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Business Referral Tips

The company that grows without advertising

Have you ever noticed the company that never advertises, but continues to grow? Some companies achieve so much without spending a dime on advertising. But how do they do it? What’s the trick?

LinkedIn References

The answer to growing your business without a huge advertising budget is referrals. Some companies build their customer base completely through referrals. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful tricks to grow your business through referrals and we’re starting with LinkedIn because it’s the most successful place on the internet to grow a referral base.

LinkedIn: Professional Referral Source

The nerve center of professional networking is LinkedIn. There is no magazine ad that can replace the power of connections gained through LinkedIn. Profiles on many social networking sites are helpful, but LinkedIn provides intermittent success by serving as a platform for maintaining and building business relationships. By building a strong profile on LinkedIn, you build authenticity. By completing your LinkedIn profile, you provide an authoritative resource on your career. It helps you control your identity online, even on Google. You can control the top results that people see on Google when they search for your name. In most cases, your LinkedIn profile will appear at the top of these search results. So for this reason alone, you should have a 100% complete profile on LinkedIn.

That’s how…

A 100% complete LinkedIn profile includes:

  1. an executive summary and skill set
  2. has a photo
  3. educational history
  4. three recent positions
  5. three recommendations from your contacts

To get started, click “Edit Profile” from LinkedIn.

Be more referable.

It sounds simple enough, but not everyone does this. And remember, no one wants to refer their customers to a company that is unresponsive. looks bad. So get to work on the customer experience and the transaction that your company offers. Always be extremely responsive to your customers, even if you don’t have the answer or solution, reply to the customer with “We’re on it” or “We’re looking into this issue and will keep you updated on our progress towards a resolution.” . A quick response to a customer’s question is a bold statement that your company is eager to please. Customers appreciate that and will tell their friends or family about the great experience they had with your business.

Let it be an expectation.

Make it an expectation that each of your customers is a source of referral. Start talking about it in the lead conversion process, when you’re selling to leads. Introduce the idea that “90 days from now,” for example, “You’ll be so happy we’ll ask you to refer three people who need the same positive results from our company.” It’s a great marketing message that “You’re going to be excited.”

Get in the habit of participating in LinkedIn groups and discussions.

When you join a LinkedIn group, be sure to specify that you want to receive emails from the group. Then, every day, scan those emails, and if one of the current discussions is relevant to your skill set, get involved. Keep your comments short and professional. As you write your reviews, get in the habit of regularly thinking in terms of getting more referrals. Set goals for yourself each week and track how many referrals you get.

Be specific when asking for a reference.

Be specific when asking for a reference. And always remember to ask for references. Don’t be shy about it. A good example is: “Our best reference is a small business owner who…” and ask your customers for three references “…so we can turn them into happy customers.”

Be consistent when asking for references.

Make every meeting with a client an opportunity to collect references, but don’t be too pushy or too obvious.

Offer commissions or referral fees.

Have you ever seen companies that have a page on their site, in a highly visible position, that says “Refer a friend and get $100”? Well it works! Educate customers about your service and how you can help other businesses. And don’t forget to mention that when you refer customers to your company, they get paid a referral fee. It is a win-win for both parties. Reward your referral sources. Keep them informed of the progress and satisfaction of the person they referred.

Happy clients are the best references.

Ideal referrals come from satisfied customers. So get in the habit of over-delivering and your referral base will grow.

Follow up after a sale.

Follow up immediately after meeting a new referral. Ask that reference to meet you in person for coffee or write a cover letter to start the relationship.

Most salespeople stop at the end of the sales process. They go through the same cycle of prospect, present, close, follow up. That sales strategy has worked in the past, but to build your business, you need to build relationships and become known as an expert in your field. You need to be known as a person of value. If your customers value the knowledge and experience you offer them, then it will be easier for you to maintain a relationship after the sale is complete.

Be available

By being available, you never know when someone will be ready to send you referrals. Remember, a referral is a commitment. It’s a partnership and if you keep your customers happy, your referral base will grow. It costs ten times more to get a new customer than it does to get customers from existing customers. So leverage the assets of your customer base and grow your business.

Don’t forget a thank you note.

Always thank someone who sends you a recommendation. A “thank you” note received in a timely manner goes a long way. If someone sends you a referral on Monday, make sure you have the “thank you” note on your desk by Friday. Don’t wait too long or the thank you note will lose its effectiveness.

