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What do the new Yahoo results powered by Bing mean for website owners, SEO and online search?

As many of you have heard from Shashi Seth, Yahoo! Senior Vice President, or Bing is now powering Yahoo search results in the US and Canada. This is hugely changing the online search business. Bing is formerly MSN and Microsoft’s new search brand is gaining more market share compared to the other search engines.

Yahoo now has about a twelve percent share of the search engine market, and it includes Bing results to rank at about a 25% search share. This search alliance will allow the two companies to better deal with Google, the search engine giant that, due to its advanced search algorithms, is in the top 60 to 70 percent of the market share of engines. search.

If any webmaster or website owner had any penalties on Yahoo, the results from Bing or SERPS will not be transferred. This is very important to know for SEO so you don’t have to worry about crossing search penalties. Search penalties are extremely bad for website owners and are avoided at all costs. They vary in severity and duration and can be disputed by a website owner in many cases. The place to do this is in Google’s webmaster tools or bring webmaster tools. These tools offer a plethora or variety of data benefits ranging from keyword searches, found backlinks, page speed, mobile device compatibility, and more.

Google accounts for eighty-eight point one percent of the search engine war for market share, which is no joke! Yahoo accounts for 3 percent of the search engine market share as of 2021. Bing has six percent of the search engine market share, respectively. Duckduckgo is at 2.5 (2.44 percent to be exact). The percentage of the market share battle for site share from search engines is an ongoing battle on the digital web for share.

Why is Google so dominant in the battle for search engine market share? It is dominant for a few reasons. The main reason when I do an A / B is that Yahoo and Bing are that the cut database size / Google server redundancy is very impressive. Google gets the most results of any search engine. For example, I googled “computer” as a solo keyword. Google brings 3.6 billion results, Yahoo brings 2.4 million results, Bing brings 2.1 million results respectively.

The second reason in my opinion is that the Google algorithm is updated more frequently and is more complex. This helps you use more SEO factors (over 300) to get the best website in the first place. Backlinks, page speed (mobile friendly view = ports are all important).

Third, Google’s user experience or UX is unmatched compared to its main rival Yahoo. Google mostly used white space on its home page with the Google logo and the search box right in the middle of the web page. Yahoo, on the other hand, ironically makes more money with its news feature. Google always Google AdWords.

I am a computer scientist attending Harvard University Graduate School of Software Engineering. Search engines have always fascinated me a lot. They are a web landing page portal that pulls results into an array.[], usually using PHP or another server-side language like ASP.NET. The data is requested from a large number of servers in the US and the world, and processed back to the browser client browser on your computer on search engine results pages or SERPS. They really revolutionized the way we use computers to find information on the internet that is definitely worth studying. Don’t forget to share any of your search engine programs on the GIthub or Microsoft WebDev Azure repositories and code share (branches).

Yahoo will continue to run its own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program until later in 2010, when Microsoft’s ad hub will be integrated in October. The PPC strategy will also have to change according to the new system that is coming. This also means that there will be more competition in Microsoft Ad = center and higher CPCs with the migration of Yahoo PPC users who meet Microsoft Ad = center.

Yahoo is also working to finalize its revenue program for Yahoo Search BOSS and other search tools. You will see the words “powered by Bing” at the bottom of Yahoo search results for confirmation.

Bing is supposed to have search technology somewhat comparable to Google’s search and indexing algorithm, which is a big step from retrieving low-quality MSN information and searching online. However, they still differ and Google still has 65.8% of the market share of online search engines.

Brilliant dissection of Karl Marx’s anti-capitalist argument

Why was Marx wrong by Lawrence Eubank is a scholarly and scholarly examination and refutation of Karl Marx’s book, who was highly critical of capitalism, Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. The 500 pages of Eubank’s book are intended to serve as a convincing argument pointing out the inaccuracies in Marx’s reasoning and his central charge that capitalism serves to enrich capitalists by “exploiting workers, by extracting money. unpaid ‘surplus value’ from them. “That’s exactly what Why Marx Was Wrong does, thoroughly disproving Marx’s central argument.

