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Month: January 2022

Washbasins – Materials and design ideas

I fondly remember my grandmother’s old cast iron bathroom faucet. It was pure white with two huge basins. The enamel had started to flake in places, but it had a house-worn feel.

Today, there are many more styles of sinks to choose from. Sinks are made much more durable and many are made from man-made materials. Older faucets give a traditional feel. Today’s newer styles are more stylish for urban and contemporary shoppers. Vintage faucets still exist, but even they are more elegant than their predecessors.

Summary of styles

Glass: The most elegant aspect is glass. There are custom handmade faucets you can buy, with long, sleek spouts, in a variety of colors, to match your sink. Most glass sinks come in clear or black. Consider spending enough money to get a tempered sink because it’s much safer. The most sophisticated look is a dark black glass sink with an oil-rubbed black faucet. Transparent sinks and faucets are also a good option. Clear glass makes the room feel bright and fun. Glass faucets can cost less than $75.00 and more than $2,000.00.

Copper: Bacteria cannot grow on copper. Since faucet sinks have a lot of bacteria, copper is a sterile option. Also, copper will skid (most people love this) over time. Copper is a high-end faucet basin.

Stainless steel – the most popular kitchen sink. Simple, light, beautiful and resistant. This sink is the cheapest to own.

Corian: Corian is a sink that is molded directly into the countertop. It is made of a very hard plastic. It resembles natural stone and granite products. The cost is similar. People prefer Corian because the built-in sink is easy to clean.

Vitreous Clay: Vitreous Clay is a ceramic-based product. Vitreous clay products come in striking bright colors. Most, however, are white.

Cast Iron: Cast iron sinks are the most durable and heavy. Today they are enameled with a layer of ceramic epoxy. This coating can scratch with years of use and abuse. However, the sink will remain intact. Cast iron sinks are primarily preferred for laundry rooms and areas where durability is an issue.

Car service with driver: the comfortable way to reach your destination

In cities, we tend to do half the route in our cars and then take a bus or board a train to cover the remaining distance. The problem here is getting a suitable parking space for your vehicle and also having to pay high parking fees in the city. So it becomes costly for you, because you pay fuel and parking fee.

That being the case, you can opt for a chauffeured car service to cover the first half of your route. These services are similar to taxis, with the only difference being that you can arrange to be picked up, directly from your home or wherever you are.

Benefits of choosing a chauffeured car service

Chauffeur driven car services have become popular these days. They offer quality services to keep their customers satisfied and loyal for years to come. If you are new to a city or town, opting for chauffeured car services is the best option.

The following are some of the benefits of using chauffeured car services.

  • Options to choose: Service providers give you multiple options to choose the vehicle you want to ride. You can choose according to your comfort and budget.
  • Reduce stress: It makes your travel time stress free by using its luxurious and comfortable facilities.
  • Reduce stress: Reduce your worries about parking, traffic, punctuality, etc.
  • Cheapest price: You can hire an affordable rental company by doing proper research. It is a reliable way to reach your destination.
  • fast service: You can get to your destination facing heavy traffic on the way, as drivers know all the shortcuts and routes that can be taken to avoid rush hour.
  • Anywhere Anytime: They offer you 24 x 7 facilities anywhere in the city. All you need to do is make a call to reserve your taxi.
  • Multitask: You can choose to opt for this service for a wedding or any other social or business event.

Tips for choosing a chauffeured car service

There are various fake car service providers that can deceive you in many ways. That is why you must know how to choose a reliable service provider.

  • Go online: You can get various car heater services online. Instead of running around, you can check online directories to find reliable care rental services.
  • Different rates: Before you reserve a car, you need to know its charges and details. There are different rates offered by various companies depending on the value-added services they provide.
  • Ask for relevant papers/documents: You must verify the original car and driving documents before renting a car.
  • Choose what you want: You should choose your trip according to your requirements, you can base on
  1. Following distance

  2. Time for which you are hiring

  3. chosen day

  4. Luxury features you want

  5. Vehicle type (sedan, SUV, etc.)

So why drive on busy roads and stress yourself mentally and physically? Hire a taxi with driver and travel quietly wherever you want.

Remembering weird and unique comic book ads from when I was a kid

Do you remember sitting in the pharmacy and reading comics when you were a kid? Do you remember being totally engrossed while reading an adventure in which Uncle Scrooge was fighting his arch-enemies, the Beagle Boys, in some remote South American jungle?

Or did you prefer to read Superman or Batman? Perhaps your favorite stories were about the caped crusader who ran out of the bat cave (accompanied by Robin, Boy Wonder) to save Gotham City from some wicked and nefarious plan conjured up by the Joker or the Penguin?

