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Month: July 2023

Stake us Review 2023: Is Stake Casino Legit?

Stake Casino

If you’re looking for an online casino with an easy-to-use interface, look no further than Stake us. This Curacao-licensed operator provides a comprehensive range of betting markets, including sports and games. The site is available on a variety of devices, including mobiles, and there’s even a blog where you can read expert betting tips and ask questions. You’ll also find a variety of different bonuses and rewards, although it’s important to carefully read all the terms and conditions before you deposit or withdraw your winnings.

Registering at stake us casino is simple. Simply log in through your Facebook, Google, or Twitch account and claim gold coins to start playing risk-free with virtual stake cash. Eventually, you can upgrade to VIP status and earn regular bonuses based on how much you play. Slot races are also a fun way to compete against fellow players and win virtual stake cash.

Stake Casino is especially known for its eSports betting platform, but they offer a wide variety of other gambling options too. You can find a selection of popular slots, arcade games, and even poker in their extensive library. They’re especially well-known for their “Originals” and “Exclusives” games, which are created in-house by Stake using modern provably fair software. You can enjoy titles like Crash and Mines, while the new Madame Mystique Megaways game is sure to be a favorite among fans of slots.

Stake us Review 2023: Is Stake Casino Legit?

In addition to being a secure platform that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Stake is a relatively anonymous one too. You will need to verify your identity before making a withdrawal, but this process is usually quick and straightforward. You can also use Stake’s exchange option to convert fiat currency into crypto, making it easy for those without any cryptocurrency to enjoy their services.

The site’s support is fast and professional, allowing you to contact representatives through live chat and email. You can also find helpful FAQs and community forums. In fact, there are so many ways to get help at Stake that you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

In the ever-growing world of online casinos, it is vital for players to ascertain the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the platforms they choose. Stake Casino, a prominent online casino, has garnered significant attention and acclaim. This review aims to shed light on the casino’s authenticity and evaluate its performance in 2023. By analyzing crucial aspects such as licensing, security, game selection, customer support, and overall user experience, we aim to provide an objective assessment of Stake Casino’s legitimacy.

One of the primary indicators of a casino’s legitimacy is its licensing and regulatory status. As of 2023, Stake Casino holds a valid online gambling license, which is an essential requirement for operating legally. The casino’s license information can typically be found on its website, ensuring transparency and accountability to its users. This indicates that Stake Casino adheres to the regulations set forth by the governing authority, providing players with a sense of security and trust in its operations.

Walk and lose weight now

Walk and lose weight now

Walking is a great way to lose weight. It is one of the best ways to lose weight and it is an effective technique. But many want more… so you should look for another physical activity to lose weight, or you can walk more and lose weight.

how to lose weight walking

The good news is that the amount of weight you lose can actually be increased, there’s no reason to try other exercises if you don’t want to. But how can you lose more weight?

• Walk quickly. Ok, the obvious, but it works. Increase your walking speed and also increase the number of calories you burn. You can then carefully choose your own pace according to your desired rate of weight loss.

• Walk on. Even more clearly, perhaps, but he is the perennial favourite. Increase the distance you walk and burn more calories.

• Up hill. Walking uphill can help you burn more calories than walking on a flat floor. So if you want to start burning more calories than you can imagine walking uphill.

• The surface. Did you know that the type of surface you walk on can have a dramatic effect on the number of calories burned while walking? On a less smooth surface, the body must work harder to walk, so concrete burns fewer calories than soft mud and sand, in particular. So if you want to burn more calories and thus lose more weight, try using a soft surface to walk on.

• Move your arms. Strange advice, but it really works. Move your arms as you walk and you’ll burn more calories and work muscles that otherwise wouldn’t have been worked; an increase in body surface area for walking is exhilarating.

• Mix things up. The human body is an amazing thing, and you get used to doing the same thing over and over again, it becomes more effective, and therefore expends less energy (calories) to do it, which is far from ideal. So instead of keeping your body guessing by varying speed distance, grade, etc. If you don’t do the same thing over and over again, your body won’t be able to get used to it.

• Walking with weights. The weight of riding feet or hands, the legs make the body work harder, which means you burn more calories with each step. These weights are easily purchased at many department stores, sporting goods stores, and even online stores.

