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Month: May 2023

How To Cover Stretch Marks With Makeup – Top 3 Techniques To Hide Exposed Stretch Marks!

Covering stretch marks with makeup is the smartest way to hide these scars. You can get a flawless look even with these brands if you undergo a simple makeup session. You should preferably use a concealer that matches your skin tone. You should not apply darker shades if you have fair skin. Porcelain or light beige color is best suited to a lighter complexion. You can use a brush to color your markings. It is advisable to use waterproof makeup to protect it from the ravages of water and sweat. The application of translucent powder can further strengthen your makeup.

The 3 best techniques to hide exposed stretch marks!

* Although makeup can easily hide your marks, it is not a permanent solution. There are various side effects associated with these concealers. They contain various chemicals that can damage the skin. To eliminate them permanently, creams and lotions must be applied. There are several ointments available in the market and online like Captiva, Revitol, and Cosmetyn that promise to prevent and treat your scars. These creams are made up of natural ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, licorice extract, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, and Phyllanthus Emblica fruit extract. These components have tremendous moisturizing and healing properties. They can easily penetrate the skin and increase collagen production in the dermis. These ingredients can also repair your elastin fibers, consequently making your skin supple and elastic.

* Diet plays an important role in shaping the skin. You should include plenty of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to flush out toxins from your body. Drink plenty of water for adequate hydration. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day.

* Maintain a good lifestyle to cure this problem. Adequate rest is beneficial for the health of your skin. You should also avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Captiva is considered the most effective stretch mark removal cream. This ointment contains natural ingredients that can easily remove these marks permanently.

Are you REALLY listening? side conversations


Do most of us engage in PARALLEL conversations?


1st speaker: I have a dog.

2nd speaker: I also have a dog.

1st Speaker: My dog ​​is a Border Collie.

2nd Announcer: My dog ​​is a Shepherd.

1st Speaker: My dog ​​is really smart like its owner.

2nd Speaker: My dog ​​is considered the most intelligent breed.

This is a side conversation where two people could be on separate planets. There is an exchange of information without either speaker actually listening to the other. There is no connection within this conversation.

We have been programmed to try to convince people that we “know how they feel” in almost any situation. As the speaker talks, our computer mind does a file search to find a story that compares to what the speaker says, so that we can tell it a similar story. Then they will know that “we know how you feel.”

Unfortunately, don’t you think we’re missing this file search? Those of us who communicate in side conversations are not really listening while the other person is talking. We are preparing what WE are going to say when the speaker takes a breath. We could even “finish” the speaker’s sentences because we think we already know what he is going to say and we want it to be our turn to speak.

Sometimes we even interrupt the speaker to tell OUR story.

An example:

1st speaker: How are you?

2nd speaker: Oh. I’m tired today.

1st speaker: Tired! You don’t know what tiredness is.

I’ve been so busy that I don’t have time to admit how tired I am.

2nd speaker: I went to the doctor… and…

1st speaker: (interrupts) Yes, I don’t have time to go to the doctor, I’m very busy.

2nd speaker: (sighs). See you later.

We resign ourselves to the other person not listening to us and try to move away from the other person’s one-sided conversation with themselves.

Side conversations are boring. There is no dialogue, rather each speaker is giving a monologue. Boredom creeps in and takes over us like a virus.

Not listening has become so automatic that it kills the relationship without you realizing it.

That is the reason why listening has been described as “the art of listening”.

Are you willing to become an artist?

This is the one million question:

What is missing from side conversations?

What’s missing is one of the most life-giving qualities of a relationship… CURIOSITY! Albert Einstein says: The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity.

When we were children, our curiosity was insatiable. We ask “why” about almost everything. Our “whys” were often met with impatience and we heard a tired “why, or because I said so” instead of an answer to our question. Keep your hands on you. Do not touch that. We were socialized to conform and stifle our natural liveliness.

So how can we get our curiosity back?

It’s simple, but it takes time and practice. How can we be willing to learn, relearn and, perhaps more importantly, UN-learn the automation of our programming? How can we practice the art of listening through the development of curiosity?

What can curiosity do to our lives? Curiosity can foster a sense of vitality and make life an adventure. Curiosity can trigger our natural curiosity about the mystery of life and inspire us to ask questions.

So how can we truly LISTEN? How can we allow curiosity to take the lead? Are we willing to ask questions? Are we willing to meet again with the best friends of the curious, what, when, why, who, where and how?

So now, look through the lens of curiosity with our original conversation where curiosity reigns and relationship is nurtured.

1st speaker: I have a dog.

2nd speaker: Really? What kind of dog?

1st Speaker: My dog ​​is a Border Collie.

2nd speaker: That’s a great breed. How old is she?

1st speaker: She is 10 years old.

2nd speaker: Where does it stay, inside or outside?

1st speaker: Oh, both. She sleeps inside but she loves to be outside.

2nd speaker: When did you get it?

1st speaker: when she was only 8 weeks old.

