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How can lawyers help you with a TPD claim?

What is TPD?

Each individual has a retirement fund that requires members to carry life insurance, a portion of which is full, and TPD (permanent disability insurance). This insurance provides coverage to members when they are unable to work on their educational experience or training. In other words, when you can’t afford your life due to lack of income opportunities, this insurance will cover your medical costs and living expenses.

TPD claims

TPD claims can be difficult and complex, especially when you suffer from illness or injury. It becomes quite overwhelming and confusing for claimants while negotiating TPD claims on their own as it requires a lot of paperwork and legalese. Thus, they ultimately give up their right to the life-saving TPD payment, which they should receive. This invariably results in a booking consultation from industry leading lawyers. The attorneys help navigate and fight a TPD claim on behalf of these claimants.

One of the main reasons to seek the help of a lawyer to fight a TPD claim is to negotiate the claim with the insurer so that they do not find any excuse or reason to deny the TPD claim. Without a TPD lawyer, the claim process becomes quite confusing and difficult. Lawyers know your rights well and fight to protect them. They are aware of your right and make you understand your rights on how to file a claim. Because you don’t know your rights, you can’t even question why the insurer denies your TPD claims or know the reasons for the insurer’s denial. When you have a lawyer by your side, your claim will be resolved in the first place.

Advantages of Hiring Lawyers to File a TPD Claim

There are numerous benefits derived from having a lawyer help resolve a TPD claim on your behalf, outlined in the points below.

  • Lawyers know all the evidence needed to support your claim. When your claim is supported by sufficient evidence, your settlement will be processed within a short period of time.
  • Lawyers help explain insurance policy language so you can be sure of your position and know exactly whether your claim will be supported or denied.
  • There is little chance that your TPD claim will be canceled or denied if a TPD lawyer is working on your behalf.
  • TPD claimants can ensure that their claim can be filed within the schedule.
  • There is less chance of visiting a court to settle a TPD claim since your claim is in the hands of an experienced lawyer, which seems less daunting. Going to court is time consuming and problematic when you have an illness or chronic illness.
  • Many experienced attorneys work with a no win no fee policy, which does not require paying legal fees if the claim is not successfully negotiated on the claimant’s behalf. You can be sure to pay legal fees only when the settlement is negotiated.

manage paperwork

Experienced lawyers know what documentation and evidence needs to be collected as they have tried many cases. The claim will be accepted quickly and paid promptly as the attorneys know what to include and what to exclude. When claiming due to illness or injury, the main focus should be on your recovery and getting back to your normal life. This requires a lot of energy and time, which becomes a burden when all the evidence and paperwork is collected. So let your legal team handle the large amount of paperwork and forms as they meet all the time constraints of your claim.

Data of the FC Barcelona – History of the Spanish giants

FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​one of the richest and most successful clubs in the world, has a rich history and a culture that is synonymous with the Catalan part of Spain. Founded in 1899 by a group of English, Swiss and Spanish footballers led by Joan Gamper, the club has grown in stature with each passing day since its inception and managed to reach the highest stature in club football by winning every possible trophies for the side to win. Here are some more interesting FC Barcelona facts for the readers’ digest.

Since its inception, the club has won many trophies in both national and major competitions. Barcelona has been a club with arguably the best striker in modern football. In 1910, when the club was relatively new and full of unknown players and no supporters, they used to play games with local clubs. It was in the same year that they participated in the first UEFA competition. This was followed by a collaboration with the Spanish Football Association. Barton, along with a number of other clubs, put forward the theory of inventing and creating a new league for the top level of Spanish football where the teams would participate and the ultimate winner would be the best club in Spain.

Barcelona, ​​along with Atlético Bilbao and their arch-rivals Real Madrid, remain the only 3 teams to date that have never been relegated from the top flight of Spanish football. Barcelona always has a political history as the club considered the heart of Catalonia, which had been an area of ​​unrest in Spain as the region openly resisted the policies set by the Spanish capital Madrid. Catalonia has always been a part of Spain and it was at the end of 2000 when the Spanish government allowed Catalonia to secede from Spain and create its own state. Barcelona have, to date, won a sextet and ten Champions League trophies, which in itself is quite a feat.