Of course, there are other techniques to increase your weight loss and there are exercises to try if you still want to lose weight, but these techniques will help you walk with weights.

Varieties of study table and study furniture

Every home requires essential furniture that is both versatile and multifaceted. The furniture in a house portrays the class and elegance of the owner. Therefore, it is important to choose furniture that adds to the decor of your home. There is a wide variety of home furnishings available in different designs, shapes, and colors. Essential and basic home furniture includes sofa sets, chairs, beds, coffee tables, dining tables, study tables, cabinets, etc.

Study table: an amazing variety

A study table is one of the most essential pieces of furniture required in a home. Comfortable and suitable furniture is very necessary to ensure that children can study for long hours without disturbance or distraction. Although various pieces of furniture are required in a study room, tables and chairs are the most important. Storage shelves for books, colors, bags are also necessary, but it is important to choose a suitable study table for convenience and comfort.

There are quite a few varieties of tables that are used for the purpose of studying and reading. The different types of tables include individual tables, freestanding tables, and complete wall systems. Multipurpose folding tables are quite popular and widely used as they allow children to paint, draw, write, learn and read. It can also be used for laptops and many other purposes.

Another variety includes the folding dining study table. These tables are versatile and can be used for various purposes. It can be fixed to a location if required. It is also portable. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these tables double as dining tables.

There are tables with storage facilities for books, hardware, colors and other items. All personal belongings can be neatly organized in drawers and shelves. The study table is also available in different types of wood such as rosewood, mahogany, etc.

Some tables have open shelves while others have closed shelves. You can choose the number of shelves and compartments according to your needs. The tables with drawers are very appropriate to store books and other essential stationery items. A small cabinet is also included in some of the tables. Some shelves have clear glass doors that are particularly elegant and elegant.

Metal tables are also in style these days as it looks spectacular in a modern home. The chairs to match these tables are also vital to complete the decoration of your room.

Dressing table: an accessory

Vanities are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Luxurious and elegant dressing tables are magnificent pieces of furniture to be placed in bedrooms. It is absolutely essential for a perfect toilet and to decorate your bedroom. The dresser can also be used to store all kinds of jewelry and makeup kits. Large mirrored tables including double mirrors and triple mirrors can be used today.

Chests of different types of wood such as mahogany, teak and pine can be purchased at reasonable prices. Different styles of dressers are available on online portals. Choosing the right type of home furnishings can make a world of difference to your entire home decor.

Relevance of the 16 Social Media Optimization Rules for Web Presence

Social media is here to stay, and organizations that understand how to use it to attract new customers while continuing to attract existing ones will get ahead of the competition. Social Media Optimization helps companies use social media and other online communities to increase visibility and highlight a specific product, brand, or event. This can be achieved by creating content that is easily shareable via online social networking via RSS feeds, social networking sites like FaceBook, social bookmarking sites like Delicious or Digg, microblogging sites like Twitter or Tumblr, blogs, wikis, and media sharing websites like YouTube, Pinterest.

As more and more people interact through social networks, the power of virtual “word of mouth” can become a great advantage for a savvy organization. The term “Social Media Optimization” was first coined by Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy Public Relations and became popular through his blog post listing 5 Social Media Optimization (SMO) Rules. Jeremiah Owyang, Cameron Olthius, Loren Baker, and Lee Odden updated the list, adding it to 16 rules.

