimization, links and backlinks outside the site

Outside jobs are an equally important part of a strong digital marketing campaign. The focus of off-site optimization is to have the internet point and look at you. Try to connect your website to existing high ranking websites. Google Rank of 5 or higher and high Alexa traffic ranks are what to look for. Avoid sites that have more ads on the pages than content.

Social media basics: Include business profile page creation on the top 5 most visited social sites in your plan: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Each business page must have links to your website and, in return, links from your website to these pages. Each page should be set up with content about your business, text and images, contact details and opening hours. You should also spend time on pages, links, circles, etc. relevant to start with your followers and followers.

Social Media Extras – In addition to the top 5 sites, you can also choose additional social media sites to be a part of, which will really set you apart from the competition. Best of the Rest: Includes Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Foursquare, Squidoo, and Instagram.

Depending on the level of engagement with social media, you may need professional assistance to stay on top of all of them. Ideally, each social media channel needs 45 minutes to 1 hour per week to update with new content and network across platforms, gaining new followers, likes, and links.

Backlink Strategy – It’s important these days to focus on quality, rather than quantity when it comes to backlinks. Depending on your business, different links will work for some and not for others. An important start is to appear in local directories and also focus on your competitors’ links. Search for ‘free online directories’ on Google, and a list of website submission directories should appear. Please take the time to complete and submit them. Note that some take longer to process than others, so keep a list of what has been accepted and what is still processing. Some directories offer paid features. These can be nice features, but be sure to do some homework and use the best value option for a proper return on investment. I have come across cases where 1 particular directory offers free commercial links to websites and offers minimal paid services to promote their social media, and a complete package including a home page with SEO features on their sites for less money in a year than it costs. rent a combined domain and hosting package. It also helps you by association to use your existing rankings to your advantage for your keywords. You can go even further and also search for companies, suppliers, agents, users, etc. your business deals with on a daily basis, and start a dialogue with each promoting each other’s websites via a backlink. In this case, there is strength in the numbers, and a credible bond will serve both of you well.

3. Video:

The next best way to promote your business is to create a video to highlight your products and offers. The availability and popularity of sites like YouTube and Vimeo make it essential to participate. Getting a 2-3 minute video created on your behalf, uploading it to YouTube, and embedding it on your site is the best place to start. While video publishing may not make money directly, smart companies use video marketing as a tactic to improve consumer engagement, clicks, and traffic. They also help drive search traffic, as the major search engines began ranking videos on their results pages. Including video in emails increases open rates by 5.6% and click-through rates by 96.38% compared to standard email marketing. Videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google for their respective keywords. They also increase traffic for businesses when shared. There is always the opportunity to go viral.

4. Mobile apps and sites:

Generally, most websites are between 900 and 1000 pixels wide. Not surprising, but they are designed to be viewed on computer screens. Smartphones generally want to see sites around the 350 pixel area. If you don’t have a responsive layout that fits the size of the screen the site is being viewed on, it will look awful and the viewer will move on. Test your site by clicking here. An app or mobile site is a great way to make your existing website fit this generation of what the internet looks like – the mobile phone. The apps are great, but they can be expensive to produce. The app market is growing and building involves complete content from your existing website. Applications vary in size, cost, and function. A mobile version of your site and mobile technology like SMS and QR codes can reach the same market. By using directory sites, your mobile site will be easier to find and more useful to the end user, your customer. Using the same code as your website, a single mobile website can reach users across many different types of mobile devices, while native applications require a separate version to be developed for each type of device. Mobile website URLs easily integrate with other mobile technologies.

5. Current quality blogs and content:

Write, write and write. Increasingly, search engines are putting a lot of faith in any new movement they can track down. Creating and adding new content to your existing site qualifies as this. When bots and spiders visit your site, if there is new content to report, the search engines will take it as a positive. If you run a site like a blog, of course with new posts, you are adding new content. The content and quality of blogging is assumed to be in your own hands. Remember to write both original and quality material. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s work just to have something new to post. That undermines the legitimate process. If you like what someone else has done, like it and give it public involvement and credibility. If you can’t write enough new material, you can look for guest authors, who will be happy to write for you for credit. If you have a business site and have no interest in blogging for content, some points to keep in mind on your site are simple things to correct. Make sure you have a copyright on someone on the home page. Make sure the dates and years are correct. New customers are more likely to use commercial websites when it is clear that the sites are maintained and have the current years included in their copyright. Get in the habit of checking your own website frequently, looking for any aspect of the content that can be updated. At the very least, integrate shareable Facebook or Twitter links and an email link if possible. This will help you share your content on the web without you having to. Other visitors will do it for you if they like what they see.