Barcelona saw real progress in 1978 when Núñez was named club president. His main objective was to make Barcelona a world-class team and a brand around the world. He stayed with the club for 22 years and set strict salary policies to ensure that no Ayer is bigger than the club itself. He let go of star players like Romario, Ronaldo and Maradona just because he wouldn’t meet the unrealistic demands set by them at the time. The team became invincible under the leadership of Johan Cruyff, who built a dream team consisting of a core of Spanish and English players like Pep Guardiola and Ronald Koeman.

The Barcelona team became a dream team and Cruyff’s tactic was highly appreciated as it would bring the ideology of introducing full foot for the first team into the game. Following Núñez’s resignation as president, La Porter saw the club decline further. He regained lost glory in 2008 when the club returned to the center stage with the signing of Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, who single-handedly decimated Real Madrid. What followed was Lionel Messi’s meteoric exponential rise through the club’s amateur ranks and he won the Champions League along with La Liga and the Copa del Rayo.

The club is ranked among the richest clubs in the world with a net worth of nearly £2 billion. Barcelona is a club to be feared and continues to maintain its legendary status.

Focus on the cabinets while remodeling the kitchen

When undertaking the task of kitchen remodeling, there are a number of elements that need to be considered to ensure that you get a functional yet beautiful kitchen. The following article will discuss the various elements that need to be focused on when undertaking a kitchen remodel.

Cabinets are the most important aspect of any kitchen. There is an overwhelming availability of choice when selecting kitchen cabinets; therefore, the right choice must be made. The cabinet design will be a statement of the type of look you want to achieve for your kitchen. It must fit according to the type of decoration you want to opt for. Within the kitchen remodel, the layout of the cabinets and drawers must be perfect so that you can achieve the look you want. Some popular options that you can select when remodeling your kitchen include Art Deco, Early American, Cottage, Mid-century, Modern, Victorian, Retro, and many more. The cabinet doors, which you have selected for your kitchen remodel, also have a role to play. You can select between those with frames or those without. If you want to go for a more classic look for your kitchen remodeling idea, framed cabinets would be a better option since their wooden frame can be seen from the outside. Frameless cabinet doors are more of an Italian design, so whichever option you choose, make sure it matches the overall look.

Color going into any room can create a great mood and ambience or it can cause the room’s look to be completely damaged. Therefore, the color you choose for your kitchen remodel is a very important factor. Along with color, the wood you select will also have an impact on the overall outcome of your kitchen remodeling project. Depending on the type of wood you select and other finishing touches could enhance the look of your kitchen. Oak, for example, would give your kitchen a spectacular look as it is dark in color, has thick grains and gives it a bold look. Cherry, on the other hand, has medium grains and is available in warmer, richer tones. Most people tend to go for maple as it gives the kitchen a sophisticated look due to its lighter tones and even grain. Maple is also better at absorbing stains, so cabinets made from this wood are found in numerous finishes.

In addition to focusing on the cabinets, you’ll also need to decide where you’ll be placing the kitchen cabinets during the remodel. The best way to create more space is to simply maximize what you already have instead of finding more space. By doing so, you won’t even have to worry about changing your kitchen design during your kitchen remodel. If you want more space, buy shelves readily available in the market. These can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and the items placed on them would be easily accessible and within view. This would also be a great way to keep your items more organized. Aside from shelves, you could have pullouts installed inside your existing cabinets. These would be supported with the help of ball bearing guides. Since the cabinets contain vertical slots, it allows you to make the most of the interior space of the cabinet. Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes and different designs can be found to suit everyone’s requirements. Cabinets add convenience to any kitchen, so attention should be paid to them during kitchen remodeling.

Pitch Deck ABC

Launches are scary, even more so if you don’t have an investment-winning launch pad. Here are some ABC’s to remember.