Man, I loved reading comics.

Comic book publishers back then weren’t just trying to entertain us, a lot of them were also trying to sell us things. Most of the comic books of the 1950s and early 1960s were full of advertisements, advertisements aimed at children.

I remember one particular ad for a product called White clover ointment. However, instead of trying to sell skin ointment to a group of 10-year-olds, the ad was designed to ask children to sell the ointment door-to-door. And instead of paying kids money to do this, they rewarded them with points that could be redeemed for prizes.

Oh, how they made those prizes attractive! The ads featured eye-catching photos of baseballs, bats and gloves, yo-yos, games, dolls, and a wide variety of toys.

Naturally, the more you sell, the greater the rewards. For those who did as well as Tommy B in Buffalo, Cindy R in Phoenix, or Billy S in Peoria, the sky was the limit! Testimonials from kids across the country proclaimed that hundreds of kids had won some really big prizes, including Daisy airguns, Radio Flyer wagons, and the ultimate prize for all the kids: new Schwinn bikes!

Wow, those awards used to dance in my head! The kids at school would talk endlessly about all the cool prizes! The fact is, though, I’ve known several kids who signed up to try and sell ointment, but I never saw one of them riding a new Schwinn.

For some reason, I was never tempted to sell that salve. Even then I used to wonder who the hell was going to buy salve for a kid who knocked on their door. Hell, truth be told, I didn’t even know what ointment was.

Still, it’s a nice memory.

Comics as we knew them died out sometime in the ’70s or ’80s, long after I stopped reading them. I think that’s a bit sad. I loved reading comics.

I used to have a huge cardboard box full of comics that I kept in my room when I was a kid. I often wonder how much that box would be worth today.

There are not many family pharmacies anymore. Most have been replaced by big chain stores selling everything from pharmaceuticals to crankcase oil. And truth be told, most of them have huge shelves filled with literally 60 or 70 different magazine titles, even more titles than when we were kids.

Sadly though, none of them are comics.

Top 5 Family Camping Tips

By simply following a few basic family camping tips, you can make your trip a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Camping with the family is a popular recreational activity around the world. But, you must be well prepared to enjoy this type of trip. Otherwise, you may end up with a miserable experience. You have to be very careful about everything: the way you pack things, what kind of things you are packing, what facilities you want in and around the campsite, the location of the campsite, and many other similar things. What follows is a brief summary of how to do it.

Prepare a list of things that you must have during the trip: Before you start looking for family camping tips, you should first prepare a list of essential things. These include large insulated cooler, French presses, coffee drip cones, manual coffee grinder, rope, hammer or axe, sink, flashlights, 5 gallon water jug, lighter, toilet paper, basic eating utensils (plates, bowls and mugs), wok, potholders, hot mitts, pressure cooker, basic cooking kit, camping lantern, camping stove, air mattresses, sleeping bags, and obviously a year-round tent. There may also be various other things such as sunscreen, insect repellant, tarp for eating and cooking, camping knife, folding shovel, first aid kit, flashlights with spare batteries, pillows, mats and sleeping bags.

Prepare your children: If this is the first time you are talking to your children about outdoor camping, you need to be very careful. There are several family camping tips you should follow to prepare your children for such first-time experiences. You’d better start with camping in the garden first. Take them outside only when they’ve developed some basic camping skills, like knowing how to pack and unpack a sleeping bag and how to set up and break down a campsite.

Separate stores for teenagers: If you have teenagers, you must respect their privacy. It is advisable to get a separate tent for them. When it comes to family camping tips, you should always remember that older children want their own space, even when they are camping.

Packing – You should pack everything in a way that prevents items from being misplaced while keeping your travel space tidy. For example, while organizing your children’s art supplies like pencils and crayons, you might be better off using a small fishing tackle box with pull-out compartments and drawers.

Kitchen Kit: You may also be looking for family camping tips for a kitchen kit because sometimes even basic utensils can be very difficult to store and organize. Your pressure cooker is the best kitchen kit. You can store cups, small utensils and bowls inside the pressure cooker. Not only will this save a lot of space, but it will also keep things secure and easy to access.

Overall, if you keep the above family camping tips in mind, you will definitely have a great time with your loved ones.

Ayurvedic treatment after an abortion

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, where the fetus cannot survive in the external environment. Spontaneous abortion is miscarriage and intentional abortion is induced abortion. There are various laws in modern countries to regulate abortion and their social and ethical dialogues have been started since time immemorial.

Induced abortion is performed with medication or surgical methods and is the safest medical procedure. However, this procedure carried out by charlatans reports the death of more than 50,000 in one year. A study says that last year 50 million abortions were performed and half were handled by untrained healers who caused a serious threat to the health of millions of women.

