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Common problems that arise in bathroom remodels

Common problems that arise in bathroom remodels

Bathroom remodels are more work than just a little paint and a little tile. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, spend extra time and money doing a thorough job and completely dismantling the bathroom to bring you back to square one. This will allow you to discover problems that have been hidden and deal with them head on. What has been hidden surprises most homeowners. Fortunately, professional bathroom remodeling companies are familiar with what can be discovered. A complete and flawless bathroom that runs smoothly will add not only aesthetic value to your home but also monetary value.

Many common problems with bathroom remodeling stem from two causes; one being incompetent workers and two being damp. If a homeowner decides to go ahead with a bathroom remodel on his own, there are a few things he should look at and correct before proceeding with the project. Some problems are obvious, while others go unnoticed.

The first problem that can occur is with the floor frame. Unfortunately, it’s common to find floor joists in bathrooms that have been notched by plumbers. This will leave the floor weak. If the subfloor is not strong, eventually the new floor will crack under the pressure.

Another problem that can occur is that the pipes become old and corroded. If this is seen, it should be taken care of immediately during the renovation. This will make it easier in the long run. Upgrading cast iron, galvanized drain lines and copper supply lines can be easily upgraded when walls and floor are breached.

It seems that bathroom and tub surround tiles have recently started to require a waterproof installation. What many bathroom remodeling companies find when taking apart old baths is that a regular drywall has been placed behind the tub surrounds. If proper waterproofing techniques are not used in bathroom remodeling, water vapors will be produced which will cause leaks and deterioration.

With any type of moisture buildup comes annoying mold. Very few bathrooms are remodeled without the presence of mold. Many reasons can cause this, from a lack of waterproof material used behind the edges of the bathtub to inefficient ventilation. The daily buildup of moisture makes the bathroom a likely place for a mold problem to develop. It is relevant that adequate ventilation be installed in bathroom remodeling.

Another common problem is vents that are plugged in and working but aren’t properly vented. Vents running without the proper duct system lead to major mold related external cause problems in attics and/or basement areas. When conducting an inspection on a new home or a home being purchased, this is something all home inspectors know to look for. When a bathroom remodel is underway, this is usually easy to fix with a proper duct system.

The same applies to plumbing fixtures. It is important that homeowners take the time to determine where all pipes are vented and make sure they are up to code and working properly. Doing a major bathroom renovation will help solve homeowner problems and prevent small problems from building up into something bigger down the road.

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