Let’s start with what you need to think about when defining and defining your pitch.


• The purpose of the presentation is to open discussions about investments, mentoring and start-up assistance.

• All investors receive thousands of applications a year, so being in front of an investor is a great start.

• Always know your audience. Does your potential investor invest in your particular market and products? Do they invest at the level of investment you are looking for? What are your investment priorities? For example, do they invest in renewable products, pets, real estate, etc.?

• Always remember your manners. Don’t dive right into your presentation without some basic etiquette, like waiting to be introduced, being asked about coffee, etc. Don’t take your jacket off unless others do, and obviously dress to impress.

• Accentuate the benefits of your business. You are there to sell your business and equipment, not sell your products.

Here we talk about what to remember when setting up your launch.



• Brief so that the potential investor does not get bored. Most successful pitch decks are between 10 and 12 slides long and the accompanying narration should be just as brief and at most 20 minutes before the investor feels sleepy and has probably heard long before. Key facts and information are what the potential investor is looking for and you don’t want to have to take it out of his story about how Aunt Mary suggested he solve his bunion problem. The AirBnB pitch deck was very short with 12 slides, but they raised millions of dollars.

• Get to the point and don’t deviate from the content of your pitch deck. Look at some examples of pitch decks from some now-massive companies and see how they didn’t miss the point.

• A storyteller. Tell an interesting story as you move through the slides and it will hold the attention of the potential investor.

• Accurate in everything you say. No company can solve every business problem, so try not to exaggerate the size of the market or the effectiveness of your products. Be accurate on your finances and how established your business is currently. Make sure someone you trust reviews your pitch deck and get their input.

• Be honest, as falsehoods will be found during the discovery process and you will be banned. Investors are a tight-knit group and word will spread. Investors are also very skilled business people.

• Clear in your presentation. This means there are no distractions from busy or complicated slides and try to keep bullets and multiple graphics on one screen to a minimum.

• Original: Investors must see so many potential pitches that say “Uber for X” or a “Google competitor” that they must be very bored. Remember that big companies got big very quickly because they found a niche and a window of opportunity, because they copied another innovative business model. All investors are looking for the next Unicorn, which is very rare, which is why these types of investments are called Unicorns. Be the unicorn, not the zebra.

• Appropriate. Remember what you are there for. Keep your pitch deck pointed in the right direction and make sure it only tells the story you want to tell.

• Be precise about what you will do with the investment. If you need to look for better manufacturers to lower the price, say so. Better not to be looking for investment so that the directors continue charging. The initial investment is to grow the company, not to maintain the status quo, and founding investors are meant to reap their benefits from the rising value of their shares.

• Fair about what investment is available elsewhere: If you’re looking for investors elsewhere to supplement the initial investment, please say so. No Angel Investor wants to see the value of their shares diluted immediately. Similarly, if you already have investors on board, please indicate so.

• Clear about the responsibilities of the investor. What stocks are you offering for investment? Do you expect them to also mentor the directors? Open your black book, etc.?

• Be sure to include an exit strategy. Thus, the investor knows when and how he will recover his investment, as well as what his remuneration and benefit will be in response to his investment in his company.

•Readable. A slide is not the place for 10 or 12 points, 16 points and preferably 20 points should be used in a clear and professional font on your slides. Similarly, have a light background and not too many graphics on one slide. The text must be at least.

• Be sure to use your headlines. Instead of standard titles like “business model,” use interesting and memorable titles like “the magic that we are.” Try to tell a story with just your headlines before adding all the other text.

• Memorable. In what you say and what you present. Stand out from the crowds. Try not to use recognizable stock images. Not all of us are great photographers or design gurus, so when doing your search in the image directory, scroll down several pages instead of taking from the main images.

Now let’s take a look at the important part: creating your launch pad.


The content of a great pitch deck should include these slides and preferably no other slides.

