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Florida vacation destinations

Florida is the place known for its beauty and fun-filled vacations. As you have already decided to go on vacation to Florida, the main requirement becomes a travel guide, which introduces you to the attractions and how to visit them all.

Florida, the sunny state is not only limited to the beauty of the beaches, the clear water and the sparkling snow, but much more. It is a state with diverse culture and beautiful people. Its artistic and cultural wealth allows you to rediscover yourself and its splendid beauty revitalizes your mind. The ‘Sunshine State’ can be explored in three parts, South Florida, Central Florida, and North Florida.

North Florida is made up of beautiful cities and beaches. These cities give you the luxury of enjoying various water sports and recreational activities such as fishing.

Ft. Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Miami and Key Largo are the major cities in South Florida. These cities are known for the beautiful beaches and nightlife. The number one beach in the world, Black Beach, is located in Miami. Miami and St. Petersburg are also popular as centers of arts and entertainment.

Central Florida features Tampa Bay, home to Busch Gardens, and Orlando, home to Disney World. You can also find Sea World in Orlando. In east Orlando is the popular Daytona Beach. From Daytona Beach, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is just a short drive away. Florida vacations offer an exciting, exciting, and exciting experience. So pack your bags and explore the world of water and sand.

Beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a very large metropolitan area. For tourism purposes, the only relevant sections of San Juan discussed in this article are Old San Juan, Puerto de Tierra, Condado, Ocean Park, and the adjoining Isla Verde neighborhood in Carolina City.

The rules of the beaches


Tourists are often surprised at how alcohol-friendly San Juan is. Alcohol (beer in particular) is sold practically on all beaches. Bathers often bring beer, wine, and cocktails to the beach. Not only is it legal to drink on public beaches, it is also licensed by the City.


There is no nudity in Puerto Rico. There are no “private” or secluded areas to engage in such behavior in San Juan.


There are no rules about the volume of music or the use of electronic equipment on the beach. The only limitations are those self-imposed by taste and courtesy.

The neighborhoods

Old San Juan

Old San Juan sits on a cliff facing north and is bordered by a harbor to the south. The only public beach is at the foot of San Cristóbal. This beach is rocky, uncomfortable and difficult to access. In addition, it borders two ghettos (La Perla and Puerto de Tierra). This beach should probably be avoided by non-residents who are unfamiliar with Puerto Rican culture.

Land port

Next to the Caribe Hilton there is a lagoon and a beach very popular with locals. Since the area has restrooms, ample parking, and easy road access, this beach (Escambrón) is extremely popular with locals. Tourists rarely venture to this beach, which is often noisy and typically Puerto Rican. It is not dangerous during the day, but caution should be exercised at night due to its remoteness and proximity to the Puerto de Tierra ghetto.


Condado has several noteworthy beaches. First is the Playita, a closed lagoon on the edge of the Condado bridge. The lagoon stretches around the bay that separates Miramar from Condado, and is known for its kayaking, paddling, and calm lake qualities. Playita is perfect for young children and is totally safe, day or night.

The beach adjacent to La Concha is known for the boardwalk that partially surrounds the beach front. Chairs are available and on Sundays the adjacent Ventana del Mar festivals add excitement to the area. Caution: the tides between La Concha and the outcrop behind Presby Hospital have claimed lives in the past. This area is excellent for wading and swimming close to shore, but caution must be exercised due to frequent swells. This beach is also known for its surfers and bodyboarders due to the higher than normal waves.

The gay beach in front of Oceano and Atlantic Beach Hotel is just past La Concha. This section of San Juan beach has been a gay favorite for decades. Hangovers are sometimes a problem here too.

The final stretch of beach behind the Marriott is dotted with rocky outcrops. There is a surf area directly behind the Marriott, but surfers must surf the rocks to enjoy the waves. Condado beaches are completely safe during the day and generally very safe at night.

