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The weirdness of racism

There are a lot of weird things that go along with racism. Hate is the main cause of racism, but it’s strange that people often don’t know why they hate. Racism is just a way to act for them, as they do not accept people who are different from them.

Racism was brought to everyone’s attention with the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer who held his knee on his victim’s neck for nearly nine minutes as the man lay on the ground. This was while George Floyd was pleading for help and telling him that he couldn’t breathe. The other three officers present failed to stop the fatal attack on a black man who was not prepared to die. It sounds like it was a racist act against a black man, but it was strange that the officer’s wife and one of the other police officers present were Asian-Americans, apparently brothers.

Although police problems with black men have become an issue, others are killed by racist civilians in the general population. Ahmaud Arbery was an unarmed black youth who was fatally shot in Georgia. He was just jogging in a neighborhood when he was chased by two white men, a father and a son. They were armed and shot Arbery. The men were eventually arrested more than two months later and charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. This was a racist act, and it was rare that the men were not immediately charged.

The woman caught up in racist rants in Torrance, California, which were caught on video, was apparently venting her hatred for Asian descendants. She clearly was racist against Asians, but then she gets into her Honda car and drives off. It’s weird that she doesn’t seem to notice that she’s driving an Asian car.

Vincent Chin was a Chinese-American man who was having a bachelor party in Detroit in 1982. Japanese cars were gaining prominence in the United States, and the Big Three autoworkers in Detroit had been laid off. There was animosity towards Japan and the Japanese people due to this situation. While Vincent Chin and his friends were out at a club, they ran into a white autoworker with Chrysler and his stepson, who had lost his job at the Chrysler plant. A confrontation ensued and they were expelled from the club. The two white men wandered around until they found Vincent Chin and his friends at a McDonald’s. A fight ensued in which the autoworker beat Chin with a baseball bat until he cracked his head. Vincent Chin died four days later at a hospital. It was a clear act of racism since white men did not distinguish between Asians of different ethnicities, but it was strange that the two men never received prison time.

Racism and hatred caused 120,000 people of Japanese descent to be driven from their West Coast homes and imprisoned in US concentration camps during World War II. Some people do not believe that it really happened because it is strange to think that such a thing could happen due to racism towards its own citizens in the United States of America.

With the coronavirus pandemic, many people blame China. As a result, Asian Americans are experiencing racism from various people. It is strange that many of the perpetrators of racism on display about the coronavirus are racial minorities. Asians are being approached by African Americans and Latinos, as well as white people. It is strange that those who have probably stood up to racism are attacking others with racial tirades.

Racism is a weird part of society. Racism is inexcusable, but it will be difficult to eradicate because there is so much hate and bigotry in the world. Government leaders must make changes, but there must also be a change in attitude among the general public before racism can be curbed and hopefully eliminated.

Good news, business credit has no impact on the business owner’s personal credit.

When done correctly, business credit is obtained without the SSN being provided on the application.

This means that there is no credit check by the business owner to be approved. This also means that anyone who has bad, even horrible personal credit can still be approved for business credit.

Reports to commercial credit reporting agencies, not consumer credit reporting agencies.

So it does not have an adverse impact on the homeowner’s consumer credit because it is not reported to consumer agencies.

This means that using the account, even more than 30%, will have no adverse impact on personal scores.

And there are no questions about personal credit when you apply for business credit, as long as you don’t provide your SSN.

30% of your total consumer score is based on usage, so if you use your personal cards for your business and using those cards will lower your scores. Using more than 30% of your limit WILL result in a decreased score

So if your limit is $1,000, having a balance over $300 lowers your scores. This means that 40% of your total score is damaged. With true business credit, 0% of your score is affected.

10% of your total consumer score is based on inquiries, so if you’re using your personal credit to apply for loans and business credit, your scores will drop as a result of those inquiries.

Also, those queries can stay with you for an extended period of time, affecting your ability to borrow more money.

And some unsecured business loan sources won’t even lend you money if you have two or more inquiries on your personal credit reports within six months.

Credit does not report to consumer bureaus, so neither inquiries nor usage have any effect on your consumer scores.