1. Cover Slide – Displays the company name, logo, website address, and an appropriate graphic. You can put a short slogan to arouse interest in the upcoming presentation. Uber is a famous launch pad and their tagline was “Next Generation Car Service”. AirBnB’s was “Book rooms with locals instead of hotels.” Both were interesting, succinct and informative.

2. Vision and value proposition: why does your company exist and what does it plan to do, what value does it provide

3. The Problem: what business problem you are seeking to solve or have identified.

4. The Solution: how are you going to solve it with the products you have at hand.

5. Target market and opportunity: where you are going to solve the problem and who is likely to buy the solution. It must include the size, shape and expected changes in the market.

6. Competition: who else is in this market and can slow down its growth and expansion. Show how you are better than them and include your USP.

7. Business model: how you will operate within this market to generate income. Here a Business Model Canvas is ideal.

8. Traction: How your revenue is doing so far, how many current customers you have, your customer acquisition rate, and your company’s roadmap to the future.

9. Marketing and Sales: How will you drive this traction and attract customers to your company’s offerings?

10. Team: who will assume the direction of the business. Include any key advisors and key qualified personnel.

11. Finance: sales forecast, revenue to date, etc. Include some main KPIs

12. Investment: how much you want, when and how it will be used. The investors proposed the ROI and the shares being offered and then their exit strategy.

13. Thank you – Thank them for the opportunity, show them the way forward, and most importantly, your contact details. This is the slide that will stay on the screen while you discuss the issues, so make it memorable.

Now that you’ve done the hard part, you should briefly summarize your presentation in a few words, emphasizing how you will solve this business problem, grow your business, and get the most out of your investment.

Now take a breath and let the potential investor ask a few questions and make a short statement. Listen carefully and be confident in your answers. Don’t get defensive if you don’t fully understand what they’ve said. Get ready to learn from them. Now shake hands with everyone and ask for a future meeting to discuss the future. This is your call to action, so don’t walk out of the room and wonder what just happened. You may have gotten your investment after all.

What is a marketing initiative?

Marketing is not as simple as many would have you believe. For your business to be effective, you need to understand what goes into promoting what you offer in terms of products and services. That’s where a good marketing initiative comes into play. A marketing initiative is essentially anything that is clearly defined as a marketing effort. Simple, right? It’s basically something specific in your marketing plan. So what kinds of things are considered marketing initiatives? Here are some examples that can help you.

For larger companies, a marketing initiative can be a theme. For example, a series of commercials that uses a specific character or funny situation over and over again can be considered a marketing initiative. This, however, would certainly be more common with large companies. An example of this is the Geiko commercials featuring the cute talking gekko. The initiative is to associate their auto insurance products and services with a character that sticks in your head. Being cute is an added bonus. This is the reason why many commercials use cute and cuddly characters like babies and puppies etc.

Another example of a marketing initiative is undertaking a certain method relentlessly. Sometimes you may want to focus your efforts solely on one marketing method. If, for example, you decide to implement email marketing with great fervor, then you can call that your email marketing initiative. It will outline a very specific plan for that initiative. And you will carry it out. Focusing your efforts on a single initiative requires that you understand it intimately. You better know what you’re doing if that’s the ONLY initiative you have. In addition, you also need to have a backup plan in case your initiative doesn’t turn out as you hoped. Often when you put all your eggs in one basket, you better have more eggs!

Another type of marketing initiative you can invoke is a large-scale change in what you’re doing. If you’re moving away from traditional marketing to exclusively use the Internet, that’s a whole new marketing initiative you’re implementing. Although it is not as specific as other examples, it is certainly something that directly affects the marketing of your company. These types of initiatives are usually done in parallel with your existing marketing initiatives. Old initiatives are phased out as the new one takes over.

A marketing initiative can also be as simple as a change in idea. You may have a new marketing initiative that simply changes how you promote your business, or more specifically, what happens to the business you’re trying to promote. A change in positioning is a good example.

Marketing initiative is a broad term that is often used. However, if you understand what it is about, you will be better able to implement an initiative effectively if necessary. Changing or implementing an initiative is a big part of promoting your business. So it’s important that you understand what it means in the first place.

