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The importance of public relations as part of your marketing mix

What is the importance of public relations? Most small businesses don’t invest in public relations (PR); however, as a small business owner, you must commit to a public relations program to grow your business. What is the return on investment for public relations? Building a stronger brand identity will result in increased awareness and credibility for your business and your products or services. Increased awareness will help you gain interest and credibility in the market.

What is a definition of public relations?

Public relations is about using communication tools and strategies to build relationships with various “audiences,” such as the business community, customers, suppliers, the media, levels of government, and more. Traditionally this is done through press releases, radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. However, in today’s online digital environment, social media and social media have become part of an integrated public relations program. Public relations can influence people’s perceptions and opinions.

Your public relations plan should focus on creating awareness and image of your company and its products and services by:

  • Produce stories and articles for the media (both online and offline); Make connections with local media;
  • Monitor relevant media channels (such as social media monitoring) for public comments about your business, your market, and even your competition;
  • Develop a crisis communication plan and manage the crises that arise and threaten the image of your business and / or product;
  • Engaging with the community and target market through special programs and participation in events;
  • Develop a social media plan to connect with social media online (there are more than 300 but the main networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn); including press releases from social media, blogs, and forums.

Most public relations plans focus on first identifying the challenge, then building the campaign goals, then building the communication tactics and messages, and finally tracking results and performance. review as needed. This work should be ongoing: first one challenge (such as brand recognition), then another challenge (such as brand credibility), then another challenge (such as introducing a new product), and so on.

In today’s digital environment, PR campaigns can be implemented very quickly and the impact of the campaign can also be measured very quickly. Public relations will help you launch social media programs. Learning how to use public relations in your small business is key: Social media and social media provide you with low-cost communication channels, but you still need to learn what to say and how to say it or you can damage your brand identity.

Successful small businesses focus on a combination of public relations, social media, online and offline advertising, direct marketing, and personal selling as part of their marketing efforts to build their brand. Strengthen your marketing plan by adding PR to the plan and making sure to incorporate measures into your campaigns – you need to know what works and what doesn’t to communicate with your market and your audience.

Teen party at casino night

The best way to organize a teen party that stays under control is to provide an activity that fully engages and attracts the kids. That way, they are not interested in doing the things you don’t want them to do. Of course, they need to socialize, but within the parameters of their planned activity. A Teen Casino Night party works and does it well.

Casino games are so much fun and people enjoy playing them, which is why casino nights are so often used as fundraising events. And this applies to both teens and adults. The fact that the theme of a casino night seems very “sophisticated” helps to get the kids involved in the party activities from the beginning.

Card and dice games are not and do not have to be the equivalent of gambling. Make it clear up front in your invitation that “Only fun is allowed, no gambling is allowed.” You can use poker chips to keep track of the score, or your counters can be pennies, M & Ms, matches, anything. Involve the kids even more in your party by encouraging everyone to “Dress for Vegas”; fancy clothes can equate to better behavior in children’s minds.

Borrow plenty of game tables and chairs, but you can have more children than seats to allow for that socialization when there are no games available to play. To keep the dice contained instead of flying to the ground, make some trays of dice using the low cardboard trays from the beer or soda shop. You can paint them, contact paper, or leave them as is. You will need enough cards and dice for each game.

Set up a buffet table to encourage grazing. Make it easy with store-bought frozen meatballs, store-bought or homemade chicken wings with gravy, salad, and / or a 6-foot hero. It doesn’t have to be fancy food, it just looks good with a few dice, jokers and picture cards, and poker chips scattered around the buffet table for a themed decor. Have a large tub of soda and bottled water with ice for the children to drink as needed. Background melodies will keep the mood festive.

In addition to the ever-popular poker and blackjack games, you can find a variety of appropriate and fun dice games online. If you have the room and the budget for it, I highly recommend that you include a game of craps in your nightly casino schedule. A craps table cover can be purchased for $ 20- $ 30, so it’s not out of sight. Craps is by far the most fascinating and complex of the dice games, and many would say it is by far the most fun. If you’ve ever been to a casino, you know there is always more laughter and screaming. It will definitely challenge children to learn to play all the variations contained in a dice game and to think about the different probabilities of each.

And there’s another perk to including a game of craps: You’ll need a dealer to run the table who understands the game, and no teenage guest will want to stick with that job all night. So your dealer must be an adult, who then becomes an adult presence in the room. And this is good. There is plenty of help online to learn how to play the game for your dealer to get up to speed so he or she can, in turn, teach the kids and run the game.

