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Play fun arcade games and forget about being bored ever again

They are many people who like to play different types of games from board games, video games and online games too! Do you like to play fun arcade games? If the answer is yes, there are many places on the internet where you can find these games. Lots of sites have free fun arcade games of all sorts of genres like; action, sports, adventure, etc. Use one of the three major search engines to find out which site is best for you in terms of graphics, gameplay, and cost factor, if any.

Older games like Tetris, Pac Man, Space Invaders, and Paperboy can still be found online. Who does not remember sitting in front of the television with the plastic pistol in hand shooting the ducks that flew out of the reeds in Duck Hunt? These games were all the rage in the 1980s when video games hit the market and reached almost everyone’s homes. These classic games that offer you hours of fun and adventure are available for you to download to your PC from many places on the Internet. Step back in history and you will be able to remember and play that old favourite, although due to the advancement of many of the graphics and technology in games, some people find these games too boring.

These games are also good for younger kids who can challenge their own skills and hand eye coordination with bowling and fun sports to play arcade games. If you don’t want to download anything to your hard drive, there are many sites that have games for you to play online by yourself or challenge your friends to a game. What are you waiting for? Start looking for a site you like and start playing fun arcade games today!

Pros and cons of a workflow management system

A workflow management system allows you to coordinate between a static station at a given location (the “base”) and mobile units, such as vans, in the field. An example of a workflow management system is a 911 operator’s station. First, a call arrives at the 911 emergency response center and the operator is informed of a problem. The operator updates the problem to the computer, which can then summarize the disturbance in a comprehensive report that can be sent to a police unit, fire station, local hospital, or other team that can appropriately address the situation. Although this is an extreme example, you can actually implement a workflow management system within your organization or business, for little cost.

The JobFlow workflow management system allows a company to centralize invoices, manage receipts for later use, and get service vans to their proper destination at any given time. With various capabilities like instant messaging and electronic worksheet signatures, JobFlow makes doing business much easier.

An efficient workflow management system has a few key components that make it a success for thousands of stores around the world. One, you must help manage your people. Staff must be able to clock in and out, and their whereabouts are always known through tools like GPS. JobFlow, for example, has the ability to integrate with TomTom for convenient vehicle tracking. Two, it should obviously help your cash flow. A workflow management system like JobFlow does this by allowing your employees to have customer-supplied digital signatures upon service delivery, instantly. That means if you have a worker in the field from 8 to 5, you can process payments and post revenue generated on the fly, without waiting for the end of the business day when the unit returns to base. Three, you must enable growth within your organization. Whether it’s efficient links to different customer accounts or NICEIC support, you have to work with your business and for the benefit of your business.

A major drawback of a workflow management system, without a doubt, is the fact that it requires maintenance. Any upgrade your business receives that involves technology will inevitably require attention, whether hardware or software, it could mean spending on your behalf. Another minor downside is that there’s a learning curve for anything new, so your staff will need to be trained to use the newly integrated tools. However, the long-term benefits of implementing a workflow management system in an organization that doesn’t already have one far outweigh the opportunity cost of NOT having one.

Latest Pharma News: Research Shows Growing Interest in Startups

The pharmaceutical industry has been continuously improving and evolving over time with the relative advances and advancements in the technological field. And with the crucial role that the pharmaceutical industry plays in society, these improvements can generate significant benefits that can result in a further improvement in a person’s quality of life. With this important role, one should aim to achieve awareness and knowledge regarding the latest pharmaceutical news in order to gain a better understanding of what the topic is predicting or implying in terms of the quality of health and well-being of individuals in the future. .

In the latest news in the world of pharmaceutical science, recent studies and research show an increase in interest and the start-up of companies and private businesses that are working on new and better pharmaceutical products. This particular pharmaceutical market research is aimed at the growth and development of biotechnology, as well as investors who want to finance these private companies for the start of new projects. Biotechnology has several challenging characteristics for venture investors. One is that it takes a long time to market the final product or result. In fact, the typical period of time that investors would have to wait before trading and profiting from their investments ranges from 10 to 15 years. Investors should also realize that there are very high degrees of risk, less than 1% of drug advocates will make it to the commercialization stage. In addition, large amounts of capital are required to continually advance the technology and ensure its progress to project completion. With this, you as an investor will have to continually invest in the project to get the desired results. Lastly, few successful businesses typically have a high-growth affiliate or acquirer.