The Cardio Twister – Twist your way to a beautiful body

The Cardio Twister is that little machine that seems to be all over the shopping channel right now, very professionally brought to you by Brenda DyGraf, an international fitness guru who, I must say, seems to be in pretty good shape! While I’m not sure if your average user will ever make it to Ms. DyGraf’s amazingly tuned and toned shape, I’m pretty convinced that the Cardio Twister can certainly help you on your way.

Like all the best exercise ideas, the Cardio Twister combines two elements of physical training; namely cardio to burn fat and some toning work on legs, arms, shoulders and abs. So as you pedal on the footpegs, the handlebars will automatically move from side to side to give you a workout with a spin (as the hype says). It’s actually quite fun, and anything that makes your home workouts more interesting means you’re more likely to keep doing them, in my opinion.

I don’t know about you, but I find that working out at home with just a basic stepper or leg trainer gets very boring, very quickly. The Cardio Twister, which is basically a lateral thigh trainer (combining steps up and down with an in and out motion to provide a full leg workout) also has a set of handlebars to add a bit of twist. If you play music with a good beat, pedaling and turning to the beat is quite fun and makes your training time fly by. Which makes you more likely to do it regularly. Which makes it much more likely that you will start to see real results.

Remember, there is no use working out for two hours like crazy in one day and then doing nothing else for the next 2 weeks. You’ll never see any results that way, which means the exercise machine will end up like all the others: pushed in the back of the garage or advertised on eBay. You should exercise regularly and at least three times a week for about 20 to 30 minutes. And keep that this month, next month, next year, next year. That way, you’ll not only get lean, toned, and healthy inside and out, but you’ll stay that way, and you’re much more likely to live longer and have fewer health problems than all those couches. potatoes around you.

The Cardio Twister can be of great help on your path to a longer, healthier and leaner life. It’s about $160 and comes with several fun DVD workouts where our Brenda smiles at you and urges you to push harder and go faster, and you also get low calorie fat burning diet plans. I would say this is a nice package that will give any fitness regimen a boost and a great twist!

Author RK Narayan Best known for Swami and Friends

RK Narayan, better known as Swami and Friends, was born on October 10, 1906. He was born in old Madras and present-day Chennai. His father was a school principal and moved around a lot; therefore, he was brought up by his grandmother Parvathi. She nicknamed him Kunjappa and his family members popularly called him by this nickname. He went to study at various schools and spent most of his time reading Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, PG Wodehouse and Thomas Hardy. He got into trouble when he participated in a pro-independence march; his family was neutral on Indian politics and independence.

RK Narayan moved to Mysore to join his parents, where he started writing. He studied at the Maharaja College of Mysore and got a job as a school teacher. He left it to realize that he would write for the rest of his life. The first published writing of his was entitled ‘Development of the Maritime Laws of 17th Century England’. He wrote for English newspapers and magazines. Although he lived on a meager income, his friends and family respected him and he published his first novel, Swami and Friends. Thus the fictional city of Malgudi was born. This book was rejected by several publishers until Narayan sent it to his friend and popular author Graham Greene. Other books such as The Bachelor of Arts, The English Teacher, The Financial Expert, Waiting for the Mahatma and The Guide were published. The Financial Expert was recognized as one of the most original works in 1951 while winning the Sahitya Akademi award for The Guide. The Guide was also made into a movie and ran on Broadway. He was compared to William Faulkner for his depiction of real life characters in everyday life and also to Guy de Maupassant with regard to his narrative style in presenting short stories. He was conferred the AC Benson Medal of the Royal Society of Literature and the Padma Vibhushan. He was also nominated as a member of the Rajya Sabha.