To fully refute Karl Marx’s argument and point out the philosophical rottenness inherent in it, Lawrence Eubank takes a look at many of Marx’s statements in his own work and explains why each of them is wrong. To help support his point-by-point refutation of Marx, Eubank quotes other authors who have a similar pro-capitalist perspective.

Eubank begins why Marx was wrong by pondering why millions of people around the world still believe that Marx’s central argument is valid, even after, as Eubank puts it, “the total collapse of communism.” He adds that Marx’s central argument against capitalism is still widely believed, “even in countries that were never subject to communist rule.”

Lawrence Eubank cleverly breaks down Karl Marx’s central argument in Why Marx was wrong, beginning by noting that even in the first sentence of Marx’s book, he relies on “unspoken assumptions” to make his case against capitalism. In other words, you make certain assumptions even in the first sentence of your book and expect your readers to blindly accept them as established facts, without backing them up to add credibility to your argument.

The first sentence of Karl Marx’s book Capital: A Critique of Political Economy it deals with the assumption that “The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails, is presented as ‘an immense accumulation of commodities’, its unity being a single commodity.” Marx, taking that assumption as an accurate statement of fact, then writes that “Our investigation must therefore begin with the analysis of a commodity.”

Both Karl Marx and Lawrence Eubank write about economic systems that have been tried, tested, and have supporters and detractors who often support or oppose one or the other point of view without really knowing the basic principles and arguments that have been made for and against. against capitalism and communism. That could be due, at least in part, to the rather dry nature of the economy, in general, although it is an extremely interesting topic for people who want to know more about the various economic policies followed by countries around the world and why certain countries. seem to be more financially successful than others.

One of the most entertaining comparisons Lawrence Eubanks makes is between Marx’s reasoning and Adam Smith’s. The author considers Marx’s theory of work to be typical of “paranoid conspiracy theories”, while Smith’s theory, which he writes is more of a “work, income, and profit” theory, is based on observation of facts. Eubank calls Smith “a scientist or fact-finder” and Marx “a medieval scholastic.”

In Why Marx Was Wrong, author Lawrence Eubank takes various assumptions that Marx has made and criticizes them, point by point. Through this way of critiquing Marx’s central argument, he probably makes the subject as entertaining as possible, although reading 500 pages of a refutation of Marx’s argument requires a commitment to wanting to know the exact details of why Marx’s reasoning. Marx is flawed. For anyone who has ever been interested in economic theories and / or wondered why Marx’s central argument against capitalism has continued to persist, Why was Marx wrong is a must read.

Explore the smartest flooring options for your home

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home is a challenge for many homeowners. “Knowledge is power” applies to soil selection. The more you know, the better decision you can make. The options can seem overwhelming and you want to make a decision that you will be happy with for years to come. As trends change, so do soil patterns. But it is impossible for you to change your floor every two years just because trends change. Therefore, it is important to select something that will not go out of style for at least 10 years.

Consider the most important factors when selecting flooring: durability, style, cost, and ease of installation and care. But every room in the house has certain floor needs that relate to the use of the room. A good floor must coordinate with the use of the room.

Kitchen floors:

When you think of a kitchen floor, the first thing that comes to mind is durability and ease of maintenance. Kitchen floors are prone to getting dirty very easily, which makes rugs a poor choice. Instead, you can opt for ceramic, linoleum, or wood tile. Ceramic tile and linoleum are durable, offer a variety of designs, and are very easy to maintain. But ceramic tiles have greater durability and are more resistant to scratches and dents. Hardwood floors are another great kitchen option. Although it is not waterproof, it is surely durable and offers a warm and inviting appearance that many homeowners welcome.

Bathroom floors:

Water – This is what you associate baths with. So when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your bathrooms, look for moisture resistant flooring. The most popular options for kitchen flooring are ceramic tile, granite, marble, limestone, and linoleum. All of these come in different varieties within each category based on prices. If you are looking for a DIY project, it is best to choose ceramic or linoleum tile flooring because they are easy to install. But if you want your bathroom to look rich and luxurious, you should go for marble or granite floors.