Miscarriage is a medical condition and is caused by various etiologies like incompetence of the cervix, weakness of the mother, hormonal imbalance, hereditary factors, physical exertion, stress, etc.

Ayurveda has a unique concept of the Tridosha (Three Somatic Humors) theory regarding the metabolism of the body. Every action of the body can be explained in terms of three humors: Vata (Air), Pitt (Fire), and Kaph. Health is the balance of these three factors and their imbalance causes disease. Pregnancy occurs in a unique combination of three factors and Vata supports the fetus, Kaph nurtures and Pitt converts. Any reason that challenges this balance will lead to miscarriage and there is a clear Garbhini charya (pregnant daily routines) to manage the balance and for healthy offspring. There are some special foods and decoctions for each month and this will allow a smooth delivery.

Ayurveda compares fertilization to the formation of fire from two pieces of wood by rubbing them together. Atma or soul enters the womb and by the association of Atma, the fetus becomes chetana (active, conscious, alive). The growth of the fetus month by month is explained Sarirasathana of Ashtanga Hrdayam.

The pregnant woman should avoid excessive sexual activity, carrying heavy loads, sleeping or waking up at inappropriate times, sitting on hard surfaces, grievances, anger, fear, emotions, suppressing natural impulses, controlling desires, fasting, walking long distances, eating spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, meats, lying on your back, and panchkarma therapies. A pregnant woman who engages in such activities or due to other illnesses develops stomach bleeding or pain. After expelling the embryo, women should be given drinks to ease the pain. Strong wine is recommended and cleanses the uterine cavity and suppresses pain. After that, a special rice soup processed with laghu panchmoola-Solanum indicum, Solanum xanthocarpum, Desmodium gangeticum, Uraria picta and Tribulus terrestris without fat or salt is given. The selected herbs are easily digestible and promote digestion.

After the initial treatment, women should receive Dipyakadi churna with ghee for three days. The decoction based on Katuka (Picrorhiza kurroa), Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum), Pata (Cissampelos pareira), Sakha twak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Hingu (Ferula asafoetida) and Teja (Marsdenia tenacissima) should be administered in the same period. For the next seven days, women should be given medicated ghee and arishta (fermented liquid medicine) depending on the reason for miscarriage, a tampon soaked in Shirisha (Albizia lebbeck) or Kakkubha (Terminalia arjuna) decoction should be inserted into the vagina . .

Kerala Style Ayurvedic Management After Abortion / Miscarriage

  • One teaspoon of organic honey with equal ginger juice before food for three meals.

  • Porridge with broken rice, watercress (Lepidium sativum), fenugreek (Trigonella foenum) and ajawain (Trachyspermum ammi) for seven days.

  • Dasamulaarishta, Jeerakarishta and Panchkolasavam are mixed in equal proportions and given 30 ml twice a day after meals.

  • Kurinji kuzhambu One teaspoon twice a day after meals.

  • Pinda Taila/ Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu for external massage. Use boiled water with bark of four ficus – Udumbara – Ficus racemosa, Plaksha – Ficus microcarpa, Aswadha – Ficus religiosa, Nyagrodha – Ficus bengalensis

after 7 days

  • Dhanwantharam qwath tablet: Two tablets twice a day before meals.

  • Ajaswagandhadi leha/ Chyvanprash One teaspoon twice a day after meals.

  • Tampon submerged in Dhanwantharam tailam for vaginal insertion for 60 minutes.

diet regimen

The diet should contain easily digestible contents and soups are preferred in the first week.

Gain muscle and lose fat: improve the Zig-Zag method

The zig-zag diet is a fascinating concept that has many followers, the idea being that by alternating your calorie intake, you can create a calorie deficit without suppressing your metabolism. This is not effective for a couple of reasons.

  1. The reduction in metabolic rate usually follows a decrease in weight or activity level, which makes a lot of sense. A sensible calorie restriction program does not adversely affect metabolic rate until one is very lean.
  2. For a zig-zag diet to be as effective as standard calorie restriction, it must create the same deficit as a regular calorie deficit, which often involves very low calorie days to make up for higher calorie days, which some they find it more difficult than a normal diet.

So the zig-zag diet is pretty normal in that sense, however what happens when we want to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously? It becomes very useful.

This is not the zig-zag diet in its ordinary form. It’s strategic, it involves caloric restriction, and most importantly, it’s very effective. So how does it work?

It’s actually quite simple, acute periods of overeating and undereating allow anabolism and catabolism to occur on a small scale in continuous cycles until the effects are very pronounced.