How to devalue your business

Anyone who has ever sold or bought a business will tell you the importance.

Extensive information about your business can easily be obtained by all potential buyers, just by obtaining your business credit report…which can be obtained by anyone who wants it.

This means they will quickly learn details about your business, including:

• Credit scores
• High credit limits
• Past Payment Performance
• Employees
• Entry

And much more…

Now that you know how easy it is to get extensive credit and financial information for a business, if you were a buyer, wouldn’t you get it?

Based on your company’s credit report, would you like to buy your company?

Does your report reflect that your company is “established”, does it show that it pays its bills, does it look like a successful company according to your report?

If you could choose between two companies to buy that were equal in every way except trade credit, which would you buy…

… The one with very limited or no credit profile… or one with a credit profile that reflects good payment performance, and one with available credit.

How to age your kitchen cabinets

If you need new cabinets but can’t afford them, you can try some DIY antiques. Aging your kitchen cabinets can revitalize old, worn cabinets and add warmth and character to the room. Antique cabinetry matches a wide range of decorating styles, from country to Victorian to Tuscan to French.

Antique cabinets will give your kitchen a warm and inviting look and make the room feel more relaxed and comfortable. There are 2 basic methods you can use to weather your kitchen cabinets: stain and weather. You can use them alone or combine them for a little old world charm in your kitchen.

Age your cabinets with stains

This method of weathering kitchen cabinets works best on cabinets that are painted a light color or have a light stain.
You will need a dark dye, a brush or sponge, and lots of paper towels. Achieving an antique look is easy, but you may want to try it on an area that isn’t as noticeable or practice on something else until you get the hang of it and develop a technique.

To age your cabinets, simply apply a light coat of the stain to a section of the cabinet and wipe down to the desired “age” level. Repeat across the cabinet until you’re done! You want it to look natural, so concentrate more stain on areas that would wear the most, like around the rims and handles.

Distressing your kitchen cabinet

This method of weathering kitchen cabinets only works on painted cabinets. It’s called distressing because it simulates the wear and tear an old cabinet piece would go through after hundreds of years of use. Some people use chains and hammers to weather furniture, but I find a bit of sandpaper is enough for cabinets.

The goal is to sand the finish on the edges and worn areas. So I would take a medium grit sandpaper and sand the edges of the door and drawer to reveal just a thin layer of the wood underneath. Looks better when the color underneath is a little darker or if the cabinets are dark, looks better if the reveal color is lighter. Personally, I prefer to stick to the edges, but you can sand down a bit in the middle if you want an overall worn look.

Some other methods of aging kitchen cabinets include crack paint and faux paint.

Crackle painting is done with 2 types of paint: the bottom layer is painted on top and the middle crackle is brushed on top, which makes the bottom layer crackle. I have tried this method many times and have never been really satisfied with the results. If you really like this look, I suggest you practice, practice, practice on something else before trying to creak your cabinets.

Faux paint can be a very nice way to age up your cabinets. You can probably find a local artist who does
this for a reasonable price – they can add depth to the cabinet and some good art!

Other ways to add interest to your cabinets include changing knobs and hardware and adding
trim, legs and trim.

How to Increase Nutraceutical Landing Page Conversions by 100%

This explains why, according to Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Content and Marketing at Marketing Sherpa, he says, “The Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Playbook is one of the most popular resources we’ve offered in 20 years of publishing.”

However, nutraceutical marketing reveals a big surprise, a surprise, actually, regarding landing pages.

There are none.

What are supplement companies doing instead?


My friend Rich decided that he wanted to buy a particular supplement. He was looking for an elderberry product for his immune health.

The first ad that appeared in a Google search seemed to fit the bill. The ad’s headline included the words “elderberry” and “immunity.” So far so good.

However, when he clicked on the link in the ad, he ended up on the company’s home page.

Although it was a great landing page, Rich didn’t immediately see what he was looking for or what the ad promised.

The result? He rescued in less than 3 seconds and went looking elsewhere.

The same thing happened with all the other advertisements for elderberry supplements.