The truth about Kylie Jenner’s $800 million cosmetics empire

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics empire was recently featured on the cover of Forbes magazine, America’s most prolific monthly business publication.

While much controversy was raised over claims that his wealth was “self-made” (which it wasn’t), the bigger question was how this actually happened, and the numbers behind it.

Jenner’s “Kylie Cosmetics” business has grossed an estimated $660 million in sales over its three-year lifespan, with $330 million in 2017 alone.

While the business is private and therefore its numbers are not publicly available, even if these estimates were 50% off, the numbers would be staggering.

Also, the “company” only has 7 full-time employees. Everything from packaging to PR is outsourced, and the only way Jenner gets clients is by tapping into her 110 million Instagram followers.

This article examines how it was done.

Social Measures

The core of Jenner’s success has been the 110 million followers on Instagram.

The company does not advertise off-platform, has no stores or distributors, and generally only sells its products directly to its community.

While this sounds like a salesperson’s wet dream, the most important element was Jenner’s lips.

In 2017, precisely 2 years after registering the trademark of his brand, tabloids around the world began to publish reports on the size of them; with the help of fillers, he had managed to almost quadruple his size.

The point here is not so much what she looks like, but how she capitalized on the interest…she inadvertently discovered one of the biggest “trends” in the modern West: lustful women with full, youthful lips.

To this end, investing $250,000 of her modeling money in 15,000 lip kits, she created a page to sell them online. Almost instantly, they were sold out.

While this was a big step, the next process was Jenner’s omnipotent mother, Kris Kardashian, entering Shopify in February 2016 to make the business a full-fledged e-commerce operation.

A few months later, the company began selling six lip kit shades, all of which sold out very shortly after launch.

Exponential growth

While the store did well right away, it was its steady growth that spurred continued interest.

Instead of being a minor problem, where girls go and buy the latest product because it’s hot, the business continued to bring in buyers at an alarming rate.

This could be handled thanks to the way it had been set up. It is a “dropship” operation par excellence; All product development and sourcing was outsourced to a company called Spatz Cosmetics, which is estimated to have made ~$180 million from the company.

This figure represents the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) of the business; a little known number that will help us determine the true value of what has been developed.

You see, when it comes to money, 99.9% of people are usually wrong. This is not me being disrespectful; they just don’t have enough experience/sanity to consider the facts of the hype.

Jenner’s “business” is not a real business. It is a marketing company that trades on attention.

Like all things “Kardashian,” that attention comes from multiple sources, but it’s ALL directed at family. The matriarch (Kris) then turns this attention into money.

Unfortunately, many people have confused Jenner’s attention with the value of her business. They are mutually exclusive and, in the investment world, it has led to Jenner’s pull “price” being “overhyped” (people thinking it’s worth more than it really is).

As mentioned, she doesn’t have a “business” because all product creation is outsourced. She has a website that sells outsourced lip gloss etc.

This means that if you are really looking at what is Really going on, you have to be able to consider what the business really is and, ultimately, whether it can be sustained (not).


When it comes to company valuations, the most important thing to consider is that almost the entire population of the world is wrong about which ones will win in the long run.

And although I am not a savant on the subject, I have worked enough to know which companies will sink and which will swim.

In Jenner’s case, I see a sparkle in the pan.

It has very little, if any, competitive advantage and is mostly based on a personality that is false.

It is my opinion that most purchases today (and yes, they are HUGE in volume) are primarily impulse purchases.

Curious teens, and even women in their twenties, are buying the products because of the promise of richer, fuller pouts. But without expensive filler injections, this is just a dream.

My own estimate is that Jenner is probably worth ~$20 million. His “business” is worth about 1/5 of his profits (which is probably closer to $100 million than $800 million). entry reported by Forbes), and thus it all reeks of a marketing gimmick.

On top of this, the actual metrics for the various products Jenner sells seem to indicate a slower growth curve: just 7% in 2017 after a meteoric rise in the first year.

This is not to overshadow your success. But labeling it a “self-made” success story is wrong, as well as inflating sales figures. With at least 50% of the proceeds going to Spatz (who also work for L’Oreal), they are the real winners of everything in my opinion.