Living room floors:

Entertain, spend time with family, relax without worry – the living room does it all. The type of flooring for this area is more of a personal choice and something that matches the overall feel of your home. Some of the most popular flooring options in a living room are tile, carpet, and wood. Rugs give your home a warm and cozy feeling. It is smooth to step on, especially for young children who play a lot on the floor. Carpets help absorb sound. It also attracts dust and dirt. Stains and spills can be difficult to clean up. If you are looking for a floor that is very easy to maintain, carpet may not be the right choice for you.

The tiles are durable, easy to clean, and they also come in many varieties. They can give your home an exotic feel if you opt for textured or wood patterned tiles. But during cooler weather, tiles can be uncomfortable underfoot as they retain the cold. Hardwood floors provide a renewable flooring solution for your living room. It is not as cold as tile and adds a classic look to your space. Most wood flooring options require a sweep and a damp mop.

Bedroom floors:

Rules of comfort in the bedroom Soft and luxurious rugs are the best option to absorb sound, feel comfortable under bare feet and create the right atmosphere for the bedroom.

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home is a matter of personal choice. There are many more options available on the market and an expert can help you sort through them to choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Anime Figure Collection

Anime figures are collectibles that are based on Japanese-style characters from television shows, movies, manga (Japanese comics), and video games. The popularity of anime has grown significantly over the years, sparking a collecting frenzy around the world.

If you are interested in anime figures and would like to start the fun hobby of collecting them, then you should familiarize yourself with what makes a figure valuable. The most treasured figures are usually the first ones that have never been taken out of their packages. Terms like MIB (Mint in Box) and NRFB (Never Removed From Box) are terms that you should become familiar with, as it will be easier for you to figure out why certain figures cost more than others.

An interesting fact about anime toys is the fact that they come in a variety of sizes. Many collectors start collecting the smaller, often less expensive figures, then gradually work their way up to the larger models. Before starting your collection, determine which anime you like the most, specifically which character. Most anime collectors feel a sense of intimacy and attachment to the anime toys in their collection because of what they represent. It is much more fun and exciting to collect the exact character that you love the most.

You can start looking for anime figures in and around your area by visiting local toy stores and even thrift stores. It is a well-known fact among collectors that the most valuable figurines have often been found in second-hand stores, so be sure to visit these stores frequently. Take the time to look closely at the toy boxes and shelves because you are lucky and find a great figure that is worth a good amount of money.

Another great place to look is online auction sites. Typically, you will find that you have the option of purchasing figures at a fixed price on these websites or as a sale-only alternative. If you are unfamiliar with online bidding, be sure to set a maximum price you can afford before placing your bid. The budget you are willing to spend will be the deciding factor in how many figures you can buy. Some of the older and rarer figures will easily cost hundreds of dollars if they are in excellent condition. You can also visit some anime collectibles websites to get an idea of ​​the prices and value. Seasoned collectibles are very willing to reveal what features to check so that you can pick up the figures you are looking for without getting confused as to whether you are paying too much for a particular character.

Once you have started a collection, you will need to have a place to display the shapes. Many collectors simply place their figures on some shelves, while others prefer to display them in a glass-covered display case to keep them in their current state. As your collection grows and you run out of space, you can figure this out if you have a rotation program for the shapes. Every few weeks, simply swap the numbers that are on display with others that are in storage.

Collecting anime is a lot of fun and it can become a hobby that will give you great pleasure for years to come. It is recommended to join online anime communities when collecting, as well as attending anime conventions, so that you can discuss your figures with other collectors.

Tips on how to prevent car lockups

One thing that happens to almost everyone is that they forget their car keys inside the car. People lock their cars and leave the keys in the ignition. This way, it is easier for someone to get in, get the keys, and drive the vehicle. It is a real headache to go back inside the car and collect the keys. You can’t go anywhere without getting your car keys back and that’s only possible when you’re trying to break into or get the help of an auto mechanic or locksmith. To avoid crashes, here are some suggestions.

Do not forget to bring the keys before leaving home.

Once you plan to leave the house, take the car keys with you and once you park and leave the car, take the keys out of the keyhole and keep them with you. Instead of leaving the car and forgetting the keys in the car, make sure you have them with you at all times. If you forget to take out the keys and leave, someone will do it for you and take your car away. Once you park the car and turn off the engines, if you hear a beep once you open the door, it means the car keys are still in the ignition. The beep reminds you to remove your keys instead of leaving them behind. You should always carry the keys with you.