Ocean park

The beaches of Ocean Park are the best in the city of San Juan. The beach begins at the outcrop behind Presby Hospital, and after 30 meters of hidden rocky obstacles, it softens to a calm and typically tropical beach. The mile-long beachfront has volleyball nets, palm trees, street vendors (ice cream, beer, ‘alcapurrias’), and gentle waves. The area east of Presby Hospital is a favorite with other surfers. The beaches of Ocean Park are completely safe during the day, caution should be exercised at night due to the lack of lighting and foot traffic.

Ultimate car

Situated between Isla Verde and Ocean Park it is another local favorite. Ultimo Trolley, named for its location as the last stop of the now-defunct San Juan streetcar, has ample parking and street vendors. The adjacent gazebo and sports arena host salsa bands, artists, athletes, and other locals who visit the beach during the day. The area should be avoided at night.

Green Island

Isla Verde is technically located in the City of Carolina. The crescent-shaped beach front is lined with luxury resorts and hotels. The area is known for its calm waves and its safety. The mile-long beach ends at El Ambique, a local favorite with a couple of bars and restaurants lining the beach area. Isla Verde has banana boat rentals, massage chairs, and a variety of other amenities for luxury lovers.


San Juan is special since it is one of the few cosmopolitan cities in the world that can boast of having a tropical beach. San Juan has three miles of pristine tropical beaches that are completely public. The variety of beaches provides opportunities for everyone from children to adrenaline lovers.

Seattle Wedding Ceremony Locations: 6 Cool, Trendy, and Fun Places to Get Married

Looking for a cool, modern, and fun venue for your Seattle, Washington wedding ceremony?

Whether you live in Seattle or travel to the Emerald City for your wedding ceremony and celebration, here are six cool, trendy, and fun venues and venues for your wedding ceremony, including a couple who are truly “hidden wedding gems.”

6 cool, trendy, and fun venues for your Seattle wedding ceremony:

1) To the Washington State Ferry: There is nothing more “northwest” than a ferry from Seattle. Every day from downtown Seattle, there is a ferry between downtown Seattle and Bainbridge Island. This is a 35 minute ferry ride and offers the bride and groom a fantastic opportunity to get married on the boat and celebrate over lunch or dinner at a quaint restaurant on popular Bainbridge Island. Check with the Washington State Ferry System as you need a permit to have your ceremony on board the ferry, and make sure the Captain knows you are on board to receive a special “happy marriage” message!

2) The new pergola at Seattle’s Richmond Beach Saltwater Park: Talk about a hidden wedding gem! Last year, the city of Seattle did some renovations to an area of ​​this neighborhood park. If you are looking for a high-cliff ceremony area overlooking the Puget Sound, this is definitely a place to consider. Contact the City of Seattle Parks Department for permission to reserve your time and date.

3) Magnuson Dog Park: If you are a dog lover and adore them, what better place to get married than in “dog heaven” at Seattle’s Magnuson Dog Park? This popular park is “disneyland doggy” and a perfect place for a couple who would love to have hundreds of canines as wedding guests!

4) Marry a “duck” ~ If you really want to get hip and have a little fun, contact the fun folks at “Ride the Duck” to organize your wedding ceremony on a duck! This is a popular tourist attraction in Seattle and if you really want to have fun and “be out there” this could be it!

5) Sylvan Theater on the campus of the University of Washington: This is a hidden oasis within the University of Washington and offers an exquisite setting for a wedding, large or small, informal or formal. If you want to get away, this is a perfect place. If you want a ceremony for 200 people, that works too. This is an especially nice place in the summer months when the campus is not crowded with students.

6) Japanese Gardens at the Washington Park Arboretum: You’d think more people would know about this location for a Seattle wedding ceremony! If you love the tradition and ritual of Japanese tradition, or just love a Japanese garden, there is no better place to get married in Seattle than the Japanese gardens at the Washington Park Arboretum.

The History of Vanderbilt Beach

Located just three miles north of Naples, Vanderbilt Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Gulf stretching from Delnor Wiggins State Park to the entrance to the public beach. Its glamorous name hides its more humble origins.