2nd speaker: Why did you choose a Border Collie?

1st Speaker: She was at an animal shelter and we fell in love with her. We didn’t really care about her race. Do you have any animals?

Can you feel the curiosity, presence, and art of listening exemplified by the second speaker? This is building rapport on conversation rather than demanding self-centered attention.

Are you willing to give yourself the gift of listening to your friends, your family, your colleagues, the waiters in a restaurant, the acquaintances you meet in the supermarket, YOURSELF?

When you feed your curiosity, are you willing to feel more alive than ever? Are you willing to let life become a game? An adventure?

The art of listening is a gift you can give to everyone you meet during the holidays. Well, actually, you could give this gift every day to everyone, including yourself.

Are you ready?


Note Form 122 – ‘Mutual Release’

Regardless, if you are a first-time homebuyer or someone who has chosen to invest or become an investor in real estate, you should read this first. Real Estate Agents can also benefit. A reminder that when a person offers a property, it is exactly that, “your offer”.

As a Buyer, when you make an offer on a Property, you must remember that this is your offer. When signing the contracts and attaching their Exhibits, you must make sure that the clauses are for your benefit. Keep in mind that the real estate agent is working for himself and therefore to protect himself and not you, the Buyer or even the Seller in many cases.

What is a Form 122 – Mutual Release?

This is a contract. The real estate agent puts you on the line if he thinks you are backing out of the original contract, which was signed to buy the property. This contract is solely for the benefit of the Realtor and the Real Estate Company for which the Realtor works. This contract must be signed by both the ‘Buyer’ and the ‘Seller’. Buyer is asked to sign first. The contract is then passed to the Seller for his signature.

Here is the catch. When the Buyer signs the form (meaning you), they are automatically releasing the real estate company to return their deposit money. You just gave up your rights to sue for your deposit, should it come to this. Then the Realtor passes this form to the Seller for his signature. If they sign it, everything should run smoothly and your deposit should be returned. If they choose not to sign this contract, you will not get your deposit back. The Seller also does not receive his deposit and remains in the Real Estate Trust Account. At this point, you will need to sue the seller to get your deposit back.

When constructing your clauses in your Exhibits, make sure that your writing is exact and precise. One or more of its clauses must clearly state an irrevocable instruction in the Agreement that addresses the situation. This is the only way you can be sure that you will get your deposit back. Any and all clauses having to do with an irrevocable timeline or waiver of a condition (that it is an irrevocable timeline) must be followed up with a clear statement saying that the deposit will be returned in full immediately .

Always have your documents reviewed by a Lawyer. In fact, keep in touch with your Lawyer throughout the process, to ensure that the Contracts will protect you at all times.

The reason I suggest this is because you may think you have (and very well may have) a soundproof contract that will protect you. While doing your due diligence on the Property, you discover that some of the terms are unsatisfactory and you exercise your right to back out of the deal. Beware of the real estate agent who doesn’t know how to read contracts and thinks he’s just backing out of the deal. The real estate agent will refuse to return your deposit money (which is held in trust) and will insist that you sign and fill out a 122 – Mutual Release form.

This form is controversial and if you do research on it you will find many definitions. Here is mine. The bottom line is that once you sign it, you have voided your original contract and left it up to the seller and realtor to get your deposit back. What the real estate agent does not understand is that the original contract will stand up in court. However, it is a huge inconvenience and a waste of time for an investor.

So make sure your contracts are set up correctly, because you never know when you’ll need that contract to go to court.

We hope you found this information enlightening and beneficial for the next time you bid and build your contract.

Learn to tolerate and compromise

The Straits Times – “Singapore homeland security calls out Christian pastor over insensitive comments” 9 Feb 2010

Earlier this year, The Straits Times broke a story about a senior pastor, Rony Tan of Lighthouse Evangelism, who was called in for an investigation by the ISD after receiving complaints about online videos. which showed him making insensitive comments about Buddhism when he was interviewing his two church members. As the members, a former Buddhist monk and nun, shared their experience as Buddhists, Pastor Tan mocked Buddhism’s beliefs and practices on reincarnation, karma, nirvana, chanting and meditation. He was making statements like being under the influence of demons, “the blind leading the blind” and false religion. ISD responded: “Pastor Tan’s comments were highly inappropriate and unacceptable as they trivialized and insulted the beliefs of Buddhists and Taoists. They can also lead to tension and conflict between the Buddhist/Taoist and Christian communities.”

After realizing his mistakes, Pastor Tan ordered his church to immediately stop circulation and remove this particular sermon. He also publicly apologized for his comments on his website, writing: “…I sincerely apologize for my insensitivity towards Buddhists and Taoists, and I solemnly promise that it will never happen again…tell my members not just to continue loving souls, but also to respect other beliefs and not ridicule them in any way, shape or fashion. Let’s put our goal of building a harmonious Singapore as one of the top priorities.” In addition, he visited the leaders of the Buddhist and Taoist communities to offer his sincere apologies. The Venerable Kwang Sheng of the Phor Kar See Kong Meng San Temple accepted his apology: “It is good that the authorities have looked into this matter, but it is a matter of national interest. We want to call on the public and the authorities to make sure let there be no second time… Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. There is no point in arguing who is right and who is wrong,” Singapore Buddhist Lodge Chairman Lee Bock Guan further emphasized: “Buddhism teaches us to forgive everyone makes mistakes.”