Alternatives to the chronic fatigue diet

The food a person eats plays a vital role in their overall health, both physically and mentally. A person who fills his daily diet with foods high in fat and sugar will definitely find that he does not feel as good as he used to. The obesity problem is out of control in our society. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds. While no one really likes to be overweight, there is a large part of this population that refuses to take steps to change it. They simply decide to accept their physical appearance as it is. While this is an option that we all have, you simply cannot ignore the medical problems associated with a poor diet. While a poor diet is not the only cause of chronic fatigue, it can be a major trigger.

Chronic fatigue is the result of eating so badly that you are actually causing harm to your body and your mental abilities. Establishing a healthy diet for chronic fatigue includes increasing the amount of protein you consume on a daily basis. This can be found in a variety of meats, poultry, and beans. However, do not eat too much protein because it can damage your kidneys. If you don’t like these foods, you may want to consider a protein shake instead.

You should also work to reduce the amount of fat and sugar you eat. Replace high-sugar snacks with low-calorie fruits and vegetables. If you fancy something sweet, dip the fruits in a yogurt sauce. These small changes to your diet can help you have more energy.

Any chronic fatigue diet plan should be an attempt at lifestyle changes, not just something you do for a short period of time. It will take a while for your body to start reacting positively to changes when you choose a chronic fatigue diet. It is a good idea to discuss the chronic fatigue diet with a nutritionist who can help you develop a personalized plan that is right for you. Having a wide variety of foods and recipes for the chronic fatigue diet will help prevent you from getting bored with it.

What an Apostle Does: Article from Rascal’s Apostle Series – From Victory in Jesus to Victory

Rascal IS your end-time apostle … at least ~ ONE OF THEM. Yes, the Lord has chosen many of us.

(CEV) 1 Corinthians 12:28 First, God chose some people to be apostles, prophets, and teachers of the church. But he also chose some to perform miracles or heal the sick or help others or be leaders or speak different kinds of languages.

For the student of clarification, “AN APOSTLE IS A SENT”. Sent at the behest of the Holy Spirit, as was Paul after his conversion to “The Way,” the Apostles advance with His guidance, equipped with ALL the “Spiritual Gifts” in operation, and are often sent by THEIR churches as well. Such was later the case with Paul and Barnabas.

(CEV) Acts 15:22 The apostles, the leaders and all the members of the church decided to send some men to Antioch along with Paul and Barnabas. They chose Silas and Judas Barsabbas, who were two leaders of the Lord’s followers.

The apostles are not named by man. Rather, the Lord Jesus chooses us ~ for his edification ~ bearing witness with “signs and wonders.”

(NKJV) Acts 14: 3 Therefore they stayed there a long time, speaking boldly in the Lord, who was bearing witness to the word of his grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by his hand.

Such is my mission as a rascal: the playful and petty apostle of the Lord. “Chosen to reach out to his chosen and chosen ones through electronic articles, books, personal prayers, public appearances, invitations to church, ministry television broadcasts, and many other means.

Rascal’s prayers and “Words of Wisdom” for these 3 recently triggered by the Lord’s healing 🙂

On three occasions I was asked to pray for these very sick. On each occasion when I spoke to the Lord about their problem ~ HE gave me a “Word of Wisdom” on the individual cause of that Person’s Sickness and THE HOLY SPIRIT told me what to say to them ~ or the one who asked this Apostle prayer to tell you.