Get a spare key

To avoid any bad events on your way out, make sure you have an extra set of keys at home. People who have this problem of forgetting things and leaving car keys should get an extra set of keys. This way you can avoid crashes. You can use this key to unlock your car and get in easily. But people usually keep this key at home; under doormats, etc. you must carry this key with you at all times. Just keep it inside your wallet without any keychain attached.

Fix your lock

Car locks don’t always happen from leaving keys in, sometimes they happen due to a predetermined lock. To avoid it, you need to contact a locksmith or car mechanic or else you will have to face this problem every time you try to lock your car. There is another option to leave your car without locking it, but then you don’t want to risk losing your car. If someone finds your car without a key, they could try to break in and steal it. Don’t waste time and fix the lock before it’s too late.

Attach a noisy keychain

Attach some noisy key fobs with your replacement keys and even your original car keys to avoid losing them. In case your keys fall on the ground, you will be able to notice it immediately due to the noise they make.

Recheck your keys

Keep checking your keys every few hours, whether you still have them or not. Keep them in a fixed place so you know where they are.

Why should Americans collectively practice safety measures in public this holiday season?

Due to the pandemic outbreak fueled by Covid-19 this year, Christmas and New Years may not be the same. The best way to celebrate Christmas and New York’s Eve this year is to make it a homey and private event, not only in light of the rapidly increasing number of infections in the United States, but also to avoid rubbing inequality in the face of the less fortunate. . Asking for fancy decorations or unnecessary splurges will only make it worthy of shame, resulting in millions of dead and dying, and even more, left out of work and unemployed.

Everyone should take precautions in the upcoming Christmas season, until the vaccine is deployed. Travel will increase the chances of the spread of COVID-19. The easiest way to protect yourself and others this year is to avoid traveling and staying at home.


Precautions to take when you go out

• Wear a face mask with two or more layers so you and others can protect yourself from COVID-19.

• Wear the mask and attach it under the chin, above the nose and mouth.

• Make sure the mask fits snugly on your facial sides.

Stay 6 meters from people who do not live with you.

• It is imperative to stay 6 feet away from other people (about two arms) when you are at higher risk of getting sick.

Clean your hands

• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

• Carry your hand sanitizer with you at all times when you go out

• Use hand wipes with at least 90% alcohol.


The safest option this holiday season is to celebrate online or with the people you live with.

Make your celebration safer if you plan to go out. To make Christmas and New York’s Eve better for everyone, follow these additional steps:

  • Take your food, your drinks, your plates, your cups and your cutlery.
  • Wear a mask and keep your mask clean while eating and drinking.
  • Do not enter places where food is being cooked.
  • Use packaged foods.


If you have visitors here, make sure people take steps to make Christmas and New York better for everyone. The next steps are:

• Limit the number of members who come.

• Sanitize your whole house before and after the party

• If you house it indoors, be sure to keep the windows and door open so that the air can circulate properly.

• Restrict people in food preparation areas.

• Ask your guests to bring their own food

• If you share food, use disposable utensils, such as plastic or paper cups and plates.

To improve air circulation, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends opening doors and windows. Other precautions are to sanitize your home, wear multi-layer masks indoors, wash your hands regularly, use garbage bags, not touch each other, serve food in disposable plates and cups.

The CDC suggests that after the holiday season is over, look for Covid-19 control to make sure you’re safe

Tips for losing weight with whey protein shakes

If you are trying to lose weight, it is helpful to follow the best diet that will make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs without adding extra fat. Whey protein shakes have become very popular due to their effectiveness. For years, shakes have been associated with bodybuilders, but studies have shown that adding whey to the diet can help people lose weight. People who take these supplements lose more fat while maintaining leaner muscle mass.

Low in calories

One of the reasons shakes are effective for weight loss is because they are low in calories. If, like many people, you are wary of shakes because of their association with muscle gain, you should know that they are actually very low in calories. A normal tablespoon can contain around 100 calories. This means you can have two shakes in one day without worrying about increasing your daily calorie intake too much.