So why is the rate for investors interested in biotech startups the one indicated in this pharmaceutical market study? One major element that may be contributing to this rising rate is the low trading costs required to obtain a share or stock. Some investments require a considerable amount before you can invest in them. Additionally, most investment options are reliable and economically priced in terms of the returns provided. To keep track of these particular pharmaceutical news, you can subscribe to various sites that can provide you with all the latest news and updates regarding the world of pharmaceutical development.

Search Engine Optimization: What Not to Look For

Have you received spam emails from people promising to increase traffic to your website by ranking it high in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages)? We get them all the time. In fact, Google claims that they even receive these unwanted requests. This is an example of an email received from Google in the past:

“Dear google.com,
I visited your website and noticed that it is not listed in most major search engines and directories…”

Funny huh? But how many people respond to these ridiculous emails and spend a lot of money in the hope that they can increase traffic to their website? What’s worse, many of these companies are capable of brainwashing their customers into thinking that they are actually profiting! Companies that use these unethical business practices give the entire SEO (search engine optimization) community a bad name.

Two Point Enterprise writes this article on what NOT to look for when shopping for SEO so that you can arm yourself to make an informed decision. We know of no better way to illustrate this article to you than to feature a spam email we received from one of these rogue companies. Please read the email in the screenshot below carefully, and then check out our feedback.

Click here for a screenshot of the email

The subject line of the email was “Do you want references from your website?” (I guess they were in such a hurry to send this email that they didn’t even take the time to check the spelling.)

The first red flag is receiving the email in the first place! Check out Google’s Webmaster Information and you’ll see the first thing they tell you is “Beware of SEO companies that send you emails out of the blue.”

The next thing the author of this spam email tries to do is make a weak attempt to identify himself with real estate agents. Hence the words, “Location, Location, Location.” (Sorry partner, you’re not getting into bed with me.) Then they pay credit that you may already have a good website, but if you could increase traffic, you could bring millions of customers and billions of dollars to your website. They apparently dismiss pay-per-click services without giving credit to the fact that real estate is actually something that pay-per-click can do quite well with—in big cities, that is. Finally, as with all spam emails like this, they think they have the solution you’ve been looking for!

We couldn’t help but laugh a little at the next line where they increase the font size and announce: “¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ (One more exclamation point and I think everyone in the office will have freaked out!) Wet pants.) Seriously, Mr. Spammer, what’s in here? Are they SEO services with a perpetual monthly fee to guarantee you recurring income? I hate to spoil the party, but SEO was around long before that you registered your domain on September 24, 2004. And monthly fees were invented a long time ago too. I’ll give them a little credit for ensuring your satisfaction instead of your ranking. Google rule #2 is: “No one can guarantee the #1 spot.” However, they don’t tell you how they guarantee your satisfaction in the email. I’d be surprised if it’s a guarantee of 100% money back. I bet they have it set up where they end up pocketing money one way or another. If they can brainwash you into thinking they’re doing a good job, they don’t have to pay you back.

The next thing this spam email does is try to establish credibility for themselves. They want you to go to a search engine and search for the massive, non-competitive five-word phrase “neighborhood prospecting websites for realtors.” If the reader did not delete the email and put it in the recycle bin, they will see that the company that sent this email is currently ranked first in this search. We inserted the five-word phrase into a Google AdWords campaign and made it an offer of $5. After submitting, Google automatically adjusted the price to $0.02 (because that’s its value), gave it the first position on the page (because there’s no competition for that phrase), and estimated that our cost per day for the phrase would be $0.00 ( because no one in the world would be looking for that). So big deal guys if you are the #1 result for “neighborhood prospecting websites for real estate agents”. That’s because no one else wants it!