A casino party is not difficult to hold and everyone will have a lot of fun. Games will keep teens busy competing to do well and do better than the next boy (or girl). You can end the night with a silly prize or two for the night’s ‘big winners’. While teens are harder to please and play games than younger kids, it CAN be done, and casino games will. The more engaged they are, the less likely your teen gathering is to get out of hand and turn into activities you don’t want to happen.

Buying your copper sink: useful information and tips

Selecting to use the kitchen or bathroom sink is easy. There were only a few large companies that sold ceramic, enameled steel, cast iron, and stainless steel sinks. In the last decade, there has been an explosion of new products in the sink category and a growing demand for handmade and custom work. There have been several “new” sink media that have gained acceptance recently: glass, various stones, brass, copper, and even wood. This article will focus on copper sinks and what to look for before making your purchase.

Copper is the oldest metal in man, dating back more than 10,000 years. Its use in the home in modern times ranges from copper tubing in your plumbing system to some of the best kitchen gadgets available. Restaurateurs, hoteliers, and interior decorators view copper and brass as naturally attractive metals that make a statement of quality, comfort, and beauty. It’s no wonder that copper has also become a popular material for kitchen, bathroom, and bar sinks.

Copper artisans abound throughout the world, yet artisans who have earned a reputation for making sinks have focused primarily on India, Mexico, and the United States. Most stores that make “handmade” copper sinks are small, and the methods used to build sinks date back centuries. The term “hand hammered” has recently become synonymous with Mexican sinks. This term refers to the original ancient techniques that artisans have been using for centuries in this area. The copper sheets are literally hammered into shape and hand finished.

The results are somewhat rustic, but truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Copper sinks in the United States are made using similar techniques, but are more often “smooth” rather than “hammered.” American copper craftsmen are dominated by shops doing custom work primarily for commercial projects like restaurants. You can see examples of all these sinks at Sinks Gallery. They specialize in handcrafted sinks and have one of the largest selections of copper sinks available, as well as sinks of all different mediums, including glass, ceramic, various stone, and even wood.

There are three main differentiators that determine quality: the construction technique, the thickness of the copper, and the company you are buying from. Construction quality is made up of several factors: how the corners are constructed, welding technique, and proper dimensions to facilitate installation. The quality can vary even when considering sinks made in the same city, like many of the sinks in Mexico. The buyer should make sure that they are buying from a legitimate company that knows the product and is not selling “seconds”. In the world of handmade products, not all sinks are created equal, and often the same store sells two or more quality levels (ie “firsts” and “seconds”).

Copper begins in sheets of various thicknesses or “gauges.” Metal thickness can also refer to weight per square foot. The thicker the gauge of copper, the lower the number. Most bathroom sinks are made from 20 gauge (thinnest) to 16 gauge (thickest) and most kitchen sinks range from 18 gauge to 14 gauge. When shopping for copper sinks, always ask for the gauge and keep in mind that a heavier gauge sink will cost more, and in many cases well worth it! Light gauge metal can produce a “metallic” sound when the faucet is turned on.

Lastly, consider the store you are shopping from. If a copper sink seems “cheap” in price, there is usually a reason. I have seen many of the copper sinks sold on the most famous “auction site”. All I can say is “buyer beware”, or more specifically “you get what you pay for” … If something goes wrong with your sink or there is a problem when it arrives, you need to make sure that the company you bought will be behind your product. Think carefully about buying internationally. Too often a sink that is received is not as it is represented. A reputable dealer should identify your shipping location, clearly state their warranty and return policy, and be available for inquiries.

I’m a fan of copper sinks. I think they are sturdy but elegant, especially as they age. The rich reflections and hues of the patina process are constantly evolving. A copper finish is a “live finish” and never stops changing color. That said, the evolution of a copper finish is gradual and as it ages it becomes even more attractive. You can greatly reduce this change with the use of wax or even a lacquer product, but personally I like to let the copper evolve. Most of the time, this process results in a smooth brown weathered copper patina. I like to refer to her as the soul of the basins.

Copper sinks often come in various finishes, from a shiny copper finish (like a new penny) to a dark patina (we call ours “Dark Smoke”) and everything in between. The copper finish you choose is a matter of personal taste, but our customers often prefer the more “worn” patinas to avoid the maintenance or uncertainty associated with bright copper. If you want to slow down the patina process, try applying a wax like “Renaissance Wax.” Applied every few months, the wax will provide a barrier between the copper and the environment.