Before meals

A good way to reduce your calorie intake is by drinking a protein shake before meals. This will help you feel full and you won’t have to worry about overeating. This is particularly useful when dining at a restaurant where you might be tempted to indulge yourself. Protein is very abundant and will help you avoid overeating high-calorie foods.

Meal substitute

Replacing a daily meal with a shake can help you lose weight. A shake will give you the nutrients you need without the extra calories. By skipping a meal high in carbohydrates and calories, you can make a big difference to your weight. With shakes, you can make sure you get the protein you need without worrying about adding weight.

More protein

There are many good reasons to consume whey protein isolate. Whey is an ingredient that is present in many different types of food, including dairy products, meats, and beverages. The clean and smooth taste of the isolate makes it easy to consume. Most of the non-protein elements are removed from pasteurized whey during production, making the isolate different from concentrated whey protein.

There are many benefits of protein isolate, including the fact that it has all the essential amino acids needed for your daily diet. They also contain a lot of leucine, which helps muscle growth, and cysteine ​​which helps boost the immune system. Whey protein can also help people with diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels.

Documents required for LLP registration

The Limited Liability Company is a new form of business and a really convenient form of business. It is most advantageous for small businesses and startups to start or develop their business with the least risk and convenience. This is the form of business that carries the benefit of limited liability as a company, in addition to achieving the flexibility of the general partnership.. Furthermore, the LLP incorporation procedure is not a complex process if everything is done accurately according to the given law and by providing the detailed documents to the RoC-Registrar of Companies.

Therefore, one must know and be careful with the documents necessary for the incorporation of a company. The list of required documents is mentioned and discussed below:

For LLP registration, designated partners need the following documents:

Documents required for incorporation:

The necessary documents can be divided into two parts. Namely:

  1. Regarding the designated partners
  2. Regarding the registered office

Regarding the designated partners

A person of Indian or foreign nationality can be a designated partner or partner of a limited liability company. The required documents are listed below, respectively:

Nationals of India:

Indian citizens will require these documents:

1. PAN card: (certified by the designated partner or partner)

The copy of the PAN card is a mandatory document for the Incorporation where the Name written on the PAN card will be taken as the name for proof of identity, so it is necessary to keep the PAN Card updated (in case of name change, or marriage) at the time of submitting the documents. In case there is any error on the PAN card, the process will get stuck.

2. Voter ID / Passport / Driver’s License: (Certified by Designated Partner or Partner)

Any of the aforementioned vouchers can be attached with the documents and these vouchers must contain the name and details similar to the name and details indicated on the PAN Card, if they are not, they must be rectified before sending them to the Rock. The documents mentioned above can be used as proof of address of the current address of the Designated Partner. Documents such as electoral card, ration card, Adhaar card, etc. it can also be provided here as proof.

3. Scanned copy of the last bank statement / phone or mobile bill / electricity or gas bill: (certified by designated partner or partner)

Invoices that must be attached as proof of resident and must be more recent or recent, which can be between 2 and 3 months old and no more than that to be accepted. It must contain the name of the designated partner as indicated on the PAN card.

4. Scanned copy of a passport-size photograph

Abroad National:

1. Passport:

The foreigner’s passport is mandatory for Incorporation as it indicates the foreigner’s identity. The passport indicating the name and date of birth of the designated partner must be apostilled and notarized and must be in the English language. (Translated in case it is in a foreign language)

2. Proof of address:

The designated partner can attach any of the documents listed below as proof of address:

  • Driver’s license
  • Residence card
  • Bank statement
  • Government issued identity form containing address

3. Residential test:

The designated partner can attach any of these documents, which are bank statements or any type of bill, such as electricity bills, phone bills, and mobile bills. (Document posted and notarized)

Regarding the address of the registered office:

Proof of registered office address as mentioned below will be submitted along with the form submitted for the Certificate of Incorporation on behalf of the Limited Liability Company:

  1. The document indicating the full address of the property where LLP will be registered, such as electricity bill / property tax bill / phone bill, etc.