Now look down some more and see what we have here! Well, if it’s not an intellectual property and trademark infringement against the search engines, Google, MSN and Yahoo!. I would be willing to bet that these search engines did not license any use of their trademarks. I also don’t see any notice at the bottom identifying the rightful owners of the trademarks, nor do I see the author disclaiming any affiliation with these search engines. Subtle little images like this can mislead the reader into thinking that some kind of special relationship, or affiliation, has been tampered with with the search engines. Google says “beware of SEOs that alleviate a ‘special relationship’ with Google.” My guess is that Google has no plans to enter into some sort of strategic partnership with these whiz kids any time soon.

Next we have the registration button where we can make our monthly donation to these people. How thoughtful of you to make the button so nice and big. We don’t want to get lost when we try to click the mouse!

At the bottom, they try to abide by the rules and offer you and your little link to opt out of future emails from them. Unless they’re making it up to you, why should you take time out of your day to opt out of this email you didn’t request in the first place? Good luck with that, by the way. Two weeks ago we received this email and we ask you to stop spamming us. They responded and told us that we got it because we signed up for something, which we know full well we didn’t. However, we gave them some slack and scrapped it. Then on 2-3-2006 we received this same email again after we told them 2 weeks before to stop emailing us.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Good luck with your SEO!

Creation of fast loading web pages

Every web designer aims to design fast loading web pages. The reason is that web users are always in a hurry. They will go elsewhere if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Your site visitors won’t wait a minute or more for a single page to load. According to some experts, if your home page doesn’t load within eight seconds, about a third of visitors have a chance to get frustrated and leave the website.

There are a few solutions that will make sure your site loads before users get frustrated and disappear.
Many programs add unnecessary code to their web pages. Remove unnecessary code and extra tags left behind while editing your web pages. Cascading Style Sheets can be used wherever possible. They produce clean code. A page designed with CSS can present almost the same design and information as an HTML page using one third of the amount of code.

Use graphics, scripts and Flash where necessary. Image files such as GIF and JPEG are the easiest to optimize. Be sure to optimize large files. Many third-party apps can optimize your images online. Graphic buttons should be replaced by text links. Never use images to display blocks of text.

Keep your web pages light with a limited number of images and text links so that the page loads in fractions of seconds. Take the example of the Google home page that has an image and selects a number of text links. It is a perfect example of page size and download optimization. Users will reward you with more traffic if you keep your web pages light.
You should reevaluate your site’s architecture if you’ve tried all of these tips but your download time doesn’t get under six seconds. It may be the case that you are putting too much information on each page.

Highly shareable posts are key to social marketing in 2014!

We all know that social media marketing and internet marketing are the same when it comes to brand building and sharing. Building a website, establishing a brand, building social media accounts to connect with a larger audience, it’s all marketing, no matter what you call it. Here we take a look at some tips on not only social sharing, but how to do it right and make viewers want to share your posts, videos, and articles.

Facebook is the most visited social network:

Most of the amazing Facebook posts or ads that appear on our walls on a daily basis only excel at eliciting two types of reactions. Either you want to click on the ad or ignore it. Whether you’re creating a Facebook ad for yourself simply to promote a book or CD, or you’re working on behalf of a business that wants to target a larger audience and drive more traffic to a website, the idea is the same.

Keep it simple:

Keep it simple and opt for one main type of reaction with each new Facebook ad or post. If you get a lot of clicks, that’s a plus. Even if you’ve posted hundreds of times or created many Facebook ads, that doesn’t mean the next one will be successful. There is science behind Facebook ads or Google advertising Announcements for that matter, but certainly a lot of luck and evidence involved.

There is no magic potion to get Facebook viewers to click on your ad. One thing is for sure, the more you post, the more experience you will get. Eventually it will get easier and you will start to see your success rate increase.

Highly shareable posts:

What people really want to do is share! If a post, joke, or video surprises them in a funny or special way, they’ll want to share it on Facebook.