An amazing guide to using social media in business

Remember how “Paper Boat” created a massive social media engagement campaign last year? In fact, it made them one of the brightest stars of startups in India. Not just newbies, but well-known companies like Make My Trip, AirBnB, and Nike, as well as socially conscious groups like Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Foundation, used the power of social media to create ripples on the World Wide Web. If used the right way, social media can give your business a huge boost.

Let’s see how:

Using digital media is a cheap deal. If your brand is cool, it can be made even cooler with the publicity you can get on social media. Considering the increase in internet usage in India, we are embracing digital trends at a very fast pace. Therefore, it has become really essential to have a digital profile.

Be sure to use these social media tips in your campaigns:

post videos: The rate of interaction with the video is really very high. There are predictions that digital videos may replace advertisements on television. With this in mind, if you invest in video, you can get real engagement on social media. Live video streaming, creating personal stories like web series, vlogs, and engaging videos related to your business can help you get more traffic.

Upload personalized content and creative images: If your content and images are catchy, unique, personalized and speak to the brand story, you can get more likes. People are bored with the monotonous and outdated image of brands. Posts that include fresh content and creative images related to real activities help get more traffic on social media.

Focus more on mobile: As we all know, smartphones are slowly replacing internet usage on desktop computers. Therefore, create the content that is compatible with mobile devices. Plus, create posts for your local audience and distribute them according to the right format, time, and location. It will help you in targeting maximum people.

Create tech-driven posts: No matter how and what we think about Artificial Intelligence, we are curious about it and love to read and discuss about it. As we are all embracing machine culture in our daily lives, putting it on social media can lead to interesting engagements. Creating posts related to technology, innovations, tech related facts and Artificial Intelligence can help you get more traffic. You can mix technology with travel, healthcare, education, and even everyday activities like using appliances and equipment. Not only does it make life easier, but it can also help you get more likes.

Hire a professional: Managing social media for business is a bit different than posting from your personal account. You should always hire the professionals for the job, if you think you are not handling it properly. People who are professionals understand trends, they know how to strategize and how to deal with problems that come along the way. They know how to get more engagements with their content and can create impressive digital marketing posts. They have the knowledge of the major platforms and can offer an ongoing boost to your current status on the web. You can also outsource your digital media to agencies that work in the field.

Be available: There is no particular time when a potential customer can visit you and look for business. Therefore, it is always suggested that you make yourself available to your audience, if not 24/7, then at least during your working hours. Answer all the questions that your visitors ask you, if you can’t do it at the moment, make sure to tell them to wait and once you can, answer the questions. Having conversations with people who introduce you to digital media can help you gain recognition. Respond to your messages and comments. Say thank you when they share your posts, it will create communication and improve your reputation on social networks.

Use meaningful hashtags: Hashtags are popular and you can drive a lot of traffic to your digital media profiles with the use of this powerful tool. It helps categorize posts and make your content visible to people searching for similar stories. It will also help you discover the posts of your competitors. With the help of hashtags, you can connect with various brands and people of similar interests and build engagement. Using hashtags, which are related to your business, can generate massive traffic.

Now when you know the tips for making engaging posts, creative images, and impressive content for your social media campaign, let’s see where to place these posts.

These are the popular platforms for social media:

Facebook: As we all know, Facebook is one of the top social networking sites in the world and is the first in India, so it can bring you great business. Since Facebook arrived, more and more people join it. You can create your business account on Facebook or start a fan page. It is one of the best platforms for any business to gain a global audience.

FacebookMessenger: Also known as Messenger, it offers text, voice and video communication and you can use it to promote your brand and also to inform your customers about what’s happening in your company.

Google More: People weren’t too sure of its success when it was launched in 2011, but today there are more than 500 million users on Google+, also known as G+. You can easily add people with similar interests and organize your connections with this platform. It has a global reach and you can publish and share your images, texts, videos and web links on G+. Being a product of Google, it helps to index the content in Google very fast.

Twitter: It is a micro-blogging site that offers a unique feature of sending your messages in 140 characters. If you can go for the personas and know how to create unique and catchy content, you can effectively advertise your business. You can interact, communicate, pass information, talk about the latest news, and target your audience with your products using Twitter. It is a powerful platform where you follow people and they do the same. You can like or retweet posts you find interesting and send personal messages in DM (direct message).