The traditional load and cut cycle typically occurs annually, with a volume in the fall/winter months and a cut in the spring/summer months. This is fine, I still see it as a very respectable method of gaining muscle and managing fat year after year, but this article begs the question: is there a more efficient way?

An add-a-little, take-a-little approach may be better for the average person without a serious time commitment, and, in fact, may be better for many natural bodybuilders. So what are the benefits of this?

You don’t lose as much fat as in a massive cutting annual cycle, but it may be that we can add the same amount of muscle. There is a clear pattern of muscle accretion after a stimulus, in our case this is the last session we train but this is only brief, if this is the case it is possible that excess calories are unnecessary on non-training days and can contribute to fat gain.

The solution is a diet that provides extra energy when needed to build muscle and doesn’t stockpile calories at times when they won’t be used well. This can be used in a variety of ways, it can be used to maintain muscle mass very well when dieting or it can be used to minimize fat storage when gaining muscle is desired.

When using the zig-zag method, it’s important to count not only your daily calorie intake, but also your weekly calorie intake. Your intake can be high on training days and low on non-training days, but it should also show a direction, whether to gain or lose weight, the overall effect will be determined by your weekly calorie intake.

Applications of the Zig-Zag method

gain muscle

As an example, a person wanting to gain muscle mass could eat at maintenance on non-training days and eat 500 calories above maintenance on training days, if a person trains 3 times per week this will equate to a weekly surplus 1500 calories per week. . Some would consider this a modest surplus, but this method is very effective at putting those surplus calories exactly where you want them, into new muscle. The net effect is weight gain, and most of that weight is likely to be muscle.

lose fat

A person who wants to lose weight and maintain or possibly gain some muscle while dieting would take a slightly different approach and this is where you need to remember that calorie intake is always important. The same person who wants to lose fat can eat 500-1000 calories below maintenance on non-training days and eat 250 calories above maintenance on training days, this would equate to a weekly deficit of between 2750 and 6250, which is between 1 and 1.5 pounds lost. per week, this may not sound like much, but losing pure fat is the best way to go in terms of body composition.

Mark again

Recomposition is the process by which fat is replaced by muscle by keeping calories the same and performing resistance training to increase muscle mass relative to fat mass in your body, this is only possible on a small scale while possible. To lose a lot of fat in a relatively short time, muscle mass is gained slowly and gradually. An untrained person could gain two pounds of muscle and lose 2 pounds of fat each month and their weight would stay the same, although in the long run one might find that gaining one pound of muscle per month is closer to average. The appeal of recomposing is that even though the weight stays the same, the body will look much better than if one were to lose two pounds or gain two pounds separately. If you have a bit of fat to lose or muscle to gain, then the above methods would be more suitable for you.

An example of a recomposition program would be if someone consumed 500 more calories on each of the three training days and 500 fewer on three of the four non-training days, the remaining day they would only eat at maintenance. This would keep your calorie intake and weight about the same, and if your training, rest, and protein intake were adequate, you would lose fat and gain muscle over time.

This is one of the most effective nutritional strategies for losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Try it for just 6 weeks and you’ll be amazed at the differences you’ll see.

How to Avoid the Great Immigration Myth of 2010

Although there are several myths about immigration law, there is one myth that just occurred to me like a lightbulb went off in my head. This myth is very interesting to me because I have been practicing immigration law for 10 years and only now discovered this inconsistency about immigration law.


Have you noticed that immigration officials, including the USCIS and even Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, these are the guys they arrest) have tried in every way to make their “services” available to the general public? For example, most people already know that uscis.gov has forms available online, and that they even have a 1-800 # where there are supposedly trained officers to “help” people fill out their forms and answer questions. As for ICE, they have even recently changed their website based on the latest news.

But the key here is that, as an experienced immigration attorney, I have noticed that the only so-called immigration reform we are seeing these days is through strict immigration enforcement. In other words, Immigration is arresting and deporting people at an alarming rate. In fact, TRAC, an agency that studies US federal statistics, has been consistently reporting that immigration enforcement and deportations of immigrants are at an all-time high.

In this year of 2010 under the Obama administration, DHS is proud to announce that nearly 400,000 illegal aliens have been removed (ie deported) from the US This number is staggeringly large, especially compared to previous years.


Well, like I said, it occurred to me that USCIS and ICE are spending MILLIONS of dollars to make access to immigration forms easy to find for the general public. At the same time, the same government agencies are spending BILLIONS to deport and remove from the US the very people they claim to help.