16 rules for designing a social media optimization strategy –

  1. Increase link visibility: Creating a dynamic website, as opposed to one that is static and rarely updated, is a fundamental step in increasing your web presence. Adding a blog to a website is even more useful.
  2. Simplify tagging and bookmarking: Making it easy for users to tag, bookmark, and share content via buttons to tweet or retweet, like on Facebook, share on LinkedIn, or add to Google+ means they’re powering your content for you.
  3. reward inbound links– Finding a way to reward people for linking to your website, either by linking to them or by posting comments on your sites, further increases your social network presence.
  4. Help travel content: Making it easy for users to stream content over your network is key. This can be through PDF, video or audio files, which can be shared through the media.
  5. encourage the mash-up: Being open to the idea of ​​content being used creatively across the social network (within reason of course) means that users will be more willing to share.
  6. Be a user resource, even if it doesn’t help you: Adding value to users is a great technique to increase visibility, regardless of the medium used. Becoming a go-to resource for users can only result in creating a better presence.
  7. Reward valuable and helpful users: Encouraging users who add value to your social site is a great way to build a loyal user base, who will feel comfortable sharing their information with your network.
  8. Participate: A big part of social networking is the aspect of participation and dual interaction within the community.
  9. Know how to target your audience: Being everything to everyone is impossible, so understanding your target audience is critical to success.
  10. create content: The importance of creating relevant content cannot be stressed enough. If the content doesn’t speak to your target audience, the chances of it going unnoticed are much higher.
  11. Be real: Authenticity is, as always, the very foundation of interactions within social communities, online or otherwise.
  12. Don’t forget your roots, be humble: This tip is relevant in all areas of life, not just social media optimization!
  13. Don’t be afraid to try new things, stay fresh: Staying up to date on new tools, products and challenges will only improve your SMO strategy.
  14. Develop an SMO Strategy: Any marketing initiative must have a strategy behind it with clear objectives that define the desired result. It is no different for an SMO strategy.
  15. Choose your SMO tactic wisely: Adapting social media optimization techniques to the desired results is very important to use resources wisely. What works for one site may not work for another.
  16. Make SMO part of your process and best practices: And finally, integrating social media optimization into the way you do business can pay off big rewards as you encourage content sharing across your organization.


Although these 16 rules were created almost 6 years ago, they are still highly relevant to any business looking to use social media optimization in today’s connected world. Creating relevant content that speaks to a target audience, but does so with authenticity and a fresh perspective, is almost guaranteed to pay off in terms of increased reach to a broader audience on the social network.

Healthy foods to eat on a budget

If you’re on a tight budget, finding healthy foods at the grocery store can seem like a challenge, but there are healthy, inexpensive options in every aisle of the store. As tempting as all the junk food sounds, it really can be cheaper to eat food prepared at home. And with a little imagination and experimenting with herbs and spices in the kitchen, it will taste better too. The first key to healthier eating is to have more healthy foods available to eat at home. So stop going to the drive-thru and buy no more pre-packaged and over-processed foods that you probably have in your kitchen right now. Get organized by creating a meal plan and grocery list for the foods you need to prepare those meals. The next step is to go to your local grocery store and start shopping for whole foods that you can make at home with whatever cooking resources you have there.

Increasing your intake of whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, will actually make your overall food choices much simpler. If the foods you are choosing contain more than 5 ingredients and include many unfamiliar and unpronounceable items, you may want to reconsider your purchase. Counting calories, carbohydrates, or fat grams won’t be as necessary when you select foods that are more a product of nature than a product of industry. Finding healthy foods to eat at the grocery store is pretty simple. They are found in “fresh food” sections such as the fresh produce and refrigerated meat and fish departments. The frozen and dry aisles also contain good healthy foods, though there are plenty of unhealthy distractions as well.

Healthy foods to have available at home to cook with include whole foods (foods in their most natural state), fruits and vegetables, dairy (low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs), seafood, lean cuts of pork, beef, and chicken, naturally sweetened whole juices, and plenty of water.

The types of foods to avoid include refined grains (white flour or white rice), refined white sugar, any form of corn syrup, and anything from a box that contains more than 5 ingredients.

Making the switch to eating healthy foods requires a mindset shift, along with a little imagination and preparation. It will help to make a weekly meal plan and from there a nice organized shopping list to take to the store. This will help you stay focused and reduce the number of trips you make to the grocery store.

Strength conditioning training for fighters

Unlike most sports, wrestling has a propensity to provide its athletes with everything they need to succeed. Many legendary athletes received their status from everything they got from the wrestling hall and nothing more. However, the insatiable hunger for an edge continues to push the boundaries of performance science. Added with anecdotal evidence of ‘what works’, new methods become the norm and soon what worked in the past no longer works. The fact is that in today’s extremely competitive environment, only coaches and athletes who are willing to risk trial and error with the latest methods will succeed. Also, athletes who rely completely on what happens in the practice room are quickly defeated by those who also employ other techniques. The best fighters continue to search and study to incorporate new physical training methods to also improve speed, power and endurance in relation to their sport.