There are a couple of lessons for us from this incident:

  • The impact of online media

With the widespread use of the Internet and various popular social networks such as YouTube and blogs, thousands or millions of people can read or view everything that is posted online. This online medium is a double-edged sword as the message or information is so accessible to anyone that it can easily lead to tension or disagreement if the content is insensitive or inappropriate. The authority can also trace the source without any difficulty. Therefore, before publishing something, we must think about whether the information should be made available to the public.

  • Be a responsible communicator

No man is an island. Every day we interact with people and our words will influence others in a positive or negative way. If you are a teacher, pastor, business leader, or politician speaking in front of a large audience, then it is even more important to be mindful and aware of what you are saying. The general rule is not to discuss religion, politics and sex. However, when you choose to go into that subject, be prepared to face the consequences (from the opposing viewpoints).

  • Knowledge of different cultures/religious

This incident clearly indicated that the pastor did not really do his homework or understand about various religious and their history. As different religionists have different beliefs and practices, the acts or behaviors of a particular religious practitioner may not be clearly understood by believers of other religions. Therefore, it is easy for anyone to make a judgment without finding out the history or meaning behind a belief/act and just scoff at their religionists. Spending time learning about other cultures or religions can broaden our horizons and teach us to appreciate religious diversity more. Our education system can pay extra by providing knowledge to people esp. when they are young and receptive.

The Straits Times – “Twin threats of race and religion” on August 17, 2009

At the 2009 National Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted a dispute between a Malaysian wedding and a Chinese funeral regarding the use of the empty deck premise. There was an elderly woman who died in 2008 and her family went to set up an altar on the empty roof of an HDB block before seeking approval from the City Council unaware that the venue had been reserved for a Muslim wedding. Both parties did not want to change their arrangement and this created a tension. So the City Council and grassroots leaders had to step in to solve the problem and offered to file charges and help put up signs directing their guests to the right place. Fortunately, the Malay family was willing to move to another empty deck nearby even though they had booked the premise first.

According to the statistics collected, this type of incident will occur in every 300 funerals. Municipalities have to handle these cases carefully and both the Malaysian wedding and the Chinese funeral have to be budgeted for. If these cases are not dealt with properly, they can escalate into a potential serious racial or religious conflict. One such case may endanger peace and harmony in Singapore. Prime Minister Lee reminded us not to take our harmony and cohesion for granted and learn to be sensible and tolerant of religious differences, as well as a willingness to give and take. There is no end to the possible causes of racial or religious friction in our neighborhood, like the noise from the auction on 7th moon, the heavy traffic or parking problems from Friday prayer or church service and smoke or ashes lost everywhere due to burning incense sticks.

PM Lee has also outlined four basic rules for religious harmony in another article:

  1. All groups have to exercise tolerance and restraint.
  2. Keep religion separate from politics.
  3. The government must remain secular.
  4. Maintain the common space that all Singaporeans share.

I have learned that there are still many small clashes going on everywhere in Singapore and it is common and natural for us to have conflicts in our lives as they allow us to understand more about other people’s cultures, religions and beliefs. From each conflict we encounter, we will get to know ourselves and others better and learn how to prevent similar conflicts from happening again. Singapore took years to build the harmony and stability we enjoy now. As Prime Minister Lee said, we must not take things for granted and must continue to tolerate and compromise. I have also been involved in a new initiative with Singapore United in the Community Engagement Program where young leaders belonging to different religious groups come together for an open discussion about faith and go on educational excursions to places like SCDF and Mosque. It is very meaningful and informative.

2013 NFL Fantasy Football Rookie Impact

After the season ends, loyal NFL fans look forward to April of each year to see what gifts the NFL draft will bring them. Of course, the NFL will extend that wait until May starting next season. No matter what position your team is drafting from, you always hope they find gems to plug those gaping holes or find the heir to replace current studs in key positions. For us, we look across the league to see which players have been drafted to teams in a place where they will make an impact on the fantasy football landscape.

Therefore, Maximum Fantasy Sports has put their collective heads together and ranked the top 5 relevant fantasy football rookies in the primary skill positions and their projected round of drafts in the standard 12-team fantasy football leagues. There was a time when we would avoid every rookie quarterback coming into the league. However, the game has changed at the college and professional levels in ways that allow talented quarterbacks to move to center and be immediately productive. It’s amazing to look at QB stats from the 2012 season and see several rookies near the top. Drafting RGIII last year led many teams to the fantasy playoffs. Adding Colin Kaepernick late in the season led many teams to fantasy gold. Who from this year’s draft will be the key players in your run to the championship? Below is Maximum Fantasy Sports’ consensus review for the NFL’s new crop of rookies.