So what does this mean for you? It means that when deciding your fate or that of your loved ones in the US, you need to outsmart USCIS and ICE and consider the political environment we find ourselves in right now. Money talks, as the saying goes. So why is the US government spending so much money on “improving” access and at the same time spending even more money on deporting people?

The answer is simple and it is the great immigration myth of 2010. It is because the United States government knows that when a person from the general public files an application with USCIS or worse, shows up at the doors of USCIS attending an interview without the presence of a licensed and experienced attorney, then that person has effectively WAIVED all of their RIGHTS!

Yes, that is correct. That under our current immigration system, there is NO protection for illegals who protest because they now need a lawyer. Even criminal defendants can testify, “I want a lawyer,” and the officer is required to stop questioning. Well, this is NOT the case for immigrants. I know this from experience as I have heard from people who have become my clients. I was told that when they showed up on their own and were arrested or questioned by ICE or USCIS officers, the government officials’ response to the statement “I want a lawyer” is no response at all. The officer will continue to interrogate, interrogate, and even threaten the person or their family with severe consequences (deportation for all, child abduction by social services, etc.) even if the person requests an attorney during that time.

So how to avoid the great myth of immigration? Hire a trained and experienced immigration attorney from start to finish, as USCIS and ICE ARE NOT PERMITTED to directly contact people who have a registered attorney. You need to be SMARTER than immigration, in order to secure your and your family’s future here in the US.

The Cave of Darkness (Ghar il-Kbir: Malta-11/2001((NOW! In English and Spanish))

the cave of darkness

(Ghar il-Kbir ((Malta–11/2001))

Preview: Most Places I’ve Traveled In The World [683,000-miles throughout]For the most part, Malta has always been on my top ten list of complete places to visit. It has a touch of everything. Ghar Dalam, also known as the ‘Cave of Darkness’, was used as a dwelling by prehistoric man, 5000 BC. C., and animals, and later. Human bones and teeth have been found in the cave, as well as a set of animal bones from time immemorial. There is also a legend of a sea creature that emerged and seemed to live within this area (in the 17th century). He had written a ‘Tiamat’ trilogy. In one of the books I used this cave. [not in name] as the background of the story. It is huge, and quite the picture for a living environment. In 1729, an engraving of cave life at Ghar il-Kbir was made, published in vol. 62. No 72, in “La Galerie…” of which 66 volumes are combined. The point is that the engraving is attributed to Pieter Van der Aa, 1712, and I have seen this engraving, it had to be done on the site, so the artist saw the small group of people who perhaps remained in the cave. The print is fanciful, so I think he encouraged it, for whatever reasons. It seems to me that he made the largest cave in the picture. Although the cave is large with sections; larger and smaller caverns attached to it. The faces of the people inside the engraving are flat, without smiles, etc. Checking this out further, I discovered that there was possibly a group of people living in the cave between AD 1665 and 1680. But the record is by no means vivid; And having said all that, here is my little poem to accompany this overzealous advance:

The poem:

I couldn’t get a proper idea – of the

Proportion of the cave, simply

By the patch of light of me


It was surrounded by limestone

And I felt a handicap, a few

More feet inside the cave the ceiling

It started to climb–

A gentle slope, and suddenly…

My eyes had adjusted

To the dark of the caves – the oily

dazzling walls around me; cautiously

I descended…

–The floor of the cave became

Almost level, but the tide of darkness

The shadows reappeared, unnoticed by


But penetrating… for me.

Something, a long time ago had lived here,

He lived in this great grotto–;

My treasures were in: who! They were.

And then came the bones!…

Bones, solid bones; all about–

Dazzling tones, in the petrified bones;

200,000 years: dwarf elephants,

And the hypodermis’…

Wolves and bears, giant swans,

Deer – They all seemed to be here; Y

Of European shares; gold sacrifice

Dining room, they were all here: my


#778 7/28/2005

The Cave of Darkness

(Ghar il-Kbir ((Malta-11/2001))

Translated by: Nancy Penaloza

Advance: from most of the places he traveled in the world [683,000 millas a través de todas partes], Malta has been mainly, always in the top ten list, of whimsical places to go. This has a discovery of everything. Ghar Dalam, otherwise known as “The Cave of Darkness”, was used for housing by prehistoric man, 5000 years before Christ, since then by used animals. There in the cave human bones and teeth have been found, as well as a lot of animal bones from time immemorial. There is also a legend of a sea creature that came to the surface and seemed to live within this area (in the 17th century). ).