How Our Lord IS Faithful to Provide a Vehicle of Faith ~ Allowing His Children to be Healed ~ Each one DID as He told me and HE healed each one and / or restored their health !!! Jesus healed them ALL !!! LOL

Jesus had “paid in full” for his healing over 2,000 years ago … These faithful were each “healed” in our time through the use of this humble servant. The following is a comment posted on my MySpace profile by the MySpace friend who had asked for prayer for these patients:

Comments from Rascal’s MySpace friends Viewing 49 of 253 comments View / Edit all Ka Ay Akin Bayani January 8, 2007 9:41 PM

“PRAISE THE LORD – JESUS!” I hope to meet you one day. You have been a great blessing to me. Thank you for all that you do and, most importantly, for your unwavering faith in our Creator God and for your prayers. Thanks brother! Chandra is back at home, recovering and eating slowly (remember, he was hooked up to a life support machine with kidney cancer?) …. Ernie is back at work after his stroke (awesome!), AND Michelle, when she was operated on, the doctors found that the tumors in her brain had shrunk so small that they didn’t have to touch her brain at all … rather now she is making visits to the doctor’s office for laser therapy … All praise, honor and glory to God, Jehovah Rophe !!!!!!

Well my baptized readers, an important point to remember is what my friend the apostle, Paul, said:

(NKJV) Ephesians 6:12 For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual powers. [hosts] of evil in heaven [places.]

We good guys of God win these battles! While the devil looks bad if he is winning, he is always defeated by those with “Faith”.

(CEV) 2 Corinthians 2:14 I am thankful that God always makes it possible for Christ to lead us to victory. God also helps us spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, and this knowledge is like the smell of perfume.

We Apostles continue from Victory to our next Victory in Christ.

But ~ of course ~ our enemy immediately launches more attacks on other fronts as he (small h) continues to maneuver in other covert operations that are already underway.

I just arrived safely to AZ ~ via Amtrak from Vancouver, WA ~ where I left my enemy

Dumbfounded that his latest “Distroy Rascal Plan” didn’t work out for the evil one and his minions. LOL God laughs at the deceitful, defeated, dumb devil too.

(NKJV) Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, that is, those who are called according to God. [His] purpose.

No wonder Paul said:

(CEV) 1 Corinthians 4: 9 It seems to me that God has put us apostles in the worst possible place. We are like prisoners on the way to death. The angels and the people of this world just laugh at us.

They can laugh ~ like the wicked did then and like their descendants do now ~ still:

(CEV) 2 Corinthians 1: 6 We suffer in the hope that you will be comforted and saved. And because we are comforted, you too will be comforted, as you patiently endure suffering like ours.

(CEV) 2 Corinthians 6: 9 We are unknown to others, but well known to you. It seems that we are dying and yet we are still alive. We have been punished but never killed

Yes ~ My readers ~ In the flesh ~ We have been told ~ that all the first apostles, except John, were enrolled. LOL But ~ Like Our Lord ~ ​​Jesus ~ They Live !!!

I will conclude this article from Rascal’s Apostle series ezine by again quoting My Living Brother, Paul:

(NKJV) 2 Corinthians 4: 1 Therefore, since we have this ministry, according to the mercy we have received, we do not lose heart. 2 But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking cunningly or handling the word of God with deception, but by manifesting the truth, recommending ourselves to the conscience of every man before God. 3 But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled for those who are perishing, 4 whose understanding the god of this world has blinded, those who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, which is the image . of God, must shine upon them. 5 For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and us his servants for Jesus’ sake. 6 For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to [give] the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. 7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the excellence of the power may be from God and not from us. 8 [We are] tight on all sides, but not squashed; [we are] perplexed, but not desperate; 9 persecuted, but not abandoned; beaten down, but not destroyed, 10 always bearing in our body the death of the Lord Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our body. 11 For we who live are always put to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our mortal flesh. 12 Then death works in us, but life in you. 13 And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written: “I believed and therefore I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak, 14 knowing that the one who raised the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus. and will present [us] with you. 15 For all things [are] for you, may grace, having spread among many, make thanksgiving abound to the glory of God. 16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Although our outer man is perishing, the inner [man] it is renewed day by day. 17 Because our slight tribulation, which is momentary, works in us much more [and] eternal weight of glory, 18 without us looking at what is seen, but at what is unseen. For the things that are seen [are] temporary, but things that are not seen [are] eternal.