IN. geno smith (New York Jets): Draft forecasters had Geno listed as the first quarterback off the board and many thought he would be a first-round pick. Unfortunately for his ego, wallet and job satisfaction, the Jets drafted him in the second round. Surprisingly, Jets fans were not enthusiastic about the selection. I’m confused since the back fumbler is currently their starting QB. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Geno win the boot camp job. Too bad he has no one to throw out. He is a 14th round pick at best.

b. Legal Justice Manual (Buffalo): EJ is this year’s dual-threat quarterback. He has the wheels and the arm, albeit not very precise, to succeed. He will start on the bench with Kevin Kolb filling in as the starter to start the season. Since Kolb is made of cupcakes and doesn’t have much talent, Manual should land the job in no time. He’s a speculative addition, at best, with the last pick in your draft.

against mike glennon (Tampa): Manuel is the QB of the “new NFL” and Glennon is the “Old NFL.” You’re not going to see this guy running much. He’s 6’7″ and has a cannon for an arm. Josh Freeman is the guaranteed starter, but he really faltered down the stretch last year. Tampa has a lot of talent on offense, so if Freeman stumbles again, Glennon could be made I would have no problem selecting Freeman as my QB2 and backing him up with Glennon as my last pick in my deeper leagues.

d. tyler wilson (Oakland): Well, it’s better than New York, but not by much. Wilson joins a team that has been looking for a good quarterback since Rich Gannon led them to the Super Bowl in 2002. Matt Flynn gets the nod this year. Carson Palmer put up some good fantasy numbers last year, but I don’t expect anything good from Wilson, even if he gets the job at some point. Not writeable.

MY. matt barkley (Philadelphia): With Michael Vick and Nick Foles ahead of him, Barkley probably won’t see the field this year. Unfortunately for him, had he come out in 2012, he would have been a first-round pick and might have had some success. He’s talented, so you might consider signing him at some point in the season if you’re in a deep Fantasy Football Keeper league.


IN. Montee Ball (Denver): Ball enters a good spot in Denver; they have a rock-solid passing attack so teams can’t box-load to stop the run and the Broncos have a stable of RBs coming off serious injuries. The Wisconsin grad had been putting up NFL-style seasons in college (300+ carries each of the past two years). Some people may walk away from it due to workload. I think he’s set him up for a grueling NFL season. He would add him as a late third round or early fourth round pick.

b. Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh): Bell is a perfect fit for the Steelers. He fits the mold of him at 6’2″ and 230 pounds. The Steelers had no success with the various running backs they threw onto the field last year and they’d love to have Bell as their workhorse. I thought jonathan dwyer He was that player last year when the Steelers drafted him, but they know they weren’t happy with him when they decided to draft another RB in Bell. He should be the next off the board after Ball.

against eddie lace (Green Bay): Like Bell, Lacy will go to a Super Bowl contending team that needs a running back. Lacy would be at the top of this list if the Packers didn’t respond jonathan franklin also. I love Franklin and have decided to add him here as 3B. Both are draftable, with Lacy being a fifth-round pick and Franklin an eighth-round pick, but they will split the carries this season.

d. zac stacy (St. Louis): Who will replace Steven Jackson? The Rams face that dilemma. They have Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead, but neither is sure they are The Man. Stacy tore it up at Vanderbilt, which is a good place to hide your talent. I would add him in the 11th round and hope St. Louis recognizes his talent and gets him the rock.

MY. stepfan taylor (Arizona): The Cardinals can’t keep a starting RB healthy. The two boys ahead of Taylor; Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Williams are ACL casualties in recent years, so add Taylor in the late round if he selects either of these RBs.


IN. tavon austin (St. Louis): Austin is a blazer and will love the turf in St. Louis. He’ll take the space left open by Danny Amendola’s departure. Sam Bradford will call his number as often as he did Amendola’s. There is talk that he will even slide into the backfield a few times per game. With over 100 sacks at West Virginia in the past two years, you know he can handle the workload. He would select him in the sixth round.

b. andre hopkins (Houston): FINALLY, someone who can play across the field from Andre Johnson. Matt Schaub, Johnson and Hopkins are thrilled with this draft pick. He is a true mainstay standout and captures everything in sight. There is no doubt that he starts the first game and he does not look back. He would grab it in the seventh round.

against cordarelle patterson (Minny): Patterson’s stock fell with questions about his character, which is funny considering he took Randy Moss’ number; His idol of him! If he stays focused, it’s a great play waiting to happen. Greg Jennings is Minny’s No. 1 receiver, but he’s far from the big threat that Patterson is. He won’t catch 100 balls this year, but he will have a big YPR and a lot of YAC. He’s a solid ninth-round pick.

d. Aaron Dobson (New England): Out with the old and in with the new. Dobson joins a new receiving corps in New England. Tom Brady likes to spread the ball around and Danny Amendola will take Wes Welker’s place, but Dobson should win Brady over easily. The boy had no Drops last year! I would grab Dobson in round 12

MY. Keenan Allen (San Diego): Based on sheer talent, Allen would be ranked much, much higher. His problems are that he is coming off a knee injury and has a group of WRs in front of him that he will need to buy time for. However, Vincent Brown is also coming back from injury, Robert Meachem didn’t turn out much last year and Malcolm Floyd is an enigma. It’s worth going up against him in the last two rounds of your draft.