I had written a “Tiamat” trilogy. In one of these worn books this cave [no en el nombre] as a background for the story. This is grand and almost a living environment painting. In 1729, there was an engraving made of the emptying of the vat at Ghar il-Kbir, published in Vol. 62. No. 72, in “The Gallery…” of which 66 volumes are combined. The point is, the engraving is attributed to Pieter der Aa, 1712, and I have seen this engraving, it must have been made on the site, although the artist saw the small group of people who perhaps remained in the cave. The stamp is imaginary, although I would think that he perked up, for whatever reason. It seems to me that he made the largest cave in the picture. Although the cave is large with sections; larger and smaller caverns larger together. The faces of the people inside the engraving are flat, without smiles etc. Checking this out more closely, it was found that there was evidently a group of people who lived in the tub between 1665 and 1680 BC. But this is not recorded for some reason; And having said all that, here is my little poem to go along with this about this Enthusiastic Preview:

The poem:

I might, not have enough idea – of the

bowl ratio, simply

For the piece of light in me


I was surrounded by the limestone

And I felt a handicap- a little

More feet inside the cave the ceiling

It began to rise

A gentle rise -then of regret-.

My eyes had gotten used to it

In the dark of the caves – the oily

Evidence of the walls surrounding me; cautiously

Go down…

-The floor of the cave was made

Almost the level, -But the Sea of ​​Shadows

Dark came again, Unnoticed by Others –

But penetrating… towards me.

Something, long ago had lived here,

Lived in this magnificent grotto-;

My treasures were in: who were they!

And then came the bones!…

Bones, solid bones; all over –

Dazzling shades, in the petrified bones;

200,000 years: “dwarf elephants, and hypodermis”

The wolves and bears, gigantic swans,

Deer – They all seemed to be here; there

European reserve; sacrifices or

meals, they were all here: my


Runtime Error 482 Windows 10 (Printer Error) – Steps to resolve

Runtime error 482 usually appears when you try to print a document in Windows. The error is caused by the Visual Basic “Printform” component.

As a general rule, “runtime” errors are usually the result of problems within the “Visual Basic” library or its adjacent applications. The errors are mainly caused by an inconsistency within the code (referencing variables that don’t exist) or by problems referencing specific libraries.

Whether you’re actively using “Visual Basic” or not is irrelevant; it is likely that one of your applications is using it, hence the error.

To resolve the issue, there are a number of steps you can take, although many people end up resorting to “workarounds” to prevent it from showing up. The steps outlined in this tutorial should give you the ability to fully resolve it.


The error will usually display with the following messages:

  • “Run-time error ‘482’: Printer error”

  • “Run-time error ‘486’: Cannot print form image to this type of printer”

  • “Printer error”

The most important thing to note about the error is that it is caused by what is known as a “library” in computing. A library is essentially a piece of code that allows a developer to access particular functionality without having to rewrite the code.

Libraries have been used since the early days of computing. With modern computers, thousands of libraries can be used at once to provide very high-level functionality to a variety of applications. “PrintForm” is one such library.

Mostly the case is that your system will not have the “Printform” library installed (it is very old), which causes the error to be displayed. It may also be the case that your printer, or its associated drivers, are corrupted.


The steps to solve the problem are as follows:

  1. Remove any reference to PrintForm in VBA

    If you see this error as a result of using an application with “Visual Basic” technology (including VBA), you’ll also want to make sure to get rid of any references to the PrintForm component. The best way to do this is to replace it with the Win32 API, which is an updated version of the print library in Visual Basic. If you do this correctly, it should allow you to get printing to work with your apps like Windows 10.

  2. Update printer drivers

    If you’re not using Visual Basic/VBA, you’ll want to make sure your printer drivers are fully up to date and correct. The best way to do this is to completely “uninstall” the printer from your system and let Windows Update find the correct drivers (unlike previous versions of Windows, the latest Windows Update is actually very good and effective). To do this, simply press the Windows + S keys on your keyboard, type “Device Manager” and select the first option that appears. When you’re in Device Manager, select the printer you’re having problems with, right click and click “Uninstall”. After the uninstall, restart your PC. It should automatically add the printer again, installing the latest drivers, if effective.

  3. Clean system files with SFC

    If the above doesn’t work, it *might* be a problem with your computer’s core system files. To fix this, you can use a built-in mechanism to resolve it (SFC // System File Checker). To do this, press the Windows + S keys on your keyboard and type “CMD”. When the options appear, right click on the first one and select “Run as administrator”. This will open the CMD window in black and white. In it, type “sfc /scannow”. This will scan your system files and repair any that are corrupted.

  4. Switch to use other printer settings

    If all of the above doesn’t work, you’ll want to consider using a different printer. The most typical way to do this is to switch from using the standard “Print to PDF” option to “Microsoft Print to PDF” for it to work.