In the 1950s, this pristine strip of paradise was comprised primarily of oak scrub with mangroves and lagoons facing the spectacular waters of the Gulf. JB Connors, a Tampa highway builder, saw the potential of the area and completed development in 1959. By the time the preparation process began, the only occupants were shifting cultivators and the occasional occupants of a fishing camp in the north. .

Connors chose the name “Vanderbilt Beach” as a marketing gimmick to convey the impression of wealth and prestige for the newly minted development. His dream of a deed restricted community with parks, open areas, easy access to water for the families that inhabited the development is still alive today. To preserve his vision, he helped create the Vanderbilt Beach Property Owners Association, which has a responsibility to protect deed restrictions.

The first owners in the early 1960s reveled in a lifestyle that included easy walks to the beach, carriage rides, cookouts, and organized water activities such as boating and fishing. The construction boom of the late 1970s ushered in condominiums for full and part-time residents, as well as the development of a small commercial section at the corner of Gulf Shore Drive and Vanderbilt Beach Road. Today, many of the original homes have been demolished to make way for a wide range of architectural home styles and sizes. Planned developments such as the Regatta, Moraya Bay and Connors estates have further expanded the neighborhood and established Vanderbilt Beach as one of the best luxury beachfront communities in Southwest Florida.

Ideal for long walks on the beach, the sugary sands of Vanderbilt Beach are flat and well-maintained. Despite the spectacular tropical scenery, you can still easily access restaurants and convenience stores from the beachfront restaurant and bar at the Ritz Carlton Beach Hotel to the famous Turtle Club to the north. Cabana Dan’s on the beach sells snacks, drinks, and rents beach gear. Beach parking is available in a 340-space garage located west of the Ritz Carlton hotel and just steps from the beach.

From nature to its position as one of the most popular attractions in the Gulf, Vanderbilt Beach has earned its name for luxury while fulfilling JB Connors’ original vision.

Anna Maria Island Vacation Home Rentals – Centralized and Secluded

Vacation home rentals on Anna Maria Island are numerous and diverse. From the largest group to the couple on a getaway looking for private moments, Anna Maria Island beach rentals are some of the best vacation homes in Florida and cater to all wishes.

Anna Maria Island is south of Tampa Bay. On a secluded island, off the beaten track, there is a main road leading from one end to the other with a small portion near the public beaches that is a main thoroughfare. Although sometimes the traffic on this section can be heavy, it is a very small area of ​​the island. The highway leads to Bradenton, Florida, which is a good-sized city and the closest to the island. However, to the south is Longboat Key. An exclusive address to own, Longboat Key is a pleasant approximately 10 mile drive into Sarasota.

Before arriving in Sarasota, the appropriate Lido Key will appear. Lido Key is a quaint little town with several shops and lounges. Of course, there are nice public beaches available and Key offers a great destination for a day trip while on vacation on Anna Maria Island. However, that’s just the beginning.

If you continue about five miles further south (driving distance) you will reach Siesta Key and the world famous white sands of Siesta Beach. A coveted destination for people from all over the world, Siesta Beach has a wide range of amenities. Tennis courts, BBQ grills, volleyball courts, and the largest white sand beach you will ever see. It really is a spectacular place and if you plan a trip for a Sunday you may be able to join the drum circle as the sunsets set. What is the drum circle? You have to live it to understand it, but it’s great.

As you can see, Anna Maria Island vacation home rentals prove to be a great starting place for exotic locations close at hand. The beautiful island, while close to many places, is a secluded spot for a wonderful getaway, so you may not want to leave for a minute. After all, it is home to some of the best vacation homes in Florida. A beach rental on Anna Maria Island will likely keep you home to enjoy spectacular sunsets and hunt for dolphins that play in the gulf. On the other hand, you may want to ride the waves in search of shark teeth as the sun rises. Anna Maria Island is a great place for a relaxing vacation.