Copper kitchen sinks come in two basic forms: undermount or farmhouse style. The rustic nature of copper sinks fits well with the farmhouse sink style. Sometimes referred to as “front apron” sinks, these sinks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and different configurations, ie single bowl, double bowl, and even triple bowl. Bathroom sinks are generally available in three styles: bowl (countertop mount), flush mount, or undercounter mount. Typically, the style of the lips determines whether the bathtub sink is recessed or recessed. Be sure to order the right lip style to suit your project. A recent trend in bathroom design is to combine a copper mirror frame with the sink in the same patina. This can help create consistency in the appearance of the décor.

If you have any other questions before purchasing any sink, feel free to call us at Sinks Gallery or Copper Sinks Online – 1-877-320-0800. We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Some reasons why you shouldn’t wear running shoes to lift heavy weights

There are many people who go to the gym to lift weights, but they don’t have the right pair of shoes to do the job. I have seen several weightlifters wear sneakers or running shoes while lifting serious weights. This can be very dangerous and significantly reduce performance.

Most of the people who are going to buy their first pair of “gym shoes” generally tend to look at things like appearance and comfort, as they do not know that there are suitable weightlifting shoes available on the market. Weightlifting shoes are designed for a purpose and running shoes or any other type of footwear should not be used for weightlifting for a number of reasons.

First, weightlifting shoes have hard soles that are designed to improve stability and performance. The stability that hard soled shoes provide is much better compared to running shoes. The reason behind this is that while lifting heavy weights, a lifter must bend the knees and ankles to their maximum limit to lower themselves as low as possible. A great deal of force is produced and all that force can cause the weightlifter to lose balance if he doesn’t have a solid base to stand on, especially when bending that far. Try lifting weights on a trampoline and you will see how difficult it is to stay stable. A hard base is crucial for lifting heavy weights without losing your balance.

Another important thing that a hard sole does is that it helps the weightlifter use all the force produced to lift the weights. A running shoe, which always has a soft sole, will not only cause you to lose your balance, but will also dissipate all force to the ground. This greatly reduces the number of weights a weightlifter can lift, as much of the force that is generated to lift the weights is wasted.

Finally, the raised heel of the weightlifting shoe and its benefits should be discussed. While performing a squat (a technique used by weightlifters to lift heavy weights while standing under the bar), a weightlifter should bend the knees and ankles to their maximum capacity, in addition to keeping both feet supported. on the floor. But keeping both feet flat on the ground while bending that far is quite impossible and instead the feet automatically tend to rest only on the ball and toes. When lifting heavy weights, it is common sense to have both feet flat on the ground. Weightlifting shoes can take care of this due to the raised heel. The raised heel fills the space between the heel of the foot and the ground and allows for maximum stability.

So the next time you’re out shopping for a pair of gym shoes, make sure you’re getting the right weightlifting shoes and not running shoes. You may think it is a waste of money, but once you wear them, you will notice the difference immediately and you will not regret spending on your new weightlifting shoes.

Liberation of women: Are we liberated?

We all talk about women’s education. We all talk about the liberation of women. But how far are we from the real truth? We preach a lot. But do we practice it? Today the world is advancing at a very fast pace. Women are ahead of men in all areas of life.

Academics: From the historian Romila Thapar to the prominent scholar Nabanita Deb Sen to the writer Shobha De, women are everywhere.

Politics: From Mrs. Indira Gandhi to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, politics is always best handled by a lady.

Journalism: each and every major media outlet is run by a lady.

Acting: From India to the United States, women are the best and highest paid today.

Business world: From banker Ms. Chanda Kochhar to Biocon director Kiran Majumdar Shaw, many of the leading business institutions have been led by women.

Malala Yousafjai: The whole discussion will be incomplete if we don’t talk about this girl. Coming from a humble background, she broke all stereotypes to become a Nobel Prize winner. It broke all the stereotypes surrounding the religion of Islam.

Mary Kom – India’s own Mary Kom is today the highest rated boxer in the world. She is a mother, a dedicated wife, and a boxing champion. How many women can achieve that?