Strength training for wrestlers can be broken down into three separate but synergistic components, power, strength conditioning, and speed/agility. While some teams choose to focus on just one or two of these, the most well-rounded athletes include all three in their programs. Power training is any type of weight lifting with the goal of improving outright strength. To get the best results in this area, rep schemes and program concepts borrowed from weight lifting are most effective. Speed ​​and agility are easy to improve with a combination of footwork, plyometrics, and speed drills borrowed from sprinters and conditioners used on the soccer field. Strength conditioning is a type of training that will build stamina and toughness in every fighter. The concepts here can be seen in cross fit and top soccer programs, however most wrestling coaches are very familiar with this type of training. Whether power training is lifting heavy weights for low reps, speed training is lifting extremely light weights, or bodyweight exercises performed explosively, strength conditioning are exercises performed in the 8-20+ range.

To further define it, strength conditioning is any type of training that will develop both strength and conditioning at the same time. While wrestling is very much a combination of these two components, training to improve them at the same time makes a lot of sense and produces quick results. If a fighter had to choose just one of these components, strength conditioning would produce the most noticeable results (if done correctly). Due to the extreme demand on the body and the high potential for injury, power training should be limited to the off-season, however this is not the case with strength conditioning. This style of training can be done any time of the year both in the weight room and on the wrestling mat. Increasing your strength conditioning weeks before the start of wrestling season is a great way to get in shape, improve functional strength, and build physical endurance the envy of any serious combat athlete.

While there are many different types of strength conditioning and many different ways to do it, keeping an open mind and experimentation is key. A good start is to use as many compound exercises as possible performed with and without moderate to light weights. Maintaining drills and drills specific to the movements found on the wrestling mat will be a key element in producing functional strength here. For example, a set of 15 burpees or 10 light power cleans directly before executing 5 straight takedowns. Perform this superset 3-4 times for a great workout that builds strength and stamina. You can build great strength conditioning by adding resistance with light weights or bands to certain movements you perform when fighting. For example, shooting (without an opponent) against the resistance of a band attached to a chest harness is a great way to build a more explosive takedown. For more explosive leg or core power, combine a set of front squats while holding a kettlebell for 12 reps with 12-15 pull-ups with band resistance. Add 3-4 of these supersets to the end of a practice for an awesome finisher.

Another great concept to add to your strength conditioning program is Chaos training. Chaos training is a group of sports specific exercises to help you prepare for any “chaotic event” that may arise in competition. A chaotic event is described as anything that could cause you injury or loss. For a powerlifter, one of those events that a smart lifter will train to avoid is falling forward while squatting. If a lifter falls forward during the squat and is unable to recover, he could fall on his face and sustain a very serious injury. To prepare for this chaotic event, certain exercises must be performed so that the lifter can prevent this from happening. For example, exercises like good mornings, heavy core work, and many arch strengthening exercises will build the musculature strength the lifter will need to stay upright at all times. In wrestling, an instance of a chaotic event is being caught! If you are on your back and can maintain a strong enough spinal arch for long enough, you may be able to make it through your period. To strengthen the musculature that will help you do this, do plenty of heavy neck extensions, trapeze work, and exercises to develop your lumbar and gluteal erectors. Holding the bow with your partner’s body weight on you for a while is also a great exercise to do in the practice room.

The advantage of the pass-through dishwasher

If you’re still washing dishes by hand in your business, then you could be spending thousands of dollars more on your wage bill than you need to and taking much longer to wash than you need to. You’ll also find that an automatic dishwasher will clean them much better and faster than you could by hand.

Now for a small business you might think you could get away with using a household machine to wash your dishes, but never do as they can take an hour to complete a cycle compared to just a few minutes for a commercial grade machine.

For a small business, we generally suggest purchasing an undercounter or abovecounter dishwasher, which can give you a 1-3 minute cleaning cycle. They work very efficiently using extremely hot water, which means that as your dishes and dinnerware come out of the machine, the residual heat contained in them is such that they will dry naturally in just seconds.