Wildfire, Drought, Water Supply, and Wildfire Watch Programs

My uncle was in charge of a wildland fire battalion for almost 20 years in the mountains above Central Valley, CA. It has fought some of the largest wildfires in the country. Why do we have such big fires in the west? One reason is cyclical weather cycles. La Niña and El Niño cause us major problems in our civilization, causing droughts and floods, which means that you have growth and fuel that burns when it dries up. We understand that many fires are started by lightning and occur naturally, but unfortunately some are man-made. These are due to total negligence or related to arson. We’ve been through severe droughts before, as you can see, as well as years with too much water. If you’re interested, I’ve written a free 21-page online e-book on how to set up a neighborhood fire watch program in your area.


2005 appears to be a troublesome year for such wildfires, so we must be diligent. Did you know that up to 20,000 small bush fires each year occur this way? Most are caught quickly and are a fact of nature.

The first voyages of Spanish explorers recorded in the log books of the many wildfires along the California coast. There are indigenous plants that require fires to help them reproduce and spread their seeds. As the forest service reduces the number of roads each year due to environmental pressure groups, these fires are more difficult to fight. President Bush recently reversed this problem, but the roads will not be built in time to help the 2005 or 2006 fire seasons. And if weeds are not thinned out for years because old weeds are not being collected by industry logging or diminished by fires, communities near forest areas will not have any breakthrough from the hazard. This fact tends to make big fires even bigger and almost invincible. This makes USDAFS controlled forests and lands extremely vulnerable to this natural disaster.

Once a fire is out of control, it can burn without additional heat or wind, creating its own. Having developed our business model at my company over the past 25 years in harsh and sometimes extreme fire hazard areas, we have come to understand that our small yellow mobile car wash trucks that run around the clock can be used to other things when needed. Our team says, “when the going gets tough, we will be there for the community.” If we can put out or help control a small bush fire until the real fire department or forest service arrives, we will be more than happy to do so, in fact we feel it is our duty as Americans. Over the years this has happened multiple times and we are quick to help.



However, after putting out or at least slowing down the fire in its early stages, we thought it would be much better if we could help deter man-made fires through conspicuous observation in an arson surveillance program. These fires may be dispossessing those who live near those areas, as well as well-preserved lands set aside for public use and future generations. Although small efforts in our humble beginnings, it shows that we have always cared about people, property, wildlife and public lands. I know all the small businesses because about your community and I want to help, maybe you can volunteer to set up an Arson Watch program in your area. We have been designing this type of program for governments for more than a decade. It seems that our drought problems are indeed related to climate change, which is perhaps a completely natural cycle and only partly a factor of pollution of humanity, but whatever is happening, we will have to deal with these problems. . These droughts will continue, and as our population grows and uses more water, it will appear that they will get worse.

It is more serious than I imagined. We discussed this information with a Los Alamos scientist who said Santa Fe / Albuquerque was preparing for a 23-year drought and they were discussing ways to mitigate it and the possibility of fires and running out of water if they try to fight them. . This happened in California in 1993 when they ran out of water and did not have enough water flow to put out the fires that were ravaging seven counties simultaneously.

We are in the car wash business and the car wash industry is quite concerned and many of us in the industry are aware of it. But we are not the only industry severely affected, it spans any industry that needs water, think about it; Golf courses, agriculture, manufacturing, hydroelectric power generation, fishing are also seriously affected and if it hurts those industries it hurts us all. We need water like you. Droughts are severe, fires are most intense when the land is dry, and we must be proactive to prevent fires and put out fires that endanger human life as quickly as possible; Think about it.

Homer Alaska Bed and Breakfast – The Chocolate Drop Inn

Homer, Alaska is home to the best log inn, Chocolate Drop Inn, with a majestic view of Kachemak

Bahia, Kenai Mountain Range and four glaciers, along with “Chocolate Drop Mountain”. Built in 1993, the Chocolate Drop Inn is 8,000 square feet. foot wooden inn with 5 bedrooms and a family suite that includes private baths and entrances, queen size beds, televisions and telephones. Additionally, guests enjoy a recreation room, Jacuzzi and sauna, and sumptuous hot breakfasts featuring fresh seafood from the bay.