LinkedIn: It is a professional community where people can build their business or professional profiles. If you want to connect with professionals working in a similar field, LinkedIn is the perfect platform. Here you can check the profiles of the professionals because you have their education qualification, past work experiences, business network. Plus, if you want to build a network of local professionals, you’ll find countless registered users.

Youtube: Founded by three former PayPal employees, YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. Every month, more than a billion visitors visit the website. You can upload your videos and reach maximum potential customers through video advertising on YouTube.

WhatsApp message: For instant text messages, WhatsApp is a great platform that you can use for your business. You can share text, images, videos and voice clips through your smartphone or tablet. It is an effective platform for instant communication with your customers. You can also run your business advertising campaign on WhatsApp.

instagram: Instagram is a social media platform where you can upload your photos and videos. It has an amazing feature of filters through which you can edit your images and this makes Instagram a unique platform loved by millions of users. Instagram arrived in 2010 and Facebook bought it in 2012. Since then, the number of people on Instagram has increased at a very high rate (since Instagram is linked to the Facebook profile). Popular for its hashtags, Instagram can help your business content go viral instantly.

If you are not part of these platforms, you should join them and start uploading your stories. It won’t take you long to reach your goal. So, you know what to upload from Social Networks, where to publish your content, your work will not end here, you will have to monitor your activities and the results. So if you’re not getting the traffic or result you want, you can change your strategy or work harder.

Management and monitoring of Digital Media:

It is not an easy task to manage all your accounts for social networks and it is a time consuming task to log in and out of each of the sites. To make your task easier, you should start using Hootsuite and manage your multiple Twitter accounts. Tweetdeck is a perfect option.

· hoot-suite: It is one of the amazing options to monitor your social media posts. It helps you verify any activity involving your company or name. It also shows the areas of your interest.

· tweet cover: If you use Twitter, you should not miss this resource. It will help you manage multiple Twitter accounts and will also help you organize mention and other engagements. You can jump to any topic of interest by searching instantly.

Analyzing your social media insights:

To analyze the insights of your social networks for companies, you can use any of these services:

hubspot: If you want to see how far your social media efforts have come, you should use this resource. It will let you know everything about your posts on social networks.

Facebook Page Manager: If you have a fan page on Facebook, you should check the statistics. It will help you control the traffic. You can check out the most popular posts, where the traffic is coming from, and you can also connect with your audience by replying to them directly.

seismic: For those who want to manage all their Social Media accounts from one resource, this is a great app. You can use Seesmic on your desktop as well as a smartphone.

klout: Another awesome platform to check your social media reach is Klout. It helps to check the most popular hashtags, posts and your overall progress from social networking sites.

7 Great Reasons Why You Should Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing for Small Businesses

LinkedIn Marketing for Small Businesses is becoming increasingly popular because it is a fast-growing platform and the largest professional network in the world with hundreds of millions of users. Posting regular, valuable content on LinkedIn helps build trust between you and your connections and helps you be seen as an expert in your field. Why does this matter? Well, those who are perceived as experts in their field can get higher rates and generate more business, and not all of us would like that!

7 reasons to post content on LinkedIn

  1. It helps you stay top of mind within your LinkedIn network.

  2. Your content provides more value to your network. For example, publications that offer free advice, tips, or information on industry trends are often helpful or valuable to your network.

  3. It allows you to share your experience, insights, technical or industry knowledge with a wider audience.

  4. It helps amplify your blog content to a wider audience and can help drive traffic back to your website, but be sure to use URL links within your posts to help people navigate back to your website. .

  5. It helps you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

  6. It can help build your business profile. How? Well, if you’ve won an award lately, worked with a high-profile client, and gotten some great press, share a post about it. All of these things help create ‘social proof’ or ‘evidence’ that can help you secure future sales.

  7. Your LinkedIn post can be shared by your network and this opens up your content to a wider audience.

When thinking about LinkedIn marketing, and more specifically the types of posts you should write, remember to ask yourself;

  • What do I want to be known for?

  • What kinds of challenges and desires do my ideal clients have?

  • Then write your posts using key messages that show you understand these challenges or wishes and can help provide a good solution.

Following this strategy will help you better connect with your target customers and build rapport.

LinkedIn Marketing: Build Your Network

LinkedIn has a powerful built-in search feature that you can use to help you identify new contacts. The main question you need to answer is: who are the potential professionals and clients you would like to connect with? Once you’ve defined your ideal connections, use LinkedIn’s search and filters to locate connections based on things like job title, industry, and location.