May Our Lord ~ ​​Jesus ~ be with you and guide you to “ALL THE TRUTH …”

Rascal :))

Lose All Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Lose ALL Stubborn Belly Fat (3 Steps) – See Fat Loss Results in Just 1 Week

So you want to know how to lose all your stubborn belly fat, aka gut, beer belly, spare tire, bread basket, and depending on how much belly fat you’re carrying, you may have a full tank. . The good news is, no matter what category you fall into, if you have stubborn belly fat, this post will help you solve this problem step by step once and for all.

There are three ways we can go about losing all the stubborn belly fat and that is through weight training, cardio training, and nutrition. That is, there is no way to focus on burning fat, there are no special exercises to lose all the stubborn belly fat. Let’s start with weight training first. Weight training is extremely important, believe it or not, for burning stubborn fats. You see that everyone’s body has a basal metabolic rate, and contrary to popular belief, you can drink all the water you want, eat six to seven meals a day, drink coffee, and eat spicy food, however, the only thing that is actually related to a significant increase in your metabolism is an increase in lean body mass. Which means that if we can build more muscle, we can eat more food and still burn more fat. Many people just get stuck trying to always cut back. You cut calories and then when you stabilize, cut even more and add a little more cardio. Let me tell you something from experience when we have clients who have very little muscle mass, it becomes exponentially more difficult to make them lose weight. Like everyone else they lose 3.4 pounds a week, they lose one every two weeks. This is a hugely overlooked factor, especially by women. Remember, even though your ultimate goal is to burn fat, your goal with weight training should be to build muscle because ultimately that will help you burn fat the most.

Now what is the best way to build muscle with weight training and lose all the stubborn belly fat? If you are natural like most of the people who watch this channel, then you must live to lift heavier and heavier weights. Unless you are someone who likes to do hundreds of repetitions of cal-esthetics, gaining weight is the best way to ensure that you progressively overload your muscles. Heavy training also helps increase the ability of natural lifters to synthesize protein, which again is very important for building muscle and building your metabolism. Now there have been many people who have claimed that working with their computers until they fail is a bad idea and not worth it. This is bad. Yes, maximum muscle fiber recruitment is necessary to stimulate protein synthesis. And yes, you can achieve maximum muscle fiber recruitment with a heavy load and a light load. However, the problem is that most people who use light weights stop before reaching maximum muscle fiber recruitment. That’s why training to failure, especially when you’re not in a study lab, is a much better idea for building muscle. When it fails, you can be almost certain that you have achieved maximum muscle fiber recruitment, and in turn, you will have an increase in muscle protein synthesis. The bottom line is that you make sure to do a lot of weight with your weights at least 3 days a week and if you want more information on sets and reps, I will include a link at the end of a video I made before that delves into structuring and configuring your program. weight training.

Let’s talk about element number two, which is cardio, and how it can help you lose all your stubborn belly fat. You don’t want to do any kind of regular cardio. Especially when many people who have stubborn belly fat need to work to build muscle. Doing a lot of long-duration cardiovascular exercise, like jogging for miles, won’t help you build muscle and isn’t really the most effective way to burn fat. The best type of cardio you can do to lose fat is interval training. There are tons of different forms of interval training, but I’m just going to give you a very simple approach to your cardio workouts. You run for 60 seconds and then you walk for 60 seconds. If you are a little more advanced, you can run for 60 seconds and then jog for 60 seconds. The good news is, unlike long-duration cardio, you’ll be done with this exercise in just 20 minutes. Now keep in mind that you have to do this correctly and experience the fat burning effects when you run you have to. Whenever you’re doing interval training, when you’re doing interval “work”, you almost always want maximum effort. By doing this type of interval training, this will invoke the post-burn effect, which is just a fancy way of saying that your body is going to burn a lot more calories in the recovery process than it would with a steady state of Long duration. cardio. With cardio I wouldn’t do more than two days a week at first to start. It’s a good idea to save cardio days to add as you go through the stages. This way, you don’t always have to cut calories to burn more fat.