To get around scenic Homer, Alaska, Jeeps “R” Us Car Rentals are located at the Homer Airport Terminal and specialize in four-wheel drive vehicles.

While in Homer, enjoy some of the best fishing in Alaska for halibut, salmon, and trout. For the bird watcher, be sure to visit during the week of May 10-13, 2007 for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. More than 100,000 shorebirds pass through this region representing more than 25 species from as far away as Asia, Hawaii and South America.

Homer has long been known for its abundant bird species, which migrate through the area and create a surge of excitement for birding photographers around the world. Hundreds of species of migratory seabirds and waterfowl move through Homer annually providing incredible displays of flight, flash and color. Enjoy a day on the water with a guided bird watcher cruise and experience first-hand why Kachemak Bay is such a popular destination for bird watchers.

We recommend that you bring a backpack with suntan lotion, camera, binoculars, light rain gear, snacks, bottled water, gloves, hat, and first aid kit on your bird watching excursion.

Enjoy your stay at the Chocolate Drop Inn.

Prevent dehydration during your ski trips

Ski trips and dehydration may seem like an unusual combination, considering that people often associate dryness with arid summer days. But on the contrary, you are twice as likely to become dehydrated during the unforgiving winter months.

During cold weather or at higher altitudes, the air becomes drier. As our bodies have to work twice as hard to moisten and warm the air we breathe, our need to drink also increases.

Therefore, experts advise that you should never skip hydration breaks during your ski vacation.

So how do you stay hydrated on your ski getaway, especially if you’re spending your vacation at a higher altitude? Here are some tips:

Drink plenty of water. It is an obvious way to hydrate. Drinking more than 4 liters of water a day can help replenish fluids you have lost while sweating in the gym or on the slopes. If drinking cold water in winter isn’t too appealing to you, then drink, keep your water bottle out of the refrigerator, or warm it up a bit.

TIP: Is running water too heavy? Prepare spa water. Add slices of a lemon, an orange and a half cucumber, and some mint leaves to a jug of water and let it steep overnight.

Eat foods rich in potassium. Potassium helps keep water in your cells, thus protecting you against the harmful effects of dehydration. Winter squash, prunes, and sweet potatoes are just a few of the potassium-rich foods you can enjoy during the winter.

Take it easy with your sodium intake. Sodium does the exact opposite of what potassium does in cells: draw water out of them. That is why it is important to minimize the consumption of foods rich in sodium, such as potato chips. To control your sodium intake, choose to cook your food from scratch (as long as the chalet you are staying in during your ski trip has a kitchen) rather than opting for packaged meals. You will be surprised how much sodium is in a prepared pepperoni pizza.

Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption. That cool feeling you get after drinking a chilled bottle of beer after a long run is only temporary. Alcohol interferes with our body’s function to reabsorb water, prompting you to urinate more.

As a result, you lose more fluids than you gain when you drink alcohol.

More than just keeping thirst at bay, hydrating during your ski trips can help prevent the health consequences that dehydration brings: hypothermia, altitude sickness, and frostbite.

Day trips worth taking to some small towns around San Francisco

There are tons of things to do, just like when you are in San Francisco. The region’s busiest boardwalk, Fisherman’s Wharf, a famous and former home of Al Capone, Alcatraz Island, the definitive and iconic landmark that is Golden Gate, and the vibrant neighborhood of Union Square and Chinatown; Days can be spent languidly sunbathing along one of its quiet beaches or trekking through the rugged terrain of the Santa Cruz Mountains. San Francisco is also blessed with spectacular scenery, an abundance of vineyards and wineries, and has small towns and large cities just a short charter bus ride away.