IN. Tyler Eifert (Cincinnati): Eifert could almost be listed in the WR category since he’s got that makeup. The Bengals are convinced that Jermaine Gresham is their No. 1 TE, but they’re sure Eifert could be that and more. Quarterback Andy Dalton likes to throw his TE and adding Eifert makes him smile. Expect Eifert to be the second leading pass catcher for the Bengals this year. TE is deep into the NFL, but I wouldn’t wait too long to add Eifert. The eighth round seems the ideal place.

b. travis kelce (Kansas City): Kelce will join a team that has 2 young TEs with NFL experience in front of it. However, Alex Smith likes his tight ends and Kelce is better than Tony Moeaki and Anthony Fasano. He keep an eye out for training camp this summer and see if Kelce makes some noise. If so, you can recruit him around round 15.

against zach ertz (Philadelphia): Chip Kelly takes over Philadelphia and no one knows what to expect. Brent Celek has been TE’s mainstay for years in Philly, but we give Ertz a good chance to unseat him. He’s big and fast and should be a great fit for Kelly’s offense. With that being said, we’re talking about a rookie coach who can stick with his veterans early on, so once again, pay attention to training camp and be prepared to grab Ertz near the end of his draft if he looks like he’s getting . lots of field time.

d. McDonald Vance (San Francisco): McDonald was recruited to replace DelanieWalker. He’s not a great blocker, but he is a talented receiver, albeit a very raw one. Vernon Davis didn’t click with quarterback Colin Kaepernick until late last season and there’s no guarantee he’ll carry over this season. McDonald is 6’4″ and 262 pounds, so he’s just the right size to succeed. It’s unknown how many of Walker’s targets he’ll actually see. He wouldn’t recommend recruiting him, but keep him on his watch list .

MY. jordan reed (Washington): Florida drafted Reed at quarterback. They made him a TE and became their primary pass catcher last year, though they weren’t impressive numbers. He’s still raw and has Fred Davis and Logan Paulsen ahead of him in the Redskins pecking order. He is undraftable this season and will only see the field due to injury.

Everything you ever wanted to know about New York without guilt

The “New York Comprehensive Auto Insurance Act,” which most people call the “no-fault statute,” was enacted in 1973 and went into effect the following year. The purpose of the law was to limit the number of personal injury claims from car accidents, as many politicians had this agenda on their platforms.

The no-fault statute was innovative in that it provided for immediate payment for medical care, lost income, and other reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of injuries from a car accident. The law establishes that these expenses must be paid up to $50,000 per person. These payments are what are known as “first party profits” or “basic economic loss.” The reason it is called no-fault is that these payments are made regardless of fault. If you lose control of your car and hit a tree, you still receive these payments.

If your medical bills, lost income, and/or out-of-pocket expenses add up to more than $50,000, you can still sue the party that caused your injuries for these additional amounts (as well as pain and suffering). If your injuries are “serious” and caused by the negligence of another, you can still bring an action. No-fault does not cover property damage, so you should still sue for damage to your car unless you have “collision” or “total coverage” for your vehicle.


“No-fault benefits are provided for economic losses arising from the use or operation of a motor vehicle (Section 5103 of the Insurance Law). Section 5102 defines motor vehicle as “all vehicles driven on a public highway accepting motorcycles.” One might imagine that motorcycles were intentionally excluded due to the frequency of accidents, which would have made motorcycle insurance too expensive.

You are covered by no-fault insurance and therefore what the statute calls a “covered person” if you are the policyholder, a driver or passenger in the vehicle, or a pedestrian injured by the vehicle operation. If you are not the policyholder and auto insurance is not in force, you would be covered by “first party” no-fault benefits under any auto insurance policy on your home. For example, if your adult child in your household owned a car, it would cover you. If there is no “domestic car”, there is a state fund called the “Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnity Corporation” (MVAIC) that would provide “no-fault” benefits.

There are some exclusions that you should be aware of. First, there must be an accident. No-fault benefits will not be paid if an injury is caused by an intentional act. Most insurance policies waive intentional, no-fault, and other types of claims. For example, you wouldn’t expect your homeowners insurance to pay for damage caused because you didn’t like your carpet anymore and you stained it with ink. Similarly, if someone intentionally crashes into your car, the insurance will not cover the loss. Fortunately, things like this don’t happen very often!