When you ‘connect’ with someone on LinkedIn, be sure to add a note to personalize your request. It is very important to personalize your connection requests, try to use a message that shows the context and relevance of the connection. For example, discuss why it might be a good idea to connect, maybe you’re in complementary industries. Maybe you found a recent post they wrote interesting, or you could mention something you have in common. Referencing shared contacts within your networks is also a good place to start, as we are more likely to connect with people we have common connections with.

Get started today, start posting valuable content and grow your network.

The best SEO software I’ve used so far

I have over 10 years of digital marketing experience and use all kinds of SEO software. SEO is a process of research, decision making, and implementation. SEO processes are keyword research, site audit, backlink audit, backlink research and you need to check keyword performance in search engine. There is no end to the SEO process, the ones mentioned above are the basic process. This article is about the best SEO software that I have used so far to perform all SEO tasks.

Google Keyword Planner is the only tool I use for keyword research. I believe that the AdWords app can only collect accurate data from the company’s own search engine. I do not blame other keyword research tools, but the data of how many people search on the Google search engine only Google can provide accurately. I know that today Keyword Planner only shows accurate search volume for accounts with an active paid campaign. My suggestion is to run some paid campaign and get accurate data as this will help both ways. There are no free keyword research tools, just paid tools you have on the market. Instead of paying just for keyword research, run AdWords and get the accurate data.

Semrush is my favorite SEO software when working with any SEO task as it is capable of doing all the tasks that SEO requires. Although it can do all the tasks, I suggest it mainly for SEO auditing. Basically, I do the audit at three levels. The first level is the site audit to find the general technical errors of the site. The second level is an individual page and its content audit to optimize for a keyword. The third level is the accessibility audit to check page load speed and user experience. I always use Semrush for site auditing as it perfectly covers my first and second level of audits. In the overall site audit, it checks over 200 checklists and classifies them into errors, warnings, and notes. This gives an idea that makes the most of the effects in SEO. The individual page audit is the most powerful tool to use as it collects our competitor’s data and suggests we optimize a page to target a keyword.

Lighthouse is a Chrome developer tool for SEO auditing. You can get it when you click inspect by right clicking on your page. My third level SEO audit can be done with this free tool. Check over 200 checklists in categories like Performance, Progressive Web App, Best Practices, Accessibility, and SEO. You will be surprised at the results it gives you even if it is free. The page speed check comes under Performance and checks how you have used colors on your website. Also, it provides a checklist to check manually. This will help people who are new to SEO as they can learn from it.

Backlink research and backlink auditing are very important SEO tasks. Although it can be easily done using Semrush, Ahref has more new data. I heard most SEO people recommend Ahref as it is a dedicated software for backlink research with fresh and accurate data.

Ranking tracking is a very important task to know how our target keywords rank in search engines. Google Webmaster Central and Analytics provide search analytics data, but it is not live or accurate data. Using paid software to track keyword rankings is the best idea. Paid software like Ahref and Semrush give you an accurate keyword position report with historical data. Semrush and Ahref will cost you a minimum of 100 USD per month on average if you are able to buy just one software for all tasks. I suggest Semrush as it has all the tools for complete SEO of a site.

There may be more advanced SEO software like Majestic for backlink research, but I decided to write which one I like and use the most. Finally, there is another software that I have used for keyword position tracking: Rank Tank. These are the best SEO programs I have used so far. I hope this article is useful for SEO beginners.

Click4learning Oracle ASCP Self-Paced Online Training and Videos

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Benefits of Live Stream Cooking Skills on Social Media Platforms

Live streaming has become a new disruptive frontier in the world of content sharing. Live streaming events allow multiple people from around the world to connect and watch an event in real time. In the past, the ability to connect with a large audience in real time was reserved solely and especially for the big brands and those who had the money to do so. However, in recent times more and more streaming platforms have emerged that make it possible for more and more people to get involved in live streaming at little or no cost. Millennials in general digest most of their content from their mobile phones and are largely big fans of live streaming.