The ad Rich clicked on should have sent him to a product page that offered what he was looking for.

And just what I was looking for.

No distractions. No other options. Just the product, accompanied by a call to action to buy it.


That second scenario is a ‘should have been’. It doesn’t really exist.

This is what really happens.

A recent Google search for the term “elderberry” resulted in seven ads.

All of them were linked to the company home page or to a multi-product page.

None went to a landing page.

This is not unique to elderberry supplements.

The same result came from a search on “quercetin.” None of the nine ads led to a landing page. One of them led to a blog article that didn’t even mention quercetin.

The same goes for a search for “CBD for pets.” six ads. No landing pages.

This is not a scientific survey with all sorts of statistical bells and whistles. It’s just a few quick searches on three of the most popular supplements. However, it reveals a clear pattern.

Nutraceutical ads do not link to landing pages. Instead, they often link to the company’s home page. Or they send a visitor to a product page that offers multiple options.

This observation cries out for explanations.

The main one I’ve seen is that marketing departments don’t have the time or resources to create landing pages.

Seriously, that’s the most common explanation I’ve come across.

Think about that for a moment. It’s the same as saying that marketing departments don’t have the time or resources for… well, marketing. At least not to market using the most powerful and indispensable tool on the Internet.

I do not buy it

In my opinion, a more likely explanation is a lack of understanding of what a landing page is and is not.

A home page is not a landing page. Neither is a multi-product page.

This confusion may explain why an exact match search for “what is a landing page” produces almost 7 million results. It’s as if online marketers feel the need to educate people on what a landing page is because many marketers don’t understand the concept.


Keep it simple, fool!

In a nutshell, a landing page is where people “land” when they click on a banner ad, search engine result, or email link, or when they visit a special promotional URL they heard about on the web. television, radio or other offline media.

Its sole purpose is conversion. In fact, that should be the only option.

That is the point I had planned to make in this article. However, explaining how to increase landing page conversions by 100% requires real landing pages.

Specifically, I had planned to explain research showing how removing all non-shopping clickable options, including the navigation bar at the top of the page, can more than double conversion rates. .

That’s just a trick. Similar conversion boosts also build on other characteristics of a good landing page. Ad consistency. Placement of images. Design page. Button format. And much more.

The conceptual design is simple. A landing page offers only one product and only one clickable option, i.e. the call to action.

Although the concept is simple, a well-designed single option page is just the beginning of creating a good landing page.

In addition to its simple design, an effective landing page also depends on how persuasive the marketing copy is in influencing a visitor to take that single action step.

That is all. The right design, coupled with persuasive copy, equals higher conversions.


In my experience as a copywriter, I have developed campaigns following a specific chain of persuasion. Each link in the chain has a function that leads to the final goal, that is, a conversion.

The headline of the ad is where the persuasion kicks in. Its function is to entice the viewer to click on it. This is why an effective headline is worth its weight in gold.

The visitor immediately knows they are on the right track when the title of the landing page matches the title of the ad. Research shows that this headline-to-headline comparison happens in about 1/20th of a second.

That is the time the visitor has to decide whether to stay on the page during the few seconds it takes to read the first few lines.

Then the job of the text on the page and the accompanying images is to persuade the reader to keep reading.

Persuasive copy from there leads all the way to the call to action.

A well thought out and persuasive CTA is the landing page’s last chance to convert a visitor into a buyer.


Linking supplement ads to homepages or multi-product pages is like running a Lamborghini on used cooking oil from a fast-food restaurant. It can be done, but not very well.

A more effective campaign requires high performance fuel. That’s what a landing page is. It runs all the cylinders of a campaign like nitro for an F1 race car.

Creating one is conceptually very simple. Only three steps are needed.


Step 1. Design the page layout. If it’s going to be part of the company’s website, remove all clickable distractions, including the navigation bar. Provide only one option, the call to action.

Step 2. Create persuasive marketing copy. Start with a powerful headline that matches the promise of the ad linked to the landing page. Continue with images and textual material that hold the reader’s attention. In other words, it is much more than a product description.