Shareable and often viral posts do one of the following:

  1. GIFTS: They give away some sort of discount, deal, coupon, eBook, or contest that everyone wants to enter.
  2. ADVICE TIPS: Ads or posts about tips, trade secrets, or problems we can all relate to are very shareable, like where to win a free car or get free Facebook fans.
  3. WARNINGS: Anything that sharpens our senses and warns of danger is usually very popular on Facebook.
  4. FUNNY – Some of the funniest videos, images or quotes can be shared as long as they are in good taste and not too offensive to any religion, sect or person in general. Make sure it appeals to a wide audience and has mass appeal, so keep it fun but light.
  5. INSPIRATIONAL: Inspirational quotes can be the best way to make people feel good inside. So chances are they’ll want to share any post that has a personal insight, metaphor, or real meaning.
  6. AMAZING – Amazing pictures, videos and facts can be easily shared. As soon as you watch an awesome video and notice the “WOW” factor, the reach for the share button.

Free Apple iPad Testers Wanted – Become a Product Tester and Get Your Free Apple iPad Today

Today, promotional offers like the free iPad from Apple can be seen almost everywhere on the Internet. Offers like these seem too good to be true, so many people will be skeptical the moment they come across such offers.

Considering the state of our economy, people welcome free offers without much hesitation. Gifts are tempting at all times. But the big question is, are these free iPad offers genuine? If they are, why would companies give away expensive products for free? Let’s face it, the sticker price of a new iPad is around $500 and it’s really hard to think that a company like Apple would just give it away to a large number of consumers for free. So what is really the reason behind these free iPad giveaways? And how can you benefit from this offer?

Why do companies give gifts?

The main reason is probably the desire of companies to make more money from their products. These days, never expect anything to be ultimately free. A good example of this is the free iPad offer. Companies offering free iPads would ask for your feedback on their products as a non-monetary payment. Free Apple iPad testers sought by market research firms are required to perform a marketing strategy known as “product testing.” These companies are in charge of distributing the free iPad gifts to the testers and collecting feedback from them.

Feedback provided by by-product testers helps companies, like Apple, update their current products to create improved versions. This method is a smart way to ensure quality products that are sure to be patronized by consumers. The main goal of making a product is to sell it to consumers, and letting consumers decide which features to improve or include makes a product more sellable. Product testing makes it easy for manufacturing companies to build products based on consumer choices, since all they have to do is apply the features that consumers have requested.

When to expect product giveaways?

Free Apple iPad testers sought after to test products are not an endless supply. Generally, these offers exist only for a short period of time. This is normally present around the product release date. Don’t waste time waiting for the right time to be an iPad tester, act now so you can own the unit without paying a huge amount.

How can you get an Apple iPad for free?

Always keep in mind that, like other promotional offers online, these are scams. Scammers are like predators who are constantly on the lookout for their prey. They usually target gullible consumers who are not prudent enough to safeguard their financial accounts. They do anything just to get money from their victims. With this in mind, you should know the difference between a legitimate offer and a scam. In a legitimate offer, free Apple iPad testers sought by market research firms are not asked for any payment or required to purchase other products. You should get the iPad free of any monetary charges. So, avoid those suspicious sites that ask for money.

The origin and history of explanatory videos

A concept-based marketing tool that is an explainer video is well known to everyone. Any make without having at least one explainer video is like having a delicious biryani without the raita, it just doesn’t make the mark. According to reports, only 12 percent of online businesses do not have an explainer video. It is obvious that they are quite popular and many of these videos have had an impactful presence. But when and how did they come into existence? There is a lot to learn and know about these interactive videos. They have their own origin story and a very interesting one too!

Journey from PowerPoint to YouTube

The renaissance of “narrative combined with PowerPoint presentation,” now known as explainer videos, was not discovered at the time of ‘Eureka!’ but they were a natural progression. It was in the 1990s that PowerPoint began to emerge as the ultimate “explanation tool” and became a one-of-a-kind offering. Right around this time, we witnessed an internet boom, where YouTube made its first appearance. People started getting excited about the idea of ​​watching stories instead of hearing or reading them. People found it to be a simpler yet engaging platform, as watching a one-minute video was easier compared to reading a long document. They introduced the concept of “what to do” and “how to” videos, where people could find tutorials and learn new things just a click away.