On the outskirts of bustling downtown San Francisco are mysterious caverns, challenging state parks, deep canyons, rock climbing sites, redwoods, campgrounds, ranches, beaches, and adventure-filled nature. After all, if you’ve been to Golden Gate, Alcatraz Island, the most elegant aquariums in the world, seen the best shows at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, or climbed to take in the breathtaking views of Twin Peaks, it is possible. you are ready something different.

1. Tiburon and Angel Island

Distance: 45 minute drive from San Francisco on I-580 E and I-80 W

Tiburon Peninsula and Angel Island, both collectively and individually, have been causing a sensation on the San Francisco travel scene. With fewer tourists compared to other towns and cities, you can easily enjoy a walking tour while exploring quaint shops and passing charming bakeries or renting a bike for a road tour of the city and island. You can customize your own tours to take you past beaches, ferry terminals and magnificent mansions, visit the Angel Island Immigration Station which houses countless documents left behind by many immigrants who traveled across the vast Pacific Ocean to reach San Francisco via Angel Island (it is used to serve as a detention center).

When you’re in the mood for a few glasses of beer or cups of coffee, choose from the countless picnic areas scattered across the island. Just look around you and you will see that the streets are lined with quaint restaurants, fast food restaurants, and world-class restaurants for date nights and corporate dinners alike. The coastline along Tiburon, meanwhile, is ready for a postcard; ready to watch the San Francisco sunset across the bay. Thanks to the fact that Tiburon is now considered one of the fastest growing tourist and commuter cities in San Francisco, it enjoys fast ferry services and has a very high concentration of posh outlets, shops, cafes and bars.

What to Visit in Tiburon – Angel Island

  • Angel Island – Ferry Tiburon

    21 Main St, Tiburon, CA 94920-2533

    (415) 435-2131

  • Sausalito Visitor Center 780 Bridgeway, Foot of El Portal Street at Ferry Pier, Sausalito, CA 94965-2159 (415) 331-1093
  • Blackie’s Pasture Tiburon Peninsula Foundation, Tiburon, CA 94920 A monument dedicated to a horse that used to roam the expanse of the park throughout its life.
  • San Francisco Bay Model 2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965-1753 (415) 332-3870
  • Tennessee Valley Trail Start 591 Tennessee Valley Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941-3627 (415) 331-1540
  • Vista Point Us-101, Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, CA 94965 (415) 921-5858
  • Bay Area Discovery Museum 557 McReynolds Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965-2614 (415) 339-3900

2. Skyline Boulevard, Woodside

Location: 35-minute drive from San Francisco on I-280 N

Escape to the woods and cool hillsides of Woodside for spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and its bay area. Visit quaint restaurants like Alice’s Restaurant for a barbecue and burger, sample gluten-free beer, and then head to Thomas Fogarty Winery for delicious signature wines in the romantic wood-paneled gazebo. For some self-reflection or inner calm, take the charter bus to the Jikoji Zen Center. The center was founded by Steve Job’s mentor, Kobun Chino Otogawa. It is entirely up to you whether you want to feel comfortable meditating in its tranquil zendos or taking a walk through its tranquil grounds to get your mental ducks in line.

Woodside is an upscale, intentionally small neighborhood with a small but distinct number of shops, restaurants, and pubs. While its Michelin-starred pub-restaurant is a good reason to visit Woodside, many cyclists are also magnetically drawn to the city. The Tour of California bike race previously made its rounds along CA-84 and Skyline Boulevard. If you love the quiet side of California, Woodside is the place for it.