Step 3. Try it out. Test it. And try it some more. Modify ad titles and compare your click-through rates. Review images and text to optimize time on page. Modify the text of the CTA and the ‘buy’ buttons. Keep texting A/X for better control until conversions peak.


Doing a good job on any type of job depends on using the best tools. Supplement marketing is no different.

The best and least used marketing tool for nutraceuticals should be landing pages.

Putting them to work gives you an edge over the competition. Facing the challenge of Step 2 in the right way is crucial.

Once you have the page layout right, its effectiveness depends on how well you convince the reader to take action.

This is where good marketing copy shines.

That’s where I come in. I specialize in writing persuasive copy for landing pages and other marketing mediums.

Since I am also a research scientist, this includes meeting the growing demand for scientific credibility from savvy customers.

A good supplement landing page relates to both.

Silent discoveries lead to quick sinus relief

It’s amazing what you can find when you start your search a little off the bullseye. Clicking on MRI research online, my colleagues and I came across some intriguing scientific studies completely by accident.

We found? Well, let’s just say that if you have a stuffy nose, you should give magnets a try before you sniff through that bottle of nasal spray!

Did you know that each year, more than 35 million Americans suffer from sinusitis? It is one of the leading chronic diseases in the United States. [1]. And it’s no wonder, since bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, and allergens like pollen, mold, dust mite feces, and pet dander are common causes of this condition. [2]. Unless you live in a bubble, there really is no way to escape these little antagonists.

The sinuses are actually four pairs of hollow spaces in the bones of the face. Connected to the nose, air can flow in and out of these spaces. To help warm and filter air, each sinus is lined with a mucus-producing membrane, called mucosa. [3].

Acute sinusitis occurs when the mucosa is irritated and inflamed. The tiny openings from the nose to the sinus cavities become congested (or even completely blocked), causing the facial pain and pressure most of us have experienced at some point. Mucus production often increases as well, which increases pressure and causes that annoying symptom of a runny nose. [3].

Many people turn to preventative methods like HEPA air filters or regular carpet and bedding cleaning to reduce household allergens. [4]. Decongestants, saline nasal sprays, and vaporizers are commonly used to treat symptoms, but as you and I know, they take time to kick in.

This is where those studies come in. There is an interesting but little known fact about the sinuses: they are magnetically sensitive.

Based on our own research and experiences with clients and healthcare professionals over the years, we have found that sinus congestion is dramatically improved or completely relieved with the application of magnetic therapy. In fact, taking around 20-30 minutes on average, it is one of the conditions that biomagnetism relieves the fastest.

However, until recently, we didn’t have much research to back up these findings (other than our own records). But, while going through online summaries of MRI research, I came across this:

In 1983 a study was carried out to evaluate the influence of magnetic fields on the physiology and behavior of biological organisms and to search for possible magnetic sources within the organisms themselves.

A wide range of life forms were found to be able to detect and orient themselves to magnetic fields. (Like having a built-in compass). The results showed that the magnetic orientation of the bacteria was due to the presence of magnetite (ferric/ferrous oxide) particles within the organisms.

The same magnetic material was also found in bees, carrier pigeons, dolphins, and other organisms, including humans. More specifically, the researchers found that “the bones of the human sphenoid/ethmoid sinus complex are magnetic and contain ferric iron deposits.” (The sphenoid/ethmoid sinuses are located between the eyes and progress inward toward the back of the head [3].)

By refining our search, we were able to uncover other MRI studies that confirm this finding. Here is a brief timeline of what was found:

1986 – “Magnetic Resonance Imaging [using a 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss) magnet and a spin echo technique] has revealed a remarkably strong signal from abnormal tissue in human paranasal sinuses. Inflammatory disease in the maxillary, sphenoid, ethmoid, and frontal sinuses has been detected and demonstrated more clearly than any other available technique.”

1990: A study conducted at the UCLA School of Medicine tested conditions affected by MRI field strength. The results illustrated that “magnetic susceptibility artifacts are prevalent at the border of air-containing sinuses.”

1995: Research at Uppsala University in Sweden found that “Large local magnetic field variations of up to 3 parts per million were found in the human brain near interfaces between air or bone and brain tissues.”