Cooking connects people in many ways. The process of creating food from mere ingredients has been a concept that has excited many for years, many people are passionate and ardent fans of cooking shows and more and more people are developing an interest in streaming video in real time of your favorite cooking shows online. The rise of live streaming has opened a new frontier for exploring cooking shows. These are some of the benefits of Live Streaming Cooking Skills on social media:

Generate engagement in real time

One of the main disadvantages of simply making a video and posting it online is the fact that while the video is playing, there is little to no audience engagement. It’s really about you creating what you ‘THINK’ the audience will like, you post it online and you just hope they do. However, by broadcasting culinary skills on social media, you have the advantage of being able to interact directly with your audience. During most livestream cooking shows, there is usually a comment section that allows the audience to make observations and contributions while the classes are taking place, as opposed to simply uploading a video online. When culinary skills are streamed online, you give your audience an interactive experience where they are not only digesting a video, but have a say in how the video is created.

More focus

The live streaming culinary skills give the viewer a kind of urgency. One blink and you could miss an important detail mentioned by the chef, a little distraction and you could get lost when the chef put in his ‘Secret Ingredient’. Most people who watch the cooking live stream tend to be more focused and less prone to being distracted, this makes it easier to convey every bit of information shared in the video to the audience.

Real time monitoring

Most streaming platforms allow you to monitor engagement, there is usually a place that gives you information on how many people are watching that live stream at the time and if there is an increase or decrease in viewers. When you are Live streaming events being able to monitor audience movements can help provide a better understanding of audience behavior.

Leverage on multiple platforms

A few years ago, if you wanted to broadcast a show live on multiple channels at the same time, you would have had to pay a lot of money to do it. However, with the advent of live streaming on social media, you can now broadcast your culinary skills across multiple platforms and reach more people than if you had broadcast on a single platform.

There has been a massive increase in the number of chefs, cooks and even ordinary people taking to social media to show off their culinary skills, the benefits are numerous and worth the price paid to be able to reach so many people.

Are you a FORMIDABLE leader?

When we look for the definition of the word, GREAT, We note that she is often defined as someone who inspires fear or respect because of her size, strengths, or abilities. Although quality leaders should avoid the fear component, it is important that a leader be respected, not only for the position he occupies, but for earning that respect, for his actions, skills, knowledge, judgment, experience, empathy, etc. . Few people are strong in all areas or components, but someone who leads wisely uses their strengths to best advantage, while addressing areas of weakness, etc. Earning this respect is very important, because it is one of the essential tools, to get others to listen and pay attention and, hopefully, buy on, your approach, strategy and plan.

one. Functions: Do they understand and appreciate office functions and how to use them effectively to be more effective and efficient? Simply worrying or having the right ideas is rarely enough, because unless you get things done, you’ve accomplished little!

two. Organize; options; opportunities: When you learn to be an effective organizer and are organized so you can run smoothly, you can better review options and opportunities thoroughly and be ready, willing, and able to take advantage of opportunities.

3. Relevant; trustworthy; reasonable: While each of these are individually important, only when one proceeds, in a relevant, reliable and reasonable way, can you maximize your efforts – in the best possible direction!

Four. Mature; maintain: Effective leaders behave like mature adults. They make their decisions based on what is best, rather than simply overreacting to others or a specific condition. A formidable leader remains in control of situations that others lose control of!

5. Ideas; integrity; ideology: Are you an idea-based leader, one who simply blames, complains, and resorts to empty rhetoric? While the latest course of action may garner immediate response, and even popularity, in the long run, just by maintaining integrity, stating the reasons behind your ideology, and letting ideas be the primary focus, will you maintain respect? of those you serve!

6. Deepen; deliver: The difference between being mediocre and quite formidable is often the ability and willingness to dig deep, rather than just touch the surface. However, unless this is followed, getting results and leading others in the best way, you will find that it takes much less time to lose respect than to earn it.

7. Attitude; attention: You need a positive and positive attitude, combined with paying attention to needs, concerns, and priorities, if you want to be an effective leader.

8. Profits; to bring it: Will others see the benefits of your strategies and plans? Will you be passive or will you bring it on?

9. Learn; listen: How well will you learn from your training, as well as from your experiences? Will you focus more on listening than on hearing your own voice?

10: Evolutionary; efficient; effective: While some focus on making big, immediate changes, and sometimes these are necessary and required, in the vast majority of cases, evolutionary changes have the best chance of succeeding and making a sustainable difference. Proceed efficiently, effectively, and show how awesome you claim to be!

Many hold leadership positions, but very few become GREAT leaders! Do you have what it takes to become one?