Kiran Bedi: A discussion about women will be incomplete if we don’t talk about Kiran Bedi. Perhaps the most decorated and celebrated IPS officer in India. From lawyer Meenakshi Arora to astronaut Kalpana Chawla, the list is endless. The number of beggar children in India is increasing every day. The rate of girls trafficked out of India is increasing every day. In India itself, Madhyapradesh has the highest rape rate in India.

India is the land of academic women. Be it Khana, Gargi or Maitrayee. Can’t we provide basic comforts to women like sanitation, education, hygiene, etc.?

Right to basic education: That all girls have the right to basic education.

Right to basic hygiene: That all girls have the right to basic hygiene.

Marriage at the right age: all girls marry at the right age. That all girls marry after they reach adulthood and only after receiving the proper education.

Prevention of marital rapes: India is a country with the highest number of marital rapes.

A man is born from the womb of a lady. Behind every successful man there is a lady. Can’t we change the rule and prove and show that the reverse is also possible?

But we are still far from the real truth. Women are tortured to this day. India worships the supreme form of the female deity in the form of Mother Durga. We must never forget that. Even Mother Mary is worshiped before Jesus Christ.

Marital rapes do exist. We do not treat our wives, mothers or girlfriends with the same dignity. We do not practice what we preach. At least I do. I hope you don’t make the same mistake.

That behind every successful lady there is a man: Behind every successful man there is a lady. It is time for us to show that behind every successful lady there is a man. Let’s take a step forward. It is time to prove it. There is no shame in it.

Candida-friendly snacks to keep you satisfied

Whether it’s after a workout, to eliminate boredom in the middle of the day, or as a way to help you move on to the next meal, healthy snacks are an important part of a healthy diet. Of course, when you think of snacks, cookies, potato chips, and other goodies from vending machines probably come to mind, but these just don’t work for someone on a candida diet.

Do not transport! There is a way to enjoy snack time while continuing to keep your body in its optimal state to eliminate candida overgrowth with candida snack ideas.

As someone with a candida condition, it is very important to eliminate all foods that increase yeast from your diet. Foods to avoid include overly processed foods, as well as foods that contain sugar and white flour. These foods feed the yeast problem and cause more serious symptoms.

Instead, focus on whole, natural foods and look for candida recipes. Protein is a great way to strengthen the body through nutrition. Additionally, low-glycemic vegetables and fruits contribute a lot to the candida diet in the form of important vitamins and minerals, which strengthen the system and are important weapons to have in the fight against candida.

Some power punchers to keep in your arsenal while considering healthy, candida-friendly snacks include plain, unsweetened yogurt, which supports healthy bacteria in your body, as well as garlic and cayenne pepper to boost your immune system.

An important aspect of following a candida diet, including all snacks and meals, is always being prepared for when hunger strikes. When you’re so hungry you can eat anything in sight, you probably will. But if you have healthy, candida-safe foods at your fingertips, you’re less likely to get drunk on whatever sugar-laden treats might be hanging around your pantry or office break room.

For maximum success, consider making a potential candida snack list and purchase all the necessary items for a week full of snacks. So you know that when you feel like snacking, you will have attractive options that will fit into your candida diet.

Below are some candida snack ideas to help you put that list together:

Creamy coffee smoothie


2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream

2 whole eggs, raw (or whole powdered eggs)

4 oz. Strong coffee, cooled

2 tablespoons unsweetened syrup (vanilla or caramel are great flavors)

Cinnamon (optional)

3 ice cubes + extra ice for whipping

Combine all ingredients in a blender and serve over ice. Try different flavors and combinations to suit your tastes. Another great option is to replace the coffee with 1.5 teaspoons of unsweetened gelatin mix dissolved in 4 oz. boiling water. Makes a refreshing and fruity smoothie.

Mixed nuts




Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Sugar-free carob chips

Unsweetened grated coconut

Toss it all together, add a baggy one, and you’ve got a great energy-boosting snack for the car, after a workout, or at your desk in the office.

Vegetables and cheese crackers


Any grated cheese (cheddar is a great option)

Sliced ​​vegetables (celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, etc.)

Place small mounds of grated cheese in a hot skillet and fry until golden and crisp. Remove cheese and place on a paper towel-lined plate to absorb excess oil. Let cool and the cheese will become crisp and will be an ideal substitute for traditional crackers or potato chips.

Don’t think that just because you’re on a diet you can’t enjoy your food. With candida snacks, you can keep up with your diet without feeling deprived.