You are also not covered if you are in the “course of your employment.” This applies, for example, if you are driving a taxi, working as an ambulette attendant, or on a sales call. In most cases, workers’ compensation will pay somewhat similar benefits that will be discussed in another article.

If you are the driver and you drive under the influence, no-fault benefits will not be paid for you, but will be paid for passengers or pedestrians you injured. Not surprisingly, if you are injured while committing a crime or while trying to avoid law enforcement authorities, no benefits will be paid to you. Coverage will also not be provided if you are operating a vehicle that is known to be stolen.

So the silver lining to “no fault” is that you are automatically entitled to payment of medical expenses and many other things if you are involved in a car accident, except for the exclusions discussed above. The downside is that to have a negligence “tort” claim against the operator who caused your injuries, you must have what the law defines as a “serious injury.” I will explain this in more detail later in this article.


Section 5102 of the Insurance Law defines it as $50,000 per person for:

All necessary expenses incurred for medical and related services, therapy, certain non-medical treatment by an accepted religious method, and other professional health services, provided their occurrence can be determined within one year of the injury;

Loss of income and reasonable and necessary expenses incurred to obtain services in lieu of what such persons would have performed to obtain income, up to $2,000 per month for up to three years;

All other reasonable and necessary expenses incurred up to $25 per day for not more than one year after the accident.

The first paragraph describes the types of medical treatment that are covered. Non-medical treatments may include acupuncture and some other holistic therapies, but I wouldn’t risk pushing for “religious” treatments that aren’t widely recognized. Benefits paid are on a “fee schedule” and treating medical professionals cannot charge a higher fee, making it challenging to find physicians willing to accept no-fault payments. Most chiropractors and physical therapists are happy to accept this, but specialists such as orthopedic doctors, neurologists, and plastic surgeons can be difficult to find.

The second paragraph allows for payment of proven lost earnings due to an accident. If you are self-employed, you can file your tax returns to show a loss of income. Generally, you must provide three years of tax returns: two prior years showing what you normally earn and the year the accident occurred showing you earned less. If you need to hire someone to temporarily replace you, such as someone to drive your cab when you own the medallion, you may be reimbursed for the amount you are paying for the replacement driver. Obviously, if you are working “under the hood,” you cannot file a claim for lost earnings benefits.

The third paragraph offers a small amount of money that is generally used for taxi reimbursement for medical treatment and similar costs. You may also be reimbursed for domestic help if you are unable to care for your children or care for your home (but only $25 per day). There is an option to purchase an additional $25,000 after the $50,000 is depleted, but very few people choose to purchase this additional coverage. Your no-fault insurance benefits will, under some circumstances, even cover you for accidents that occur in other states.


A no-fault application must be submitted to the insurance company within thirty days of the accident. All claims must be submitted within 180 days of your date of service. Most insurance companies will pay benefits immediately. Issues related to the adequacy of the proof provided may arise, which may delay payment. Insurance companies sometimes claim that treatment is not medically necessary and deny payment, in which case the doctor can arbitrate this denial or sue the insurance company for payment of your bills. It pays to deal with medical professionals who are willing to do these arbitrations, rather than end up being responsible for payment, or with a lien on your case, should the insurance company refuse to pay. The insurance company also has the right to see you by the doctors they contract with to determine if your treatment is necessary. Eventually, as your injuries improve, the doctor hired by the insurance company will “deny” your medical treatment because it is no longer necessary, which can also be arbitrated or litigated by your treating medical professional.


The “serious injury” threshold is defined in §5102(d). Pain and suffering damages are recoverable only if the claimant sustains injuries that result in:

Death; gold

Dismemberment; gold

Fracture; gold

Significant disfigurement; gold

Loss of a fetus; gold

Permanent loss of use of a bodily organ, limb, function, or system; gold

Consequential permanent limitation of the use of a bodily function or system; gold

Significant limitation of the use of a bodily function or system; gold

Medically determined injury or impairment of a non-permanent nature, which prevents the injured person from performing substantially all material acts constituting such person’s usual or customary activities for not less than 90 days during the 180 days immediately following the occurrence or injury.

The first two categories above are obvious. Fractures show up on X-rays and will always reach the threshold of severe injury, no matter how minor. A small fracture of the left little finger will be enough, even if treatment is not required and there is no disability. Significant disfigurement is less clear. Usually the problem is cuts and abrasions on the face or other visible parts of the body that result in “scars” and whether or not the remaining marks are truly disfiguring. The jurisprudence explains that the scar must be so unattractive that the person is the object of “pity and contempt”. A brand that has to be “signaled” will not meet the threshold.

With the loss of a fetus, it must be proven that the miscarriage was actually caused by the accident. It would not be credible to say that a miscarriage was caused by a minor impact, especially if the woman did not immediately seek medical treatment for her injuries and lost the baby a month later.