NOC, in case of rented property: the certificate of no objection together with the valid rental agreement of the property owners.

My boyfriend keeps leaving me: why is he doing this and how to stop it!

“My boyfriend keeps dumping me!” That is a horrible statement for any woman. It happens when you are madly in love with a man who continually talks about how he feels about you. One day he is crazy about you and the next day he breaks your heart and tells you that things are not going to work out. This is a cycle that repeats over and over with him coming back to win you over only to leave you again a short time later. If you’re tired of living like this, but you really think he’s the man you’re supposed to be with, you’ve got to change something now. You have the power to stop this pattern and make him want to be with you always.

Whenever a woman confesses, “my boyfriend keeps leaving me,” she does so with doubts about her own attractiveness as a girlfriend. It is understandable why a woman may start to question herself and whether she is a good match if the same man abandons her over and over again. If you have been thinking this way, you must stop now. Instead of focusing on why you keep ending the relationship, think about why you keep coming back. The reason for this is because he loves you and wants to be with you. You need to use that knowledge to your advantage.

The main reason your boyfriend keeps leaving you and coming back is simple. You let him do it and treat you like a long-time girlfriend. You accept it every time it leaves you because you love it. He recognizes and trusts this. He knows that if he feels the need to be single again, he can end things, because he has the comfort of knowing that you will be waiting for him to get him back.

That is why you have to change that dynamic right now. You have to take control of your own destiny. Right now you are going to show him, through your actions, that you will not wait idly for him to change his mind and run back to you. You need to cut off all contact. Do not call him to see how he is and do not answer when he calls you. Instead, take care of your own life.

When you two talk, don’t mention getting back together. If he does, let him know that you think a break is a good thing right now. Show him, through your strength and calm, that this time you think you can really live without him. He will not expect this reaction from you and will show him that you may not want to be his girlfriend anymore.

If you can keep control of his emotions throughout this process and create some emotional distance, he will start to panic. You will suddenly realize that you have other options. He will start to wonder if he has rejected you too many times. Once this happens, he will beg you to remove it, but the difference will be that this time it will be forever.

When it comes to first impressions, being personable is key

You may have your own opinions on how to make a good first impression. Making a good first impression involves many different things, the most important of which is being personable. Let me define nice and you can decide whether to agree or disagree with me. According to the dot com dictionary, pleasant means pleasant in appearance and personality. Appearance is the first thing someone notices when they first meet you and personality is not far behind. Let me touch on these two attributes first and then we will delve into the others.

If you are on sale (which I suppose if you are reading this) you need to dress well. Dress for success. You will look good and feel more professional. Also, make sure your body is clean and smells good. Your hair should be well cut and styled, your face well groomed (if you are a man or woman with a lot of facial hair), and if the barn needs to paint ladies, by all means paint it!

Before we get into the good stuff, I’m going to go back a bit, when you make an appointment, don’t tell your prospect that you will be there at a certain time, give them a block of time, that is, between 9 and 9:30 a.m. . This will give you a cushion in case you are late. Being late for an appointment will not help you make a good first impression.

Then when you walk into a date, make sure you have a smile on your face. Tell the person who greets you who you are, where you are from and who you are seeing. Then when you meet your potential client, keep smiling, look him straight in the eye, give him a firm handshake, introduce yourself, and ask, “How is he?” Turn the focus of your meeting to them, who should disarm them immediately. Let the potential customer know why you are there and what benefits you will get. Then ask them questions that will allow you to better serve them. Listen (really listen) to the wants and needs of your prospects so that you can later meet and exceed those wants and needs.

According to statistics, first impressions occur in the first 20 seconds, and a bad first impression requires an additional 20 contacts to rectify that bad first impression. I don’t know if I fully buy those stats, but you can see how important good first impressions are.

Everyone has heard the expression, practice makes perfect. Personally, I think practice makes it permanent. In either case, practice making first impressions. See how you look in the mirror. Ask others what their handshake is like. Practice eye contact and also get a canned opening (without sounding canned) pat. Know what questions to ask, practice your listening skills, and be empathetic. If being nice is key, empathy is not far behind. Now go out there and make good first impressions.