5 Advertising Tricks for Startups to Grow Your Business Now

A common thread about startups is that most are pressed for time and money.

They know they need to establish their brand, but lack the significant funding of most established businesses.

Many try to get ahead in an attempt to pique the interest of journalists and secure media coverage.

They understand that the longer it takes to create a name recognition, the longer it will take to generate sales and profitability, but they are not sure how to get the process going.

Here are five publicity stunts for startups to quickly attract the attention of newspapers, radio and television stations, and generate the publicity necessary for immediate growth.

# 1. Create a short summary that highlights what makes the company special and why it is different from other companies in the market.

A startup should avoid the standard press release if possible.

The common mistake is to create the typical version and send it everywhere in the hope that something will stick.

Instead, depending on the type and scope of the business, offer an exclusive story to the media with lots of news “hooks”.

Point out interesting details and publish your local business newspaper, daily newspaper, or television station announcing your business launch before it happens.

You can put together an interesting summary with an eye-catching headline. Journalists like to publish stories and are always on the lookout for new business they can write or talk about.

Companies can always issue and distribute a standard press release later, after one or two of the major media outlets have published the story.

# 2. Develop a short quirky video for social media.

Video, of course, is widely used in today’s highly digitized world.

A video can humanize owners and team, and get people talking about it.

Many people also prefer to see something than read about it.

A video can help cover all the bases. It can represent some excitement and show aspects of business printing that you cannot deliver.

A company can also link to their video for added public relations value when the company sends out their press release.

# 3. Host a special event.

A special event can generate excitement for leadership, team, and recruiting. The right kind of event can also have a lot of media value.

Creating a special event is where creativity comes in. You can do something a bit out of the ordinary, like create the world’s largest cheeseburger or sell 50 dresses in 50 hours to generate income for a nonprofit or repair a home for a homeowner in need if you are a business. painting or construction company.

You can do something related to computers if you are a technology company.

There are many ways to run an event and achieve your goals. Remember that a business will need something visual if it wants to attract local TV stations.

# 4. Linking with a charity.

Community outreach can be a key part of a communications program. A startup can develop something from scratch that benefits a local charity and attracts media attention.

Editors and producers like companies that do something creative and give back to the community.

You can do some special things with nonprofits that involve taking your pets to work or young children. The media love dogs and children.

# 5. Advertise your press coverage on social media and your website

Your newsroom needs to be kept up to date and make sure to link to your stories across all of your social channels.

Print, video, and digital technology are also pitted against each other with SEO benefits.

Keep in mind that the more coverage you get and the more media relationships you establish, the more credibility you have for future stories.

Do you need to buy cheap apartments for a rental property? Here are 5 options

If you own a rental property or apartments, cheap apartments are a must. Renters coming in and out tend to wear down the floors a lot. With this frequent change, updated décor, such as floors, is crucial to maintaining rented units. The trick is to know the options you have and decide which is the best for you, your needs and your budget. There are 5 very good affordable apartment rental options and each has its own pros and cons.

Carpet – Carpet is probably the most common cheap flooring installed in apartments and rental units. If you know how to search for the right deals, you can get them very cheaply and install them fairly quickly. You should be able to find entry-level plush rugs in neutral colors for less than $ 4.50 per yard (maybe even under $ 4 per yard if you search a lot). Cheap carpet padding will generally cost you an additional $ 2.30 to $ 2.75 per yard for a base density of 6 pounds, 7/16 “thick. You can skimp on the pad by choosing a thinner or lighter pad, but long. run you will end up replacing the pad more often than if you opted for the basic 6 pound style. If you want to stay a little more up to date and install a frieze rug or textured plush, you will almost have to double your budget to around $ 7.00 per La Carpet can be inexpensive as a property rental option, probably one of the cheapest actually, but it won’t last as long as many of the other options, either.

Carpet tile: The carpet tile is a carpet version but modular. It is made with a built-in backrest and comes in square pieces designed to fit side by side. Installation can be very quick and inexpensive and they can be easier to handle than carpet rolls. An advantage of carpet tiles is that they can be replaced individually if one gets too dirty or stains to clean. Using carpet tile can possibly save you some money over time by not having to replace the entire carpet in one unit. Commercial grade carpet tiles also handle heavy traffic much better than cheap, traditional plush rugs. Carpet tiles can be found for as little as $ 4.50 / yard at $ 7.00 square yard range.