The “permanent loss” and “significant limitation” sections were intended to cover paralysis or other serious loss of use, but have grown to include much less serious impairments such as ligament tears and hernias of the neck and back. There should always be objective evidence such as MRIs and medical reports to support these claims, subjective claims of pain are never enough to meet the serious injury threshold.

The threshold is reached when an injured person misses more than 90 days of work due to their injuries. Time away from work does not have to be immediate and does not have to be consecutive. For example, a person might be out of work for a month after an accident, try to go back to work, go back out, come back, have surgery, and then go back out to recover. As long as you add more than 90 days out of the first 180 days, you meet the serious injury threshold as long as a doctor certifies that you were unable to work. It’s not impossible, but it’s much harder to qualify under this point without a full-time paid job, but there are a few circumstances where it might apply. For example, a housewife with young children might not be able to take care of them and need to hire childcare for her children, losing 90 of 180 of her usual activities.

Suplimente pentru întărirea imunității

pentru întărirea imunității

Sistemul imunitar luptă împotriva agenților patogeni (bacterii, viruși, ciuperci și altele) care invadează organismul. Face acest lucru prin crearea de anticorpi care recunosc toxine specifice și apoi atacându-le. Imunizările, o dietă bine echilibrată și mișcarea moderată lucrează împreună pentru a proteja organismul de infecții. Dar dacă aveți nevoie de un impuls, suplimente precum echinacea, fructele de soc și vitamina C vă pot ajuta.

suplimente pentru intarirea imunitatii

Cele mai importante vitamine care stimulează imunitatea sunt vitamina C și vitamina D. Vitamina C joacă un rol central în stimularea sănătății imunitare și poate ajuta la reducerea duratei și severității răcelilor comune și a altor infecții respiratorii. De asemenea, acționează ca un antioxidant, ajutând la lupta împotriva radicalilor liberi care pot deteriora celulele.

Vitamina D este un nutrient important pentru multe aspecte ale sănătății, inclusiv rezistența oaselor și funcția imunitară. O deficiență de vitamina D a fost legată de imunitatea scăzută și poate contribui la dezvoltarea bolilor autoimune.

Suplimente pentru întărirea imunității

Zincul este un alt nutrient care stimulează imunitatea. Ajută celulele să lupte împotriva infecțiilor și poate chiar încetini creșterea tumorilor canceroase. Zincul este disponibil într-o varietate de alimente, inclusiv stridii, carne de vită, năut și caju. Cu toate acestea, poate fi greu să obțineți suficient zinc în dieta dvs., așa că suplimentarea este o idee bună.

Această multivitamină de la Thorne conține mai mulți nutrienți care joacă un rol în sănătatea imunitară, inclusiv vitamina C și zinc. Este certificat NSF pentru sport, ceea ce înseamnă că îndeplinește nivelurile de nutrienți stabilite de FDA și nu conține cantități nesigure de contaminanți. Conține, de asemenea, extractul de cireșe acerola, nutrient care întărește imunitatea, care este derivat din cireșe acerola întregi.

Pe lângă vitamina C, aceste suplimente conțin nutrienți care stimulează imunitatea: zinc, astragalus și echinacea. În studii s-a demonstrat că aceste ierburi și plante măresc funcția imunitară, dar încă au nevoie de mai multe cercetări pentru a determina cât de eficiente sunt în practică.

Cel mai bun mod de a îmbunătăți imunitatea este să urmezi o dietă sănătoasă, echilibrată, care să includă o mare varietate de fructe și legume. De asemenea, este important să dormiți suficient, să vă spălați pe mâini în mod regulat și să evitați alimentele prea procesate. Dacă luați un supliment, căutați unul care este testat de terți pentru a vă asigura că conține ceea ce spune că face fără contaminanți neintenționați. Și dacă aveți o boală cronică, discutați cu medicul dumneavoastră înainte de a adăuga orice suplimente. Ele vă pot ajuta să determinați dacă un anumit nutrient vă poate susține imunitatea și vă poate ajuta la tratarea oricăror condiții de bază care ar putea contribui la simptomele dumneavoastră.

7 tips to get your website on the first page of Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the largest search engines online. So if your campaigns aren’t targeting Yahoo, you’re making a big mistake. By optimizing your website for the Yahoo search engine, you can get a lot of valuable traffic. Below are 5 tips to optimize your site for Yahoo.

Know the fundamentals of SEO

SEO is a powerful process that can help you improve the ranking of your blog or website in a search engine. In fact, SEO is an effective, cheap and reliable way to make your website available to potential visitors.

Nowadays, online searchers look for the required information through search engines. If you are not present on the World Wide Web, you will lose a large amount of profit.

Know the Search Share

According to statistics, about 11.7% of Americans use Yahoo to search for the information or product they want.

In 2014, both Mozilla and Yahoo announced that the default engine in Mozilla would be Yahoo.

Although Google has the lion’s share of search queries, Yahoo is the next big contender. Therefore, you also do not want to lower your ranking on this search engine.