The 25 best golf vacations

The United States has a number of golf vacations that all golf lovers will love. If you are familiar with golf, you will know that golf courses are divided into four categories: Private, Resort, Semi-Private and Public. Here are the 25 best golf vacations:

1. Myrtle Beach

This location is known as the Capitol of miniature golf courses in the world. There are about sixty lodges, eighty-five golf courses, and four golf schools in Myrtle Beach. This is a perfect place for a golf vacation for all golf lovers. There are two accommodation alternatives: rent a condo or check into a hotel. One hotel I would recommend is the Holiday Inn as it has a beautiful beachfront view. It has five pools and you can also get free continental breakfast. Most of the people from the country come to this place to relax and play golf.

2. palm beach

Palm Beach is one of the places that has world-class golf courses such as the TPC at Heron Bay and PGA National Courses. This is the place that is not only famous for golf courses, but also for shopping and beautiful beaches. The West Palm Beach resort is the ideal place to stay when in Palm Beach. Breakers West Palm Beach Golf Course is a well-known golf course in Palm Beach. Palm Beach is home to an excellent art museum, professional golf associations, and an excellent Japanese garden.


Tucson is the 32nd largest city found in Arizona. Tucson is the right place to spend your golf vacation because it has bright sunshine and an excellent golf course. Playing golf in Tucson would be different because it would be playing in a desert. Some good resorts are JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa, Omni Tucson National Golf Resort & Spa, Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa, etc. Of course, the most expensive of all would be the Canyon Ranch Resort.

4. Transversal city

Traverse City Golf Course is nestled in the midst of hill, water and woods. It is a great place to play golf. Traverse City is where many people go when looking for a golf vacation, as well as a place to relax. Park Place Hotel is a good place to stay when you are in Traverse City. Some excellent golf courses here are Antrim Dells Golf, High Pointe Golf Club, etc.


There are a large number of golf courses in Arizona. Scottsdale in Arizona is a perfect place for a golf vacation. It has a beautiful blue sky, a light and gentle breeze that makes Scottsdale a perfect place to play golf. Private and public courses are scattered throughout Scottsdale. Some hotels you can check out are the Hilton Scottsdale Arizona Hotel, Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, etc.

6. San Diego

San Diego is truly a golf vacation not to be missed. He has fifty private courses, fifty semi-private courses and more than fifty public courses to his name. This place is perfect for playing golf, but it is not limited to just golf courses. There are other places to visit such as Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. There is even a beach nearby and that is Mission Beach. The hotels you can stay at are Hilton Hotel, Park Manor Suites, etc. It is a great place to vacation with your grandchildren.

7. Saint George

The location near Las Vegas has 11 golf courses that are close to each other. Saint George has bright sunlight, blue skies and colorful scenery that make this city a perfect place to play golf. It only has one private golf course, but several golf courses in this city have been awarded major prizes. Crystal Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard by Marriot are some hotels where you can stay in this city.

8. Deliveries in Davidsonville

The Renditions in Davidsonville is a golf course well known for its eighteen holes that are the exact copy of a golf course where many important championships have been held. It started at the end of 2001 as a public golf course. Davidsonville may only have one golf course, but this place is worth a visit. Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Springhill Suites are some hotels you can check into when in Davidsonville.

9. Pinehurst, Southern Pines and Aberdeen

These are the small towns that have more than forty well-known and classy golf courses. They have a perfect environment to play golf since the sky is blue and the environment is colorful with lots of vegetation. This location has been recognized as a premier golf course location. The courses here are both public and private. Some courses are part of the resorts. Whispering Woods, Anderson Creek and Legacy are some of the more popular courses. You can stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott when you’re in the area.

10. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach in California is a place where tournament action first took place in the late 1920s. A large number of tournaments have been held at Pebble Beach Golf Course. The US Open has taken place at this location four times. The 18th hole at Pebble Beach is very popular with golfers. Places where you can stay are The Lodge at Pebble Beach, The Inn at Spanish Bay, etc.

11.Palm Springs

You’ll find over a hundred golf courses in the Coachella Valley in Palm Springs. This location has a spectacular desert landscape, low humidity and lots of sun. Few known golf courses in Palm Springs include Westin Mission Hills, Tahquitz Creek, Shadow Mountain, Marriot Desert Springs, LaQuinta Resort, Landmark, Golf Center at Palm Desert Cathedral Canyon, etc. L’Horizon, Villa Royale Inn, Hyatt Regency Suites are some of the hotels you can stay at with your family and yourself when you are in Palm Springs.