Turn Your Photos Into Cash – Honest Review

Earning money on the Internet with digital photography is increasingly accessible. Even beginners can earn money from it. The only requirement is to have a digital camera with at least 3.2 megapixels. However, making money effectively is not that easy!

Can Dan Fieldman’s e-book ‘Turn Your Photos Into Cash’ Help You With This? Well, you should answer this question yourself after you have read about the positives and negatives.

Free preview

What I liked about “Turn Your Photos Into Cash” is the free preview strategy. E-books usually don’t give a sample about their content. They can’t offer a free trial the way software products do. Converting your photos to cash gives you a free strategy and then you can decide if you want the product or if you don’t need to buy it.

Effortless doesn’t mean money

Turning your photos into cash is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The sales page may seem like it makes you rich quick, but as with anything in life, you have to put some effort into it if you want it to work. Personally, I don’t mind trying hard at a hobby that is a lot of fun to do. It is easier to earn money from something you like than it is to earn money from a job you hate.

Free Image Editor

You will also get a free image editor that is supposed to allow you to edit your images faster. However, I found that Photoshop will work much better. This is a minor downside to ‘converting your photos to cash’. I don’t condone illegal downloading, but there are plenty of image editors, so if the free one that comes with the e-book doesn’t suit you, you can always use any other editor.

The price

The price is a bit high compared to other photo products. Converting your photos to cash costs a one-time fee of $ 97.95. For this price you will access the membership area, the main e-book and many bonuses. You will learn how to successfully sell images, market them properly, and take better photographs. So basically you will learn both the photography aspect and the marketing aspect.

60 day money back guarantee

You do not need to provide a valid reason to request your money back. Just click the refund button and we will refund your money. However, access to the member’s area will also be revoked. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose if the product is not what you expected or does not suit you.

Profitable New Product Development: 7 Marketing Requirements

1. Delight your target consumer

Focus on creating articles that truly address the needs and pain points of your target consumer.

Meet and exceed your needs

CREATE fans, not just customers

DO NOT focus on internal issues

– Can you precisely define your target market and what motivates them?

– Do 50% of your target audience say they would definitely or probably buy your product?

2. make sure it’s profitable from the start

You MUST filter ideas for potential earnings at the ideas stage

Rework ideas ahead of time to address any profitability issues

DO NOT pursue a flawed business model

– Does my item produce lucrative gains and losses on a total and per unit basis?

– Do I have a viable business in year 1 and “year 3”?

3. Select and refine ideas

Choose the best among several ideas

Challenge and refine good ideas to create great ideas.

Seek feedback from your target consumer and development resources.

You MUST strive to exceed expectations, be different, be better

DO NOT jump to an answer

– Is it among our top ideas 1 of 3 or 1 of 5?

– “What could make this even better?”

4. Position and clarify the idea of ​​the product.

BE SURE to clearly articulate what it is, what it does, and how it benefits your consumer

ASSUMES full responsibility that its customers (commerce and consumer) understand its benefits

Be different and superior

DO NOT overlook any opportunity to accurately tell your story (e.g. every touch point)

– Can you explain your concept in 5 words or less? Do customers (business and consumer) understand and respond to your idea?

– Are you different and / or superior?

– Do you have a compelling earnings story to trade?

5. Keep your marketing frugal, focused, and factual.

Identify Your Business Goals Before You Spend Anything

Compare and choose between alternatives (providers, programs, methods)

You MUST quantify the productivity and efficiency of your programs

DON’T “just do it”

DON’T overlook low-cost, no-cost public relations opportunities

– Does this plan / program meet my business objective?

– What is the return on investment? Is there a more efficient option?

– Is this program fully exploited and consistent?

6. Perfect your business model

You MUST continually maintain, measure and improve a test market

You MUST test and refine your product mix, pricing, and sales and marketing tactics

MUST track and improve earnings performance

DO NOT measure progress just by total sales growth

– Have you identified a small market in which you can monitor your business model?

– What is your P&L performance in this small market?

– Are you continually testing and improving performance?

– Can you expand your best business model?

7. Outperform the big boys

Monitor and react to consumer feedback

Identify and own your niche

Develop new products faster

DO NOT compete directly with them where they are strongest

– Do you own your niche?

– Can you meet the needs and gaps in the market that the big players consider “too small”?

– Can you add comments for more new and superior products?