Below are a couple of effective tips that can help you rank higher on Yahoo.

What you should know about Yahoo! seo first

When it comes to Yahoo SEO, it is important that you are aware of some key differences between the SEO techniques used for both search engines. Read on to learn more.

The competition is less

On Yahoo, the competition is not as tough as on the leading search engine. For example, if a website is on the first page for a certain keyword or phrase, it may not be on the first page for the same keyword or phrase on Yahoo.

So if you try to rank for that phrase or keyword on a different engine, you can get a better ranking in a short amount of time with a little bit of effort.

YAHOO! it is relatively simpler

Without a doubt, it is much more complicated to rank higher in Google than in any other search engine. Therefore, you need to consider fewer factors when running your optimization campaigns.

In recent years, the leading engine has made many algorithm changes, but Yahoo has done no such thing.

There is no big difference between YAHOO! and bing

When it comes to SEO, both Bing and Yahoo are pretty similar. Therefore, one strategy can work for both. So you don’t have to have separate campaigns.

Yahoo gives more importance to links

When it comes to backlinks and inbound links, Yahoo gives them much more importance. In other words, if you have a lot of backlinks, Yahoo will give you a higher ranking in their search engine.

In summary, these are some of the things you can do to improve the ranking of your website or blog in the second big search engine called Yahoo! If you follow some good techniques the right way, your chances of getting a better ranking will be higher.

Importance of keyword research in digital marketing

Keyword research is the first and most important step towards digital marketing. Keyword research is the process of researching and choosing words and phrases that users will search for that are directly related to your business, product, or services. Keyword research helps your viewers search for and find you through common words. Keep in mind that your keywords must stand out. Regardless of what you search for online, both the user and the search engine depend on keywords to find the result. The right keyword can get you a high rank for your website. If you are using the wrong keywords on your website it tends to attract the wrong viewers to your website, this will hinder the reputation or ranking of the website as viewers will not find exactly what they are looking for and in the end , this will hinder the ranking of your website. Until you know which words and phrases are most important for your website, you cannot proceed with keyword research, for this, the most important thing is to understand the nature of your business and find the keywords accordingly. If the wrong set of keywords is chosen for your website and you optimize for keywords that are not directly related to your business and your offers, you may very well get traffic to your site, but this traffic will not be qualified.
One must follow certain steps while doing keyword research:
Step 1- Selection of keywords
One should come up with a list of word or phrase ideas by talking to your business owner or the one you are working with about the keyword list keeping in mind its business nature.

Step 2- Competitors.
This can give you a clear idea of ​​what your competitors are doing and what is trending in the market on that day. Look up all of your competitors selling the same product or service and start adopting the words and phrases they are targeting. Checking our competitors’ website will help you get more information and description where they can give you suggestions on which keywords they are targeting.

Step 3 – Use the keyword planning tool.
The keyword planner helps to understand the searches that are being carried out and the competition of the selected word. One can easily understand the competition and set their primary, secondary and tertiary keywords accordingly.

Step 4- Use Google Trends
This tool will help you see global or national searches for the word you are looking for. This tool will display the result in the form of a graph, which makes it easy to analyze the result. Using this tool, one can correct their primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords.

Step 5- Define your list
After analyzing the keywords, one has a huge list of keywords and from this research. Try to search for no more than 10-15 keywords.

Step 6- Word selection
From the data received, try to choose the primary keyword (the most popular search), the secondary keyword (the second most popular search), and the tertiary keyword (the third most popular search). Accordingly, one can make your title, description, and meta description.
Keyword research really increases your business title search. An attractive title with well-researched keywords can help your website rank.

Interior design for the kitchen of your home

When thinking about interior design options for your home’s kitchen, it’s important to consider a number of factors.

First, when shopping at your local kitchen center, if your budget allows, be sure to consider new technology in appliances, finishes, and materials. Often times, your choices here may cost you more in the short term, but in the long run you will find that as the industry catches up with technologies, your choices will continue to be relevant well into the future. Make sure that any appliances you choose are only of the highest quality. This is the most important part of your kitchen…it’s what cooking revolves around, so don’t skimp here.

Don’t be afraid to spend extra money on your kitchen floors. High-quality kitchen flooring will not only look good longer, but it will also increase the resale value of your home. When installing your kitchen floors, be sure to keep them level and even consider adding heated floors for added comfort and value.

When choosing cabinets for your home kitchen design… think simple. Ornate or intricate designs will generally not stand the test of time. Styles that might be in style now are likely to be a date for your kitchen in the future.

When planning the colors for the kitchen in your home, consider the colors of the adjoining rooms. Keep your layout consistent and avoid contrasting colors between adjoining rooms. For example, if the walls in the room next to the kitchen are blue, the yellow walls in the kitchen will clash. Look for complementary colors.

And last but not least, always consider your counter space. Try to maximize the area in which you will prepare your food. Not only will you be grateful at Christmas, but your family will be too.