Narayan fell in love with Rajam and married her despite financial and zodiacal obstacles. Shortly after the marriage, he worked for a newspaper called The Justice. He wrote about the shame of being spanked in class, the emotional drain on brides and grooms by matching horoscopes, and the subjugation of women in marriages. The death of his wife aggravated him immensely and his daughter became the center of his attention. The grievance served as the inspiration for his book, The English Teacher. He also worked at a magazine, Indian Thought. He then started his own publishing company, Indian Thought Publications, which earned him a voracious readership from New York to Moscow. His writings were first published in the United States by Michigan State University Press.

Malgudi’s The Man Eater was published in 1961. He earned much praise and toured Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. After The Vendor of Sweets was published, he was awarded his first honorary doctorate from the University of Leeds. He lived the last of his days dedicating himself to agriculture and interacting with people. He wrote The World of Nagraj and The Grandmother’s Tale, the last of his books. He breathed his last on May 13, 2001 in Chennai.

Increase testosterone and eliminate gynecomastia

What is testosterone?

The hormone testosterone gives men their masculine characteristics, including deep voice, high muscle mass, facial and body hair, and aggressiveness. It also controls sexual function, fertility, and libido.

Testosterone is heralded as the secret to youth, as it can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, strengthen bones, and increase libido.

High Testosterone Benefits

Reduced or non-existent man boobs.

Increased muscle size and strength.

reduced body fat

More powerful sexual drive and sexual stamina.

improved mood

Decreased levels of bad LDL cholesterol, therefore a longer and healthier life.

Testosterone and Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

You may get man boobs if your testosterone levels are not high enough to combat the increased estrogenic effect on your body. Even if your testosterone levels are normal, increasing your levels can go a long way in getting rid of your man boobs.

Since man boobs are primarily dependent on the estrogen to testosterone ratio, increasing testosterone is just as important to losing man boobs as lowering estrogen.

testosterone and estrogen imbalance

Avoid a combination of increased estrogen and decreased testosterone, which is what happens to most men with man boobs. It has a massive feminizing effect on the male body and makes him prone to a number of dangerous, life-threatening diseases.

Also avoid testosterone supplements, testosterone is converted to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. Testosterone injections, pills, gels, and patches can also cause side effects such as acne, high cholesterol, shrunken testicles, and liver damage. They can also increase your risks of prostate cancer and heart disease.

How to increase testosterone naturally

-Get enough sleep!

Studies have shown that men who sleep less have lower blood testosterone levels in the morning. Lack of sleep is actually one of the most common causes of low testosterone in men. Higher cortisol levels have also been observed in sleep-deprived people, causing testosterone levels to plummet by up to 40%.

-Eat the right foods

Diet plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone.

Your glands need minerals like zinc and magnesium to stimulate testosterone production. Your body can only make testosterone if it has access to cholesterol, since testosterone is made from cholesterol.

Go back to previous presentations on what foods to avoid.

#1 Testosterone Boosting Food: Fatty Cuts of Meat

Studies have shown that people who eat a diet high in cholesterol have higher levels of testosterone. Studies comparing the testosterone levels of vegetarians with those of non-vegetarians have found that non-vegetarians have significantly higher levels of testosterone than vegetarians. This is largely because meat eaters consume more cholesterol than vegetarians.

-Food to increase testosterone # 2: oysters

Oysters have long been heralded as a powerful aphrodisiac due to their testosterone-enhancing quality. They have been found to contain high levels of zinc and the amino acid N-methyl-D-aspartate, both of which cause an increase in testosterone levels.

Oysters also contain the hormone dopamine, which independently increases libido.

-Testosterone Boosting Food #3: Nuts

Researchers have discovered that the highest levels of testosterone are found in men whose diets are high in monounsaturated fats.

Nuts are an excellent source of monounsaturated fat. Examples include walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and Brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts have the added benefit of being high in selenium. Selenium not only helps increase testosterone levels, but also improves sperm quality and fertility.

Other foods high in monounsaturated fats include avocados, seeds, olives, and olive oil.

-Testosterone Boosting Food #4: Nettle Root

When testosterone binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), it loses its biological effect. What you need in your body is not just higher levels of total testosterone, but higher levels of FREE testosterone, testosterone that is NOT bound to SHBG.