2002: An Ohio State University study compared differences in magnetic field susceptibility at tissue interfaces in the human head. “Considerable magnetic field inhomogeneities were observed in the inferior frontal lobes and inferior temporal lobes, particularly near the sphenoid sinuses and temporal bones.”

These four independent studies relate to the notion that human breasts are magnetically sensitive. When compared to other regions of the head, stronger magnetic field readings are seen and conditions of inflammation are more easily observed.

So how does this lead to sinus relief?

Magnetic therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation, a main symptom of sinusitis. By reducing mucosal inflammation, mucosal blockages can be drained and sinus cavities reopened. This allows you to breathe freely again, while eliminating facial pain caused by pressure buildup.

When applied correctly, magnetic therapy products can relieve sinus congestion in as little as 15 minutes. That’s faster than any decongestant or vaporizer, lasts longer than most nasal sprays, and is completely free of side effects (like dryness or burning). Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about buying refills or possible addiction to certain nasal decongestants.

Which Therion products work best to help relieve sinusitis?

The eye and sinus mask is specifically designed to relieve sinus congestion. Inside it has 28 neodymium magnets that cover the areas around the eyes, the forehead and the upper part of the cheeks. (The magnetic field has an effective penetration depth of up to 2.5 inches.) You can expect sinus and headache relief within 15 to 25 minutes of using it.

For even faster relief and more restful sleep, the Therion Dual Contour Magnetic Pillow is the perfect choice. Viscoelastic (memory) foam is soft and comfortable, but also supportive. You will really feel that it adjusts and adapts to the shape of your head and neck. It is ideal to use as a normal sleeping pillow, since the magnetic field reaches the pineal gland. This is a magnetically sensitive area in the brain that works to induce sleep by secreting melatonin. (See the article “Having Trouble Sleeping” found in the Learning Center at http://www.therionresearch.com.

So before you open that box of ‘non-drowsy’ decongestants or reach for the nasal spray on your nightstand, try magnetic therapy. If it’s fast-acting with no side effects and you never need a refill, what have you got to lose?

See you soon at http://www.therionresearch.com


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1983 — PubMed: Magnetic Bones in Human Paranasal Sinuses.

1986 — PubMed: High-field magnetic resonance imaging of inflammatory sinus disease.

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1995 — PubMed: Measurements of magnetic field variations in the human brain using a 3D-FT multiple gradient echo technique.

2002 — PubMed: Three-dimensional numerical simulations of susceptibility-induced magnetic field inhomogeneities in the human head.

How to do homework in a noisy environment

When you’re studying, the last thing you want to hear is a group of loud people having a very audible conversation in the next room. There is something you can do to save yourself and your brands from people who just talk too loud:

1. Tell them to shut up.

Honestly, if you’re in a library or some similar place and there are loud people doing loud things next to you, just ask them to stop. Being able to study in peace is your right from the moment you enter the library. Don’t let loud people ruin your exam review.

Ask him nicely, and if he ignores your request, tell the librarian or move to another place in the library.

2. Background music

This is a somewhat controversial topic. Many people say that music helps them focus, but others won’t have it at all because they focus their drive away from studying and more on the music. Listening to music while studying can do a lot more harm than good if used incorrectly.

When you’re listening to music, make sure it’s one of those hour-long music mixes (see YouTube) or a playlist of tracks you know you can study so you don’t have to go back to your iPod every 5 minutes to pick a song. Obviously, just make sure the music suits the mood required to study effectively. I prefer music without words (ie only instrumental music) to study. You can’t really hear someone talking while you’re trying to read or solve a question. Something atmospheric and slow-paced is ideal for a good studio environment.

I think background music can really put you in the zone if there are loud people around you. It should be loud enough that your mind isn’t distracted by the conversation going on next to you, but not so loud that it prevents you from studying.

3. White noise

This is a little trick of mine that I often use if I want to study in a noisy environment. I much prefer it to music. If you don’t know what white noise is, it’s the constant background noise you get if you turn on your radio and it’s not tuned to a certain channel. Apparently, it also helps you focus better if you have ADHD.