However, if you have a larger business, we suggest investing in one of the latest walk-through dishwashers, such as the Maidaid Halcyon, which are similar in nature to earlier countertop dishwashers but have a more automated throughput process. Typically, a walk-through dishwasher will feature a top-and-top wash unit and a counter on each side of the top-and-top unit. This allows for a rack of dishware to be in the dishwasher, one full of dirty dishes on one side, ready to go, and more counter space to slide clean dishware, on the other side of the unit once it has been cleaned.

These walk-through dishwashers have a major advantage over traditional countertop machines in that they allow the operator to get into a routine where the machine can be kept running constantly, thus providing a steady stream of clean dishes and crockery back into the restaurant.

Typically these machines will have a variable number of programs, which can wash dishes in just 70 seconds, and typically take no more than 150 seconds for a full cycle, which is very fast, to say the least.

These machines will have a gravity drain or can be fitted with a drain pump where a large capacity is required. These machines are extremely easy to use with one-touch controls that set up an automated program that runs for the ultimate in ease of use. They also feature break tanks, which safely dispose of any broken crockery or glass away from the operator’s hands.

Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at the latest pass-through dishwashers if you want to speed up your dishwashing.

Virginia Woolf and ‘A Room of One’s Own’

Virginia Woolf published her monograph, all six chapters, ‘A Room of One’s Own’, in 1929, based on a series of lectures she had given the previous year at Girton and Newnham, the two women’s colleges at Cambridge University. By then an established and esteemed novelist, the theme she was exploring was ‘Women and Fiction’. Published just ten years after women gained suffrage in Britain, the book is considered a precursor to the voluminous feminist literary activity of the late 20th century.

Despite the lack of formal academic training, Virginia Woolf was a cultured self-taught. She uses a narrative form of an imaginary young woman named Mary with any of three surnames, investigating the theme of ‘Women and Fiction’. She concludes that, at the very least, a woman needs “a room of her own” (that can be locked) and some money to live on (500 a year in Mary’s case). What she is saying clearly, after careful historical analysis of the lives led by men and women in relation to each other in the past, and up to the day of her deliberations, is that women are deprived of artistic and literary expression because of their economic, personal, and social subservience to men, and not because of any lack of innate ability or talent.

The purpose of this essay is to analyze and comment on the author’s extensive use of binary categories, beginning with the central, historically charged categorization of differences between men and women. Although this essay delves into two sets of binaries, reason/emotion and fiction/fact, Woolf’s awareness of the complexities of apparent binary categories is much more extensive and will be examined more closely in the following paragraphs.

Although there do not appear to be ‘opposites’ in nature, dualism appears to be deeply embedded in human thought and language. Binary opposites or polarizations are not always logical opposites, but they are necessary for units of language to have value and meaning. Following Saussurean structuralism, it is generally held that “binary opposition is one of the most important principles governing the structure of language”, while “paired contrasts” are not always “opposites”, in no exact sense, they are believed to be necessary as a means of ordering the “dynamic complexity of experience”. Most linguists believe that “binary opposition is a child’s first logical operation.” Another powerful influence on binary thinking in the West was Descartes’ mind-body dualism.

Binary thinking is also hierarchical. One of the two terms is considered positive and the other negative. Religious thought cannot exist without the polarization of guilt and innocence. Structuralists believe that the world is organized into masculine and feminine constructions, roles, words, and ideas. For example, masculinity (phallus) is associated with dominance and femininity (vagina) with passivity. Post-structuralists seek to deconstruct the entire edifice of binary thinking, not allowing one to be inherently superior to the other, giving instances of binary opposition that contradict each other and undermine their own authority.

However, there is a growing consensus that such ‘antitheses’ are aspects of a deeper unity and that ‘all so-called opposites such as reason/emotion and spirit/substance are merely ‘apparent’ binary opposites (Forceville, 1996). Woolf’s essay, having used a plethora of binaries in exposing her, concludes with an acceptance of that ‘deeper unity’ in her recognition of the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine-masculine’ qualities in human nature.