Laminate – Laminate flooring can be inexpensive and highly functional in rental properties and apartments. The laminate is virtually smudge-proof, holds up well against most scratches, and handles foot traffic very well. Laminate will last much longer than carpet options and can be quite inexpensive when looking for lower end styles in the 6 mil to 7 mil thickness range. You should be able to buy an entry-level laminate flooring for less than $ 8 a yard ($ .89 a foot). The main drawback of laminate is its susceptibility to water. Laminate floors hate water and moisture. Kitchens and bathrooms are generally not good areas to install laminate flooring.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles: along with laminate, a very good option for its economy and longer duration than other options. Luxury vinyl planks that simulate the look of wood and vinyl tiles that have the appearance of ceramic, slate, or marble can handle spills and constant traffic very well. Additionally, luxury vinyl planks and tiles work well in rental properties due to their ability to resist most scratches. These are not the same as peeling and gluing vinyl planks and tiles which can be a bad idea for rental units (peel and stick vinyl floors tend to come back up and can be a maintenance headache) . Quality luxury vinyl tile and planks can be found for as little as $ 1.25 per square foot. This tends to be a touch high compared to some of the other options, but it will last much longer than most options.

Traditional Vinyl Sheet – Vinyl sheet products are actually quite sturdy and handle abuse quite well. The hit against traditional vinyl is that it looks cheap. Vinyl roll products have come a long way and some of the newer patterns look much better than they did in the past. The advantage of vinyl items is that they work very well in humid areas such as bathrooms, laundry areas, and kitchens. A good way to save money on vinyl for rental properties or apartments is to find a source that allows you to get discounted products that are considered overs or seconds. If you can find these types of vinyl, you should be able to buy them for less than $ 6 a square yard for a very good quality product. You can also find premium construction vinyl for around $ 6 a yard.

When the power grid goes out: why you should worry about preparing for disasters and emergencies

Imagine a life without the conveniences we all expect from today’s modern infrastructure. Every time you flush the toilet, turn on a light, turn on the air conditioner, open the refrigerator, brush your teeth, drink a glass of water, cook on the stove, listen to your iPod, shop at the store, drive your car, drink Take a shower, call your mom, mow the lawn, or just sit down with a cold glass of iced tea, you’re relying on an intricate and interwoven structure of supply and distribution networks that make all these “little” conveniences possible. What many of us don’t consider, or don’t even think about, is that this supply and distribution network is highly interdependent, which means that disturbances in one part of the network can send shock waves throughout the system, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and households in very unpredictable ways.

As an example, consider a “simple” 7-day power outage (an increasingly common occurrence in today’s uncertain world). Once the electrical grid has been depleted, so is the energy to pump water, sewage, street lighting, shop lighting, house lighting, refrigeration, heating systems, security systems, telecommunications systems, gasoline pumps and more. You will not be able to go to the store to buy the food, water, medicine and supplies you so desperately need because the stores will be closed; stores that can somehow remain open will be sold out in a few hours. You will not be able to drive to an unaffected location because the gasoline pumps will not be operational; all you have is what’s in your tank. Your refrigerated food will go bad in a few hours, your sewage will accumulate, and you won’t have fans to remove odor and heat, or heaters to warm you from the biting cold. The ice will disappear in warmer latitudes. You’ll run out of food as soon as your pantry is empty, and the only water you’ll have to drink or clean is what you had in the bottles before the power outage happened. If you have an emergency, you won’t be able to call 911 because telecommunications probably won’t work.

What will the next 7 days be like for you and your family? Here’s what it looked like for a victim:

“We had no idea how the power outage would affect us. We planned ahead, but there are so many things you don’t think about and the water runs out so fast. We had to wait in line to get water. Who would have thought a toilet takes almost three gallons to fill just to flush! People here would have paid any amount of money for a battery operated fan, we were miserable! “- Renee Sutherland, Hurricane Gustav survivor

If you’re not properly prepared, you’re likely to spend the week nervously standing in a long line of grumpy and seemingly hostile strangers, all waiting for a government aide (who can take days to arrive). If that sounds bad, then you now know what millions of unprepared people have been through (or in some cases, not), after a major disaster hit them.