The driving forces behind such videos were the dynamic duo from Common Craft, who came up with the idea of ​​using hands, markers, and paper cutouts to tell a story, with the camera pointed at the blackboard on the floor. What started as a travel video blog soon turned into a learning based platform. “RSS in Plain English” was his first video tutorial, which was uploaded on April 23, 2007. It gained amazing popularity! Soon, they started receiving requests from various companies to make custom videos. Their second client was Google and they produced a “Google Docs in Plain English” video for them. Common Craft was at the forefront in making these types of videos. They struck gold when they made a video explaining how Twitter works. It was so good that Twitter posted it on their home page!

The formula that became the marketing mantra

It took over a year and a half and millions of views after the first tutorial video, that the term “How To Video” was coined. The phrase became so popular that it was on the tip of every marketer’s tongue and that’s when it was no longer limited to an Internet trend. It became a prerequisite for any business. The rage was such that all the companies started creating a website and posting these videos on their websites.

The concept started to become an integral part of every company’s marketing strategy, many companies started creating these videos internally and their success stories were also shaped by these explainer videos. The best explainer video story was from Groupon when they posted a similar video on their website and soon their sales increased. The impact was such that it made Groupon the billion dollar company it is today.

The future of explainer videos

Since then, the concepts have evolved and the requirements have become more stringent, making explainer videos perfect for a profitable business model. Even the key perspective and focus has changed, today every explainer video begins with a strong script. Also, the emphasis these days has shifted towards the “core message” rather than images. Marketers have realized that flashy images without a story won’t add much value to your brand.

All this together with a pinch of “innovation”, make up the perfect strategy and ensure unchanging growth. The future has a lot to offer, with the digital transformation that is happening today, they can be published on various platforms and through various media. Currently, the trending variations of these videos are: animated explainer videos, infographics, interactive videos and many more…

The best explainer video companies are taking advantage of this ever-evolving trend, as professional help has become essential when animation companies are creating their own attractive models to perfection. People are increasingly turning to these creative indulgences, and the future is as digital as it gets.

10 reasons why companies should use video marketing

1. Increased brand awareness

The consumption of video content exceeds that of other digital content such as blogs and podcasts. Most of the internet users prefer to use their precious time to watch an informative video simply because the video content is much easier to consume and understand. Creating the right video content will make it possible to connect with your audience and get your brand out there.

2. Improve online presence

It is vital that your business has an online presence if you want it to be successful. The good thing about video content is that it makes it easier to boost your business’s online presence, considering that videos are more engaging and much easier to digest. Also, the call to action in videos is much more effective than in other forms of marketing.

3. Build trust

Another important benefit of video marketing is that it helps business owners connect on a personal level with their customers and potential buyers. As long as you create compelling content that draws customers to you, you’ll be glad to see your small business grow, as trust is a vital aspect of sales conversions.

4. It is easier to explain through videos

Are you launching a new product or service? You can harness the power of video marketing to give clear explanations to your audience about how the new product or service works. The fact is that the videos allow you to explain in a more detailed way so that the audience can understand how it will benefit them so that they feel more convinced to make a purchase.

5. Good return on investment

One of the preferred marketing techniques because it has a good return on investment (ROI) is video marketing. Well, creating video content isn’t always cheap, because you may need to pay for certain services, like video editing, or maybe buy video editing software. However, one thing you can be sure of is that the amount of cash that video marketing is capable of generating, in most cases, is usually higher compared to what you invested.

6. Videos target all demographics

You no longer have to create different versions of the same content to reach all of your target demographics, because video content is interesting to almost everyone in your target market. Simply put, video content allows you to reach a broader demographic than other marketing techniques. You can place your video content on different platforms where your target group is mainly located, for a better response guaranteed.

7. Increase your ranking

People love video and will spend more time enjoying video content compared to other types of content. Informative and engaging content has a higher potential to drive more traffic to your website. Also, Google now owns YouTube, and that means you can use YouTube videos alongside videos embedded on the site for SEO purposes and a better chance of improving your search engine rankings.

8. Video content is easier to share

One thing you can attest to as a small business owner is that videos are easier to share, especially through social media channels. You can create good video content and encourage your audience to share it for amazing results. Since most people find it easier to share videos, your content will be feared a lot more and drive even more traffic to your website.