Enough has been said about the fundamental importance of binary thinking in language use up to recent times that it is not surprising that Woolf’s essay is filled with many examples of the complexities between apparent binaries. Of course, the main concern when talking about ‘Women and Fiction’ is to define and delimit the topic. Woolf shows that this is not an easy matter. In the course of her research by reading books written by men about women, she discovers many ‘fictions’ such as the insistence on the inferiority of women on all fronts. Such views are not based on ‘facts’. Woolf dramatizes the effect of discrimination and disempowerment on women by asking the reader to imagine an equally talented sister of Shakespeare. Prevented from achieving any of her creative goals and ambitions, Judith Shakespeare commits suicide only after what women have been expected and allowed from time immemorial: giving birth.

Since Woolf’s lectures are given from a personal point of view and has no claim to be academic, she implores her audience not to expect an orderly conclusion. She uses a fictional device to present her argument based largely on facts that she collects in the British Museum Library. At the Oxbridge college that she visits, presumably by invitation, figures like Beadle, Fellows, and Scholars whom she introduces almost casually in Chapter One return at the end, emphasizing her relevance to the narrative and her theme. She was deprived of trespassing on her ‘territory’, both literally and metaphorically. She, too, was not admitted to a library there because of her sex. She deals with binary issues like illusion and truth. She also dichotomizes the sensibilities of before and after the war. She describes the trees and river in Oxbridge as vague and resigned at sunset, turning glorious and expectant in the morning. She also addresses the binary qualities of ‘laughter’ and ‘angish’. Her thought processes are clear and well articulated mainly due to her use of binary signifiers.

The binary theme continues as she contrasts the sumptuous lunch offered at a well-endowed men’s reserve in Oxbridge with the rather “poor” food for dinner at a women’s college. While the gold and silver are said to be “buried” within the grand 500-year-old buildings patronized by kings and nobles, the women’s college built in the 1860s had a hard time raising the initial $30,000. She contrasts the security and prosperity of men with the poverty and insecurity of women throughout history reflected in every facet of their lives.

In Chapter Two, he deals with the binary concepts of interest and confusion, as well as fun versus boredom, allied with the roles of masculinity and femininity. When he speaks of the liberation from fear and bitterness that the inheritance of Maria’s deceased aunt gave him, he can also contrast that with the pity and tolerance (‘tolerance’) that he feels for women from his position of freedom. Reflecting on the culinary pleasures she enjoyed the day before, he wonders why men drink wine while women drink water. He also contrasts two types of anger that he felt at Professor von X’s spiel on ‘The mental, moral and physical inferiority of the female sex’. His anger at his treatment of women was at first a complex emotion of disgust, while later it morphed into a ‘simple and open’ anger that he could use constructively.

By the time he gets to Chapter Three, he has unearthed no facts, but only opinions that are totally prejudicial to women (fiction). She now turns to historians (fact). He refers to Prof. Trevelyan’s ‘History of England’. There he finds the abominable treatment of women by men during Elizabethan times considered the norm. Wife beating was a regular practice. Marriages were arranged in advance to suit the men. Rather, the women featured in literature possessed a personality and dignity denied to the average middle-class woman. Women ‘burned like beacons in the works of all poets since the beginning of time’. While women in literature, such as Antigone, Cleopatra, Lady Macbeth and Emma Bovary, could be ‘heroic or mean’, ‘gorgeous or sordid’, ‘infinitely beautiful or utterly hideous’, the average woman was a complete nothing, hidden from view. Binaries abound in this chapter as in ‘women are imaginatively of the highest importance’ while ‘she was practically utterly insignificant’.

When we get to Chapter Four, we find Lady Winchilsea’s struggles with poetry, with Aphra Behn having more success with her plays. This further supports Woolf’s insights into why and how women were denied free speech. Woolf first uses the word ‘incandescent’ with which he describes the creative mind, as a quote from Lady Winchilsea. She needed her mind to have ‘consumed all impediments and become incandescent’. But she unfortunately was ‘harassed and distracted with hate and grievances’. Aphra Behn was the first woman in England to earn a living by writing, though her personal life is not said to have been worthy of emulation. However, Behn led the way for eighteenth-century women novelists like the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, and George Eliot. Describing them and the novels of the early 19th century, Woolf speaks of her virtues in binary terms as quick, not sloppy, expressive without being precious.