Turn up the white noise and you won’t even have to worry about loud people around you; it really allows you to enter your own little world where you can study in peace.

Where do I get white noise from, you ask? There are many downloadable white noise mp3s or websites that generate white noise. Otherwise, just do it the old-fashioned way: bring a pocket radio, tune it to an empty frequency, and get to work!

Simple rules for personal health and hygiene

Have you been following a plan for your own personal hygiene, or do you get up in the morning, shower, brush and dry your hair, use the bathroom during the day, and go to bed at night? If you only do the latter, you need to plan and prepare more for your care and grooming.

Today, cleanliness is considered close to godliness, and neglect of your own personal hygiene can cause health and social problems that you are not even aware of. Bad breath, for example, is a common problem: perpetrators are often accused of it, but he or she may not be treating it. Problems like dandruff are forgivable, but good looks are often the result of great care and attention to personal grooming. You need to put in some time and effort if you want to feel and look your best every day.

All external parts of the body need time and attention. Below is a partial list of body parts to care for with your grooming plan. Here are some tips on how to take care of your most common and ordinary daily grooming needs.


First of all, keep your hair at a length and style that you can keep properly clean at all times. Wash your crowning glory at least twice a week, using a mild, borax- and alkali-free shampoo. It is not a good idea to use soap as it can leave a thin sticky film on your hair. The shampoo is intended to be totally removed from the hair. Be sure to towel dry your hair carefully after washing, and be careful with the blow dryer. You don’t want your hair to become too dry and brittle. Especially if you have long or thick hair, brush it three to four times a day with a soft-bristled brush or wide-toothed comb. Be sure to wash your hair care tools every time you wash your hair. And lubricate your scalp with grooming oil once a week, preferably an hour before you wash it. A hot oil treatment is fine, if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Dying or dyeing hair is not recommended, as current dyes have not been found to be completely safe for long-term use. They contain chemicals that can penetrate the scalp and even cause premature hair loss. So we recommend not using hair dye if possible. Also, try not to wear a hat for a very long period of time. Wearing hats has also been shown to cause premature hair loss. Redheads should be particularly concerned as they are subject to early hair loss.


A good bath once or twice a day is essential for its cleanliness and good grooming. You should always shower after any strenuous physical activity. Mild soaps are best, and you don’t need to use a germicidal or antiseptic soap unless you have a medical or “odor” problem. Bath brushes, bath sponges and slightly abrasive scouring pads are recommended. You should also pay special attention to your genitals and anal area, since neglecting these can lead to serious infections, as well as an inadequate sex life. Rinse well after washing and be sure to use a clean, dry towel to dry yourself properly. Never share towels, try not to share bathroom equipment, and wash all your equipment after each bath. Put a teaspoon of bleach in a gallon of warm water, rinse your bathroom equipment in the water and then under warm running water. And always change into completely clean underwear after every bath.

It’s good to use a good oil or organic moisturizer every day, especially as you age. Apply it at night to avoid that sticky feeling and to avoid attracting dust and dirt throughout the day.


Brush your teeth two to three times a day, or after meals or snacks as needed. It is especially important to brush your teeth just before going to bed. Pay attention to get rid of food particles trapped between the teeth. It is recommended to use dental floss instead of toothpicks for this. You just need a pea-sized dab of toothpaste on your toothbrush. When brushing, brush down on the upper teeth and up on the lower teeth, in a circular motion. Also, brush the inner and outer surface of your teeth, and before brushing each time, carefully brush your tongue.

Your toothbrush should never be shared with anyone. It should have sturdy bristles, and should be thoroughly rinsed and left in a completely hygienic place to dry after each use. Try to use organic toothpaste, one that is completely safe and free of harsh abrasives or strong antiseptics. Baking soda has been found to be a very effective substitute for toothpaste, if you don’t mind its strong taste.


You should always wash your hands. There is no such thing as too often. Use a good hand cream if they dry out. Pay attention to your nails when you wash your hands. A good nail brush placed near the bathroom sink is a good investment. Use soap every time you wash, and always wash before and after meals and after going to the bathroom. Many infections like E. coli are caused every day by people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. You should also continue to wash your hands while preparing meals.