European researchers have found compounds in nettle root that bind to SHBG instead of testosterone, thereby increasing free circulating testosterone.

-Testosterone Boosting Food #5: Cruciferous and Leafy Greens

They contain large amounts of zinc and magnesium, which help improve testosterone production.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and Romanian lettuce are also high in these minerals.

Where grain-based carbs are deficient in the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy, what your body really needs is to replace those grains with meats and vegetables (also nuts and seeds). The right meats, vegetables, nuts, and seeds will give your body everything it needs to flatten your chest and find your way back to masculinity.

Exercises and increase testosterone

The two specific forms of exercise that increase testosterone are high-intensity interval training and compound weight training with heavy weights. Many studies have shown that men who engage in any of the above types of exercise have higher testosterone levels than those who primarily focus on constant cardiovascular exercise.

There are 4 weight training exercises that stimulate powerful increases in testosterone. In order from highest to lowest testosterone, these are barbell squats, deadlifts, pulldowns/pull-ups, and bench presses.

Post-Workout Shake And Testosterone

A multitude of studies have suggested that a post-workout drink containing both protein and high GI simple carbohydrates dramatically increases the release of testosterone and growth hormone. The two apparently work together to create a male anabolism response that is greater than either of the nutrients alone.

"kick the cat" Syndrome

Have you ever suffered from ‘Kick the Cat Syndrome’?

I’d love to say I’ve never done it but of course I have: “I’m only human” after all. That’s one of the key refrains of “Kick The Cat Syndrome.” I am sad to say that at one stage in my life both the refrain and the syndrome were quite familiar to me.

Someone I know describes this syndrome more revealingly than I do. Like many of us, after an abusive childhood, she fell into other abusive relationships. She writes, “I’ve had so much pent up anger in me, and recently I was the one who lashed out at someone else…mainly because he wasn’t being honest with me…but still, I don’t.” I don’t want to end up being a ‘molester’!”

There are, of course, different ways to attack ‘El Gato’. You can do it both verbally and physically. Neither is particularly desirable, although a physical expression of anger seems less justifiable.

‘The cat’ can be the abusive partner or someone else who crosses your path when you are already primed and ready to explode. (To the cat lovers, please allow me to apologize and specify that we are absolutely No talking about a real cat.)

What it comes down to, as my reader rightly observed, is having already had an abused belly (and I use the term belly deliberately, no wonder abused women often suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and then the abuser adds another outrage on top of that

That most recent outrage ignites what in the UK we used to call ‘the blue touch paper’ and we exploded.

Sometimes it feels safer to blow up on someone who didn’t cause the mountain of pain in the first place, because they’re less likely to respond in a way that’s dangerous to you.

You’ve reached the stage where, one way or another, you were destined to explode or implode: either you take your feelings out on someone else, or you feel like you’ll be torn into a million little pieces by your own unspoken pain and anger.

Does it do any good? No. It may make you feel better for a very short time. Like comfort food, the feeling of satisfaction ends with the action itself. A sense of isolation from shame quickly follows in its wake.

The truth is that it is not a pleasant thing to do and it does not fit with your image, and more specifically with your deep and precise beliefs, about yourself. It happens because it’s a pattern you’ve learned from the abusers in your life, just as I learned it from the abusers in mine.

What you see – or, more correctly, interpret – from their behavior is that this type of behavior is sanctioned. It must be, isn’t it, or wouldn’t they? And don’t they always justify it one way or another? Some old trusted favorites include:

I’ve had a hard day

you take me to it

If you hadn’t done X, Y or Z…

· How do you expect me….?

You don’t know what I have to put up with

You get the picture?

Actually, his behavior has been sanctioned, repeatedly, by you, because in the end, when that kind of emotional hurricane hits, you try to batten down the hatches and wait it out. It has also been sanctioned by many other people, less central to the abuser’s life, who for one reason or another, elude or overlook it. So you approve of this behavior and you also acknowledge its power.