Speaking of calories, let’s talk nutrition. With nutrition, if you want to lose all your stubborn belly fat, you will certainly have to maintain a calorie deficit and keep insulin levels low. I recommend starting with a 25% reduction in maintenance calories and consistently staying within that range on a daily basis. Although no one wants to track your macros and calories, it is a very good idea to do this, especially in the beginning. Once you know how many calories and macros come from different foods, you can do it more easily. There are many apps like MyFitnessPal that will help you track your macros until you are ready to do it on your own. Other than that, you should stay away from foods that will increase your insulin level because when your insulin levels are high you are not going to burn fat. Not only can carbohydrates increase your insulin levels, but proteins can also increase your insulin levels quite easily, especially whey and casein, which are found in most dairy products that do not ferment. So for the most part, I would stay away from dairy and constantly try to maintain that calorie deficit. As long as you can be consistent, you will lose one hundred percent that stubborn belly fat. The biggest problem for people is constantly staying away from foods that will either spike your insulin levels or get you out of that 25 percent drop. So one of my best dietary tips to date is to never deny yourself what you crave. Recognize that your mind is hungry and your body is hungry are two different things. However, the cause of your mind’s hunger is many times only due to the fact that your body is actually physically hungry. So if you crave, let’s say some ice cream, you shouldn’t miss out and go for ice cream. We call that a binge in the fitness world and that’s a big deal. The way you handle this is by promising yourself that you will allow yourself to eat as much ice cream as you want, but only after having a meal that is very high in protein, high in healthy fats, and rich in vegetables. I bet most of the time you won’t even want what you craved and if you still do, you will eat much less, you will not increase your insulin levels, you will not exceed your calorie deficit, and you will burn that stubborn fat as a result of that process. It’s so much easier on your willpower than just sitting there resisting all your temptations. That’s it, guys. I really hope this post has helped you. Remember to click on the link below where we have proven fat shredding programs for you.

Can or should franchisors expand in Cuba with the reboot of the Obama administration?

With all this talk about better relations with Cuba, the Obama administration has some corporate leaders licking its ribs with possible future opportunities, but before you start salivating, let’s get down to business. The reason I’m saying this is because I was listening to some attorneys in the franchise industry discussing this recently.

In fact, some franchise lawyers are embarrassed by the idea of ​​their clients going to Cuba to expand their business models, and I usually agree, but why not? Other nations are also corrupt, it is a fact of doing international business; So what should a franchisor do? Still, before we answer that, let’s consider a few issues before us.

Strafor Geo Political News notes in an article on December 17, 2014 titled; “The United States and Cuba are beginning to reestablish relations,” explains some of what is behind all this and why it could be a short play, with some positive long-term implications.

On December 19, 2014, the New York Times published an article titled; Julie Creswell’s “Exploration Opportunities for US Companies in Cuba”, who stated; “American companies were quick to put plans in place to bring products and services to a market they hadn’t been in for most of 50 years, if ever,” but is this really accurate?

Some of the big media blitzes were exaggerated and too many politicians intervened, remember that this was more or less an exchange to free an American being helped by the Cuban government and it was a gesture and exchange for someone in prison here who they wanted. back, so there is that aspect.

A franchise attorney stated, “How are future US franchisors going to deal with having their future franchisee partly owned by the government, allowing their workers to earn just $ 20 a month from now on? rising prices and rising wages?

In fact, a question that I would also like you to answer, that is, where is the opportunity considering that reality? In addition, it was pointed out that the Cuban government pays people in their currency; Pesos – and for an approximate amount of $ 1.00 per day in our currency. Do you still think that you want to settle in a nation with an economy like that? Plus, corruption and theft are the norm, so why would a decent American company want to get involved? The right to brag. Sorry, that just doesn’t work for me.

Finally, our change from harsh economic sanctions in Cuba will not extend to all sectors, and certainly not to franchises, especially not in a fast time table, maybe in 10 years “YES” everything is going well, but no hold your breath. . Right now, Cuba is still listed as a “state sponsor of terrorism” by the US, so think about it, this is a country run by a corrupt government, a police state, and it makes a profit, if you want it, it’s a communist. country and they disapprove of that, unless it’s the government itself. Consider all of this and think back to 2015.

Seeing squid in your dreams – what does that mean?

Seeing strange things in your dreams is not unusual. Dreaming is often a psychedelic journey, completely disconnected from reality. A world where anything can happen. A world where your unconscious can use almost anything to try to send you a message. Squids are frequent players in these dreams. You might wake up from a dream like this and wonder, “What does it mean when I see squid in my dreams?” The answer to that question differs depending on whether you are simply watching squid or eating it.