Your nails are completely replaced every five to six months. You should keep them neatly trimmed and preferably polished and polished as well. Men can buff their nails and use a nail polishing tool instead of polish to give them a healthy shine. Women, of course, can polish their nails in beautiful colors, which can hide the discoloration that comes with age. Cut your nails to the length you want, but never cut them too close to the skin. If your nails chip easily, consider adding more protein to your diet, since fingernails and toenails are made of protein. Eating gelatin can work for this.

Very brittle, very yellow, or discolored nails can be a sign of a serious health problem. See your doctor right away if you have this. Also, don’t always keep your nails painted with polish. This can lead to the removal of natural keratin from the nails. Also, go outside or get a manicure and pedicure at home once every two weeks. Make sure you buy a very good manicure kit for this purpose.


Many people don’t care about their own feet at all, usually to their detriment. Always keep toenails trimmed, shaping the nails but not cutting them too close to the skin. Always give your feet a good scrub with a pumice stone or a slightly abrasive brush when you bathe, and before putting on your socks, carefully dry them between your toes. Try to wear a clean pair of cotton socks every day; this will pamper your feet and keep them dry and odour-free. Powder your feet after you shower. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day and alternate wearing your pairs of shoes. And make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Comfort and safety must come before elegance. High heels can cause important calf muscles to shorten.


Your armpits don’t give off an odor until you hit your preteen years. This is when the apocrine glands, which are found under the arms and around the genitals, start to work and produce a milky, oily perspiration. Bacteria then thrive in this sweat, causing the familiar underarm odor.

To control the strong odor, you can wash daily with an antibacterial soap such as Lever 2000. You should always wear clean clothes that are free of stains and sweat. Use a deodorant that is also an antiperspirant, which will dry up wetness in your armpits. Reduce your caffeine intake – it puts your apocrine glands into overdrive. After a bath, sprinkle liberally with a fine talcum powder. Always drink plenty of water, both to flush your system of toxins and to regulate your bowls. This alone can kill some problems you may have with “bad smell”.


Getting a “healthy tan” is no longer considered healthy. Now doctors tell us that you shouldn’t worry about your pale skin. Skin cancer, which is often deadly, is not a fair trade for good looks. When out in the sun, protect your fair skin with a sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30. Keep your skin oiled and hydrated during the summer and don’t bother with the “tan look.”


Around puberty, hair follicles respond to hormones that are unleashed in your body. You can end up with hair around your belly button, on your back, near your breasts, and for both women and men, on your upper lip. If it’s especially rough, show your doctor, as you may have a treatable hormonal imbalance. Some of this “peach fuzz” is normal for girls, and if you find it unsightly, you can try bleaching or removing it. Nair is known to be a gentle permanent hair remover.

I hope these simple rules have been useful to you. By following your own careful grooming and grooming plan, you’ll feel better, look more attractive, and likely live a longer, happier, and more fulfilling life.

7 steps to face your challenges

I call Missy my wonder dog.
The call came out of nowhere. At 9 am on October 10, my Missy, a rescue blonde cocker spaniel, lost the use of her back legs. Overnight she went from Michael Jordan athletics to being a paraplegic. We had 24 hours to decide if surgery was a viable option.
Missy is the kind of soul that skips steps three at a time. She ran where others walked. She jumped where others jumped. She lived for a ride in the car where she sat shotgun on the front console. Her will and determination could encourage a sleeping adult to come downstairs in the middle of the night when she fashioned a much-needed gift.
We now had 24 hours to match a medical miracle with our little girl Missy. We were hoping that an MRI would show a herniated disc, easier to fix and a better chance of her walking again. The results showed damage over a period of time, she had only been quietly compensating.
A team of doctors said the surgery may or may not restore her ability to walk. She is a fighter and we had to give her a fighting chance. On October 11, she was prepped for surgery. She came out of surgery fine, but there was still no promise of normalcy. Just the promise that there will be a new reality of normality.
From Missy and this period of convalescence we have learned a lot about how to face our challenges. Perhaps you, too, can learn to face its challenges:

Four months later we have all learned. We have learned to be thankful for a neurosurgeon dog, physical therapist, oncologist, laser acupuncture and the aquatic treadmill. What I appreciate most is this dog with a heart, a will and an attitude of steel.