Peace of mind in these uncertain times comes from reasonable preparation – a balance between personal responsibility to prepare for potential natural and man-made disasters, the recognition that it could actually happen to you and your family, and the appreciation that there is a safety net. out there ready to help … but one where you’ll have to be prepared to wait. It’s the waiting that can hurt you:

“I live in northwestern Pennsylvania. In the interior of the United States. Who would have thought I should be prepared for a week-long power outage due to a hurricane that made landfall in Texas? Ike soared toward the country, we hit 80 mph winds and left us totally unprepared. There was a race at Wal-Mart, and I had to rely on my neighbors to help me get through the outage. A neighbor had a generator, and he went from house to house giving us each one hour of power to cool our food and what little water we have left. ” Alita Gail – Hurricane Ike Survivor

The question of survival in today’s complex, increasingly unpredictable and dangerous world is simple: given the potential dangers likely to affect it (such as an economic collapse that severely disrupts our supply chain and support networks, or a natural disaster to Katrina scale, or social unrest, etc.), do you have the necessary supplies on hand to overcome the waiting period … to stay home peacefully in the comfort and company of your family and loved ones? Or will you be waiting anxiously in a long line of strangers, hoping to get to the front before supplies run out?

The choice, and the decision, is yours … Never forget that when the time for action is upon you, the time to prepare is over.

Be careful. Stay informed. To be prepared.


What is a circle game at a sports betting event?

Visitors to Las Vegas or online sportsbooks may find some games on the betting board that will have special rules attached to betting. Such games will be circled on the betting board. A red box means that the line is “circled” and subject to reduced betting limits.

Often time bookmakers surround games on the betting board due to injuries impacting the players. NFL teams that compete on Sundays are required to submit their injury reports on Friday and provide updates on Saturday. In recent years, the NFL adopted a rule that requires teams to reveal Wednesday through Friday who missed practice and who had limited work during practice. Best practice for sports betting professionals would be to browse individual team websites that post injury and practice information on the health of their players.

Injury reports have been very accurate in recent years because the NFL wants to protect the integrity of the league because insider information about injuries could be exploited. So the teams have been very forthcoming about the health of their players. Injuries affecting players such as the starting quarterback, running back, and impact wide receivers will have Las Vegas and online sportsbooks circling the game on the sports betting board until their status is determined on. the moment of the game. Savvy sports bettors follow the best practice of shopping for individual sportsbooks to find the odds that are best established on the side they want to bet on.

Sometimes Las Vegas or online sportsbooks can lose important information about team injuries and a smart bettor can bet on a good number of bets that favor the bettor. Professional players look for knee, foot, and ankle injuries in runners. A running back who is not 100% healthy and plays with ankle, foot, or knee injuries will find his average yards per carry often drop well below his average. This places the offense in second and third and long situations or what are known as obvious passing situations. Defenses who know the pass is approaching can adapt to pass coverage by creating less space for wide receivers to roam the routes, making it very difficult for the quarterback to complete the pass, increasing the chance of a pass. Turnover. With a capable backup runner, it is often better for a team not to play with a runner who has ankle, knee, or foot injuries. Many professional sports bettors will be looking to play against a team that is starting an impact runner who is playing with an ankle, foot, or knee injury.

If inclement weather is forecast for an outdoor game site, a sportsbook will surround the game and bettors will have reduced betting limits on the game until approximately one hour before game time. Wind can greatly influence aerial play and best practice for professional sports bettors will seek to play college and professional football if the betting line has not yet been bet down. There are times when the pro has information on inclement weather prior to Las Vegas or from online sportsbooks and this is a scenario where they are betting at an advantage.

Many sports bettors will find NBA games circled on the Las Vegas sports betting board or online. Often times, an NBA team will report a minor ailment to a player in their rotation and list them as questionable or doubtful. Savvy betting professionals will tune in to the NBA team’s pregame show 30 minutes prior to the start of the game for injury-specific information on teams that impact players in their rotation. In the NBA, if an impact player is lost due to injury, the replacement player will often step up and the team will be successful in distributing points in the first game the team plays without its impact player. in the lineup.

A line may be circled when something other than the game (for example, factors or weather conditions) could affect the outcome of the game. As many bookmakers do not have enough information about the game and cannot accurately balance the action as it arrives, you cannot add circled lines to a parlay. Some Las Vegas or online sportsbooks may have too much action on one side of the game and even with a line move they cannot attract the action of the other team. Most bookmaker business models are designed to try to balance trading across all games and protect their results. Most bookmakers try not to have all of their lines circled. The red box can be removed closer to the start of the game.