In chapter five, Woolf introduces a representative contemporary fiction writer whom she calls Mary Carmichael. She is an imaginary figure chosen to show what is lost in writing from a defensive and demanding position. Woolf praises the fact that Carmichael is no longer aware of being a woman in her imaginative writing. There are binomials such as ‘heavenly goodness’ and ‘infernal depravity’, compared to a ‘serious, deep and luminous’ writing with others, ‘lazy and conventional’. She advises contemporary women writers to ‘illuminate your own soul with its depths and its shallows, and its vanities and its bounties’. Although Carmichael’s fiction may be ‘pulped by the publisher ten years from now’, Woolf is confident that successors to it in another ‘hundred years’ would have reached their full and glorious potential.

In chapter six, Woolf describes a man and a woman approaching from opposite sides of the street. The setting is a London street seen by the author from her apartment window. They get into a taxi and take them away. For Woolf, this is a symbol of the binaries coming together. The tension that she had been going through for the past two days eased and she now has an idea of ​​the ‘unity of mind’. As Coleridge said, great minds are androgynous. The true creator is ‘incandescent’ and ‘undivided’. Sexual awareness gets in the way of creativity. She says that “it is fatal for anyone who writes to think about her sex.” She eventually comes to the conclusion that good writing flows from a marriage of opposites. Gender, masculinity/femininity is no longer relevant. Honest, creative, and enduring fiction springs from a mind that is clear and able to face the facts.

Virginia Woolf has engaged in a comprehensive examination of many binary concepts including masculinity/femininity, reason/emotion, and fact/fiction in her monograph, which is ostensibly about women and fiction. This brief analysis reveals that she came to the conclusion that it is the androgynous mind, which is ‘naturally creative, incandescent and undivided’ that can arrive at ‘truth’ by ‘gathering together many varieties of error’. Her understanding of the vagaries and complexities of binary thinking reflected in this book shows that he was one of the pioneering and shaping minds of her time.

the day has "Tide" hit chicago

“Giant tidal wave hits local town lake.” April Fool’s joke? Probably. “Giant tidal wave hits Chicago”. Joke right? No. This was the headline in the evening edition of the Chicago Daily News on June 26, 1954.

I left the house in my beat-up Chevy around 9:00 a.m. on a warm Saturday morning in June 1954 and drove to Montrose Beach and Harbor on Lake Michigan to meet my father and a few friends at Wilson Rocks Bait Shop, where he hung out with his fellow fishermen. We were going to do some perch fishing……which is a chewy white meat fish that is a taste of heaven when fried and served with lemon, tartar sauce and accordion fries. Getting ready for my senior year in high school, I had been working hard in construction and needed some sun and relaxation. Perch was the answer this Saturday morning, but soon he would find something very different…something he would never forget.

When I pulled into the parking area, I noticed that it was full of water even though it was a sunny day. The lake was unusually choppy. I also noticed people running towards the pier. There was a feeling that something very serious and very bad was going on and I immediately and instinctively headed to the bait shop to connect with my father. He saw me coming and he told me “let’s go to the pier, they need help down there”, and we set off at full speed together with many others. A Seiche (pronounced sayh) had struck Montrose Harbor without warning on this June morning. It was 8 feet high and 25 miles wide and struck the entire shore of Chicago Lake… from Michigan City, Indiana to the North Shore. Eight people were killed, most of whom were fishing right there in the Montrose Harbor, where some 15 to 20 fishermen were washed off the narrow 175-foot concrete pier. And we knew many of them.

When we arrived, bathers and fishermen were running to take refuge. Men, women and children ran and fell. Yachts bobbed widely in the water. The wave at some points had rushed 150 feet towards shore before sinking within a few minutes, which explained why I saw so much water when I pulled into the parking lot. There were rescues, panic, despair and narrow escapes. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to be of any real help and then stood helplessly as rescue teams began the grim job of pulling every body out of the lake. Apparently, the fishermen who had been lying face down, idly guiding the lines in the water, were simply washed off the pier as the water swelled and washed over them. The fishermen at the North Avenue wharf, several miles to the south, were also washed up on the lake, and the same grim work was being done there. Among those thrown into the water was Ted Stempinski, who had been fishing with his 16-year-old son Ralph. Ralph left the scene for a moment just before he hit the wave. When he returned, his father was gone. The same thing happened with John Jaworski who was also fishing with his son. Those tragic events hardly went unnoticed and stayed with me for a long time afterward.