1. Get to grips with problems quickly
We had to quickly decide if surgery would be a viable option. We have the opinion of the experts as quickly as possible and we move forward. Somehow we were lucky that medical reality dictated a quick decision. The take away lesson is that regardless of the challenge or the situation, moving forward is always positive.
two. assume the best
If I could speak for Missy, I think she always assumed the best. The day after surgery she tried to walk. Even when she couldn’t walk without help, she still assumed that she could. The surgery has been followed by physical therapy including laser acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Every additional two minutes she spends on the water treadmill, I hug her like the first moon landing. When people roll their eyes at this story, I roll my eyes at their lack of faith. From the beginning I assumed that if she gave him every advantage, the best would happen.
3. listen to your inner voice
My voice and her inner voice didn’t always speak in unison. My voice said, you can’t use your back legs, wait until I get a towel to put under your belly. His voice said: I’ll crawl where I have to go. My voice said, you need to be confined until you regain the use of your legs. His voice said: I can drag my hind legs to get where I want to go. Finally, I listened to OUR inner voice: a combination of my caution and her optimism.
Four. Live your life by your standards. . . mainly
We made three ramps for him to use because he was not allowed to use steps early in his convalescence. Since he has improved in “leaps and bounds”, he chooses the steps above the ramp. She insists that she can make a ladder herself, and if they don’t attend to her, she’d be jumping in the car. My job in life is to constantly alter her expectations.
5. reluctantly adapt
As she progressed, she was allowed to negotiate the steps herself, on a leash, doing them one by one. A huge improvement from having to walk up and down the steps every day. After a few weeks, she seems to have reluctantly agreed to the terms. Even in her world, not every mountain is worth dying for.
6. Fight continuously
My girl is a survivor. Since the first day of her post-op she has fought for all the successes. First, the neurosurgeon told us that she may not walk again; she may not have control over her bodily functions. She fought not to be confined, she fought to walk, she fought to walk alone, and she fights with me daily to have as normal a life as possible.
7.accept realities
This is a challenge for both of you. We see different realities. She sees where most of her life has been and asks, why not? I think about where she was on October 10th and I don’t think about it anymore. So my reality gives her a little more freedom each day, and her reality gives her less freedom than before 10/10, and more freedom than I ever dreamed I’d have.
After his surgery I was amazed at the amazement of the people who would give a 12 year old dog, this surgery, this therapy, the best hand of minds and hands of medicine to offer. I knew I had to give him every opportunity he could identify and allow me. And he has given me back my old Missy, almost, and a renewed belief that anything is possible.
With special thanks to my Moshe, Metropolitan Vet Hospital, Dr. Axlund, and Dancing Paws Animal Wellness.

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Penis enlargement cream: how does penis enlargement work and does it give permanent results?

Penis enlargement creams are one of many options for men who are unhappy with the size of their penis. However, are these lotions effective and do they give permanent results? These questions and more will be answered in this improvement review of such lotions.

Of all the systems that claim to increase the size of the penis, the application of a specialized cream is probably the easiest method to try. But what is in the creams and do they work?

Generally speaking, lotions for the penis contain a substance that acts on the cells of the genitals. It encourages blood flow which in turn dilates your veins and should, as advertisers claim, safely and effectively enlarge your veins over time. The idea is that the more blood that reaches the area, the larger it will become due to the stretching that is taking place.

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Oils work the same way and can be used as needed. They contain amino acids along with certain minerals that also work to open blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to the penis and causing it to grow.

Benefits of penis cream and oil

The most obvious advantage is that no prescription is needed. The product can be used discreetly or in foreplay by both partners. The product also aims to stimulate the partner through skin contact. Since the cream is easily absorbed, both partners will reap the benefits of their sexual encounters quickly!