Places To Visit at Woodside, Skyline Boulevard

  • Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, USA (650) 691-1200
  • Regional open space of the central peninsula For horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking
  • Alice’s Restaurant 17288 Skyline Boulevard, Woodside, CA 94062 (650) 851-0303
  • Thomas Fogarty Winery 19501 Skyline Boulevard, Woodside, CA (650) 851 6777
  • Jikoji Zen Center 12100 Skyline Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95033 (408) 741-9562
  • Filoli 86 Canada Road, Woodside, CA 94062-4144 (650) 364-8300
  • The Stanford Shopping Center 680 Stanford Shopping Ctr, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1400 (650) 617-8200
  • Rodin Sculpture Garden Stanford University, Stanford, CA (650) 723-4177

3. The Cats

Location: 50 minute drive from San Francisco via CA-85 and US-101 N

The proper word to prescribe a place like Los Gatos is ‘opulent’ but many would also say that it is a charming and eclectic town located at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains where the affluent groups and individuals of Californian society congregate. They have their lunches and teas. With the number of Michelin-starred restaurants, quaint diners, splashes of popular bistros, and old-school sweet shops lining the streets, walking the streets of Los Expenses would be like stepping in and out of a time machine. . It brims with nostalgia without giving in to the rapid modernization of California.

With Los Gatos ranked as one of the richest cities in the United States, it is also the headquarters site of choice for big-name companies, notably Netflix. And as expected. During the expansion and development of the city, it also earned a reputation as an arts colony. He regularly brought in musicians, painters, actors, writers, and producers, including Joan Fontaine, Olivia de Havilland, and Yehudi Menuhin. Little by little it developed over time as a quiet suburban community in bustling San José. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy, a Paris-emulated Ponte des Artes bridge along the Main Street bridge, mountain bike trails, scenic mountainous terrain, space reserves, and a major mining museum that documented the influx of immigrants during the Gold Rush and the city. It was mining to visit when in town.

Places To Visit in Los Gatos, CA

  • El Sereno Open Space Preserve Los Gatos, CA 95030, USA (650) 691-1200
  • Sierra Azul Open Space Reserve 16800-17162 Alma Bridge Rd, Los Gatos, CA 94022 (650) 691-1200
  • New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum 21350 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95120 (408) 323-1107
  • English Camp Loop Panoramic views of surrounding townships, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding along rivers flanked by wildflowers when in bloom
  • Vasona Park 333 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 356-2729
  • Mount Umunhum A mountain peak in California, sometimes called Mount Um, ‘El Cubo’ or ‘La Caja’ by locals. New hiking and mountain biking trails, as part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, recently opened in 2017, come with pavement, restrooms, and interpretive displays.
  • New Los Gatos Museum 106 E Main St, Los Gatos, CA 95030 (408) 354-2646
  • Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad 233 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 395-7433

4. Point Reyes

Location: 1 hour and 45 minutes from San Francisco via US-101 S

Just know that when you need to get away from traffic, the hustle and bustle of city life, and the constant whirlwind of social buzz, there are 71,000 acres of nature preserve along the Pacific coast, dramatic drops, and habitats for local wildlife to see and experience a short distance. from San Francisco at Point Reyes. In addition to its towering lighthouses, the overexcited colony of elephant seals, the cheerful school of migrating Pacific gray whales and the ancient Douglas fir forest, it has vantage points where you can see the best sunrise and sunset, as well as beaches like Heart’s. Desire Beach in Tomales Bay, where sunbathing is the staple.

You can also participate in Point Reyes Safaris and West Marin Food and Farm Tours to see the finer things in life, see elk, coyotes, and seabirds make their way through the slightly challenging terrain at Tule Elk Preserve, and enjoy delicious local food. and drinks at Heidrun Meadery and award-winning artisan cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, which operates out of a restored hay barn. Visitors can also enjoy an unconventional 2-hour horseback ride on charming, well-trained horses with Point Reyes Arabian Adventures, or soak up the views while soaking up the sun on the private boat with Tomales Bay Sailing that begins at Point Reyes Station. . With a nice mix of incredible adventures and slow-paced activities that lets you relax a bit, Point Reyes is the perfect destination for a day trip or quick weekend getaway.