If you see squid in your dreams, it could have two different meanings. The first is that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you that you are not seeing things clearly. You may be feeling threatened and skewing your judgment. The other possibility is that your unconscious is trying to tell you that you are somewhat self-absorbed or greedy.

If in your dream you are eating squid, that has a different meaning. This implies that you are too concerned about how others see you. Something may have happened recently that makes you feel very self-conscious. Now you spend too much mental energy worrying about the opinions that others have of you.

Often times, what happens in dreams is the result of your unconscious trying to get your attention. Sometimes it can be difficult to interpret what your unconscious is telling you. Dreams involving squid can mean a number of different things, but they all relate to how you interact with the rest of the world. Seeing squid in your dreams means that it is time for you to take some time for yourself and find out which of these problems you are currently dealing with and take steps to fix it.

African safari tour

African safari holidays are an opportunity to see wild animals and breathtaking landscapes on the continent. Tourists visit Africa to experience a close encounter with the Big Five, namely the buffalo, the elephant, the leopard, the lion, and the rhino. It is a rare opportunity to observe these animals in their natural environment.

Visiting a continent with several game reserves, national parks, protected wildlife, and a spectacular coastline is an exciting experience. Here is the list of suggested safari destinations in Africa:

• Amboseli National Park in Kenya

It is one of the tourist destinations that presents the best safaris and panoramic views. You will admire the wonderful view of Mount Kilimanjaro. This majestic mountain rises to about 5,900 meters. It is the impressive backdrop to the huge population of elephants that roams the reserve.

• Bwindi Forest Reserve in Uganda

This is a World Heritage site and the habitat of mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. The area features spectacular scenery, rugged valleys, and impressive waterfalls. It is also home to a variety of birds, such as the rare African Green Broadbill.

• Chobe National Park in Botswana

This park is located in the Okavango Delta. The ideal season to visit the park is during the dry and cold winter months from April to October. It is also the best time to see large herds of buffalo, eland, giraffe and zebra gather around the Savuti swamp. You can get to the park by car, making it a more affordable destination than the other parks in Botswana. In addition, it offers different types of accommodation to tourists.

• Etosha National Park in Namibia

This park is home to the tallest elephants in Africa. Other species that take refuge in this park are cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, rhinos and birds, and it is one of the favorite destinations for photographers, particularly in the dry season when animals congregate in the water holes. natural.

• Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe

This is the largest protected area in Zimbabwe with different animals such as elephants, giraffes, lions, wild dogs and other mammals, and a refuge for more than 400 birds and 100 species of mammals.

• Kruger National Park in South Africa

The Kruger National Park is located in South Africa and is one of the best safari destinations in Africa. To get to the park, it takes about five hours to drive. The park offers abundant wildlife such as the Big Five, cheetahs, crocodiles, giraffes, and hippos. Wild cats are sometimes difficult to see due to the lush vegetation in the area. It is one of the oldest preserved national parks on the continent.

• Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya

Kenya is the most sought after destination for tourists seeking safari adventures. Masai Mara is at the top of the list of natural parks to visit in Kenya. It is the perfect setting for the migration of millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles in search of fresh grass for the rain. The ideal time to contemplate this spectacular sight is from July to October.

The variety of wild animals is due to the abundance of dense grasslands and forests. Local Maasai tribes offer cultural tours such as village walks and warrior lessons so you can explore their rich indigenous culture.

• Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

The park contains a vast area of ​​grasslands, offering a clear view of lions killing their prey, and has a larger land area than the Masai Mara Reserve.

• South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

It offers an alternative safari experience, which consists of walking through the park rather than riding in vehicles during the tour. This park is home to around 60 species of animals and more than 400 species of birds. You will see several hippos resting on the Luangwa River. The recommended time of year to visit the park is from April to October.

In fact, Africa is a wonderful tourist destination where you will experience an unparalleled adventure. You can choose from the various parks and reserves on the continent to observe wildlife while living in its natural habitat. In addition, its spectacular scenery and fascinating culture are sure to provide an extraordinary vacation.