12. Orlando

Orlando in Florida is considered the World Capital of Golf. There are excellent golf courses in the suburbs of the greater Orlando region. It has approximately one hundred and fifty golf courses. This location has more than just golf courses. There is Seaworld, Disney World, Universal Studios, EPCOT and MGM Studios in Orlando. Some popular examples are North Shore, Mission, ChampionsGate, etc. The hotels where you can stay are Marriot Orlando, Westin Grand Bohemian, etc. So this is a perfect place to go with your family.

13. Maui

Maui, an island in Hawaii, is home to the best golf courses in the United States. Usually the weather there is very good, but sometimes the wind blows a bit strong. If you’re tired of golfing, you can relax or swim at Maui’s beaches. After all, Hawaii is well known for its beaches. Maui Seaside Hotel, Sunseeker Resort etc are places to stay in Maui.

14. Vegas

We all know that Las Vegas is a city of entertainment and gambling, but not everyone knows that it is also a great place to play golf. There are various courses in the city as well as in its suburbs. Most courses are resort or public. So a golf vacation in Las Vegas can give you all the fun one can get as you can have a lot of entertainment when you are in this city. Few hotels that you can book are Marriott Suites, Venetian Hotel Resort, The Mirage etc.

15. Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island has been said to have some of the best golf courses in the United States. You can try tennis, beaches, bike trails, etc. when you are tired of playing golf. When you’re on Kiawah Island, check out the designs of five contemporary golf course designers. Holiday Inn, The Sanctuary, Kiawah Island Golf and Tennis Resort are some of the places you can think of staying when in Kiawah Island.

16. Hilton Head

Hilton Head is an island where many families vacation. It has forty golf courses and as such you can spend your golf vacation waiting from one golf course to another. Choose from several types of resorts ranging from private to public, semi-private or resort-type courses. The beaches in Hilton Head are also very clean and safe, so when you’re done playing golf, you can always hit the beaches. Hilton Oceanfront Resort is a great place to stay.

17. Destiny

The Jewel of the Emerald Coast is the name given to Destin because it has emerald blue waters and beautiful white sand beaches. It was once a small fishing village but has now become a popular destination for golf, tennis and beaches. There are four excellent golf courses at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and they are The Raven, The Links, Burnt Pine and Baytowne. You can consider staying at Days Inn or Emerald Towers.

18. Dallas-Fort Worth

Here you will find private, semi-private and public golf courses. It is a place where you can expect the best golf courses. In addition to golf courses, there are public parks and lakes, museums, and other types of entertainment. You can stay at the Crowne Plaza Suites Arlington.

19. Columbus in Ohio

There are more than 80 public golf courses and 35 private courses in Columbus. According to Golf Digest in 1993, the 18-hole EagleSticks Championship course was the best public golf course in Ohio. When in Columbus, you can stay at the Hyatt Regency, Crowne Plaza Hotel, or Hampton Inn and Suites.

20.Colorado Springs

In addition to Seven Falls, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and the Garden of Gods, Colorado Springs is also famous for its golf courses. It doesn’t have many golf courses, but still, it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity. The scenery in Colorado Springs is excellent and the beauty is natural and not man-made. You can stay at The Broadmoor Hotel or Sheraton Colorado Springs Hotel.

21. Heart of Alene

It is a city that is considered as the promising location for golf courses. Lodging at any of four well-known and excellent resorts would be worthwhile: Coeur d’Alene Resort, Stoneridge in Blanchard, Hidden Lakes in Sandpoint, and Highlands in neighboring Post Falls. The magnificent Coeur d’Alene Resort golf course has been built near the lake, creek and hills. There are beautiful ground floors, fairways and green areas here. It’s a great place to relax too.

22. Chicago Suburbs

In the suburbs of Chicago there are more than one hundred and ten golf courses. There are also a large number of championship courses that have 36 holes or more. After playing golf, there are other forms of entertainment, as the city of Chicago has a lot of entertainment. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites or the Hilton Garden Inn are places to stay if you are on a Chicago golf vacation.

23. Austin

In addition to being the live music capital of the world, Austin is also a great place for a golf vacation. You’ll find four great award-winning courses in Austin at Bartin Creek Golf Resort. These courses are the traditional Crenshar Cliffside, the lovely Palmer Lakeside, the latest Fazio Canyons, and the high-ranking Fazio Foothills. As for accommodation, you can stay at the Omni Hotel, the Driskill Hotel or the Intercontinental Stephen F Austin Hotel.

24. Augusta

This is a city that will give golfers the feel of pro golf and professional golf legends. Here there are public and private golf courses. You can stay at the Marriot Augusta Hotel, Ramada inn and Convention Center or Country Inn and Suites.


You’ll find plenty of excellent golf courses in Atlanta. Apart from golf there are water parks, theme parks and several historical places.