9. Mobile users connect better with video

The main objective of marketing is to reach the most active audience, which in this case is mobile users. Studies have shown that the use of mobile devices is higher now than ever before, and this is something you probably witness every day. Another important observation is that most mobile users spend more time on their devices consuming video content compared to desktop users. This increases the chances that they will find your content and take action.

10. Videos make your business look modern

A modern and updated version of something attracts a lot more people compared to an older, but still effective version. This may be why you would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get the latest iPhone despite having a previous year iPhone that works just fine.

Video content works in a similar way, because it gives your business a fresher look and attracts more responses from your consumers. Your customers will love the fact that you take the time to update your business and give them exactly what they want.

That will mean a lot to your sales conversion rates and the overall success of your business. Also, not many small businesses have switched to video marketing, and this means that you can take advantage of this fact to give your business a huge advantage.

final word,

Using video content as a way to promote your business is associated with many benefits that you should be eager to experience. Also, these are not the days when video marketing seemed like a marketing strategy that was only supposed to be used by big companies with financial advantages.

If you expect your business to grow, you should never underestimate the power of video marketing. It goes without saying that you need to create meaningful and engaging video content if you want video marketing to work for you.


Chiropractic Marketing Statistics: 7 Numbers to Track Your Growth

Why do you need to keep statistics in your practice? The reason is because it’s the best way to know what’s going on in your practice.

Does a new patient need to fill out paperwork, ask questions during a consultation and exam, to find out what’s going on with their health? You should also keep track of the health of your practice.

Along with tracking the health of your practice, keeping statistics…

  • help you measure progress toward your goals
  • show you when to make adjustments with your strategies
  • show you what works and what doesn’t (very important for marketing)
  • The statistics below are 7 areas you should review on a monthly basis. In fact, it won’t hurt to check in weekly if you really want to gauge how your practice is doing.

    #1. Number of new patients

    A new patient is anyone who comes in and completes an exam. Count them as a new patient only when they have paid for the first visit or it is a free exam but they are scheduled to return.

    Do not include people who come in for a free consultation and leave.

    #two. Average number of visits to stays by new patients

    This is often referred to as your “hold” or “PVA.” PVA stands for “Patient Visit Average.”

    To measure it for an entire month, take all your visits that month and divide it by the number of new patients you had during the same month.

    #3. Average dollars collected per patient

    To calculate this, take your total collections for the month and divide it by the number of new patients you had during that month.

    #4. Conversion rate of new patients to care

    To find this number, take the number of patients you started receiving care during a month, and then divide it by the total number of new patients you had that month.

    #5. average case

    The case average is a number that represents how much money that patient will make over time in your practice. Take your collections for the month (or quarterly, yearly) and divide them by the number of new patients during the month. However, take your PVA for your $/visit. So take #2 and #3 above and multiply them together.

    #6. ROI for your marketing

    ROI stands for “return on investment.” To calculate it, simply take the amount of revenue (gross receipts) your marketing brought into your practice and divide it by what you spent on that marketing.

    To accurately measure your ROI, ask the patient (either on their intake forms or verbally) where they heard about your practice. Using your software, track down new patient sources. Go back and update the ROI regularly, as it will continue to increase as the patient (or insurance) pays for their care over time.

    Also, measure each type of advertising and marketing you do…newspaper ads, yellow pages, internet leads, sending $5 Starbucks cards to new patients with a postcard, website costs, direct mail, shipping postcards of money, etc., etc.

    #7. net profit

    To calculate your net profit, take your total receipts minus your overhead and personal benefits. If you have a car through your office, pay your health insurance, etc., back up all of that to get a real picture.

    And get your salary too. You want to know how much your practice is bringing you overall and compare it to previous months and years. You can add your salary and benefits back later for accounting and tax purposes.

    Below are additional statistics that you need to keep track of so you can calculate the numbers in the top 7. These others, like collections and charges, tell you a lot about the health of your practice.

    • visits
    • fillers
    • general collections
    • insurance charges
    • % of money collected compared to collected
    • dollars charged for service
    • Money spent on marketing
    • number of conversions
    • new sources of patients

    Last but not least… create a weekly and monthly spreadsheet that lists all the statistics in this article. Once you’ve formatted this, it will only take a few minutes a day for you or your staff to enter the numbers at the end of each day.