When we fall into the ‘Kick the Cat Syndrome’ it is fueled by the belief that such behavior is somehow vindicated by past injuries. It may also feel preferable to the feeling of helplessness you feel as a victim.

Also, there’s a kind of logic to it: he kicked me, so I have the right to kick the next person. It’s all too easy to become one of an endless chain of Cat Kickers.

So how do you kick the syndrome?

First, you begin to free yourself from the abuser’s pattern in your own head. You identify the behavior when the abuser is perpetrating it and remind yourself that it is childish, unacceptable, harmful, and you have a choice. You don’t have to behave that way.

Second, you begin to honor your own sense of pain. Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship has been severely deprived of the love, respect, and consideration that they need and deserve. That deserves to be recognized.

Conventional wisdom focuses on that loss: it reminds us that what we wanted was not to have in that relationship and those months or years.

Conventional wisdom does not tell us – because you don’t know – that our subconscious mind and our feelings live in the now, the moment. (Although consciously, too many of us spend too much time focused on the past or the future.)

So here’s the thing: you can start to heal old wounds in the present by deliberately caring for that wounded person in a loving way. There is the hurt, damaged, and needy you, but there is also the caring, loving, resourceful, and supportive you that you share with friends, children, and other loved ones.

You can begin to allow that mature, loving, resourceful self to metaphorically put a comforting arm around the shoulders of the self in need. You can begin to offer those in need words of comfort that will filter through the pain and help them heal from it.

This is work that I do a lot with abused women that is very powerful. If you don’t have someone to figure it out with you, you can take the time, maybe just 15 minutes at a time, to do it yourself.

Third, you can work with someone who can understand you and help you work through the pain with respect. Just talking about it with someone who is supportive and non-judgmental can strip these old patterns of much of their payload.

Cats, and dogs, that have been mistreated by their owners, can heal from trauma with love and time. You also can. What’s more, you can use the miracle of language and your own enduring resources to heal faster and more completely than they do.

© 2006 Annie Kaszina

Creative Home Staging ideas using accessories available at Pier 1 Imports

Spring has sprung and while the weather is a bit schizophrenic at times, I’m excited for the transition. I recently got the Pier1 Imports catalog and found some really cool new items they have for spring that would make great Home Staging Props. Here are my 3 favorites and how you can incorporate them into your stage design.

Can you see how these bold and colorful tropical plates and bowls would really make your tablescape stand out? I love creating tablescapes based on really unique and exciting themes. What could be more fun than these juicy spring/summer colors?

TIP: Use unconventional placemats like large tropical leaves and add some faux fruit (pineapples would be great with this theme). This would be great fun to use to set up a backyard or can create a party atmosphere if there was a pool. Imagine how attractive this would be to buyers visiting your open house on a warm sunny day. Even if the weather isn’t optimal, they can’t help but imagine crashing waves and swaying palm trees. Add some background music and you have set the stage!

What about the Palm Leaf Chip & Dip Set and the Flower & Leaf Serving Set? TIP: You can fill the bowls and plates with dried fruit like pineapple, apricots, and bananas. Just a word of warning, don’t expect to find a lot of food after a display; people also seem to enjoy eating accessories. (I had someone take a bite out of a fake bread!) Shop the grocery stores for displayable boxed food items and don’t forget those themed cookbooks! These would also be great accessories for hosting a theme-based open house. Did you just get that tip?

I LOVE tropical soaps. They would be really fun accessories for a bathroom – creating a tropical theme without being too kitsch. Find some citrus colored towels, tie them with raffia, add silk tropical flowers, or even some flip flops – check out the one I made out of a $2 pair of slippers from Wal-Mart!

Go to http://alicetchan.com/creative-home-staging-ideas-using-props-available-at-pier-1-imports/ to see the photos. There are plenty of really cheap ideas everywhere you go. Think outside the box and be creative – that’s what makes staging so much fun. If you can engage your buyers and make your home more memorable, you will have tapped into what home staging is all about. Good luck and have a good time!!!