Places To Visit in Point Reyes, CA

  • Tomales Bay Sailing Point Reyes Station, CA 94956-1027 (415) 787-4886
  • Point Reyes Arabian Adventures 11925 Hwy 1, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 (707) 477-7181
  • Bear Valley Visitor Center 1 Bear Valley Visitor Center Access Road, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA 94956 (415) 464-5100
  • Chimney Rock – Point Reyes National Seashore
  • Cowgirl Creamery 80 4th St, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 (415) 663-9335
  • Point Reyes Books 11315 CA-1, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 (415) 663-1542
  • Bear Valley Rd Earthquake Trail, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA 94956
  • Heart’s Desire Beach Station Point Reyes, CA
  • Marconi State Historical Park 18500 Ca-1, Point Reyes Station, CA 94940 (415) 663-9020
  • Toby’s Power Barn 11250 Ca-1, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 (415) 663-1223

While the encapsulated shoreline and access to the endlessness of the Pacific Ocean are reason enough to take you on the many ‘wild getaways’ around San Francisco, they provide you with plenty of mental space for reflections, ample open space for explorations, and activities that will transport you. to a whole new world. Watching the seals, walking the trails, meditating, and wine tasting are wonderful activities that will help you refocus and rebalance from the business of city life.

So is San Francisco the right place for your family day trip?

You can customize your own tours to take you past beaches, ferry terminals and magnificent mansions, enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the bay area, pass famous restaurants and cafes to enjoy delicious local delicacies. There is something for everyone from wineries to award-winning cheese producers.

The best hotels in Puerto Rico

What are the best hotels and resorts in Puerto Rico?

Rio Mar Beach & Spa- (a Wyndham Grand Resort) it is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the El Yunque National Forest; It has balconies with views of the mountains or the sea. This resort is home to two championship golf courses, three seaside pools, a spa, a gym, an on-site dive center, and a watersports center. It also has 12 restaurants offering a variety of dining options from Asian, Italian, Mexican, and authentic Puerto Rican. There is a kids’ club, casino, and game room on the property.

Hix Island House Hix Island House interestingly blends indoor and outdoor space, giving you easy access to tropical trees outside your patio, exotic birds singing, cool island breezes to sleep in, and beautiful sunrises to wake up to. Above the landscaped roof, a canopy is the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise or sunrise. The atmosphere at Hix Island House is informal, relaxing, comfortable, and restful.

Dorset Spring with horns It has panoramic ocean views and an aristocratic Spanish / European style atmosphere. This elegant property opens onto a secluded private beach, its private rooms are furnished with queen-size sofa beds, luxurious bedding, and Persian rugs. Some of the units have private pools; others offer private terraces or sun terraces. The hacienda is complete with terraces by the sea, waterfalls of flowers and wicker armchairs. It houses two restaurants, three outdoor pools, free kayaking, a bar, and a gym.

Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan It is located in the center of the modern Isla Verde tourist district of San Juan. The hotel is adjacent to shops, casinos, beaches and the island’s nightlife. There are 25 restaurants within walking distance. This San Juan hotel consists of two towers connected by a lobby with a glass wall overlooking the pools, Jacuzzi and tropical garden. Enjoy a free hot breakfast daily, as well as a fitness center. For corporate travel, there are meeting and banquet rooms with audiovisual equipment. Suites at very reasonable prices.

Bahia Marina Bondo Resort this complex is on a bay and a port, bordering a nature reserve and the Caribbean suites. The wonderful thing about this complex is that it has villas and suites. All have private balconies, full kitchens, and the ability to sleep in the living room. There is access to a secluded beach, a lagoon, and a coral reef. Enjoy nearby mountain biking, kayaking, snorkeling, and excursions to uninhabited islands.

Ritz- Carlton: San Juan Spa & Casino- is ideally located on eight acres of oceanfront property on beautiful Isla Verde, and just minutes from historic Old San Juan, The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan offers five exceptional restaurants, a 24-hour casino, conference facilities, and banquets, as well as a 12,000-square-foot Caribbean spa with 11 treatment rooms