Park police quickly spread word of the approaching wave and removed fishermen from a pier on 61st St. in Jackson Park minutes before water submerged that area. At Loyola Beach, just to the north, waves crashed over a 9-foot boardwalk. All docks at the Belmont Harbor Yacht Basin were flooded when the wave raised the water level by about 6 feet.

Before June 26, no one had heard of the word “Seiche”. After June 26, most of us were experts on the phenomena.
Specifically, “A Seiche has to occur in an enclosed body of water, such as a lake, bay, or gulf. A Seiche, a French word meaning “to sway back and forth,” is a standing wave that oscillates in a lake as a result of seismic or atmospheric disturbances that create enormous fluctuations in water levels at mere moments of activity or enormous tidal forces” (Heidorn 2004; Wittman 2005).

This particular Seiche, which was the most dangerous of the three types, was fed by a severe squall line with strong winds and rapid changes in atmospheric pressure that pushed down on the lake surface and crossed southern Lake Michigan a few hours earlier, moving from northwest to southeast. It is as if you dropped a stone into the middle of a bucket of water and watched the ripples move from the center. The atmospheric pressure caused by the storm was the stone and the waves were the Seiche. Like water lapping back and forth in a bathtub, fast-moving squall lines with intense atmospheric pressure caused the lake to rock from side to side and caused water levels to rise on the shoreline and harbors by up to 10 feet in a matter of minutes and without warning.

Unlike a tsunami, which can travel across the open ocean at extremely high speeds, a Seiche moves much more slowly. It took the Cuttlefish 80 minutes to travel 40 miles from Michigan City to the Chicago lakefront on North Avenue. That’s around 30 mph. The Seiche lashed the entire Illinois coast with a wave approximately 2 to 4 feet high, but reached a peak height of 10 feet as she neared the North Avenue pier.

As an eyewitness to the immediate aftermath, I was struck by the way Chicago newspapers over-dramatized the tragedy. The now-defunct Chicago Daily News ran headlines reading in two-inch black type: “BIG TSUNAMI HERE! Many swept lake; 10 feared dead. Mother of 11 among victims. 3 divers, boats hunt others. Three drowned and several more feared lost Saturday when a 25-mile-wide tsunami hit the Lake Michigan shoreline here. The freak wave, estimated at 3 to 10 feet high, struck around 9 a.m. From Jackson Park north to Wilmette. An unknown number of people were washed into the lake. Estimates of the death toll were as high as 10….” There had been no “major tsunami”; there had been a monstrous and deadly cuttlefish. Since then, there have been numerous scares and reports of smaller seiches, but none causing similar damage or deaths.

Interestingly, however, one of the largest disasters in the city of Buffalo, in New York’s recorded history, occurred at 11:00 p.m. on October 18, 1844, when a wall of water rapidly inundated residential and commercial districts along the waterfront. The disaster struck without warning, breaching the 14-foot boardwalk and flooding the boardwalk. Newspaper accounts indicate that 78 people drowned. This tragedy was also caused by a Seiche, as prolonged high winds produced a Seiche by pushing water toward one end of Lake Erie. When the winds died down, or shifted in the opposite direction, the water receded in the direction from which it came and the Seiched did the rest. Buffalo is estimated to have two to three seiches a year, but the threat was largely eliminated with the construction of a breakwater on Lake Erie, a project that began in the 1860s.

Unlike the devastating tsunamis caused by undersea earthquakes, seiches have never caused much damage in the Great Lakes, and most go unnoticed as they are relatively subtle and imperceptible, causing water levels on beaches to rise only a foot or less.

But this one was very high-profile, and it happened on a quiet, warm Saturday morning in Chicago. What began as a quiet day of fishing turned out to be an experience that has remained indelible in my mind and, I think, worth sharing. One thing is for sure, we will never experience a cuttlefish here… at least I don’t think so.

“It didn’t go in like a wall… the water just started rising and kept rising until it was maybe 6 feet higher than normal.” Dick Keating, Belmont Harbor foreman and eyewitness.

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